Tarot For The Month Of February 2020

This month, our three professional Tarot experts drew the Six of Swords, the Eight of Pentacles and Seven of Cups. Their vision of the future ties in with the astrology in February 2020.

We have a change of season. The very tough Capricorn weather of December and January is giving way to Aquarius weather. This is a turning point. It’s time to be practical and use the change…

This month, our three professional Tarot experts drew the Six of Swords, the Eight of Pentacles and Seven of Cups. Their vision of the future ties in with the astrology in February 2020.

If you have a question this Tarot Tuesday and would like a one-card reading, please leave it in Comments.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – Six of Swords

This card is associated with Mercury in Aquarius, a time for making great mental leaps based on a logical, impersonal assessment of a situation, keeping your feelings out of it, but finding solutions which are not necessarily orthodox, but maybe even quirky or unexpected.

Key dates associated with this card are January 30th and also the 8th of February, 2020.

In Public Life – the United Kingdom

Here in the UK, this card may be reflecting the official date for the UK leaving the EU, entering the transitioning process, charting a new course.

For many, there is grief attached to this decision, while for others it reflects a momentous escape and a chance to reclaim control of the helm, and while there can be no guarantees, this card has been drawn upright and not reversed, which indicates better times to come, though not without a cost.

The Six of Swords may also be reflecting the recent announcement of the proposed departure overseas of Harry and Meghan, Duke and Countess of Sussex.

The roots of this story are deep and go way back. The nation as a whole is expressing mixed feelings about this development; some indifferent, many rather sad, others angry and disappointed.

Elsewhere this card indicates charting a course away from problems or even danger, as with the recent Iran-US crisis. This card indicates that while the problems at the heart of this tension continue, the military situation does not seem likely to escalate further in the near future. But many are left in grief, and this card reflects the funeral obsequies of those who perished in the plane crash and also in the series of events leading up to this tragedy.

Our friends in Australia are currently in a situation of acute distress, and will be reckoning the costs, planning how best to go forward, mitigating the ever present risks of bush fires. This card seems to suggest some new irrigation system.

This card suggests rain in February, in the east and possibly the north, but it may need another six weeks before it can be declared that the present emergency is now over. It may be sooner of course. As ever, only time will tell. The Tarot is merely an indicator of the possibilities detected by the reader at the time of doing the reading.

On a Personal Level – Your Reading for February

The Six of Swords suggests you may have been in mourning, or contending with certain problems for a long time but by keeping calm, and staying in communication, not ‘rocking the boat’- smoothly does it; you may well notice improvements during February.

If personal relationships have been rocky, there is still something of profound value that keeps you together, and again, matters may improve this coming month.

This card often denotes a new line of research or study, including distance learning. Likewise, you may decide it is time to look for a new job, recognising that you have been increasingly unhappy in your current employment for some time now. You could always start looking on the quiet.

This is a card of relocation or planning a trip where the travel is by water. Some will be wondering how best to protect their homes and property in future, or where and how to relocate, to be nearer water in areas susceptible to drought or fire, or, in flooding areas, how to minimise that risk or move further away from it.

Life brings losses that are hard to bear. Some are hit harder or more often than others, but no-one escapes. Everyone has their load to carry. Life is the great voyage; the world is the ocean and storms are guaranteed. Life may feel deeply unfair, and often it is, but this card says you can make it.

This boat is heading east towards the dawn. What new plans, approaches and ventures might you initiate this February?

You can read more from Katie here.




Fiona Lensvelt – Eight of Pentacles

The older I get, the more I appreciate the practical pentacles. Sometimes we do not need fireworks, we need plain old work if we want to get things done.

The Eight of Pentacles is the most literal depiction of this: wherever they have got to in life, they know that they have worked hard to get there. They also know the joy of being in the flow of work — this is the card of craftsmanship.

What Goal Are You Trying to Achieve?

What goal are you trying to achieve this year? Now is the time to commit to it, particularly if it’s to do with business and work. When we see eights in the tarot, we’re being asked what action we should take to access our strength and get to where we want to go. In this incarnation, we’re being told that success is no fluke: it comes from time, effort and dedication.

Read more from Fiona at her website here.




Kyra Oser – Seven of Cups

The tarot card I pulled for February is Seven of Cups. Globally, this card can indicate various simultaneous events that serve as distractions, resulting in a lack of productive action.

China will be prominently featured in major news headlines soon, and part of this story will involve both a conflict and connection with the US government.

This and other international disputes and alliances will be building in February, but no matter what government leaders and media are focused on, the question is: where do you want to put your energy? What is the most beneficial way to act on important issues when so many major events are taking place at once?

This is a question perhaps only you can answer for yourself, but if you want a general guideline, you can ask your higher self or spirit guides to give you an intuition or decision that leads you to do what is in the greatest good for the whole of the planet.

