Mercury Retrograde Shadow Hits Co-Star App

Even those who are fully in the know about Mercury Retrograde & its impact on communication are not immune to its effect, as astrology app Co-Star demonstrated last week.

The Astrology Show news recently covered the struggle and eventual success of astrology app Co-Star in being made available via Google Play Store. But now we have a classic Mercury Retrograde twist to the story. After just after two weeks of being live on the Google Play store, finally allowing those with Android phones to download the app, Co-Star suddenly vanished from the Google Store on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020, right in the midst of Mercury Retrograde Shadow… seriously an astrologer could have written that script!

Below is an excerpt from from back in November 2019 explaining what to expect as Mercury Retrograde entered the shadow period in the sign of Aquarius at the beginning of February 2020:

“Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius – February 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2020″

“This is chaotic for all groups, teams, clubs, societies, associations and networks. We would expect this period to hit Facebook particularly hard, as it triggers that chart. Facebook may be hacked, for example, or you may see ‘Facebook down’ reported on Google. The share price of Facebook might fluctuate – let’s see.

What we have here is Mercury hopping around at 28 and 29 degrees Aquarius as February begins – then he disappears – along with the discussions or plans – only to boomerang back from around March 5th to 16th (adjust for your time zone as astrology is based on London UT).”  (See full blog post here,)

We will probably never know what went on behind the scenes at Google on February 2nd, 3rd or 4th, triggering Co-Star’s “disappearance” on the 5th but we can certainly give Co-Star a bravery award for their extremely strongly worded response on Twitter (see below). By the way Co-Star is said to have Libra Sun.

And just like you would expect when Mercury is retrograde? Things bounce around and change very rapidly. For just 10 hours after Co Star voiced its distress over the treatment by Google, the app was reinstated on Google Play!

Read our original piece on Co-Star here.

Co-Star app photo used for creation of featured image.

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6 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Shadow Hits Co-Star App”

  1. Wow, very interesting!
    I would be grateful for some insight from you? My house move, due to my divorce, looks to be timed with Mercury retrograde.
    I’m currently struggling to secure a short term rental property for my son and myself. Mainly due to my money being locked up in the family home at present.
    Job wise, I have a second job lined up, educating children.
    Love life, I’m totally confused with an adorable man, who lives a short plane journey away.

    I can see all this happening currently myself in my chart. I can’t see far into the future though? I just need some extra insight?
    Many thanks in advance.

    • Lots going on. You need time to repair, recover and recuperate. Even though you are moving house, lining up jobs or confused by a potential lover, you need to meditate, heal and sleep. You have been through a lot, with the divorce, and have suffered Shakespeare’s ‘slings and arrows’ and now you must take time out, every day, even twice a day, just to get over the impact on your mind, body and spirit. Try not to worry too much about the future, focus on being present, grounding yourself and getting better. There are a number of meditations which can help you. Try professional healers who use Tibetan gongs, on CD or download. Perhaps you already have something you use – try to commit to it twice daily. The second job lined up will be your reward, as will a wonderful new relationship with your son. In fact, the two go together. Don’t have any fears about that. You and your son will enter a brilliant new phase in your lives and the position with children will work out. The focus should be your teacher or mother role.

  2. Hi Jessica

    I find the sayings of Epictetus (a Greek Stoic philosopher) useful in situations such as this. For example:

    “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

    Astrology helps raise our awareness as to what is happening to us and around us but it is down to us to learn how to deal with those influences and events. I think you are a wise counsellor in that respect Jessica.

  3. Hi Jessica, how does the next month look for a successful remortgage? We’ve just failed securing it on one of our rented properties because it’s so old but that’s what we want the money for to be able to do it up, we have no choice but to reapply elsewhere or contest the original decision. I’m aware we now hit this period in the skies, is it going to further hinder the plans?

    • Mercury Retrograde in your chart is in Aquarius and Pisces, so not really affecting your mortgage. Aquarius is about the group – and your friends. Pisces is about your faith, spirituality, belief or psyche. If the home was jointly owned with friends, or doubled as a meditation centre, it might be different. I am assuming it’s just a straightforward rental property. I suspect the issue is your bank or building society and its own Mercury Retrograde problems in Aquarius! These places run on group thinking, after all, and you are probably hitting the usual delays and runaround of Mercury Retrograde coming from them, as their managers are so intertwined with the entire network or circle of other managers, bankers and financiers. You can double that message if it’s billed as ‘a friendly society’! Things will change within this network when Mercury re-emerges in Aquarius (having vanished on February 3rd) and that’s March 5th to 16th. You may want to try again then. Otherwise, you will find life in general to be far smoother and much more simple once this pesky astro-weather is truly over from April. On a different note, the bridge to cross with the property, forces you or another, to stop and pause emotionally, as there is a fair amount of heart and soul healing to be done. The universe can be annoying but it sometimes has its own wisdom! The property would benefit so much from love and care. It will take effort but you can do this.

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