Tarot Tuesday- November 2019

Every month on the first Tuesday, I invite some of the world’s most famous and trusted Tarot experts to draw one or more cards for the next four weeks and tell you what they see - for you and the world.

What do three of the world’s most respected professional Tarot readers see for you, and the world, in November? The astrology supports the cards.

November is action stations. You’re going to be (finally) taking swift action on situations you have done nothing about, all year. This is a good thing, according to the astrology. It’s like getting into the garden with some shears, and a saw, and surgically removing who/what is retarding growth for you. It is also about planting new things – rapidly – and seeing if they grow.

You’ll have the strength (Kyra Oser drew the Strength card) to strong-arm a situation which needs fixing. You will have the focus, determination, confidence, courage and energy. What we’re seeing in astrology is the word ‘Finally!’ With an exclamation mark too.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – The Knight of Wands and the Knight of Swords

The Knight of Wands came up twice, but this month I felt prompted to draw a second card and drew the Knight of Swords. These cards seem to promise an eventful November – possibly too eventful- on both a public and personal level, though they are in many opposite numbers.

The Knight of Wands literally says ‘November,’ as the card of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius which starts 22/23 November.

This card is all about fire, heat, action, speed, trade and overseas negotiations, and is ruled by the planet Mars. The Knight of Swords is all about air, ice, cool, strategy, law, technology. It is the energy of Gemini and is ruled by the planet Uranus.

Has the UK left the EU at the end of October as (re) scheduled? It is possible Brexit has now been announced, but that picture is not clear from the cards drawn today, 14 October 2019. Why not? The Knight of Wands gallops full steam ahead, suggesting motion still in progress. This card represents a journey, sometimes a sudden arrival, but he is still on his horse.

However, even if Brexit has not yet been announced, it will still happen. The Knight of Wands is working alongside the Knight of Swords, a card ruled by the air sign Gemini (which also happens to be the zodiac sign of UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.) The Remain resistance holds immensely powerful cards, but this is a truly formidable pairing. The UK will still leave.

Elsewhere, there may be news of forest fires this November, possibly more storms, or tectonic or volcanic activity, and in the North, rain/windstorms.

There may be a further escalation of trouble in Northern Syria, with Turkey attacking not only Kurdish forces, but also civilians. The Knight of Swords indicates economic sanctions alone will not be adequate to halt this aggression. November may see a flash point in Hong Kong, as China struggles to control protests, without being seen to resort to violence in order to do so.

On a personal level, you may be doing a juggling act, running to keep up.  Tempers are likely to fray, and the Tarot’s advice for November seems to be, take your time, count to ten and cool it.

The Knight of Wands says ‘fire.’ Check bonfires for hedgehogs. Be risk-averse in general. Slow down behind the wheel. On a positive note, a great deal of progress can be achieved this month, at work or in respect of personal skill-based projects, and in these areas in particular, you may receive welcome news in November, progress or promotion.

You can read more from Katie here.


Fiona Lensvelt – Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands is represented by eight wands or arrows, flying through the air. This card signifies change. Lots of it and fast. Whatever the Fool and the World set in motion in September and October, with a leap into the unknown (possible reckless behaviour) and the approach of an end of a chapter, the Eight of Wands hastens.

This is a dynamic card that brings about the completion of projects, enables us to move quickly and seize opportunities. As the World’s cycle comes to a close, we had better be on our feet and prepared for the next chapter, because things are going to change very quickly now.

Read more from Fiona at her website here.


Kyra Oser – Strength

The tarot card I received for November is Strength. The image features a woman overpowering a lion, while a sign of the infinite is suspended within her crown chakra.

Spiritual, mental, or physical health may be indicated when drawing this card. On a psychological level, Strength is a sign that you are capable of attaining the confidence you desire.

Spiritually, this card assures triumph over adversity, followed by happy times of elation and celebration. The infinity symbol is a reminder that no matter how difficult external events can be, and despite whatever pressures you may be feeling today, there is always help available from an infinite source of love, power, and spiritual strength. You are never alone when you connect to the cosmos, as the woman in the Strength card shows us with her ability to tame even the fiercest beast.

You can read more from Kyra at her website here.

