Tarot for the Month of October 2020

How will October unfold, in your life, and on the world stage? Tarot professionals Katie-Ellen Hazeldine in Great Britain and Kyra Oser in the United States and Canada look at the cards.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – Two of Swords

The Two of Swords: Truce, waiting, calm before a storm, keeping the peace, ignorance, fact gathering, indecision, difficult decision.

The Two of Swords (Moon in Libra) is my focus card for October, as seen in a vision during sleep. Readers may sometimes ‘see’ a card without physically shuffling the deck. Sometimes I ask a question before I go to sleep and may be woken with a virtual card draw. It’s something that can happen with long familiarity. The software, if we think of the Tarot in those terms, is permanently uploaded.

In General

The Two of Swords most particularly represents the first decan of Libra, 23 September to 3 October, and would appear to be picking up events and influences at the very beginning of October but which could set the overall pace and tone for the rest of the month.


The Two of Swords can describe a seesaw, and internationally it looks like another tense month of watching, waiting, diplomatic stand-offs and considerable tensions, though in most cases globally not advancing to outright disputes or conflict.

The Coronavirus presents a continuing see-saw. Any new crises this month, if they occur, seem more likely to arise during the first ten days or so of October when we are in Three of Swords territory.

In the UK

Further localized lockdowns have been happening and seem highly likely to occur sporadically during the foreseeable future, and this could mean until at least February/March 2021 although, whether rightly or wrongly, the Tarot has not shown me a return to a national blanket lockdown within the UK such as we had in March.

The Two of Swords in respect of the UK in its final round of trade negotiations with the EU is uneasy, as if we don’t know that already. The PM has intimated that 15 October is a definitive date so far as the UK government is concerned, and if so, this timing corresponds with the Four of Swords denoting a recovery from struggle or illness. In-between, we will have had the Three of Swords, a card of severance. There will have been an almighty struggle meantime and possibly the die is in effect already cast even before we reach the 15th.

At Home

October kicks off with a confident, possibly even somewhat headlong Aries Full Moon. Hooray, we’re like spring lambs again. Let’s all leap around in the meadows. We can get a lot done with that go-ahead energy. But when in doubt, we need to watch and wait and keep our own counsel.

The airy Two of Swords is ruled by the Moon, suggesting a month of intense moods, and confused or contradictory situations.

The Two of Swords calls a halt, a truce. Watching and waiting can be difficult, as well as tiring. It can be tough on the nerves. But this thoughtful card suggests that nothing of lasting value can be achieved at this time by rushing an important decision, or by upping the ante or forcing an issue. Smoothly does it.

In terms of personal relationships, Libra is a great charmer, even though it can also be tough, an ‘iron fist in a velvet glove.’ There may well be opportunities for glamour, romance fun and flirtation during October- there’s a lot of Venus energy, but if existing relationships are strained, a little goodwill goes a long way, and the priority as identified by the Tarot is keeping the peace this month even if you feel you are treading on eggshells. Even if you’d much rather bash the beloved around the head with the saucepan.

In Summary

The Two of Swords is the minor arcana card equivalent of the Justice card which rules the whole of Libra and this same note is repeated at the time of the New Moon in Libra on the 16th.

It’s about keeping our balance by using our intellect; clear, cool thinking. It’s about sticking to the rules, fair play, due process, and the rule of Law, practicing detachment in recognizing that the bigger picture affects us considerably, but we as individuals are not at the centre. This is a time to bring reason to bear and this is not easy when our feelings are running high.

This card may sometimes indicate headaches, especially if they are migraines due to stress, or eyestrain- literally, or even new glasses or a trip to the opticians as suggested in the illustration of this card.

The message from the Tarot this month seems to be that whatever comes our way, we can handle things best by keeping our cool, not ducking tough decisions but being careful not to rush them and as we get to mid-month…be a little careful who you talk to and who you trust with your confidences. Not everyone is reliable or deserving.

October is by no means all ‘bad news,’ but the Two of Swords indicates a key theme of ‘workable compromise.’

Ice kings, ice queens of cool. These are interesting times and we don’t want them to get more interesting. Let’s focus on what is right in front of us and hold our nerve.



Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, BA Hons, is a Tarot and Rune reader/consultant, writer, and historian in the UK, and has been reading professionally since 2006. Website – True Tarot Tales. Twitter: @truetarottales


Kyra Oser – The Lovers

The lovers in the TarotThe tarot card I drew for October is The Lovers. If you’re a regular reader of these Tarot Tuesday articles on Jessica’s site, you’ll notice this card has been drawn more than once this year. That’s probably not a coincidence, as partnership is a recurring theme in 2020 and one that will become even more critical in 2021. More on that later. For now, know that the cards have recently been reiterating the value of emotional connection over material accumulation.

