Tarot Tuesday – September 2019

On the first Tuesday of every month, we look at a single Tarot card to predict the next four weeks with Fiona Lensvelt in London and Kyra Oser in Los Angeles. Jessica Adams then looks at the astrology behind the Tarot cards chosen by Fiona and Kyra.

This month, against odds of 78 to 1, both experts chose the same card – The Fool.

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Our regular Tarot feature was recently profiled, along with Jessica Adams, in Harper’s Bazaar in Britain. You can access the article here.

If you are in Britain, there are two free Astrology and Tarot days in Brighton in September with Jessica and Sue Merlyn Farebrother and Sonal Sachdeva. More information, including how to RSVP, can be found here.

The Fool Card in September

Fiona Lensvelt – Great Britain

The Fool encourages us to take a leap into the unknown, to throw caution to the wind and forget the ‘rules.’ At its best, the Fool sets us off in a new direction, without the burden of past failures, fears or obligations. At its worst, the Fool allows unnecessary risk or reckless action. It could be said that we are living in an age of the Fool, embodied by individuals such as President Trump. On a personal note, now is a time to consider what is getting in the way of your dreams. Now is not the time for inertia – take action, make changes and figure out the details later.

Read more from Fiona here.

Kyra Oser – America and Canada

The tarot card that comes up for September is The Fool. He is depicted as a beggar, embarking on a new kind of future. He acts unselfconsciously and approaches unfamiliar challenges with faith and optimism. The theme of this month is simplifying and organising your life so you can focus on what’s most important. Once you’re living more simply, it’s likely that you will notice what you already have, appreciate Nature more, and spend more time on activism than consumerism.

We’re embarking on an era where free spiritedness, intuition, and artistic ingenuity will be more revered than they have been for possibly hundreds of years. As a result, this is an optimal time to develop your creative and imaginative skills. If you haven’t already, maybe incorporate a free, unstructured day once in a while. You are on the precipice of a grand new adventure, and this fresh beginning will bring about a world unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Read more from Kyra here.

Jessica Adams – Astrology and Tarot in September

The Fool is P.M. Boris Johnson leaping off the cliffs facing France in September! Brexit will happen long before the 31st Halloween deadline set by former Prime Minister Theresa May.  In fact, even when she was still P.M. last November 2018, the astrology clearly said ‘No Deal/New Deal/Great Deal’ for September.

This card shows the White Cliffs of Dover and Britain is about to rush in, like a fool, where angels fear to tread. This has global impact and many countries, including your own, may be thinking about leaping into the unknown with trade deals and investment in Britain. This creates a domino effect around the world, and we all feel it.

Air Fare and Hotel Bargains

As astrology has also predicted, air fares will come down, currency exchange rates will change dramatically, and hotel prices will fall. People will be emigrating, moving, taking impulse holidays and gap years in high numbers. There may be government encouragement for illegal migrants to go home. You or your people may be taking The Fool’s big leap into the unknown, but you *must* heed the little dog’s warning. Who or what is barking?

In astrology, the Fool is a symbol of the Ninth House, ruled by Sagittarius. Key dates to watch for this mass movement around the planet, and also No Deal/New Deal Brexit include:

  • September 10th: Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius quincunx North Node at 15 Cancer, semi-sextile South Node at 15 Capricorn.
  • September 17th: Ceres at 15 Sagittarius opposite Hygiea at 15 Gemini.
  • September 29th: Ceres at 13 Sagittarius quincunx North Node at 13 Cancer, semi-sextile South Node at 13 Capricorn.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

The absolute stand-out date is 21st September. The Jupiter-Neptune Square. Those of you who are Sun Sign School students can listen to an exclusive audio podcast on this by international ELLE magazine astrologer Bernard Fitzwalter at here now.

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56 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – September 2019

  1. Good Morning, it’s my birthday today, so I thought that this would be a treat for me!
    I have just chosen a tarot card, it was the Wheel of Fortune. I’m quite happy with this.
    Could you tell me more please?
    My two concerns are my divorce, the family home is for sale now. But I’m worried about having no access to the money from the house as my ex won’t agree an amicable settlement at the moment. I have barely anything to fund a solicitor.
    I’m looking for a new job, have applied for a fantastic one, I may be a tad under qualified however.
    And my love life? Two men always in the background, I’ve learnt how to step back and just leave it now, I can’t force any issues, I do wonder if one is meant to be a partner for me one day.
    I feel like I’m nibbling away, possibly making small inroads in my life.

