Melbourne Astrology and Tarot

Melbourne Astrology and Tarot Predictions

As I write this on 27th September 2021, Melbourne is shut, after a rise in COVID-19 cases – and recovering from an earthquake. Her football team has won the AFL 2021 Grand Final. What does the astrology and Tarot show for October 2021 and beyond? This is a major year for Melbourne and Victoria, and a Major Arcana Tarot card has shown up.

 High Priestess 1 - Melbourne Astrology and Tarot

The High Priestess

My Tarot take on Melbourne in October 2021 is that a female professional or academic will either take over, temporarily, from Premier Daniel Andrews – or make her presence felt in what has been all-male COVID-19 leadership, to the media and public, to date.

We can see the letters B and J on the columns. Is this Gladys Berejiklian changing her mind about her virus strategy in Sydney and New South Wales? (Because when Sydney sneezes, Melbourne catches more than a cold). Is she the B?

Perhaps the J is Jacinda Ardern, who was pursuing a New Zealand-Australia bridge and bubble, before a passenger flew into Auckland from Sydney Airport, infected with the virus.

A lot of my readers are psychic. What are you seeing for Melbourne in October with the High Priestess? There’s another woman showing up too…For this let’s go over to resident Tarot expert Tara Buffington.

Tara Buffington 2021 300x290 - Melbourne Astrology and TarotTara Buffington and the Queen of Swords

Tara Buffington is a Tarot professional in Texas who has cast her eye at Melbourne in October and found the Queen of Swords. The card shows a determined, strong woman. Tara has more to say about Melbourne on her YouTube channel.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine and The High Priestess

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine is a well-known British Tarot expert who found The High Priestess in her general view of October 2021. And that includes Melbourne. From a Twitter discussion about the Tarot cards and Melbourne in October came an Australian-American-British conclusion: this is about female energy. This is also showing up in the astrological chart. Forget the optics of violent male protest with policemen in pursuit. Women lead.

Queen of Swords 2 - Melbourne Astrology and TarotWomen Come Through

This is Tarot validation for female strength and wisdom coming to Melbourne and Victoria in October 2021. Could it be former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard? What about the women on the Andrews team? The High Priestess and Queen of Swords have spoken.

Female Ministers?

Premier Andrews’ female ministers include the Honourables Allan, D’Ambrosio, Horne, Hutchins, Neville, Pulford, Spence and many more (Andrews famously made sure women were 50% of his political team).

Melbourne is a Virgo

Melbourne is a Virgo, born on 30th August 1835 and thus well-known (for better or worse) for her health and fitness, her work force, trade unions and lifestyle. It’s a hard-working city with a respect for working men and working men’s sport that has remained in the old pubs in the football villages as well as the home grounds.

Melbourne’s Sixth House of Hospitals and Health

If we’re going to look at Melbourne’s pandemic story, we have to go to her Sixth House of health, hospitals, Medicare, doctors, nurses and the rest.

That’s a Virgo story and Melbourne certainly has these factors. We leave out the IC because we don’t have a confirmed time (we are using 12 noon). Virgo also rules employment and working people, the trade unions and service industries. Virgo is ruled by Mercury so we also associate it with work (Virgo) which is all about the world of words: information technology, writing, education.

A Very Virgo City

The State Library of Victoria, in Melbourne, is the fourth most visited, worldwide. Marcus Clarke and C.J. Dennis are from Melbourne, as are Peter Carey, Nick Cave and Christos Tsiolkas. The city has Australia’s widest range of bookshops, the largest publishing sector and is the second City of Literature named by UNESCO. Rupert Murdoch is from Melbourne.

We have no date for Melbourne’s ‘birth’ in terms of her owners, the first Australians, but in this particular version of the city, it makes sense that at least 20,000 Kulin people from three languages groups resided in the area when the Europeans arrived. Ruled by Mercury, from the start.

The Eight Hours Act

The eight-hour day for workers was pioneered by people in Melbourne and Victoria, passing the Victoria Eight Hours Act in 1916. It would take the rest of the country until the 1920’s to do so. This is classically Virgo: eight hours to work, rest and play.

