Tarot Tuesday – October 2019

Every month on the first Tuesday, I invite some of the world’s most famous and trusted Tarot experts to draw one or more cards for the next four weeks and tell you what they see - for you and the world.

This October we have three superb tarot readers to predict the next four weeks for the world – and for you. The big picture reflects your own picture.

From an astrology point of view Katie-Ellen has picked up on Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Romans saw him as a male god of great power and authority. In Sagittarius, he rules religion. He was also known as The Pope in other decks in the Middle Ages. In October we see Jupiter coming to the end of his stay in that sign.

With a different card, but picking up on the same transit, Fiona has chosen The World. Again, Jupiter is about the big picture – vast horizons – broad possibilities. In Sagittarius, Jupiter rules foreign people and places, travel and import-export.

The Five of Cups is a far more personal card and Kyra Oser has detected, psychically, the Mercury Retrograde cycle in Scorpio. Scorpio rules passion. Blood and sometimes toxic emotions. Here we are looking at old passions, old ‘empty’ emotional situations in your life. Why? Because Mercury is going backwards through time, pulling you to the past. Can you fix the past? Absolutely!

More with Katie-Ellen, Fiona and Kyra in November.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – The Hierophant Reversed

The Hierophant is ruled by Taurus. It speaks of tradition and the established order, the status quo, and the many faces of authority, government, church, law, and institutions of education.

This card goes topsy-turvy in October, as if we didn’t think things were sufficiently topsy- turvy already. There’s a bull in a china shop. Whoops! Watch out for the tea-pot. But bulls do not get angry for no reason. Whatever happens in respect of Brexit at the end of October, the status quo as we knew it pre-referendum is no longer there to be reclaimed as the available default.

The EU is also changing, and the drive towards tighter federalism seems to be countered by resistance, and possibly resurging Catholicism (the Pope as seen in the card) in Eastern Europe member states and possibly southern Europe.

The Hierophant is associated with Taurus, bull energy. Bull markets slowing in October perhaps, since the card came out upside down, and maybe an unhelpful wind blowing in October to do with pasturing of various kinds, and the already unsettled market for beef. I associate the Hierophant with Ireland; both Northern Ireland and Eire is in for an unsettled month and perhaps there is a reference to South America here too, and what has been happening in the Amazon, continuing at least into October.

What is the truth, and what is the power, the value and the future of our own traditions? What are the roots that must not be uprooted?  What’s needed for the top-soil?  Ideas come and go. Institutions and people of power rise and fall but the land endures.

The Hierophant Reversed says, give us the keys, and do not think to lock us either in or out.  “Put not your trust in princes”. This is meant not as a comment on the royal family in any country, but in a general sense, and reflects the current deep unease, mistrust and anger not only in the UK, and the US, but France, Italy, Hong Kong, Iran, Kashmir…

There is always trouble somewhere of course, at any given time, but this is a strong wind, and it says, those in power, justify your power. It may be true that those who shout loudest get heard first, but those in power are there by consent, ultimately, and are being watched and judged and sooner or later will be held accountable to the silent ones.

October is going to be anything but business as usual.

On a personal level, The Hierophant Reversed can speak of a need to go gently, avoiding family rifts, while urging independence in the face of group pressure, and a review of any habits that may now be holding you back and keeping you hidebound. Perhaps you are curious to study something new, but also, there is nothing new under the sun. But History holds patterns, and messages for what is happening right now. History is anything but dead and irrelevant. Libraries never go out of date, and nor does folk wisdom.

Words are better understood, when spoken but in kindness.” ~ Anon

About Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – Katie-Ellen Hazeldine is a Tarot card and Rune reader, writer and blogger in North West England, UK. She has been consulting professionally since 2006, handling personal and business questions, and has been featured in Fate and Fortune Magazine in an article ‘How Did They Know That?’ Katie-Ellen is an Arts Hons graduate and former college lecturer, with other previous employment in Museums, Local Authorities and Marketing.

You can read more from Katie here.


Fiona Lensvelt – The World

Last month, Kyra and I both drew The Fool and this month I’ve drawn The World: Arguably the first and the last cards in the deck. The Fool at its best is a maverick who encourages us to take a leap into the unknown and forge a new direction. At its worst, the Fool allows unnecessary risk or reckless action, without a deeper sense of boundaries. Lines could be drawn between this card’s meaning and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as we move towards the Brexit deadline. The World, meanwhile, is our card for October, which suggests completion and the end of a long cycle. A lifetime exists between these two cards. It could be said that The World is the card that The Fool needs in order to find a path for his energy. Perhaps this signals an exit from the EU; perhaps it’s a general election. We’ll soon find out.

