Tarot for the Month of November 2020

How will November unfold, in your life, and on the world stage? Tarot professionals Katie-Ellen Hazeldine in Great Britain and Kyra Oser in the United States and Canada look at the cards.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

The Cards

I felt drawn to draw two cards this month and have drawn The Hanged Man, and The Seven of Wands.

The Hanged Man is ruled by the element of water and the zodiac sign of Pisces. There is a waxing Moon in Pisces 21.22, 23 November and this could be when we see the most intense effects suggested by the appearance of this card.

The Hanged Man, appropriately enough, is the card of ‘Time out,’ and suggests letting go, surrender, sacrifice, or a period of life in suspension. There is a pause, a break in normal patterns. We need to look at things differently and do things differently, but this is also a card of bright ideas. Look at his halo. The guy’s not just a saint, or a wannabe saint. He’s a genius.

The Hanged Man is also reflecting the wider social contract, and the current requirement for us to guard our own well-being while also doing our best to protect others, exercising ‘self-sacrifice’ at a cost of temporary limitations on our normal personal freedoms.

The Seven of Wands is a fire sign card, the third decan of Leo – and interestingly enough this is ruled by the water sign of Cancer, in a steamy fire and water combination.

The Seven of Wands shows a stalwart figure, alone, outnumbered, but standing his ground, beating back the challenges coming at him thick and fast- but he’s not going to be defeated or overwhelmed (unlike the Five of Swords)

He’s occupying the (strategic and moral) high ground, looking down on the problems, keeping a strategic overview, steadily battling away, just as life is sometimes like that.

These are testing times, but so long as we don’t cave or crumble, we will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Eight of Wands is the next card up, and the Eight may be delayed, but when that train arrives, it is always good news.

Global and General

The Hanged Man feels strikingly appropriate, given the state of the wider global collective this November, with so many countries in various degrees of recurring lockdown in the effort to contain any exponential new rise of this virus.

Some are declaring that this is all a plot to ‘control’ us. Various conspiracy theories are gaining traction right now, and this is classic of the Moon influence embodied in The Hanged Man, visions, illusions, and delusions, even paranoia.

Public health emergencies have always meant temporary measures impacting the freedom of the individual. In 1347 it was the invention of quarantine as the Black Death was carried along the Silk Road and spread across Europe by ship.

In 1666 the people of London were boarded up inside their houses if any person in the family was sick. No coming out for food or medicines. The loved ones who died were taken away at night by masked men to be buried in communal plague pits. In 1918 there were restrictions on movements and face masks, which sparked protests, The Anti-Mask League etc, but then came a resurgence, and there were far more deaths in the second wave.

This virus may not be so dangerous, purely in terms of the numbers, but we’re not out of the woods yet (Seven of Wands) and history tells us the first interface of any new virus with humanity is always the most dangerous time. There are strains of flu these days which may still cause death, but which we more or less take for granted, though when they first emerged, they arrived as a killer pandemic, as with the so-called Russian flu in central Asia in the 1200’s.

These emergencies passed, the freedoms were restored, and The Hanged Man climbed down, counted the losses, and got on with his or her life. Meantime there had been a few changes, and some were lasting, others not.

The Hanged Man is watery in the extreme with its Pisces, Moon and Neptune energy, while the watery Cancer influence of the Seven of Wands adds up to a marked emphasis on water.

We could be in for a lot of rain this November, though the fiery Seven of Wands suggests there may be more fires in California or other places, especially later in the month. This, however, is merely a whisper on the wind as we examine the potential interpretations of the card. It is by no means inevitable, and with luck and care, even if showed signs of happening again, may be headed off at the pass.


 Mr. Biden currently looks like the inevitable election winner on 3 November according to the polls, but psychics and astrologers do not agree, and the picture is somehow not as clear as one might logically expect, looking in the cards. It’s one or the other, right? If the future exists, we can see it, yes?

Well, no, it’s not so simple. The future is not a lump of concrete waiting to drop out of the sky and it’s not like seeing it on a screen. We don’t so much see it as get odd glimpses of it, and mutations, for example, happen in Nature precisely because the nature of life is mutable, suddenly changeable.

At the time of writing, 14 October, this election would appear a shoo- in for  Mr. Biden, almost a dead cert, his to lose, but that’s not quite what I’m seeing here, and can only conclude that Mr. Biden absolutely cannot afford to discount Mr Trump, whatever the polls may say

Mr. Biden is being portrayed as The Hanged Man but so is Mr Trump. The Hanged Man is a sacrificial figure, ready to sacrifice himself for the wider good, or at least, not averse to being seen that way

Mr. Biden is a Scorpio sun sign and the water of The Hanged Man represents his own sun sign element but Mr Trump, a Gemini subject, is conveying this message, the Hanged Man, in respect of his recent COVID-19 illness and recovery (a symbolic resurrection.)