In General

The Lovers is about relationship choices, commitments, and how we reflect one another even more profoundly through close partnerships and relationships. In your own life, October’s card brings you an opportunity to communicate in innovative ways. Perhaps you’ll reach out to friends and family you haven’t talked to in a while as the world rapidly changes and you seek to share stories of these transformative times with those who share a history with you. Or, if you’re looking to connect with a new partner, be the person you want to date so you can 1) detach from outcomes, and 2) be more likely to meet someone who matches not only who you are, but also what you want. Overall, this time of heightened connectivity is further strengthening our most solid relationships so when we are together again, there will be an even more sense of working together toward a common goal—mainly the bigger matters of world peace and environmental manageability.


In global news, expect U.S.-China tensions and increased conflicts in Eastern Europe to become more prominent in news headlines. Climate news will focus on unprecedented flooding this fall and winter, followed by a change in landscapes. These shifts on our world stage will make it clear as to who we most want to spend our time with. Old bosses, relationships that have outlived their time, and even unhealthy, long-term family connections will fall away, to be replaced with relationships you consciously choose in 2021 and beyond. Truths will come to the surface. Only the most genuine associations will remain, and this shake-up will be an improvement for everyone involved. Many of us have been basically collectively waking up, me included. You are not alone. As our relationship to the environment shifts and the call to stop manipulating our ecosystem becomes louder, standards for personal relationships will heighten, too. Another theme of this card is sexuality, and in these times that means an extended period of waiting for the much-anticipated post-plague sexcapade. We’re not there yet so just sit tight until the time comes. It’s going to be a while.

At Home

Meanwhile, expect humanity to get creative about new ways to “hook up” through technology, including reaching out to farther expanses of the universe beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, particularly through sound and specifically with the magic of music. Connecting with distant galaxies while social distancing on Earth will generate news headlines that comment on the communicative ironies of our times. What will this technology look like when it comes to forming new relationships? I see online town squares rife with added scents and tactile sensations that are also a hybrid of social media and 3-D video games, a symbolic burning of money as one of the early activities in these town square meetings, “Politically Incorrect Cafés,” and students attempting to take over schools with demands for a more direct, egalitarian democratic system in academia. I’m not suggesting any of this, just sharing a futuristic vision I had while in meditation.*

In Summary

In sum, we’re moving into a period when tensions between peace and war will increase, with peace-loving people of every age and especially younger generations demanding a permanent end to military warfare. At the same time, those in power who are drawn to destruction for profit will amplify their attempts to impair humanitarian efforts by engaging in heightened global conflict. In terms of what you can do (besides becoming or remaining politically active and informed), the message of this card is to be the change you hope to see in society. In other words, if you want more peace and love in your life, be peaceful and loving. If you want to be loved, love, but don’t expect reciprocation from any particular source. Stay in the energy of imagining you’re sending universal love to all other beings, and trust in the infinite source of life that brought you here in the first place to give you all you need when the time and place is optimal for the spirit of who you are, what you seek, and the nature of your destiny.



You can read more from Kyra at her website here.


NOTE: Please consult with your financial advisor regarding all financial decisions.

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44 thoughts on “Tarot for the Month of October 2020”

  1. Hello! It’s funny that Katie should say that sometimes she will ‘see’ a card before she pulls one, this also happens to me when I am going to ask my cards a particular question- the card/answer/advice pops into my head and sure enough, that is the card that comes out.
    If you are drawing cards this month, I’d love one for my month of October. :)
    Thank you to the three of you- I so look forward to your posts, Jessica.
    Blessings to the three of you!

    • Very good. You are a natural psychic Melly, as is Katie. And thank you for your blessings. Your Tarot card for October is Two of Coins. Juggling money is really hard when the world is in turmoil financially. Try to create a new system where you stop juggling and feel more on top of debts and income. This can be done but it means consciously pausing for a while and sorting things out.

    • Sure, Jill. Your Tarot card for October is Four of Cups. The issue is not the people, or your situation, or your place in the world – it is your own state of mind. Yoga will help. So will meditation. Actually any kind of physical activity that unlocks your mind, body and spirit will get you in a new headspace. This will help you appreciate some solid gold people much more. And it will help you wake up to the fact that another precious person is offering the hand of friendship or love.

  2. Jessica,
    I wonder what is coming for me as I am sending my resume today for one remote job… I wonder will I be a first choice…
    Any feedback is appreciated if you can do reading for me ….