Read more from Fiona at her website.


Kyra Oser – The Five of Cups

The tarot card that came up when I shuffled for October is Five of Cups. This card asks you to reframe a disappointment as fortuitous by distancing you from the past so you can save your mental energy for creating as good a future as possible. There are two characters for the word “crisis” in Mandarin: one means danger, and the other, opportunity. The figure in the Five of Cups is dwelling on past dangers that are symbolised by spilled cups, but hasn’t yet begun to see what can be learned from these experiences in order to create a better future. You can live a three-dimensional life by acting in the present, or you can watch the same film over and over by reliving memories. The choice is yours at any given moment. If you have been thinking about the past more than acting in the present, maybe you can look at how the past is benefitting you by practising forgiveness for what you didn’t want and gratitude for what you now have. Let go of what once was to find the best possible version of what can be, and you will find a pathway opens up that beckons you toward the next chapter of your life’s adventures.

You can read more from Kyra at her website here.

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26 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – October 2019

  1. Hi Jessica
    I drew The World tarot card for myself! for the month of october and 5th house and Midheaven (Mc) astrology oracle. I will be really grateful if you could shed light on them collectively for me. Thank you.

    • October is about The World in Pamela and Arthur’s deck, which shows a semi-clad woman dancing with fabric flowing behind her, confused as to her choices, which include Spain (the bull), Great Britain (the lion), Australasia (the blonde with the oriental face) and America (the eagle). These are all symbolic of course and cover Europe, and the Americas, too. The MC or Midheaven is about your calling, ambition or vocation and in the Fifth House it is very much about children and young people, or parenthood-potential relationships. You have choices with sexual relationships here involving other cultures and nationalities. There is also the question of your role as mentor, guide, teacher, substitute parent or real parent with a younger generation. October is quite a month (if you strictly focussed your question on that period, in 2019).

      • Thank you so much for your reply. We all are learning some life changing stuff through your website. Last month I had drawn Jupiter and 9th house and I had the best learning experience of my life from a person of foreign background (it was your psychic prediction). Its strange how astrology works in life! I dont have the money to travel beyond borders yet I experienced 9th house transit and how!

        • I’m really pleased your Astrology Oracle cards predicted the future so successfully for you. The Ninth House transit of Jupiter can feel like emigrating or going on a world trip even if you stay at home.

  2. Hi Jessica…last week jupiter at 17 sag was shinning on my mercury at 17 Scorpio..Out of the blue I got a phone from an insurance company who’s client ran into back of my car and did damage..I wasn’t claiming personnel injury ,I only wanted the car repaired,but they offered me 4000e in case I changed my mind..My pisces girlfriend,also got the same offer,she was out of work for 2 weeks because of accident but didnt want to put claim in,..t’s exactly what I needed for my college fees and other fees..it was like the universe finally looked my way this horrible year and helped out..I’m now thinking of selling my car,buying an old car and save to buy electric car next year..I’m wondering how jupiter passing over on my Minerva at 22 sag will bring..wisdom not to sell car till next year?.. or is it with college..Thanks Jessica..

    • I am so thrilled that your astrology chart delivered and you and your girlfriend were ‘given’ the college fees by this windfall from insurance. Sagittarius rules education, of course, and Jupiter rules the lucky thunderbolt. The car plan sounds great, but try to avoid this immediate period, October 11th into November – you may want to look again around the second and third week of December, but also into the sale period of January 2020. If acting before then you may be going around in circles as we are living with Mercury Retrograde. Try to speed up the claim and payment for you and your girlfriend with the insurance company if you possibly can and get it out of the way by the 11th of October too.

  3. Hello ladies,
    I would like to know if there is anything I can peruse or leave behind this October?
    Thank you

    • The Tarot tells me to Spark Joy and eliminate (perhaps recycle) the following There is a gap in understanding or communication which creates strong feelings and yet nothing is ever resolved. The message is to ground, focus and centre first, and get both feet firmly on the ground, in a stable position – and then to tackle what is essentially a difference of opinion, in October. A healthy debate and fair outcome is possible.

  4. Hi, the five of Cups card resonated with me. Can you please draw another card for me to give me some further guidance about the coming months? Thank you.

    • Our readers are pretty good, aren’t they? Your second card about October is The Chariot. You are either travelling/relocating or welcoming a man who is on the move. This is more than a trip in October, or even a resettlement. It’s a huge knowledge exchange. There may be spiritual beliefs, academic subjects, religious convictions or intriguing specialist areas to hear about, or pass on for you. There is attraction there too. The attraction of opposites.

