Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

In April 2022, Jupiter will form a rare conjunction with Neptune. What does this mean for you? Read on.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth, optimism and solutions, will form a rare conjunction with Neptune, the planet of escapism, release, relief and holidays from reality, on April 9th through 12th, 2022. This is fantastic news for all of us, and depending on your zodiac sign, your usual horoscope will reveal where the breakthroughs take place. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 lift you up where you belong. We’ve not seen this cycle since 1856. Make the most of it.

How Your Horoscope is Affected

AQUARIUS – It’s about your money, possessions, house, business, apartment.

ARIES – It’s about your secrets, the mysteries you keep and all uncredited effort.

CANCER – It’s about travel and also travel in the mind – so the web or books.

CAPRICORN – It’s about your voice across all mediums (like the internet) and all media.

GEMINI – It’s about your ambition, mission and position – status and success.

LEO – It’s about deadly serious or seriously seductive financial, property or business relationships.

LIBRA – It’s about your body, mind and spirit relationship and your daily workload.

PISCES – It’s about your image, profile, personal appearance, reputation and package.

SAGITTARIUS – It’s about your house, family, hometown, homeland, apartment, flat mate.

SCORPIO – It’s about serious sexual partners, babies, children, young adults or youth.

TAURUS – It’s about your friendships and groups of all kinds from clubs to teams.

VIRGO – It’s about your former, current or potential partner and any duels, as well as duets.

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Do You Have 23 Degree Horoscope Factors?

The conjunction takes place at 23 Pisces. If you have anything at all at 23 degrees of the zodiac signs, this is an unusual time of expansion, big answers and an alternative to the real world. Jupiter is luck, good fortune, expansion, hope and growth. Neptune is an escape from the real world. Put them together in the same sign and you have ‘the big real dream.’

What is really striking about April 2022 is that on the weekend of Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of April, we also find the North Node at 23 Taurus and South Node at 23 Scorpio. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 are working with other factors too.

Let’s look at that again:

  • Jupiter 23 Pisces
  • Neptune 23 Pisces
  • North Node 23 Taurus
  • South Node 23 Scorpio

The ‘what’ of the story depends on what you have at 23 degrees, in which zodiac sign and house. That tells you the area of your life where you will benefit.

So, for example, if you have Venus at 23 Gemini in the Third House of media, the internet and publishing, this is a two-way project, or paired venture (Venus) about radio, television, books or the worldwide web. It is probably sexual in nature, so you two are having a relationship and a project.

Whatever you have at 23 degrees will be ripe for take-off or problem-solving in April 2022. We can see that pattern in the charts for the United Nations, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. April 2022 is a global turning point.


Which horoscope factor is it?

The factor you have at 23 degrees, below, shows you which part of your horoscope will be triggered as Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 make their mark.

  • THE SUN – How you shine, glow in the dark, gain attention, receive judgement, find feedback and experience the spotlight.
  • THE MOON – How you need to be needed. How you ‘mother’ other people or animals, no matter if you are a man or woman.
  • MERCURY – How you communicate. How you use the internet. That part of your personality which is a writer/speaker.
  • VENUS – How you run sexual relationships. How you feel about your children and in-laws. Your vanity and desirability.
  • CUPIDO – How you stir up desire but also succumb to it. That part of you which falls in love with people, places, ideas.
  • PSYCHE – How you survive tests and trials. The rewards are something about yourself that lives forever – that never dies.
  • MARS – How you compete, fight, assert yourself, go all-out to win, come first, attack, respond to emergency, stress and heat.
  • VULCANUS/VULCANO – How you gain power by willpower – controlling your emotions and impulses with a will of iron.
  • JUPITER – How you give back. How you are generous with others. How you use your good fortune by fixing others’ lives.
  • JUNO – That part of your personality which wants to commit. Your desire to lock up agreements in exchange for security.
  • FORTUNA – How you blindly spin the wheel of fate and fortune for other people. How you unconsciously affect their lives.
  • MINERVA – The wise part of yourself. That part of your personality which counsels, advises and knows the best answers.
  • DIANA – A fiercely free and independent part of yourself which dislikes commitment and demands space and autonomy.
  • BACCHUS – The pleasure-seeking and pleasure-generating part of your personality which sees life as one big, long banquet.
  • APOLLO – Your inner leader! The part of you which mentors, guides and inspires others. Your inner superstar multi-tasker.
  • CHIRON – Your inner maverick. How you bend the rules to see if you can change them. How you get away with it all.
  • AESCULAPIA/AESCULAPIUS – That part of your personality which revives, resurrects and brings it back from the brink.
  • PANACEA – You can fix, repair, heal and resolve situations, people or ‘things’ by using your Panacea – but is it also ethical?
  • HYGEIA – The safety and security conscious part of you which protects the future by insuring against risk or problems.
  • SATURN – The scared part of you which self-sabotages in order to feel ‘safe’ – is your coping method worse than the threat?
  • OPS – The strong, practical, optimistic, positive part of yourself which strives to fix up even the most negative of situations.
  • VESTA – The part of your personality drawn into gender politics with one male/two or more females. Feminism helps you.
  • URANUS – How you trigger rebellion or revolution by rejecting what you create, produce or invent – your ‘whoops creation.’
  • NEPTUNE – How you escape from the so-called real world by losing yourself in an alternative reality without boundaries.
  • SALACIA – Your ability to comfortably co-exist in two different parallel universes, or alternative realities. How you escape.
  • PLUTO – Your dominating side which changes the balance of power for yourself and others. Your passionate, powerful self.
  • CERES – How you do (and do not) cope with enforced compromises over control and power. How you learn to share.
  • PROSERPINA – Your inner go-between. How you keep both sides happy. How you connect two powerful people/entities.
  • ASCENDANT (RISING SIGN) – How you project a particular reputation or image, for better or worse, getting it right or not.
  • DESCENDANT (DC) – That part of your personality which is mirrored in your partner, but strangely also your enemy too.
  • MIDHEAVEN (MC) – Your highest spiritual achievement. Your mountain top. It may or may not be related to your career.
  • IMMUM COELI (IC) – Where you come from. A dominant theme in your family tree, culture, country, town that repeats.
  • NORTH NODE – That part of you which has reincarnated to watch particular life stories repeated, from a distance.
  • SOUTH NODE – That part of you which has reincarnated to repeat particular life stories in order to learn detachment.

Jupiter and Neptune 600x289 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

Once in a Lifetime – Jupiter and Neptune

This can only happen once in your life. You’ve simply not seen lucky Jupiter, Neptune, the North and South Node of karma, all line up at 23 degrees, in these signs. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 in Pisces are about escaping the all-too real world.

Two of the signs involved here rule money (Taurus and Scorpio) so this looks like a ripple effect from something bigger, economically, on April 9th and 10th, 2022. Money changes everything, even at a distance. Even if you are only indirectly affected.

Now, let’s see what it means for the world as Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 take effect.

The Big Global Gains on April 9th and 10th, 2022

As we see these rare transits of Jupiter, Neptune, the North Node and South Node at 23 degrees, who and what gains, financially, worldwide?

Who and what gains, in terms of the property market? Taurus rules the economy, Cancer rules house prices and Scorpio rules the share markets.

All these countries below are going to see boosts to the economy and property market, or within politics in April 2022.

  • The United Kingdom (Glorious Revolution Chart) Chiron 23 Taurus, Pluto 23 Cancer
  • The United Kingdom (House of Commons Chart) Mars 23 Taurus
  • The United Kingdom (Unification Chart) Sun 23 Cancer
  • Australia (26th January Chart) Mercury 23 Capricorn
  • United States of America (Lexington Chart) Venus 23 Taurus
  • Saudi Arabia Pluto 23 Cancer
  • South Africa (Mandela Chart) MC 23 Taurus
  • The United Nations Mars 23 Cancer
  • Iraq (Independence Chart) Pluto 23 Cancer
  • France (Vichy Republic Chart) Uranus 23 Taurus
  • Israel Sun 23 Taurus

There are billions of people (whole generations) born with factors at 23 Scorpio, the sign ruling sex, death and money. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 are in Pisces at 23, so form a trine.