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60 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday- November 2019

  1. Hi Jessica
    I dont know why but I felt a sense of both relief and joy after reading this article. Can you please draw out a tarot card for me for the month of November? Thank you.

    • The Star is your card. The group or circle of friends and acquaintances is central in November. In fact it helps you shine. Every community of people needs someone who ‘feeds’ or supplies and energises them all. It’s rather like cutting up the oranges at half-time for the netball team, or being the speaker at a meeting of enthusiasts or hobbyists. You’ll play that part and you’ll shine too. The group is very important – this is a Major Arcana card. Pamela, who created the image, was a Sun Aquarius in a group (The Golden Dawn) and even today, she ‘feeds’ Tarot groups all over the world with her cards.

  2. Hello everyone. Thanks so much for the exciting tarot card reading! I feel stuck in so many ways. Could I get a card drawn for this month, please?

    Thanks a bunch!

    • November 2019 finds you with The Fool. You will be taking a big leap into the unknown, but can’t jump without checking, unless you really want to risk things. Look before you leap, that’s the message here.

  3. Deat Jessica, hope you are well.
    May I ask what the tarot, or the psychic gift you have, says for my love life over the next 6 months?
    I am currently single. Would much appreciate it. Thank you.

    • The love life question is really about children – would you date someone who has them – do you want them – do you have them? (You don’t say). You will see why in February, then again in December. These questions are not simple when it comes to dating someone new, but you will come across an interesting person to go out with, in those months.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    I’ve been looking for a job since August and over the past few days I have been offered and part time role in a organisation that I very much love. I’m planning to start this new role mid November. My question is will this role lead to a better position that I’m looking for later in the year?

    Many Thanks!


    • That’s great about your part-time job offer. You are accepting it on Mercury Retrograde and not planning to stay long! NP, if the better position is within the same organisation, your chances are great.

  5. Hello Jessica,

    This reading answered a lot of my questions for this month – Brexit, bonfires and always having help available from a strong spiritual source!

    Would you mind to draw cards to look at my work and love life please?

    Thank you :)

    • A classic one-card Tarot reading will be about one or the other – love or work. What we have here is classic year-end and new-year work cycles for you, which dominate December and January. Your question is really about going back and reconstructing/recreating/rebuilding particular roles and projects, or just walking away and starting again. This is exactly the same question one or more of your colleagues, clients, staff or employers will be dealing with. It’s dramatic. No two ways about it. Yet, you are increasingly seeing this massive gap between the system, and the individuals. You have to ask yourself if the structure/the system is the right place for you to thrive and if so, what it would take to make that happen for 2020. Otherwise, there may be quite radical new options for you, as you see a chain-reaction in your chosen field, with people going stage left.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this. May I ask what advice you have for me in navigating the remaining year in the best way? Things seem to be turning around for me in my (literary) career, and I’m keen to know how to best support ongoing positive change.

    Thank you as always,

    • Relax and think of the new literary deadlines as 2020, 2021, 2022 because you are going to experience the long transit of the North Node in Gemini in your Third House of writing and spoken word – multimedia – and the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of publishing and the book world. So don’t rush anything that you know is going to involve quite dense research or heavy writing loads, because actually – even though you have an astonishing opportunity by 2nd December – it’s just part of a long-term new cycle for you.

  7. Hi Jessica, i’m blown away, you predicted on:
    August 7, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    “Jupiter, even by semi-sextile (one zodiac sign away) is a fantastic transit to enjoy. You are actually also in line for Jupiter’s conjunction to your Sun, as he changes signs to Capricorn on 2nd December and by 2020 you will have been through the biggest career shift of your life, with opportunities and solutions for every question that year. It will still be intense. It will still be slow. But you will at last feel you are achieving ambitions and going higher and further.”

    Well October 28th I received a call that I had prayed for, 165 applicants 6 were interviewed and I was selected for a Job, total carrer change, working with Victoria Police, with my father (lots of 10th house energy) who is an officer, Its not what i’m wanting for a carrer but it is a stable full time high paying job, something that I have struggled with for years, however im not starting until Dec and there is allready alot of backwards and forwards paper work dissccusions (Mercury Retro) i’m so exited for Jupiter, I have also launched my instagram portfolio for illustration and graphic design hoping to fufill my life purpose as Saturn has broken me to the point where I feel so lost in my life with no direction, hoping to manifest my dreams and goals that were pushed away for 3 long hard years.