A Time For Dreaming and a Time For Doing

In your own life, this card is a reminder that there is a time for dreaming and a time for doing. February is a month for instigating conscious interaction with the physical world.

If you are already in the midst of a project, the Seven of Cups is a reminder to follow through on what you started or revise your approach.

If you have a vision but don’t know where to begin, perhaps you can do some research on methods that have worked for your heroes in that field.

Overall, this card connects you to the inspiration that helps with decision-making. When I am faced with too many choices, I sometimes lead with intuition by asking myself which option generates the same feeling I have when I hear a song that makes me want to dance.

You can read more from Kyra at her website here.

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64 thoughts on “Tarot For The Month Of February 2020”

  1. Am I the only Scorpio on earth who’s feeling like life is getting harder by the minute. Relationships are becoming more complicated whilst doubting what I actually feel. Loneliness is becoming more evident and lots of relocations involved with my closest humans. It seems that there’s one challenge after another this year, and it’s making me anxious and scared of losing what I’ve worked so hard to built since 2018. Looking for some insight pls
    Thank you

    • Not at all! Scorpio people are dealing with Pluto (their ruler) in the Third House of internet, communication and connection. It can feel relentless. It does get better. In fact it’s getting better now, even if it doesn’t seem apparent all the time. Feeling lonely is an outcome of that cycle (transiting Pluto in the Third House) because every time you try to put something in writing, or use social media, or pick up the telephone, or even find the words to express what you feel – you run into Pluto. It can feel quite overwhelming. Your Tarot card is IV of Cups. You are living with mild depression, and it can be fixed with physical activity (like yoga, walking or swimming) and also by reconnecting to your roots. That means your family tree. Your heritage, history and culture. Where you come from and from whom, you are descended. It’s not the relationships or the people that are the issue, it is your own state of mind, and your physical condition (which is influencing your state of mind, too). Even for one day, move your body so that you shift your mood. Then get grounded and reconnect to at least one family member, here or passed. You will be amazed at how differently you can approach people who are, essentially solid gold – but you’re not currently seeing it.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been concerned about my partners behaviour for some time. I’ve felt dominated, my daughter has been physically pushed around and he is stubborn and refuses to budge on matters relating to our home and family. I want to know what the cards say, is there a way out or will the situation improve?
    Warm wishes

    • Claire, if your partner is physically pushing your daughter around, you need to go to the authorities, if you have not already done so. I’m sure you’ve told your doctor, right, or rung the right helpline in your area? The Knight of Pentacles is presenting as him. His focus is the money. Paying it, or negotiating over it. So it all comes back to his financial position and your own situation. He is on a black horse (Pluto). So he is playing Pluto, as you say, dominating. The situation will not improve of its own accord, and he will not magically turn into somebody different. Get support and immediate advice. If you need to sort out a new agreement with him, do it by seeing money, as he sees it. That’s the key to everything with him. Have a look at Pluto on Search as well. That’s the planet behind all this.

  3. Hey Jessica,
    I guess this month is going to be a big one. I just read my weekly horoscope as well, and I have huge factors hitting exact on the dates mentioned. So here is an update. You talk to so many people, don’t know if this will make any sense. I don’t want to come across like I think you remember me individually.That’s an arrogant assumption. Didn’t move, stayed here. Did a huge purge at my apartment. Got rid of everything that reminded me of the past. Feel lighter. Finances are incredibly tight, but that’s not new. There is light at the end of the tunnel on that front. Doing the rest of my pre- recs to apply to nursing school in January. It was a huge risk to switch from Surg Tech, . Terrified, but I think I made the right choice. Dad is doing well after his leg break. I am almost positive I made the right decision not to move to be with him. I was hoping that you would do a reading for me and see what comes up. Most appreciated. This year is huge. Hope things are well with you. All of the new things for us premium members are pretty epic! Thank you very much,

    • Thank you. Yes, I remember the situation with your father and also your nursing school. You are being caught in the 19 year karma cycle which comes with the North Node (past lives) in Cancer (family and also nursing). February finds you welcoming a visitor who is WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. Very direct, true, upfront and straight. This is wonderful to know, and do all you can to make it easy for this person out of town (or even from across the world) to settle with you for a bit. There is so much to receive here and all you really have to do is meet this person halfway and look suitably grateful! If you looked at the horoscope you would find Pisces and Aquarius in the chart. So, someone who has a strong inner vision and the qualities of a good friend – sincere and sturdy too.