  5. really lovely readings. Love the interpretation of the world with the fool and the 5 of cups. Letting go is essential! I feel my husband and I are on the cusp of big change. Can you draw a card for the next month for me? many thanks xx

    • I see The Sun for you, which reveals your son, daughter, godchild, niece, nephew, or stepchild on either side from a previous marriage. Sometimes The Sun is about children en masse, so a children’s charity or a theatre production for young people. You don’t say if you have children or not, or want them or not, so it is hard to say any more. Essentially, though, this is a bright and brilliant new beginning.

  6. Hi Jessica, I’ve just sent off a bunch of potential articles to a well known Teenage magazine. Can you please pick a tarot card for me to help establish whether this could be the start of a lucrative partnership?
    Cheers x

    • You just did that on the first day of Mercury Retrograde – sorry. You will find out where you stand by the first week of December. In the meantime try to create second, third and even fourth drafts of your ideas over the next few weeks.

  7. Hi Jessica, I have the Magician re occurring when I draw a card, what can you tell me about the coming months? Many thanks

    • A repeated card is very important. You are going to be taught about life skills by a man (or an unusual woman who does not identify particularly with her gender). The life skills will embrace finances, the world of ideas and vast subjects, business, and people-management. This may be as part of your job or a formal course, or a workshop, seminar, evening class or even a passion for a particular subject you find on a library shelf. This is a remarkable human being who is connected to the spirit world. Listen, read and learn – you will never forget it.

  8. Hi Jessica
    What does the tarot say for me over the next couple of months? I’ve moved overseas this year however I’m not really that happy here. Im not sure what I should do, perhaps I need to just give it a bit more time.
    Thank you, Aquarius Dreamer

    • You do need to give it more time. It’s all very new, strange and different and although you were excited at first, you’ve not really done what you should have been doing, here, which is setting aside energy and concentration and making this change your first priority. That’s okay and you would be in a position to do so, over the next few months. Certainly by May 2020 you should know who/what works for you, and hopefully you’ll have gambled successfully one at least one person, place or situation, with great results.

  9. Hi Jessica..I eventually found out the older man,by 10 years,is a Pisces sun at 25degrees..His pluto is conjunct my south node at 5 degrees in virgo..and my pluto is conjunct his north node at 24 degrees in virgo..I’ve never seen that before..Is that the past life connection you spoke about?..we get on fantastic,.he has Juno at 25 sagittarius, I’m hopping something nice or good comes up with jupiter crossing it..he’s was very sick a few years back,and now has Cohns disease..he’s single with no children,.I also think you picked the guy up with the reading you gave me in brighton on the barge,the queen and the black cat,could be his elderly mum I mind in work..,lovers card,(which we’re not) and the red heart..Thanks Jessica.

    • The Tarot reading I gave you on The Barge at Brighton Marina described his mum. The Lovers card was the potential between you. Love does not always have to be intensely physical. You have incredible connections together but note that Pisces is spiritual and Virgo is about the body. Your Pluto is conjunct his North Node of past lives in Virgo in the Sixth House of illness and he lives with a chronic disease. You were his nurse, doctor or healer before – or he may have been yours. You two are here to settle old soul agreements together. His mother will be part of that.

  10. Dear Jessica,
    Would it be possible to gain some insight for what the cards say in regards to matters of health? I have been feeling out of touch with my soul recently and the trajectory of where I had been heading towards. Unable to actualise dreams due to living in the mind. I had planned in my head to enrol on a course but have been experiencing oral health concerns. It has been affecting my ability to think clearly and hence avoiding much work simply through fatigue. I have been offered antibiotics to assist in the condition but looking for an alternative approach. I am not very confident to arrange treatment myself and yet I don’t know how else to solve the problem on a deeper holistic sense. I don’t feel like myself and yet have no idea where to turn for healing and so simply allowing the days to pass without finding resolution. Would TCM be a solution? Acupuncture? Herbal medicine? Or Antibiotics? Or return to my dentist to ask for further opinion?
    Thank you for your consideration of this message, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you with any insight you may wish to offer.
    Take care, Kindest regards, Bea

    • Bea, in medical astrology, your mouth (speech) is ruled by Mercury and that’s also part of the old kit for any dentist, too. (Nowadays people queue up to get any mercury taken out, of course). It might be time to make an appointment.

      • Thank you Jessica for your advice – so would a dentist be better? Would I need to be careful due to the retrograde? Take care, kindest regards, Bea

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