The Light Side of Mercury Retrograde

In The Astrology Show news this week, we take a look the how the media in the UK went giddy over Mercury Petrograde, plus a collection of Mercury Retrograde stories that washed up, dug up or simply popped up on Twitter!

It’s important to maintain your resolve and stay resilient during Mercury Retrograde. But just as imperative is good sense of humour! We’ve collected some classic Mercury Retrograde scenarios to show you the lighter side of what is generally a challenging time, as well as looking at how Jessica’s guide to Mercury Petrograde went viral, bouncing all over the world like a boisterous puppy! Alicia Fulton

Mercury Petrograde

Everyone knows that animals can sense changes in the weather well before a storm hits. But make no mistake, Mercury going retrograde impacts your favourite furry four-legged friends too.

Jessica Adams had all pet owners in the UK, and then the world, taking a second and third look at their pets this week after she delved further into animal astrology – yes, our pets have astrology signs – and how animals of each astrology sign would most likely be reacting to Mercury Retrograde.

As a result of the coverage pet owners globally sighed with relief that the odd behaviour they’ve been witnessing since the February 2nd 2020 wasn’t because there was some kind of hallucinogenic accidentally mixed in with the cat or dog food!

Articles on Mercury Petrograde appeared in publications including  The Sun, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, Metro, Tyla and Good to Know  plus Jessica Adams was interviewed on BBC WM 95.6, with many readers and listeners quick to identify with the quirky behaviours and characteristics pets display.


Read more on Mercury Petrograde from Jessica here.

Mercury Retrograde Returns and Reunions

Additionally, astrologers Stephanie Johnson and Jessica Adams were quick to spot some classic Mercury Retrograde goings on with a message in a bottle returning to shore 82 years later, a ‘ghost’ ship washing up in Ireland and archaeologists uncovering what is potentially the oldest wooden structure in Czech Republic plus an Irish farming settlement under a South Australian field. And then there was the announcement that the Friends reunion will air on HBO in 2020. Have you had anything or anyone returning unexpectedly to your world recently?



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Featured image from Finn Maxwell Cousineau from Pixabay

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4 thoughts on “The Light Side of Mercury Retrograde”

  1. “Have you had anything or anyone returning unexpectedly to your world recently?

    Does information coming in about a past love count?

  2. Hi Jess,
    I didn’t know you were on WM. When was this?
    (I’m away from the area currently, being Mercury Retrograde)

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