Money Laundering Arrests / Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Busts

This is about marriage and finance (‘Until death do us part, for richer for poorer’) and it is also about the nastier side of Scorpio: prostitution, pornography and money laundering.

This rare line-up around 23 Scorpio will offer us the potential to break free from stifling laws and rules on marriage, but also the global money laundering (dirty money) racket built on sex.

A massive chain of global arrests will shut down sex trafficking, child abuse, pornography and prostitution rings which are covers for money laundering, in April 2022 as Jupiter and Neptune take hold.

The Times Bill Clinton Chelsea Clinton Ghislaine Maxwell 600x400 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022  princeandrewjeffreyepstein lede 1300x868 1 600x401 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022   The Guardian Maxwell Trump - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

Maxwell, Epstein, Clinton, Trump and Andrew in April 2022

As I write this on March 22nd, 2021 (so I am looking about a year into the future), Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison in New York. Where will the reports about Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts Giuffre and allegations of ‘teenage sex slavery’ end up?

Ghislaine Maxwell is due to be tried in July 2021, so let’s see what that means with Jupiter and Neptune in 2022.

Where will we end up with the saga of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew on April 9th and 10th 2022?

This is about the money. The Taurus 23 and Scorpio 23 patterns point to a family legacy and a rich inheritance. This is about one or more dynasties and of course the Trumps, Maxwells and Clintons are all that – as is the House of Windsor. Follow the money. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces are sacred. They trine Scorpio across billions of personal charts. Scorpio is sex.

We can expect a return to sacred sex. To the spiritual side of sexuality. By April 2022 when Jupiter and Neptune form that perfect conjunction, we will have seen a tremendous wave of change, removing sex from money (the pornography industry) and the merely physical – into a far more sacred, special and spiritual realm. In Australia, Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame have become lightning rods for what women want. And demand.

grace tame brittany higgins 600x338 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

Politics, Sex and Women

Following the triumph of Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins in March 2021, above, we see one woman dominate Australia as the nation finally sees a transformation in politics which puts women first by April 2022. That’s what you get when Jupiter and Neptune both trine the Cancer (family) and Scorpio (sexuality) angles of the chart.

One female powerhouse pushes through in Australia. Globally a lot of wrongs will be righted on the Jupiter and Neptune trines. Yet, this is global. You might call it the next stage on from Me Too. 


greg rakozy oMpAz DN 9I unsplash 600x400 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

Watching Jupiter and Neptune 2021-2022

In Pisces, the sign which rules religion, dreams, sleep, Tarot, psychics, therapy, psychology, parallel universes, Reiki, healing and all alternative realities – from May 2021 to December 2022, you can expect a boom. What was on the fringes will go mainstream. New innovations and technology will help areas like sleep science, but also meditation. We’re going to see a tremendous new interest in E.S.P. which tends to go in fashionable cycles. What we knew about Uri Geller in the Seventies and from television mediums like John Edward more recently – goes to another level as Jupiter and Neptune transit Pisces.

Building the 23 Degree Story

April 2022 is built in slow stages and every time you see transits at 23 degrees, everything moves forward for you.

Once the Jupiter in Pisces cycle begins on May 14th, 2021, the first ‘bump’ to help you, is Mars at 23 Cancer on Tuesday June 1st, 2021, trine Neptune at 23 Pisces, on the same day. Really use this cycle to plant and grow. Just remember that the planetary action is in Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio so earth and water sign placements in particular gain from that. What do you have in your chart in earth or water?

Jupiter at 23 Aquarius

If you are looking for good dates to use, in this historic cycle,  you would also be tracking Jupiter at 23 Aquarius, which happens September 16th to 28th, 2021. Anything at 22, 23, 24 in your chart or the charts of those around you is massaged beautifully into life. Even in square or opposition, Jupiter benefits you. 

Jupiter is then at 23 Aquarius again from the 8th to the 19th of November 2021. The Sun is at 23 Scorpio on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021, so that date is significant.

No matter if your personal birth chart is triggered, or you are just watching your country (or your Sun Sign), the Jupiter-Neptune 2022 Effect is huge. The last time we saw it in Pisces in 1856, public spaces become meditative escapes. Fountains covered Europe and broad parks with rivers ruled. The architecture of the great cities which we admire today reminds us of the cycle we are going into now. 


change your luck jupiter in pisces with jessica adams - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

The Conscious Cafe and Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces

The dates to watch for starting and then rolling with goals, are May 14th 2021 until December 20th 2022, as we discussed at The Conscious Cafe hosted by Gina Lazenby and Judy Piatkus, in Britain. 

We peak with a conjunction on April 9th to 12th, 2022 and we see an incredible run of dates on April 9th, 10th with the North Node at 23 Taurus (banking and business finance), South Node at 23 Scorpio (sexual relationships and finance/property), Neptune at 23 Pisces (spirituality, religion and the psychic world) and Jupiter also at 23 Pisces. This looks and feels like our inner lives – our souls and spirits – aligning with a big economic shift. You’d have to expect the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church to look at its finances then. We all gain. This is the religious and the material, taking off together.

1856 is 2021-2022

What we saw in 1856, is coming back. There were Opium Wars in 1856 but we’ll see the focus on opium now, without the wars. The opium poppy, morphine industry will be centre-stage, perhaps because of the continuing pandemic. In the year 1856 Haussmann transformed Paris with his redesign. Paris will be reshaped by 2022. Bigger, greener, with more water features, a cleaner re-imagined Seine and light and air. Back in 1856 it happened because of cholera. Until 2022, it is the pandemic. Paris became a gigantic meditative and religious space in 1856. Very Pisces.

William Morris, in Britain, commissioned his famous Red House on the last Neptune-Jupiter in Pisces transit. A wishing well was a central feature. He wanted, again, a huge meditative space with all the spirituality of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood inside. He created garden rooms. That trend in architecture is returning by 2022, partly because of the trines from Jupiter and Neptune to the Cancer (property, town planning) angles on so many charts.

The year 1856 saw a boom in spiritualism and mediumship with influential books by Alan Kardec and others. That is also coming back. In 1856 cholera deaths triggered a need to know that loved ones had passed safely into spirit and could be contacted. By 2022 it is of course the pandemic. At the Conscious Cafe, I was asked if the veil would lift. Yes, I think that is right. More of us will have contact with the other side – and we’ll find spirit using (among other things) iPhones.

What else is coming back? Well, the angles from Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces to Scorpio (sexuality) are as potent by 2022 as they were in 1856. Back then, the relaxed crinoline appeared which gave women far more freedom below the waist. In every sense of the word. We also saw the first reliable condom in 1856 made with vulcanised rubber. Who knows what life will bring by 2022.

Challenging Reality, Science and Time
Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces were there when Big Ben was launched. The world’s least reliable clock. Snow stops the time. Heat stops the time. Birds sitting on the minute hand, have sent the time out over London by about four minutes. Big Ben is an amusing example of ‘no reality/alternative reality’ as the delay on analogue radio, means that some Londoners hear Big Ben chime 13 times on New Year’s Eve. They hear the time in two separate realities, one on radio, one through the window.

More seriously we can expect quantum mechanics and physics in general to advance our understanding of alternative realities, the multiverse, parallel universes and so on – and time itself – as Jupiter and Neptune meet again in Pisces.

May 2021-April 2022 and You

From the first arrival of Jupiter in Pisces until the peak transits of April 2022 it is time to embrace what is going to take off.