Whoever wins on 3 November, there could be further twists and turns to come, perhaps a challenge to the results, and perhaps a health issue will be part of the picture going forward, suggests The Hanged Man.

On the 20 September. I blogged elsewhere online that we were in for further surprises in respect of the US Elections, following the passing of Ms Bader Ginsberg. This observation was based on an appearance by the Joker. The equivalent card in the Tarot is The Fool, and within the next few days, the Joker manifested, we learned of President Trump’s positive diagnosis for Covid19, and now he has apparently tested negative. By the time this is published we may well have seen further surprise developments


The UK government has so far agreed more than 50 Free Trade deals with non-EU countries and not including the US, and overall the UK seems to be heading for a hard Brexit with the end-game moving ever closer during November, but with ‘a’ last minute deal, or deals with the EU in respect of Fisheries, Trade and other specifics. This has been the picture shown in my Tarot ever since 2016 and it has barely shifted during that time.

The Hanged Man describes the new lockdown measures, and the Seven of Wands may be indicating, amongst other things, the effects of those measures during November.

There is a sense through these two cards that the new three tier lockdown measures in the UK, while stopping short of a full second lockdown, may demonstrably halt the current rise in cases of infection, and it will bring results. The data will demonstrate a clear, though not massive degree of headway made during November, hopefully just ahead of the expected winter surges in flu, etc.


Not surprisingly this month could feel like something of a rollercoaster, highs and lows, especially around mid- month, which could be emotionally intense, or downright passionate whether in a fun way or the absolute opposite.

Arguments could go like this in a typical Hanged Man argument:

  • Grow up
  • Wake up and smell the coffee
  • Snap out of it.
  • You’re being so lazy/untidy/selfish
  • It’s always about you, isn’t it?
  • When are you going to fix this/actually do something (about this?)?
  • Leave me alone.

There may be secrets and surprises while ancient personal history, previous issues may come back to haunt us, though this could be an opportunity to finally heal or otherwise resolve them.

Mid- month seems calmer and we might get a sudden burst of energy. This is good. We can do something with this, and then the pace picks up again towards the end of the month, though with less intensity: surprise messages, sudden developments, speed of communications, new contacts, and possibly having to make snap decisions.

In Summary

We might feel like hibernating right now, says The Hanged Man, and who could blame us? But Life goes on, and feast or famine we all have something to bring to the table. The Seven of Wands says we soldier on, dealing with things one day at a time, one hour at a time if it helps, and if there are battles to be fought, fight them, but we choose them wisely and keep our powder dry.

All the best till next time.



Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, BA Hons, is a Tarot and Rune reader/consultant, writer, and historian in the UK, and has been reading professionally since 2006. Website – True Tarot Tales. Twitter: @truetarottales




Kyra Oser

Ace of Cups in the Tarot deckThe tarot card I drew for you this November is Ace of Cups Reversed. This card’s image demonstrates a hand holding the cup of life, and a dove filling that cup. In one interpretation of this visual, the bird offering its communion wafer represents divine gifts you will be given when you open to a higher consciousness, and the hand of life becomes the material world which is there to support you when you align with a spiritual practice. Ace of Cups highlights how we can quickly hook up with Nature by acknowledging the Divine, or merge with the Divine by immersing ourselves in Nature.

Generally, Ace of Cups is a card that indicates a new relationship to yourself or others. It also illustrates an opening of opportunity for expressing creativity. If you join with something beyond the physical through prayer, meditation, ritual, chanting, or otherwise, the Ace of Cups becomes a sign of your new or renewed relationship to Divine Consciousness, your own intuition, or both.


In global news, this card in reverse can portend information being held back between or amongst powerful countries that are normally allies but will soon become adversarial. Subsequently, disruption in international trade might be forthcoming.* Ace of Cups Reversed can also mean that a new form of international relations will be necessary for moving into the next phase of our collective existence. For example, if this card shows up in the future position of a spread, there would be an upcoming period of upheaval followed by a completely new way of life. More specifically, originality and uncharted waters are indicated. Near-future news magazines will feature articles about legal matters regarding the protection of marine life, as well as human rights for those living in freshly formed oceanic societies. Groups of individuals who hope to live outside of traditional society will attempt to form their own governments between continents. Maritime law, admiralty justice, and immigration rights amidst a seafaring way of life are topics you can expect to read more about in news headlines this month and increasingly throughout the coming years.