    • Happy Birthday. The Wheel of Fortune is your card and you also have Fortuna patterns in your horoscope. She is the asteroid who reminds you to keep your sense of humour and stay philosophical about life. Every high is a low, in the end. Every low becomes a high. I am sorry about your ex-partner. If you look at the wheel closely you will see that we have Leo and Taurus in the corners – perhaps one of these three men has that sign.This is a rather random, ‘spinning’ Wheel of Fortune when everything does turn out for the best. The books may describe the world of academia, education, publishing, the media, authors and so on. It does happen. Try to have faith in the upswings and you may actually end up on one. You will, if you can be an optimist and see the positives. Some terrific things will come out of it. And – it has an end point.

  2. I have to manage an imminent and pretty delicate and repetitive situation with my neighbour, the decision I need to make may end up (unconsciously) deciding whether I’m going to have to sell our home or not due to this outcome causing a total breakdown in the relationship, it is already pretty strained. If the tarot can advise me with decision I’d really appreciate the guidance.

    • Let’s have a look. The Tarot shows the Four of Staves which is an optimistic picture of quite a lovely castle (your home is your castle) and a warm welcome from friends or family. It’s a celebratory card, full of hope, which reminds you that a great home is also about the people. You may stay or go, the neighbour may stay or go, but this ends extremely well for you so please have faith.

  3. Dear Jessica,
    I just recognized (studying your articles) that I am stepping again into a Vesta situation. I was born with Vesta 19 Virgo, Apollo 19 Cancer and Ops 19 Gemini and very much amazed from my very well-known yoga teacher (about my age), I do not know his data. This form of yoga gives me very much I have big health problems (solving depression, glaucoma with mydriasis and cataract). But… I feel like a little fly sticking at the honey-pot and longing to touch him, this man is always in my thoughts. We had a few conversations about yoga at the end of the class and we sank into each other’s eyes. (He is experienced in Tantra, I ain’t). I felt brainless and lacked my words.
    He is always surrounded by women and his close friends are women too.
    I had situations that men were not able to decide completely for me, they had always someone in the backyard.
    It seems to me that I’m repeating in a way my childhood. My father (Gemini) was my hero and with my mom (Libra) I had horrible cat fights. She often shouted to me that I ruined her marriage.
    I don’t want to repeat the past again and again. I ‘m longing for an affectionate relationship. Could you be so kind and do a reading for me? How can I handle this situation?
    Thank you very much.


    • Be very careful Christiane as a lot of your time, emotional energy and other kinds of investments are on the line here. You have an exact Vesta pattern and a Tantric sex yoga teacher who lives in a mostly female world. You have correctly spotted that your Dad was in a Vesta harem situation with yourself and your mother. You are now living through a cycle when Pluto has been circling 19 degrees of Capricorn so the whole pattern has come to life and this yoga teacher is the activator. He is probably quite used to it and on some level enjoys the ego massage if not the actual sexual pleasure of being the lone male in a mostly female harem! Vesta can feel quite toxic. I will leave it to you to decide when to find a healthier situation.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I would like to know what is going on with my family. There is currently a lot of anger and upset between various family members. This has been going on so long that i’ve lost perspective.
    Thank you

    • It’s actually about the family members who have passed to spirit. I am sure you know that in spirit, we also evolve and change. You are at a breakthrough point for these ancestors as the Judgement card has turned up for you. When in doubt, light a candle, find some peace and quiet and have a word with them. There may be one relative in particular who has passed on, who was close to you. Well, they still are. There is literally a ‘judgement day’ taking place and yet it involves those who have gone before you – they still take a deep interest in, and have some spiritual influence with, those who are still here. I hope that helps.

  5. Dear Jessica,

    I’m currently out of work and been looking for a new opportunity for the past month without any success. Will I have a better luck this month? Also I have 09/15/16 Sagittarius placements in my chart, not sure if these will have a positive impact on my search for work?

    Many Thanks!


    • It takes time. Between now and December you will snap up an opportunity which enables you to build bridges with other nationalities and cultures. That doesn’t mean you stop searching and trying now. Keep at it. It is all part of a larger pattern of progress and the process will guide you to the right part-time or full-time position. I strongly recommend you switch your awareness to other countries or regions and ask yourself what you can offer, as well as what you would like. Make it clear to yourself by clipping images from the internet and putting them on a Pinterest vision board. You need to crystallise this. Do you want a job where you get to visit France for a week or two, every quarter? Put that in.

  6. I would love to have a reading on my hometown, relocation and family life. How to handle whatever is coming up?
    Thank you!