    • I’m so pleased the August 7th prediction for you came to pass on October 28th. Well done, that’s wonderful news that you beat 165 applicants. Of course, the police force is a Capricorn structure (the pyramid or mountain of power). Well done with your Instagram portfolio as well. You may want to ‘ship’ that onto other platforms in 2020, 2021, 2022 as we have the Nodes going through Gemini and Sagittarius, which rule the internet as a whole. Think about Pinterest, YouTube and the rest.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I always look forward to the Tarot Cards and seeing what the month will entail. It’s interesting to see how it all pans out at the end of the month.
    Would it be possible to ask you to draw a card for me? Lots of things have occurred in the last two weeks that have been dealt with but still left me drained.

    Thank you and cosmic blessings.

    • I’m sorry you have been left drained by the last two weeks. Did you know you are in a flushing-out cycle? It’s tiresome, which may be why you are tired, but particular situations and/or people just have to be got rid of. I really hope you have been able to do that quite firmly. You’re now in healing mode. It may be Reiki, swimming, yoga, your doctor, meditation or similar but you will find you can repair yourself and renew yourself. Good. Deep breath. You are going to be very busy in 2020!

  9. I like this reading! November seems positive. My question – in March I met someone I really would like to work with. There’s now a position open at the company. I can do the job easily but my nationality/identity makes me less ideal (just the politics of my work). can you pull a card re: my chances? Would love to get some positive career momentum. xxx

    • The cards say, go for it – you have nothing to lose. You just end up with a stronger, firmer idea of what you want, and why you want it, and that helps you so much in 2020, when you’ll see one work option after another.

      • Your November card is the Moon. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is triggering your chart. You may want to wait until the first week of December is behind you, to make up your mind (in any formal way) about the other person involved in a question about property, location, an apartment or house. You are also having these lunar transits across Taurus-Scorpio in your chart, which is always about sex and money (past, present or potential). There is a fair bit of paralysis here, neither of you is making a move, but you can’t put this off forever. When the time is right, and it will be from around the second week of December, one or both of you can act. Better still, communicate! Try to find a way to really connect and understand. It will be easier when Mercury’s on track.

  10. Hi Jessica…It’s all thanks to you that I accepted a lunch date with Mr Pisces..and it went brilliant..Being on a couple of day dates and he treats me so well,.he has a jupiter return coming up at 2 degrees Capricorn but also Saturn at 17 Capricorn, You predicted this a month before it all happened,.thank you very much..I’ve had an awfully stressful year with my Scorpio Son,so hoping now things will lighten up and change for the better..does November have another stress ball to fire at me?.. Thanks so much,again,Jessica,I wouldn’t have went on the date only for you..

    • I’m so pleased your date with Mr. Pisces went brilliantly and that the old prediction came to pass for you. Your Scorpio son will come into his own when he realises he was born to handle money, budget and save – he had a past life doing this – and it’s coming.

  11. Hi Jessica, 2019 was supposed to be a golden year for me with Jupiter in Sagittarius but it hasn’t been. Will November be any different? What does the tarot say work wise for me over the next 2-3 months? Kind regards, Aquarius Dreamer

    • Jupiter in Sagittarius isn’t necessarily about a golden year! You also had Ceres in Sagittarius at the same time, and that always brings politics and power plays. Fortunately Ceres is now moving on and you still have a few weeks of Jupiter left to go. You are going to see huge opportunities to travel, move, welcome travellers, export or pull in foreign influences which change your life for the better. The Tarot and your working life in November, December, January is about a game of musical chairs in your chosen field. When the music stops, find the right chair. You may have to do this a couple of times. The biggest chairs in the room (belonging to the most powerful people) are certainly going to alter and that will affect your own life. Anyone who has been lording it over others may end up on their bottom, though. Flat on the floor and out of the game!

