200 Astrology Secrets for 2020

Exclusive to Premium Members, this is an illustrated guide to the year ahead, 2020, with 200 secrets for all 12 signs of the zodiac.

Exclusive to Premium Members, this is an illustrated guide to the year ahead, 2020, with 200 secrets for all 12 signs of the zodiac. Look up yourself, your friends, family, colleagues or partner. Find out why the historic line-up of planets in Capricorn changes it all.

…the remainder of this article is available exclusively to Premium members.

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43 thoughts on “200 Astrology Secrets for 2020”

  1. Dear Jessica,
    I love your articles.
    I can’t seem to find the journal, or Christmas cards, or any of the christmas gifts you mentioned
    I am a premium member. I have asked before about the journal, where to find it with no response

    • Hello, you are not logged in – once you do that, you can pick up the journal, all the guidebooks – and Justin is just finalising the new birthday horoscope cards for us.

    • I am sorry about this, we are in the last week of Mercury Retrograde and it shows! Contact Support please and they can help you. I’d love you to have this to read, easily, right now on your computer as it’s packed with insider secrets about your sign for next year.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your prompt reply
    Where do I find the journal access?
    Where/ how can I find it?
    I have been a premium member for quite some time and have never been able to access it

    • Have a look in Members’ Lounge as I believe Justin posted your October-December journal there for October 1st this year. The new journal for 2020-2021 will be in the lounge for download, from January. If you still have problems please use the Help button so he or another person on the team can help you out with your question. Thank you.

  3. This is so awesome thank you Jessica happy holidays to you and your family – from a really excited Cappy I can already feel the energy change and shift over the last two weeks, its going to be a massive and prosperous year for all of us in 2020! Woohoo!

  4. Hi Jessica – thank you so much for this Jessica, it is amazing! Looks like there are little bits of gold scattered throughout.
    For instance, you mention in the Libra section that Pisces people may be more flakey than usual. But that wouldn’t be a message just for Librans would it? For me, it really hit home because my on-again off-again boyfriend / friend is a Pisces and I’m a Libran. But i think it would be worth reading all the sections for those little tidbits – Like March 2020 babies in the Gemini section being very Capricorn.

    So appreciate this! Thank you again!

    • Thanks so much – Justin Tabari created the design. As a Sun Libra person your whole daily routine and lifestyle is affected by Sun Pisces people in 2020, especially when they go through that really long Mercury Retrograde/Neptune in Pisces period: February-March. This would make sense because your intermittent boyfriend is a Pisces. No doubt he affects your daily routine, or lack of it. Just be aware when the Retrograde comes around.

  5. Hi Jessica! I’m having an interesting last few months of 2019. There was a new moon 1 degree away from my natal Sun on Oct. 28 (or Oct 27-28, depending on time zones), then I just realized today the full moon in Gemini is right on my natal moon. In addition, my husband’s birthday is Dec 26 and he’s 4 degrees of Capricorn – bam right on the eclipse. I think this may be an interesting year for us coming up? Thank you for any insight!

    • You and your husband will be making some key financial or property decisions in 2020 once you know where you stand after May 2020 when a rather stuck phase ends, either for both of you with money/homes, or just in the general climate out there. Correct, you have some milestone choices in 2020.

  6. Please could you give the cancerians out here some positive news to look forward to! 2019 has been a swift kick in the pants for me, and hoping really hard that 2020 is much better – your guide mentions things get better from December 2020, but for this little cancerian, after one rough year, thats too far away! any little gems to look forward to, please share! xx

    • Sure, you need to look twice, three times, four times at a friend you assumed was out of your circle or even not on your side as he/she has amazing plans you could be included in. You also need to see what you can get away with on a career, study or unpaid work level as the more you attempt the so-called ‘outrageous’ the better you will do in 2020. Easter is an important bridge for you to cross.

  7. Hi Jessica, I am laid off again from a job that I just started 5 months back. It has happened to me almost the 5th time. So every time I start working, 6 months down the lane, this story repeats. Wanted to check it astrologically, as I cant see my fault in some of the latest offs, just trying to understand if I continue to look for job or is it something not for me!? I am getting new roles( due to holiday season, talks are going slow). But I am not in the frame of mind to get laid off again. My confidence and life both are shaken. Please put some light on my career chapter. I have never worked on contracts. Are they astrologically different from the salaried jobs? Should I go for contracts, if my chart allows!
    I am in the search of truth.
    Please look into my chart, once you get time. I am grateful for your skills and your time.

