Pamela's Tarot

Exclusive Edition – Pamela’s Tarot

The Tarot deck created by Pamela Colman Smith is the most popular kind of Tarot card pack in the world. In this guide, Pamela’s Tarot, you will find out more about the meaning of the cards, by discovering more about her.

The Tarot deck created by Pamela Colman Smith is the most popular kind of Tarot card pack in the world.

In this guide, Pamela’s Tarot, you will find out more about the meaning of the cards, by discovering more about her.

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14 thoughts on “Exclusive Edition – Pamela’s Tarot”

  1. Hello Jessica,
    Since from Nov there is a sudden change in my work profile, I have been given additional work and joined new team. I am feeling too much pressure with the new workload it’s getting difficult day by day . Also not sure if my new managers/ colleagues like my presence. I am also feeling very low energy with all these happening.


    • I am sorry to hear that Amaar, especially at Christmas when you should be having a holiday. You will find that January 2020 answers your questions as things reach a crossroads with your manager and colleagues. There will be changes ahead and you will know where you stand.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Thankyou for this christmas present. Tarot helped me with so many decisions in 2019. Its interesting that it took time to develop a relationship with the cards.

    When I asked about my love life (which has been non existent!!!) speceifically for the next 2-3 months I received these answers- 6 of cups clarified by death / minerva & 7th house/ the inner child. Can’t help but wonder is a past love comin back?!?! please help me make sense. Thank you.

    • Thank you. I’m glad you like it. Your love life in January, February and March is Minerva in the Seventh House. She is the goddess of wisdom, born fully-formed from her father Jupiter’s brain, and is always shown with an owl. Minerva is not associated with love, sex or marriage (though other goddesses are) so you are either being told to sign up for a course (where you could meet a date) or told to put education or academia, the professions or your business interests first until March – because Minerva was never really very interested in relationships.

  3. Thank you Jessica. Will do that :)

    Eagerly waiting for your lunar new year feature. Personally I have observed that energy changes significantly around aquarius new moon. It somehow hints to the tone of the year ahead and the themes to work upon whether or not these have been on my list or agenda. This has become more apparent after learning astrology. Thank you.

    • Thank you! I hope you have now picked up all your Premium Member journals, digital cards and guidebooks for 2020, which will give you a second and third opinion on the astrology, but also give you some specific dates through to 2021. This Aquarius New Moon is hugely important as it obviously precedes Ceres in Aquarius (from February 2020) and then the big change – Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius from December.

      • Yes I did!
        Can you please guide me for a launch date for my blog depending on my birth chart. Aquarius new moon or gemini new moon or sometime else? I dont mind waiting. Thank you.

        • Use the Aquarius New Moon and have beta-testing February, March – come up again in April. Use your 2020-2021 Journal (please print on 100% recycled paper if you can) to plan your year. Tip – Also download and read my guide to Life Sweeping, as starting with a space in your life is really useful. Maybe you’re already doing that…Happy New Year.

  4. Hello Jessica,
    Feliz Año Nuevo, as we say in Puerto Rico, to you. My motherland, has been feeling the earth shake and quake since Xmas Eve. The Island, resilient and still standing, like myself, has been, like the rest of humanity, through several weather topsy turvy’s. I can resonate on a personal level too. Thus as you know, as a Scorpio, we resurrect stronger and wiser. We never evolve from a place of comfort. But boy oh, boy, Jessica. This decade ended, is one for the books. I have a Taurean Moon at 4 degrees. and I am placing all bets on Uranus. What say you?
    It’s funny (not always), it wasn’t until I lost My left eye to a series of unusual circumstances, That I see life from the eye behind the eye.
    And while i remain hopeful for discovering new beauty in each new day, It is comforting to tap into Gurus like you to guide and inspire me along the way. Please continue to iluminate and empower us. Thank you Thank you

    • Marisel, thank you so much – waving from Sydney to Puerto Rico. You are experiencing the same cycle as we are, in a different way. I am calling January the month of ‘deconstruct to reconstruct’ and it is very true for your horoscope. Did you know that you are psychic? Your ability has increased as you lost your left eye. Are you sensitive to colour? I suggest you look at Aura Soma and the work of Vicky Wall, who was entirely blind. You are asking about your Taurus Moon. Uranus ‘on’ your Moon will radically change your approach to your life budget. This goes beyond money. It is about the things money cannot buy that are priceless and cannot be bought and sold. You will of course make actual financial changes, too, in 2020-2021, but it is the value you place on spiritual or soul values that is the biggest shift. You will feel quite free afterwards.

  5. Hello Jessica- I’ve been following your website since 2019. My life has been pulverized, shredded- and from the ashes, healing transformation and radical changes have occurred- just as you predicted. I honestly am worn out from going through so many life obstacles and ending with a heartbreaking divorce that has impacted my daughter’s future- not to mention my own. My intuition is opening up and I’m having dreams that I feel are messages. Can you please help me understand my chart in regards to 2020-2023 and my love, family, and career life. I feel like I am on a spiritual journey but I need some clearer understanding of why so much devastation around my family and love life. Am I ever going to have the privilege to have a loving husband and children? Will my daughter loose out on this as a result of my current divorce in progress? Thank you for your thoughtfulness and guidance.

    • I am so sorry about the divorce and the impact on you and your daughter. You would become more psychic in stress, as it’s the sixth sense that switches on when we have to survive. Your daughter will be okay, but you are both caught up in the karma cycle of the North Node in Cancer (family) which can only take place every 19 years. It stops in May. An awful lot will be completed and closed by May and you will find it easier to achieve some kind of balance with her and everyone else involved. These things are usually past life soul debts or soul agreements and between lives, we agree with each other to go through them. You are very stretched and stressed, and need to meditate to bring yourself back down. Try Tibetan gongs (free) on YouTube or a spoken word meditation you can do every day, maybe twice a day. You will begin a completely different life from Christmas this year and both you and your daughter will begin to see that friends can matter as much as family. That’s part of this lesson. And they will.

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