Home Astrology and Tarot Workshop Podcast

This is a podcast of the four special Astrology and Tarot events held around Australia in Summer 2020, exclusively for you as a Premium Member. It gives you examples, diary dates and all the information you need to read your own past, present and potential future.

Astrology and Tarot at Home – Workshop Podcast

Your Astrology and Tarot Home Workshop for 2020-2021 offers you a 20-minute podcast and all the information, examples and diary dates you need to create your own reading for the months or years ahead.

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9 thoughts on “Home Astrology and Tarot Workshop Podcast”

  1. Jessica!
    This was powerful! Thank you!
    I drew the cards as follows:
    Past (the last 3 years 2017-19): Judgement> So true. Everything crumbled but alongside began a powerful resurrection which is in process till date.
    Present: Six of Pentacles> Receiving a lot of support emotionally, spiritually and financially.
    Future: Four of Wands.
    Beginning of the end: Judgement> feeling my skin after a long time and coming home (metaphorically). Also seeing a potential for a career stream to resurrect.
    Beginning of the beginning: Wheel of fortune.
    I am curious about the 4 of wands and wheel of fortune card. Please pass on your insights and wisdom.
    Thank you again :)

    • Thank you, I am glad you were able to do this at home. It is a very powerful workshop, as we discovered when we tried these techniques in Australia and also Britain. The Four of Wands (or Four of Staves) and also the Wheel of Fortune can be decoded in your new guide, Pamela’s Tarot, which you can either download to read on screen, or you can print on 100% recycled paper and have bound (tree-free is best for all of us!) I can expand on the Wheel of Fortune in terms of your birth chart. You can see you have Fortuna there – the asteroid which is all about the randomness of life. Well, the Aquarius weather will trigger your Fortuna position, but Fortuna passing through will also affect you. The ‘beginning of the beginning’ which started just this weekend, is about ‘every high is a low, in the making – and every low is a high in the making.’ When you look at the card you will see it’s really a group of four people. Within this circle, community, friendship network or similar, there is a spinning, random, quality to life in 2020-2021 so you need to keep your sense of humour and be philosophical about it. Within the actual group there will be ups and downs, highs and lows. Hit ‘Fortuna’ on Search to find out more.

  2. Hi Jessica, what cards should I look at, my house has been on the market since October and I am desperate to sell, I guess like MM I want to go to family in WA Australia, thanks Sandi

    • You can choose just one card, to see where you are now – and what is possible. Use your 2020-2021 Astrology Journal as well. This will guide you in terms of your money, house, family, Sandi.

  3. Thanks Jessica! I am aware of the 19 degree pattern in my chart. Pluto’s trine to Apollo did bring leaders into my life (seems like a reward for not putting up with plutonian types) and now balancing both the sides with honesty and integrity is my duty.

    Interestingly, in my culture, the particular setup of 4 staves is used inside which the couple is married by a priest. Can this mean marriage? Even though I am happily single! Both saturn and jupiter are about to go into my solar 4th house.

  4. Hi Jessica
    Can you recommend beginner level sources/ resources for learning about the chakras and chakra meditations?
    Thank you.

    • There is someone, oddly, with my name (Jessica Adams) who has written a book on chakras. I’d love to know who she is. There isn’t much information about her. I think the expert on chakras is Linda Williamson, known as the medium’s medium. She read for John Edward, who was astonished by her. I love her work. She is a classic British medium, very experienced and very low-key and modest. Do have a look at her books.

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