    • Temperance is your card. Switch the attention away from the family and home to yourself. You are now in the health and fitness zone for a month. Meditation. Detoxing. Gentle self-care. That can all wait for later – and actually it is even less important than you career, which should come first. For now, accept the guidance, tips or help you are being offered to turn to the right exercise, food, drink, and so on. This works.

  7. Hi Jessica – I have drawn the wheel of fortune which seems to go well with the fool in addition to this being a 9 month during my 9 personal year. How would you relate this to my astro energy? thank you:)

    • Every high is a low, and every low is a high. Life is random – spinning – with this card. Quite right, it does go with The Fool. There is a sense of randomness and ‘Anything goes’ in September for you. The only thing I would point out is that you need to keep the stakes nicely moderate and medium-sized when you make your moves. If it’s all or nothing, too extreme, that is far too stressful. It is also a little risky. You are better off keeping the awfully big adventure to something that won’t cause a major drama if you bottom out. But even if you bottom out, you’ll be on top again. There is a sense of being protected and helped here. Just in the nick of time.

  8. Hi Jessica..I’m having crap luck with my car this summer..A guy ran into the back of me last week,and now need new bumper,…I left my car in to get repaired on Monday,as I reversed into a dumper on site 3 weeks ago,damaged the boot of my car,Mechanic gave me loan of car for couple of days and it broke down tonight,only had it a day!..and I caused a huge delay on a main road,Thankfully a very helpful guy stopped and towed car off the road..now I can’t get to work as I have ladders and tools to carry,so missing out on wages this week plus paying out money for repairs..will my luck ever change towards cars?..Thanks Jessica

    • The car issue sounds really frustrating for you. Someone crashed into your car. You ran into someon else. You have had a breakdown and now it is costing you a fortune. This is actually a Virgo issue and we’re in Virgo weather now through the end of September (Virgo rules work and the tools you need to do the job). You’ll be fine with your transport long-term but you are being told to stop and slow down. I assume you are insured? If not there is a bigger message here about the need to get insurance, and what annoys you temporarily now could save you so much more, later on in your life. If you are covered, use this as an excuse to step back, think about how efficient you are with your job anyway, update yourself on your career, see what the competition is up to – and really hit the pause button. I am being shown the Tarot card which reveals a man labouring under a bundle of heavy rods. You have too much on, my friend, and you need to get rid of what is a load to carry but really nurture the rest. Your car is helping you by breaking down. It is forcing you to work smarter not harder and that is the best way to nurture projects or plans which can grow. Then and only then can you get to where you want to be with your house or apartment.

  9. Hi Jessica
    What a shock that the Fool has come up with both Kyra and Fiona. I am wondering if this card applies to me too.

    I’ve been feeling really stuck and following your forecasts, was waiting for the planetary set up to improve so I might feel more able to move but I am feeling pretty much the same. If anything, I am sinking deeper into situations that I feel I must be involved in to support people but I am feeling very depleted and unable to focus on my own life which urgently needs my attention.
    What I realised last month was that I am angry at myself at the situation I am in. I know I am the only one who can change that but I can’t seem to see the goal. Nothing appeals.
    Is there anything I am missing? Would you be kind enough to shed some light on what might be going on please?
    Thank you
    H x

    • The Fool card is about all of us – and also what is happening with Brexit. In fact Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds just adopted a little white dog – just like the dog in the card. September is the month for a gigantic leap into the unknown. If you want to break with the past you can do that, but don’t go over the top. You could go to extremes when actually it’s smarter to reduce the speed and energy by half with your big leap forward and find another way to do it, than just jumping! Your mind, body and spirit issues go a lot further than just a general Tarot Tuesday reading, though. Supporting others when you are depleted is a Virgo problem. Depression, which you live with, is also a Virgo problem. You have a stellium in that sign. You have identified the truth, which is that you feel obliged to serve, but you are not serving yourself. You may have to quit. Resigning from ‘service’ can be terrifying for a strongly Virgo person but you should be able to trust yourself enough to do it. You have survived this far so you know you can do anything. It’s not just the physical toll of serving/doing your duty – as well as the housework and all the tiny details of everyday life – it is also the emotional and mental toll of putting others first above yourself. You did not sign up for that. September 2019 is the month to update your knowledge base on mind, body and spirit and what works now – what science says works – but also what people in your situation recommend. What you thought you knew a few months ago is changing in this Virgo weather, all month long. If you are going to resign, or go part-time, or delegate – whatever you are working at for others, even friends or family – then so be it, but you need to recognise you are a delicate piece of machinery and you need to be properly serviced and maintained to do that. Your chart is not a million miles away from Stephen Fry’s. His entire life changed when he quit playing Jeeves the manservant in Jeeves and Wooster, lost weight, started walking and gave himself permission to be a star in his own right. So interesting. That was his big leap but he only made it after he hit rock bottom.

