Tarot For The Month Of March 2020

How will March unfold, in your life, and on the world stage? Tarot professionals Katie-Ellen Hazeldine in Great Britain and Kyra Oser in the United States and Canada look at your cards.

If you have a question this Tarot Tuesday and would like a one-card reading, please leave it in Comments.

The Astrology and Tarot of March 2020

March is about two big questions. Globalisation in the face of the COVID19 virus – and how well the world can pull together. Katie-Ellen’s World card reflects this. It shows Taurus the bull in one corner (Uranus, the planet of revolution, is now in Taurus, the sign that rules the global economy). How do we pull together when there is global conflict, though? Kyra Oser takes a look.

In your own life, this is a good time to begin thinking globally, while you act locally. The astrology in March is about the lead-up to the South Node going into Sagittarius, the sign of one-world thinking. What we’re seeing now is preparation for that.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – The World

The traditional meanings of this card are global events, travel, successes, triumphs, completion, and the end of a cycle. The World card suggests fulfilment and completeness.

The corners of the card denote the ‘four corners of the earth’ and the four elements. The Lion is Leo, a fire sign, the Bull is Taurus, an earth sign, the Man is Aquarius, an air sign, and the Eagle is Scorpio, a water sign.

The woman dancing in the middle is the world-dancer, Sophia, Wisdom, representing a mixture of up-beat energy, sure-footedness and prudence in getting what we want and need in this world.

The World card is trying to tell us something about this new zodiac season of Pisces. What is that, and what might it mean in terms of real events?

Pisces the Fishes is a water sign, the twelfth and final sign in the wheel of the Zodiac year. It therefore embodies the energies of all the preceding signs, and is ruled by the blue planet Neptune, signifying the power of the subconscious, and all magical, mysterious things.

Pisces builds up to the spring or vernal equinox on the 19/20 March, depending on your time zone, when we will move into a whole new astrological cycle, beginning with fiery Aries. In the southern hemisphere this means the advent of autumn or the fall.

The World, drawn for the advent of dreamy Pisces, is saying, let’s stop the world for a moment, and get off the merry-go-round and take stock. Let’s tread water just for a little while and look around. Some will see signs of some kind of a healing process. For some, this will mean, quite literally, the visible signs of new buds and shoots, regenerating in a burned or flooded landscape. March may still see further fires or floods, but in general they seem to be losing their ferocity.

The World Health Organization is still news, working to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus. There is a sense here that its spread remains primarily concentrated in the Far East, despite further occurrences elsewhere. Total containment is not possible, and there may be a new, worse, mutation, but there is a faint suggestion that the current pandemic may be in retreat by late May, around the end of Taurus time if not sooner.

For many, on both a public scale and in private life, there may be an acute sense of lingering loss and disorder at this time, after rough events in recent months. But soon many will start to smell and feel a change in the air, brighter and fresher.

On a personal level, The World is in general a very fortunate card, and the simple fact of its appearance is a reason to be hopeful for what developments March might bring.

If you are waiting for news, good news can generally be expected.

The World card in imaginative, even psychic Pisces, reminds you of your creative talents and resourcefulness; those sometimes hidden depths, and the power of your imagination for changing your circumstances or personal relationships for the better, or completing creative, mystical, artistic, musical, ecological and humanitarian projects.

This month, suggests The World card, get ready to start gathering yourself for a new effort or endeavour, more likely to accelerate later rather than earlier in the month. Meanwhile, this is a good month for looking around you, but also looking inwards.

There are dreams that can come up again and again, pulling at your sleeve, demanding your attention. It this is you; they may be trying to tell you something important.

Katie-Ellen is an intuitive consultant, historian, blogger and writer in the UK. Follow her at truetarottales.com and on Twitter @ktlncartomancer.


Kyra Oser – The Five of Swords

Five of Swords

The tarot card I drew for March is Five of Swords. This is a competitive card that highlights minor conflicts, arguments, and, in some cases, war.

As old structures crumble in an impending worldwide revolution so new systems can take their place, global conflict will be inevitable. When you read about clashes in news articles this month, keep in mind that the existing world order is gradually being overturned so a better future can be given the space to flourish.

