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The Astrology of Bitcoin

The astrology of Bitcoin clearly shows the all-time high thanks to Elon Musk, on Tuesday 9th February 2021. It also shows a key date in its history and suggests January 2022 is unforgettable.

The Astrology of Bitcoin

 You would expect the astrology chart for Bitcoin to show Taurus and Scorpio patterns, and it does. Taurus rules gold bullion, bull markets and the charging bull at Wall Street. Scorpio rules the reality of death and taxes, inheritance and legacy, marriage and mortgage.


Satoshi Nakamato Astrology Chart

Satoshi Nakamato, the mysterious Bitcoin developer, has a supplied an April 5th, 1975 birthdate. That gives us Venus at 19 Taurus and Uranus at 1 Scorpio. The astrology of Bitcoin rests on the horoscope of Satoshi Nakamato.

Bitcoin and Uranus in Scorpio

The Uranus 1 Scorpio placement in the chart is important because on April 5th, 1975, the North Node at 2 Sagittarius and South Node at 2 Gemini were very close. Mercury was at 0 Aries – again – very close. Uranus in Scorpio is a symbol of revolution in the economy. That’s Bitcoin. Tied into this pattern, Uranus works really hard in the chart, at 0, 1, 2 degrees of any zodiac sign.

Uranus is also a symbol for all that is unpredictable in astrology. And it has always been linked with electricity. Bitcoin is volatile and without electricity its famous mining would not exist. This chart works – and it doesn’t matter if you doubt the existence of Satoshi Nakamato, or the supplied birthdate or not. As we’ll see in a moment, it lines up with the all-time ‘Elon Musk’ high of Bitcoin.

Venus in Taurus in the Bitcoin Chart

Venus at 19 Taurus is close to Ceres at 18 Aries. It’s almost a perfect semi-sextile. Again, there’s a little pattern here, at 18-19 degrees. Venus rules Taurus anyway, in astrology, and here she is in her own sign, the sign of the Wall Street bull.

Wall Street in Astrology

Wall Street itself, as an organisation, has a stellium or unusually high number of factors, in Taurus. You can see the Wall Street astrology chart here and discover how the patterns with Bitcoin and Wall Street line up.

Testing the April 5th, 1975 Bitcoin Date

There’s only one way to test this date, and that’s to look at key dates in Bitcoin’s history.

On Tuesday, February 9th, 2021, Bitcoin surged above US $47,000 driven up by Elon Musk. That was its most expensive peak. So what was going on that day?

Elon Musk and February 9th, 2021

Remember that we’re tracking Uranus at 1 Scorpio and Venus at 19 Taurus. Because the Nodes at 2 degrees, Mercury at 0 degrees and Ceres at 18 degrees are really close, we’ll allow a window of 0, 1, 2 for transits to Uranus and 18, 19 degrees for transits to Venus.

Initially that day we find:

  • Moon 18 Capricorn
  • Fortuna 18 Aries
  • North Node 18 Gemini
  • South Node 18 Sagittarius
  • Mercury 18 Aquarius

Watching the Moon on a Bitcoin High

The Moon then moves forward a little.

  • Moon 19 Capricorn
  • Neptune 19 Pisces
  • Vesta 19 Virgo

gold and black round coin

Unusual Patterns in the Bitcoin Astrology Chart and Elon Musk

There is nothing showing up at all, triggering the Bitcoin Uranus at 1 Scorpio. However, we have an extremely unusual number of transits at 18, 19 which triggers the Venus 19 Taurus semi-sextile to Ceres 18 Aries. In fact, on the day Musk shows his hand, Fortuna is exactly ‘on’ or in conjunction with the Bitcoin Ceres. It’s not hard to see fortune in her name.

Astrology of the Bitcoin Ledger Start

The astrology set for January 3rd, 2009, when the Bitcoin ledger started, is clear. We’re looking for transits to Uranus in Scorpio at 1 degree, the North Node at 2 Sagittarius, South Node at 2 Gemini and Mercury in Aries at 0 degrees. On the 3rd of January 2009 we find an historic pattern:

  • Mercury 1 Aquarius
  • Pluto 1 Capricorn

We are also looking for transits to the Bitcoin Venus at 19 Taurus and Ceres at 18 Aries. On January 3rd, 2009 the Bitcoin ledger astrology chart shows:

Uranus 19 Pisces – again, extremely rare.

woman holding two round gold-colored coins

Predicting the Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will dominate the world economy until Uranus is finally out of Taurus on April 26th, 2026.

