Book cover - The Secret Language of the Stars

The Secret Language of the Stars

As a Premium Member you can now pick up a complimentary digital copy of The Secret Language of the Stars, which will be published as a signed, limited-edition in 2021.

As a Premium Member, you can now pick up a complimentary digital copy of The Secret Language of the Stars, which will be published as a signed, limited-edition in 2021.



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4 thoughts on “The Secret Language of the Stars”

  1. Hi Jessica, loved your Great conjunct meetup. I did manage to put in a question but since you had so many it did not get answered. I am hoping you wouldn’t mind sharing some astrological wisdom with me through my tough times. I am a Leo woman born on 24/07/1976 with 01 degree cancer moon,04 degree Aquarius ascendant, mercury and venus in Leo while Mars in Virgo, Jupiter 26 degrees in Taurus, Uranus in 03 degrees Scorpio, Neptune in 11 degrees Sagittarius, North node in 8 degrees Scorpio and pluto in 3 degrees libra. I am starting a divorce after 20 years of marriage which has given me two beautiful children. I am worried about my finances and my work. I am doing two courses (teacher training and psychology conversion)and managing a job. Would Psychology as a profession suit me and will I be successful as a psychologist and furthermore, will I meet my soulmate soon and remarry again in the future? I hope to hear from you and thank you for sharing your knowledge. Best wishes Kanika

    • Thank you for coming along to the YouTube Premiere of The Great Conjunction, Kanika, and I am happy to answer your question now, as some 5000 people have now viewed and there just wasn’t time for Tara Buffington and I to reply to you all. You are now restarting your life, so congratulations, and you are drawn to psychology. In 2021 your Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House will call you to a different region or a foreign country and you will be tempted to either take your projects, plans and/or qualifications into those places (packing up and leaving) or experiment with the idea of exporting what you have to offer, while staying put. There will be a question about timing for you – are you going too fast and too early – or are you feeling stuck and procrastinating – but that will be solved by researching the location, the organisations or people, and the trends sweeping everyone ahead of you. This may involve psychology or at the very least, the ‘people’ professions. There’s a boom coming which you would want to join, in this distant place. You want to remarry and your chances are at their highest in 12 years, starting now, ending December 2021.

  2. Hello Jessica; Happy New Year! Could you please tell me exactly which house system setting you use with regard to Astrodienst? I Use astrodienst to see the transits occurring in our family charts. Since changing from placidus to whole house\aries in the first house, I just can’t seem to make sense of any of our transits in relation to your writings. Help! Thank you.

    • On Astrodienst ( you are selecting (Whole=1 Aries) in other words, the whole house system with Aries on the cusp of the First House. It’s probably easier for you to use the chart you have here, with membership and look at the transits that way.

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