Words will be said in haste by world leaders, which some will later retract. Regrets are a side effect of actions taken in anger, yet the good news is that amends, or at least living amends, are always possible—not only on a regional or international scale, but also in your own life.

Speaking of you, this is a card that asks you to take your time in replying when you feel provoked, and most of all to pick your battles. In some cases, it might be important to speak up for yourself, and in other instances you can ask yourself if engaging with this particular person is how you most want to spend your energy that day.

This month is an ideal time to take a break and walk in nature, talk to a friend, or read a chapter in a book, particularly because contrary actions can shift your perspective and help you recognize what you value most.

In relationships of all kinds, know that if any tempers flare this month it’s a temporary manifestation of a mass anxiety regarding the colossal transformation that we and the planet are currently and collectively undergoing.

Even good change can cause different kinds of stress, so see if you can take it easy on yourself right now, especially if you feel you’ve been fighting a battle and you’re more than ready for a period of tranquility.

One of the benefits of pulling this card is its message about forgiveness. If you’re holding a resentment, would you like to release it from your mind with an experimental exercise? If you want to keep replaying an annoyance you have toward someone, that’s a valid choice, but it comes at a cost: resentments and fears can block you from using your intuition and receiving messages delivered from a higher consciousness.

Simply focus on peace and you will exude an energy of unity. Sometimes the fight is happening internally, and all that needs to be done to find one’s way to harmony again is to drop some of the swords as in the image in the card, and create a new future where events that may have bothered you at one time now feel so far away that it’s as if it happened thousands of years ago. When you’re willing to explore what the Five of Swords means to you, you’re already on your way to embracing a time of honest truce and lasting peace.

You can read more from Kyra at her website here or on Twitter @KyraOser.




Featured Image Credit: Image by Mira Cosic from Pixabay

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44 thoughts on “Tarot For The Month Of March 2020”

    • You are just ahead of Saturn in Aquarius in March. When the time is right, look at what you can collect from a group, where people pool their resources and believe in ‘stronger together.’ We’ve not seen this cycle in 29 years. I think you have a lot of healing and cleaning up to do, emotionally. You are going into March 2020 after a very, very heavy period and we’ve seen two or three relationships or friendships fall over. We have gone into quite a toxic new year. Covid-19 is with us. On another note, you have been around people who were toxic, or poisonous (even). That’s where you need to do some cleaning up in your life but you can’t do it until you have the energy and motivation. Then you can start the new life. It really does feel quite new, too. You have a couple of really great relationships or friendships you are not seeing. Turn to them for sustenance and emotional and psychological fuel. Then you can set about the task of sorting out who/what is making you feel like this. Recycle these people? Maybe. Throw them out of your life for good? Perhaps. It’s your call. But do use that group around you.

  1. Hello Ms. Adams! Can I have a one card reading please, in regards to my parenthood-potential relationship? While the love is definitely there, lately it feels like every other week is an uphill battle to see each other. I am also looking for a new home and was hoping he’d come with me, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like it is ever going to happen!

    • Your card in March is THE SUN. This is a terrific card which shows an infant riding a horse, with the sun blazing behind, over a wall of sunflowers. You will find everything looks dazzling, positive, happy and quite powerful – in connection with the world of children or younger people. We are talking, yes, a parenthood-potential sexual relationship. Babies and infants. Schoolchildren and teenagers. Younger adults, old enough to be your own children. There is growth here, but also massive potential for the future. Younger faces can change everything. I have seen this card come up when women accept careers with dynamic organisations devoted to a Millennial (teenage) market. I have also seen it come up when there is a project involving students. It is really how you play it. This card is not about a new home. It is about the next generation and how you work with them.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I would appreciate a tarot reading if you have time. I’m hoping for some direction into my studies and dream career, and do you see any travel or living in another country? Many thanks.

    • Your Tarot card for March is KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. A man in heavy armour (an impenetrable character, heavily defended or quite hard to access) is holding a decent sum of money. It could be used for anything. To start a project or to recommence a plan. Putting money into what could grow, and grow, is very wise – even if it’s not a huge fortune. Of course he doesn’t just give it away. You have to negotiate with him and strike a deal. He’s rather heavy and I think his car, or his style, is intimidating. That’s the way he prefers it. I think the money is worth it. That’s your lead for March.