*New sleep, sleep science and dream research and interpretation
*Religion and spirituality
*The psychic world of mediumship, Tarot, automatic writing, channelling and apports.
*The psyche, soul, spirit and the world of Carl Jung and Freud – the unconscious.

Remember that the Pisces weather makes stunning trines to Scorpio (sexuality) and Cancer (homes, home towns) so those are two more areas to really work – astrology being a practical business which rewards you, when you use the cycle.

Images Courtesy of and Pinterest.

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107 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I have Salacia at 23 Aquarius and Juno at 23 Libra. Can you help me interpret the effects I should expect on my chart, please?

    Thank you so much!

    1. You were born with a perfect trine involving your friends and groups, but also your different partners. The partnerships can be romantic (marriage, living together) or purely platonic (two friends sharing a house). They can be work or business (a double act or duet). The flow is terrific and you may find a friend becoming a partner, or friends introducing you to partners. We often find groups, clubs, teams, circles of people are very important to an Aquarius-Libra trine type and there is seamless chemistry with the other person in the duet, and the network. Now, all this is under transit in April 2022. Saturn will be in conjunction with Salacia and trine Juno. That slows things down and makes them quite weighty and serious. You have to get real, about the friend or group, even though there’s never been anything particularly real-world about it. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction also chimes in, so here we have quite an epic choice about the other person on the two-way street, but the wider group or community of friends. It’s complicated, rewarding stuff.

  2. Hello Jessica hope this finds you and your team well! Thank you for another great insightful read. I am signed up for the event and will do my best to wake up at 5a in the US to listen in live. Hopefully you can see my chart, Venus 23 scorpio…. looking forward to the 2021 triggers and what might come of them, in addition to 2022! Any insight or advice is of course so welcome. Another outstanding research and prediction piece here, thank you, I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds and of course that justice is done if warranted regarding Maxwell, Epstein et al. All the best to you!

    1. Thank you so much for waking up at 5.00am in America, I am flattered. I will also be up very, very late here in Australia so we can have a coffee at the same time. Now, Venus at 23 Scorpio in the Eighth House is interesting. This is a complicated relationship with all the poetry, music and drama you would hope for. It’s never nice and simple but it does have what you want, which is intensity. I am sure you know that scorpions perform a strange dance when they mate. They can either sting each other, or even eat each other. The old astrologers had a sense of humour. Whatever relationship you are in, by April 2022, or go into, will benefit from a perfect trine from Jupiter and Neptune and as Scorpio is very much about the money, the property, the charity or the valuables, that will not be separated from the feelings. I’ll talk more about this at the event and of course you can ask questions.

  3. Thank you for the exciting news! I think we could all use a boost. I have Mercury 23 Virgo and am wondering if this also includes 22 and 24 degree aspects, as well? My husband 22aug73 has bacchus 23 cancer and Apollo 24 cancer. Can you take a look at my chart and kindly give me your insight? Thanks very much!

    1. You and your husband are typical of couples who ‘chime’ on similar patterns. Yes, you can allow a one degree orb for this historic Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces, and the highly unusual Node pattern, also at 23 Taurus-Scorpio. You are both drawn into this April 2022 story, which for you is about your work, unpaid work or study. For him it is about the house or apartment, the family and/or household. Perhaps on a deeper level, his town or country. You have a very enjoyable decision to make about lifestyle and home in April 2022.

  4. Hi Jessica
    thank you for the interesting article. I have bacchus 23 cancer. I am going into a work arrangement with a friend in another country. My wife and I have lived there before and came back to the United States and have been pretty miserable. We are going back to a country that I never wanted to leave. I actually had a couple of different offers but am leaning towards one I feel in my gut is the right direction for me. I am so happy to be going back. Can you have a look at my chart and give me any insight. I am leaving in 2 weeks and it has been a lot of struggle up to this point. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Bacchus in Cancer in the Fourth House is about pure pleasure at home, taking great joy in the actual house or apartment, the home town and homeland. It’s about the feelgood factor in the family or household, and the greatest dinner parties or gatherings. You are leaving far, far ahead of April 2022, which is when you have this historic trine to Bacchus, but wherever you end as Easter 2022 arrives is ideal for you. In fact there will be a real fork in the road in April 2022 specifically about a house, apartment or deeper question about where you come from; where you belong. It’s a fork you will be happy to take.

  5. Hi Jessica

    I have Mars in Libra at 23 degrees. What will that mean for home life?
    Thank you, Lisa.

    1. Mars in Libra in the Seventh House has duels as well as duets. She thrusts and parries with partners of all kinds; some are romantic; some are work. Some are two-way friendships. The duels can be classic (not speaking to an old boyfriend for years) or unusual (fierce rivalry with someone who used to be in a work double act). So April 2022 is a real moment for you with a certain someone. The highest expression of Mars in Libra is the couple, pair, duet or double-act which fights the good fight – for a good cause – and wins. This will be on offer to you.

  6. Hello Jessica!
    I have a special feeling about this, as this conjunction makes these beautiful aspects in my chart- 23 degrees NN in Cancer 23 Degrees SN Capricorn. Cancer being Fourth house home and family, and Jupiter being in Pisces, my natal fourth house. The trines to the South Node in Scorpio and sextile to North Node in Taurus.
    My question lies in: I understand this will be huge for my home, etc., how does the karma aspect apply? Anything else you can shed some light on for me?
    Thank you!

    1. You are interpreting this correctly, Melly. Your Nodes are Cancer-Capricorn and here we have patterns in Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio. Also Aquarius if we include Saturn at 23 Aquarius in the first half of April 2022. Cancer-Capricorn is about the way your family influences your career, your education or your path in life. It can be something as basic as the family emigrating and taking you out of school, or your father passing away, giving you the family business. (This happened to Her Majesty the Queen who also has that Cancer-Capricorn axis in her chart). Later on, it may be that ‘The Firm’ is the family. That can also happen. However, we also see other ways the Nodes manifest; people move back home, they go back to their home town or homeland, and shift their career there. Your choices and life are your own but April is a crossroads. One that works for you.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this. VERY interesting. I am so hoping for a powerful woman at the top in Australian politics.

    Does the 1 degree rule apply to 23?

    I have South Node in 22 Sag, North Node in 22 Gemini, and Vulcano in 22 Virgo.

    1. Women are coming through, and in fact that was clear in the astrology years ago. I need to find that old prediction. Men in the Liberal National Party government who did not think that women mattered are having a huge lesson, aren’t they. Okay, we can allow a one degree orb for the historic Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces. This is about your work, unpaid work or study (Virgo) in April 2022. It is also about past life experience you have with other regions, countries, cultures and nationalities. You will experience a Grand Cross. Jupiter and Neptune will form the final part of a mutable sign cross, which is your crossroads challenge. It will work for you, as Jupiter is always beneficial, but I strongly suspect it will be about travelling, moving, receiving travellers and so on. Be sharply aware of April 2022 if you do intend to (say) relocate regionally or even make a permanent move abroad – certainly if you intended to fly or sail, then.

  8. Thank you Jessica for this article. I have three horoscope factors at 23: Juno at 23 Scorpio, Minerva at 23 Taurus and Aesculapius at 23 Cancer. There appears to be a lot of relationships within these factors and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces. What’s the best way to think about this? I can see a grand water trine, but also sextiles and an opposition.

    1. Your whole chart will be aspected by not just Jupiter and Neptune, but also Saturn, the Sun, the Moon and the Nodes, very close to April 12th and 13th 2022. It’s about the house or apartment – or the family or household. I suspect property and someone at home and there would be a revival or return. Sometimes people renovate places others have given up on. Sometimes a family relationship comes back from the brink and there’s a move with a property. Scorpio is family or partnership money of course, and it is usually about a residence. Bricks and mortar. Minerva in Taurus is very good with finance – and that’s you. You will see a Scorpio-Cancer-Pisces Grand Trine as you say. I would aim very, very high with what you want. Start a Pinterest board or start a journal ahead of time.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Sun at almost 22 Aries, Oops at almost 22 Pisces, Vulcano at 24 Virgo and Psyche at 23 Gemini.