  12. Hi Jessica,

    recently bought myself my own deck of tarot cards to learn more about reading tarot cards. Recently had a very strange experience after receiving the cards. I had a very intense dream in which i could feel my soul was detached from my body and i was trying to pull it back through my forehead. Then two tarot cards appeared, the High Priestess followed by the Fool. shortly after in another dream, I was near a dried up well filled with soil and there was a young boy standing on it. I went to cut some sage to put on his binded legs, but the sage had burnt to ashes. was wondering if these were extensions of pulling tarot cards in my dreams and if you could shed some light on what the cards mean in this context. and what does it mean to have such deep dreams whilst learning more about tarot cards. Thank you.

    • Your etheric body or astral body has become loosened and you need to learn how to close your chakras and seal your aura. The Tarot will allow you to cross time and space boundaries, but you need to come back down into your body where you belong. (The forehead is your third eye chakra as I am sure you know). The dream state is where the ‘other’ body often goes wandering and rather than have any more odd dreams, you may want to make sure you shut down. It’s fairly likely that dream was about a past life of yours. Linda Williamson is a good source to go to, for advice on the chakras and aura – her books are modern classics.

  13. Jessica,

    Can you please draw out a tarot card for me for November please as I can feel change is coming for me at work and possibly in love because at this time a man born December 25 is talking to me online and I just don’t know what is coming next…

    Thank You Jessica

    • You’re talking to a Sun Capricorn man online, hoping to have a relationship, but he is sorting out his karma with a previous lover. Did you know about this person? He won’t be finished with that karma until May 2020, as the North Node goes through his Seventh House of former partners. You can live with that, but you need to know that a lot of his thoughts and energy are tied up somewhere else and he won’t really be full available until he has ‘settled’ with someone else. A child may be involved, or a previous failed pregnancy.

      • Is he karmically connected to me in any way and if yes what that means for me as I have no time to loose…

        He bought cupcake for my birthday November 3 and light up the candle to wish me happy birthday and post the photo happy birthday to R…

        So this was kind gesture or something more so I need my Jess feedback if possible…

        Thank You

        • That is absolutely lovely. Your love life, until 2025, is so full of surprises that there is no point in hard and fast prediction. As a Sun Scorpio you are well-known for your tight financial control of sex, or your firm sexual control of money, but sometimes you just have to let go and see what happens, when you are in a Uranus/Seventh House cycle. The more you do that the more it works.

          • Ok Jess I will let it happen while counting my walking steps to the honeymoon on walking app♥️❤️Let’s surprise happen…

            As I don’t know his birthday year I just don’t know his age and nothing else about him and this may be younger man than me…

            Love you Jessica…
            Thank You

          • Dear Jessica,
            Just to tell you that you were right about Capricorn ♑️ I am chatting on line and his birthday is December 25, 1985 and yes he was in love with a girlfriend who as he said betrayed him and is now married to another woman maternal cousin and she is expecting twins next year February…

            I just found out and am writing with him to not to be rude and I know this man is not for me…Internet is difficult to trust anyone.and all this feedback is if he is telling true…

            Anyway I was just wondering how in the world I connected to him and why do I don’t have luck at all..

            Thank You

          • Thank you for confirming my prediction. I’ve mentioned this before but the internet was set up for the military, by the military, which is why women looking for love, sex and marriage don’t really find it awfully helpful. I have many readers on here who are in bad marriages because they met online and dated on Skype! You are much better off joining or rejoining groups, clubs, teams, societies which interest you as we go into the New Age of Aquarius for 2020, 2021 and beyond.

          • Thank you so much for the feedback. It’s so strange because it affected both of us so strongly that when I said to him that because I cannot write to a married man or wish for a married man because of my values and my religious beliefs I will need him to respect and not to write any longer… This was so deep and difficult for both that he told me what he need to say and I said what I need to say and he said please don’t quit counting your steps on this app and cancel your account because of me you will never hear from me again and everything is my fault…

            So tough and affected me deeply…

          • Lady, give him the flick. He was part of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio for you. Mercury rules apps. It’s going backwards. Scorpio rules sex and money. So that’s your explanation there. Please think about your interests – surely astrology must be one of them by now? And go join a group in the real world. The internet is not always your friend, when it comes to love.

