Tarot for the Month of May 2020

How will May unfold, in your life, and on the world stage? Tarot professionals Katie-Ellen Hazeldine in Great Britain and Kyra Oser in the United States and Canada looks at the cards.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – The Eight of Cups*

The Eight of Cups is associated with Saturn in Pisces. An awkward pairing, it represents a difficult re-adjustment, and discomfort with the restrictions being imposed on our usual freedoms at this time of widespread medical emergency. The Eight of Cups indicates moving on, and suggests that in May we will see a continuing turning away from the fact of a certain continuing level of disease, and the start of the end of the lockdowns currently in place in many countries.

The moon in the Tarot can specifically refer to disease, infection and contagion among its other meanings (fertility, female health, travel, danger, deceit, dreams and illusions, paranoia, ghosts) The moon here is waning, suggesting the first signs of a waning pandemic, and certain sectors or industries will by now have mobilised again, driven by economic necessity, weighing the risks of one evil against another, while not discounting the risk of a second wave. This will be a comet with a very long tail, and there can be no relaxing of our guard for many more months, and as we head into November and December 2020.

Will it be business as usual once this is all ‘over’?

Possibly, but that would not be wise. Memories are short but there is a stark reminder here about the causes of past pandemics, and an equally stark warning here in respect of future pandemics driven by mass global travel, and in respect of this particular pandemic, the inhumane treatment of all animals sold for food, and especially endangered, illegally trafficked animals.

What can we do about it? We can exercise our consumer power with extra care in the light of this awareness.

There is another question tied in with this. What is the hidden cost, what is the true price of our freedom to roam wherever we like, whenever we like, however we like, and for as long as we like? This is a massively challenging question, striking at the heart of those freedoms of international travel and relocation we have collectively come to take for granted, though only since the second half of the twentieth century. But Saturn, the disciplinarian planet of the strictly honest bottom line, insists on asking this question, warning that a citizen of ‘everywhere’ still must spend any given day of their life somewhere in particular, just as viruses, though not alive in the sense that we understand being alive, are intelligent in their own way, and adaptable, and where we go, they will go too.

On a personal level, the Eight of Cups is a card of grief and disappointment, chalking up our losses, and deciding where and how we can cut those losses, taking back our power of decision and action. We must never camp outside a locked door, allowing ourselves to be taken hostage by empty hopes, where, no matter how much time and effort and devotion we have invested, and no matter what we may have been promised, nothing happens, and nothing changes.

Saturn in Pisces says we must not stay where the water is not fit to drink. The figure in the Eight of Cups is aching with memories, the salt water of tears, but he/she is an explorer with a staff to lean on, standing on his or her own two feet, and wearing the red cloak of courage…a new day beckons yonder.

*Card drawn April 13, 2020

Kyra Oser – Six of Wands

The tarot card I drew for May is Six of Wands, a sign of victory that portends the overcoming of obstacles. While shocking challenges continue throughout this month and in some ways will escalate, the overall trend is toward improvements, especially when it comes to creative invention in both the arts and sciences. Overall, there will be a flooding of change, both literal and figurative.

In terms of global news of the future, Six of Wands forecasts breakthroughs. Sometimes progress is hidden in the depths of change, and that’s the case with the profoundly transformative feelings you might be picking up on this month. Upcoming trends in U.S. news that are indicated by this card in combination with its reversed position include simultaneous victories emerging alongside unprecedented disappointments. However, what appear to be setbacks are often signs of the old system falling apart in real time. Disruptions will be a necessary component in generating critically needed innovations, particularly in the area of climate change developments. New information will come to the surface about scandals from decades past regarding major political leaders, which results in an even more resounding call for heightened accountability in leadership. The victory of undermining corruption doesn’t happen right away, but each new revelation plants a seed towards future revolution.

In your own life, Six of Wands encourages you to be confident in your abilities, no matter what is happening in the external world. This card emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and appreciating even the smallest of triumphs along the way. In terms of relationships, the Six of Wands is a reminder to pick your battles based on what is most important to you so you can have the victory that comes with peace. Accentuate similarities instead of differences and you’ll find your connections deepening. What you focus on will grow, so keep your mind on positive subjects and you will discover that you are gradually but undeniably attracting more positivity into your life. Once those good feelings arise and subsequent accomplishments ensue, Six of Wands also acts as a reminder to cultivate humility even as you are praised for your achievements.

