Tarot for the Month of August 2020

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – The Ten of Pentacles (Mercury in Virgo)

For the month of August 2020, I have drawn the 10 Pentacles in its positive manifestation, drawn upright (dignified).

This stable, positive card suggests that after months of acute strain, August – in particular late August- brings a respite; a welcome sense of returning order with more normal routines.

We may find that August feels like a game of two halves. Although the Ten of Pentacles has emerged as the keynote card, early August has an undertow of a quite different energy; a touch quirky and unsettled; possibly even prickly. Events in public life may continue challenging to the collective well-being.

This may likewise feel, either refreshing or even exciting, as we go out and about more, and even a day trip feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air. Or big new ideas come to us, and we’re feeling inspired and can’t wait to get stuck in.

A word of caution; however, the disruptive and disagreeable Five of Swords has also made an appearance, denoting no- win conflicts. Disagreements at home, just as in public life may be sharp, but will not be reconciled or resolved except by mutually respectful de-escalation, or at least a standoff till it cools down. Anger can be useful, but in this case the anger is not productive. In everyday situations this card translates as ‘think twice and don’t go there’.

However, the positive, upright Ten of Pentacles has turned up tops, and here you can see what looks like three generations of a family, plus pets, out and about in what looks like a picturesque Italian townscape.

We enter the zodiac sign of Virgo 22 August. This is the zodiac House of service, food, and health. Virgo is the goddess of the ripened vines. When her chief star, Vindemiatrix, appeared overhead in the dawn sky, the Romans knew the vines were ripe.

Astrologically, the 10 Pentacles representing Virgo ruled by Mercury is about intergenerational dynamics: money, family, and organization…and also about learning, passing down knowledge to a new generation. It is conservative with a small ‘c’- the acceptance of change, balancing this with the protection of vital resources and preservation of shared treasures of the past.

Virgo territory is the harvest field, the kitchen and the wine rack, the gym, the school, the museum, the community hall, the office, the filing cabinet and the medicine cupboard.

This Tarot card is about Virgo at her most communicative. There is movement and flexibility…adaptation down the generations. Grandparents have many things to tell their grandchildren, who need to pay attention, while grandchildren keep fun alive for their grandparents- and can also teach their grandparents new things, for instance, showing them how to use it.

It’s appropriate that Virgo season corresponds with back-to-school time after a long and for many, demanding and challenging break in those routines. The Ten of Pentacles represents the family ‘treasure chest.’ Parents are free to go back to work, debarring a second lockdown.

It’s time to write a few to do lists.

The Ten of Pentacles is the ultimate card of legacy, within the family and in wider society. It’s a card of shared culture, architecture, cultivated and natural landscapes, traditions, ancestry, and legacy, collective and personal. This includes genetic legacies and inherited gifts and talents. What are yours? How do you express them?

Earth itself is the greatest legacy of all. The goddess of the harvest, Demeter herself, asks us to do what as individuals we can do to pay it forward, to husband its resources with care and respect. Even the smallest, most basic life training, such as teaching our children never to drop litter, is to honour that most sacred of ultimate legacies.


Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, BA Hons, is a Tarot and Rune reader/consultant, writer, and historian in the UK, and has been reading professionally since 2006. Website – True Tarot Tales. Twitter: @truetarottales



Kyra Oser – Nine of Cups (Reversed)

The tarot card I drew for August is Nine of Cups Reversed. This card features a Renaissance man guarding nine chalices. In its upright position, Nine of Cups can denote generosity, abundance, and dreams coming to fruition. Reversed, the meaning shifts into an opportunity for restructuring your dreams in exciting and revolutionary ways. If you’re experiencing external changes beyond your control, just know these circumstances can become a positive catalyst for self-improvement in the areas of creativity, relationships, or possibly career.*

This card sometimes signifies a shift away from glorifying the external life. For instance, I received this card in its reversed position during a previous period in my life and it helped me recognize that I had lost my way. I had just moved to Los Angeles, a city rife with opportunities for spiritual growth while paradoxically being a beacon of materialism. I became obsessed with my career, and was caught up in fashion, appearance, and an insatiable pursuit of accomplishments. However, after meditating on Nine of Cups Reversed, I was given the guidance I needed to reconnect with my inner life. Years later, I now know a joy that’s different than anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s not constant, as no emotion is, but my enjoyment of life deepens more with time as long as I continue to stay in touch with a world beyond the material. The point of this story is that it’s hard work to work on oneself, but the payoff is well worth the effort!