  3. Very interesting card and I can already feel everything that you wrote! It’s going to be a month of change for me and yes at times, fear and insecurity are taking over. Not sure what to expect by the end of it. Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you x

    • You are on the defensive in March, protecting yourself against threats from both sides. Or is it real? Maybe it’s in your head. You are putting huge time and energy into being ‘on guard’ and you obviously feel vulnerable. In fact you’ve got yourself into that position. I really question if it’s real. You have the II of Swords here. We can see a New Moon overhead, so close to the time of the New Moon in March or April, perhaps May, it really is time to sort this out. If you can put down your defences just for a minute, when your senses tell you that it is safe to do so, you can get rid of your own blind spot. You are not seeing clearly. In fact you are not seeing at all! So work on yourself. Then you can figure out what or who you are actually dealing with. You can push back, if you have to. Or you can escape. Or you can look around you and realise it was all in your mind. In any case, the way to conquer ambitions in 2020 and beyond is to get immersed in a group. That is within reach but you can’t do anything while you are in this rather heavy position. Try to get rid of the blindfold you are wearing.

  4. What percentage of my assets (stocks & mutual funds) should I sell before drama comes to the U.S. stock market in May?

    • It depends what you have invested in. There are extreme differences between investing in materialism and consumption in 2020-2025, especially if it is climate-crime level. So, plastic manufacturing! Or – the electric car? Something I will pass on to you and everyone else reading this, about what works, financially, in the Uranus in Taurus cycle is this – the healing industries. Anything that helps people with their mental health, tackling anxiety and depression, will do really well. Why? Because we are going into powerful Aquarius weather, which is going to test people who were born with outer planets in Scorpio, but also in Leo. Pressure is on, for so many people, for so many years. There will be a tremendous need for emotional and psychological comfort. We also have another entire generation, born in the 1960’s, with outer planets in Virgo, who are very open to mind, body, spirit. So, I really don’t know what your interests are, but look at what makes people feel better, and get better, that you and your advisors reckon is a good investment. And given Uranus in Taurus is so ‘new, new, new’ we may not even have that invented yet. But it will come. In general, with Uranus in Taurus, emphasised in May 2020, the message is about radical restructuring and recreating. The old world is falling apart. But you can see that. Astrology predicted crisis with China and a virus, for January 2020, way back in December 2017. It’s here and it’s not the same planet! (But China’s pollution has disappeared. That’s the trade).

  5. Hello! I see from my chart and Jessica’s
    Monthly on Capricorn (thank you!) that I’ve a few factors being triggered –
    Especially with groups
    Any insight would be much appreciated
    With best wishes Eli

    • The groups in our world are ruled by Aquarius and for the first time in about 29 years, Saturn goes into Aquarius in March, following a long Mercury Retrograde, also in Aquarius, since the start of 2020. There are rewards in 2021 for becoming more involved with a group/groups in general. A smart move would be to use 2020 as the slow development/testing/research stage and then go into success in 2021, having build firm foundations. Anyone who does not understand people power and groups is not going to last in 2020. We are moving towards a New Age of Aquarius when teams, clubs, trade unions, political parties and the rest will be extremely important, even to non-joiners. Aquarius is about tolerance. Giving space and also creating space for oneself. It is an air sign, so people need to circulate, but also feel that they can breathe! The more research you do on the actual sign of Aquarius and apply that to your work, your personal life and your whole approach – the better off you will be, Eli. A lot of people who don’t get it, are going to fall over. Authoritarianism, elitism, snobbery, or lack of respect for groups is a real no-no on this cycle. You’ll see that outside yourself. You have the kind of chart where you can make groups work, though. Tolerance is the magic word!

  6. Hello! I have a trip booked to New Zealand on March 31 to visit my daughters and family. I’m used to traveling for work, but this is the first time I have ever traveled during a possible pandemic. Will I be able to travel? I am also strongly considering buying a home in NZ. Do you see that happening for me, and is it a wise choice? Thank you!

