Tarot For The Month Of January 2020

In January 2020, we see strong new Capricorn weather (goals, ambitions, big ventures, authority, status). In fact, we have not seen this line-up of the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn in your adult lifetime.

Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top. We’ll see a lot of new deals, contracts, career appointments and promotions in January. The three Tarot cards chosen by our expert readers Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, Fiona Lensvelt and Kyra Oser point to a month of achievement for you, or those who are close to you.

If you have a question this Tarot Tuesday and would like a one-card reading, please leave it in Comments.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – The Star

My Tarot card for January 2020 is the beautiful, visionary Star card, a beacon of hope and recovery. Sometimes this card indicates   after illness or a spell of depression. This card strongly suggests you are turning, a corner in general, or else you will very soon. Interestingly, in Tropical western astrology the Major Arcana’s Star correlates with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, dating from about Jan 21- February 20, which could be suggesting that your highest points in January are likely to come later in the month. Meanwhile, the independent, creative Star child (you) needs to do things his or her own way, no following the crowd. Sometimes it’s a straddling act, but wish upon the Star, then act. Follow it and see where it leads. Lucky numbers 1, 7 and 17, The Star is a promise of new inspiration, ventures and endeavours. Trust to the promise of the morning star. Brighter, better times are not too far ahead.


You can read more from Katie here.



Fiona Lensvelt – The Emperor

Daddy’s back. There’s no surer way to set the agenda for the start of your year than with the arrival of the Emperor, who represents authority, power and status. Perhaps this is exactly who you need to channel to begin your year as you mean to: this father figure rules with his head, not his heart; he is strategic, goal-orientated and firm but fair. He is also a teacher and a leader: is someone turning to you for guidance? Embrace the best side of this card — and don’t let the power go to your head. 

Read more from Fiona at her website here.



Kyra Oser – The Chariot

The tarot card that rises to the top of the deck for January is The Chariot. The year is off to a fast start when The Chariot moves across the path of a new year. Expect lots of action in the news this month, including new developments in expedited yet environmentally friendly nautical transportation.

In your own life, The Chariot signifies external events that bring opportunities for change. The person riding the chariot has a wand instead of reins, which represents a need to visualise or imagine a desired destination before being able to reach your goal. In December, the card of  Temperance asked you to begin bringing your ideas into reality. In January, The Chariot accelerates any actions you took toward an objective last year by prompting you to keep moving forward with additional efforts.

Map your goals clearly prior to the journey, stay focused on the road, and have an idea of how you would like to feel upon reaching your destination. The details of your dreams may change along the way (and if you stay open, the outcome is often better than what we imagine for ourselves!), but as long as you connect to how you would like to feel in the future, The Chariot will guide you toward just the right circumstances that bring you to the emotional state you most desire.

Whether it is joy, love, peace, security, or some other emotion you’ve been hoping for, if you let go of how your external life needs to look, you’ll find this feeling becomes a mantra that leads you to exactly what you need at just the right time. We get more of what we focus on. The Chariot brings the focus.

You can read more from Kyra at her website here.


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82 thoughts on “Tarot For The Month Of January 2020”

  1. Hello Jessica and yes I would like to try the one-card reading, regarding finding work. My situation is dire. Thank you.

    • I am sorry you have a dire work situation. We have all been there and it can be very stressful. It will help to break up the stagnant and rather heavy atmosphere, if you begin to ‘just work’ and get out there, actually. This is not your career, this is something different. Making the wheels go round with effort, energy and money. So don’t attach too much to what you end up doing. The main thing is to end the waiting game, and also ease the massive importance you are placing on the ‘right’ position. That will come. In January, what you are going to see is a ton of departures, endings, resignations and so on – and from this will come the new chances. Gaps! So fill a gap. Maybe fill two at the same time. Do what other people don’t particularly want to do, but do it well and start the energy flowing in your life again, as well as a bit of money. Later on, you will find what you are looking for and it will involve a foreign person or culture.

  2. Wishes, power and action! Thank you for this Tarot Tuesday. I was hoping :) for a glimpse into the new year as I begin it with a stellium in Capricorn – knowing there is a full house in Capricorn I wonder how this will set up 2020. I ended 2019 with a new job and having exceeded my savings goal for the year – something I have never done. The momentum is moving and my heart is wanting to manifest more …travel, a beautiful family home (my mother may need to come live with me), creating multiple streams of revenue, opportunities to serve, spread love and healing, a beautiful daily routine that keeps my vibrant (finally kicking the smoking habit) and of course love (I think I may have found it with my 7/13/77 cancer). How should I be looking at this new chapter? Thank you Jessica – you are appreciated :)

    • Your mother is the key, here. You have the North Node of karma, past lives and soul contracts making its final intense pass in the zodiac sign of Cancer, which rules mums, moms and mommies, as well as the family and home. We find some really unforgettable transits in January-April and by May you will have made changes, as will she. There is no ‘perfect’ in this scenario, especially in terms of your life goals and ambitions, but there is certainly ‘creative solutions’ and that is exactly what will come. You two have been together before in different roles in at least one former life. And yes, you will give up smoking – she would encourage you.

      • Feels like I could have been her caretaker in a past life or maybe a companion – as I have over the course of my this lifetime assumed the same. I wonder if the karma in this lifetime will allow me to lean on her as a daughter would hope to be able to. Thank you again Jessica – I will do my best to stay present enough to recognize the creative solutions as they appear!