  14. Hey Jessica,
    I know you talk to a million people a month,(slight exaggeration), but school ( Surgical Technologist). Anyway, I missed the cutoff to move forward and go to clinicals by 6/10ths of a point. This means I have to wait until NEXT FALL to continue. I don’t know how I could’ve done anything differently, everything that happened with Dad’s fall, then his surgery and recovery. I’m just really disappointed. I have worked so hard. I also have no idea how to tell my dad. He is going to think it is his fault. IT IS NOT. Things just happened, and I ran out of time to catch up. I just have no clue what to do now. I’m really discouraged. I realize I just need to get over it and figure out what I’m going to do. The Daylight Saving Time thing isn’t helping. I call it Oh Dark O’CLOCK. Cold is fine, I can bundle up, but I hate this getting dark early mess. Lol. I hope things are well with you. Thanks for your input.

    • I definitely don’t talk to a million people a month – there are 9,042 comments here today – so there is plenty of time and space to look at your question in November. I am sorry you are being made to wait until next Fall to continue your study. You also have your Dad to think about. This is a classic outcome of having the North Node in Cancer, in your Fourth House of family, and the South Node in Capricorn, in your Tenth House of success. This cycle ends in May 2020. Until then you and your father are tied up in karmic obligation from past lives together. In fact you may have made a soul contract, in your ‘life between lives’ as some call it. This will work out for you. Please don’t worry. In fact you will do better by being delayed. It may seem as if you have hit an obstacle but actually, you are being given the gift of time. It is not your fault, nor your dad’s (of course). And there are some past life issues here about success, sacrifice, the family, illness/injury, caring, ambition and so on. If you are curious about this cycle have a look at North Node in Cancer on Search. I wrote a long prediction about it and you’re living it. You’ll do well.

      • Thanks Jessica. I will check out the article . I am trying to be at peace with everything. I am going to use the time as productively as I can. I can still take some Anatomy & Physiology classes in January. I love A&P, the human body is a truly wondrous thing! I am also going to start being a bit more social, and get out of my comfort zone. Nothing good will happen if I don’t make an effort! My dad is an awesome human being, and I just don’t want him to feel bad about the delay. On an unrelated note, if I had over 9000 emails to look at, I think I would freak out. I have no idea how you do it, but I am very grateful that you do.

        • This is interesting as it may be the past life clue with your father – all things surgical, medical, tied to hospitals or healing – and it may have been personal last time around. Sometimes dreams reveal these kinds of North Node past life connections. Today it looks like 9,044 comments/questions, so that’s a first…I remember when it used to be 6000! Thank you for your thank you.

          • You are very welcome. This past life stuff is interesting. He has also helped me so much in this life. 8 years ago I had 2 major brain surgeries. ( I had an AVM) My Dad is the one that got me through it. He took me to every PT and OT appointment. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him. I still feel awful about what my toxic ex did to him. He took( stole) money, etc. my dad loved him very much, and none of that would’ve happened if it hadn’t been for me.

  15. Hi Jessica, I forgot with the time change about Tarot Tuesday. Is it too late for you to please pull a card for me? I’m particularly interested whether I will maintain a good friendship with a recent ex-lover. Thank you, regardless!

    • Your card is the Queen of Swords. Yes, you can have a friendship with your ex-lover, but you need boundaries. Fortunately you are very good at saying ‘This far and no further’. Buddhism will help you (compassion). She has a Buddhist bead bracelet on her wrist. She has a sword in the other and you may need to use it to keep this person at a physical distance. You can be quite tough when you want to be. If you want a trusting friendship, though, you’re going to have to put the sword down. Is there another way to create a new space of friendship with your ex without the sword-waving?

  16. Jessica,
    Could you please pick a card for me for this month. In August /September I had Jupiter-Neptune square which had some risks for me. Have these risk passed? Or is there more to come I am interested as Fiona mentioned whatever was set in motion then! However I keep looking at the strength card with optimistic eyes.
    Have an amazing month

    • Your card is the Seven of Coins, also known as the Seven of Pentacles. You are waiting for money to grow, from projects you have planted, or investments you have made. It’s all too early at the moment. Do not overlook a decent sum of money, business or reward which is right at your feet. You’re wishing and hoping so much you haven’t even seen it. Do pick this up and make good use of it. (All being well, your harvest will come in 2020).