On a global scale, this card is a sign that people are ready for an upheaval of the material world, which is a form of extreme change that ultimately begins from within. Expect more discussions in mainstream media about religion, as well as movements on social media for new and creative forms of group meditation that incorporate art and music into spiritual practice. In upcoming news reports, there will be a focus on riots and protests, as well as celebrity drug, alcohol, and sex addictions. Depending on the other cards surrounding it in a tarot spread, Nine of Cups Reversed sometimes serves as a caution against overdoses. It’s likely that a prominent celebrity will bring heightened attention to 12-step programs in the month of August. This renewed interest in the 12 steps, especially as practiced through Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, will be instigated by a slew of shocking celebrity sex scandals like we’ve never seen before in the history of Western civilization. If you want to know where to find some of your favorite celebrities in September, look no further than the SLAA meetings.

In your own life, this card offers an opportunity to redesign your dreams. Perhaps you’ve had to update your previous hopes to fit the limitations of the times, or maybe you’re adding new plans to prior goals. If that’s the case, this is an opportune time to engage in creative visualization. If you’re looking for a place to start, I personally connect a lot with Shakti Gawain’s audiobook, Creative Visualization, but there are many other effective sources on manifestation. Alternatively, Nine of Cups Reversed can encourage moderation in all things, including food, spending, and sex. Staying at home as much as possible and catching up on reading or developing a spiritual practice is really what August will be about for many people.

In sum, find what’s meaningful to you and follow the path where your heart most leads you. You can also ask for the next right thought or action to gain amplified clarity on the best steps to take whenever you’re faced with confusion. In my own experience, even attempting to develop inner growth has always led me to a better version of my life. I believe that can happen for you, too, as long as you’re willing to connect with something higher and check in with that source when you’re feeling lost or if you ever want to reconnect with the boundless energy of eternal love. I wish that each one of you may encounter the gift of spiritual awakening that the Renaissance man of the Nine of Cups Reversed so generously offers as an option every time he appears in your tarot card reading.


You can read more from Kyra at her website here.




NOTE: *Please consult with your financial advisor regarding all financial decisions.

48 thoughts on “Tarot for the Month of August 2020

    • Sure. Your Tarot card for August is The Magician. You need to look at your four priorities in August. Relationships, close ties or friendships. Ideas and the worldwide web. Action stations plans to cut out problems or difficult people. And – money. You only have so many hours in each day and you could have it all (in small ways, in all four directions) or set your sights on just one priority and go large. Channelling information from the universe will help. Find some silent time and just sit – see what comes. Perhaps it’s money (making it or saving it) for you.

    • You were just thrown an opportunity to have a better outcome in terms of work, study or unpaid work. Maybe even two opportunities. Please pursue as far as you can. You will see more offshoots from this in November and be so glad you tried now.

    • The King of Swords – I have answered you elsewhere. I neglected to say this can sometimes be a former, current or potential sexual partner. The King of Swords is not always about work. But he is tough.

    • Dealing with a tough man (the King of Swords) means negotiating with him on his own terms. Find a way to give him what he wants. This may be your boss or a particularly difficult colleague! Someone used to axing projects or plans, or even axing jobs. He may himself have been axed from jobs in the past for being impossible to work with. How do you make this King work for you? Well, you realise he has strength, energy, determination, power – and when his luck is in, he does really well and can be an excellent ally or supporter. At the moment he is reaching a stage where he is prepared to switch tactics and personality traits. Be aware of that and see where you can create a win-win. Maybe you need him to into battle for you. That can happen. He can smite your foes, so to speak.

  1. Hi Jessica,
    My birthday is next week, could you kindly draw a tarot for me?
    I would like to focus the question for my career opportunity/finance.
    Thank you. Stay safe and healthy.
    Regards, Ika

    • Ika, your card is King of Staves. A man with a project, plan or idea which has tremendous long-term potential, is waiting for help. He could delegate to you, or you could assist him in a co-created outcome. He is good with the world of words, ideas and images. He is self-employed and very successful, or has made it to the top in a company. You need to talk him into it. You would both gain.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Posting the question again with my membership account. I received the following cards for month of august of 2020-
    Tarot: Ace of Wands
    Oracle: Pluto & Fifth House

    Been working on my own website for long and work is picking up. Work not directly related to younger generation. I have been single for a very long time and have become blissful in it. Yet for the first time I wrote down my affirmations for a safe, truthful and loving relationship a few days ago and spoke them out loud. Please pass your insights.
    Thank you.