  3. Hey Jessica,
    Actually, ALL of these cards have meaning for me. I don’t know if you remember, but last month I told you I was going to move where my Dad lives and stay with him . I decided not to do that. In all honesty, he is doing great after his broken leg a few months ago. I was the one that was struggling. I was kind of using that as an excuse to run away from not dealing with my own insecurities /traumas that I hadn’t dealt with. I’m not doing that. I’m facing them. I am going to nursing school here. I am going to build a life here for the next 2 years, then go wherever I want. Anything you sense and see in my chart would be great. Hope I made the right decision. As always, grateful for your input, Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  4. HI Jessica, Thank you for your one card tarot reading. I have 3 stars in Capricorn; Moon at 11, Ops at 23 and Salicia at 24. I’m aware that big star alignments at 22 Capricorn are coming. I have an appointment with Chinese business man on the 21st. Will that be the day we sign up the contract? The details are not yet known. As I checked with Japanese calendar the good date for doing important thing is the 18th. So I asked him to put the official date to be 18th, January 2020. Is that date good in view of Tarot?

    • It’s a good date to talk, but do you really want to sign? I don’t use Japanese astrology – that is up to you. Try using The Astrology Oracle cards for confirmation on our date. Personally I would not proceed with a contract on January 21st. The world is far too unstable and you have no idea what is coming for China yet!

  5. Hi jessica, happy new year! Thanks for the first Tuesday tarot of the year. Can I have the privilege of one card reading for my work/career situation? I am trying to make myself independent and stable financially and career wise, but since when i started working, either i was terminated or laid off. While looking for next role, my career has got many unexplainable breaks. Can i ever get a long term career? When can my situation improve work wise?
    Many many Thanks.

    • Try to set aside the idea of a long-term career while we are still going through this intense Capricorn weather. None of this is personal to you, but the period 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 is very much about people at the top losing their positions, and that affects the whole of business, right down to small employers as well as the usual global brands. Instability and uncertainty about who/what is in charge goes on all year. You also have Uranus in Taurus (unpredictable income) as well as Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn (massive transformation in career) in 2020. Your best bet is to embrace self-employment, erratic employment, the ‘gig’ economy and to find out what is working for other people. Then, if something more permanent does arise, it’s a nice surprise. In the meantime you are covered. The very worst of this cycle is over at Christmas 2020 when at last Saturn goes for good! He is in and out of Capricorn all year, while we see this cycle slowly breaking.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the always great content. I ended 2019 with starting a new job abroad, very far from my homeland. Would like to try the one card reading regarding my love life/marriage potential?
    Been single by choice for the last few years. Libra with scorpio stellium.

    By the way, I also wanted to thank you for planting trees on mybehalf every Friday.

    • Thank you. As you will discover in April and May 2020, the new choices for love and sex are not the old choices! In fact, what or who makes sense to you in those two months, will have a big say in a much more experimental, adventurous, challenging and interesting approach to relationships, which will become a way of life in 2020, 2021. One of the learning experiences for you will be discovering that passion does not necessarily have to involve anything at all, about a mortgage, income strand, joint account, security, lifestyle and the rest. You may actually want to keep it separate from your emotional and sexual connections, actually – unless you like hard work!

  7. Happy New Year and Decade, Jessica!

    I’m hoping that I can glean some insight this Tarot Tuesday re: my career and finances. Where I once had a good rapport and working relationship with my boss (an Aquarius), it feels like it started going to hell in a hand basket starting this past May. It seems as though I can’t do anything right although I’ve had several candid conversations with her. At this time, I’m actively seeking a new job and ironically, since I’ve used the recent holidays to consult with my family re: this situation, the energy seems to have shifted. What challenges or barriers should I be on the lookout for? You’re predictions are always so spot on so I really value your insight into this situation.

    My Best!

    • Your Sun Aquarius boss has past life karma with you and other staff, colleagues or competitors and it ends in May. She does not sound as if she is clearing any of her soul debts and credits. If something relatively small seems extremely emotional to you (or has done, since May 2019 when the issues began) it is very likely a prior incarnation. You can thank the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn (in your Tenth House of career) for this, but May 2020 is absolutely the end of it all. You will either be in a new job by then, or embarking on a new life direction as a whole. It’s not too long to wait. I am sorry you have been put through this, but it ends up really well for you. Something to consider: retraining, updating skills or learning something very new – as from May 2020 (also) you have the Nodes going into Sagittarius and Gemini, the education and internet signs, and that suits your chart very well. It’s good through January 2022.

  8. Happy 2020, Jessica! And, you and Australia have been on my mind, our family’s minds, every day during this devastating climate crisis/fires. Our hearts are with you!
    I am just now weaning my way off of caring for my parents after almost 12 years. My Mom suffered 4 mini strokes back in 2008 and is steady, yet always 24/7 assist still, and my Dad’s Frontotemporal Lobe Dementia is on year 10 and is starting to take some obvious physical toll on him. I’ve been letting go off and on of the fear, grief, etc, and trying to leave the work to our team of caregivers, but it’s been hard to not have to help. We may be selling our family business (newspapers) and are selling my childhood home to gain the finances to hopefully get them 24/7 care in their home. I have finally made the tough but right decision to back off of caring for them day to day and just be their daughter again. I will never truly ‘leave them’ of course, and I have my own family who needs me, etc, but I’m an excited Aries who longs to move in a happier and creative direction, perhaps a whole new career. Was hoping to receive some direction as to which way I am heading and what I may look out for. Thank you for listening to me, Jessica! Much love to you!