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less” – C.S. Lewis


NOTE: Please consult with your financial advisor regarding all financial decisions.


Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, BA Hons, is a Tarot and Rune reader/consultant, writer and historian in the UK, and has been reading professionally since 2006. Website – True Tarot Tales. Twitter: @truetarottales




Kyra Oser – You can read more from Kyra at her website here.

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46 thoughts on “Tarot for the Month of May 2020”

  1. Hi

    Thank you all 3 for the monthly Tarot reading. Your astrology has always been spot on. Not just predicting to be famous but also draw us back the values of humanity. Kudos to all 3.

    Can you kindly draw a card for me for May?

    Thank you again.

    • Thank you Saru, I will pass that on to Katie-Ellen and Kyra, who are in England and Canada respectively. May for you is really about three people, so it is interesting that you have used ‘3’ twice in your question. The Three of Swords is your card. Three people can be quite challenging, if we are talking about making relationships work. A classic example I have seen in another reading, was a husband and wife, and their small daughter. You can also see it in relationships where two people get together, but there is a former wife or girlfriend in the background. Your ‘three’ in May is here to be worked with, quite carefully and cautiously. Ask yourself what you can do to bring healing to the situation. It may well be that just one person (you) has to withdraw from the dynamic of ‘three’ and go your own way, allowing time to pass so that things can become more whole. It is then up to the other two people to decide to do the same. It is very important that as much peace as possible is pumped into the atmosphere.

  2. Jessica,
    If possible please do the readings for me for month of May. Please let me know what you see. My brother born June 7, 1977 passed away yesterday. I found him in his house death and I don’t how and why his death happened. I am lost and don’t understand.
    Thank You for your feedback in advance.

    • I am so very sorry about your brother. This is really sad news and it must have come as such a shock for you. I hope you have somebody to help you through this, nearby, or at least on the other end of the telephone. You say that you found him and you feel lost. It takes time to deal with shock, so you may also want to talk to your doctor about the best way to look after yourself. This will be the case right through the official follow-up, which of course also has to take place while you are dealing with the feelings. From an astrology point of view, I can tell you that you are at the end of the North Node in Cancer cycle. Cancer rules the family as you probably know. Cancer rules the Fourth House of your horoscope, and (you can look this up on Search later) the Fourth House is very much about your relatives. So not just your brother, but of course the family tree branches most affected by his passing. The North Node is about karma, reincarnation, past lives, and the soul agreements we make with each other, during our life between lives. Space does not allow me to go into this, but if you are interested about this idea of souls making contracts with each other, then there are some superb books out there which can help. In astrology we believe the North Node takes us back to the past, but also back into prior incarnations, because it moves backwards in time, through the 12 signs of the zodiac. What is important about what has just happened, is that it has taken place at the very end of the cycle. The North Node will be gone from Cancer and your Fourth House of family, around May 6th. It will not be back for 19 more years. So in many ways, you are at the end of a cycle with your brother, and he has also come to the end of a cycle – for himself. Look up the North Node in Cancer, too, as I wrote a very long feature about this quite a long time ago. You are affected and it may be useful for you to see the astrological viewpoint of what is going on. Please look after yourself and I hope you are in the hands of good people who can take care of you. I am so sorry.

        • I am sorry you are going through this, and hope by now you have telephoned your doctor, or another health professional, to help you. None of us will ever forget 2020, for all kinds of reasons, and yet we also have to move through the days, as best we can, looking after our sleep and relaxation. If you want time out, please listen to my friend Natalie Delahaye’s guided meditation to help you sleep or just take a little nap, from time to time. She is a professional hypnotherapist and was commissioned to create a wedding horoscope for Prince William and Kate Middleton, by a guest, so she was the first astrologer in the world to gain Kate’s birth time – from the Duchess of Cambridge, herself. She’s very special and she is also multi-talented. I strongly recommend you listen and try it. I used it myself when I was dealing with the sudden death of a friend in New York. My godson’s father. Every little bit helps when you are going through a loss. Please try Natalie’s meditation, I find it’s incredibly soothing.

  3. Thank you so much Jessica for recommending in the daily scope we try a tarot reading. I’ve been going through a health drama recently and all I could think was “help”. Drew the two of swords which is very accurate. I had a bit of a breakthrough today with a fantastic healer which has put me in a more positive direction yet new health concerns are scaring me to be frank. I just have to figure out how to take the blindfold off somehow.