A water-driven global reading of Ace of Cups Reversed particularly points to the climate crisis, whereby symptoms of fossil fuel consumption will become so obvious in the reactions of Nature that there will be no choice but to adopt a new system. There is also an indication in this card of water overflowing, as in flooding, rising ocean levels, and increased sea travel. I’ve been having recurring dreams for years which take me into a future period when a heightened frequency of oceanic navigation becomes more commonplace. In these dreams, there are new port cities which welcome boats, cruise ships, and other sea vessels en masse. There was never a negative feeling during these nocturnal prognostications; on the contrary, the tone was both friendly and welcoming. I recall these dreams as a period of adjustment to a new way of life that revolves more around the ocean than land alone. I do get carried by the water in some of these dreams, which brings me to another point: if you haven’t already, one of the most important skills to acquire while you adapt to this new time might be how to tread water and swim. We are, after all, in an age of Neptune in Pisces.


In your own life, Ace of Cups is about finding healthy ways to express your emotions in real time, as they arise. This is a card of self-love, and as such, serves as a reminder to practice self-care. If your mood isn’t where you want it to be, do something healthy for yourself. If that doesn’t improve your state of mind, take an action that is benevolent for someone else—no matter how small or simple. Thoughtfulness is essential to existence, but the trick is balancing acts of caring between oneself and others, as both are necessary for leading a fulfilling life. Keep in mind that the more you help others, the more you will karmically be helped in time. Additionally, the emotional phase represented by this card signals that you might be ready to delve into your unconscious mind to acknowledge and explore your deepest wishes or desires. If you had more time and didn’t have to worry about money, how would you choose to spend this day? If you can’t plan your preferred activity right now, when is the next time that it would be possible? Is there anything on your to-do list for today that can wait until tomorrow? If none of these options are possible and your current obligations seem ceaseless, this is an ideal time to seek celestial guidance through prayer or meditation. When no earthly force is capable of providing you with an answer to your question, turn to the incorporeal and you might be delighted to see that your faith and humility is rewarded with unexpected solutions to even the most persistent of problems.

If you are focused on relationship right now (whether that’s expressed through romance, friendship, or family), this card in its reversed position asks if you are ready to open up more, share your feelings, or simply trust in the outcome. Conversely, perhaps you’re in a phase of introspection similar to The Hermit tarot card, in which case the Ace of Cups Reversed is saying that you will benefit from being honest with yourself and true to your identity or calling. For instance, if you’re more focused on your inner or outer life to the exclusion of relationships, this card in its reversed position marks a time when you might benefit from reconnecting to an act that has brought you great joy in the past. The cup in this card’s image is overflowing, so when it’s reversed, you’re being asked to refill that cup with what makes you happiest, even if it’s as uncomplicated as making a cup of tea and looking out the window to put yourself in the moment, or incorporating some hygge into your autumn and winter evenings with the lighting of a candle. If the exercises that normally bring you good feelings aren’t quite doing it for you in these times, you can try to turn to service. Serviceable acts build self-esteem and reestablish your relationship to community and divinity all at once.

Sometimes reconnection to a higher vibration of ethereal energy will be initiated by an appreciation or creation of art, music, or performance. The gesture of listening to music that moves you or consciously witnessing the beauty of Nature can be enough to commence a meaningful journey into another realm of consciousness. I ask for inspiration and guidance in the morning, which has frequently resulted in my rediscovery of synchronicity and encounters with magical miracles. If you are ready and willing, let the days throughout this month and beyond surprise you with fresh insights, guidance, heightened intuition, and the ever-present possibility of progressively positive feelings.

“The happiness of one’s own heart alone cannot satisfy the soul; one must try to include, as necessary to one’s own happiness, the happiness of others.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda



You can read more from Kyra at her website here.




NOTE: These predictions are for entertainment purposes only. Please consult with your financial advisor regarding any monetary decisions.

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64 thoughts on “Tarot for the Month of November 2020”

  1. Thank you Katie-Ellen and Kyra for you valuable insight! Would it be possible to pull a card for me ? Thank you so much for all!

    • Temperance. Ceres ends in Aquarius, which we see in the card, which is in the Eleventh House of your chart – friends and groups. A process is complete with the group of friends or like-minded people who all want the same thing. It ends on Monday 9th November. With Ceres you have to be really careful about how things are divided or shared with the others, but that is happening. In fact this is a fantastic pointer to 2021. From Sunday 20th December you will sense that something bigger and brighter is possible, with this group. Perhaps with two or three groups. You are right and it will change your life in 2021. The Temperance angel has grand trine on her robe. Aquarius, Gemini, Libra. As we will see Jupiter, Saturn, the North Node and the Moon create these trines in 2021 your own chart will flow too. There is a huge potential ‘crowning glory’ with a big ambition of yours up ahead, either in 2021, or 2022, depending on how determined you are. This is a Major Arcana card so November is really important. There is also healing taking place here. A doctor, healer, surgeon or nurse may be involved in the story, or perhaps you are a healer.