    • Thank you very much. Here in Australia we need your support and thoughts, as evacuations continue – much appreciated. I am sorry you are going through this very difficult time with your parents. Your Mom needs constant care, and your Dad is going through dementia. You have definitely needed help. You are also thinking about selling the newspaper business, and the old family home, to pay for full care. You are also beginning to remember you are a person with her own life – an Aries ready for 2020. I heard the phrase ‘Randall Place’ clairaudiently as I shuffled the cards for you. Your Tarot card for January shows The Ace of Cups. There is a Christening ahead, or a rebirth which feels like being born again. Babies often turn up with this card, but we also see adults experiencing rebirth. There are some more clues in the card. Aquarius is shown, so there is a group of tremendous importance and potential. It may be a Buddhist meditation group, or an environmental organisation, for example. Perhaps – just like-minded friends. The dove holds a Communion wafer, so this is a card about religion and spiritual belief. The lotus flowers on the water suggest Buddhism. The Holy Communion is obviously Roman Catholic. The Tarot is symbolic, but I mention this because it can be literal sometimes. January brings a dramatic, refreshing, powerful fresh start. The letter M is upside-down on the cup, or it may be seen as W, depending on your perspective. The initials for the Church of England are also hidden – ACE of Cups (CE).

  9. Happy New Year, Jessica! I wish you happiness and I would like to thank you for your work and for the wonderful things you are offering through your website!
    I have a question for the Tarot – all last year I have worked very hard and have taken on more responsibilities. But no one seems to appreciat that, I mean not in tangible ways. I am wondering if there is any payment increase or some kind of promotion, or if it is the time to find a new job where I could be more appreciated for what I have to offer. Could you please offer the Tarot insight regarding this?
    Thank you so much in advance.

    • Thank you very much. Happy New Year. Your Tarot card for January is The High Priestess. A Major Arcana card – so January is a very important month. A woman blessed with a huge pearl of wisdom above her head, holds a scroll – this may be an academic qualification, a newspaper or old parchment. She is surrounded by pomegranate designs, suggesting Proserpina, the daughter of Ceres, who divided her time between her husband and her mother. This idea of division, or going between two poles, or two places, is shown by the columns. The black column shows the letter B and the grey column shows the letter J and they are facing each other. The Moon at the Priestess’s feet suggests the lunar cycle and in fact, in 2020 you will experience the Lunar Nodes in Sagittarius (study, teaching) and Gemini (the internet, publishing and publications). This is an epic month of choice for you. This is not just any old knowledge or wisdom! It is the kind that runs very deep. The Gemini glyph (II) is at the top of the card so that’s a very strong clue for you about a substantial Third House transit by the North Node in Gemini, starting in May. All hinted at now.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Wish you a very happy new year! Can I have a card read for my love and relationship this year? Frankly I am just getting out of an abusive relationship with a sexual predator. The mental bully has been very hurtful. According to your 2020 Pisces horoscope, it seems that I have some significant decisions to make. Should I keep my hope for a new (safe and mutually-supportive) relationship? Thank you in advance!


    • I am sorry you have been in an abusive relationship – that takes time to recover from – but you have time. Your January 2020 card is the VIII of Staves. A group of people with similar ideas and opinions, can either rapidly change direction and land in a safe place, or lose their momentum together, and collapse in a heap. This is typical of the Aquarius weather we are seeing from January onwards, as Ceres goes into the sign of groups, clubs, teams, Twitter, communities, bands, political parties, trade unions, fire brigades, armies and so on – as the month ends. Timing is everything and it may be easier for a couple of people within the group to join forces to turn things around. If not, this would be the end and people would start again. It’s a card which asks ‘Are you a pessimist or an optimist?’ The potential is there for something massive to grow between everybody in future, but there would need to be telepathic levels of co-operation, trust and tactics to time it right.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year! I would love a card reading if you have time. I have been looking forward to 2020, but such hope, but found this hope dulled a little by the 2020 prediction for Cancer – and the presence of an Aries, who once again demands that I jump through hoops. I had hoped this was over, after the relentlessness of the last 2 years, and I was on to different hoops. I do have quite a big Aries stellium myself, so I don’t really find Aries particularly intimidating, I am just ready to move on to new things, and I feel stuck. Any insights that might shift my focus?

  12. Happy new year Jessica. I would very much appreciate a one card read for 2020. Hope the year treats you well x

    • Your Tarot card for January is the IV of Coins. A person who is tightly holding one golden coin, representing finances, is making the Cancer zodiac sign shape. Above this person’s golden crown is a further golden coin – a financial brain is at work here. As if that wasn’t enough, both feet are placed on gold coins. In the background we see apartments, houses, office blocks, valuable buildings and all the signs of property investment. There are major questions here about spending versus saving. Being too ‘tight’ (holding on tightly) to money! Also the difference between cash and bricks/mortar. Tremendous questions about one’s values, life budget and the price tags hung on the things that money cannot buy. All these are classic signs of a North Node transit in Cancer, which ends in May, but also Uranus in Taurus, ongoing.

  13. Hi Jessica
    Been thinking about you a lot with the fires in Australia. Absolutely devastating; hope you and your loved ones are safe. The year has started so dramatically on a political scale – it’s terrifying; I want to shut everything out. However, I maintain your optimism that there will be a turning point this year globally and all this noise is signifying the end of an era.

    Please may I have a card on my home situation – prospects/potential to leave or stay?