    “Saturn in Pisces says we must not stay where the water is not fit to drink. The figure in the Eight of Cups is aching with memories, the salt water of tears, but he/she is an explorer with a staff to lean on, standing on his or her own two feet, and wearing the red cloak of courage…a new day beckons yonder” Great advice I am taking to heart Katie-Ellen. It’s very fitting.

    “Six of Wands…acknowledging and appreciating even the smallest of triumphs along the way.” Thanks for this Kyra
    Overall wonderful advice in these challenging yet hopeful times.

    • The Two of Swords is about a binary decision, so – which direction – West or East? Yes or No? A or B? I am very sorry you have been going through a health drama. Taking the blindfold off, is a matter of using your sixth sense to detect when it is safe to do so. Also your other five senses. Imagine you are the woman in the white robe with the two heavy swords. She is on the attack and defence but cannot see the enemy. (This is your health issue). How can she take off the blindfold? She needs to sense – listen, tune in, pick up – when there is no immediate threat, and quickly put one sword down, on one side, and snatch off the blindfold, then pick the sword up again. There may be nothing there. She won’t know until she does that. Is that helpful? I hope so. Your health issues are your own to deal with, and this Tarot card is your own, too, and you are the best interpreter here, not any of us. Yet, as a Premium Member, if you pick up Pamela’s Tarot, the guidebook, (free with membership) you’ll see the swords discussed, and come to a better understanding of what this card means. The group (the wavy lines of water, showing Aquarius – groups) is behind this person. It would be a relief and release to ‘dive’ into the group, wouldn’t it? Have a look at that. I will pass on your comments to our brilliant Tarot readers, Kyra and Katie-Ellen. The fantastic healer sounds like a really good place to start, along with your doctor.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you, from across the rock, over here in New Jersey. You might chuckle at this – You wrote – “Saturn in Pisces says we must not stay where the water is not fit to drink”. We just had a water main pipe break in our area and were asked to boil *and* filter water for three days. Is the water here currently fit to drink? Think not!

    Might I ask a Virgo specific question? You wrote in Virgo monthly that Uranus in Ninth is for the first and last time in my life. I am 35 years old & bit of astrology buff (Yes, I am following your free lessons, LOVE them!). Can you quickly tell me some specifics – like – how long will Uranus stay in Ninth House for me? You will not be surprised that I recently kick-started some old/forgotten international projects in writing and publishing.


    • Hello there Urvi. I am really pleased you are following the free weekly astrology lessons every Thursday. You are a Sun Virgo experiencing Uranus in Taurus in your Ninth House of writing and publishing, until the year 2026. So you have plenty of time to explore your international projects. Uranus rules inventions and innovations, so you will gain by experimenting with the new technology which is coming. In fact, with the Sun and Uranus both in Taurus for the first three weeks of May, you will see a great many cutting-edge developments come to light, particularly online, which help you publish and write. I am sorry about your water main pipe breaking. My thoughts are with you in New York and America as a whole. But it sounds as if you are using your self-quarantine cleverly. You will emerge from this with a brilliant new skill set as a self-published writer. Just a tip – Uranus rules pivoting. Don’t think about the same old, same old. An ebook on Amazon is honestly what every other person on the planet has come up with. What’s new out there? When we say ‘publish’ it’s not always that! The Nodes returning to Sagittarius (authors) and Gemini (the web) from around May 6th suggest that life as it was 19 years ago has something to teach you, as well.

  5. Hi

    This is amazing. Can you kindly draw a Card for me? Massive changes with partner at the moment and it’s making me anxious whether we’re ending or not.. would love some insight at the moment.