The Melbourne Virgo Signature

Sun 5 Virgo
Mercury 3 Virgo
Aesculapia 19 Virgo
Proserpina 22 Virgo

Sport, Fitness and Melbourne

The Australian Open, the 1956 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games, as well as Melbourne’s football villages (Carlton, Collingwood, St. Kilda and the like) are classically Virgo: the sign that rules nutritionists, physiotherapy, gyms and vitamins.

The Spanish Flu and COVID-19 Matches

The first case of the Spanish Flu appeared in Melbourne on 9th or 10th January, 1919. It spread from Melbourne to New South Wales and South Australia. This is the exact line-up.

What we are seeing is the repetition of a slow-moving planet in Aquarius, in 1919 and 2020, 2021. Back then it was Uranus. Now it is Jupiter and Saturn. The same nodal cycle is flipped backwards – in 2020, 2021 it is the South Node in Sagittarius and North Node in Gemini.

The Spanish Flu Aspects of January 1919

Pluto at 5 Cancer sextile Sun at 5 Virgo
Neptune at 8 Leo sextile Mars at 8 Libra and Chiron at 8 Gemini
Uranus at 25 Aquarius in opposition to Venus at 25 Leo
Jupiter at 9 and 10 Cancer in conjunction with natal Jupiter (Jupiter Return at 9 Cancer) and Salacia at 8 Cancer
North Node at 12 Sagittarius trine Vesta at 12 Leo (South Node at 12 Gemini sextile Vesta)

zym1sigwpci scaled 1 240x300 - Melbourne Astrology and TarotKey Dates in the Melbourne Covid Story

On 19th January 2020 – a man returning to his home in Melbourne from Wuhan, China, tested positive for COVID-19. He had flown in from Guandong. This is the exact line-up on that fateful day, before social distancing had to become a way of life in Melbourne:

Neptune at 16 Pisces trine the Moon at 16 Scorpio
Saturn at 21, 22, 23, 24 Capricorn aspecting Vulcano 24 Aries, Juno 21 Gemini, Proserpina 22 Virgo.
Jupiter at 6-13 Capricorn aspecting Chiron 8 Gemini, Jupiter 9 Cancer, Salacia 10 Cancer, Vesta 12 Leo, Mars 8 Libra.
North Node at 7, 8 Cancer aspecting Chiron 8 Gemini, Mars 8 Libra
South Node at 7, 8 Capricorn aspecting Chiron 8 Gemini, Mars 8 Libra (T-Square)
Chiron at 1 Aries aspecting Psyche at 1 Gemini, Fortuna at 1 Libra, Neptune at 1 Aquarius

Testing the Melbourne Chart – From Earthquake to Olympics

The 2021 Melbourne Earthquake was a 5.9 on September 22nd, 2021, with aftershocks expected. It is the usual ‘perfect storm’ of many transits landing at the same time. The most spectacular of these was Pluto at 24 Capricorn square Vulcano at 24 Aries.

In 1956 the year begins with a rare line-up at 0 degrees, triggering Minerva at 0 Aries and Panacea at 0 Scorpio. Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter were all at zero.

The Full Melbourne Astrology Chart in Detail

Ignoring the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Immum Coeli) as there is no recorded time –

The First House of Reputation, Brand and Appearance

Minerva 0 Aries
Pluto 14 Aries
Vulcano 24 Aries

The Melbourne flag shows Aries the Ram in the top left-hand corner. Not for astrological reasons – it was a symbol of her sheep trade. The date of 30th August 1835 is accepted as Melbourne’s birthday, when Tasmanian settlers arrived on the Enterprize, and it shows up in the Aries/First House cluster. Minerva at 0 Aries is exactly in aspect to money-minded Panacea at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House.