      • Thanks Jessica.

        This really is so interesting – Stephen Fry. And rock bottom. I am sure I have been here before at this bottom – so I keep telling myself. I am sure I’ve been further down….but I do feel more aware of the factors that make me feel this way now.

        I do need to make a change. I am trying to keep updated on the science and in fact meeting with someone today who is also in the same boat. He may not have any answers, but it always helps to talk and share what we have each been working on.

        Thank you – this is really very helpful and kind of you.
        H x

  10. I’ve had 3 long term relationships which have all produced both children and trauma. I’ve been in a relationship for the past 3 year’s and I just want to know if I’m just waisting more of my life on someone who’s just going to break my heart beyond repair.

    • Fear is a pretty hard thing to live with and traumatic experiences with men and children have made you fearful. You actually need to go beyond the men here and look at yourself. The work you do on yourself will help you far more than anything else. Have a look at how female or male you feel. How you feel about relationships or marriages where the woman wears the trousers, so to speak! Figuring out that is a really good first step to understanding yourself better and being happier. You are assertive, have floating anger to deal with, may not be dealing with that anger wisely or consciously, and also need to look at that. You would be superb in the police, fire brigade or army – first responder, ready for action – but when you transfer that to the children or your lovers/partners you can end up in difficult relationships. Are you in regular exercise, yoga or the great outdoors? That takes a lot of it away. You have some thinking to do about yourself and responsibility to take for the failure of relationships, or your unhappiness within them. It takes time. Give yourself time and space to do that, then make a choice.

  11. Hi Jessica. I am a Sagittarius who is struggling a lot in life. Nothing has worked out for me in the last few years, regarding career, relationships, money, family health, etc. I got my hopes up upon reading about Jupiter entering Sagittarius for a golden year of luck and change. I have not seen this happen yet. I feel things got worse and I am more hopeless than ever. Please offer me any insight or advice. Thank you so much in advance.

    • You need to stop reading amateur astrology websites. Jupiter in Sagittarius just means an image relaunch, new look, new title or profile online. You have already done that anyway, and you’ll do it again by 2nd December. The best thing I can advise you to do is go and look at free websites helping you with your depression. Have you seen a doctor about this illness? It is the common cold of mental illness and affects everything. If you have the energy please go to Google and look up Black Dog and all the videos, books and online information that comes with it. You also need to go onto YouTube and try the meditations with Betty Shine or Matthew Manning, two very famous British healers whose families or management have kindly provided their work free of charge. I am very sorry you are living with depression, but spiritual healing can help – along with the advice of the people at Black Dog – until you and your doctor figure out another game plan. Have a look at yoga for depression as well, please. I cannot see your chart but I strongly suspect you have planets in Capricorn, as so many Sagittarians do, and you have been enduring Pluto, Saturn and/or the South Node all in Capricorn, triggering those placements. I wish you the very best.

  12. Hi Jessica! I have been having some doubts and done rethinking about this long-distance relationship I have with a foreigner. All 9th house issues :) Would it be possible to ask the tarot cards if we will have any step forward in September? I feel like I have been waiting too much… Thank you in advance.

    • You are a little bit too early, but between the final week of September and third week of October, light will be shed on the other person, on yourself, and any other third person involved. Then you will know what to do, and when to do it.

  13. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much for your advice!
    I took a long walk and decided to step out of that yoga class, I will find another place to go to and get my inner peace back.

    Kind regards

  14. Hi Jessica,
    This month I am settling off in a direction, I hope the tarot is not telling me I am a fool!
    How’s does my next few weeks look astrological?