    Thank you x

    • The card for May is Strength. The issue for you, or the other person, is parenthood. Strength shows Leo the lion and thus the Fifth House of your chart, or your partner’s. This may be about a son or daughter you have; a pregnancy that was lost; fertility questions. Sometimes it is about stepchildren; young in-laws on your partner’s side. Healing is already taking place. This is healing from the spirit world, although it can also lead to a doctor, therapist, surgeon, counsellor and so on, taking a hand. You have to ask what ails you, or what pains you (or the other person). Leo’s rulership of the Fifth House of your chart should be about proud leadership of the young. Sometimes, teaching them or coaching them. (If not actually having children yourself). You don’t say if you are parents or not. Or if you wanted/want to be or not. In all cases rest assured powerful remedies, solutions and cures are coming in May and beyond. You have nothing at all in your chart in Leo so I assume this is your partner’s chart, not yours. Saturn in Aquarius is right opposite Leo in 2020, 2021 so this seems like an opposition by transit to me, but there are really potent transformations coming which will bring tremendous relief and release. For the other person. I have seen this card before with a couple who were unresolved about having a baby. She didn’t really want one. He said he didn’t, but then later in life, realised he very much did. They broke up, stayed friends, he got someone pregnant and they kept the child. She was not at all pleased about that, but for him, fatherhood was the cure.

      • Hi Jessica..

        We both have children from previous marriages.. he’s very close to his and that’s why I accepted that he’s still home living with his family including his wife till he moves back to his home country in 2022/2023, Then the plan was for us to be free together.. however things got rocky at their end, now (She’s a cancer) and not sure if this will end up breaking our relationship If she decides to take the kids away from him, that would mean that me and him will Have to stop. He’ll choose to stay with them even if unhappy but he cannot live away from the kids. Is the cards showing that possibility? He’s a Cap btw.
        Thank you x

        • The years 2022 and 2023 are a long way off, aren’t they? Two or three years away. The children have to come first, as they always do. This is what Pamela and Arthur’s Tarot has to tell you. The Wheel of Fortune. Do look for this on Google Images (from the Smith-Waite deck) after you have finished reading this and download it to your telephone or computer so you can see the picture and work with it. The Wheel of Fortune spins continually, taking people up and down. It’s like playing Snakes and Ladders. One minute you can be at the top, the next, at the bottom – and then you rise up again – and the wheel spins around. There are, in each corner, a bull, a lion, an angel and a bird all pictured with books. This card often talks about the publishing industry, the internet (MacBook Air), study, education, academia, teachers, writers, authors, publishers and so on. It can also be about ‘bibles’. This surrounds the scene. Perhaps it is about the children – are they at school, university or college? There may be a Taurus or Leo (the bull and the lion) in the mix. What I would say about the situation, assuming the children are studying, is that it’s perpetually random. If you are looking for stability, security and permanence you do not find it in this card, as things stand. So you are buying, emotionally, into circumstances which are sending you around in circles, taking you high, then low, then high. Do you want that? I’m not looking at a hypothetical future in 2022 or 2023. I’m looking at you in May 2020. I do believe that before you can even begin to address the issues of who or what is in charge of your fate, you must sort out these images of readers, writers, students, teachers. Who are these people and why are they important? And what can you do to work with that, so that you change the picture? Pamela’s cards are very much about active imagination and solutions as a result of that. I hope this helps.

  6. A holiday planed a year ago, supposed to start today and of course not happening… so I’ve started replaning with some changes in mind.
    Reading Katie’s Tarot it was just….. wow, that 8 of cups is so on point.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I am stuck in a group situation which involves two best friends and myself where i was involved with one of them and now lot of unspoken issues. Please draw tarot for my situation this month.


    • As I read your question, it occurred to me that you may want to change your nickname. Repeating ‘Fiery’ on this website and maybe elsewhere in your life does set up a pattern of thought (and thought defines the world you end up in). You’re choosing fire/heat/flame which of course can be ‘too hot to handle’ and so on. Fiery people associated with Aries, in particular, ruled by Mars (the Roman God of war) are by their very nature part of conflict stories. So think about how you see yourself and thus, your life, even with something as simple as a nickname. Maybe you need to label yourself differently! Your card is very Mars-influenced. The Ace of Swords. A white-gloved hand emerges from a grey cloud, thrusting a large sword, atop which a crown rests, and a laurel wreath of victory. Below, leaves scatter. This is also an Aquarius card – the leaves representing the group. I work with Pamela and Arthur’s cards on a quantum level. There is another version of this reality for you. Please do find this card from the Smith-Waite Tarot on Google Images. Save to your telephone or computer. Now look at what you could do to remove the sword. There is obviously an issue here about who is ‘King, Queen, Prince or Princess’ of a situation. Who is victor. The group is scattering. We have Saturn in Aquarius now, the sign of groups, and it’s the usual Saturn experience – living in the real world, dealing with life as it actually is – in all its grim and very basic detail. Yet, there is so much potential here in 2021 when Jupiter goes into Aquarius. Work with the card to change the picture. None of this has to be real. Swords hurt. They can destroy. Victory is success, sure, but at what price? Groups can be brought together again if things change. You have a lot to think about here.