The Second House of Income, Taxation, Trade

Hygiea 26 Taurus

The Third House of Transport, Media, Interstate Travel

Psyche 1 Gemini
North Node 3 Gemini
Chiron 8 Gemini
Juno 21 Gemini

The Fourth House of Property, Families and Land

Jupiter 9 Cancer
Salacia 10 Cancer

The Fifth House of Sex, Babies, Children, Teenagers

Vesta 12 Leo
Ops 19 Leo
Venus 25 Leo

The Sixth House of Health, Fitness and Employment

Mercury 3 Virgo
Sun 5 Virgo
Aesculapia 19 Virgo
Proserpina 22 Virgo

The Seventh House of Duets and Duels

Fortuna 1 Libra
Mars 8 Libra
Saturn 20 Libra

The Eighth House of Shared Finances, Property, Business

Panacea 0 Scorpio
Moon 16 Scorpio
Cupido 18 Scorpio
Bacchus 29 Scorpio

The Ninth House of Foreigners, Publishing, Academia

South Node 3 Sagittarius
Ceres 14 Sagittarius

The Eleventh House of Teams, Political Parties, Clubs and Allies

Neptune 1 Aquarius
Uranus 28 Aquarius
Diana 28 Aquarius

Melbourne, Tarot, Astrology and the Twenties

So where has COVID-19 come from in terms of the astrology of Melbourne? And where is it going to, in the Twenties? For that, we go to the solar and natal chart for Melbourne. She’s a Virgo with a stellium in Virgo in her Sixth House of public health, fitness and employment.  In her solar chart, she currently has Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, transiting her Sixth House.

The Welcome Departure of Neptune

A pandemic should show up as a rare, historic pattern. It does. Melbourne has Proserpina at 22 Virgo in her Sixth House of hospitals, vaccination, testing and immunity. In 2021, transiting Neptune at 22 Pisces moved into an exact opposition from April 18th to May 29th, then again from July 24th until September 6th. The final pass of Neptune at 22 Pisces is February 18th to March 17th, 2022. That is a welcome departure.

Yet, the transits triggering the Sixth House of public health and employment run for some years, using the solar and natal chart. That means Aquarius, Pisces weather on all fronts, past 2023. This is going to likely result in a completely different approach to the work force; to hours; to the unions and professional organisations and so on.

Watching Saturn in Pisces

We should be watching Saturn in Pisces in opposition to the Melbourne Virgo stellium at 3, 5, 19 and 22 degrees and that takes place from April 4th 2023 until the final pass, 19th March 2025.

This looks like the last time Melbourne, politically, and in business terms, will put up with the old interstate and regional travel situation. What happens after that, with domestic flights, ferries, cruises, cars, bicycles, the roads, the trains (even the trams) is a revolution. We would also expect a revolution with her media, so The Age newspaper and The Herald-Sun. This is a rare transit. It starts in 2026.

8czr8huet7u scaled 1 300x202 - Melbourne Astrology and Tarot
Astrology, the planet and karma (Slava: Unsplash).

The New Melbourne Travel

Once Uranus makes his historic ingress into Gemini and begins  a chain of conjunctions to Melbourne’s Gemini stellium, from 1 to 21 degrees of that sign, this is nothing short of a revolution. That’s soon after 27th April 2026. This is likely to be planes running on alternative energy; certainly electric cars; undoubtedly a train link. There may be new state border rules, too. 

Melbourne – Every Month in the Tarot to 2022

As we have this Neptune opposition in Pisces hanging around, opposing Proserpina in Virgo (public health) until March 2022, now might be the time to look at every month in the Tarot. We’ve already been shown The High Priestess for October 2021. This is transiting Venus at 3, then 14 Sagittarius in conjunction with the South Node and then Ceres.

Just to repeat – the woman who dominates Melbourne in October 2021 is an academic or a professionally qualified woman. She has the degree in her hand, or perhaps her thesis. Sagittarius rules the universities. The Tarot says, this is a wise choice. She may have lived or worked in a country outside Australia; Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries.

November – The Hanged Man.

Here we have delay. The waiting game suggests a city caught in a yoga pose, upside-down, dangling until a huge restart. There are big questions here about the United Kingdom approach and also the Sydney, New South Wales approach to the pandemic.

December – Eight of Cups

Travel begins, regionally and between states. There is a longing to get away, to return from the holiday break to a brighter 2022. There is a feeling that this has been a very long, tough year (correct) and politicians and the public will be on a big break. This ties in with the Ninth House of the Melbourne chart.

January – Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords. The Melbourne Cup makes news even though it is not run until November. An angry young man dominates the city as 2022 begins. In general we have the resurfacing of testosterone-fuelled male anger in Melbourne but there is one leading figure who is really embracing the charge. 

February – Eight of Staves

The Eight of Staves. Political parties, sports teams, bands and trade unions, will either fall in a heap or rapidly reconstruct in February 2022. One party in particular (Liberal, Green or Labour) will reshuffle. There may be departures. It will happen quickly. This ties in with the Eleventh House of the Melbourne chart.

March – Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups. A woman dominates Melbourne for the first time since October 2021. She is confused and confusing! She is obviously important in political or business terms, though identified just as much with her personal life.

Fotolia 196954559 Subscription Monthly XL 300x200 - Melbourne Astrology and Tarot
Image Unsplash

Melbourne and her T-Square

Melbourne was ‘born’ with a T-Square between Mercury at 3 Virgo, the North Node at 3 Gemini and South Node at 3 Sagittarius. This is always going to raise tension (T stands for troublesome) with Virgo (public health, employment), Gemini (domestic travel, transport, the media) and Sagittarius (foreigners and foreign countries).

Whenever you see transits at 3 degrees of the mutable signs, which are Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius – the original inner conflicts of this city are triggered. It’s been like this since she was founded in 1835.

The Spanish Flu and COVID-19 Patterns

In 1919, the year that Melbourne exported Spanish Flu to Sydney, we find the North Node at 3 Sagittarius, South Node at 3 Gemini and then Saturn at 3 Virgo as the year goes on. This is mutable sign weather, hitting the Melbourne T-Square.

In 2021, the year that Sydney exported COVID-19 (again) to Sydney, we find the North Node at 3 Gemini, South Node at 3 Sagittarius again.

The Old City of Melbourne

Until Melbourne gets a new birth chart, or all the old buildings from the 19th century vanish, along with the landscape, we are still living in the old city with that old astrological signature.

This is useful, though. It tells us that The Spanish Flu of 1919 in Australia has shown us what to do – and what not to do. It is also really clear that Melbourne and Victoria must deal with the realities of COVID-19 and other public health issues (Virgo) for years to come. That mutable sign weather, with Saturn in Pisces, then Uranus in Gemini is not going away any time soon.

New Melbourne – Working at Home, Job Share, the Half Week

From an astrological point of view, the issue with COVID-19 for Melbourne will be working from home; sharing jobs; sacrificing salary to work a 3.5 day week. This goes on right through the mutable sign weather (Virgo-Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius) of 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The New Work

In this respect Melbourne and Victoria are no different to other strongly mutable sign cities and countries around the world. What the pandemic is doing, is forcing likely the biggest shift in corporate-employee relations in about a quarter-century.

That’s what happens at the tail end of Pluto in Capricorn and these historic, hard-work, unusual mutable sign patterns pulling in Virgo, the sign that led Melbourne to lead the union movement. I think we’ll be looking at this chart for years.

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22 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for another brilliant article. Maybe as you say the B represents Gladys Berejiklian and she is the ‘dark’ (as shown in the image) and Jacinda Arden is the ‘light’ (also shown in the image) and Melbourne is still in the middle trying to weigh up both of their approaches to managing covid and trying to work out the best way forward for Melbourne? Just a thought!

    1. Yes, B may be the darkness of the Berejiklian message (some will die) and J is the light of Jacinda with her radical approach – everyone does this, for just one of us to live. Melbourne might find herself veering between both extremes. I like your reading of this card – thank you. I have also had a reader on Twitter weigh in with this – BJ is Barnaby Joyce!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Reading about Melbourne’s t square re public health and employment I almost had to laugh. Since moving to Melbourne I would have to say undoubtedly the biggest ‘themes’ of living here for me have been dealing with feelings of overwork and all types of sickness!! (Not just covid). Does Melbourne not agree with my chart?

