NEW EVENT! How to Predict the Future

If you missed out on the waiting list for our Astrology and Tarot Meetup events, you can pick up an early bird discount for a ticketed event with me - on prediction. PLUS, a chance to win tickets for a Nicholas Campion event at the conference of the year, Breaking Down the Borders 2020.

The Astrology Conference of the Year

Breaking Down the Borders 2020 is the astrology conference of the year, taking place November 6th-8th, 2020, and booking fast. Breaking Down the Borders is the brilliant brainchild of one of Australia’s most famous astrologers Chris Turner, who took horoscopes to a huge audience on Today Tonight, The Midday Show, 2GB, 2UE and 3AW radio. The conference is suitable for absolute beginners, but also professionals wanting to upgrade their skills. So come along. How to predict the future? Well, you have to be there, to find out the centuries-old rules that Nostradamus knew.

How Predictions are Made

I am thrilled to be sharing the secrets of accurate, date-stamped, astrology predictions for the first time. How do I do it? How can you do it? In this ticketed event, I will be showing you how to understand why world events are predicted by sociology (the science of large groups in society), history (everything repeats), mythology and synchronicity (the real time).

HOW TO PREDICT DATE-STAMPED HEADLINES is the first time I have ever shared my insider knowledge on live-streamed video. I’ll take questions and look at your personal charts as well as the world charts – and national charts.

Win Tickets to the Nicholas Campion Event

Nicholas Campion is also speaking at the astrology conference of the year. What is the self? How do you discover yourself, and ‘the self’ in a personal birth chart?

You often see me reference Nicholas Campion on this website as the author of The Book of World Horoscopes. He rose to fame with his famously accurate predictions in the horoscope column at the Daily Mail. He is the world’s leading expert on the history and practice of astrology and for most people in the business, needs no introduction at all. This is an incredible opportunity to see him at work.






Learning About the Self in Astrology With Nicholas Campion

We live in an age of Selfies and Instagram, and astrology marketed towards the self – but what does history tell us? Nicholas Campion is the Associate Professor in Cosmology and Culture, Director the Sophia Centre, Principal Lecturer in the Institute of Education and Humanities, and programme director of the MA programmes in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, and Ecology and Spirituality, at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Nick is pictured here with Prince Charles, congratulating graduates. Finding out about historic and modern interpretations of the self, in astrology, is something that will really enhance your horoscope reading.

My Event – How I Predicted the Virus

I predicted the virus twice and gave date-stamped timing for the first death and also the WHO pandemic announcement. The first prediction about the virus ran on 28th March 2019. The second prediction about the virus ran on 11th November 2019. The French astrologer Andre Barbault also predicted a pandemic risk for 2020, many years ago.

My event is going to focus on insider tips about my process, as a psychic astrologer. How does it work? How should it work? What are the mysteries, here? I’ll go into the Natural House System and the Solar House System, used together. I will also talk about the asteroids and the dwarf planets, Pluto and Ceres. To be specific with dates, you need the asteroids which complete the modern Roman family that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest.

How does astrology get us within 2 days of a newspaper headline, a year in advance, or even the day itself? I’ll be answering your questions at this event.  I used the same technique to predict the Coronavirus, as I did to predict Brexit.

Brexit and the Trump Impeachment Prediction

There is an art to accurately calling the future before it happens. You can do it a year in advance and give dates. You can do it ten years in advance if you want to.  This was perfectly normal in astrology in the 16th and 17th centuries.

In this ticketed event I will also look at the ethics of prediction. Is it wrong to predict the downfall of an American president? And the month? Is it wrong to talk about Lolita, Bill Clinton and the Royal Family in the same breath? As you can imagine, my answer to all that is a firm no…

Forecasting Secrets

Using asteroids and the non-classical planets of astrology, I predicted the impeachment of Donald Trump and gave January 12th, 2020, as a date for his downfall, three years ahead of time. A woman was implicated. That woman turned out to be Nancy Pelosi.

As most of you know, I predicted historic problems for the royal family, and the loaded question of sex, far ahead of the Jeffrey Epstein death, Ghislaine Maxwell arrest and the shocking accusations against Prince Andrew.

All this, the horoscope can do. At this event, we’ll go through the way I read The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century by Neil F. Michelsen and Rique Pottenger. (The trick is reading it the same way Doctor Who reads the controls on the TARDIS). I will also look at the development of psychic ability to help your astrology.

Can you really believe astrology is achieved by computers on an app with any success? Click, whirr and push a button? If you do, you’ll never predict anything. In this event I’ll show you how to read with both Tarot and astrology together and we’ll be looking at the year 2021 in particular. Live.

Using the Moon in Prediction

In this session at Breaking Down the Borders I’ll also take you through the secrets of the lunar cycles they knew at Stonehenge.

Using the Moon in prediction can help you forecast the future days, weeks or years before it happens. Here is an example:

This prediction was made just before the Virgo New Moon on Thursday 17th September, 2020. “We are going to see the mass global introduction of job share, on the day of the New Moon, Thursday the 17th of September 2020. We will also see the planet-wide introduction of working from home and the 3.5 day work week. We will also see new announcements about COVID-19 which change the way the virus is managed.”