      • Jessica,
        Thanks! This is so cool! I am so ready for WYSIWYG! And I will- I have no idea how this person will appear,. I am so curious… I have more to do than ever, but feel lighter somehow. Anyway, I hope you are doing well. I can’t keep up with you. Lol. Are you back in London, or are you in Australia? I didn’t even ask if you or anyone you know were personally effected by those horrible fires. I am so sorry! I hope you and everyone you know and love made it through. I feel awful for everyone that was effected. It is truly heartbreaking. Thanks again for giving me something to look forward to. Have a great rest of the month.

        • Thank you. You will enjoy the company of WYSIWYG soon. I’m in Adelaide, South Australia, putting on an event with Stephanie Johnson. Back to London in spring, after another event in Sydney. The fires did affect us all. My PA was evacuated. So was Stephanie’s designer. We now all own masks (can you believe it? This is Australia). We’re all hoping the age of Capricorn is replaced by the age of Aquarius as soon as possible…enjoy February. You should know about the mission or trip, soon enough.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks to yourself and friends for this reading.
    Your blogs are so often prophetic.

    I would appreciate any thoughts you may have about my immediate circumstances, please?
    In the last few months I have finally managed to end an awful marriage, and have also just sold my much loved home of 22years.
    My last two years have been a struggle and I’m tired, and a little lost
    As I’m about to move 100 kms away from the rest of my family, I feel that I am on the verge of losing all that matters most to me.
    Is there anything positive over the horizon for me, please?
    As a quirky Aquarian, will the upcoming astrological weather be more pronounced for me?
    At the moment, my life feels like a complete mystery tour.
    Would appreciate any light you can shine on it for me, please.
    Thank you so much. I appreciate being a member of your JA community.

    • Thank you, I will pass that on to Kyra and Katie-Ellen. Julie, you are right on time with your decision to leave the marriage, sell your home and leave the family. In fact you are doing it early in the cycle as so many people will not pluck up the courage until 2024 or 2025. You will love the freedom. You probably already are, just a little bit, but the real independence is yet to come. Your Tarot card for February is the IX of Staves. You need healing. You are the figure in the foreground who can only recover with time, rest and relaxation. Don’t get distracted by other people. Focus on yourself. You need to get better on every level, and you will. When you feel like your old self, have another look at the people (likely in a group) whom you have separated yourself from. I am guessing this is family and/or friends. Together you are all stronger than you ever are, separated. You are also remarkably similar in your views, opinions and ideas. Try to focus on what brings you together, or could do. Once you are feeling like a new person, think about a new version of what you had before, with all of you united rather than divided. You can still have space but you’ll be able to assist each other. That will help all of you grow. That’s the message here. And…time is a great healer.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Thankyou for all the wonderful insight you provide for us readers. Please, could I have a reading. There seems to be no end in sight with two seperate finance and property situations I have going on in my life.

    Warmest Regards,


    • Marie, thank you. There is a small amount of money coming which needs to be put back into something which will yield long-term results. No instant or easy outcomes here, but a sensible investment. This may be back into a work project, for example, which was begun last year and is yet to bear fruit. Perhaps, the dream of building or developing – again, it is very early days. There is the potential here for slow and steady growth in your life, over a number of years, with hard work and energy. It would all come from what you can do with this small but decent sum, which funds a new beginning.

  6. Hi Jessica

    February feels like a very different energy from January. I am off to France to look at schools for one of my daughters, I am waiting to hear about my son and his possible acceptance in a French football team and my own business has been in limbo in January.

    There is an air of almost ‘a holding breath and gathering energy before a take off and busy time’. Would love a one card to bring me a bit more clarity.

    xxx Natalie

    • You have the IX of Cups here, which shows a plump person, doing very nicely, with both feet on the ground and rather a smug expression. This person has made it in life. Behind, nine cups, representing ten important friendships, family connections, work ties or relationships, rests on a cloth. The only issue here is that one cup might fall. It’s on the brink. So, attention must be paid to the individuals here. One specific person is not necessarily going to last here, and time is of the essence. This is a comforting, abundant card but there’s a little note of caution, because if this one person is ignored, he or she may start a chain reaction. I can’t help but think of your son’s French football team here, as we are seeing the cups as Jules Rimet trophies. Double that message if the strip has stripes on it. If so, the team is unstable and the coach or manager needs to stop basking in his success and pay attention to the individual players!