    • Ace of Wands is a big, brilliant idea that needs to be planted in the real world. A lot of people have ‘Eureka!’ moments and never do anything. Your task in this Gemini-Sagittarius Node weather (to 2022) is to take the concept and put it where it belongs. Be quick, because it may fall apart as quickly as it arrived, unless you select the right space for it. Pluto and the Fifth House is only relevant to that, if the idea concerned babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or Millennials. If it did, that’s a double message. Use willpower to empower yourself to take control and use self-control, so the project works. If the big idea has nothing to do with younger people, that is a separate message. Pluto in the Fifth House is about nieces, nephews, godchildren, stepchildren of potential dates and so on. Pluto tells you a change in the balance of power is coming. It really depends on what your question was, and your time frame or deadline.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I am going through a tough time at work. I am a Gemini born on May 25, 1975. Can you let me know if the rest of the year will be better?


    • I am sorry. You have Neptune in Pisces transiting your Tenth House of career and that can be confusing and confused. If there is any person at work with whom you are not communicating, or if you are guessing, not finding out – now is the time to try and clarify. There are also no boundaries at work with one person. You two cross the line all the time. A classic example is friendship with a co-worker, or having sex with the staff! (It can happen). So try to keep boundaries or put them back in if they dissolved. Neptune is also about making things real and concrete, not fuzzy. Define and delineate what is there with your staff, colleague, client or employers. You will be fine in the long-run. One way to satisfy Neptune is to acquire an unpaid part-time role which is a nice escape from the real world. Because that is what you want. An escape. A way out. It’s not realistic or practical but it’s a bubble you can ride around in. I had a Gemini reader recently who lost his job but took a part-time art class, found a part-time boring job (to pay the mortgage) and then also picked up some online writing work, again part-time. So he had the bubble but no trouble. He was sacked because he was friends with everyone at work, but didn’t actually function at work, as a worker!

    • The Four of Cups. Change yourself, and you change the situation. If you are not that impressed with particular friendships, family ties, or other heartfelt attachments – alter your own state of mind. Yoga would help. So would meditation. You have three solid gold people you are not appreciating. There is a fourth, potential, friendship or relationship but you are not seeing it. August is a good time to try exercise, yoga, meditation, Pilates or similar – swimming, fast walking, jogging, or a class where you can be inspired by others. If you can do that you will be much more fulfilled emotionally. You also need to go back to your family tree. Your roots. Mother’s side or father’s side. Find out who you are, based on those grandparents, great-grandparents and so on. Was there a career that your grandfather had, for example, that you could now copy? Maybe your grandmother worked there too. This is an example and it may not apply to you. But the general principle of the family tree is correct.

  4. Hello Jessica! I’m a Cappy (+ Scorpio stellium) with a former Cancer partner. Needless to say it’s been a rough year for both of us individually. My heart wants to believe we have a future together…. will August bring good news? Thank you ❤️

    • You are both tied to the same cycles, which involve Cancer-Capricorn oppositions. There are two bridges to cross for both of you in August, but once you have done that, at least you will know where you stand, and once the last of the immediate Cancer-Capricorn weather is over, into the second week of September, you can both think about other things, quite apart from this stretched situation. The real breakthrough will come at Christmas when Saturn leaves Capricorn and you clear that final Full Moon in Cancer, opposite Capricorn. So we’re talking December into January. Without the strain of constant oppositions it may well be a new life together, but I don’t have a chart for this person. I can certainly promise even if you are not together, it will still be a new life, and a huge difference from 2017, 2018, 2018, 2020 which have been historically very high pressure. Lots of us will be glad to see the back of the Capricorn weather and you will be one of them.

    • Sure. Your Tarot card for August reveals people being relocated, by boat, away from a difficult situation and into an unknown one – but at least it holds hope and potential for change. This may be you, or someone important to you. So, for example, it may be an old friend who has had enough of living in a certain place, because of the COVID-19 situation, so she decides to sell a property and move near you. Or it may be you, very specifically, who sees the rules change on travel and decides to take a deep breath and buy a ticket. Of course this is more likely if you are in a zero-case place, going to a zero-case place. More locally, you may just drive, or be driven, into quite a different part of your local area, where you stay, or even switch locations. There is a sense of relief and release there. The key to this card is to create the new life in the new place. See what you’d like and then discover it or build it. And that goes for anyone else in your life who is also on the move. If they do relocate it may not be near you – that is possible – but the outcome would still strongly affect you. So an aunt may decide to pack her bags and switch countries, leaving yours, and again – that would have a huge impact on your own life. Interesting times.