    • Okay, so you are in a cycle when permanence and stability are not actually going to do you many favours. I am sorry you have been laid off after five months, and you must be feeling really fed up with this – but actually you need to make radical changes with your career and consider doing what you said you would never do, or what you think is impossible. Contracts may well be it. Even just a different field. I have seen this cycle before and even though it makes people feel very insecure and rattled, the truth is – they are on the wrong path. They are often trying for corporate success, respectable roles that mean they work their way up, prestige, status and all the rest. Nothing works and then they are ‘forced’ to try something which ends up being their true career. You are in this Uranus in Taurus cycle, triggering your two work zones in Virgo and Capricorn, every single month. Uranus is ‘breaking up old ground for new things to begin’ and this is the right time to experiment, explore and ‘try, try, try.’ Sticking to some old rules for yourself that no longer work is obviously not what is meant to be. In fact in 2020 you could find exactly what you need even though you never consciously wanted it.

  8. Hello Thankyou for this.
    Under Scorpio it says new beginning with current/former/potential…from 23 April. Does this mean that’s a good time for me to contact Quentin, 14/11/63, England? or not, because it doesn’t say that in the Taurus section for me? Or this guide doesn’t cross reference that way?
    Thankyou S

    • It’s up to you but you need to be aware that what you accept, assume and predict may not be what comes to pass. I hope that makes sense to you and you can deal with the unpredictable nature of this connection with Quentin for the next few months. Thank you.

  9. Hi Jessica, thank you for the eBook! I am reading Aries sign. It seems like all the sections in Aries are all about January! Almost everything important will happen in Jan and it dictates the whole year. I am an Aries Sun and Aries stellium. Could you please have a look at my natal chart if you have time and give me some tips how to come out from Jan 2020 positively? While there are lots of undercurrent, it seems that on the surface, everything remain the same to me. So, i am quite curious how I will be affected by this big trend. Thank you again for your help and time!

    • Quite right, January dictates the whole year so take your time (even if you are a Sun Aries, for example) and see how everything rolls from there. In 2020 you will reinvent yourself and relaunch yourself. New look. It may be your hair, face, teeth, wardrobe. It may be your title or role. We are also talking about reputation here. How you think people talk about you, or who you seem to be on Twitter, Google and so on. You reach a point of no return in January when you realise there are parts of your old self (your old look or image) you’d like to have back. It sends you forward.

    • Just in case my earlier reply didn’t go through (I am travelling) January sets up your career, status, success and position for the rest of 2020. You will see people losing their jobs; companies and departments merging; takeovers; new appointments; promotions. This is a game of musical chairs you have not seen in your adult life and you need to make your moves in January if you want to begin climbing to the top of your highest ambitions.

  10. Sun
    05° Pisces 11′ 49″
    27° Pisces 39′ 22″
    06° Pisces 33′ 39″ R
    28° Capricorn 01′ 22″
    28° Taurus 13′ 38″
    27° Aquarius 05′ 36″
    27° Gemini 47′ 46″ R
    27° Libra 32′ 24″ R
    09° Sagittarius 32′ 51″
    06° Libra 15′ 39″ R
    17° Aries 51′ 04″
    07° Aquarius 26′ 36″
    17° Libra 13′ 43″ R

    Hi Jessica thank you so much for this book I’m going to flag all those dates in diary.
    Would love any help re when to move house in May 2020 had so much traumatic moving of houses and I have a 4 year old. Your document said May – is that any time in May!

    And one other thing I’m so lost on the career front. When I was a child all I wanted was a career but despite lots of education it’s just been elusive. Any thoughts for 2020 on this. It’s so weird bc I always read my chart in placidus but u do zero Aries and in that system my sun is in the 12th house. Maybe this explains career. Maurice Fernandez says it’s good career wise to have stuff in 12th but I’m so confused! Hoping for something to change in terms of career 2020.

    Thanks so much again for all your articles – I love all the Brexit and Boris Johnson insights and it seems your predictions are coming true. Can’t wait to read your next article. Happy Holidays

    • Thank you and Merry Christmas. I’m glad you like 200 Secrets – I like the fact that Justin Tabari has designed three such great covers to choose from. Now, you have some karma to get through with your house/home situation. May brings the North Node back into patterns you have not seen for 19 years, and 19 years before that – and so on, back into the mists of time. The North Node is about karma, with family, neighbours, builders, live-in partners, tenants and anyone who affects your life at home. You have some debts and credits here and you need to work through the balance sheet, so to some extent you see fate at work from May 2020, into 2021 and into January 2022. You will find destiny takes over. This will be most obvious to you right on May, June 2020 when a situation with your home life is set up all around you. Your career is also karmic in nature. Same time-frame, too. You will be sent back 19 years, and 19 years before that and into prior existence. You have something to settle here, as your soul contract has been pretty strong in at least one life, maybe more, and you have landed back on the planet to ‘do’ the karmic and balance things out. This will be more obvious to you in November, December 2020. For illumination about this cycle do use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to work through. In one incarnation you had issues about words, language, communication, being heard – perhaps your voice, literacy, freedom of speech. Familiar themes around that will return in the second half of 2020 and 2021 and you’ll conquer it all.