  2. Hi Jessica, I Just love the tarot cards, could you please draw a card for November for me please, thanks a lot Jill

    • Jill, thank you. Your Tarot card for November is the Page of Wands. This is about you, or another. A budding idea or high-potential concept, qualification or product needs to be put in the right environment. It’s not going to work where it is and it could even wither on the vine. This means commitment and a plan. It’s not enough to daydream or admire one’s handiwork on a partly-finished outcome! There is arid ground here. The city, town, region or even entire country is not a hospitable place for this quite wonderful idea. However, there needs to be movement, action, dedication and a bit of work. Maybe more than a bit. There is already a feather in this person’s cap, so you or another – has already done quite nicely with something similar. You sometimes see this card when male musicians are so distracted by admiring their own song, that they don’t realise it’s entirely wrong for the local radio environment. It needs to go to college radio in another country. Yet, they don’t do the work to make that happen, and the song goes nowhere!

    • The Empress. Sitting pretty in an abundant garden, local park or holiday environment. Likely, at home, with your own luxurious cushions piled up underneath you. Something is flowing but needs management. Cash flow, even. Perhaps another sort of flow. There is also something here to harvest and use. Try not to wallow for too long in the glory of your beautiful surroundings. The Empress is too relaxed. She needs to roll her sleeves up and make sure there is enough for leaner times. And that overflowing river (of something) needs to be rerouted and managed, lest it become an issue. She leans on the memorial stone to Venus, the goddess of seduction, female vanity, beauty, jealousy and desire. Yet the memorial stone is green. This can blossom again. It can bloom again.

  3. Hi Jessica, Happy November!!! And thanks Kyra and Katie-Ellen for all those wonderfully complex insights into the month ahead. It’s my birthday today and I would dearly love a heads up from the tarot for the weeks – or maybe even year!! – ahead. Much thanks :)

    • Happy Birthday. Even though the world will be banning flights, cruises and train or coach travel in large swathes in 2021, you will be on the move, exporting your ideas, or looking to a new destination. Maybe all of those. You have been blocked and stopped in 2018, 2019 and most of 2020 but the situation eases on December 18th when Saturn changes signs. In fact, you are being empowered to use your self-control and willpower by this time next year, November 1st 2021, and steer your way to new locations. There may be a bit of a gold rush on. So, for example, in Tasmania (where I live) we have eliminated the virus for over two months. We are now travelling to the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory, which have also eliminated for two or three months. I don’t just think it’s about making tracks, though. I think you have 2-3 projects, ideas, qualifications or concepts which you believe would thrive elsewhere. They may. Watch what others are doing. Where is the hot spot? A bit of research and homework; a few geography lessons; some serious updating – all helps.

  4. Hello! I think the election will be contested by Mr. T if Mr. B wins and it will lead to a lot of civil unrest. Thank you to you Jessica, Kyra and Katie for this.
    If you are drawing cards this month, may you draw one for me? I’ve got such a good feeling about this month for me personally. My intuition tells me I’m in for some good stuff :)
    Thank you again!

    • Thank you. Unfortunately nobody can change the date of an election in America and this one takes place on Mercury Retrograde Shadow at 25 Libra, the sign which rules partnerships, so everything people were counting on September 23rd, 24th, will either be scrapped or change. Libra rules partnerships, so this is about Donald and Melania (who appears to have used a body double this weekend), Donald and Mike, and Kamala and Joe. Perhaps, other partnerships, like Barack and Joe of old. Mercury is very close to a square with Saturn in Capricorn when this happens on Election Day so there is a serious situation at the top which cannot be squared. Okay, moving right along to your Tarot reading – there is the Page of Pentacles here, so a decent amount of money to be spent, invested or perhaps lent. The wise use of this money would be to finish a project which has been started, or to complete a goal which is halfway through. A family tree is in the background, and perhaps a family member could be involved. This may be you, or a person you know, but the money would directly involve you. We have Taurus and Scorpio weather in November going through your Second House of financial negotiation and Eighth House of investment and growth.

  5. Hi Jessica

    I am feeling that November will bring me a renewed sense of purpose and that I will finally see progress both at home (we have been looking unsuccessfully for a new home to buy) and in my business (time to launch my new products and get the Christmas campaign on social media).

    Could you please draw me a card?

    Thanks a lot

    xxx Natalie

    • Natalie you will be much better off when Saturn shifts out of Capricorn just before Christmas Eve. November still has a few retrogrades going on and you won’t lose that backward pull until 20th November. This applies to home purchase and business. The final 10 days of November will really help, though, and Saturn disappearing at Christmas is also useful. Your Tarot card for November is the Knight of Coins. A small but significant amount of money is there to be negotiated, and once the deal is done, money can be ploughed into what needs finishing!

  6. Hi Jessica,

    If you have time would you mind please pulling a November card for me?

    Many thanks!