    • Yes of course. Your Tarot card for August is Knight of Cups. A man who is sincere, straightforward, genuine, heartfelt, is travelling in your direction. There is a lot of genuine affection here. He may be Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio or will have those emotional water signs represented strongly in his personal birth chart. It’s a bridge to cross for him, so meet him halfway. You can take this further and do something with it, beyond August itself, but one or both of you will have to relocate, or just travel more regularly. The bans on planes suggest this is local or regional.

    • The world is being stopped and slowed down and as a result, carbon emissions will eventually drop back to the levels we saw in the 20th century before Climate Emergency began. We will learn to live locally not globally. So even talking about ‘the world’ is wrong because now and into the future, the story is about your town, your region, and not even your country. We are now in Gemini-Sagittarius Node cycles which always follow Cancer-Capricorn Node cycles. Same cycle as The Black Death of the 1340’s, The Great Plague of 1665-1666, Spanish Flu in the early 20th century and AIDS in the Eighties. What you are going to see is people pooling resources locally and turning to each other, in the neighbourhood or town, to make things work for them, on a small scale. Big government and indeed international governments are not working. So the local scene is where COVID will be managed. Eventually from this approach (not travelling, curfew, masks, life indoors) will come the power to eliminate the virus and then each town or city will partner and open up – to each other – not to anywhere else. In Australia states are doing this. Tasmania, where I live, is partnered with South Australia. Both are zero case and have exclusive arrangements. We conquered the virus locally, and that is what will happen on this new cycle, which sees a big push back against Generation Sagittarius – the people who embraced globalisation, immigration, tourism. That’s finished. Best bet? A bicycle and a share in a crowd-sourced vegetable garden.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve just read the Capricorn weekly extended horoscope and it mentions Aries twice, as thought it is meant for Aries? Unless I’m reading it wrong :)
    Thank you and kind regards, career stifled (been made redundant and looking for a new job and some hope!) Capricorn.

    • Sorry, Tracey, the Capricorn extended weekly horoscope is being edited now. It really is for Capricorn – that is a keystroke error. I am really sorry you have lost your job at the moment. Are you adding to your employable skills or training? You may already know someone who could pass on his/her expertise or knowledge and maybe an offer has been made. If not, there is on-the-job mentoring or guidance available in a place looking for new help. One of the things you will need to do is adjust your life budget; so, putting a price on more free time at home (priceless) but also looking at the value of what you already have. This cycle can only happen every 29 years so you are allowed to be challenged by it, but your situation will improve enormously at Christmas and into the year 2021, financially. For now think about self-education and consider a relaunch of your profile, title, photograph, Curriculum Vitae as well. Use your astrology, which is pro-rebirth and also pro-learning. Yes, there is hope. Lots of it.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Could you kindly draw a card for me too please? very concerned about my love life at the moment, hoping there’s some light for me. Thank you x

    • It can be really tough to deal with parallel lives, communication disconnect, or different worlds. Especially when you two are so similar. Things have gone sideways. You have the IV of Staves, which has actually come out sideways on my desk. This is normally a celebration of two people who are very Gemini influenced – they live on the internet or on their phones. It can often be a housewarming or wedding, actually. Instead what we have is a real pause. It is about not being heard or read, easily, on both sides. So it’s about the words. How do you get this the right way up? With massive, massive effort. I would ask yourself why you have chosen this gap or separation in comprehension, and connection. Is it safe? Are you avoiding marriage? Avoiding childbirth or step-parenting? Not everyone wants that. As I said, you could fix it, but it would mean moving heaven and earth to get ‘there.’ You two probably need to meet face to face, body language to body language. That would break this impasse, which appears to revolve around texts or emails. Find the Four of Staves on Google Images (Pamela Colman Smith) and rotate it on your computer so it’s sideways. That’s your challenge should you accept it!

  7. Hi
    I am writing again. Thanking the astrology that I have learnt. This is about the pluto card. Interestingly I had meditated before drawing out the cards. I have hand made cards. Pluto showed up twice before shuffle and once again when I drew out the card- it was pluto! This is the second time in the year I have been dealing with a pluto figure ( bring uranus too in the mix). Both of them were mentors I had respect and admiration for. But the balance was always skewed. I am tired of the s**t, drama & politics yet still standing in my power. Please guide and please help.

