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18 thoughts on “2020 Horoscope: Zodiac Overview Podcast”

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your horoscopes during this time. They provide some light when things seem so unclear. I was very much hoping you could let me know what you see happening with my work / career in the next few months. I have been quiet for over a year now, whilst others on my team are busy, and I’m in a profession where being quiet is not a good thing. Do you see any improvements? I feel increasingly anxious about my circumstances, and also conspicuous in my team for not bringing in work. It seems that no matter what I do to improve the situation, that things are not changing. Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks.

    • Thank you. I understand your anxiety. And I’m sorry that no matter how hard you are trying, nothing is really working. The first and most important thing is your mind, body and spirit connection. The state of mind you have, affects your physical body. That is why you need to download the two sleep meditations from my friend, the brilliant professional hypnotherapist and astrologer Natalie Delahaye, right now. You should also source as many different audio downloads as you can – Tibetan gong baths, classical music, more free healing meditations – and make it standard to use them 2 or 3 times a day. You need an escape. You have quite a strongly Mercury influenced chart so you think your way out of problems, always, but you cannot always think your way out of April 2020. That’s perfect fine, very few people can! But Mercury rules the mind and you need to turn it off. Give yourself a total escape and try physical relaxation like yoga or just stretching, as well. This will give you the best possible grounding for what you need to do in 2020. And that is – reshape your career. Pivot, twist, bend and flex. Keep breathing throughout the process. You are being shown a new way to be free. To do better and have more independence. To do that, though, the universe has to make you pursue it. The current work situation is just that. You will be fine, using the considerable talents, skills and abilities you possess, and some you forgot you had. Here is a clue. Listen to what people are constantly asking for and need. Supply that. Get in the gap. I am amazed at how many people I have been hiring. Italian translators. Yoga teachers. This is just for my own business. None of these people did that professionally before – not to this extent anyway. But get back to your body. You have a brilliant mind but need to treasure, respect and rest it. Then you’ll be in good shape to meet and greet the radically different new work world which is coming in 2020.

  2. Hi jessica thank you! U r an amazing astrologer and psychic, I recommend you to everyone to listen to.
    Can u recommend moving house on a new moon or on this this new moon April 22/23rd?

    • The New Moon in Taurus near April 23rd, depending on your time zone, is a great time to move or start what is new. What you ‘conceive’ in terms of making or saving money, with a house, will not be what you expected. It will be very new, sudden and different as Uranus is also in Taurus. But you can make it work if you are flexible, prepared to adapt and adjust, and ready for anything. That will work best for you. Thank you for the recommendation.

  3. Thank you so much for the reply! Absolutely this house move already feel like something u expected just hoping in a positive way. I did leave another comment just then asking about exact timings of the new moon as removal truck booked April 21st and can’t be moved but happy to sleep at old place waiting for exact new moon bc our life (as like everyone has been struck with some bad karma lately) so wanting to maximise/align any future move (fingers crossed) I’m curious about when exactly if I’m in Melbourne does moving in on new moon mean. Does it mean sleeping at new house the night of the 23rd? Or is the 21st or 22nd close enough? I assume not and perhaps more like 23rd/24th. As I say I’m in Melbs xxxxx

    • You need to check http://www.timeanddate.com for your preferred date and time in Melbourne. You don’t have to get up at some ungodly hour to move, though! (Of course not). Just make a note and find a sensible nearest day/time to pursue your goals with your home, possessions and so on – all ruled by Taurus. I think you’re across the timing quite naturally anyway. I don’t think they had clocks at Stonehenge but they still ‘got’ the Moon phases. The very best of luck with your new home and new life budget.

  4. Thank you! Oh no, that’s an ominous ending. Budget, eww that’s def what the house brings. The whole house has been a bad decision and expensive money pit from the start but you live and learn. Thanks for being the light and such an amazing astrologer and psychic and taking the time to get back to me x

    • Thank you. I am sorry this situation came to pass with the house. Do get used to reading for yourself with The Astrology Oracle and the guidebook which comes with it, and if you can print at home, do print the 2020-2021 Astrology Journal. Developing your psychic ability and expanding on your self-knowledge will help you steer clear of similar issues in future, with any luck.

  5. Thank you I’m not sure I could ever be such an amazing psychic as you – have experienced many and u are genuinely gifted. I have actually taken your tarot course in Melbourne but I need a lot more practice to develop and catch the truth not just ‘my thoughts’. As a Pisces sun/moon/mercury I think this is the way to go though!

    • You would be very welcome to learn Astrology and Tarot with myself, Katie-Ellen Hazeldene and Kyra Oser. We’ll be talking more about that on Twitter @jessicacadams over the next few weeks. Thank you.

