Tarot Tuesday – December 2019

Tarot reading for you, and the world, in December picks up the new position of Uranus (changes) in Taurus

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine’s Tarot reading for you, and the world, in December picks up the new position of Uranus (changes) in Taurus (shopping, spending and saving). Kyra Oser drew the Temperance card. Neptune is currently in Pisces. The planet of visualisation in the sign of ‘alternative reality’. The trick this Christmas is to create your own reality, as she explains. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Jessica.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – The Four of Pentacles Coins Reversed

This card of spending and saving is strikingly apposite for the Christmas period, a time for making merry and giving and receiving, but this can be a time of added strain and worry, especially for parents when money is tight and the children’s wish-list is eye-wateringly expensive.

This card has a nickname when it is drawn the right way up, the ‘Miser card.’ See how he is holding on tight to everything he has got.  Today, however, we have drawn it reversed, signifying generosity.

Looking at this card another way, we see it is a conservation friendly card, to do with holding close what matters most, while reducing wastage of all kinds, letting go of things, but also letting go of people or situations that can no longer do us any good or even do us harm.

A squirrel hoards nuts against the coming winter. No-one calls the squirrel mean. Father Christmas is the SPIRIT of giving, not the figure on the invoice. This earthy card suggests gifts to help children explore nature, find their inner David Attenborough. Maybe buy your child a Nature book, a magnifying glass, a small telescope, a bird table, or an endangered animal adoption for the year. Take them to see what Nature is up to beyond the end of the street, on the hills, in the woods, on the beach, wherever in the world you are living.

Season’s Greetings! Katie-Ellen Hazeldine


You can read more from Katie here.





Kyra Oser – Temperance

The tarot card I drew for December is Temperance. With one foot in the water and another on the ground, an angel pours water from the river of life out of one chalice and into another. This ritual represents the opportunity we have to balance different areas of our lives by setting intentions. The fact that an angel is performing this ritual is a message that spiritual help is a shortcut to finding balance. The separation of her feet between water and land represents a need to integrate imagination and inspiration with reality.

Now is the time to start taking action on ideas by researching ways to manifest your emotional goals through the medium of material reality. If you’ve been wanting more love in your life, what can you give of your time or talents that will bring love to others? If you’d like to incorporate an additional element into your career, what is one simple action you can take this month that might set that dream into motion in the near future? The choices you make today set the stage for meaningful results you’ll be reaping in the future. As long as you take small actions in a new direction and let go of the results, your external life in 2020 has a chance to begin reflecting some of the internal transformations you’ve been undergoing throughout 2019.


You can read more from Kyra at her website here.

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25 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – December 2019

  1. Hello! I am really hoping you can give me some great news regarding my career status with all the Capricorn factors in my chart!

    Thank you in advance,

    Libra Sun, Scor Asc.

    • It is actually karmic, Shannon. Much depends on good karma earned, or anything you need to settle. This goes back about 19 years. You may want to read the Jupiter in Capricorn feature I am about to post and check your personal birth chart against that. Essentially by the end of 2020 you are going to see a resignation, departure, demotion or ‘disappearance’ by someone in a leading role at work, either in the place you work now, or another organisation. This opens the doors for you as it’s a regime change, a shift in attitude and outlook. Look for what is needed and be that woman.

  2. I drew Wheel of Fortune. It’s been quite an emotional up/down time for me. Am moving house next month, both excited and anxious. Not quite sure where my life is heading, but I’m drawn towards spiritual healing. I’d be very grateful for your insight, please.

    • The Wheel of Fortune is about ‘what goes up, must come down’ and also ‘the only way is up’ and so life will have a random, spinning, ceaseless quality about it if you were asking about December. This is really the Capricorn cycle in full throttle so you, or the people in your world, will be affected by resignations, redundancies, retirements, or a shift in the balance of power where nobody actually changes position, but the politics really shifts! This means nothing stands still, so develop your sense of humour and philosophical outlook if you can. After December the spinning stops. This is sometimes about the family – senior or leading members of the family have to switch roles, rights and responsibilities. Around the wheel goes.

  3. Hi Jessica, please can you pick a tarot card for me for the period of the next 6 weeks. Our family finances are horrible and we’re currently struggling to put food on the table. Not a Merry Christmas at all. Thank you for your insights.