    • Sure, Astrid. Your November Tarot card is the Page of Staves (Wands, Rods). The message here for you or someone important to you, is to stop daydreaming and admiring the potential of a plan or project, and make it happen. It needs to be planted in a different place, to work. At the moment it can’t possibly succeed because the environment is all wrong. Yet, if it was moved, it could start to take off. Still, action is required. This is worth the effort.

    • Sure. Thank you. Your Tarot card for November shows staves, wands or rods all falling – or ascending. This is the group of like-minded people who are separate and yet connected. They will either fall in a heap, or it could be diverted, so that they end up being beautifully placed, with tremendous timing, and the chance of new growth is then possible. The group, club, team, society, association or whatever this is – needs really good communication, strategy and trust if it’s to work.

  7. Thank you all for your your November predictions. Could you please draw a card for me for the month of November?

    • Sure, your November Tarot card is the Moon. Two dogs on a path facing two destinations are confused about which road to take. Together or apart? You have choices here. You two can either go together, go it alone, or find a third way – that is more creative and imaginative than the obvious! This is very much about the road ahead in 2021 and how you are both going to take it. I would say finance is a pressing issue, either because there is money to be made, or money you may lose, if you don’t get a wriggle on, but it will be easier after November 20th. Try not to leave it much later though.

  8. Hello Jessica, hope you are fine! I had Ace of Pentacles for this month and I would love your insight for the card. I am also Capricorn (expecting the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction) and I believe that the card has to do with a great offer for the month ahead…or at least the potential.. The oracle card was quite helpful showing Aesculapius in 9th. I presume that I should expect a “big picture” reformation or cure?? Though this is not the proper section, I would like your opinion for Turkey regarding the religion crisis with Europe and the dispute over the Aegean territorial waters (is it a Neptune matter?). Will there be a peaceful solution? I would love your interpretation and insight.

    Thank you very much!

    • The Ace of Pentacles or Coins is a large lump sump of money which can be yours if you trust it, believe it, know you deserve it, want it and reach for it. If you are Capricorn this makes sense to me as just before Christmas, Jupiter (abundance) goes into Aquarius and your Second House of cash – money saved or made. Aesculapius in the Ninth is a foreigner, foreign country, book, website and/or course which comes back from the point of no return for you. And as for Turkey, I will have a look at those transits in a general 2021 prediction, published here for 1st January. Thank you.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Please pick a kind card for me for month of November. Sometimes I feel like an outcast. Thank you so much. MHM

    • Feeling like an outcast is not great – perhaps you have Aquarius factors in your chart, which means you feed the group, and supply the group, with what it wants, but you are always *outside* the group! Don’t worry if this is the case – it is just the Aquarius path. Your card for November is Chariot. You will be welcoming a traveller, or travelling yourself. That seems hard during Covid-19 doesn’t it, but you can also travel in the mind (or this person can travel online to ‘meet’ you) and of course local travel is still possible. This is quite a journey, intellectually or spiritually, for you or the other person. Two cities are involved.

    • Sure. Your Tarot card for November is Ten of Staves. You need to delegate some burdens, but put others down. There is an issue here with scheduling, timing, workload and lifestyle. You have taken on too much, or are about to do so! Really think about what is essential and what is not in November. If you can farm out some of the tasks, so much the better. Clear out your email too and your computer.

  10. What a great write-up – thanks Jessica, Katie and Kyra. I can certainly feel a new energy in the air. Jessica, may I please have a card drawn for this month if you have time? As a 22 degree Cap Sun with Diana also at 22, I’m trying to give myself the best chance of benefiting from the historic 22 degree conjunction that’s coming. Thank you : )

    • Yes, that Pluto-Jupiter conjunction at 22 Capricorn falls right on your Sun-Diana trine at 22 Capricorn-22 Virgo in the Tenth House and Sixth House of professional life, university/college, unpaid achievement. This is very likely to be a reshuffle or big change in the balance of power in your field. We see people stepping down, stepping up, pursuing mergers and so on, on this transit. Given that we are living in COVID-19 there are likely to be shifts with work hours, days, conditions and the rest. It’s dynamic and life-changing. The Tarot card that corresponds to this is really The Fool. She strides out into new territory with huge optimism, seeking the best and biggest – empowered by a structure that is shifting under her feet. This is the end of the old and start of the new. Diana is tremendously independent. The Sun, you can see in the card. Just check the fine print and details too.

    • Yes of course. Your Tarot card is the Ace of Coins so there is, hypothetically, a lump sum of money. If you believe in it, trust it, know you deserve it, and can see what you might do with it (probably travel or move, when you are able) then you can incorporate this into your life.