  8. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful articles that you have provided to all of us. I am learning so much. I’m even trying to journal more. I am taking care of some children at the moment that I have known for years. There was a change in circumstances, Dad left and remarried, now it’s a combined family. I’m hoping this be a ongoing job for me. I wanted to let you know one of the prior messages to me from you was, there was a man that is floundering, if you haven’t met him yet you will by April. Well now there are 5 kids so of course it’s the Dad. Lol. You were right on.
    Will you pull a card for this month for me?
    Thank you Jessica,

  9. Dear Jessica,
    I’m really enjoying all of the classes you are providing here. I’m really learning a lot
    I am currently taking care of children from a combined family. I’m not sure how long I can count on this position. Will you pull a card and let me know what to expect with this and or will I be ok financially?
    Thank you,

    • The financial question is more important, so I’ll look at 2020 and your money. You have the IX of Staves here. There is potential here for an idea (such as gets written down on a computer) to grow and thrive. You might call this a plan with budding potential. Yet, it is only one of many such ideas, or visions, among a larger group of people. This could be security for you. It could be growth. Yet, there are major questions here about the politics between the people involved. Not everyone feels harmony and unity and that’s putting it politely! Time will heal. Time is a tremendous healer. But so is good communication. It’s very important that everyone talks, builds bridges, closes the gaps and respects individual need for space and difference, while still seeing that ‘stronger together’ is the way. There is a great need here for super flexibility, openness, and above all – smart thinking. What is the point of anyone around this group, hanging on too tightly to old hurts or possessiveness? There is so much more to gain from everyone combining forces and building a better future. In your astrology chart this is shown by the transit of Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. The best analogy I can give you, is The Beatles in 1969. They were not happy campers. Yet, ultimately, they were able to set aside their differences and all these years later, even with two of them passed to spirit, the brand continues to make a fortune. Stronger together.

  10. Hi Ms. Adams, hope you are well. Would you kindly draw a card for me for the month of May? Thank you!

    • The Chariot. You will be going between two cities, or two countries, in May. This is a hugely important month in terms of the connections you make, the achievements you accomplish and the impact you make, on others. This is a Major Arcana card and so May is a major period in your life. A man drives a chariot. Today we would call this a car, or other vehicle, like a plane. Even with the travel restrictions around the world now, you are going somewhere. The vehicle can sometimes be the internet itself, or television, which transports us without wheels. There is a strong sense of West and East here. If you were in Australia, we’d say West Coast (Perth) to East Coast (Sydney). In the USA it would be different again. In Britain it might be London and Manchester. There is more to this trip, journey or mission than just connecting or commuting. It’s about bringing your knowledge, and something extra – something special – to those who are bound to be impressed. You are the product, actually. The force of your personality and appearance is the message (the medium is the message, perhaps). There is confidence here, certainty, but also openness. There is a willingness to learn, listen and absorb as well as to talk or transmit. That is probably what makes you so accomplished. Do all you can in May before Mercury Retrograde is with us in June. Save every contact, make approaches, receive and invite people who want to talk. Beyond the two cities or countries, there are also two sides – male and female, perhaps, or black and white. You have to honour that too.

  11. Hello Jessica,
    Would you please draw a card for me for the month of May?
    Thank you and stay healthy!

    • The Empress is your card for May. Creature comforts, the home front, a lovely park or garden (natural surroundings) and a long-gone relationship (or a romantic phase of an existing relationship) to be revived. I know the year 2020 is very, very tough for so many people, but in May you are sitting pretty. Of course, hibernating or cocooning can be blissful for some. If you are lucky enough to have a pile of your favourite cushions to relax on, some inspiring kitchen equipment, some non-work clothes to lounge around in, and a change of season to enjoy – that’s everything. The only thing I would say is, reap what you have sown and harvest what is there. Don’t let it go to waste. And use resources – use what is being supplied to you for nothing. Rather than just luxuriate in May, roll your sleeves up and get really active, really quickly, as you need to harness what you have, to create abundance to store away for the future. You can download this card from Google Images and put it on your desktop as more will come to you, when you gaze at it. The deck is the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck.