    Help please! Lol!

    Thank you so much!

    1. April 2022 is a terrific month for you, with a relaunch of your name, face or image online, and perhaps in the real world, and a turning point with your work, unpaid work or studies. It may involve the media or publishing, education or academia, but I think this will be the web for you. Ops in Pisces in the Twelfth House is the key to it all. This is also going to involve your spiritual or psychic side.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Wow I’m interested to see what happens as I have my Pluto at 23 degrees Libra. Are you able to shed some light on the changes for me? Thanks so much!


    1. Sure, Astrid. You need control over the quality of the relationship and the balance of the partnership with former, current and potential other halves, or partners. Sometimes it’s business or work. It can be two friends sharing a house. It’s very much the two of you. A duet. It can be a duel, if things go wrong. Crossed swords. With Pluto at 23 Libra you want to run that. You frequently have to compromise, if you become too dominant or take over, and so we tend to see very complex duets, but also a life history of really nuanced relationships with many, many layers between yourself and the other person. The transits in 2022 most obvious around April 12th-13th will enable lift-off. So this is possibly a new partnership. It may be a massive new stage in an old partnership. A sea change with an ex, and so on.

  11. Interesting article! Thank you Jessica!

    I have my north node at 23 degrees Taurus and south node 23 degrees Scorpio. Looking forward to the event next week!

    1. Yes, the event at Conscious Cafe should be interesting, visually, as we have some show-and-tell with the Tarot (live) but also some useful illustrations of what it means to experience this transit. The colour ‘mauve’ was invented the last time we saw Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, and of course, shades of violet/mauve can be seen in the sea, and in the sky over the sea. Lots of tropical fish have that iridescent violet/purple colour too. I’ll talk more about the Taurus-Scorpio Nodes in the session so I hope you find it useful.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Thankyou for the good news about Jupiter and Neptune conjunction for all of us. I am a Cancerian (Sun 3) have Mercury 23 Gemini, Venus 23 Cancer and Jupiter 23 Virgo. Trying to apply all the info to my chart and how it affects me so….. I think it affects the third, fourth and sixth houses in my chart. Would love to have you elaborate a little as I feel I finally have some positive news.


    1. Marie, this is a rare event in astrology, as we’ve not seen Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces together like this in your lifetime. In fact, 12th April through 13th April finds a pile-up at 23 Leo (the Moon) 23 Pisces (Jupiter and Neptune) the Sun at 23 Aries, Saturn at 23 Aquarius, the Nodes at 23 Taurus/Scorpio…There will be an internet, media, publishing or education project. There will also be a two-way street with the family or the household. Mother and son. You and a partner. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. It’s on that level. Fantastic opportunities to make so much more of your paid work, unpaid work or studies, at the same time. These would open up your lifestyle in the most incredible way. Quite irresistible. Sounds like a new project, course or role to me. But it’s so much more than that.

    1. Yes, Neptune at 24 Sagittarius and Pluto at 24 Libra are already exactly sextile, so work really well in your chart. You escape from the real world through travel, or travel in the mind. You take holidays from reality through exploring regional, cultural or foreign differences. Whenever you do that, you are able to control the two-way street with your former, current or potential partners, at least in terms of a compromise over the controls. This is the couple who started Lonely Planet, isn’t it? Tony and Maureen Wheeler? That is the highest expression of this natal configuration. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23 Pisces will aspect this natal placement, together with the Nodes at 23 Taurus and Scorpio, so this has a huge wow factor for you, in 2022.

  13. Hi Jessica – I have Sat 23 Libra and Aes 23 Scorpio. What would say this means or can play out for me? thank you 🙂

  14. Hi Jessica – I have Sat 23 Libra, Aes 23 Scorpio and 5 other aspects within 1 orb ( Hyg 22 Virgo, Fort 22 Aires, Nept 24 Sag, Asc 24 Cancer, and Des 24 Cap). What would say this means or can play out for me, I feel there are so many aspects at play for me? Thank you in advance for your insights and expertise 🙂

    1. Your entire life changes for the better in April 2022 though it starts in 2021. This is financial (Scorpio) but also about travel, or travel in the mind (Sagittarius). You may decide to go back to your home country, for example, and save a fortune on a house or apartment. I have no idea what your situation is, or what you want, but another example might be – you make a massive lifestyle change, reduce costs and save a lot of money. You use that to train or learn, in a subject which fascinates you. The transits of April 2022 will also make a lasting difference to a difficult memory about a former or current partner.

  15. Hi Jessica

    I was so excited reading the article that my mind was playing tricks and saw April 2021 instead of April 2022. Good news soon!
    And then I was surprised by how many planets and asteroids I have close to 23º. Here they are: Diana 22º Virgo; Jupiter 22º Taurus; Proserpina 23º Leo; Aesculapia 23º Virgo, North Node 24º Gemini; South Node Sagittarius 24º.
    It feels like a revolution in the sky taking place. I would love to know more.

    Thanks again!


    1. Rosario, you will make or save quite a lot of money in April 2022 but the path begins in 2021. You will also learn or teach. You could do both, actually, and again it will come together in April 2022 though it starts now.

  16. Thank you for the article.
    I have 23 degree in few areas of my chart.
    +/- 1-2 degree as well in my sun sign.
    What is this mean to me?
    Thank you again

    1. The last time we saw these cycles, we also saw the rebuilding of Paris and one of the big changes for you is in architecture, real estate, property, council and town planning. This will affect you directly or indirectly. I don’t know anything about you. It directly, it will be because you work for the council in a big city. If indirectly, it may be because the ‘new city planning’ of Paris affects the town where you live and you gain. For example your local park may be expanded; they may get rid of ugly high-rise towers to replace them with rivers/swimming pools. It will begin in 2021 and come together in April 2022.

  17. This conjunction feels important to me as Jupiter and Neptune are the ancient and modern rulers of my Pisces ascendant and Jupiter is also the ruler of my Sagittarius Sun.

    Jessica i have two questions for you sort of related to this:

    1) I don’t have ant 23 degree factor but i have Saturn at 22° Sagittarius 49′ 57″ and Diana at 22° Capricorn 37′ 18″. Should i consider them into this important conjunction?

    2) What does it mean to have Vulcan conjunct Neptune on your natal chart? I couldn’t find any information about this.

    1. Yes, you can use 22 degrees. Sagittarius is travel and travel in the mind. Capricorn is success. This suggests study or teaching to me, and you would gain enormously in April 2022 when you may enrol, qualify or receive a commission to teach, lecture, mentor, guide.

  18. If i stretch it to the 24 degree as well i will have this changing me as a whole since it will happen close to my ascendant. The rulers of my ascendant coming together close to my ascendant in a personal 9 year where i end a numerologic cycle that started 9 years ago. I’m intrigued and scared at the same time! But after 2020 i started to move foward with my life even without having all the answers. Something that is helping me a lot is your oracles, i created a spreassheet where i’m accumulation all the tator cards, fortune cookies and astrology oracles every day i consult them.

    1. We can allow a one-degree orb, so yes, if you have 24 degree factors, the transits will reach you. I’m really happy you are working with all the oracles and comparing them. What you are going to see May 2021-December 2022 is a massive boom in mediumship, spirituality, healing, meditation, and even sleep research. We are are home more, so it figures. We will still be indoors more, until Christmas 2022, and that means we turn to the inner world for holidays from reality. We travel in the mind. You will find your abilities skyrocket in one area. It may be clairaudience (hearing spirit) or Reiki (healing animals, for example). Religion may also grip you and you may have astonishing experiences with the church.