Dates to watch next on this bumpy ride? Specifically, January 1st to 12th in 2022, when we find triggers to the Bitcoin chart.

Bitcoin in January 2022

  • Sun 19 Capricorn
  • Mercury 1 Aquarius
  • Venus 19 Capricorn
  • Mars 19 Sagittarius
  • Jupiter 1 Pisces
  • North Node 1 Gemini
  • South Node 1 Sagittarius

This is a highly unusual period because Venus in Taurus and Uranus in Scorpio are both triggered in the first 12 days of January. So, are you going to make your fortune with Bitcoin or regret the day you ever heard about it? It depends entirely on your personal birth chart and the alchemy it creates with Bitcoin itself. I think it’s worth your research. These patterns are pretty striking. 

Friday the 7th of January 2022 is an intriguing day. Jupiter (abundance, gain, luck) is at 1 Pisces, perfectly trine Uranus at 1 Scorpio in the Bitcoin chart. Venus is at 19 Capricorn, perfectly trine Venus at 19 Taurus in the Bitcoin chart. I am writing this on February 9th, 2021, so looking about a year into the future, but we’re going to see massive drama with Bitcoin very close to Friday,  January 7th, 2022. What you do about that is your choice, not mine, but here is something to watch.

The Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio in 2022

It’s striking, that on January 19th, days after the Bitcoin drama headlines – the North Node goes into Taurus and the South Node goes into Scorpio, the two money signs, in patterns we have not seen since the war.

This is not just about Bitcoin traders, it is about the entire world economy. I sincerely hope we are not talking paper notes in wheelbarrows, but what is coming will be radical. Uranus (the shock) in Taurus (the economy) turns direct, on the 19th of January 2022. This is money, but not as we knew it.


All images courtesy of Unsplash.com.

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18 thoughts on “The Astrology of Bitcoin”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Love this article as my birthday is one day before Nakamato’s birthday so our chart is nearly identical! On top of that my natal moon is at 19 Capricorn so I’ll note those dates you mentioned. Nothing much happened today though with my 18/19 degree pattern.

    • I am going to add to this story with new data from a reader giving November 1st, 2008. Amazingly, Mars is at 19 Scorpio in that chart. By the time you read this, you will have had a chance to go and review what is happening with cryptocurrency and how that affects you at a distance.

    • Happy Birthday far, far into the future. If you start now, you will gain qualifications by 2022 that build on your knowledge, reputation and profile. Even if you do not get letters after your name or a certificate, you will ‘qualify’ informally by your own educational process.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are well! I have just one corresponding factors In my birth chart with Mars at 19 saggitarius? With mars being the planet of war ( if I’m not wrong), and with bitcoin’s placement in January 2022, does it mean I’ll be affected by bitcoin’s war in the world? Sorry, trying to use my amateur skills and could really use your help.

    Please advise. Thanks so much, Jessica!

    • Mars at 19 Sagittarius in your chart is about your relationship with foreign places and people, or regional differences. You are quick off the mark, here, and very much about action, not words. You periodically find you have bushfires to extinguish, too. Situations which are too heated, and move too quickly, can trigger issues for you – always have, always will – but you’ve likely learned what not to do, especially when actually in a foreign place, or dealing with people who seem foreign to you. The Bitcoin saga will affect you through a distance. The most obvious example would be foreign currency exchange rates, so US dollars against the Euro, for example.

  3. Thank you so much. Recently, I mentioned my having a 4 degree MC / IC . You answered that I may be tied to Wall street if my birth time is correct. I was going to say I have felt all my life I came here to take care of others and to leave something behind of value for others. I can’t help but wonder now if my moon being at 1 Scorpio might line up to points above. My husband is Pluto at 19 too… I wonder what you see for me in my chart? After all, this is my life’s work…moon Scorpio. Crypto to 2026…?