  12. Hi Jessica
    Writing for the third time hoping for a tarot card reading for the month of may from you.

    The above two cards hold true for me- 8 of cups: walked away from a group of 8 people. There was potential here for some amazing wonders in the future but the present was toxic (boss lady- plutonic and group- always pulling me down. So I chose peace of mind (my own little victory- 6 of wands) and walked away. Definitely was not an easy choice. Above all this situation would have brought about relocation a few months from now.

    Do you see a move to another city for me? Thank you.

    • Your card for May is VII Staves. After you finish reading this you can download this from Google Images using Pamela and Arthur’s deck, the Smith-Waite. It clearly shows you fighting the group. There are a few things to say here. First of all, you need to ground, centre and focus. You have one foot in one part of town (or your country) and another foot, somewhere else. This makes the situation harder work than it has to be. If you’re going to relocate do it quickly so you are more settled. If you can’t, then commit (at least for now) to where you are. You need to be in one spot. Then you can figure out tactics. If there is any war of words at all online with these people drop it. In fact, the opinions, ideas, theories and so on (of all of them) are remarkably similar to your own. If you were honest you’d have to admit that you’re not hugely different in terms of your angles on life – if you looked at it all on paper, anyway. You are wasting time, energy and your own peace of mind trying to spar with so many people. If you oppose them, they will oppose. You are outnumbered. There are six people here, not eight, and you are the seventh on the other side. I would strongly suggest a third location which you have not considered. You have one foot where you are, another in a place you want to move to, but what about somewhere you’re not even seeing? Lots to think about here. Meditate on the card when you find it.

  13. Dear Jessica,

    can you please draw a card for me as for month of May?
    The main actual questions for me are travelling – it is a very important essence for my life. The same is work or collaboration with foreign people. Because of actual situation I had to cancel my trips as many other people. I know that I can “travel” online but for me it isn´t satisfying for a long time as for my trips and my work too.
    And second theme that I tried to resolved is to clean my life from a toxic people /person (old lady – Taurus) which tried to manipulate me and still declare that I need her professionally and I am not good enough (professionally) without her. My clients have another opinion, but I think she is jealous as for my professional success (HR mentor/couch). I have tried many times to closed these relationship but she act as she doesn ´t want to understand. Will this finish soon?
    I am curious to see what conjuction Mercury and Venus with my natal Mars in Geminy will bring to me.

    Thank you, Jessica !

    • Your card for May is the Queen of Cups. This is you, or the Taurus woman. A baffled woman sits on a throne decorated with stone cherubs, infants or babies. She is confused by what she holds – an unusual golden cup. She is on the beach, with the tide rising, far away from solid ground and mother earth. Behind her, there is a whole new world to discover (the real world) but she is so out of touch with reality she cannot see it. The golden cup is a representation of a relationship. It may be family, friends, lovers. It makes no sense and there is no guidebook. Yet, if this Queen was to make the effort to wake up, get real, leave the throne and find the world where everyone else is waiting, she could take the cup with her and find the right place for it. Constantly gazing at it (this relationship) is getting her nowhere. The decorated throne may be about previous children, or previous lost pregnancies. It often is.

  14. Hi Jessica

    The full moon of the 7th @ 17 degrees scorpio/Taurus hits my 18 degree IC/MC & also my Diana at 19 degrees.

    Does it mean end of a chapter with regards to my career/job – whixh is a good thing since I am currently without a job – and start of better things to come? Hence also perhaps impacting me home and family as I currently live with them but seek to move out/ job in different city perhaps …Look forward to hearing back.


    • Your card is the VIII of Swords. A blindfolded person, with hands tied, is stranded on low tide, on a beach, with swords all around. In the distance a home or work space waits on a cliff top. This Full Moon is one degree away if your birth time is strictly accurate. It’s too wide to aspect Diana. The Full Moon itself is about property, and it is opposite the Sun in Taurus, which also rules a secure sense of place. Uranus is also in Taurus – a big message there about breaking free of the ties that bind. Being free to move, and also literally – to move to a different apartment or house. Let’s start with the blindfold. Download this card onto your computer or phone (the Smith-Waite deck on Google Images) later. How can you remove the blindfold so you can see the potential behind you? Use the conflicts of the past (the swords) to break the ties that bind. It takes effort and trust, but you can do it. Then when you are free, get rid of what is preventing you fro seeing clearly. I don’t know what that is, or who that is, but you cannot possibly relocate for work or home reasons, until you can see. Work on that, if you can, and I do think Uranus in Taurus will help unshackle you. This will take time and care. Give yourself some space if you want to do that.