    • I am extremely sorry if you are struggling to put food on the table and suggest you stop being a member. Really. I know people are going through tough times with this really, really hard Uranus in Taurus cycle + the heavy Capricorn weather. That’s money and jobs and a fair whack of people are getting hit by this. You know you have a ton of free resources on this website so I insist you think about it. Okay – so this whole situation is about his side of the family, and yours, and maybe other family-upon-family connections, tied to others in the situation. Maybe the household, I don’t know if you have anyone else at home. There is karma going back here to the 1940’s actually, towards the end of the Second World War. Does that make sense to you, when you think about your grandparents or great-grandparents? You need to let others settle a karmic and spiritual score with you from that time, or even going back to the 1920s. Be honest. Write or pick up the telephone.

  4. Thank you. These cards resonated with me. I’m hoping for a foot in the door to another industry and met with someone yesterday who could advance my career. Plus I have an ex-husband that I’m trying to let go of but he’s needy and it’s making this process more tricky. Do you have any insights about these situations Jessica? Thank you!

    • Your former husband is a past life connection and you were likely his mother or father. It happens. The situation will ease in stages and no longer be an issue from May 2020 when the Node leaves clingy Cancer, the family sign. (The Node rules past lives). It’s finding the words to keep things very clear and real with him/for him and that is easily done. Do find the words because it will help so much. Yes, the career contacts will keep coming, and it will be one foot in the door after another, now until December 2020. The person you met was a little too soon, as Mercury is still stuck, but from this weekend you begin to see traction.

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you for this spread, I am very excited at Jupiter has returned to Capricorn, and with the above cards for the Month of December this looks positive however I am unsure of the Temperance card could you elaborate a little, please.
    thank you Sandi

    • Sure, Sandi. Temperance is a symbol for Aquarius, the water-bearer, who supplies the group with what it needs. (In the old days of Rome, an Aquarius supplied water for the communal Roman baths, where friends met). We are seeing the very first signs of the Aquarius revolution to come in your life in the year 2021, and it starts in the tiniest ways. Making new acquaintances, who may become friends later. Experimenting with a particular group. Starting to see sure signs of big potential with another communal effort. Go with that and you will go with a flow which becomes wonderful – and big. There may even be another group or movement you have been drawn into and that’s a sure-fire winner. In fact it will change your life.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I am a student at the moment so shopping spending and saving are all causing me worry this Christmas. So Katie Ellen’s card just reminded me of all the gifts nature provides.
    How does my December look? I seam to be juggling everything at the moment.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Jessica and friends.

    • I have to say, T, that the presents I have kept over the years, despite several moves of home, have always been the home-made kind, and it is the same with cards and letters. And I always remember the person who gave me the home-made jam in the fridge with their handwritten label, every time I open the door. Keep juggling. You will be juggling in 2020 as well but feel you are winning, because someone really helpful will be the extra pair of hands that keeps the balls in the air! Thank you and Merry Christmas – I will pass that onto Katie Ellen.

  7. Hi Jessica, thank you for this and for all that you give! Can you pick a card for me for the next 3 mos? Feeling very insecure about everything. Wishing you a wonderful holiday with lots of love and light. xxx

    • Feeling insecure is an expression of Cancer-Capricorn weather as Cancer rules security, safety, feeling ‘held’ and supported – and you have been going through heavy Capricorn transits right opposite, so it has been very hard to feel on firm ground. The next three months sees gradual improvement, with a real turning point from May next year actually.

  8. Jessica, can you please draw card for my love life? I have been going through disappointments in this area. Maybe I should just take a break.

    • Taking a break is a very good idea because you have become stuck in a pattern. You have had quite low expectations or no expectations, or crazily high expectations, and none of them have been accurate or real-world. You have also been missing the point, which is yourself. Your view of yourself, inside and out. So – these rotten experiences are here to teach. You are yet to fully learn and take on board, so time out is very wise. Once you have sorted yourself out and take as long as you like – you will be the latest, greatest version of yourself and ready for something completely different.

  9. Dear Jessica Adams,
    May it be possible to offer any support or guidance in regards to my career. I feel truly so lost. For I have been on sick leave with a mental illness for a period of time and it has been suggested to opt for a Pension scheme or a formal return to work interview to return to work which I sense is not in my favour. I feel so worried as I always believed I would return to work but feel I have made the wrong decisions. I have been asked to state my decision in the retail job in 2 weeks. I have too been studying astrology deeply over the past few years whilst unknown to my family and have been curious to wonder would it be wise to share this with them? Could I use what I have learned to help them? I feel lost as to where to go from here as I don’t have any experience in anything really – I had experienced a sense of enlightenment during my illness and yet now suddenly I feel all lost at sea and cannot understand why/what. I noticed downloads frequently arising but now I seem to be clouded. So sorry for this message but just feel I’m not good at anything anymore. To be so aware of these upcoming transits from your postings and yet aware to have not aligned myself to where may be helpful. Please, any help would be much appreciated, take care, kindest regards, Bea xx

    • Bea, if you sense you do not want to go back to work, then don’t do it. Your intuition is your best guide. If sick leave with mental illness is giving you time out and time off – then take it. You can continue studying, learning and growing. If you are learning about astrology then you will know that in 2020, 2021 the South Node is in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of beliefs, spirituality, knowledge, self-education and the rest. Good timing.