    Many thanks

    1. It’s quite true that cities have astrological charts that do (do not) work with our own charts. You have felt overworked and been unwell in Melbourne, quite beyond the impact of COVID-19. Melbourne is strongly Virgo so if you have anything in Virgo too, this city acts as a trigger. If it’s all good, then the city might turn you into a raw vegan yogi with glowing good health. Melbourne might be great for your career, too. If you have Virgo and Sixth House hurdles, Melbourne can make it tougher. You have Vesta and the IC in Virgo. Vesta is about gender politics; many women and just one man in apparent control. You may have truck that with the health system (lots of nurses and one male doctor) or with work itself (a lot of female staff and a male CEO for example). Or more broadly, there may be patriarchy within your field, industry or business in Melbourne which leads you to over-work. Your IC-MC opposition from Pisces to Virgo is common in the horoscopes of people who need to escape from the real world (Pisces) and have a holiday from reality (also Pisces) but have to deal with the reality of working for a living (Virgo). So your suspicions are correct. This city really triggers that for you. There a lot of people out there who are strongly Virgo and/or Pisces who would feel the same so you are not alone. I lived and worked in Fitzroy, on and off, for a few years and knew a few students in my astrology classes who were pushed and pulled by their Pisces-Virgo oppositions. The Tarot could give you a card for extra information, for you to use and figure out solutions, Star1981. As a Premium Member you’ll get an extended reading here.

  3. Thank you Jessica for writing a feature on Melbourne’s chart and COVID. It’s been dispiriting to see all our fortitude during lockdowns, and ambition for elimination, sabotaged by decisions made outside our state. I’m now on a sustained news media fast for my own mental health, and focusing on the positives. Your insights and predictions regarding the larger view of COVID, in view of the end of globalisation and the mitigation of climate emergency, has been a huge comfort.

    May I ask if you can see any particular points of tension (or resonance) between Melbourne’s chart and my own?

    For context, I’ve lived in the city all my life. I’m a writer recovering from OCD (those might be relevant). One thing I noted is Melbourne’s Virgo Proserpina at 22 pings my Capricorn Sun. Like many I’ve been yearning to leave the city, having always wanted to live in the country, likely within regional Vic to be near family.

    Thanks again for your insights,

    1. Thank you LT. It’s a smart move to avoid the media while you are at home in Melbourne, now. Being indoors so much means we see a drop in dopamine (rewards), oxytocin (the cuddle chemical), serotonin and endorphins – unless we use hypnosis, meditation, yoga, healing or other programs to deliberately keep them at their usual levels. This is Virgo territory. Virgo, ruled by Mercury (the mind) with rulership over the Sixth House – the body-mind circuit, with one influencing the other in a loop. If you have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder you are no doubt an expert on all this! You have Ceres in Virgo and may want to read an earlier post on Ceres and health/mental health filed here two or three years ago now. I think you will probably move. Your IC is at 15 Cancer and if your birth time is more or less accurate, that means in 2022 you have the same story going on, in both charts I use for you. You’ll have Jupiter at 15 Pisces trine your IC (Immum Coeli) at 15 Cancer in your Fourth House of home, house, apartment, household, town and country. That is a rare opportunity to uproot. You also have Jupiter going into your Fourth House of property, clan and real estate in your Capricorn chart, from May 2022. So you’d have serious temptations to go to the countryside – near the family, LT. Draw a Tarot card for validation if you like.

    1. Julie Bishop is both a wild card and a dark horse, isn’t she? I must find that chart (though from memory we do not have a birth time).

  4. Just looking at Dan Andrews natal chart and noticed that the south node is due to conjunct his sag second house neptune. Just today he has announced extreme directions that demand mandatory vax to a huge list of what is being called authorized worksites. Even garbage collecting! I would appreciate your reading of this Jessica. Sunni

    1. Do we have an AA-rated natal chart for Premier Daniel Andrews? Amazing, I didn’t know it existed. I’ll check after this, Sunni. Just thinking about the Melbourne chart (which holds for Victoria) the bigger story is about employment conditions, workers’ rights and the trade unions. For all that the pandemic is the story, the real story in the astrological chart is a revolution in hours and conditions. Retirement and superannuation will be the next issue, for everyone now in their fifties, in the work force. As an astrologer you look at the transits, recognise every plague cycle since the 14th century and wish to God they would control the airports and ports properly. Because that’s the problem.