  15. Dear Jessica
    Thank you for this reading and for the podcasts! Can you please draw a card for me for May?

    • Thank you. The IV of Swords. Rest, recovery and repair after a pretty challenging time. To put it politely! There is every chance here of transformation and transition. The world of children or young people is waiting. At the moment it’s all potential. But it could become real. This is rather like Dr. Who undergoing a regeneration, or the Dalai Lama awaiting his next incarnation, between lives. I assume this is you? Perhaps it’s someone else. There has been a hell of a time, and that needs to be absorbed, processed and released. This is a card of powerful healing and total change, but it takes time. The parent-child relationship or adult-youth relationship that is promised, can be accessed with enough belief.

    • The King of Cups, John. A man with a fish on his neck, sits firmly on a throne – but it is floating on the ocean. He holds a golden cup in one hand, and is wearing expensive robes. He has one foot almost in the water. Around him symbols of Pisces and Aquarius are floating. A ship in the distance passes him by. If you recognise yourself as a man cast adrift, removed from the real world, floating or cruising – then a message is here. To reconnect with the rest of us, and reality, you must make a huge effort. There is a great deal to be said from being separated from the real world, but it can isolate you. It can also be risky – you can end up in over your head if things change. If you recognise a second man in this description, he would have strong Pisces placements in his chart. To access him and connect with him you need to get him to make the massive effort to travel (to call the ship and board and sail back to dry land) – or meet you halfway. To meet him halfway, you have to enter into his space. His own little world. There is not a great deal of room there. My question would be, why do you want this involvement any way? Isn’t life easier and more certain, without this man in your space? if you cannot avoid interaction and must be connected to him, for whatever reason – then try to understand that the normal rules of life do not apply to him. He is not present in the usual sense of the word. He may be a drinker or alcohol may just intoxicate him more than the average person. Drugs, too. Decisions must be made here about how things are actually going to work with and for this man! The Aquarius waves around him suggest to me that there is a group, community, network, circle or similar that he is about to ‘test the water’ with. This may be the group you are involved with too, and it could be a cricket team or a board of directors. There is vast, vast potential with such groups in 2021, a remarkable year for group efforts. Yet nothing can happen unless the King of Cups gets real and joins the world. You have choices. (And if this is you, see it from others’ perspective. You may seem very remote to them!)

  16. Dear Jessica,

    Please could you draw a card for me for May? I’m working on my inner self, re-shaping my health regimens and healing the past (or trying to!), as I said in another post, but I’m finding it all very turbulent at the moment! Last couple of weeks have been intense! Not sure if the Full Moon will help with a breakthrough – I have Asc 17 degrees Gemini.

    Thank you. Stay well and safe!

    Lots of love, light and blessings to you,


    • Your Ascendant in Gemini isn’t really connected with your health, Angelina. The Tarot card for May is The World, with the Taurus bull clearly shown in one corner. That is a symbol of the Taurus weather we are experiencing, with the Sun in the sign of the bull, but also Uranus, the planet of revolution, radical change, freedom and independence. The woman in the centre of the world card is juggling. She is also confused about which direction to take. Europe? (The bull of Spain represents the European Union). The United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and Great Britain? (The lion of England is in another corner). America? (The eagle is in another corner). You will find the world spins differently in May. So this has nothing to do with your inner self, health or healing the past. It’s really to do with the new global economy, travel, trade and tourism and how you are going to make some fresh decisions, based on the trickle-down impact of that on your life, and the people in it. Those decisions are best made before Mercury Retrograde begins in June.

  17. Hi again,
    I realize it is too early for June horoscopes but could you give me some dates in June for scheduling a liposuction for the tummy. I am feeling so vain like Venus these days. Lol. On a serious note, I have gone from being 136 lbs to 124 lbs and this has caused some excess weight to “fall” in the lower abdomen area (the gut area makes me think of Virgo type rumination). To avoid ruminating thoughts about the fat, I want to just do the liposuction and get over with it already. Thanks again & please know that the premium membership is totally worth it!