    • Thank you so much. Spending the summer in Australia used to be lovely but Climate Emergency has made the whole country a crisis zone. Even if you know these things are coming, as an astrologer, it is still hard for us all to go through. We continue to evacuate! Okay, so your Tarot card for January 2020 is The Fool. You will leave. This is either a temporary getaway or a permanent relocation. However – big note of caution – don’t just take off. You are not on firm ground and cannot see it. I expect this is financial and may be related to the national or global economy in 2020. Sometimes a little fear or cowardice is handled by total denial and romantic optimism. Rather than go down that route, which is precarious, you need to stop and listen. Someone or something is warning you – not just me. Go back and start again. You can still relocate, temporarily or permanently, but you need to find the right path, at the right time, to get what you want.

  14. Hi Jessica

    I have Jupiter at 22 degrees cancer training Venus @ 22 degrees Virgo. Given the big alignments in 22 degree coming up triggering both moon & cancer can you please help me figure out how this will impact me re either my career/finances ( just applied for 2 roles) or love life.

    An earlier article suggested that with Jupiter now in Capricorn oppositions to cancer planets are a good thing but here we have Saturn, Pluto (the not so good planets) in opposition to my Jupiter which the triggers my Venus as well. Please do help me understand!!!

    P.S I was late to sign up for the 2020 forum ( i was part of 2019) – is there any chance you could squeeze me in pretty please??

    Have a fantastic new year & thanks in advance

    • The Capricorn-Cancer patterns of January 2020 are mixed. What you are seeing is a combination of critical crossroads and massive opportunity. I just gave a talk on this in Sydney. January is about deconstructing to reconstruct. The charts for 2020 sold out in a few hours, so unfortunately I can’t offer you a cancellation, but the 2021 reports will go on sale at the end of 2020, to Premium Members. Watch your Newsletter. Your January Tarot card is the VIII of Cups. The card shows an eclipse and in fact Pamela Colman Smith experienced an eclipse in 1909 when she illustrated this card. We are also seeing a Full Moon across the Cancer-Capricorn axis, in a year of eclipses – in January. These cards are telling you the timing is now. Basically, this is a sabbatical or retreat, away from friendships, relationships, work relationships or family ties which are not enough. There is a sense of emptiness here, or perhaps tainted connections. There needs to be a period of solitude so that a decision can be made to return (with a new perspective) and to begin again, away from the eclipse weather – or maybe to never come back. This is the card that says ‘I’ve had enough, I’m going away for a while’ or a total disconnect with email, Twitter, the telephone, the post and so on. Only individual choice will reveal if there is to be a return, or a permanent departure. Yet, on return, in a different light, it would be possible to see that these people are solid gold.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year! Thanks for this Tarot reading. I would love an individual card reading, if you have time. I have been reading your 2020 predictions, and have been looking forward to this new year, with many changes and evolutions, hopefully. Although I am not keen to hear that there is the possibility of more challenging/bossy ‘Aries’ type influences for me. Even though I have an Aries stellium myself, and I am quite comfortable with that, I was hoping for a reprieve from jumping through hoops. I feel stuck. Can you provide any insights?

    • Thank you Din P. Your Tarot card for January 2020 is the VII of Staves. A person who is furiously trying to attack or defend, with a group all around, needs to get on firm ground in order to do so. Otherwise the situation is all over the place, disorganised, and wastes time and energy. Anyone trying to defend or attack ideas, opinions, projects, plans – must have both feet on the ground. At the moment this person does not really have a firm leg to stand on and that inhibits any positive outcomes. The irony is, both this person and the group are so similar in terms of their views. So why the rift or distance? That’s one question. Another one is about the geographical location of all concerned. This may be taking place between towns, cities, regions or countries. There is anger here. Heat. Also a little fear or cowardice. The best possible outcome is sensible discussion, good communication and balance. Bizarrely, people sometimes leap across the great divide of intellectual differences, in order to get on board with the very people who were once involved in the face-off! Lots of choices here.

      • Thanks Jessica. Very insightful. I’ll have to think about who is who depicted in the cards’ scenario. I’m very confused at the moment, and very much not in control of a lot of things. I’m open to discussions and all ideas, even tough decisions, but I’m dealing with very entrenched views/habits that it is someone elses decision to depart from – or not.
        Thank You so much!

  16. Happy new year Jessica and thanks to everyone involved for this Tarot reading. I am anxious with the very strained relationship with my neighbour which affects me almost daily and also the fact that my husband is just about to sign within the next week what could be the biggest contract of our business lives. He however has a Jupiter Uranus conjunction at 22 and 23 Cancer which will be picked up by the eclipse this Friday and then opposed by the Saturn Pluto conjunction pretty soon after that. Any advice you could give me from the Tarot would be gratefully appreciated.

    • Your Tarot card for January is the Knight of Wands. (And Happy New Year from all of us – thank you). A man in a hurry with the fire signs Aries, Sagittarius, Leo prominent in his horoscope, is off and running with a promising idea. This plan or project is obviously just starting to grow but must be put in the right place. At the moment this man is on the move, for precisely that reason. He needs to find the right home for the concept. There is Sagittarius here – and in fact 2020 is a heavily Sagittarius year, which is very much about export, regional or foreign options and ‘the quest.’ There is fire pouring from this man’s helmet and a tremendous feeling of energy and force. Tally ho and giddy up. If nurtured, this idea will grow and grow. I suspect this is your husband or another man ready to strike a deal. Remove energy from the situation with your neighbour as you are both cording each other. Look this up online – how to get rid of energetic cords connecting the chakras and auras of two people at loggerheads.

    • Your Tarot card for January is the Ace of Wands. A big, brilliant idea with tremendous potential needs to be perfectly timed and planted in the right place. If it is left as mere potential it will not last. In fact it may come to nothing and wither on the vine. There is a really promising location for this, within view, so this concept or brainwave must be firmly established in the correct location, likely a specific business, house, company, apartment or organisation. From there it should be nurtured and attended to, so it can grow (and grow) in 2020.