  11. Dear Jessica,
    Would you please draw a tarot card for me for November? Thank you very much in advance.
    Lots of love, light and blessings to you,

    • Thank you. Your November Tarot card is The Star. This is an Aquarius symbol – community, diversity, equality. Every group needs a star, as The Beatles needed Ringo Starr, but all the Fab Four took turns at starring roles. You will join, rejoin or just put more energy into a very special club, team, society, association, network and so on. It will be the gift that goes on giving, if you can all share the light.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Wondering if you would be so kind to pull a card for me this month. Have some major decisions to make about a potential move (selling) due to very toxic neighbours that are impacting all area of life and mental health. I’m also trying to re-launch – so the timing on this move is not great!
    So much thanks in advance. x

    • I am sorry about your neighbours. How urgent is this? Would you be prepared to wait until after the first week of January to move? Obviously you’d love this to be over, but if you do start to make tracks, but find yourself delayed or even having to accept a reversal or deep change, just make sure you have prepared for it with Plan B and C up your sleeve. Your issues will be over from January 2021, but if you make strides before then you may have to retrace your steps, so allow for that.

  13. Hallo there Jessica,
    Would you kindly pick a tarot card for me for the month ahead. Thank you.
    I hope you are keeping safe.

    • Sure. I am in Tasmania, Australia and very lucky as we have eliminated COVID-19. Okay, so your Tarot card for November is the Four of Cups. It’s really good to be grounded, living in the real world, centred and very much ‘here’ this month, rather than living in your head. If you feel that you are unfulfilled by particular family members, friends, partners and so on – turn to yourself rather than looking to them. These people are actually solid gold, precious and special. Yet, you may be a little out of balance with mind, body and spirit so do try meditation, yoga, Reiki, hypnosis, counselling (and even good old-fashioned walking or gardening) to bring you back down to earth so you can set about reaching for the people who matter.

  14. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your insight on my toxic neighbours and either selling/ moving. I could list on the 20th Nov at 4.23 pm in AU with a view to getting a sale complete before the 20th Dec or just after Christmas and completing in Jan.

    Or, I can wait until the 20th of Dec to list home for sale and then it would complete in late Jan. Very conscious that from your blogs the end of Jan 21 in Feb 21 is a total nightmare. So, I’m trying to time it for the best electional dates in the hope that I can sell and then buy at good time that suit my chart too.

    I thought, I could sign my new place on 20th/ 21st Dec, with a completion in late Jan. I think there is a very small window Jan 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, that looks good to complete any new purchase I’m making. She says like I’m an expert. Bhah!

    Really appreciate your inisght. . Just trying to time the market which is very hot in AU at the moment, but the tipping point is inbound. Thank you x

    • Thank you. I would wait for the 20th of November to complete, so say 21st – because I don’t know your time zone. I have not written ‘total nightmare’ for January and February 2021. I probably wrote about Mercury Retrograde, which is best avoided, for a simple life. But it is never a nightmare. If you are in Australia now, not in Asia, then you need to be aware of the massive changes coming from Christmas with property prices in each state. It will happen on a state by state basis. So if you are thinking about timing, you’d wait until after 21st November and really see what is possible near Christmas into New Year and early January. That would be the astrology. We are all waiting for Saturn to quit Capricorn so he will no longer oppose the Cancer (property) placements of the millions, as he’s done until now.

  15. Hi Jessica, if you have the time, would you please pull a tarot card for me? Never had one done before, so I’m curious.

    I’m holding onto faith that whatever happens with the election results, even if Trump still stays, you still don’t see the next 4 years ahead with his toxic energy all over it. I wonder who the Robin Hood type figure may be. God, that’s needed all over the globe right now.

    Hope you got out of the Halloween period unscathed? I just bunkered down at home with the cats and dogs!

    Thanks in advance!


    • Jo, the Donald and Mike Show is over. President Robin Hood will indeed take from the rich to give to the poor. This is just Mercury Retrograde malarkey! Your Tarot card for November is the Two of Swords. You have a decision to make about who/what to cut out of your life. Perhaps feeling constantly threatened by something or someone, is a start! Of course there may actually be a person, organisation or situation you feel quite defensive about. Try to use your sixth sense to figure out when it is safe to drop your guard, quickly, and remove whatever blinds you to seeing clearly. Examine things and get the lay of the land, then find a new way to live your life that is less hard work. Maybe you never needed to be so defensive after all. In 2021 a group is waiting. It will be a relief and a release. You may already be in the group, but this would be a new phase – or you’ll just join one.

  16. Hi Jessica!

    Could you pick a tarot for me for the month of November? Lots of stress going on with work, housing, and the U.S. elections (I actually just switched off the TV since it was giving me high anxiety- funny because you did say this election will be crazy- I’m clinging to sanity by remembering you said it will be over by November 20th and that whoever comes to the White House won’t be the Trump/Pence team).

    Anyway the long and short of it that it’s been a very stressful three years, and this month looks to be giving me ulcers so ANY guidance and a small ray of hope will be INSANELY appreciated.