    Thank You

  3. Thanks all. I feel such a sense of peace today. The end is near.
    Jessica, would love a card for the month.
    Love and gratitude xx

    • Sure. Your Tarot card for October is really about ‘one against the many’ and describes you, or someone you know, battling the group. This is really illogical because the basic attitudes, ideas or opinions of all concerned are pretty similar! We’ve seen a lot of these internet stoushes since 2016, no matter if it’s Brexit or the 2020 US election. Communication is the key. Remove the emotion or try to get the other person to do so, and talk properly.

  4. Hi Jessica, hope you are keeping safe and glad to hear Australia has got the virus numbers down so well. I’m looking for a new job in a new location but nothing has actually come up yet that I want to apply for. What does the tarot say for my job prospects in the next few months? Cheers, Aquarius Dreamer.

    • Thank you. You’ll go around in circles with job advertisements or applications until 20th November, but try to stay with the turning point on the 14th, 15th or 16th as despite the endless rewinds and replays of October, that could take you further. A professional relationship that is capital R for Relationship takes you into interesting choices from 22nd November and you will have made a further choice by 15th December.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Are you able to please do an October tarot card for me if you have time? Thanks so much!


    • Sure, Astrid. The Devil is the card which asks you to look at your former, current or potential lover and make the decision to break free. You can’t wait for other people to snap the ties that bind. You have to do it. Psychologically, emotionally or sexually – there is a really easy chain to wriggle free from. It’s time.

    • Sure, Cheryl. Your Tarot card for October is The Fool. You will be tempted to travel, move or just take a giant leap by travelling in the mind (for example, studying) but there is a note of caution to pay attention to. It may be something as basic as staying across ever-changing government regulations on quarantine.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Could you draw a card for me for the month of October please?

    One of my girlfriends recommended me to her boss for a full-time position in finance field. I haven’t been working as a full-timer for over seven years and I am very confused about this. Would love to know in advance about what will come up next.

    Thanks very much!

    • The Three of Cups shows three female friends dancing backwards and forwards. You also have Mercury dancing backwards and forwards (communication) in Libra, in your zone of friendship. The stop-start motion began around Thursday 24th September, and then resumes around October 29th, finally ending on November 10th. There is a fair amount of misunderstanding here and some mixed messages. There is potential, and you would be working with a friend, but this is more likely to end you both up in a completely different place. Give this time and space; it will work out in terms of the friendship and something positive will come out of it, in work terms.

  7. Hello Jessica,

    Could you pull a card for me for October – it feels like a big month, another month to hunker down and stay cool in the face of turmoil. Thank you as ever.

    • Your Tarot card is Chariot. You are travelling, or travelling in the mind, towards foreign countries or cultures. Or – you will be welcoming a traveller from a foreign country, who either arrives, or lands on your email. This is important for all concerned. It is an education. And it opens up the world. Enjoy it.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Hope this full moon finds you dancing under its light.
    Could you please draw a card for my souls journey in October.
    I feel my birth chart is full like the moon and would appreciate some clarity and heart felt guidance.
    Warm wishes

    • No dancing on a Full Moon! Your Tarot card for October is funnily enough, the Moon. You and another person are not communicating. You are both distracted by astrology, or Tarot or your imagination. Face up to each other and talk honestly. You could end up on the same path, or separate paths, but the time is approaching. No later than Halloween for the really big emotional decision and from November 20th it sticks.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I was hoping you could draw a card for me please. I have a legal rights issue which has been going on for over a year. It emerged that something was covered up. The issue has come to the attention of the regulator and if a deadline of mid October is in place to resolve the issue. The other side are to make contact or it moves to formal investigation. I know mercury is retrograde but maybe this will help as it concerns going over old issues.
    Any insights are really appreciated.
    Stay safe,

    • Mercury Retrograde will prolong this until 20th November. Without knowing what the problem is I can’t tell you more. If it is about sex and money, or sex and death, or death and money – you are almost there on November 15th but need another five days or so to go over old ground. New Moon in Scorpio on Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio.

  10. Hi Jessica. Is catching COVID 19 the October take down of Trump or are more challenges coming his way this month?

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I see on the news Trump tested positive- appears you were right about him going down in October! If you have time, please draw a tarot card for me :)
    Thank you kindly

    • Yes, Donald Trump is going down in November, as predicted in January on this website. Your Tarot card for October is The Star. Ceres is in Aquarius, the sign of groups and friends. She is retrograde, so there may be a pause here, but clubs, teams or other circles of people, and the friendships inside them, are powerful. You should keep the faith with one or more people as you will be rewarded from Christmas and in 2021 it’s a serious test but an incredible outcome if you stay with it.