    • One day after Mercury Retrograde finishes. That’s much better timing than a lot of people! (The dates were posted in 2017 and I am still stunned that so many people don’t use them). Okay, so you are travelling during Covid-19 to New Zealand and thinking of buying there in April. Your card is the IX of Swords. Something you can do for yourself right away is find a good stress management technique. There are free mindfulness and meditation offers from Sounds True at sounds true.com/free or you may find something on YouTube you like. Maybe you already use a method to find peace, sleep properly and release. Covid-19 kills twice as many men as women, and more men over 60 than under that age. Those are the statistics we’ve seen, anyway. So you’re not in a high risk group. However, a strong immune system is your best line of defence and that means reducing anxiety and/or depression. That is what I am seeing in this card. You will be in lovely surroundings, a beautiful home or hotel, blessed with nice things – none of that is an issue. Nor is the gorgeous NZ night sky above your head. What I am looking at here, though, are issues about insomnia or waking up. Maybe too many head miles you are running, or over-thinking. Rather than leap into moving in April you may want to work on yourself so you achieve peace of mind?

  7. Thank you so much for this reading. My husband is job searching and I was wondering what the cards say about when he will find the right position. I am a sun sign Libra and my happiness depends on my husband being happy. He is a Sun and Moon Capricorn, born 2nd January, with a Scorpio Ascendant.

    • Your husband will be dangling in March. You have THE HANGED MAN. Nothing to do with hanging, but everything to do with hanging around, waiting to act. Does he do yoga? That would help him. He actually needs a month off work just to gain enlightenment. Swinging between the old life and the new life will help him see the light, spiritually and emotionally. Once that happens he is in a position to rouse himself to action. He needs to find out if he is going to follow one side of the family tree or the other. This may be a specific city, region or country (say your grandmother’s) or a particular line of work (say, his father’s old job or company). You may have to support him, but give him space at the same time. March is ‘find yourself’ month.

  8. Hi,
    I handed notice in at my job in the last days of Feb after a heated discussion with the boss. So the big question is what now? What sort of opportunities do you see for me?

    Thank you

    • Sure, Lisa. Let’s look at March. (You resigned on Mercury Retrograde, by the way). Your card is PAGE OF WANDS. Here is a budding plan or project, kept on a computer or notebook, which is showing potential. Yet, it is in precisely the wrong place to thrive. It must be put in the right place, no matter if this is the right organisation, city, region or country. Yet, there is no action. There is an awful lot of procrastination taking place. Much admiring of ‘the idea’ and no productivity. In order for anything at all to take off, there must be action, action, action! There is already a feather in the cap here – so, a prior achievement which is good to show. Yet it is the feather in the cap which may be giving a false sense of confidence. Time is of the essence to get this thing properly supported. Time waits for no man (or woman).

  9. Hi Jessica!
    Can you please pick a tarot card for the month ahead for me? Quick back story: I’m a stay at home mama, in therapy for CPTSD and associated low self worth. I also volunteer with the elderly on a weekly basis. Any tarot insights on what to expect for the month ahead would be greatly appreciated. Thank you xx.

    • You have the Two of Cups for March. This is a very special new understanding with your husband, presumably, or another man. An exchange of heart and soul. You two are very different but will build a bridge. The children tower over the whole arrangement or agreement. It’s hesitant, slow, and rather cautious – but it works. What you have to give each other emotionally is solid gold and very precious and ‘swapping’ or meeting halfway will work.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    May I please have a reading for March 2020?

    My February tarot reading (Knight of Swords) you did for me, had indicated two families caught in wild weather and that things would calm down after February. The reading also indicated a person, speedy and aggressive who needed to be sorted out. I tried to sort him out.
    So I have two questions for you: One, will March be calmer? And two, has the aggressive person calmed down at all?

    Many thanks!!!

    • Well done on trying to sort out the speedy, aggressive person. Your card for March is KNIGHT OF WANDS. This is still a man in a hurry but. he is less aggressive and much more focussed on a project, plan or concept. He is in the wrong place for this to work so is on the move looking across town, across regions or overseas. He is a bit unfocussed and ‘blind’ and really hard to connect with. Again, this is someone you need to slow down if there is to be any understanding. I expect the best way to get his attention is to find the right environment for his budding brainwave and tell him about it. It would be rather like flagging down a man in a speeding car with his laptop in the back seat, to gain his attention. This may be the same man in a different phase of his life, or another man! Two knights in two months. Hard work!