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this. If possible, I’d love a reading. My question is whether I should accept an offer to teach a new online uni course. This was offered to me by my lovely mentor today, and I’d love a change from my usual course, but am aware that it could overload me, when I have other work I’m already committed too, and a novel to finish. However, I also like the sound of it. But the offer was also made on the first day of Mercury retrograde. I’m torn! Any wisdom appreciated : )

    Thank you,

    • Well then LT this is an interesting one. What happens if you teach the new online university course that’s just been offered? Overall, in 2020, you end up with a partnership. You have the Two of Cups here, which shows a woman exchanging gold cups with another person. Leo the lion hangs over their heads and Leo may be one zodiac sign involved, or just a symbol of mentoring, teaching and guiding younger people. This is about so much more than just a job. It is an emotional commitment between two very different people. Perhaps you already know who this is! If not, they are yet to come – if you say yes. There is a sense that the two of you would be able to grow and prosper together with enough trust and certainty. There’s rather a nice residence or work space in the background, just waiting for you.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for these Tarot readings – and thank you to your friends abroad for their readings too.
    I have some large financial transactions to complete – the forms are filled in, they just need to be signed and witnessed. I’m rolling an investment together with my husbands, and moving to another financial institution. The paperwork was prepared by a financial advisor who is meticulous, but I have been dragging my feet on getting the transaction done. I want to finalise and get the paperwork off in the next couple of days – is Mercury Retrograde going to keep me on my toes with this one? I want to get everything squared away, so I can focus on ‘real’ things.
    I’m inspired by the Eight of Pentacles reading this month – I went to a class today that I haven’t been able to attend for nearly 2 years, and feel very motivated to do new work from home, even though I’m still not sure it will ever become a new career for me.
    Thank you again :)

    • Thank you. So, D in P, we have The Empress card for you. A woman sitting pretty in her garden surrounded by beautiful furnishings. Sounds as if your financial footwork pays off in February. She is resting on Venus, the planet which rules your marriage, so you have that to lean on – as you know. Everything in the garden is lovely and the only real message here is, harvest correctly, and with the right timing. She is surrounded by wheat and corn which needs to be cut and stored. I can also see a classic Pisces/Neptune situation in the background – a river is flooding. Not enough to create problems right now, but as Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is with you February-March, you need to quickly contain and control what is spilling all over the place. You do not want that to ultimately, in a few months, affect an otherwise lovely situation. Oh, and working from home – no problem. You’ll love it. You will connect to the world via the web and should think about podcasting, actually, or at least solid Skype time.

      • :D Thank You Jessica!
        Its very encouraging to hear that my fretting, researching and scenario testing of finances (and I’m really not a numbers person!l) will at the very least keep me out of trouble.
        I consult the Astrology Oracle regularly and I find that timing is usually my area of uncertainty – thanks for the reminder to double-check when I should ‘harvest’.
        Its funny how we impose requirements for validation and permission for our actions upon ourselves – like leaving the corporate world and scheduling time out from parenting to pursue a creative new career has to be ‘approved’.
        Thanks for the tips – and the nudge in the right direction.
        DinP xxx

        • A pleasure. Always use timing with your Tarot cards on here and also your Astrology Oracle cards. It works. Use them as a second and third opinion to back up what the astrology is telling you. I use this with world events and it works for your personal life. Astrology predicted Nancy Pelosi’s January 12th milestone – impeaching Donald Trump for life – as she told the news. That was predicted two years before it happened. You can do this too but you need to hone your questions and work with time more specifically, using the three-check system on this website.

  9. Hi Jessica – so enjoy reading and learning from your website. This line from Katie-Ellen really resonated with me – ‘If personal relationships have been rocky, there is still something of profound value that keeps you together, and again, matters may improve this coming month’. I was wondering if you have any insight and guidance regarding my current marital situation – Is there hope for reconciliation? Any advice would be fantastic. Thank you.

    • Katie-Ellen Hazeldine is a wonderful psychic and writer. (You can hear her, too, in our new Tarot Show coming soon). The card I’ve drawn for you in February is the V of Coins, which shows two people who need healing. Money would do that, but there is no awareness of the money that could be theirs! It’s rather like being so much on auto-pilot in a difficult situation, that there is a failure to see what is in front of you. The potential for healing is there. Even, total transformation. You two have fallen into a pattern here, with very fixed roles, and you need to look at that. Does someone always play X, when the other person plays Y? It is very important that you both help each other, quickly, into the right financial space where you can take advantage of what is on offer. From there, you can both focus on becoming whole again. You’ve both been knocked around by fate!

  10. Hi Team,
    I couldn’t wait until Tarot Tuesday so drew 3 cards yesterday for significant issues pressing on my mind. Firstly, a short-term concern regards a job that I am considering resigning from. Here, I drew The Tower which was affirming. Secondly, concerns family and fertility. Life hasn’t turned out as I had planned here. The last couple of days has been the acceptance that the biological clock has ticked over. Here, I drew the 10 of Cups – interesting. Finally, my deceased mother’s birthday yesterday. My final card was the Hierophant. While I have drawn my own obvious links with this card….Catholicism runs in the family and has been tremendously helpful when I was grieving – I’m wondering if there is anything more to this? Both The 10 of Cups and The Hierophant cards? Can someone shed some more light or draw a further card for deeper insight please?