    • Jupiter at 25 Gemini in your Third House of media, internet, transport, travel is aligned with your Nodes at 25 Scorpio and Taurus, and you are here to make money for others, or fundraise for them. You suspect as much. You have been rich or poor through several lifetimes, as I mentioned, and this time around have chosen to experiment, one more time, with money, houses, apartments, charity, business, valuables. When the North Node goes to 25 Gemini as it did September 4th to 14th 2020, you tend to realise what is going on. A dream can do it. A flashback can do it. An odd event can do it, too. You will have your full North Node/South Node opposition from February 28th 2022 until March 5th, that year. The North Node is at 25 Taurus and South Node at 25 Scorpio and Venus is at 25 Capricorn on Tuesday 1st March 2022, which narrows it down. The time will come to understand this life, and past lives, and the need to receive what the universe decides you are owed, but also pay back in some way, or give back, if that is also required, spiritually. It will happen (of course) through money, property or valuables.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    according to Saifedean Ammous PhD, who wrote The Bitcoin Standard, Nakamoto sent the email announcing “the new electronic cash system” on November 1st, 2008. I just started reading the book (interestingly, when Venus was at 0 Aquarius). Maybe you should consider that as the birth of Bitcoin, for the future.

    Other than that, I have Ceres and Minerva around the 18 degree, ascendant in Scorpio at 0…. and my north node in Scorpio. I am not sure how this will affect me or what to do about it, but I finally have some extra $ I can use to invest, it will be real estate or crypto as i see it now. Useless to say, I’m a little annoyed now because i started recommending Bitcoin as an investment when it was at $800, to one of my closest.

    Thank you so much.

    • That is really interesting. November 1st 2008 has Mars 19 Scorpio (wealth) and the Sun at 8 Scorpio, so I will take it. Thank you very much for this information, which I will use to update the story. The group part of the Bitcoin story is supplied by the Aquarius patterns on November 1st, 2008. Neptune 21 Aquarius, the North Node at 14 Aquarius, Chiron at 16 Aquarius. Saturn at 18 Virgo and Uranus at 19 Pisces are in aspect to Mars at 19 Scorpio so this is a powerful birth. Your own chart shows a stellium in Taurus and Scorpio across the Second House of personal finance and the Eighth House of family/partnership assets. You are incredibly fortunate to have Mercury at 2 Taurus in conjunction with Jupiter at 3 Taurus. You are always protected and frequently blessed. You have previous lives both as a rich person and poor person, with the Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio. No wonder you recommended Bitcoin when it was just $800 – you are Jupiter (lucky) with your financial (Taurus) information (Mercury). The most important thing you need to know is that Uranus in Taurus moves from 6 and 7 in February, into 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 for the remainder of 2021. At 9 degrees of Taurus, Uranus (shock, revolution, radical change, new inventions) will be in conjunction with Vesta, a symbol in your chart of one male/several females with issues about who or what is in control. That may be personal (wife and sister) or professional (Sir Richard Branson has Vesta prominent in his chart, owns Virgin (Vestal Virgins) and Virgin Airlines, where a male pilot is outnumbered by female flight attendants! The transformation of your financial life is only just starting, as Uranus goes to 12 Taurus and is in conjunction with your South Node at 12 Taurus and in opposition to your North Node at 12 Scorpio, from May 25th to June 12th and Ceres is at 12 Taurus on June 9th and 10th. That narrows it down to Wednesday 9th June, Thursday 10th June quite specifically. Saturn is very close at 13 Aquarius during that period, making a square. If you have a future deadline for your deals and bargaining at that time, and it happens to be the next Uranus 12 Taurus transit, October 31st 2021 to November 24th that year – be aware that Uranus is the lightning bolt, the sudden fork in the road, the radical change. One can peer into the future as a speculator in real estate or crypto, but Uranus will go to 12 Taurus yet again, March 13th to April 3rd, 2022. There is a further leap in time. Whatever is swirling around your choices during this 12 Taurus Uranus ‘weather’ is even more crucial when the North Node goes to 12 Taurus and South Node goes to 12 Scorpio, December 10th 2022 until Christmas Day, December 25th. Using those dates, and your own judgement (because you make your investment choices, not me!) you may also want to use the Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Your Oracle on this website to give yourself a three-way reading to back up what the astrology is telling you. You also need to backwards in time to the last years you experienced the North Node at 12 Taurus and South Node at 12 Scorpio, to trace the karma. That takes you to March 2004. You have some intriguing material to work with there. Bottom line? Uranus in Taurus is cryptocurrency. Uranus is also all that constantly changes, can not be predicted from one year to the next, excites and exhilarates, and liberates. This is some wave you are riding.