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond – just so you know the value of your input – I keep reading re-reading this comment and have saved it onto my desktop!! It gives me incredible hope and more patience for the year ahead. I revere your psychic/intuitive wisdom. Very grateful xxx

  11. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your website! Everything runs smoothly and is well written. I always look forward to the daily, monthly and yearly predictions. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas!

  12. Hello Jessica,
    I have north node at 7 Capricorn and south at 7 Cancer. Chiron 23 Capricorn. Its right. Career, home and family are and have been issues for me. Also I’d love to move home. My property has been on and off the market over the last 3years and I’m still here. Do you think that Saturn may be the block?

    • You will be really pleased to know that the worst is over, in terms of this cycle, as Jupiter (solutions) switched to Capricorn in time for Christmas. it will not be until May 2020 that you really feel ‘that was then, this is now’ as you are still locked in some old karma. This karma goes back 19 years to the last Cancer-Capricorn Node cycle, and a further 19 years. In fact it goes right back to the end of World War Two, if you believe in past lives. So a lot of this with your family and home is soul contract stuff. It breaks in May 2020 and you are free, at last, to make new decisions about where to live, how to live and how to make the relatives work for you. In fact you are looking at shifts in the property market for flats, houses, home exchange, land and so on – if you want to get the most from the new cycle be prepared to look around the map from May 2020. I hope that helps.

      • Thank you Jessica,

        That’s relief. I’ve used four estate agents to try sell my property. May is a nice month.

        I’m trying to think back of anything significant during 2001, workwise yes but not on property.

        I do believe in past lives, and I have a deep passion for the U.K. coast, sea, river, Lighthouses, rocks, etc.
        Ha ha perhaps I was a Viking.

        Yes, as for family, who after many years, are newly around or in contact lately due to a couple of recent bereavements. There’s been much disharmony over the years. Things in some aspects seem to be in a better place at the moment.

        These blogs are brilliant and I do thank you very much for sharing your passion with all these extremely interesting topics.
        It’s so refreshing.
        Also a thank you to your seem for their input in making this happen.

        • Thank you so much. The family will sort itself out in May when that karmic cycle ends – and yes – perhaps you were a Viking. I will pass this message onto Alyas, Brooke, James, Justina and Kerry. Have a fantastic 2020.

  13. Hello Jessica, Happy New Year to you and your team.
    May your success continue.

    As premium member. Thank you for all the gifts, of astrology, horoscopes, oracles, tarots, factors, charts, etc. Truly appreciated.

    With regards to the 2020 Predictions.
    Though I’m Scorpio, whilst reading Cancer I see a point of note suggesting that there may have dealings with a C.E.O. or a fierce competitor, or biggest critic. I’m just wondering, is that referring to the sun Cancer only, or a Scorpio with Cancer factors, or other planetary placements with other aspects? with thanks and appreciation.

    • Thank you so much. I work with some incredibly talented people at Asporea and their gifts are behind your gifts! The Cancer prediction is for Sun Cancer people only. Yet, what you are feeling is the Capricorn weather in your Tenth House of career, work and business. January is intense. You are going to see massive changes all around. (As I write this, the Middle East, Wall Street and so on are going to start the domino effect). You will actually end up gaining from the reorganisation and reshuffles, either in your own work space or another one connected to yours. It starts, April.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Happy New Year! I am so optimistic and excited about what I read for Leo’s in the zone of partnerships. I’ve felt hopelessly stuck in this area for longer than I care to admit. I met a guy in the beginning of December 2019 that I thought had potential only to not hear from him again after the 25th. Is this person gone for good? Does Saturns presence mean more of feeling stuck?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • The answer to your question about him is children, babies, pregnancy. You don’t say if he is a father or not, or wants them or not. Do you? And do you have children? That is actually the deeper question here. With him, perhaps, or with another, you will make quite a momentous start near Christmas 2020. You only get Jupiter and Saturn in your partnership zone once every few decades. It’s important.

      • Thanks for responding Jessica. He is 8 years younger, never been married, and no kids. I don’t know if he wants kids or not. We never had that discussion because everything was so new.
        I have 2 kids (19 & 14) and don’t want to have more.
        Do I really have to wait until Christmas to start something new? I really hope that I don’t have to spend another year alone.

        • It is about your children. They had to come first and they have. It is likely he may not have wanted to become a stepfather. It is hard to say, as he is not asking the questions here and I don’t have his horoscope. But rest assured it was all about your life as a mother. You do not have to wait until Christmas to start a new relationship, but you have to wait until then to seriously commit. That’s a different thing! If you want to reconnect with him, you need to speak to him about your teenagers. And perhaps see how they feel about him.

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