  17. Happy New Year Jessica!

    I took advantage of the Jupiter in Scorpio transit a few years ago and made a lot of money that year. Unfortunately, I also made impulsive investment decisions that year and am now trying to unravel them.
    First stop, sell an underperforming apartment and clear its mortgage.
    Am I on the right path with this strategy?

    Thanks so much.

    • Your Tarot card for January is Strength. A lion in need of healing and help, is attended to by an angel or ‘human angel.’ This may be a spirit guide, dentist, doctor, surgeon, healer or therapist. The lion often shows the zodiac sign of Leo. It takes great courage to ‘fix’ any person or animal so strong, fierce, potentially dangerous! Yet, there is so much vulnerability and neediness here, that it can help to understand nothing and nobody is really that intimidating, that immediate aid can’t be given. There is also Virgo in this card. In the background we can see a mountain, which is Capricorn – the vast mountain of ambition, professionally and in terms of social rank and status. But the main story is a big healing process.

  18. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for your tarot Tuesday’s! Could I please get a one card reading? Ii feel, yet again, that I’m on the verge of being promoted. Are they still dangling a carrot?

    • Your Tarot card for January is the VIII of Swords. A dark-haired woman, blindfolded, is tied up and surrounded by swords. In the distance, a castle on a cliff can be seen. She is caught at low tide. This card is there to be worked with. This woman has been under attack, or threatened, probably by men. The swords are phallic symbols. Sometimes women can do the attacking or criticism, the threatening or ‘surrounding’ – but if so they would be aggressive. Escape and freedom are possible in January, but it’s a psychological process. Use who/what has been so nerve-wracking and difficult, to cut the ties that bind. The restrictions or limitations are all in the mind. Once this woman has broken free, she can remove her blindfold and see. Once she can see, she can use the moment, to make her way to the castle, which holds all sorts of potential!

  19. Hi!
    I want to know if I will have better financial stability this year. I have a great job that I love but for some reason I struggle every month! I find that My life is otherwise good. Also waiting to get married!
    My forecast indicates I will have a great year so I am excited about that!
    11-Jan-1981, 19:43 (31.7618778,-106.4850217)

    • Your Tarot card for January is The Fool. A traveller and explorer stands on the edge of the cliff, ready for a big adventure. An important adventure. Yet, this person is on shaky ground and needs to focus, come back down to earth, get real and be sensible. There is nothing wrong with packing one’s bags and going off in search of new territory, but there have to be precautions. An alternative route is a better idea. Look before you leap, and all that. The white dog barking at The Fool’s heels is symbolic of a warning. We are seeing strong Sagittarius and Ninth House patterns in January 2020 and particularly from May 2020 when the South Node goes into that sign. I heard ‘Singapore’ clairaudiently. Look up Ninth House on Search too.

  20. Hi Jessica and happy new year! I would love a one card reading concerning my adult children, both young women. Last year was so hard for them, one undergoing fertility treatment and the other changing career and moving back home after a marriage break up. Thank you for all your hard work and help!

    • Your Tarot card for January is the King of Swords. A tough man, living with depression, has the power to ‘axe’ situations, or severely chop and change other people’s lives. Two birds fly off in the background, representing a departing couple. His throne shows two lovers, and Psyche, a symbol of Cupid and Psyche, whose love lasted forever. There are two sides of the family tree here, shown by two trees, left and right. Both need to be nurtured. This is either the sexual partner of the woman having IVF, or the divorcing woman’s former husband. It’s hard to say as you have given me two people to read for, but you will know which daughter this concerns. This man is strong, assertive to the point of being aggressive, very aware of his marital status (he has a prominent wedding ring) and needs to be the number one priority in January. Why? Because if you can negotiate with him, and get what you want and need from him, everything else becomes possible. You would need a strategy. A game plan.

  21. Hi Jessica

    I’m starting a new job next Monday. It’s going to be a challenging one and somehow I’m not very excited to start. Perhaps because I feel no stable grounds beneath my feet in all areas of my life. Lots of changes in the air which I’m not particularly comfortable with. This cards are giving me some hope. What do you think I shall expect? Personal and professional life pls.

    Thank you x

    • Your Tarot card for January is the Ten of Coins. An old man looks on, as a younger woman, with a second person, discusses something important – the money? The apartment? The house? A child and two dogs also feature, which ten gold coins spin in the air. This is classically a picture of three generations and a family inheritance, will or legacy. Sometimes the need to pay for senior members of the family and their care, or an older and more established person funds the children, or grandchildren (or similar – godchildren, for example). The animals matter – the dogs may be literally dogs, or symbolic of animal companions. This looks rather like Uranus in Taurus, transiting your chart in January too. The financial, business, charity or property situation is abundant but not organised. There needs to be a proper allocation or division.

  22. Happy New Year, Jessica
    I am so sorry to see the terrible fires in Aus right now. I hope you and your nearest and dearest are okay.
    The cards sound promising. Can you tell me what my card says regarding a fresh start for me please.
    Oh, I was away and missed the slot for personal horoscopes. Will there be another opening at any point?

    • Thank you. I have friends evacuated, unfortunately, and Australia will no doubt see more. 2021 Reports will be available at the end of this year, and only to Premium Members. Your Tarot card for January is the Page of Wands. Budding ideas, on paper or on the computer, are a lovely thing. They also need to be planted in the right place. The project or plan has huge potential but the location is wrong. Transport this, give it what it needs to thrive, and all things are possible. That is the message for you, or someone who is very important to you. No point in admiring the potential – do it!