  11. Hi Kira,
    Squaring accounts from two years ago because an argument with my sister on February. Do you think I’ll get success?
    Thank you so much for your advice.
    Best whises

    • Justice will be done. You may need to involve a lawyer. In other cases, the ‘higher law’ of the Universe will come into play and you two will find things are balanced evenly between you. Fair and square – that is how it will be squared, in 2020. You have the Tarot card JUSTICE.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I would love a reading….. In the midst of all the chaos globally and in the UK I have somehow managed to stay focused
    on the development of my artworks which I am hoping will bring some much needed financial returns as well as creating a recognised
    portfolio of works to exhibit. If I focus on the neptunian sickness and the downfall of the economy it all seems futile, but if I use my knowledge of myth and spirituality I hope to put out creative, spiritual, positive, uplifting work. Can you draw a card to see if my work is supported by the Universe? Thank you. Any insights are welcome.

    • You have the IX of Swords. The priority here is to get yourself in order, then look at your terrific taste in art, design, interiors, furniture, fabrics and decoration. You are having issues with peace of mind, sleep patterns, insomnia, anxiety and over-thinking. Download two Sounds True meditations free, now, just by going on their mailing list. If that does not work, try YouTube for Buddhist meditation tracks. Once you are fixed, you can look at what is going to sell. What sells is not art, but it is clothes, nightwear, furniture, sheets, pillowcases, quilts and so on. Can you transfer your work to that, or can you look at financial outlets you like which could use you? It’s all about that. But first, do ‘me’. You need energy and focus to help the next Laura Ashley or be the next Laura Ashley!

  13. Hi Jessica
    I’m waiting for my big idea to land – lots of balls in the air, lots of prospects, but no money. Been waiting for a back payment to come through for months and still nothing. Can you give me a reading on my financial prospects? Any hope of financial stability?
    Thank you.

    • Your March card is JUSTICE so justice will be done. Have you seen a lawyer or are you relying on the legal aspects of this payment? This goes beyond you. A barrister or judge will take over and it will be perfectly even, in terms of the result. Or – universal ‘fairness’ prevails and your side, and the other side, are balanced.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for all your insightful and on spot postings.

    If possible, I would appreciate a tarot reading. I’m hoping for some directions into my next job, I feel stuck for ages in this position and level, do you see any changes to a higher position, maybe a change in work location (now in finance in US)? I see some good planets positions in Capricorn and many in Aquarius, but don’t see how this change could happen for me.

    Many thanks!

    • You want a promotion, better job and are happy to move. In 2020 you need to sort out the group dynamics, actually. This may be a trade union, body corporate, board of shareholders or social media network linked to your position. Perhaps you are in one of those corporate jobs where you all go on weekends and throw paint at each other! So the cards are ducking your question. The Five of Wands tells you, together you can all build something amazing in 2020, but you must sort out the people politics. The Aquarius sign is precisely about that and also shows in your chart. This is like the Democrats trying to figure out how to beat the Republicans with AOC, Biden, Bloomberg, the Clintons, the Obamas. Wildly different, lots of gaps in understanding but massive potential. You’re in that kind of group and it’s not really about you in 2020 it’s about all of you, getting it together!

  15. Hi Jessica,
    I love these posts as they give a different flavour to the month at hand. It also reminded me to give the oracle and tarot on the site a whirl . Interestingly I got Ceres and the 4th after asking about earning income and the tarot was The Empress. Talk about in sync. I have some thoughts that I’m going to ruminate on but I’d love your take on it. Thanks.

    • Ceres in the Fourth House is about dividing, sharing and compromising over rent, property investment, the mortgage, or renovations. That is your answer. The Empress shows a woman in a lush garden, enjoying her designer sofa, leaning back on some hand-made cushions. She is harvesting corn and wheat – in fact, she is Ceres, again. Look to the house or apartment, the holiday home or land. That’s your answer. But you’ll need to carve things up.

  16. Good Morning Jessica !

    I feel like something is on the cusp in my life either relationship, job or regarding my home. I’m not sure what though I am in a good place mentally and physically. Would you mind drawing a card for me to help me hone into what may be coming up for me next? Thank You !