  12. Thank you so much for your card last month. Would love one again this month to get an idea of what’s in store for me.

    • The Queen of Swords is your card for October 2020. A tough woman says ‘This far and no farther’ as she sets firm boundaries with one or more people. This is Margaret Thatcher and Boadicea rolled into one, with a dash of Her Majesty the Queen. Good Queen Bess, too, as she has the hair colour of the young Elizabeth I. If you are not immediately relating to a rather assertive phase in your life, then this is a woman not to be messed with, who is influencing your life. Everything is negotiable with boundaries. If the boundaries are respected, this woman is a fascinating, strong, and potentially rather wonderful ally. If you cross her, she’ll smite you.

    • Death is your card, but I have never seen this card bring death, unless the person dying knows it is coming and just wants to know about a merciful release. This is the beginning of the end, of a family situation. I suspect this is your former, current or potential husband/partner. It shows the King dead, in his ermine cape, with two princesses grieving. Death rides a white horse and a Bishop is powerless to stop him. In the distance a new day begins and the sun rises on a brilliant new start in life. In the centre we see a ship sailing – there is a journey to make and take. So this is the end of someone, or something, and it involves children or the head of a household. The future looks very bright but first you have to get through this period of mourning. It takes time. But it must be a deep period of acceptance and letting go.

  13. Hi Jessica, all yr prediction bang on. My salary is cut by 20 %. Many long term relationship getting cut off as worn out… unable to sell my property. Stressed out with the uncertainty due to covid 20. Working atmosphere not good. Can you see my chart and suggest any trend for the coming months. Thanks and regards

    • I cannot see your chart so you are not logged in. I am sorry about your salary cut. Relationships are not as good as they used to be – and you cannot sell your property. Work is stressful. Can I just say, this is completely normal for 2020 and there are millions of people in your position? When you say ‘coming months’ that’s too vague for Tarot so I have made it until December 31st 2020. Let’s see how things look for you; but take heart. You are one of millions and we are all going through this, or some version of it! The King of Coins turns up. I do not know if you are a man or woman. If you are a man of means, with some money at least, and certainly there is a property – the message is, sort out your assets. Your possessions, valuables, money is an overgrown mess. If you know you find it hard to let go, cut your losses, sell at a loss, give money out or pay it out – and you are male – this is you. You know what to do. If this is not you, because you are a woman, or you have no money at all – then this is a rich businessman or property owner who wants to cut a deal. I would suggest you get in there and start negotiating about your house or apartment for sale. You could also cut a deal over your salary loss, with an employer. Not everything has to be financial; you could perhaps negotiate about other advantages which come with a job.

  14. Jessica, I’m so desperate for some answers and would love so much if you could help…
    I’ve had so much loss this year. My Mum passed away in June, my boyfriend left and then I lost my job.
    I don’t know if/when things will ever get better. I’m so deep into grief I can’t see a way out. I feel stuck and I need some hope. When will things get better for me?

    • You poor woman. You have had far too much loss in too short a space of time. I filed a feature on Virgo planets and depression, if you want to look at Search. I have no idea if you do have Virgo factors in your chart, but it’s possible you do. The suggestions in the feature will help you anyway. I also strongly recommend you go to YouTube and search Grand Reiki Master Sadip Jain who I think is excellent. If nothing else you can try his work, free of charge, while you fall asleep as he is a highly recommended distance healer; Indian by birth but working in France. The Tarot for you is recovery, revival, rebirth. It is the X Swords and meditation and a little luck will get you out of this. Please do look up that feature I mentioned as meditation is on the list. You may need to do yoga and/or meditation, actually. The dark days will pass. The numeral X on the card reminds me of the Tenth House, ruled by Capricorn, and I suspect you have factors in the Tenth House and have been brought to the toughest cycle in 248 years and more – Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Things are already getting better. There is hope on the horizon. Some of this is seasonal. I do not know where you live, but when the seasons turn and the days become brighter and sunnier, you will be in a completely different world. At the moment you must help yourself. You have adopted a position of ‘down for the count’ like Henry Cooper on his face in the ring, but this is not who you are. Do this step by step. Remove one blow, then another, then another, slowly but surely. You will get strength each time you do this. It may hurt, but you will heal. Time is of the essence here – day by day, week by week, month by month. You also need to ask for practical help. If you have not already asked a friend or family member, or even an outsider, to step in and get stuck in – do it. You can and will do this and you will be a completely different person. It is not a cliche to say survivors are superwomen. You will survive, and you will think about moving. You can and will do it, if you want to. And that is the beginning of something glorious, later on. Do you remember J.K.Rowling writing about rock bottom as her foundation for the stratosphere? That’s you. But you are already so close to fixing one of the blows to you, and starting to heal.