    • You are not a fool, but The Fool card does apply to you. Nobody could fault your optimism. Your belief in yourself. Your confidence and your great style. People admire the explorers and adventurers. You are under a Jupiter-Neptune square though and are blind to the risks. Someone is warning you about those risks. Listen to him or her. You can still have the sense of all that is new, big in potential, exciting and on a grand scale – without falling into problems. In fact the risk is serious. Listen to the warning. You are thinking big and dreaming big, but sometimes the small voice in the corner is right. Don’t get this wrong. Find an alternative way to access what you want. There are ways.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Back in June you very kindly gave me encouragement to hope for things moving on with my partner, saying our planned trip together then (which I was approaching with some apprehension) would help be a bridge to better things. It was in a way, with him seeming to finally realise (from some of the comments he made to me during and after it) how different our relationship is to what he had before with his ex. He is now saying he wants to move things properly forward between us in the way he’d suggested doing last January, but then backtracked on. It includes me moving in with him once some financial affairs are settled with his ex over the next couple of months. The trouble is, much as I would love this to happen, I’m afraid he will go back on things again – not for any real reason on my part other than fear, probably – but nevertheless I’m feeling very vulnerable as a result, and unsure whether to actually do things like declutter and pack ready to move, or put my house up for rent as he’s suggesting, because if he reneges again, then…. There’s no point me saying this to him because it will simply make him defensive and I know he feels guilty about going back on things before so I don’t want to create negativity around something which – in theory – is very positive, but really, does he mean it this time? And will it actually happen? And if so, when?

    Thank you so much if you feel able to answer me. I know I was very fortunate to have my question answered in the June Tarot Tuesday, so maybe I’m asking too much for another answer now, but some (any!) guidance would be so appreciated. :)

    Thank you,

    (A very Dizzi) Deb

    • I’m glad the trip was a bridge for you both as the astrology predicted. Meanwhile your lover goes backwards and forwards again! Fear can be hard to live with and I am sorry you are living with it. Do think about clearing your space anyway, Deb. Decluttering but also just removing every single thing you do not love, cherish or use is a smart move in September. This extreme Virgo weather we are having is backed up by the Tarot for you. Even though you are obsessing about him, put the obsession into sorting out your cupboards, drawers, storage, containers, boxes, cases, cabinets and the rest. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you control your environment. Nothing to do with him. In fact, the act of ‘Spark Joy’ clearing as Marie Kondo calls it, will make you happier day to day and also focus your mind wonderfully on this man and what to do about him. Your issue is the third person. His former lover. You cannot control her. However, you can control your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Doing this will also put you in touch with your past as old objects, cards, photographs and other memories are in front of you. Clear those too. Be honest with yourself. This will shift some of the feelings which are currently stuck with your partner. You have, in fact, been here before – with fear – either with another lover or perhaps a good friend or family member.

      • Thank you, Jessica. I suppose in a way you are also saying to have faith in him (and not doubt created by past experience – my ‘baggage’?) and be stoic in directing the energy my fear is creating into other more positive areas than feeding my insecurities. You’re right about the ex being the issue. She was one of the main reasons everything stalled earlier this year because he needs to have settled up with her first for his house to become our home. In theory she’s accepting what he’s offering now but nothing is settled until she signs on the dotted line… I will focus my energies of making sure my own world is spot on and I’m totally ready to move on when it’s right, and trust that the time for that to happen will be when he is suggesting it will be. I hope I’m understanding you right in saying this, and thank you so much for answering me again this time around. Deb x

  16. Hi Jessica, I’m hoping to find some casual writing work within the next few months. It feels like odds are stacked against me though due to transportation issues, which is discouraging as I’m only after a side hobby type of income. Do you see a tarot that supports this over the coming months? Many thanks x

  17. Hi Jessica. My Uranus and IC are at 16 Sagittarius. I also have quite a few other factors on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis. I feel I need to change something in my life to make it more fulfilling, but I do not know where to start, strike first. I started working out regularly again and am trying to change my everyday routine. What do the card/planetary positions tell you? Thank you.

    • You have the Five of Cups which shows three empty cups on the ground, and yourself mourning the loss. You are looking for a ‘fulfilling’ life so the card is showing you the current emptiness. Behind you there are two cups, which you are not seeing because you are too focussed on what is empty. In the foreground is the bridge to a place that looks like home, or a holiday home, or a new home. The bridge crosses the Aquarius symbol, the wavy lines of the water coming from the famous water-bearer’s urn. A couple of things, come to mind here. Reconcile and resolve what you have lost, emotionally. This may have been an episode with blood, sweat and tears for you. The lot! It may have been toxic or poisonous, emotionally. You either need to clean this up and start again or kick it out of your life and forget about it. Once you have done that you will be in the right frame of mind to see the two solid gold relationships behind you that you are neglecting. Take those precious connections with you in life. The Aquarius logo is telling you – the group will help you so much. This may be a club, team, association, society or similar network. You will be fulfilled by that group. You will be stunned at how much lighter and brighter you feel when you deal with what you have lost.

  18. I’m working on something absolutely wild and big and international and dangerous, and just want to know whether I’m on the right track, if you see anything work related please!

