The Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

The most dramatic and welcome shift of all in 2020 comes right at the end of the year. Your ruling planet Jupiter and Saturn both move into Aquarius, which rules the new communication for you. The new technology.

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18 thoughts on “The Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

  1. Hi Jess,
    My gorgeous daughter is a Saggi. I am excited for her, thank you. I too have many planets in Saggi. I teach and love engaging with the youth, they are positive and full of ideas and excited about the future. I would like some stability in my work with them though, would love your insights, many thanks JRx

    • The key in 2020, 2021 is actually language ability/translator ability as the North Node goes into Gemini and South Node goes into Sagittarius. Those two signs in combination are the mark of the linguist and although the new telephone and computer technology will be incredible, your daughter and her friends – that whole generation – will do even better if they can master 2, 3 languages while those Nodes are around.

  2. Hi Jessica, I just read my daily horoscope and took a look at the planetary patterns noticing the Sun 00 Sagittarius, lining up exactly with my North Node. This is really timely for me as I am about to receive my ancestry results and was wondering if you could help me to explore how these planetary positions could impact me. I’m not exactly planning for any earth shattering news or reunions; I have really done this to learn about who I am and where I have come from, not knowing anything about my paternal side, growing up without my real father. Anything else is icing on the cake really! Any insights would be greatly appreciated though. Many thanks to you x.

    • It’s amazing that you have ordered ancestry results as you see the Sun and North Node line up. I’m sorry you grew up without knowing your father. Your IC is actually the clue to your ancestry. Your IC is in Aries, the sign of the military, so we find the navy, Air Force or army in your history, more than once – or even less formal kinds of soldier and fighter. That’s where you come from. Your astrological DNA is pure warrior!

  3. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your in-depth predictions for Sag. I’m not a Sag but I have many factors in Sagittarius including Jupiter and Ascendant , which you told me to neglect it though. Venus just conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius where I have Salacia. I’m very eager to read my birthday forecast, which will appear only after a couple of months. For the time being , as I am heavily Sagged, I am reading Sag forecast and predicting myself. May I have your professional predictions ahead in view of Sag window.

    • Strongly Sagittarius people are experiencing a slow trine from Chiron in Aries in the First House (a trine being a flow pattern) for the first time in many years. Chiron, a symbol of unconventional education, will enable you to travel, study, teach, publish (digitally or traditionally) and explore other cultures and belief systems, or religions. The First House is about self-promotion, image, qualifications and your profile. Chiron there suggests a person or organisation who can help you with the letters after your name, title, personal appearance, perhaps – all the superficial things. This in turn assists you with plans to wander the world, relocate, or build bigger and better connections with people from other countries and nationalities. So, for example, you may find that by 2022, when Chiron has travelled far in your horoscope, you may have been given a chance to gain qualifications teaching languages to foreigners, and gained a title as well – perhaps a new wardrobe for a different climate – and land there. I have no idea what your situation is, or your career, or if you are at university so all I can offer you is an example but I’m sure you get the picture. Another example would be a new gig as a football coach to unemployed teenagers from a foreign country, in your capital city, which means you gain a title, a new social media profile and a branded tracksuit. So you see…

  4. Hello​ Jessica
    You tell a lot of things about material evolution , work, childrens but nothing about Love and partener’s relationship or I don’t understood what you mean…please Can you tell me more about according to my birthday shart ?
    Thanks a lot for your response

    • Well, children leads back to love and sex in the case of Sun Sagittarius people like yourself. You will find the love-life decisions of 2020-2022 are fated. They go back 19 years – so old karma, spiritual debts and credits, and the soul’s balance sheets from 2001 and 2002/2003 return. At the heart of that is choices you made about becoming pregnant, a step-parent – or not. The future decisions you make about lovers or husbands will be based on the intention to have children in your life – or not. I hope that explains what is going on.

  5. Hello Jessica

    Although I’m not having a birthday, it does feel like a rebirth, can’t see why in my horoscope but do have Sag factors at 24 MC & 28 Bacchus.

    Have been rebuilding/fixing myself physically, mentally and spiritually through education and some freelance work the last 10-12 years, after much was razed to the ground (very solid friendship group, work, identity) last time Jupiter was here in 2007.

    Hoping a new career is not far away, would love it to involve travel (am having very strong urge to get up leave the country) can’t think how I could make this happen at this point of time…I’ve not had such strong feelings about either career or travel before and I’m wondering if this is just Sagittarius weather or if my chart indicates travel and work. Would love your thoughts if you have time.

    PS Really enjoying the premium content too !

    • Thank you. Yes, this is a rebirth – you are strongly Sagittarius and have had Jupiter and Ceres going across that all year – Jupiter last to leave. Meanwhile the faster-moving planets are going into Sagittarius as 2019 ends. You’ll travel or move by 2021 at the very latest, ambitiously so. The place will be familiar to you from previous lives or you will know it very well from years before. The Mean South Node is going through Sagittarius, you see, and triggering all your wanderlust – but also giving you practical reasons to pack your bags or boxes.

      • Thanks Jessica – hope I make it happen! I’m guessing ‘ambitiously’ may have a double edge to look out for?
        Wondering where it will be…London, Frankfurt, Milan…Hopefully not just interstate ; )

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Just finished reading the December horoscope for Sagittarius. I am definitely wondering how this will affect me. With the solar eclipse in Dec, I have Capricorn @ 4 degrees and my moon is in Aquarius @4 degrees. What can I expect and/or plan for.
    Thank you


    • Marianne, you are moving towards the biggest (long) solution for your finances, house or apartment in many years. This obviously pulls in questions about your salary or allowance. It’s going to be hard work but I think you are ready for it. You’ll find you are supported by being in the right time, right place with the right person to assist you – from today. It gets better in slow stages, from December, then May, then you’ll have an epic final chapter in November-December 2020.

  7. Hi Jessica—
    I’m a 15° Sagittarius. The closest conjunction in my chart is Aesculapia at 20° Sagittarius 17′ 21″ and Fortuna at 20° Sagittarius 17′ 53″. Also have Ops at 26° Sagittarius . What does this mean for the coming year and over time? The last two years have seen and the year ahead will see some of the biggest changes of my life. Thanks!


    • Shelley, I am not surprised you have been going through changes (ongoing) as you have had Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius both triggering your chart, in patterns not possible in 12 years. You will find chapter two in 2020-2022 as the South Node also moves into Sagittarius. This is going to take you back to past life karma involving a specific nationality, language, culture and place. You would have lived or worked there before, perhaps more than once, and it may even be familiar to you from around 19 years ago. So, we are talking just after the Millennium of 2000. You will pick up what is owed, and also settle anything unresolved.


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