Your Tarot for 2021-2022

Those of you who are already well versed in interpretation – the tarot, mediumship, the I-Ching, meditation, spirituality, and religion will all go to the next level in 2021-2022 as Jupiter goes through Pisces.

The deck that I’m going to use today in this story about using Tarot to backtrack and review the past is highly unusual. This is the Before Tarot by Corrine Kenner, Floreana Nativo and Pietro Alligo and Simona Rossi Eon.

I used this deck in a special YouTube premiere earlier this year, about Time, Prediction and Dreams – which you can watch again now here.

For the first time in your adult life, you also have Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces together in that area of your horoscope. This will frequently be forced introspection because we are all at home again, but there is also the search for answers. So many people have passed to spirit in this pandemic, or been living with financial hardship, or divorce. Everyone is thus seeking answers. Where is God in all this? Where is the religion we were raised with? Or, if we have rejected God a long time ago, what do we now believe?

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8 thoughts on “Your Tarot for 2021-2022”

  1. Hi – it’s been many years since I have written. Super nervous about career – feel the winds of change (not a good change). It’s been a super rough 5 years. Looking for some calm. Would love any insight. Your advice many years ago was a balm to the pain and the belief got me through many a rough day for until the sun shone bright. Feel like I am slipping back into the past again – overwhelmed with panic.

    • Okay, take a deep breath and put the kettle on. You are in quite a long career cycle, with Neptune in Pisces, and so I can understand why you feel as if you have been bobbing around on stormy waters. You also just entered the best possible cycle for work, unpaid work and study in 12 years. It’s early days yet, but I would expect by the time you get to July, you’d be looking at something really terrific to get stuck into. Either a part-time project or a full-time role. There would be potential for expansion, too. There will either be changes within your current work place which help you, or if you move into a new position, it would be related to something you did years ago, but it would definitely move you on – and move you up. Put your head down and work, work, work into early 2022 and you should be surfing the crest of a wave in April at the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. I hope you are meditating, too. Do you use any of the YouTube videos to tune into? Just listen and make it a regular event, maybe twice a day. A lot of your anxiety is mind/body/spirit out of harmony and yet if you control your mind, you can get your body back in synch, and then your mind will feel less up and down. You have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House of mental health and physical wellbeing. Anxiety is the common cold of mental health and very common in strongly Virgo people. It feeds back on itself through your parasympathetic nervous system, so getting into a meditation habit with something you really love, at least once a day, is the key. Also the famous Dr. Claire Weekes technique which takes one minute to read, a few minutes to do, and will change your life. Look at the comments about her books on Amazon and YouTube.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    I have been renting the same apartment with my girlfriend since 2012, and recently the landlord asked if we are going to purchase the apartment (we asked her in 2018 and she rejected). We are skeptical as it’s full of uncertainty in economy and political environment (we are from Hong Kong).

    And then when I was studying your old blog post “Uranus In Taurus Predictions” a reply from you come to my eye. “The less they can ‘bubble’ the better (you meant the 1960s). The less you can hitch your ride to their bubbles, the better.” ( It looks like an alert to me.

    If I need to purchase this apartment I need to apply mortgage loan, it is like transferring the risk from my landlord to me. Is it not a good timing to do so and I should reject my landlord?

    Thank you Jessica!

    • Yes, it is an opportunity, but there will be other opportunities to purchase in Hong Kong and not necessarily this apartment. You are quite right about buying; the risk goes back to you, not your landlord. Long-term, beyond 2023, you will do well with property, past 2030 actually, and be in a strong position. Short-term you need to ask yourself about the burden of being tied to one place and one bank, versus the smaller burden of renting, where at least you have some freedom. You don’t want to wake up in 2022 and find yourself feeling lumbered. Renting is not secure, sure, but it does give you some freedom of choice. You have to make your decision, though, not me – so please use The Astrology Oracle, the Tarot and Your Oracle to give yourself first, second and third opinions.

  3. I find this really fascinating thanks Jessica. I ordered the Smithe Waite Tarot deck and I’ve been working with it trying to learn the cards. It was really funny, when I opened the deck and handled it for the first time I had a tingly feeling go up my arm and I shivered. I’ve got a few other tarot decks, never had that reaction before!

    • Great. That is your spirit guide drawing closer to help make suggestions and give you insights. Pamela and Arthur were both deeply spiritual people and their cards are terrific if you want to work, to help others. You will in turn attract help from the spirit world.

    • Sorry, Mercury Retrograde happens to us all. Let me check – it sounds like the April 2022 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction I’m talking about, but it might not have been clearly communicated.



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