  19. Hi Jessica,


    I just looked up the weekend of April 9th and 10th in the Ephemeris I use, and this is wild. Pluto is the only planet that’s not within a 1 degree orb of a placement or multiple placements in my natal chart. I have to look at the asteroids in the morning. This is crazy.

    Thanks for the heads up as always.


    1. Jeff, your chart is timed to break open, like an Easter egg, in April 2022. The shell starts to crack in 2021, though as Neptune moves to 23 Pisces. By April 2022 you are in the centre of a huge new boom in astrology, psychics, healing, or more esoteric pursuits – for example, Findhorn gardening or plant communication. It’s invisible. It’s real to you. It’s real to the people who change your life. Take a deep breath because your world is about to transform, for the best.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this article. 23 is all over my chart, so is 22-23-24, and I welcome your comments on what you might see for me.


    1. The Neptune transit at 23 Pisces is evident in 2021, so really this year is the lead-in to April 2022 which will change your life. You will see a boom in healing, mediumship, dream interpretation, Tarot, religion, Buddhism, spirituality, psychology and meditation this year and you will become far more heavily and seriously involved in these or other inner pursuits. You will make or save a fortune as a result, or find that you gain by ‘people value’ as those who are worth their weight in gold come into your life and your life is permanently and wonderfully changed. Easter 2022 is unforgettable.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I have Jupiter 24° Gemini 27′ 46″. I’m thinking of going to the media with my story over the next few months. I believe by talking about what I went through may help many other women in my current situation. Does this look like a good time to do this?
    Thank you!

    1. Neptune at 23 Pisces is square your Jupiter at 24 Gemini by one degree, so keep things real, crystal-clear, firm, and observe boundaries. Put it in writing and get it checked by experts. Yet April 2022 is life-changing for you, with the media, or perhaps the book world, and if your story is still this one, then that’s it. You will join what is a massive global wave of female truth-telling about criminal male behaviour. In fact what you all do, will make some of it a crime, when it never was before – or draw bigger sentencing. If ever there was a 12 month period to write, and write, or talk, and talk – this is it. Just be aware of the Neptune square which can be confused and confusing. Keep it real and clear.

  22. Hi Jessica

    I have Neptune 23 Scorpio, Vesta 23 Sagittarius and Salacia 23 Capricorn. My partner and I are planning to quit our jobs and start traveling around Australia April 2022 with no set time limit. With this conjunction in April 2022 hopefully this will be the extra lift we need.
    Can you shed anymore light on this please.
    My partner was born 15/03/1957 but he doesn’t have a birth time.

    I would love to attend your Conscious Cafe event but I’ll be working remotely then!

    Thanks so much

    1. The only issue with Vesta is gender politics as you will find you travel with one male/two or more females. That can be fun but you need to keep your wits around you and your sense of humour. For example, a caravan with a husband, a wife and two daughters. I have no idea what your situation is, but Vesta will be triggered either way, so be aware of the male-female politics on the road. In general you will adore April 2022 and of course be by the water – river or sea. Neptune rules both. The coast road is open to you and in fact you may decide to relocate or even opt for this as a permanent way of life. You literally won’t have this again.

  23. Hi Jessica, I have Neptune at 23 degrees Scorpio, retrograde in my 8th house, which is also at 23 degrees Scorpio! Other factors include my second house at 23 degrees Taurus, and Mercury at 23 degrees Cancer. I have a strong feeling this will be about my 85-year old dad….my mum died five years ago, and my brother unexpectedly died last year. He was only 59… I am the only one he has left, all other family members (his brothers) are gone. He needs to change his will because my brother has died, and has asked me for my advice. My dad is a Taurus and doesn’t have factors at 23 degrees, and I am a Leo. What do you think?

    1. It is always wise to update your will, no matter what the astrology says, and as your father’s situation has changed, given your brother’s sudden passing, it is best that you get together with the professionals and do this as soon as possible, just to set your minds at rest and make things nice and clear.

  24. Hi Jessica, I have moon at 23 Aries..
    Being a capricorn will this be my first house or 4th?

    1. Thanks Chetan. I use two charts to read for you, the general public (solar chart, based on your sign) and the personal birth chart (natal chart). Your Moon at 23 Aries is in the First House of your natal chart. April 2022 is a relaunch for you with a new look, rebranding, self-promotional push or public relations drive.

  25. Dear Jessica,

    I have Mercury in Gemini at 23 degrees and Neptune in Libra at 23 degrees. I purchased my boyfriend’s chart through your offer and see that he has Jupiter at 23 Gemini, Neptune at 24 Libra and Vulcano at 23 Leo. We both have Pluto at 22 Leo. I get a sense of……something important but I’m not sure what it is. His birthday is 4/18/54. Can you give me some insight, if your time allows? I’d be so grateful.


    1. Patty, April 2022 will change both of your lives, but the story begins in 2021. It makes sense that you and your boyfriend had mutual aspects at 22, 23, 24 degrees. April 2022 is a crossroads for both of you as you make life-changing decisions about marriage, children or a different future on different paths. This is really about your Neptune in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, separation, common-law marriage (living together) and divorce. His Neptune is just one degree away, so it’s the same. Leo of course rules children, pregnancies, adoption – stepchildren – nieces, nephews, godchildren. They are part of the decision making process. It actually begins in 2021 as Neptune moves to 23 Pisces. Try to keep communication between you crystal clear and when in doubt, put things in writing.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your information. I have 23 Libra in Uranus, Does it means a revolutionary idea in relationship?
    Thank you and Blessings

    1. Absolutely Phoebe, you read your chart correctly. April 2022 is a huge month for you with Saturn moving up to 23 Aquarius to trine Uranus at 23 Libra, but of course you also have the Nodes, Jupiter and Neptune aspecting Uranus too. There is a part of you which always upsets your own apple-cart with former, current or potential partners. Duets or duels of any kind. Every time you do that, you are set free. You are liberated from who/what trapped you. April 2022 will deliver that.

  27. Hi Jessica, my chart is very triggered with 23 degrees – I have sun at 23 degrees in Aquarius, Jupiter at 24 degrees in Aquarius, and Mars at 22 degrees in Taurus. Can you please tell me what to expect? 🙂

    1. Saturn is right across your Aquarius patterns in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, so although you stand to gain financially, through saving or making money (April 2022) you also have this other story going on about some kind of network, circle, club, team, society, association – and one or more friends within that circle of people. You may want to go into any arrangements with these people very slowly and carefully so you don’t come a cropper. Yet, the story about your Mars at 22 Taurus in the Second House is astonishing, as you will find not only Jupiter and Neptune in sextile, but also the karma of the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio returning. This goes into past lives, specifically the Second World War. You may even see the link.

  28. Dear Jessica

    Can you please help me with
    Sun at 23 Virgo’
    Jupiter 22 Aries’
    Diana 23 Aquarius
    North node 23 scorpion South Node 23 Taurus. Thank you very much.

    1. You have your North Node and South Node ‘boomerang’ in April 2022 so although the story starts in 2021, by that month it will very clearly be about your bank account, house, apartment, charity or business. You are going to collect on good karma from this and other lifetimes and will make or save a lot of money. The group will be a serious matter; it involves one or more friends. Saturn on Diana (also in April 2022) suggests you need to look at the fine print or the unwritten expectations with any club, team, band and so on.

  29. Hi Jessica 🙂 I have my moon at 24 taurus and fortuna at 24 Aquarius – how does the conjunction effect me?

    1. It’s about your money, house, business, charity or apartment – but also the groups you belong to, and your friends in those groups. You are only one degree out, so the time-frame is ‘roughly April 2022’ but it builds in 2021. Saturn is at 24 Aquarius so the circle of people is a heavy and serious business. Yet, with Jupiter and Neptune making a sextile to your Moon and a semi-sextile to Fortuna, you gain. A typical example would be a group of you fundraising for a good cause, or a band signing a lucrative contract.