      • Dear Jessica Adams.
        Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated. I was just wondering, I have read this weeks Gemini horoscope:
        “December is big. January is bigger. A life-changing decision is pending and although life is so intense at the moment, you need to feel it all. It is the only way you are going to be long-term content with what you choose to do about the house, the money, the apartment, the business, the charity, the shares, the debts, the investment and so on. The larger picture may be pay rises and promotions, year-end bonuses, redundancy payouts, trophy marriage break-ups and so on. I have been predicting corporate, royal and government wipe-out for a very long time, next January (search The Capricorn Effect this website if you are curious) and maybe that’s affecting you too. However this is going for you, and whatever/whomever is influencing you, remember there are answers. A door opened two weeks ago. You have to do your own life budget. Who/what counts and who/what is worth the most to you?”
        Two weeks ago I was offered time to make a decision regarding work. This week I am asked to make that decision but was wondering, is anything I can see from my chart which could help in making a wise decision on Thursday at all?
        Blessings and many thanks to you once again for your insight, support and guidance during this rather unusual Capricorn weather and hope to hear from you when suitable to do so.
        Take care,
        Kindest regards,

        • Bea, you are in the clear to make a decision but look at your money and budget, please. This will guide your hand. It is your choice not mine so if you are still stuck, use your Oracle Cards. Yet – you absolutely must look at the bank account as it dominates 2020 for you.

  10. Hi Jessica
    Just wondering about what 2020
    Will bring? I have had major upheaval in my working life and not been able to secure work in roles I have performed for 20+ years. Also an ex partner keeps popping up, we have not been together for many years but this is an ongoing cycle that continues and frustrates me.
    I attended a tarot session you spoke at in Sth Melbourne and I picked the queen of cups cards, keen for your interpretation on these and the above.
    Thanks and cheers

    • Sue, the work upheaval is obviously to get you to change, although you’ve not wanted to do that. The distraction has been questioning yourself, or questioning other people/organisations, but the truth is – you are long overdue for quite a radical turnaround with the work you do, paid and unpaid, full-time or part-time. You are going through this very new cycle with Uranus (the revolution and also ‘the rejection dance’) in your income and salary zone, making patterns with a ton of Capricorn factors in your career zone. In 2020 you will reshape and reboot and rethink, pretty dramatically actually. The Queen of Cups, which you pulled in South Melbourne, is about your confusion regarding a relationship which does not fit any category. In the distant past you had children, or did not bring a pregnancy to term. You are not conscious of just how much that underscores everything now but it would be a useful thing to look at. The relationship is another distraction as it’s not really about the ex, or the connection…it is about you, being quite a long way from reality in 2019! We find the Queen of Cups turns up when Neptune is triggered in a horoscope and you have that. So the trick here is to gently coax yourself back to dry land (real life, normal life, the real world) and see if you can plant this odd connection with your ex there, rather than being the Queen of Cups, all at sea, cast adrift, unable to do very much more than just puzzle over the relationship. I hope that is useful Sue.

  11. Dear Jessica,
    I have not spoken to my daughter since before Halloween. She hurt me deeply and do not think I want or should have a relationship with her at this point. I am so tired of the way she treats me
    I am divorced and alone for the holidays. Can you tell me if you see things getting better and or hopefully someone coming into my life to share it with?
    Thank you and Merry Christmas

    • I am so very sorry about your daugher. You must be feeling very low about this. There is a certain amount of karma going back 19 years, and 19 years before that, and 19 years before that…all the way into past lives. It concerns the family (the North Node in Cancer, and this is also the sign that rules ‘mother’). Sometimes you have to cry the tears, take a deep breath and accept that there is a deeper promise, debt or arrangement between all the souls concerned and I include her father in that. This should not and will not stop you having a lovely, relaxing Christmas. After May 2020 when this karma cycle breaks and the Node leaves Cancer for another 19 years, you will find life a great deal easier. One of the interesting things for you about the next 18 months is your developing a friendship with a man who is interested in you, and attractive, but you don’t particularly want a partnership. Truly. You’ll practise what it’s like to be male-female friends and gain so much.


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