    • That’s great. This website is here for you to use, with Tarot cards and also guides. A great deal depends on the actual question you asked. Did you put a time frame on the question? If so the Tarot will take you to the end of your life. (Many, many years in time). The Ten of Cups is of course a happy couple with two small children and a delightful home. If you did not set a time limit with your question about having a family, the answer is – by the end of your life, you will be in a family of your own. If you are infertile now, you would obviously be adopting, or marrying someone with children. I don’t know what your question was, in relation to the Hierophant, so can’t answer that – Jessica.

  11. hi Jessica,
    With tough capricorn weather out of the way, I am hoping some relief to come my way and that things will improve in the upcoming months for me with my family. Am I being naively foolish? May I please have a one card reading?
    Thank you

    • The Knight of Swords shows two families – two family trees – caught in wild weather. This is your mother’s side and father’s side of the family, or your own family, and a partner’s (or former partner’s). This is temporary, only for February. Things will calm down, after that, but there is a risk that some relatives will leave the scene. There is a person who is impulsive, speedy by nature (may attract traffic speeding fines), a little chaotic, rather aggressive – who needs to change. What kind of change? Well, slowing down would help. Also thinking, rather than just acting first and thinking second. If anything can be done to sort this person out, that would be great. If not, just let things take their course but do make sure that nobody is left unprotected or vulnerable in this situation, please, as things can easily go wrong when someone is in this much of a rush.

    • The World card comes up for you. You will love being spoilt for choice as Europe, Great Britain, the United States and Australasia are all calling you. You could easily travel or move, actually. There are relationship options for you with people from other regions or countries. This may be a passionate fling or something more, depending on your choices. The trick with February is to try and choose. Don’t get caught in a whirl; try to ground yourself, make some choices, be practical and then enjoy yourself.

  12. Hello!
    It looks like I have some potential business opportunities, being very fresh to start with my own business. How do you see, please, for this to turn out during the month?
    Thanks very much & best wishes!

    • The VI of Cups shows two children or teenagers, exchanging gifts. It is a very sweet and innocent picture of pure intentions, from one young face to another. There is more growth possible, for and through these juniors. In the distance, a man departs the scene. There are six cups here with flowers, all gold. The inner child, or actual children/teenagers/young people, is where the abundance is flowing from, with your business opportunities.

  13. Hello Jessica, please can you draw a tarot for the month ahead for me? I’m feeling changes everywhere!
    Many thanks to you x

    • The Knight of Cups. You have a visitor from across town, across the country or across the world. This is worth putting out the welcome mat for. This person is straight-up, very direct, has Aquarius and Pisces in the horoscope – so an intuitive person and a good friend. What is on offer here is so fulfilling. Are they passing through or here to stay? That’s a decision for later.

  14. Hello Jessica,

    I might start by reflecting on how accurate your 200 secrets for 2020 is. Anyone who doesn’t have it printed off with highlights and bookmarks should think about doing so!

    We’re only just into February – and mercury retrograde shadow – and I have a Pisces definitely swimming in opposite directions, making me a little dizzy! Just as you said would happen!

    I know you get so many people asking for insight and readings, and appreciate mine might not make it to the top of the list. I’d love one about whether or not my Mr Pisces is going to turn up later this month (arriving 22nd or 23rd which I think has some interesting planetary alignments for Pisces).

    I’ve made quite a few plans and arrangements with work and care and things to do, people to meet. I’m putting a pause on all of this now, recognising that I might need to cancel everything. I suppose I’m just a little disappointed because I thought he and I were on the same page and I don’t particularly understand what is going on in his head. Not sure he knows either. Maybe you have better insight into Mr Pisces than he does?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you. I’m glad you like that guide to 2020 – I really think Justin got those three covers perfectly right (and it’s fun to choose). I am sorry about Mr. Pisces messing you around. Of course you know Mercury Retrograde is in Pisces at the moment, T. People born under the sign of Pisces can be contradictory, confusing and confused – according to astrology lore – because the two fish swim in opposite directions. The Sun in Pisces can lead to people who become well-known (spotlit by the Sun) for being at odds with themselves. This means they have trouble committing. The Tarot card for you now is Justice. This is Libra the scales, so I suspect he has Libra in his chart. The obvious answer is that he is sorting out legal issues. This may be the end of a marriage, for example, or just a brush with the law. If he is the man in the card, then is computer or telephone is like a chip in his head. He can’t really see the world without the filter of the screen. This fits with Pisces which is often a little removed from reality. If there is any sense that you have put him in an unfair situation or an illegal situation, for whatever reason – he would not act until the scales were balanced. Have a look at this card yourself online. Justice is a Major Arcana card and this person is a major player. He is on the verge of cutting something or someone out of his life, quite firmly, and you need to be aware of that.