  6. Hi Jessica, I read in one of your Sagittarius posts about going through the chiron cycle and in this podacast you mentioned the rahu/ketu karmic cycle which goes back 19 years. When I think about what my life was like 19 years ago, the one event that stood out was falling in love with someone I couldn’t be with. Fast forward 19 years and I find myself in a similar position with a different person. Should I just back out this time around, like I did the last time and hope that I find myself in a more favourable and uncomplicated situation later down the track.

    • You are really doing your karma, here. The North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House is almost out of your life, for another 19 years. It does trigger repetitive situations and bring back the past, as it was 19 years before. Cancer is really about family. It’s about houses and apartments, but also a household at home. Naturally live-in lovers, or marriages based on domestic life together, are ruled by Cancer too. So I would expect this is what the story is all about. As much as anything, it’s not the sexual, intellectual or emotional bond with these two unavailable people – it’s about starting a family, or becoming part of somebody else’s family (in-laws perhaps, or their child from another relationship). It is very much about splitting a mortgage or the rent. Ask yourself why you have twice fallen in love with people you cannot have, on the same cycle. Perhaps you do not want to split the finances on a home, or be drawn into a household/family situation. Desiring someone you can never get nicely insures that you are kept away from that sort of thing ever happening. Ask The Astrology Oracle and your guidebook for some answers. If you hit Search you will find a few methods to try – based on relationships.

  7. hi Jessica
    Sometimes I wish I had an air sign ascendant. I feel very emotional and making my mind up depresses me. Any help please? i feel so piscean.
    Even Chiron in pisces.
    Other pisces i make friends with are users. Thank you.
    MP. dob: 14.8.1865

    • Your ascendant really doesn’t matter very much – it’s just your image, profile, brand or reputation out there. You feel strongly Pisces? You are giving your date of birth as 14th August 1865 and that’s certainly Pisces! You probably meant 1965. Can I suggest something? Grounding meditation. Go to the vast amount of free resources on the internet and select a sitting pose meditation, or cross-legged pose. This connects your tailbone to the earth. Breathing will also do this. Feeling emotional, confused and depressed is obviously something a doctor can help you with best – but a regular meditation which grounds you will help centre you, focus you – and tests prove that it helps with depression and mood swings too. Try it.

  8. Hi Jessica, your insights are always so great to read and come across! Thank you for all that you do. Here are my details: Sun Taurus (Vedic Aries), Moon Libra (Vedic Virgo), Rising Virgo (Vedic Leo). I’m a guy in my mid 20s (so, fairly young), but my last 7 years of life have just been painful emotionally (and physically exhausting), being forced into a career I do not wan’t because of family pressures, paying off debts my father took on before his passing, facing failures in the pursuit of my heart’s true desires (in terms of getting higher education, moving away from my childhood home for my desired career and geographic location). I’m wondering if there’s any guidance and insight you have for me – to have something to look forward to, since I’ve now lost a lot of my boyish vigour and excitement for life and want to regain control of my life. Hoping to hear from you :)

    Again, your Blog is a great resource!


    • Thankyou. No birthdate is hard, and no time or place. Taurus Sun is something I can work with. I am sorry you have had such a rotten time. The biggest and best options for you in 2020 are overseas, or with foreign people. Higher education, too. You have many chances to update your education, move or travel. Even in the current world climate. Even if you are just travelling in the mind, it would be with people who stretch you and provide opportunities for you, so that you might be able to go later on. Pluto and Jupiter transiting your Ninth House is the key. Look up Pluto, Jupiter, Ninth House to see what is possible. November is thelast chance but it’s a good one. Total transformation is possible and it would make you very influential, actually.

      • Thank you for this Jessica, I appreciate it! I’m sorry I thought you wouldn’t like me sharing my birth details on a public forum here. But if it helps, here goes – May 12, 1995, 1.57 pm (India time), Place- Chandigarh. I would love it If you can give me guidance as to how to get me life in a better place.
        Best wishes to you and hope you are safe & healthy.

        • You have a history of thinking about money a certain way – your income – and also a history of thinking about charity in a particular way, or shopping, or business. That is now being well and truly challenged by Uranus in Taurus. A really good thing to do now is open up to different ideas and people. Some may seem quite offbeat to you or far too alternative. No matter. Try to ‘unfix the fixed’ about yourself. People or organisations which are brilliant, ahead of their time and very far-sighted are now in your world. Take a deep breath and really think about who and what is on offer, and also the lesson you are being taught. You urgently need to pivot; to make money, fundraise, save or spend very, very differently. It’s worth sitting down and looking, really looking, at what is going on. Use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook too please, and your journal, if you are able to print it out and write in it.

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