  30. Hey Jessica ! Love the Jupiter positivity

    I have 23 degrees Scorpio in Bacchus,

    Power / money / death/ and pleasure?

    Also 22 degrees Capricorn in Neptune

    Interesting! Would love to get some insight

    1. You’ll gain enormously financially and professionally. As Bacchus and Neptune are connected, 8th April 2022 starts a new money-work cycle, probably with a promotion, new job or lucrative project. Jupiter 23 Pisces North Node 23 Taurus and Jupiter 23 Pisces South Node 23 Scorpio kick things off on the 8th April next year, then we go quickly to 12th April with the Moon 23 Leo Neptune 23 Pisces and of course the historic Jupiter 23 Pisces Neptune 23 Pisces conjunction. The next day, 13th April, finds the Sun 23 Aries and Saturn 23 Aquarius. Scorpio is about sex and money; Bacchus is just about sex. Capricorn is of course ambition, profession but also High Society. What you do with that is up to you, but you’ll only see these transits once in your lifetime.

  31. Dear Jessica,
    Really looking forward for the zoom events, reserved my place to all of them, that’s how much I enjoy listening to you live! This horrible world situation forced us to connect virtually, and as much as I am kicking and screaming at having no alternative atm, it is actually a blessing in disguise as I can connect with you in a way I otherwise could’ve not!
    I have Venus 23 Pisc directly hit, also Moon 22 Aqu and 24 Can/Cap Nodes. I believe in 2022 Pluto will square my Sun, and slowly my turn for experiencing Uranus in Taurus is approaching as is my Sat return.
    Can you please put all this in some perspective for me? It looks like I’ll have wild ride in the coming years, just when I finally found piece of mind and learned to find contentment with my lot in life which was dramatically changed 2006.
    Thank you Jessica, stay safe and thank you for being with your readers online, live and mostly free! Very much appreciated, I am sure you can feel good vibes coming from all over the world to you.

    1. Thank you Maja and I look forward to seeing you at The Conscious Cafe in a few hours, as the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction is rare and important. We do have to thank Covid for bringing us all together on Zoom like this. You will find that your relationship with yourself (Venus in Pisces) when you are alone and communicating with your own soul or spirit (Pisces) takes off in an astonishing new way in 2021. Yes, a group will be involved – Aquarius – and I’m not just saying that because you will be in the cafe today. Further along there may be a meditation group, or a Reiki group, for example. You will have Pluto across your chart which will transform your ambitions and your ideas about what success actually is. Success may come to mean not so much work, or status, but what you achieve on the inside. You were born to have friendships and relationships focussed on hypnosis, Tarot, healing, mediumship, therapy, and the inner life – so pretty much the contents of any ‘New Age’ bookshop. Also very much religion, depending on how you feel about the church. This will surface in 2021 and be part of life in 2022.

  32. Hi Jessica, I have a lot going on in my chart between 22-23-24 degrees. I have IC 23 Pisces w/Chiron & MC 23 Virgo w/6 planet Stellium Virgo/libra. I am just learning and wondered if these planets will be affected as well? Thank you!

    1. The IC and MC depend on a strictly accurate birth time. The rest of your chart is really about changing your lifestyle to benefit you, so you will be offered a new way to meditate, undergo hypnosis, use astrology (for example) or therapy to help you pull together all the different parts of your life, in a small way in 2021 but in a larger and life-changing way in April 2022. Virgo/Pisces transits are very much about mind over matter and the mind influencing the body, so you will be shown one, two, three chances to alter the way you think or feel physically, which in turns creates a really successful experiment for you in terms of Mind, Body, Spirit. When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears. That will happen to you.

  33. Hi, Jessica

    Hope you are well.
    Could you look at my chart, please? I have Chiron at 24 Aries and Panacea at 24 Sagittarius. They are trine but transitioning planets are square to Panacea in Sagittarius. How do you think this will work out?

    Thank you!

    1. The story is yourself, your image, brand, reputation, appearance. The story is also who or what you call foreign, from another country or culture, or region. It comes to life in a major way in April 2022 so a classic example, even with the squares from Jupiter and Pisces, the semi-sextiles, and the Node aspects, is about finding yourself through travel or travel in the mind, and relaunching yourself. I have seen people study for an MA on this cycle and of course get letters after their name, after learning online on a course in another state, with some foreign students.

  34. Hello Jessica. Thanks for the intriguing overview. Please have a look at my chart, I’ve got a number factors at or near 23º and would appreciate your insight.

    Chiron 24º Pisces, IC 23º Gemini, Neptune 23º Scorpio, MC 23º Sagittarius. Fortuna 24º Sagittarius and Salacia 23º Capricorn.

    That’s a lot going on.

    1. Patrick, this is right in the zone, and 2021-2022 (peaking in April next year) is really about your inner life – dreams, Tarot, meditation, religion, spirituality – taking off in a new direction, in quite an amazing way. You will be mentored or tutored with that. If your birth time is strictly accurate it will form part of a new career path for you. There will certainly be financial, property or business bubbles to ride around in – nice alternative realities with your life budget – in April next year, as Neptune in Scorpio is triggered. I am suggesting career or even unpaid work, based on Salacia in Capricorn. There is a lot going on here but I suspect it is about learning about your inner world, and translating that knowledge into a space where you can work, perhaps paid work, perhaps not. It is life-changing.

  35. Hi Jessica

    I’m curious if you allow a one degree difference with this to still be relevant to my life (as I know you often do, and I’m hopeful in this instance this is so)

    If you agree, I would be very interested to understand how you interpret my placements;
    Sun, 24 Leo
    Neptune 24 Sagittarius
    Pluto 24 Libra
    Juno 24 Sagittarius

    Thankyou as always !

    1. Yes, one degree’s difference is fine on an outer planet transit like this, and the Nodes too, as they move so slowly. Around April 2022 you see the final outcomes of Neptune at 23 Pisces and Jupiter at 23 Pisces, the North Node at 23 Taurus and South Node at 23 Scorpio. It is of course primarily about foreign people and places or regional differences (Sagittarius) and you have a crossroads choice to make, probably because of the ongoing impact of border closures and quarantine, either for you or others. You would expect your former, current or potential partner (or the other face in a duet or duel) to be involved. In fact that may be the main issue for you in April 2022 as you have to figure out how much control and power you have in the situation. It is possible children or potential future babies or stepchildren would also be involved (Leo) but this will work out for you, even though you have a few obstacles. Another pair of eyes and ears on the issue, outside the situation, nice and clear, logical and practical will be really helpful closer to the time. Just watch travel in particular as you have Neptune square Neptune and Juno in the Ninth House of flight, ferries, cruises and so on. And it is that kind of year, isn’t it.

  36. Hi Jessica I have the northnode @ 23 Gemini and the Southnode at 23 Sagittarius and Ceres @ 22 Capricorn what does conjunction mean for me thank you ?

    1. This is about travel or travel in the mind, so study, teaching or actual relocation (temporarily or even permanently). It will be professional or academic, take you higher and further, as well as across the map, and come together in the most seamless way in April 2022.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the anticipation of foreseeing changes. Congratulations on your work. Could you tell me what I can expect having Stellium in Scorpio, Jupiter at 22 Taurus and 24 Gemini Sagittarius Node? Thank you very much, best wishes.

    1. Jupiter at 22 Taurus is the key here because you will find that Jupiter and Neptune make a sextile, which supports your natural good luck, fortune and protection, and the North Node at 22 Taurus makes a rare conjunction. Put it this way. Whatever you gave unconditionally to others, financially, or in terms of (say) help with a house, flat, possessions, business – in the past – returns to you in spades, in April 2022.

  38. Hi Jessica! Hope you are well. Thank you for this article!I have a trine between Diana in Virgo at 21, Asclepius in Taurus at 21 and Vesta in Capricorn 21.I am currently having psychotherapy sessions elaborating childhood issues and other wounds (Chiron in 4th house, south node in Sag). How do you think I will benefit the most out of this Jupiter, Neptune conjunction? I pray for improvements and opportunities both personally and socially. What should I be mindful of during the transit? I am grateful for your advice.