    • I drew the Death card for you in the Tarot which is highly unusual. I seldom see it. I am sure you know the card in Pamela and Arthur’s deck (the Smith-Waite tarot). It shows death riding a white horse in black armour – he is a skeleton – waving a Tudor flag which is black. A bishop tries to negotiate with him while two small children are in mourning for their father, the lost King. In the distance the sun rises between two towers, a message of hope for the future and a new beginning. Literally, ‘the golden dawn’ as Pamela and Arthur were both members of The Golden Dawn secret society in Britain. A small ship sailed on a river dividing the two stages of life – the passing of the old and the birth of the new. Now, when you say your plan is dangerous, is it a question of life and death? Because if it is, my friend, I urge you to think very, very carefully about what you are doing. I asked for you about the year until 31st December 2019. As I say, I seldom see this card. It is hardly ever about death, but if you are asking about a situation which involves – say – guns – you have an answer from the Tarot. Destiny is a choice so choose carefully.

      • Oh dear. Yes, it is. Not about guns, not directly, but I’m American, so… mainly though, it is about pedophilia and human trafficking and immigration, and all the disinformation inflicted upon us, and how those are all deeply entwined by design.

  19. Hi Jessica! My family just made a big move. Any insights for housing, new friends, and my paid/unpaid work? Things are up in the air and I’m unsettled!

    • Excellent timing. You won’t be up in the air for long. The first thing you should do is join a local volunteer group you like – at the same time that you join a yoga class, Pilates class, wild swimming club or similar. You will be amazed at how many things flow from those new faces in your life.

  20. I have been working to move to a new line of work for the last 2 years. Based on the day to day happenings, i am moving slowly, very slowly in the right direction I hope. My current contract with a company ends in a few weeks time. And I am hoping the next work will be in the new line I have spent efforts to gain knowledge and experience.

    Few days back i drew a Smith-Waite Tarot card thinking about my career. And it was the Death card that you drew for BB in an earlier comment. Wondering if this means, in my case, a positive sign as you seem to imply above. Though i interpreted it as an end of something and a new beginning, it did worry me.


    • The Death card in response to a career question is about the end of the old and birth of the new. The end of your boss or CEO and the transfer of power to younger people. I am sure you know Pamela and Arthur’s card well. Even as the end comes, a new day is dawning on the horizon. I would expect there to be a further reshuffle in your field in December, January and around that time you will begin to see what is possible in the changeover – for your own career. It’s rather like the end of former British Prime Minister Theresa May and the handover to new P.M. Boris Johnson. A reshuffle has also accompanied that. Death of the old, birth of the new – but it takes time for the transition and the brand new day!

  21. hi Jessica
    I need a new direction and a goal – am aimless and unhappy. Can you pull a card for me – will I find a way forward (soon)?

    • You have a teacher in your world who is not conventional. This person is an outsider and may be eccentric, bohemian or a rebel. This person may be an author or broadcaster you admire; an actual lecturer; a colleague; a friend; a family member. What you are being taught is that nothing is impossible with your ambitions. If you are aimless and unhappy it is because you have been ignoring the education. You have been introduced to ideas, possibilities or inspiration in 2019 which is absolutely designed to see you taking risks and experimenting. Exploring. Seeing what you can get away with, professionally, with unpaid work or your studies. You will have another chance to take a big leap very shortly. If you ignore it again you may go back to feeling aimless until – by April 2020 at the very latest – you finally push yourself into doing what you should have done in the first place. We’re talking about Chiron in your Tenth House here, in your solar chart. He is associated with ‘aim’ because he was the centaur who ran with a bow and arrow. He was found in 1977 when Elvis Costello was dreaming up My Aim is True (what a line) in Alison. Chiron manifests in human form as people or organisations which show you it is possible to score from a great distance against unheard-of odds and succeed with what others say is implausible, inexcusable, inadmissible or intolerable. When you do it, you change the rules of the game – whatever your chosen field happens to be!