  15. I have reconnected with an old flame and it has been a see saw. I would love to know what October holds for this relationship.

    • Your card is the VI of Cups. It is about the children. Yours, or your old flame’s. You don’t say if either of you has a son or daughter, or not. If you are child-free then the issue is having children through adoption, perhaps, or accepting that nieces, nephews or existing godchildren can be drawn into a family atmosphere. It’s not about either of you. It’s about ‘the young’ and how you can both/either fit into their universe and enjoy having them fit into yours. Property is a secondary consideration. There is something solid gold about this younger generation. Very precious.

  16. Hello Jessica –
    Could you please draw a card for me for October?
    I am currently applying for jobs and I need guidance in this area. Would love to know if the Tarot sees me employed
    anytime soon.
    Thank you. Much appreciation for your beautiful site and all of your hard work.

    • It’s hard applying for jobs, I know, but you are fortunate enough to be heading into a dramatic time of reshuffles, new openings, new government benefits, and the introduction of the 3.5 day week and job sharing. So once you are past Mercury Retrograde on 20th November, wheels turn and in December or January at the latest you will be able to accept or make commitments without the usual Mercury issues – delays, rescheduling, paperwork obstacles, and even reversals. Your October card, specifically for this month, as you asked about it – is The Ace of Cups. Potential emotional joy and deep heart-and-soul fulfilment. Your cup overfloweth. It can be spiritual or religious. This card turns up for Christenings when you are a Godparent. It is also there for experiences which go beyond the heart into loftier realms. There is a group, club or team associated. Perhaps Twitter, which is a vast social circle.

  17. Hi Jessica

    Your October forecast for Leos really resonated with me in terms of feeling that whatever I’ve done for my business in the last 3 years simply felt flat. Could you please draw a card for October for me to see whether this trend is about to change for me?

    Thanks a lot


    • Sure, Natalie. I am sorry you have been slogging away for three years. None of this is your fault; you have been working very hard, dealing with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn in your Sixth House of effort! It can feel like one brick wall after another, but the good news is, those walls are coming down, even as you read this. Your card is the Three of Staves. Not every plan or project was timed right. Some still have potential. To succeed, move them to a new city, region or country. Perhaps, target another nationality. This is a good time to examine your options on the map. By Christmas life on a professional level is so much easier!

  18. Happy October Jessica!
    Would you be kind enough to draw a card for me?

    Thank you so very much for all that you do!

    • We have about three weeks left of October now, Cat, but your card is the Three of Staves. There are three ideas, plans or projects you need to take across town, across your country – or the world. You are conscious of one or two, but forgetting the third. Timing is everything and the more feelers you put out now and possibilities you line up, the further along you will be when the answers are there.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    Your insights are always appreciated and have helped me.
    But I am facing this last 18 months ( wrote to you again on that) a lot of envy & toxic people at work, underlings as well as bosses. It is really too much stress for me. It is because I have an important assignment and role to play within my industry.

    Please can you draw a card for me for October? I am a Premium member with a lot of Scorpio factors etc.

    Thank you for your patience.


    • Juno, it’s quite interesting that you use this goddess as your pseudonym, because Juno was married to Jupiter and had a lot of female rivals (he was unfaithful) and so envy and toxic underlings (women in particular, who were beneath her) were a constant issue. You have Juno at 29 Libra opposite Chiron at 28 Aries so there is in fact, an inner tug-of-war going on, about going into battle (Chiron in Aries, which you share with Melania Trump) and trying to make it work with partners, former partners or potential partners. It might help you a lot to look at this opposition and how to work with it. Going onto the Tarot for October, your card is Judgement which points to your Scorpio and Eighth House factors. Judgement lets you know that ancestors and/or friends who have passed over, have something to show you and tell you. The people in spirit also evolve and you have events around you now, affecting your life, which also affect them and vice versa. Their ascension and ‘judgement’ of their souls, has a corresponding impact on you. I’ll give you an example. The political turmoil now within the Republican party, regarding Donald’s mental health, has an impact on the souls of Nancy and Ronald Reagan (the latter obviously had dementia) and their evolution in spirit, also has an impact on what is happening down here. Your own example, is your own example, but October is about (likely) your ancestors experiencing a huge shift in their upward spiral in the spirit world, which has an impact on you, and the other way around, too. All this is standard Eighth House stuff. Sometimes it can involve money they left you, or jewellery, or a house/apartment.

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