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I would love a one card reading on this eclipse moon date. I am finding myself becoming increasingly frustrated and angry about the perceived apathy of our govt to make the necessary changes to my home, my country. Cancer all the way.. I have always tried to remain apolitical and objective to both sides of a coin, yet the stances as a consequence of the fires … well what can I say!

    I am fortunate to be meeting up with some influential minds at the end of May in Byron Bay. This will be a collective gathered to drive the ambitions of the Aust people forward.
    I would love to know what I may be missing here? What do i need to pay heed to, what can I let fall away to the keeper? Is this even the right battle to fight?
    I can feel momentum building yet I am unclear on its direction.

    Many thanks!

    • I won’t read about the eclipse itself, because it’s best avoided. Eclipses are always cover-up jobs or blind spots, you see…Yet January 2020 as a whole is about your plans for May. Your timing is perfect as in May, we see something that has not happened for 19 years, and that is the end of the North Node of karma in Cancer, the sign ruling your home town, local area and your country. The catastrophe in Australia is about Capricorn (the Prime Minister, Premiers and CEO figures) versus Cancer (families, home owners, passionate patriots). It is significant that it is the kangaroo and emu on The Australian coat of arms who are worst affected by the climate emergency fires. Anyway – you know all about the Cancer-Capricorn tug of war, because you are seeing it. It stops in May when your meeting begins. Long before that you will come to see how people power, between very different and independent individuals, is going to transform your lives and also the country – and the world. What will really strike you about the people power is that it’s old, young, white, non-white, rich, poor and also what we’d call ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ politically. So that is new! You are completely on the right track and will draw closer to someone else who is even angrier than you are, but together your friendship will help drive at least one campaign, likely more.

  24. Hello Jessica and have a lovely new year!
    I am very concerned with almost everything involving climate change, refugee crisis, war around the mid East..and I am not the only one of course. I live in Greece and today is my birthday however i am not in a party mood at all. I decided to gather and give some clothes to a close friend to donate them to refugees. The least thing I can offer. I feel a certain relief already though there is a permanent anxiety whenever i read the news or switch on my TV.
    Could I please have a read for 2020?I hope the world will experience brighter days..
    I am deeply thankful

    • You too – have a really good, solid year ahead in Greece. January 2020 is the month of deconstruction ahead of reconstruction. By that, I mean, we have 31 days of endings, ahead of new beginnings. Also, apart from what/who ends, we also have transformation. You are in the zone, along with whole countries, affected by climate emergency, the Trump-Iran crisis and so on. What you are seeing in January 2020 is the ‘taking apart and putting back together’ phase of your life, with one specific plan, project, situation, relationship or organisation. You might think of this as an edit. Anybody or anything which you feel has taken over, will be cut back or cut out. From this comes something much better. In fact, it is the start of something really amazing, as you will see in April, with the final outcome in November. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn will change your life.

  25. Happy New Year Jessica..As you predicted last summer I got great results and passed my exams for electrician..Im 4th yr now..You were correct on your Scorpio prediction last month..Father Christmas came late and I had to work nearly a full week of evenings..unexpectedly…and earned my spending money for New York holiday next Monday,which I booked for myself and Pisces girlfriend on a spur of the moment..which I’m excited about..but nervous of this month,court case 28th Jan,..You mentioned last year before any of this happened a strong woman would help me. My solicitor is a woman…what does January hold for me…Thanks Jessica

    • Congratulations and I am glad the prediction came true for you. Yes, the strong woman is your solicitor. January is about endings which turn into new beginnings later. It’s about firmly cutting out who/what from your past is no longer required, but recycling the rest. Keeping what was and converting it. Your court case on 28th January will be so much easier because of your solicitor. If it is finalised by February that’s good. If it is still rolling in February allow for Mercury Retrograde please, until the first half of March – when situations go backwards and forwards.

  26. Dear Jessica,
    May it be possible to draw a card for me to help me with a decision to either apply for an early pension or to attend a work meeting based on fitness?
    Thank you for your guidance and hope to hear from you soon.
    Take care,
    Kindest regards,

  27. Hi Jessica, Jupiter will conjunct my natal Saturn in Capricorn very soon. Could you pull a card for me on what to expect. Thank you for all your informative articles. I’m always learning on your site!

    • Thank you TG. Jupiter conjunct your natal Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House is about an opportunity not possible in 12 years, to repair damage done from the past, in terms of your career, unpaid work, university/college degree and social position. To be born with Saturn in the Tenth House is to have a very good reason to be self-protective, extremely cautious and ‘realistic’ about success, status, ambition, position and mission. This usually comes from being in the school of hard knocks. You have found ways to build walls and to create defensive barriers. What is about to happen, in The Tarot, is The Hermit ‘helped’ to unfreeze, warm up, relax, open up and receive healing. A therapeutic new event in your life, or a helpful new person or organisation, is on the way. This will do an enormous amount to fix issues and obstacles for you, and a very different sort of success and achievement is coming. It will feel real, true and deep. In fact, you will remember 2020 for a long time, thanks to Jupiter in Capricorn.