    • I understand that you want liposuction, or perhaps just cosmetic surgery, to get rid of the flab left over from your weight loss. Try to schedule this in May or August if you are in a hurry. Avoid June and July when Mercury Retrograde is with us and we are going to see all kinds of breaks in scheduling, delays and so on. Good luck.

  18. Hi Jessica could you please draw a card for me for the month of May – my birthday month. Had originally planned extensive travel for 2020 (majority of plans cancelled now) with a view to taking time out abroad for the year 2021, doesn’t feel as though this will materialise now.

    Thank you

    • Happy birthday, despite everything. There is possibly money there, but you need to use the right people to help you find it. This may be refunds on the flights that airlines cancelled, or travel insurance. That would be an obvious possibility. There may be other kinds of potential finance there: a government payment, for example, or something else you hope to claim. In some countries pension/superannuation payouts are being offered. Lovely as some people are – spiritual or entertaining human beings – they are not suited to the task of tracking down what may (or may not) be there. Look at your accountant if you are using one. Look at yourself, if you are doing all the searching! I’d love to say ‘the buried treasure is absolutely there’ but with Uranus in Taurus in the Second House of your chart, nothing is certain. Yet, there is enough there on the paperwork or on your phone or computer to make the search worth it to you. Your choice of personnel is up to you and I think you could use The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook, yourself, to see if my suggestion about alternative professionals, is correct. Maybe you know your own situation best of all and you have had good results before by relying on particular people or organisations. Some accountants, for example, may not seem particularly ‘accountanty’ but if they come back with a tax return, who’s complaining? I sincerely hope that there is money there for you, that the search succeeds, and that you can use this to really power on through. Should there be some cash or just resources you can use (translating into cash) turn to the people you know who can take a little and make it increase. Some working people (very hard working people) are brilliant at taking $100 and turning it into $1000. And we are now living in a new world where particular businesses, which address people’s need for spirituality, or for pure entertainment, are doing really well. That might also be a case of a tiny investment turning into something that pays back, abundantly.

  19. Dear Jessica, One year has lasted my soul healing. It was very difficult, but I am optimistic that good times will come. I bought with my husband a holiday home for the soul. I don’t want to haunt my past anymore. Will the past return? I don’t want unfair accusations from a fish man anymore. This man searched for me after 19 years when I never saw him. It was my first love. I want peace with my family. Thank you for everything you do for us!

    • The Five of Staves, or Five of Wands/Rods as it is sometimes known. Five people dressed in remarkably different clothes, struggle to find unity, with their different ideas, concepts, theories, plans and projects. As the staves are tree branches, we associate them with wood pulp for paper (these cards were created in 1910) and so, books, newspapers, magazines. In modern life it’s the internet, emails, Twitter and multimedia. This whole situation is reflected in Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House at the moment. The hard work required to deal with the realities of a group of very different, separate individuals. This is a waste of potential. If they joined forces they could plant, ground and build something with stupendous potential. It may be easier if you pair off with someone you can side with, and then the two of you persuade a third person, and so on. The irony is, you are all at odds with each other, but your ideas are so similar. One person in particular is louder or more upfront than the rest and that is one of the issues. You can do this, but it will take time and effort. It’s worth it.

  20. Good morning Jessica
    please pick a tarot for me for this May month. we are relocating. Positive move?
    Thank you.

    • The VIII Cups shows a Full Moon (which we just experienced in Scorpio) and a lone figure dressed in red, setting off on a retreat, across the mountains. The Moon has a rather sombre face. The skies are grey. In the foreground are eight golden cups but they have lost their sparkle in the Moon’s shade. The cups in Tarot represent relationships of all kinds. Family or friends. Partners or colleagues. Have a look at Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite’s cards online when you have finished reading this and slide the card onto your phone or computer so you can interpret it for yourself in a more personal way. Relocating will bring you, or someone else, back – energetically. I feel there is some anger there because the coat is red. This is a case of ‘Don’t Walk Away, Renee’ but the walking away is already in motion. There is nothing like time out, time apart and time away to help us feel differently. I think it would be a shame to never return again. These people are solid gold. They just don’t look that way. When the lunar cycle moves on, which it already is, and the time is right, someone (you? her? him?) could go back and see these precious people look very different in the warm light of the sun. In the meantime, use the time away for self-knowledge. Perhaps, to channel what might be too hot, emotionally, into physical activity like gardening or hiking. I do want to reassure you that things will get brighter. This rather serious and sombre atmosphere will not last.

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