    I asked my guides yesterday why is this pattern repeating. The answer was very specific- something that I have been journaling since last year.

    • Pluto people and organisations are falling down and falling apart. We are in a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction year when Jupiter beats Pluto. We see the end of Mussolini, Hitler, Apartheid and other abuses of power in such years. That’s global. In your own life, on a most personal level, you are experiencing Pluto through a particular person. Your mentor. Try to take it easy with this cycle. It goes in slow stages and actually the situation is already changing and improving. I have no idea about this other person but if you want to know how a supposedly controlling, dominating person can begin to wane – you only have to look at what has happened. Your empowerment comes when you share the power. You already have it. Find a way to genuinely carry it with others. Those are the rules on this cycle. Nelson Mandela did not do it by himself. People power is huge in 2021. (Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, ahead of Pluto in Aquarius in the year 2023). So try to think about old friends, new friends, and circles – communities.

  8. Hi Jessica – can you please pull a card for me for August. I’ve had two people come back into my life. My yoga teacher from two years ago and my Aunt. I stopped teaching yoga a year ago and am back teaching a restorative class virtually at the studio I was certified and started my teaching journey at. I have also just been asked to film a class or two or three for our on demand library. As far as my aunt (7/7/50ish) is concerned, I worked with her several years ago setting up a staffing business for her pediatric physical therapy clinics, together that didn’t end well. I recently reached out to her for advice as she has become very successful in business. She reached out again two days ago to see when we could chat. I am also feeling pulled to work with kids – teaching breath work and yoga and meditation as I just spent two days with my 2 year old niece who would cry and cream seemingly out of nowhere. I was able to calm her with just a deep breathing exercise and it felt so good to see :) thank you Jessica you are very much appreciated!

    • Your card is Temperance which shows an angel pouring water from one cup to another – healing. Temperance used to be giving up alcohol, of course. Today we detox our lives in other ways. Your yoga teaching will increase for many years and you will find your aunt can create the exchange of time and energy with you. In Temperance one cup flows to another. That is both of you. The key to the new yoga, and the new education, is that it will be extremely affordable, widely accessible online, and adapted for people who are looking after children, but also children themselves with short attention spans. So you may sell 10 classes of 15 minutes for small boys, for example, but give their parents a discount on their own 25 minute sessions. Your aunt can help with that kind of detail. Look to see what people want and need. Just one look at Twitter will reveal that children are constantly being sent back from school and fathers need to be more involved in raising them. So where are the father-son or father-daughter yoga classes for $5-$10? It’s that kind of thing.

  9. Hello Jessica!! I posted elsewhere in the comments! My card this month was Ace of Swords. I would love your insight!! thank you so much!!

    • The Ace of Swords shows a striking, sudden thrust of a sword rather similar to the one we associate with The Lady in the Lake. It comes out of a cloud and a crown, recently removed from a head, hangs off it. This is a card about a transfer of power. It is fast and furious. For example, if you are (even) a President, another President may strike at you, to achieve superiority over you. Essentially he will be running you, and your country. It is also common in professional situations where the Queen of Sheba is usurped by a greater Queen. So, a bossy junior staff member may find herself dethroned by an older monarch! This card is intensely personal and sitting with it will show you what it means. The sword may mean something quite different to you. In general, though, this is about one person being toppled, and another replacing him or her. Yet, note the cloud. It is only potential! You have to make it real.

    • Your worries about the future or your agonising over the past, are in your head. Your sleep problems are solved by meditation and also guided hypnosis, as well as some very deliberate self-help. If you go to The Healing Trust website, under Resources, you will find the free Fountain of Light meditation. You will probably fall asleep during it, but you need it! Play it again and again. My friend Natalie Delahaye also has two podcasts on this website and she is a brilliant hypnotist with a deep interesting in helping people to change. All of this is in your mind. You have a lovely environment, are comfortable in so many ways, but are being driven potty by your own whirring brain. Astrology is a great comfort by the way, and I am not just saying that. Do use your chart. But do the meditations. I am not denying it all feels real and is having a real impact on you, but you can banish this and get back into a healthy sleep cycle which will make a massive difference to how you deal with your everyday life. Then, you can move on. And as for past issues with people, dramas and differences, disputes and so on – yes, you have made your bed and you lie in it, but we have all got similar backgrounds and it’s not just you! Let your own history support you. It is your foundation in life, even if it wasn’t easy. It has made you who you are.