From Virginia to Dublin work-share legislation and a four-day week trial came in, right on the day. The Daily Mail reported in London, a new study called Lockdown Lessons found more than half those surveyed believed the five-day week was over. Then, came the headline in The Daily Mirror in Britain: 56 MILLION SET FOR TWO-WEEK LOCKDOWN. In this event I’ll show you how to use lunar cycles (and history) to predict and be specific. No fudging!


This 22 Million Hit Website and Prediction

Jessica Adams Psychic Astrologer - Free Horoscopes and Astrology - jessicaadams.comPeople love prediction and they need to see it working. If you are a professional astrologer, or an amateur hoping to make this your career, you really need to understand people’s hunger for the news before it happens. I’ll talk more about this in the event. Why have we always wanted to know the future of Kings in particular (certainly since the 17th century heyday of astrological almanacs, or magazines)? In this event I’ll go into the breakout success of my colleagues who do specific news prediction – like the Astrotwins.

I just checked the Google Analytics report on this website,, between September 1st, 2019 and September 1st, 2020. Partly because of the big focus on the future of the news – on this site – my webmasters Asporea and I saw 2,976,747 users. That’s nearly 3 million people who like detailed, specific, validated astrology. They (you!) clocked up an incredible 9, 129, 668 sessions and 22,626, 303 page views, or hits. This was one of my most visited features of all time, by the way. It’s an example of what I will be discussing in this event. The traditional, mass demand by the people (for the people) of the truth about their leaders. In an age of Fake News, we have come to depend on astrology to tell us the truth about Donald Trump. So where to from here?

Discount Tickets Before October 31st – Predicting Date Stamped News Headlines

You’ll pay just $40 for a pass to my event at Breaking Down the Borders 2020, if you book before October 31st and $50 from November 1st, 2020.

To avoid disappointment, snap up this early bird offer, which Chris Turner is passing onto me, to pass on to you – exclusively.

Personal Questions and Your Personal Chart

This is when I’ll be online to speak to you and answer your questions about prediction. And, of course, I am happy to look at your natal chart if you are a Premium Member and apply the same techniques I used to call Brexit, the Trump impeachment and the virus to your own birth chart and personal horoscope.  Mark this in your diary now and save on the usual $50 admission.

Dates For Your Diary – See You There

November 8th 2020
3pm to 4.30pm

November 9th 2020
7am to 8.30am

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5 thoughts on “NEW EVENT! How to Predict the Future”

  1. Hi Jessica, Justice Ginsburg just past away. She was the firewall. Trump is going to push for new Justice. Can you see if there is away that people revolt via voting against Trump and Republicans to stop this from happening. If Trump is able to nominate and get Justice approved, it would be disastrous for health care and women and civil rights for all of us. Any insights on what this means for the new Justice and election outcome would help us all. Thanks!

    • There is no negotiating with death, is there? It is important to know that death is coming for America, and her passing is part of the story. There will be more, both literally and symbolically. The new beginning is so dazzling, so full of huge potential and so exciting that eventually everyone will bury the past and know they have made the massive leap into the future. But first, the mourning. This reminds me so much of the end of King George III as ‘king of America’ in 1781 when they pulled his statue down. It was the end but also the beginning of life without that family; that tradition.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    So excited about this new event. When I tried to book it asked for a Discount Code to get the early bird offer. Did I miss it in your artcile?

    Thank you so much for all your online support and guidance. I get the big picture of how in the future, these days will be seen as a period of great societal, economic and political change but, crikey, it can be scary living through it when you lose sight of the big picture. London is about to go into a second lockdown with cases increasing and already in the thousands and its not even winter yet.

    • I’m sorry you are being put through another stay-at-home period in London. The next 12 months in that city (I was born there) are about people finally moving out and away, once they have been through the necessary psychological process. So eventually we are going to see London residents packing their bags and boxes and either relocating across the United Kingdom or switching to Europe. I realise the feeling of restriction is very real but the truth is, the answer is out there, and it’s about a new life in a new place, for millions of people. (Or a one-way trip back home, wherever that might have been – probably in Europe). This enforced time alone, looking inward, exploring everything from diaries, to dreams, to meditation is powerful. At a certain point something will click in London and people will realise they can set themselves free. Rather than guessing where or how a vaccine or cure might come from (and many will fall over) it would make so much more sense for Londoners to go through that huge inner shift in thinking, that allows them to take control, of both themselves and their surroundings, and head right out of the capital into a new life in another place. That is what I am seeing with these transits in Gemini and Sagittarius until January 2022, both of which describe relocation. For some people there is the chance of commuting between two places in Britain, but in so many other cases you are going to see a mass exodus. The sense of relief, release, freedom and exhilaration will be wonderful. Thank you for booking a place at my event at Breaking Down the Borders in November. The discount is immediate – you don’t need a code – you save $10 just by booking before October 31st.

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