    Best Regards,

    • March for you is about congratulating yourself on getting rid of (or minimising) particular people in your life in January. You had to make tough decisions but you were correct. You now have a new/old face around you (familiar person in a new position in your world) who is very good news indeed. Expand that connection in March, but expect a lot of rehearsal as the details for both of you are not firmly in place yet.

  17. Hi Jessica
    Never a dull moment on this Earth is there?!
    I would appreciate a one card reading if you have time. Thank you. xxx

    • Your card for March 2020 is the Queen of Wands. A Leo-influenced woman, born to guide the next generation of children, teenagers or young adults, sits confidently on a throne with two red lions behind her. She holds a sunflower, which is a Leo/Sun symbol and also hints at ‘seeding’ the next generation and the one after that. The Queen Mother was a Sun Leo. In her other hand she holds a wand, always a symbol of books, magazines, theses, courses, books, concepts, brainwaves and ideas. Wands in Pamela Colman Smith’s day were the trees that were felled for paper. Two lions flank the throne and she has a man’s posture. She’s man spreading! She also has a bob haircut, which in 1909 was a symbol of feminism – the Suffragette movement was dear to Pamela’s heart. A black cat, curiously, sits at her feet. The black cat will always mean different things to different people. For some it is a symbol of Schroedinger’s Cat. Pamela’s great mentor W. B. Yeats lived in the same street at Schroedinger.

  18. hi Jessica I was born 29/4/2001 at 5:50pm Liverpool NSW. I don’t know what job to go for or what to study. can you guide me in right direction. john

    • Study would work really well for you and help you up skill for a better job, or perhaps more than one job. You are practical, good with your hands, have a lot of common sense and know how to deliver, when you put your mind to it. Look at areas of study, trade or upskilling which use that. Everything will be on offer from April, and particularly from May, when the Node goes into Sagittarius (further education).

  19. Hello,

    May I please have a 1 card reading? I’m in the process of submitting my picture book manuscript to publishers. Do you see any progress/success with this in March for me?
    Many thanks!!

  20. Hi Jessica, a Pisces and Scorpion from northern Italy with travel plans for May and June. Any chance our dream holiday will go ahead?

    • It’s now Friday 13th in every way, and you wrote on 9th March. I have been travelling and without internet, so sorry for the late reply. Sorrier, still, for the tragedy in Italy now. I am so terribly sorry about what is happening in your country. You will find everything changes, not just travel. There is a tremendous transformation coming. You and your beautiful nation will be reborn. Keep daydreaming, wishing and hoping. Use this time to keep a journal of what you’d like to do, and where you’d love to visit – when this is over. It will not be the old tourism, so keep an open mind.

  21. Hi jessica

    Thank you, this article is exactly what is happening to me right now. I broke with the man I was seeing just after Christmas as his dominating behaviour was causing deep anxiety and stress. The heaviness has been lifted and initially I felt real relief and peace but now I feel so much anger and am trying to push through it. It is a feeling a had with previous bereavements. Last year my sister in law also coerced my late father in law to change his will and leave out my children – my husband, their father, died 5 years ago. The anger I feel towards this toxic man now seems to have a focus there as well even though I haven’t spoken to her for over a year.

    Will my anger go soon and does the future look better? I will be focusing on peace as much as possible!

    Thank you

    • Thank you. Katie-Ellen and Kyra have done some amazing work on your Tarot for March. I am so sorry you have broken up your relationship and that you are also feeling troubled by anger. The best therapy for anger is Tibetan Buddhism. They are absolute masters. Anyone can understand why you feel so much rage, given your loss, and also your sister-in-law’s dreadful behaviour. This break-up was a sensible and smart thing to do, according to your chart, but you are dealing with Mars and that planet is notorious for generating anger. The Tibetans, invaded and treated so badly by the Chinese, have survived and thrived. In fact, every Tibetan monk I know spends much of his time smiling or laughing. There’s a reason for that. Take a look at Tibetan Buddhism on YouTube and try a few things. You’re having a Neptune in Pisces transit of your Twelfth House of ‘inner work’ and ‘inner life’ and the time is now.

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