    1. You’ll find the therapy has run its course by January 2022, or you have accomplished all you wanted to from it. It’s that sort of cycle. I am sorry you have childhood issues to live with, but you will gain from going inward, in 2021, when more time than usual will be spent with dreams, memories and personal work. Looking ahead, you will find May 2021 through December 2022 brings you the opportunity to try mindfulness practise, cognitive therapy or meditation so that you can control what you choose to think about and how you wish to feel about it. This will make a fantastic difference to how you feel. It all takes time, doesn’t it.

    1. You will make money from this (business advantages) or improve your lifestyle and wellbeing (not about money – about you) as there is a boom coming in meditation and healing from May 2021 which takes you to December 2022. So, if you were to train as a meditation teacher, you could monetise that on Zoom. Or you could train as a Reiki healer and monetise that. If you have no interest in the business end of this, you will just use the new cycle for yourself and could easily set up a meditation daily ritual which would change and enhance your life. The opportunity will be there from May.

  39. Dear Jessica,
    I apologise for reaching out to you but I was hoping to ask for some support in decoding some things in my chart as I feel perhaps I may be going off track as synergies do not feel as though they are to be aligning recently. I’m loosing hope focusing on anything in particular right now and wondering if you may have some insight as to what one is to be experiencing or how to manage these energies right now. My home life seems tense right now too but not sure how to balance it. Is moving out something to consider or staying? Sorry for all my questions but hope to hear from you with any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer. Take care, kindest regards, Bea x

    1. I am sorry you are going through this. Your home life is tense and you wonder if you can move out, or if you should stay. Did you know the worst is actually over, with the family, house, apartment or household? In fact from 2023 you no longer feel pressured at all. For now, try to put 2018, 2019 and most of 2020 behind you and look at the situation without any particular expectations or memories based on those years, as 2018-2019 were particularly tough. You went through Pluto, Saturn and the South Node all opposite the Moon in your Fourth House of domestic life, every four weeks for 2-3 years. Some of what you are feeling is based on what you remember, not what is necessarily real now. You may want to give your mind a rest from remembering in a particular way, worrying about the future and thinking too much about the present. If you’ve not yet found a daily meditation practise that will do that, for at least an hour, maybe two hours, it’s time to find what works. Then you can figure out which path you want to take – staying or going. It may also help to ask family members in spirit for some help and guidance as they are here to look after all of you and solutions can also be found – for all of you.

  40. Dear Jessica, I have
    Saturn at 23 virgo
    Mars at 22 Leo
    IC at 24 Taurus, MC at 24 scorpio
    I have made some changes in my paid employment in order to work smart, not hard and make more money this way. And yes, be financially more sound is what I think of these days as , all my life I paid no attention to this aspect of my life. Please tell me how this will effect me. I am worried about effect of Saturn on me . Lot of love and blrssingsxxxxx

    1. Working smarter, not harder, is the achieved skill of any Saturn in Virgo person. It takes a long time to sort it out, but when you achieve it, you have solid foundations for work and for life. Navi, this is the year to make or save money through your home, if you can. And to secure family or household relationships so that they will work for you in 2022, 2023. Long-term, you will find you have more control over your finances from January 2022 and from 2026 you will find new, exciting, liberating, unique ways to make the money go round. From 2026 the old rules of paid employment no longer apply and you’ll be pretty free.

  41. Dear Jessica – thanks a lot for your posts. They make it easy to track the relevant dates in a diary. If it is not too late, any insights please regarding my Apollo 23° Cancer placement? I’m thinking it could mean a leadership role but not sure in what capacity. Thank you very much.

    1. Yes, Apollo is leadership and in Cancer and the Fourth House, you lead at home. You are a multi-tasking inspiration within the house or apartment, and will explore other levels of this in your lifetime, so setting others an example with the family or household, or taking the reins with renovations, redecoration, real estate investment. The Fourth House also rules local government, the local area and also homeland, so this goes beyond home town. You could become the PM and reshape the country or the Mayor and guide the town. Over the course of your lifetime you will hit choices like a fork in the road where you either go big, or keep it small, and you have another one in April 2022. It is a fantastic option for you; a true opportunity. So you might lead a campaign to stop greedy developers from destroying a heritage building in your street, or you might sort out your garden landscaping in a way which inspires neighbours to copy.

  42. HI Jessica– I hope you’ll still have a chance to review this post. I have 23 degrees in both Leo and Scorpio. I was wondering if the Jupiter transit might indicate an increase in salary or promotion for me this year. Thank you!

    1. Venus at 23 Leo, Ceres at 23 Scorpio are in a perfect square in your chart. You have complicated relationships with your own or other people’s children, and this can manifest as a separation and single parenthood, or a teaching role with a class of challenging teenagers. It’s a lifelong challenging, intriguing, rewarding, complex pattern. It is triggered in June, July 2021 and April 2022. Time to find all the emotional layers with a son or daughter; niece or nephew; lover and potential stepchild; godchild; younger demographic. This goes hand-in-hand with a compromise (Ceres) over the money, house, valuables or apartment (Scorpio) which would involve the contents of your own will, or somebody else’s. The big stuff. The tension is productive and the outcome is to your satisfaction and will involve karma from this and other lifetimes, as you need to settle, or be settled with.

  43. Hey Jessica! Hope you’re well. Trying my luck again 🙂

    This seems huge for me! I have THREE aspects at 23 degrees….Pluto in Libra at 23° AND MC/IC at Capricorn and Cancer at 23°. On top of which I have stelliums in Taurus (4) and Scorpio (4)…

    Can you please help me understand how this will impact my life? Thank you so much!!


    1. Thank you Supriya. Yes, this has been a really popular forum, and I just glanced at the top of the page and saw 12,631 comments, topped up by questions here today. Thank you for your patience. Yes, this is big for you. Pluto at 23 Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex, marriage and professional partnerships. If your birth time is precisely accurate, this will also be about your house or apartment, family life and the household. You will experience Neptune at 23 Pisces making a quincunx in June and July 2021, then the wonderful combination of Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces, along with Saturn and the Nodes, in April 2022. You are here to learn how to share control of a duet. It may be a marriage or work partnership. You are here to understand that change is empowering, and that two people who can accept compromises over sharing the reins, can find a new way to be together, but also apart. This will happen with very little effort on your part in mid 2021 and near Easter 2022. Pluto is a symbol of the lifelong quest to be empowered, to have control, to use self-control to feel in charge of one’s life. It can help you become very, very influential if you are true to the Libra need to balance the scales between yourself and him/her. There will be many duets and partnerships and quite a few duels as well. Avoid the duels. Go for the double act. If you can learn to share, it’s a triumph by April 2022.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    Wondering what might be in store with
    Diana 22 libra
    Apollo 22 libra
    Cupido 23 Virgo
    North node 22 cancer
    South node 22 Capricorn



    1. This is about your duet or duel. Your former, current or potential partner. Diana in conjunction with Apollo in Libra in the Seventh House is unusual. They were siblings. You are most unlikely to want marriage and children, or if you do head on the path of a wedding and babies, will forever be dealing with the need for freedom, space and independence on your part. Sometimes women who have this placement unconsciously fall in love with men who have affairs, so they are also liberated to have affairs of their own, and eventually the marriage falls apart so they can become single again – and free. Everybody makes her own choices with this placement. A more enlightened version of this Diana-Apollo conjunction is to never marry or commit in a traditional way at all. This is closely tied to the karma of the Cancer-Capricorn nodes, so you have major past life issues with your family, and past life agreements about home, the homeland, ancestors, class, culture, heritage – and also your own success in life. Cupido in Virgo also suggests work. The transits to come at 23 Pisces/Taurus/Scorpio pick up the whole chart and it’s not unusual to see people moving in with a new partner, relocating to a new home and starting a new career. You will find your own way of figuring it out.