  22. Dear Jessica Adams,
    May it be possible to shed some light as I’m experiencing deep feelings and emotions and have no where to turn. I feel I have been in analysis paralysis for some time and now and this evening I have been informed I may lose my job. I’m feeling really torn. I don’t have any friends either – Does my chart suggest difficulty in this area? I feel I’m a lost hope and so any suggestions or guidance would be much appreciated, take care, Bea xx

    • I am sorry you have been told you may lose your job, Bea. When you say you are in analysis paralysis, do you mean you are seeing an analyst, or are you spending too much time analysing yourself and your life? Deep feelings and emotions are ruled by the water signs – Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. At the moment we have the North Node travelling through Cancer and Neptune also travelling in Pisces, and a Full Moon in Pisces within hours. Shedding light is not hard, because the Full Moon as you can see in the night sky, is rather like a spotlight. Yet, because the Moon is opposite the Sun, you are either up against a person, organisation or situation which opposes you, or you may feel as if one half of you stands opposite the other. It does feel better, as soon as the Full Moon passes, but for now you are at a crossroads. Feeling torn is typical of this. You are not a lost hope. Not at all. But you need to learn from people who have the art of friendship. The only way you can do this is by joining groups and organisations and seeing how it’s done. You can do this online but face-to-face is better. You don’t have to make a noise in a group. You can be quiet, play your part and just observe people who are good at circulating! In fact, water sign sensitivity is often rather introverted. In noisy world people appreciate good listeners. You may never have had the opportunity to learn people skills in the family, as many do, and that is not your fault. It is never too late to start. You can also find any number of library books which will either inspire you with interests or activities you like – so you can find the right group – or guide you towards people skills. Jobs are jobs. People skills are solid gold and for life. They can be acquired like any other ability! You are literate, articulate, a born communicator on paper/digitally and should be giving your skills where they can be used, rather than stewing at home. Navel-gazing is okay up to a point but you also have to get out there and use this incredible Jupiter in Sagittarius weather (until December 2019) to learn. Or, perhaps, to educate others yourself. You could be invaluable in an organisation where they need to find out how to use the written word to high effect, for example – everyone needs a scribe. Yet, you also need to learn on this cycle, as well as teach, and the learning should really be about where you feel most vulnerable. That is friendship and social skills and people who miss out on that because their parents don’t teach them, or they skip a stage at school, have to go back and do it again! This gives you support when you need it (when you feel work is difficult) but it’s also a skill all by itself that can be used in so many careers. Then you can bypass the emotions and go to the practicalities. Instead of being bogged down by over-sensitivity to your own feelings you can just ‘fake it until you make it.’ In fact, Neptune in Pisces, which is having such an impact, is all about acting the part until it becomes second nature. So fake friendship. You will eventually make it and wonder why it took you so long. Every single thing then becomes easier. As for jobs – we lose them all the time. We gain them all the time. We are living through Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn in the Tenth House of professional life, at the moment. The churning and turnover out there is incredible in 2019, just as it was in 2018. So it’s not personal – if in fact it does happen. If you do have to move on consider it an opportunity to learn the social, group and friendship skills I mentioned and use it. You will have time to do so if you are between roles. But – wait for this Full Moon to pass before you judge the situation.

  23. Hi Jessica

    My scorpio solar house horoscope (6th house chiron- learning from the most maverick teachers) and dragon horoscope have been in full force this year for me. The aries full moon (natal mars @ 0 aries) set me on a new path and the aquarius full moon (natal salacia @ 22 aqua, natal ops @ 22 libra) brought a wave of surreality which is still sinking in.

    I pulled jupiter and ninth house astrology oracle cards (hand made) and six of cups tarot for the month of september. Can you please elaborate on these for me. Also I am looking for an internship under a teacher who has always been an idol. Will september make this happen?

    Thank you for all the teaching you provide here. Learning about chiron itself has made it so easy to take up opportunities which I would have otherwise let go. And this has made me realise how astrology is synchronicity!

    • Jupiter and the Ninth House for September is an opportunity to study or teach, actually. It would involve a person from a foreign background. As a Sun Scorpio you have the North Node transiting Cancer and your Ninth House so the message is supported. The North Node describes karma so the situation you meet in 2019 refers to the year 2000. Your teacher (or pupil) brings a strong karmic theme from that year to you. Thank you.

  24. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Oh my, thank you so much for your time to respond to my worries and concerns. I am truly so blessed and honoured for providing some insight on what I am to be experiencing. In terms of analysis paralysis I suppose this sense has been in regards to spending much of my time analysing self and life to which many revelations have been brought to light and yet now I suppose I do not know how best to use this knowledge or believe anyone would be interested in listening. Thank you for your help in the social sense too – for I have wished to attend some of your astrology events but often worry about meeting new people. I was just curious to ask, in regards to Jupiter in Sagittarius. I believe to have been toying with beginning a course of online study due to my emotional state of mind – do I go ahead as Jupiter is present or think of my current situation? Another enrolment is open in January 2020 but aware Jupiter would have left Sagittarius and entered Capricorn. Would it be the wrong timing to wait till this moment? I have also recognised transits in January making patterns in my chart but rather than come to understanding the energies I tend to panic when noticing the energy aligning, hence analysis paralysis tendencies. In addition, I noticed during the moment of hearing the news of the potential loss of job the Moon conjunct Natal Fortuna. Fate and fortune? Take care, kindest regards, Bea