      • Thank you Jessica!

        Yes his Moon is in Libra and my Sun is in Libra.

        If he’s on the verge of cutting something or someone out of his life, it could very well be me. I’m definitely aware of this. Not so much that I put him in difficult positions, but cutting me out might prevent him for being tempted into difficult positions.

        Our relationship seems to go much more smoothly when it’s online or over the phone. As soon as we get a couple of weeks out from seeing each other, he wobbles. So how you describe the person in the Justice card would definitely fit. There is safety in the distance.

        I have seen the Justice card pop up a few times when I’ve done my own reading. It is good to hear your interpretation as I’d interpreted it as that I would finally get some Justice myself. My opportunity to speak, be heard, or some recognition of how much Mr Pisces has put me through over the last few years. I had hoped it would be the balancing of the scales between us. I’ll be talking to him tonight so it will be interesting to see where everything lands.

        And yes, the 200 secrets covers were brilliant as well. Thank you so much for creating it!


        • Okay, so this is a Libra situation, which Justice in the Tarot suggested (take a look and you will see the scales which symbolise this zodiac sign). You will ultimately decide what to do, on that basis, because Libra cannot bear imbalance for very long. I suspect there is a legal issue here as well, in the background. I will pass that compliment on to Justin who created the three covers for your 2020 guide. Thank you.

  15. The Eight of Pentacles is really resonating with me this month as I craft and recraft every aspect of a year-long music release and video campaign (of my own songs) that I launched last week!! Would you be kind enough to pull a tarot card for me to shed some light on my personal month ahead?? With gratitude

    • The Sun is your card. Children, or people old enough to be your own children, bring the most brilliant developments in February. This correlates with the Full Moon in Leo, the sign which rules the next generation, and the one after that. You may be teaching, mentoring or guiding them. Hearing about a birth, perhaps, or a wonderful new stage in a younger person’s development, like coming top of the class at school…I am sure you know this card. Find it online and put it on your desktop for February. This solar transit (Sun in Aquarius opposite Full Moon in Leo) is having a big impact on you.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Could you please draw a card for my February. I plan on working hard on my goals this month.

    • The VIII of Cups is your card and shows a Full Moon (now, in Leo) and a person retreating from a rather low situation, emotionally. There are plenty of people here and they are even solid gold – but none of them are fulfilling. Thus the need to go it alone for a while. This may be you or someone close to you, Rosie. I suspect it is you because the solitary figure is wearing red (rose red). The situation will look and feel so much better once the lunar cycle moves on. In fact it should be possible to take time out from unrewarding connections and bonds with people, yet return to a completely different point of view and a much brighter set of possibilities, even with the same faces.

  17. Hi Jessica…Finally Pisces man is gone.I cut contact with him last week,I had no choice,he wouldn’t listen to anything I said.He wanted to be in control of my life..I’m now dealing with legal issues regarding my son..Finance is going to be a problem paying for all this..I have no debts as I’ve being careful with Neptune in Scorpio as you have being telling us,even though mine is at the last degree in Scorpio..now it’s looking like I’ll have debts left right and centre for the rest if the year…is there any hope in February..Thanks Jessica

    • Well done on cutting contact with Pisces who was in a world of his own and not listening to you. Something that might be useful, in terms of resources (money saved, or money made in 2020) is understanding communication and group psychology. When there is a sense of ‘me against them’ it is so easy for communication to disappear. It can become a stand-off, and that is actually a waste of time and energy. Often, with a closer look, you can see that actually everybody in the situation has remarkably similar opinions, thoughts and ideas. There isn’t this huge gap that might first appear. Given the very raw nature of the emotions as you and your son go into 2020 (Ceres can be thanked for that) there is a great need for healing! Getting better, feeling better, is the key. Yet, once the healing has taken place, if at all possible, reconnect and talk – really talk – or find the words in emails. It is terribly important that a fractured or broken group of people is put back together and everyone plays his/her part in the whole. Together you can grow all sorts of things – opportunities, stability, security. Apart, not so. This is a message for you, your son or Pisces. Once healing has taken place, open communication up again, and see that collectively there is rich promise to answer a lot of questions.

  18. I’d like a one card reading about my current love relationship/where it is headed, please and thank you!

    • The Magician has turned up for you. This person is evenly across sexuality and emotions, money, work and achievement. Rather a magical person, actually. There is a connection to spirit but also the ability to be grounded. Any partner here has to respect the Renaissance Man/Renaissance Woman nature of the lover concerned. This is not an ordinary human being and no ordinary relationship will suffice. As this person has huge mental powers, psychic ability and is very much the controller of his/her destiny, there is a sense that the other person will have to bow down to his/her intentions. If marriage is desired, that’s what happens.If it’s not, it does not. It’s very much about one person dominating in a two-way situation and you have to remember that love and sex is only one quarter of their world. It matters no more than money to them. So – is this you, or the other?