  45. Hi Jessica
    Hope you are well. I am trying to understand how this transit affects me and if all 22/23 degree aspects are connected. I have 23 Taurus in Fortuna, 22 Sagitarius in Uranius, 22 Capricorn in MC and 22 Cancer in IC. I would love your interpretation of how this influence my life. Thanks

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate, this is about your career or course, as well as your home life, family, house or apartment. If so, then you would expect there to be family emigration, at least once and the resulting shift in work or study. If the birth time is out, then ignore the MC and IC, but just focus on Fortuna in Taurus in the Second House of finances, spending, currency – and Uranus in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind. Not surprisingly in a year when the Brazilian variant of COVID-19 is deeply concerning us, you’re heading into enforced new ways to ‘see the world’ or experience the world. Uranus is a symbol in your horoscope of quite radical and revolutionary change, which seems to happen to you – coming from the outside – at regular intervals. So here it is again but it works for you in 2021, 2022 as you discover new ways to explore, either because you are travelling in the mind (EventBrite, Meetups, Zoom) or finding that local is the new global. In other words, set to rediscover your own country. This peaks around April 2022, so – Easter.

  46. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I have Uranus 22° Sagittarius and Vulcano 24° Taurus, could you share with me any insights?

    All the best:)

    1. Thank you. Well, no surprises in a year of quarantine and border closures, to hear you have Uranus (upheaval) in Sagittarius in the Ninth House (foreign people and places) in aspect to Vulcano (self-control) in Taurus and the Second House (finances, spending). From this basic combination will come a unique, original, unprecedented, one-off outcome with your ideas about travelling. It may be that local is the new foreign, for example. It would work to your advantage in June, July 2021 and in the first quarter of 2022. You can play this another way, too, through travel in the mind. Chances to teach or study at a tremendous new level will be there if you want them.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    My moon is in 21 Pisces and understand that it’s important to pay attention if the degree number of anything in your chart corresponds with any of the current planetary transits. At the moment, I can see that Neptune is currently in 21 Pisces, Fortuna is 21 Taurus and Panacea is in 21 Libra. Have certainly been feeling Neptune’s influence with my intuition and new-age spirituality/interests skyrocketing recently. I’d love to know what this means please! Are the asteroids just as equal in importance as the planets in the interpretation or do planets like Jupiter and Neptune carry more weight? Also, does the 21 degree pattern have anything to do with the 9 degree transit-chart pattern that’s also going on in my chart now or are they 2 separate stories? I feel like when these 21s become 22s, all the 22s in my chart will intensify things even more somehow – is that right? Thank you!

    1. Yes, you are having major transits in your Twelfth House, ruled by Pisces, related to intuition, mediumship, psychic ability. The asteroids matter as much as the planets in interpretation, as they all work together as a whole. The 21 degree pattern is a separate story to the 9 degree pattern, and your Moon at 21 Pisces is set to be the star of the show as Jupiter approaches 21 Pisces – he changes signs in May.

  48. Hi Jessica, I have a question about a Sun 22 Libra with Venus in 23 Scorpio (no birth time, just date using so hope that’s accurate). Does this suggest a new relationship (marriage?) possibility opening up with next year’s conjunction? Also read somewhere on your site that if your Saturn (eg in 22 Libra) is on other people’s stuff (like this 22 Sun Libran), best to avoid them. Unsure if this person can be avoided completely, so any advice is much appreciated! PS – do you see me doing any spiritual study/work (like astrology) in the future? Thanks!

    1. Yes, is accurate and in fact we use their software on this website. You want to get married to someone, but I don’t see a chart. Not even two charts, even. Thus, I just can’t answer you. In general, you need to remember that transiting Uranus goes to 23 Taurus in 2024 and that is really, really tough for any marriage. Yes, I would have written that Saturn ‘on’ (or in conjunction with) somebody else’s horoscope factors is really hard work. Quite true. Saturn ‘on’ your Sun, Moon or whatever can feel as if you are being sat on. So, sat on/Saturn. If you want to study astrology, you are welcome to start here. It’s free every week.

  49. Hi Jessia – I love my “Jessica” time! Time each week I set aside just to catch up on your blogs and articles. The 23 degrees mark can be a bit of a hot spot in my chart – I have exact Mercury Libra 23 degrees, squaring Mars Capricorn 25 and it has been hard with Pluto going back and forth over it the past year. In addition, NN/SN at Pisces/Virgo 20 degrees – is that a bit too far away to factor in? Any insight you can give is much appreciated! Thank you, Debbie

    1. You are very kind, Debbie, thank you. Yes, you have the 23-27 degree transits going on in quite a dramatic way, of late, with Pluto now at 26 Capricorn and Neptune approaching 23 Pisces at the end of May. The slow-moving outer planets and Nodes are those with the most impact, as the transits are rare, and they hang around for longer, usually going backwards and forwards over the same degree. You also have the Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, which have gone over 23-27 already, back in August and September 2020. These went through the travel, immigration and tourism signs – so of course you were directly affected by border closures and quarantine. As you also have Jupiter going across 23-27 by Christmas, then the Nodes going into Taurus-Scorpio in 2022 and once more taking you over those degrees, you are basically looking at 2021-2022 as a complete reshape of Mercury in the Seventh House of duets and duels – and Mars in the Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition. You would gain a lot from figuring out how to communicate in a better way with/about the other person, on the other end of the see-saw (and there may be more than one duet or duel). Pluto on Mars is really about owning your power. If you use your willpower professionally you are empowered. If you use your self-control, you have control. Pluto commonly turns up as a person who tries to take over. It’s very boring, but if you stand firm and own your power, as I said, you reshape your destiny. Needless to say, all contracts should be examined carefully in this period as you really don’t want to get into a Seventh House stand-off with some kind of power tripper in the work sphere – then find you missed the fine print. Squares aren’t fun, they are hard work, but the Jupiter transit of the final degrees of Aquarius is really helpful and you will find particular groups, networks, circles, communities of new and old friends help you so much.

  50. I have sun in Pisces at 23 degrees. The message is clear and I have decided it really. I will focus on astrology, oracles, dream work and mediumship, seriously, with intention and commitment (not as a hobby, on the side). I am ready to do the work and to face the challenges or rewards that may come along the way.

  51. Hi Jessica
    I have north node, diana and ceres in pisces. Can you please tell me about the theme of Jupiter’s conjunction with them. Thank you.

  52. Hi Jessica
    I have North Node 12 pisces trine Pluto 12 scorpio
    Ceres 17 pisces square Bacchus 17 sagittarius
    Diana 10 pisces, Venus 10 libra, Psyche 10 sagittarius, Vulcano 11 gemini, Minerva 12 virgo
    Been working a lot on mind-body-soul connection a lot since last 5-6 years. Can I hope for a breakthrough?
    What I find interesting is that transit north node will conjunct my natal jupiter (3 gemini) this year followed by transit of jupiter over natal North node.
    I am a sun sign scorpio who is afraid of change but has finally accepted change needs to happen!
    Thank you for your time and generosity on the blog. God bless.

    1. Okay, so I can’t see the whole chart, but I can read you as a Sun Scorpio. Your best bet in 2021-2022 is babies; infants; children; students; Millennials. That is your gateway, as Jupiter transits your solar Fifth House, which rules your heirs to the throne, and pretenders to the throne. Queen to a younger court, sums it up. How you make that work, depends on your private life. If you do have your birth chart, and it looks as if you ordered one from me, but are no longer a member – look at Leo/Fifth House and if you have anything there, watch the moment that the Nodes form trines and sextiles. Again, that is heirs to the throne and pretenders to the throne.

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