    • You can and must study, and don’t worry about the details that get in the way. Online study is perfect and eventually you will want to meet the people, or at least chat to the people on Skype, who share your passion and interest in a subject. Start now. Don’t wait. You could set things in motion but actually begin from January 2020. The South Node is going into Sagittarius and your Ninth House from May 2020 and will still be there in 2021 (you know the Ninth House by now) and that is a powerful karmic cycle when past life experience, knowledge and wisdom will come back to you. Bea, it is very important that you use this cycle, as the combination of Jupiter and then the South Node in Sagittarius just doesn’t happen very often (in the latter case, only once every 19 years) and it is time to use your mind. It is also time to use your written abilities. Take it further – it’s going to change your life. Worry about the other stuff (meeting new people) later. That will come. And then please do attend an astrology event.

  25. Dear Jessica,
    I am really depressed.
    I haven’t been able to find a job. I haven’t met anyone since my divorce in 2015
    Can you pull a card and or tell me if you see any hopes for me

    • You are in fact living with the ‘black dog’ as Sir Winston Churchill called it, and this is an illness which affects everything.I am not surprised the black dog has come to stay, because you have lost your job, and also lost your husband. The illness we call depression can make you feel as if you don’t have a purpose. So it’s not just you. And it’s not your life. It’s the black dog. This can ironically make it difficult to work, but also difficult to meet new people – and nobody is doing to drop your next lover in through the roof by helicopter – you are going to have to get out there and socialise to see a potential new date. So before we even get to the Tarot card, you need to find a way to train the black dog or even see it off the premises. This likely requires a doctor, and it may require the other complementary helpers – exercise, meditation, cognitive therapy (keeping a diary and converting black thoughts), yoga, counselling. We are in Virgo season now and the Virgo traffic is passing through your Sixth House (have a look at the Sixth House when you finish reading this) and it’s time. In fact there has never been a better time. Strangely enough I found Betty Shine’s Mind Magic book today in Glastonbury, secondhand for $5. So this is the second time I have heard her name in 24 hours. You will find a job. You will find a lover. There is no point in giving you a date, because you will waste time sitting around waiting for both! The Tarot is talking to me about the body affecting the mind, and the mind affecting the body. You need to focus on your body because it affects how you feel, emotionally, and how you think. This does not cost money. You need to find the method which speaks to you. This may involve putting things on trial: walking, running, swimming, the aforementioned yoga (which has an excellent track record with depression), Pilates, and so on. You also need to reframe the past. By that, I mean, use everything that comes with your membership here – from Tarot to Astrology Oracle cards, to your journal – to look at the year 2015 all over again. You have a particular way of thinking about that. There is another way of thinking about that. If you are on social media like Facebook ask yourself how it affects your mood. (This is cognitive therapy by the way, keeping a mood diary). I don’t expect you to do this alone, by the way, so if you have not already found a counsellor or therapist, now is the time. And if you can’t afford to do that, then consider developing a relationship with a spiritual source. You have had four years since the end of your marriage. You could also draw an Astrology Oracle card ‘pair’ in particular, for each of the last four years: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 – ask ‘What did I learn that year?’ and ‘What can I learn about that year now that will benefit me?’ Look at it. Really look at it. Most of all, though, find support and help for your black dog immediately. And remember that your body and what you do with it/ do not do with it – absolutely affects how you feel. You are also the kind of person who absolutely needs nature. If there is any way at all of getting into a park, or the countryside, or even better – wilderness – then do that. Even just for an hour. You need to become who you were supposed to be, before the marriage and the breakdown of the marriage altered that. You know who that person is, you have just misplaced her. You are a natural leader and yet you have let the black dog lead you instead. Part of your (future) leadership within a job but also within a new relationship will be remembering what you were put through and using that experience to help other people. Which you will. I also strongly recommend you light a candle and ask your family in spirit to help put you on the right path. You will be shown that, quite obviously, and when it comes please take it. You have been feeling disempowered and are actually quite a powerful person. But it takes time. Now is the time to get yourself back and become an even more impressive version of who you always were. The fact that you have overcome so much in your life will be one of the things that impresses people. You’re no lightweight. Light the candle.

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