      • Thank you for the reading! That is very much Him, not me. I value love and sex more in this situation. I am hoping it pans out and we end up together. I have no idea what he wants from me!

  19. Really nice readings , thank you Jessica for bringing them together. Sounds like this is the month for decisiveness and action. I am looking for work and have lots of irons in the fire but really need something to come through – anything – at this point. Can you give me a reading on my work prospects for the next 3 months? Many thanks.

    • Work-wise, you are right to keep lots of irons in the fire. That approach will work better for you than hanging everything on one outcome. Your problem is other people and their inability to get on top of their lives at the moment, or to be absolutely sure of their own finances. It will take a while for them to sort everything out, because they are dealing with everything from family issues, to the weather, to general chaos. One thing that will work very well for you, is to listen. And to ask. Rather than just assume or guess in February, try to tune in as specifically to others as you can.

  20. Jessica, thank you so much! Yes, I think I know who that person is : ) I think maybe that’s the nudge I needed. Thanks again x

  21. Hi Jessica could I have a card reading please. I separated from my husband in October 2018 and there has been little communication on either part. There is so much to sort out in my head regarding the house, finances, career, my family. I need to start somewhere but I feel in total limbo. Where to put my best foot forward? Thankyou.

    • Sure. We see Libra in your card (the scales) which is the VI of Coins. This is sometimes called the VI of Pentacles. Libra is about justice, fairness, balance, equality and the law. You separated in October 2018 in Scorpio weather which is always about sex and money. There needs to be, and will be, a reckoning up financially. Here we have someone who is wealthy, in fact excessively rich, and loves the good life. We also have the other extreme – people who are perilously needy and right on the edge, financially. There is more than enough money to go around and things will even up. We see this card when a rich ex-husband pays up. We also see it when the government hands over a payout, or an insurer does. The only two questions here are the power imbalance. It is disempowering to accept charity, a handout or a settlement, sometimes. It is important that the money is used to transform the life, and to start again – empowered – as a new person. There is also a question here about a wealthier person power-tripping the needier. That does not have to happen. It’s just a little risk. In a perfect world this would be a classic Libra style outcome. Justice done. Harmony restored. The forthcoming Aquarius transits to Libra are really great and will make a massive difference.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    My husband is very unresponsive, we haven’t had sex in a year and I suspect depression and anxiety. Then all of I sudden my new G.P is very flirtatious and I find myself attracted to him. I know that it’s a boundaries nightmare but I am enjoying the attention and do daydream about the GP. ..I’m a Cancer, my husband is a Capricorn. I’m not sure about the flirty G.P.

    • Daydream about your doctor, but that is all. You obviously need to get your husband to a doctor, get to a therapist or end the marriage. Daydreaming is useful and can help, in this fantasy-prone Pisces weather. Beyond that, you know it’s Disneyland! It will ultimately be the money that decides what you do about the sex. That is a conversation that will not go away while Uranus (radical change) in Taurus (bank accounts) is opposite Scorpio (sexual economics) in 2020, 2021, 2022 and beyond. You’ll talk when the time is right, I am sure.

  23. Hi Jessica – can you please pull a card for me for February. Everything seems to be coming together but I still have this feeling that there are lots more changes to come. I feel like February is the preview to it all. Thank you so much for all your help, I know I always have lots of questions especially about love – so thank you for being so kind in your responses. I hope you are having a beautiful day :)

    • I apologize for adding to the above but I am also wondering if the energy of the 1/10 eclipse will be revealed this month in terms of anything that could have been hidden? On that day at 11:45 pm PST I met the man who I believe to be my life partner ( 5/9/78 11:15pm PST) – we are both still amazed and so happy that we have been brought together (my cousin introduced us). I really hope and pray this is not a bad omen like getting engaged or married during a Venus retrograde (I did with my ex-husband). Thank you again Jessica, I really really appreciate you.

      • This is really about the money, not so much love or sex, marriage or common-law marriage. You’re going through major transits in your Second House with Uranus in Taurus (finances) and that is also right opposite your Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio (sexual economics). The eclipses we have been seeing, and will continue to see, pull in the zodiac sign Cancer, which rules property – houses and apartments, sometimes land. What we have here is you (or both of you) in the dark about the cash or assets. There is a search on, or there will be soon. There are really no bad omens in astrology at all. There is just weather, and you are in slightly questionable weather, because you simply do not know if the money is there or not. It is worth the search, perhaps, but you need to have the right people to assist. Tried, tested and trusted professionals are the best.