  28. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for all you interesting articles. I’m learning so much. I was hoping you would help me with a question I have. I was served legal papers on Sunday. Something I thought was already taken care of has resurfaced. From my divorce. I am really upset. I can’t sleep,eat. I’ve been crying ever since. Can you please give me some guidance ? Will it be ok?
    Thank you for your time

    • I am really sorry about the legal papers, the divorce and your grief. Please go and see your doctor if you are still not sleeping or eating properly by Wednesday (tomorrow). The Queen of Pentacles is the card I have drawn for you, E. This card shows a woman with a crown, sitting peacefully on a throne, examining a large lump sum of money she holds in her hands. A rabbit is hidden in the right-hand corner of the illustration. She has Capricorn the Goat and Aries the Ram carved into her throne. Also the head of a baby, representing a child who is now grown up, or a pregnancy which never came to pass. In the background we see another reference to Capricorn the mountain goat – a symbol of ambition, social position, stability, security, social convention and a great need to climb to the top, and stay there. This woman has dark hair, and overhead, there are red roses. She could do so much with the money. Plant more trees. Build a house. Move, and buy a home elsewhere. Drive an ambition (like a work or charity project). The rabbit is often a symbol of sex, though it may mean something quite different to you. I suggest you find ‘Queen of Pentacles’ on Google Image Search and look at the illustration created by Pamela Colman Smith for extra insight. Will you be okay? Financially, yes. Also psychologically. If you are the Queen of Pentacles, and she is you – then you are sitting pretty.

  29. Hello and Happy New Year Jessica

    Thank you, would love for you to pull a card for me; for my sense of self and my heart moving forward. It seems I didnt make the right choice late last year. I was so sure, and genuinely saw a future, overseas with this man. But it seems my judgement, and my vision are waaaay off.
    Thank you!

    • Do you mean, you read the Tarot for yourself in 2019 and was wrong about a future overseas with a man? The Tarot is saying that the larger issue here is ‘overseas’ and moving abroad. You will see why between May 2020 and January 2022, when the chance to do just that arises. You could say no, to this substantial journey or relocation – of course.

  30. Happy new year Jessica. What key themes do you see in my chart this year? After a tempestuous decade, I feel a sense of calm in my life but excited to hear what you see. Many thanks as always.

    • You have a couple of things going on in 2020. One of them is the ‘beginning of the end’ for yourself or people around you, with jobs, roles, responsibilities and rights. It’s a massive game of musical chairs and it ends 31st January. At the same time, as you see everyone being moved down, out, up and sideways – you adjust and adapt. Old systems and set-ups (old structures) which were basically holding together in 2018, 2019 are now revealed as quite wrong for the new potential! You have become so used to the idea of him (over there) and her (over here) and them (in their place) that getting used to the new world will take time. Yet, it is already happening. I would call this a life reshape, for about one-quarter to one-half of your whole existence. By May 2020 you realise that it’s a new life budget, actually.You will figure out the cost of things quite differently.

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your reply.

    No, I don’t read for myself, I’m no expert! It was something you wrote to me in the Scorpio forum (below), which resonated with me so strongly, that the choice to be with this particular man seemed clear as day in late November; so I went for it! But we parted ways a few days ago, and I am devasta; and questioning my judgement and my instincts.

    Thus the question re my heart and my sense of self moving forward.

    “Bethanie, it may surprise you to know that the whole point of this smorgasbord of men is to learn the language, culture and to make connections that enable you to spend a long time in a foreign place – or even emigrate. You actually do need to choose! You will do so in the final week of November when the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius affects one of these men, at the same time it hits you. The offer is irresistible. You were always born to be in this place karmically and will see why when you stay/move by the year 2022, as the Node also goes into Sagittarius. This is your past life calling. Of course you can always say no. I think you will say yes…”

    Thank you,

    • Okay, just to repeat – it’s not so much the man, it’s the ultimate outcome of relationships (as a whole) in 2020, 2021, early 2022. The passion or the love takes you on a guided tour towards a destination, trip, relocation, culture, nationality that is meant for you. And if not with him, with another. I am so sorry you went for it with him, then parted, but try to trust the bigger process, Bethanie, which is in your future – the cycle of the Node in Sagittarius does not begin until May 2020 so you were rather early pursuing this man, but by 2021 the cycle will be in full swing and desire and geography will meet in the middle for you. Until then you are smart enough to know life goes on and this is not the whole story of your world at the moment! You have other things to get on and people to see. And you are.

  32. Hello Jessica,
    I really hope you have a moment to see and give me feedback on job front as this is very difficult times for the company I am working for and I have this internal intuition to immediately find a new job and I am starting send resumes and seriously look for a job. I would like to try the one-card reading, regarding my job and finding better job or finding second job to help my finance. Hope you see for me a new developments. Love I am not asking for as I feel it will never happen for me. Thank you.

    • Good idea to start looking for new roles, in January 2020. Part-time or full-time, or perhaps combinations of part-time and unpaid, if that draws you. Even if you stay where you are, you will have had some great experience testing yourself in the market, met new people, made new contacts and put your name out there. What we are seeing with the Tarot and your astrology is 2020 as a change year with your budget and also with your priorities – in terms of putting a price on things money cannot buy. January is a really good time to start thinking about all that, and to experiment with different ideas about working/making a living/pricing what cannot be tagged (like freedom, integrity, independence and so on!) The key word for you is ‘Lifestyle’ and not so much work or money. Try to make your lifestyle your priority and yes, start seeing what is possible for you.

  33. Hi Jessica
    Please reassure me that a major decision I made on January 9th explode day wasn’t foolish. I have been looking for over 2 years to purchase a property and randomly found a “perfect place” in Mullumbimby.The place felt right and suddenly I knew this is where I wanted to be.
    I offered a low price expecting to up the offer, but it was accepted.
    I know that eclipses can conceal but they also have the power to push you on to the right path. It feels like the right decision.
    Do you think I need to worry?