    • Well done on turning the television off. Yes, Mercury Retrograde ends on 20th November and the Donald and Mike Show is over. Okay, so you are finishing three really tough years, and wondering about November. The first thing to say is that financially, with property, loans, debts, business and so on – the worst is almost over. You will see tremendous changes all around you in business, banking, politics next week. This will have a strong ripple effect on your own life, and you need it. Later on near Christmas you see the absolute end of one money, house, business or apartment concern that kept you stuck for a couple of years. About then something quite new happens. You realise a distant place on the map or its people are calling you. In 2021 this becomes central to you and a great reward for you.

  17. Hi Jessica, I hope you are doing well and keeping safe. I love this blog and find myself immersed in reading everything you have to say – and I’m not a big reader! Anyway, I’m in grad school in America and currently working towards starting my career – I’m a Virgo Rising, Libra Moon, and Taurus Sun – can you give me advice on the industry/function I should work towards for my career? I’m currently studying economics and finance and find myself super interested in that. I’d love any insights and guidance. Love and light to you and your readers!

    • Thank you. Jodi’s beautiful design helps make it readable. You are studying economics and finance and wondering about a career. Classic Taurus Sun! You will have stunning options just before Christmas, so look at part-time, full-time work, unpaid work, internships, scholarships and other opportunities. In 2021 you will create future success for the years ahead (12 years into the future actually) and from 2023 you could easily be drawn to politics, or to extremely powerful, highly political organisations – like Goldman Sachs, for example.

  18. Hello Jessica,

    Could you please draw a card for me? I feel that November can be a “break point” month for me. I have Jupiter in 22deg Aries and Mercury in 22deg Libra, 23deg Taurus SN and 23deg in Scorpio my NN. May e through card I can see what these aspects from Jupiter in 22deg Capricorn could mean for me.

    Thank you !

  19. Hello Jessica,

    Could you please draw a card for me? I feel that November can be a “break point” month for me. I have Jupiter in 22deg Aries and Mercury in 22deg Libra, 23deg Taurus SN and 23deg in Scorpio my NN. May e through card I can see what these aspects from Jupiter in 22deg Capricorn could mean for me.

    Thank you!

    • You are all set to experience the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction at 22 Capricorn from November 8th to 13th in an intense sweep of your chart. This means reshuffles and transformation at the top of business, government, corporations has a domino effect on you. Their game changes and it is a game-changer for you, at a distance. A classic example would be the Democrats taking leadership and the Republicans being eliminated – that would have a knock-on effect, somehow, and it would be very much about your reputation, title or image (Aries) and your former, current or potential partner (Libra). The Nodes are also very close, and of course money also comes into it. Your Tarot card for November is The World. You have intriguing options in the United Kingdom, Europe, America or Australasia. Try to focus, centre and ground so you can make a choice. You can’t have them all, or do them all at once, but you can select!

  20. Jessica, would a permanent move in January be good for myself too, as on Friday (31st) a new neighbour has just moved in and the noise is driving me insane. I can’t wait months for the council to sort it out as its already making me sick.

    • I am so sorry about the noise. Do yourself a favour and go online to buy the earplugs used by American construction workers, which have a decibel count on the back. That is a good stopgap. MUJI also make excellent earplugs. There are some options here. Another neighbour(s) could join with you in approaching the new neighbour. You could get results by communicating with that person by yourself. The council could act faster than you think. On the plus side, with so many people at home now, you are not the only person going through this and I am sure the authorities are becoming quite used to dealing with these issues and given the situation, keen to resolve it. If you do want to move, though, you are in a really good position to do that after 20th November and in fact from Christmas Eve, you’ll either have the nuisance neighbour issues resolved, or find yourself looking at much, much better home options for the first time in years. Good luck.

  21. Hi Jessica
    Do I try to publish a few of the childrens stories Ive written ? Also musically … A fellow Libra and I are literally trying to “put the band back togethor” lol
    Is it possible in 2021? Could you pull a card for me ?
    Thank you for all you do !

    • Thank you. Your Tarot card shows a number of people trying to raise a barn together, but each of them are going in different directions. It’s a bit like Pink Floyd trying to make an album with Syd Barrett. That makes it complex but interesting! You might want to look at the politics of the players, though. Your children’s stories have been written on Mercury Retrograde so may need some more rewrites before the cycle is over…

  22. Hi Jessica
    I am really impressed by your prediction articles and have great faith in astrology. How can I get a personal chart reading from you? Can you pull a tarot card for me?