    • Thank you. I am in Adelaide today with Stephanie Johnson, my colleague, ahead of a workshop on 2020 – so far so good. Yes, there are changes as Mars transits your chart. The Page of Swords backs this up. Lots of action, and a person who cannot wait. There is a group scattering, which is your Aquarius weather. A flock of birds in flight, like your Twitter followers regrouping. We also have the winds of change affecting the family tree. Just one side, so perhaps you’re mother’s. There may be departures as some relatives branch off. This is a Minor Arcana card so February is not important in the grand scheme of things. Yet, the biggest caution here is that when someone is all action and no thought, problems can arise. Especially if there is also aggression. Be aware of that in your world. Slowing down and cooling down is very good advice when Mars is moving like this, and also when we see the Page of Swords, who is too fast, too furious and too thoughtless.

  24. Hi Jessica I feel the strong winds of change coming into my life. My husbands new business is showing signs of being pretty successful and I feel this is may result in us moving home, which I’m not resistant to. I’m also struggling with chronic insomnia which I am resistant to taking any prescribed medication for, but nothing natural is working so I’m struggling big time right now. I’d love to know if my tarot for this month gives me a root cause for this, thank you in advance.

    • The cause of your insomnia is shown by the VI of Swords. An unhappy woman is huddled in a boat while a man rows her to a new home. This card looks like refugees in transit. Six swords, showing recent threats, plug the holes in the boat. They are actually keeping it afloat. If the swords (representing recent problems) were to be pulled out, the boat would sink and all concerned would have to swim to shore. The sign of Aquarius supports the boat. So, friends and groups keep the whole thing upright. There is depression in this card. It’s blue. So, the blues. Going further psychically with the card, you have a digestion problem. That is not helping you sleep! Find the card online (Smith-Waite Tarot, VI of Swords) and sit with it for a few minutes and see what else comes to you. In general, friends and groups help you. This new Aquarius weather supports you. But you have major questions to ask about relocation, moving, and unknown new destinations. That’s behind the insomnia.

  25. Hi Jessica, I may be too late for this, but nevertheless…I am so anxious about my husband’s lack of work – it’s causing much insecurity on my part. I don’t know if you can draw a card for someone else’s work prospects – so perhaps a card re: the situation? Will it ease up anytime soon?!
    Many thanks to you x

    • You’re not too late. I’m at my desk in Melbourne with a cup of tea on Tuesday morning, so let me look. I am sorry your husband is going through this, and no wonder you are worried. The good news is, there is a massive idea, concept or plan with so much potential. If it is planted quickly in the right place it will grow. The Ace of Wands has turned up. This project or brainwave is likely on a computer, but works well on paper. It’s either very recent (say, December-January 2020) or it’s about to land. So many people have brilliant thoughts, don’t they, and never do anything with them. Your husband, or someone who might employ him, or work with him, is in that category. Live Aid was just a notion until Paula Yates helped Bob Geldof make it real. Have faith and try to encourage your husband to have faith, because this can and will work, and it could thrive and prosper, but nobody can afford to hang around, and there must be rapid research about the right environment. This may be a question of the right office space, residence or property, or a larger question about the right town, region or country – for example. I sincerely hope this works out for him. People like Barack Obama can be so inspiring when we think about big, bold, ambitious ideas that actually come to pass. He made it happen in the White House. It was the right place for his vision.

  26. Thanks Jessica. What you say is comforting and relevant, just hard to hang on as the money runs dry. Will try to keep the faith!

  27. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for another interesting article. I was just wondering, I have recently been invited to see a counsellor but am apprehensive to do so. Are the stars in favour for this therapy as I seem to feel a sense that its not what I need right now but is what is to be suggested. I have felt a sense of imbalance at home (parents in particular) that I would be grateful to understand more about in regards to the astrology if possible? In addition, I have an opportunity to appeal a decision to return to work but not sure if I am ready to return to work or if this is the right path for the time being. I have had some big ideas come to mind over time but all seem to feel as if unattainable in this moment and worry to leave one place I may be susceptible to falling on nothing. May it be able to draw a tarot card at all?
    Thank you again for your consideration of this message, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you with any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer. Take care, kindest regards, Bea xx

    • Your Tarot card is the Knight of Wands, Bea. A budding idea, course, concept or plan is here, but it needs to be planted in the right place in order to thrive. This is your ‘big ideas come to mind over time’. So, beyond counselling (which is always useful) and the issues with your parents (which a counsellor can help with) and even the chance to appeal a decision (again, counselling will help) – we have your brainwave. This is either on your computer or on paper. I hear the word ‘development’for you. This is something you can develop but you need to find the right location for it. This may be a specific company, organisation, department, city or country. Don’t waste time. Get online and find it. We have the South Node going into Sagittarius and North Node going into Gemini from May 2020 so the time is right – both in the Third House and Ninth House of your chart, which you can look up on Search.

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