  10. Hi Jessica

    Would you be able to draw a card for me please? I’ve had so much loss this year. Feeling a bit lost & lonely. Just holding onto hope the year will turn around.

    Thanks, H

    • I am sorry for all the loss. This year, 2020, is about ‘the end of’ and later on in 2021 you reach ‘the start of.’ This is the case for billions of us, actually, as we see the end of the system and sadly, the loss of some people as well. Uranus in Taurus sits in your chart. People being liberated by money. Also liberated from their money! Just giving or donating can make richer people feel free. And poorer people benefit because they have the means to become independent. This give and take process is written in your horoscope. It’s about finding economic balance and you will be involved.

  11. Thank you Jessica, I really appreciate your support! I will try meditation as well. I am trying to heal with time and rest. But at the same time I am looking for a job. I still need to recover, however I do not want to daydream for too long, that might lead to missed opportunities.


    • You can pick up a job with a person who has recently scored a huge victory as there are lot of budding projects and plans which need to be streamlined and organised to take off. Companies which win awards or people who win elections tend to be high on the achievement and risk seeing potential fall away, because they are too self-congratulatory and not practical enough about planting concepts and projects for 2021, 2022. Duck in there and offer your assistance. It may be with the team or group around the obvious star of the show, Justina.

  12. Hi Jessica
    I would greatly appreciate if you would draw a tarot card for me. I left a work position in January and would appreciate some guidance. I am finding your insight enlightening. Thank you and best regards.

    • You are in Gemini-Sagittarius weather across your Third House (short journeys, the internet) and Ninth House (overseas emigration). Travel is obviously dangerous to yourself and others in 2020, 2021 so when people take off, they go for good. They permanently relocate. Your work or business future is tied to a budding project or plan which is currently in motion. The person behind it is considering moving it to another region or country. There is a second concept with high potential too, but this person is not seeing it. There is no grounding here. This person needs to get real, get back down to earth and sort things out before the big move. You could help. You could be hired. You could assist with the big idea, or just assist with the realities, because he’s going off half-cocked and needs to be far, far more practical and sensible about moving. Moving is not what it was. If you do so in New Zealand, for example, you have to go with a lot of money and the knowledge you are there to put down roots and settle, not to constantly go back and forth.

  13. Hi Jessica!
    Can you please pick a tarot card for my mental state for the next 6 weeks? I am feeling so down in my romantic relationship. It’s far from romantic! He hasn’t held my hand or hugged me in over 20 years. I miss affection and ‘I love you’ so much. I’m not willing to split up my family for it though as otherwise Okay. I just need the strength and wisdom to accept my decision . I’m in therapy, in case you were wondering! Thank you x

    • I’ve answered this elsewhere but there are two questions. Will he actually get sole or part custody of the children? Secondly, can you marry another man? They are huge decisions so I am not surprised you are in therapy. You will have to make a sacrifice if you want freedom but it will work out better than being miserable. I am sure you don’t want to spend your old age living like this. There are ways out but you are going to have to figure out what to give up/who to give up. For yourself.

  14. Hi Jessica
    can you please draw a card for me. I would love your insight . My decision
    involves jumping off the treadmill into uncharted waters….
    Thank you
    C x

    • So here we have reality check about the basic (very basic) facts of home, home town, homeland, house, apartment, garden, family and/or household. There are no easy answers or dreamy escape routes here. Just a certain amount of quite sensible caution about what might happen. Of course it may never happen. But you need walls and barriers, protection and insurance. That way you can build something strong. Then, if nothing at all happens, you still have what you built. It’s like Dover Castle in Kent. Sturdy and did/does the job.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    can you possibly draw a card for me-my love life has never been good and I want to find real love. Have I or will I soon?

    • It really depends on what you mean by real love. If you don’t care about your partner’s career, social status or success then that’s easy. If it matters to you what job he/she does, or where they are socially (are we talking suit and tie, or tattoos and caravan?) then you have a bigger ask. Your big trade-off in life is prestige, money, a nice apartment or house – versus emotional security, comfort and cuddles. The latter is available to you for years if you can compromise over the former. My eyes are drawn to the mountain in the card I have here. Mountain is Capricorn – the ambitious mountain goat. Kate Middleton is a Capricorn. She didn’t want to marry just anyone! But a warm embrace from a single man is widely available, if you can forget the mountain.


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