  5. Jessica, considering that Uranus is transiting second house at the whole sign system how can I look at my chart and decide if it is a good or a bad idea to invest in cryptocurrencies? I have had some major losses since Uranus has entered Taurus (like 30k in my local currency) and i keep wondering if it is a good time for myself to invest on something risky. My biggest fear for the latest years is to become unemployed or without money

    • Anyone who has lost $30,000 since Uranus entered Taurus, likely has factors in Scorpio and/or Taurus. You have Mars at 10 Scorpio and Pluto at 11 Scorpio. So, you have a Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, business and valuables. You experienced transiting Uranus at 10 Taurus and 11 Taurus (Uranus opposite Mars, Uranus opposite Pluto) in July, August, September 2020. Uranus returns to 10 Taurus on 19th April 2021 and goes through 10, 11 until May 24th 2021. Ceres is at 10, 11 Taurus on June 4, 5, 6, 7 very shortly after that. Ceres opposite Pluto, Ceres opposite Mars. Oppositions are times of extreme challenge and unusual strain, and in Taurus and Scorpio, we are talking money. You have to make your own decisions because I cannot make them for you, but use The Astrology Oracle, Your Oracle and the Tarot (three methods on this website) to ask about the dates I just gave. Uranus is shock, radical change, revolution. Oppositions show who/what goes against you. And yes, Uranus rules cryptocurrency, in the sign of Taurus.

  6. Hello Jessica:

    I read your articles with huge interest. Thank you for your hard work.

    As you know, owning gold was banned at some point in the last century. Nobody was allowed to own a gold bar.

    Bitcoin, paralleling gold, could be banned as governments ditch paper money in favour of stable coins issued by the governments.

    Could January 2021 be the date that Bitcoin is banned universally?

    Please share your wisdom.


    • Tom, Uranus (new inventions, electricity, revolution, freedom, liberation, independence) in Taurus (your money) hangs around until 2026 so we are not going to see cryptocurrency banned at all. In fact, Elon Musk has given us a double whammy. He’ll sell his Tesla electric cars for Bitcoin. One way or another, we are moving towards the end of petrol/fuel/gas/fossil fuel and towards electric or other transport. And cryptocurrency can pay for that. Those in power will try to get rid of both but will not succeed, on this cycle. The rebels have it.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I have invested in crypto currency and have followed it for some time. Could you please tell me how my birth chart lines up with bitcoins?

    Thanks for the article.

    • I’m sure you saw Bitcoin reached a record high this weekend. Basically, use everything you are given in 2021 with finances. Every solution, opportunity and open door. 2022 is much harder but your own research may back that up. 2023 is a massive transformation for you economically and it goes on for years – it is demanding, intense and beyond 2030 you will find yourself weighing up the value of what you possess, versus the price/cost in terms of a quiet life and peace of mind. So it’s really up to you. If you would like to give yourself a first ,second and third opinion, use the Tarot on this website, and also Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle to give you more angles, specifically on Bitcoin itself. You have a placement at 25-26 degrees of the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which rules bull markets, gold bullion, the Wall Street bull and also the really big aspects of shares, property and finances. When transiting Uranus goes to 26 Taurus in 2025, specifically from April 26th until May 12th, everything turns upside-down. We also have Saturn at 26 Pisces on April 14th to 22nd, just before that time, and a few more hits on 26 degrees with the North Node and South Node there, which can only happen every 19 years. You were born with Fortuna, the Wheel of Fortune, at 25 Scorpio and Uranus at 26 Scorpio, so there is a hurdy-gurdy, unpredictable, exhilarating, frequently quite shocking lifetime pattern in your life, around money, apartments, houses, valuables, charity, business, and yes – cryptocurrency. What happens in April-May 2025 is all of that so I will leave it up to you to run your life then, but the cards right now will give you useful angles.



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