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for all the great posts…in October I signed a deal with my house!

    Would you please draw a card to look at my love life for the next months, I am a single mom, open for more kids, not dating now, could someone from the past reappears or could be someone new?

    Thank you :)

    • Thank you. Congratulations on the new house. Someone from your past has never gone away, actually, and as Mercury Retrograde retraces his steps in Scorpio (sex and money) you could easily come across this person before the end of the cycle, in the opening days of December. Of course this may not be what you want, or even be right for you but retrogrades do tend to suggest a reappearance. Moving along further in time, friendship actually works more easily for you than a new marriage, as you will see from the year 2021, 2022, 2023 – this is really because of your children. You can define friendship any way you want.

  18. I am married but my soul wants someone else, true love … Is there a chance to meet her again? Suffering in silence, I am afraid of something that I expect to happen. I feel great uncertainty. The children played a big role in everything that happens to me. I want to relive true love but I know if it ever comes again …Will I still feel true love? Regards and bless you

    • True love is Libra and the Seventh House. With your Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto there, you are going through a few years of tests and trials. At 6, 14, 18 Libra, you have quite a tight pattern there and right up until the year 2023, Chiron will clash with that, as he also moves to 6, 14, 18 Aries. You have some big decisions to make.Across 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 only you can figure out how to be fair to your partner. Libra is also about equality and justice in a marriage. The scales have to be balanced. The challenge for you, over the next four years, is to find a way to keep the scales level with the person you made a commitment to. That’s the big one. Only you can figure out how, between you.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    I ask this question not for myself, but for my brother. I am helping my brother to immigrate to another country where his talents will be better appreciated, but we seem to be hitting brick walls all over. We were hopeful of his migrating to Canada, but he can’t seem to meet the requirements, even though he is working hard and also studying part-time. Europe seems shut and Australia does not seem to have the industries that he wants to work in.
    Also, his current employer is a slave-driver (in my opinion, though my brother is devoted to him), making my brother work very long hours, even at short notice and with compensatory leave rather than extra pay (the compensatory leave must be taken when dictated by the employer).
    What should my brother do to escape, from both the harshness of the job (which he loves) and from whatever is holding him back from pursuing his dreams?

    • I’ll draw a Tarot card for your brother for the next 12 months to see what comes to pass. He will be involved in a group, team, society, club, circle or association where nobody can agree. This is the Five of Staves. To make it work he needs to join forces with another friend or associate in the group, and the two of them then need to try and encourage everyone else to join forces. People power can achieve anything, if they can all band together. So the card is ducking the question about emigrating. It is talking about the need to collaborate and co-operate. This feels very much like the end of 2020 to me, and the year 2021, when we see Aquarius weather coming to pass, which is all about ‘together we can do anything’ The Amish used to raise barns. That is what this card shows. This may in fact be about your brother’s job if there is a trade union involved, perhaps. The employer sounds ghastly and there must be so many others who feel that they need to join together. Egos must be put aside, though.

  20. Hi Jessica I wonder if it would be possible to pull a card for the rest of 2019 for me, it’s been a very tough year, the worse, but whilst coping with bereavement there were moments of happiness , but those relationships that brought me happiness have broken down and I am on my own again, will I find happiness in my relationships

    • Your Tarot card is the Ten of Cups. Yes, within 12 months you will be extremely happy with the right partner, and the right home, suitable for children too. Those you lost in spirit must be looking after you; this is one of the most joyful cards in the Tarot.

  21. HI Jessica I’m struggling a lot right now emotionally and was hoping you could please pull a tarot for me to cover my emotional state for the next 6 weeks? Thank you x

    • The Two of Staves/Wands suggests you will be thinking about travelling or moving over the next six weeks, or at least transporting your plans. You can and should go. Let distance lend enchantment to the view. You need to ground, earth and centre yourself, though. Otherwise you can dream all you like about packing your bags, or helping your ideas fly, but you won’t get very far. A grounding meditation that connects your sacral chakra to the earth is a very good idea. You need to remember the earth signs in your chart – Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo – and use them. Then you’ll be on your way.

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