    Thank you

    • Okay, so January 9th 2020 we find the Moon at 20 Cancer, opposite the Sun at 20 Capricorn, caught in an eclipse. As you know, Baroona, an eclipse conceals it never reveals. It leaves us flying blind, unaware and not seeing/not knowing – often for years. It does put us on a particular path, if we follow at that point. I completely understand why you offered a low price and had it accepted – after two years of looking for a home, you found your perfect place in Mullumbimby. You were born with Jupiter (protection, blessings) at 20 Sagittarius in the Ninth House, which describes journeys, relocation, emigration, foreign and regional differences. Jupiter was perfectly trine Uranus (constant change) at 20 Leo, the sign we associate with the next generation and your relationship with them – and the generation after that. Relationships, too, if they bring younger generations in! Okay, so there are things about the physical land – the ground beneath your feet – the town itself (which I happen to know) and the region that you are utterly unaware of. At some point there will be a reveal. We are in Climate Emergency so the issues could be anything from water supply to the physical state of the land, the plants, trees and so on. I feel this isn’t so much the four walls and roof, it’s really the landscape or the council/government plans for the area. Are you across that? Have you research that? Moving right alone – 2020 would feel like a victory for you, regarding this home, and you would be sitting pretty, riding high on your Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is one of the very few eclipses where you can actually feel like a winner, just because Jupiter trine Uranus is considered to be a stunning aspect – particularly for the wanderers, explorers, ideas people and seekers. You are a natural fit for this, and the property has turned up. This is about so much more than a move. You will bring your projects, plans and brainwaves into the town and area, and find like-minded people around you to be your fellow travellers. Just be aware that at some point, likely when the South Node goes over your Jupiter in Sagittarius (by January 2022) you will have to find out what lies beneath and deal with it. It will be quite the ‘reveal’ but it is nothing you cannot sort out. I wish you every happiness in your new journey!

  34. Hi Jessica. Happy New year! I am asking about my nephew today. He has struggled with a particular cancer since being15 yrs old. It has now come back again after beating it twice just has he has got engaged and bought a house. He was born on the 30th of August 1992. I understand if you feel you can’t comment but is there any encouragement in the fact that they have picked it up so quickly. Thanks for all your blogs and horoscopes, they keep me optimistic.

    • Your poor nephew. I am so sorry he has been living with cancer, and as his aunt you are obviously very worried for him, Jen. The body, mind and spirit connection is ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House. He was born with the Sun in Virgo, quite possibly the Moon in Virgo (depending on his birth time), Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Virgo – so that is a stellium. An unusually high cluster of factors in just one sign, in one house, which is about the massive difference the body makes, to the life as a whole. It is also about the tiniest things (pills) which create the largest changes, not only to the whole constitution, but also to the way you live your life. The cycles he is going through now involve oppositions with Neptune, but trines from Pluto, Saturn and the South Node, so in plain English – it is now or never. He actually needs to look at himself holistically, so understanding that the lifestyle he has, the work he does (his job is tremendously important in all of this, as Virgo rules work), the housework or gardening, the role he plays in any unpaid work situation – is all part of the whole. This would go way, way back actually into his childhood and early adolescence. About 15 years old, is when you start thinking about what you are going to do when you grow up. And along comes cancer. His chart is not unlike Prince Harry’s. In 2020 the time has come to focus on the money, the money, the money! He is in a very good position financially this year, as some old, good karma comes his way, thanks to the South Node going into his Fourth House of property and money. As you say, he’s just bought a house (Harry has been given a private income stream from his father). This is up to him, and not to me as an astrologer, but if this was me, I would let go of the money, lose my attachment to money and security – actually – and walk. This would allow me to be far more proactive about the cancer and also much more independent. Liberated. This is tied to his house but the property situation in general, all around him. On a physical level, he needs to pursue anything that will unlock him and unblock him. Yoga would be perfect. Swimming would be good. I’ll leave this with you.

  35. Hi Ms. Adams, i would
    Like a one card reading about my parenthood potential/potential partner relationship please.

    • Your Tarot card is the King of Cups. A man who is strongly Aquarius and Pisces, and also has Neptune emphasised in his astrological chart, either natally or by transit. (Neptune is in Pisces in 2020). He has something precious to give, emotionally or sexually. He is also so far removed from the real world that you will need to join him. He will not come to join you. You will have to make a huge shift in your own world, leaving your reality to become part of his. And he does not live in the normal real world at all. He could only ever become a proper husband or boyfriend, a father and partner, if he was to give up his existence of floating through life, inhabiting his own little world, and physically shift to join you. So he’s an option for you, but it would take a huge leap from you, and then a huge leap from him, to make it work. Perhaps you are up for that. There are other choices, sexually and romantically, but he is the most obvious choice from where I’m sitting.

    • Yes, Spot on- He is Pisces (Sag moon) through and through, and also yes, he is not of this reality. I will join him in his “reality” as soon as I figure out how. Thank you very much for this! :)

  36. Hi,
    I have recently given up a career and am about to start a new job, but I don’t know if this is the right decision. I would like to know if I should go back to my old career or move on with the new one.

    • You are doing this on Mercury Retrograde, which just began and lasts until the final days of March. There will be a lot of to-and-fro in your mind while this goes on, so be patient with yourself. I don’t think too many astrologers would advise you to make a drastic move like this when Mercury (information, contracts, paperwork) is behaving so oddly. Can you wait to make your big choice? Part of the issue for you was/is the people, rather than the actual position, and you need to get to know the people you will be working with…even just a little.

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