    • Thank you. I don’t give personal readings, unless it is for a charity. Shilpy, your Tarot card for November is The Tower. This is a symbol of an old structure collapsing and ‘the shock of the new.’ You probably know this already because you are living in radically different times, with so much lost with COVID-19 all around you. The question is, do you go back to the old world, and the old life, and repair it and patch it up? Or do you want to walk away, because it was never that fabulous anyway, and take the risk of seeking what you do want and need? Do you want to invent a new life and a new world with others? Because it’s possible.

  23. Hello Jessica! You were spot on about the US elections. I have forwarded your blog posts to all my friends. Waiting for Nov 20th when you have said this saga ends. Thank you for your insights! Can you please pull a card for this month, for me? My house is up for sale – it’s been months on the market now and it’s not moving. Getting anxious about it. It will be great if it’s sold before the end of the year. Thank you!

    • Thank you. Yes, the final piece of paperwork will be settled around 20th November. Yet, as I also predicted, this election belongs to the Democrats. You are selling your house on Mercury Retrograde. You will see things slowly start to move from the 20th of November and if you are open to negotiation then when Venus moves into your Eighth House of property and finance in December, you may be able to strike a deal. It really depends how keen you are to bargain.

  24. Hi, Jessica

    I am hoping your possitive view comes true, not Ms Kyra Oser’s prediction after the election.
    Could you read a card for me please? I am living in a rented house and as we like the house, we are thinking to approach to the agent (or owner). However, considering your prediction (housing market will plummet in UK around last week of January), I want to wait until after January 2021 to purchse a any house. (but then we need to agree annual contract to be continued or not on 22nd January 2021!) Will it be better to wait for us? We will have an inspection by the agent in coming week and am thinking to ask if the owner is considering to sell the house. Is it ok timing to ask about it with the agent?

    Thank you

    • Kyra is a brilliant psychic. You are renting and want to make a property move. By the way, I never predicted the British housing market ‘would plummet around the last week of January.’ What I am predicting, however, is a major crisis with COVID-19 that week. If you want to pursue house or apartment deals, then wait for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (finance) to end on 20th November for the best astrological outcomes and see what you can pull off in December. Never let the horoscope put you off doing anything, just have Plan B and C if you want to go ahead now.

    • It’s an amazing day, Vikki. Your Tarot card is The High Priestess. You will study and teach, formally or informally, as the South Node goes through Sagittarius and your Ninth House, and the North Node goes through Gemini and your Third House. This takes you until January 2022 to complete. Tremendous wisdom is there to be tapped, exchanged and examined.

  25. Hi Jessica, I was hoping you could pull a card and maybe use your intuitive insight for me. The world is incredibly confusing and messed up right now. And I have a long distance relationship that is struggling throughout this. Australia, where I am, is doing so well. England, where he is, is doing poorly. So my question is more reflective. Am I being unrealistic or unfair to my significant other? He’s holding back and protecting himself, but I want more. I’m not a naturally patient person. :) Striking a balance when there’s no end in sight is so frigging hard and I’m not sure where the line is between compromising for a particular outcome and wallpapering over problems that are bigger and deeper than Rona and closed borders.

    • Long-distance love is very hard. You do have decisions to make, the pair of you, and it will be easier in two stages. Firstly from 20th November, and next from 6th January. There are no easy answers to this one, but at least you will know where you stand and what you are going to do, in two stages. And the second week of January really will feel like a brand new year, for a change.

  26. Hi Jessica! I feel the shackles are lifting – thanks for your ongoing guidance and insight. Can you pull a card for me this month or am I too late? We are moving forward with some decisions, seeing an architect today, & feeling more positive about life in general. Lots of love & gratitude xx

    • You will find that you move forward twice, once on 20th November and once on 6th January. Allow a day either side. This will directly relate to the plans, or indirectly help you in other ways. Your Tarot card is the Page of Staves which shows hesitation over an idea, scheme or production of some type. The hesitation is useful if you think creatively and use it as time for homework, research, creative inspiration, deeper thought. When the time is right though, you will most certainly move yourself and your plans to a more suitable environment.

  27. Dear Jessica,
    Would you mind pulling a card for me, please? If I may, am also wondering how you view the Jupiter Pluto conjunction play up in my chart, this week or soon after. (Saturn is currently squaring my natal Sat – Pluto – Asc.)
    Wishing Deepavali brings you all the light and joy. Regards

    • Thank you! Vulcano at 22 Gemini in the Third House in your chart is aspected by Jupiter at 22 Capricorn and Pluto at 22 Capricorn all week long, in a quincunx. You are powerful, potent, influential, self-controlled and tightly in check, when it comes to the internet, media, writing, public speaking, broadcasting, education and also – with commuting and short-haul transport. Vulcano in Gemini is the driving instructor who has her own blog. That kind of thing! The Tarot for you now is The Chariot. This is ‘travel in the mind’ but also a new way of getting from A to B. Both will touch your life now, so online is really important and shows rare breakthroughs, but so is how you get around.

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