  5. Good call Jessica. I see Gladys has quit! I really liked her – any chance she will make a comeback? Over here in NZ Jacinda isn’t so popular right now because she is going to have to keep Auckland in lockdown. Unlike some of my friends I have worked through but just today the paper said three of the big-name restaurants have closed for good with predictions of more. I am very lucky to have a job at all since I was made redundant last year though to be frank it’s a bit dull.

    1. We don’t have a birth time for former Premier Gladys Berejiklian, but we do have a chart for Australia we can rely upon and ICAC (the Independent Commission Against Corruption) is about to reshape the nation. What is currently just about Sydney and New South Wales will become national very quickly, in December 2021, January 2022. It remains to be seen if Berejiklian’s career can survive what is about to become a clean-up of the entire country, over a two-year period, culminating in 2023. As I say, we don’t have a birth time. New Zealand under PM Ardern is pursuing something radically different in terms of economics. Most Prime Ministers, Premiers and Presidents around the world are putting a price on human life. She is refusing to do that, effectively saying any one life is priceless. Having had two friends die from COVID-19 I agree with her. It really depends on your values, in a Uranus in Taurus transit. What we are seeing is a constant churning and rebellion with people’s values, until 2026. Restaurants close and people lose their jobs; redundancies are incredibly hard to take and nobody wants financial problems. At the same time, what the economists are showing us, is that countries aiming for Zero Covid and achieving it, or getting close, do better financially. It may not seem like it with closures, but overall, putting a priceless value on human life does equate in economic benefits. Classic Uranus in Taurus cycle and everyone will have her/his opinion on it. And until 2026 agreement will differ.

  6. Hello Jessica.
    I have found myself dispirited by the number of people who are all about “me” and not the “we” of a society and community that works together to overcome things. The protests have been terrible and I don’t believe violence gets us anywhere.
    I have also wondered whether Victoria could hold out the virus coming back from NSW. I thought we could keep our cases low bug that effort seems to be too much for some now and it’s a shame they government gave up.
    I’m interested in the aspects of if Melbourne is good for my health. I have struggled to get answers to my health issues since living here after moving from Newcastle 18 years ago. The last few years have been very detrimental especially starting in 2019 (not covid related). It’s almost like my body is allergic. Would moving away help? My boys are here, I could never go too far.
    Thank you as always for your insights and here’s hoping lives come before profits.

    1. What you are seeing with protests in the streets in Melbourne (by people who don’t understand COVID-19) is really an awful lot of people with Cancer factors in their chart (home, home town, state) who are fed up with Pluto opposing that, and Pluto opposing the Moon in Cancer, in their Fourth House of domestic life, every 28 days. It’s almost like clockwork. As soon as the Moon goes into Cancer and there is a Pluto opposition, people feel controlled, dominated, dictated to – but they don’t comprehend it’s the virus which is doing that, not the scientists and medical professionals who desperately need them to stay out of hospital! Moving right along to your own situation, then we need to look at your Sixth House, ruled by Virgo. Your boys live in Melbourne but ever since you switched from Newcastle you’ve not been well and can’t find answers. Pluto at 27 Virgo in your Sixth House shows a great need to control your own food, drink, fitness, body, lifestyle, workload, housework. You need to own it and run it. Diana 26 Sagittarius and Salacia 28 Capricorn aspect that, by just one degree. So there is also a great need to be free to travel (Diana in Sagittarius in the Ninth House) and also to escape from the real world in your career (Salacia in Capricorn). The issue is your job, part-time job and unpaid work, as well as housework – all together. Are you aware of that? Chronic illness gets you time off all of that. It’s rather like a detective story, astrology, so we look at what you gain (weirdly) from what ails you. You have had a tough time since 2019 and that has likely resulted in you either taking a lot of time off the job, or off domestic chores, or you’ve had to switch jobs because of it. Virgo does rule the body, but it also rules regular tasks where you are serving other people and sometimes animals (walking the dog). Boys, plural, can be very demanding if you are the chief cook and bottle-washer. Step back and look at the three patterns in your chart. There is a big part of you which needs to control work, and sometimes the only way to control it is for your body to offer up ways for you to avoid it, or make others do more. This is especially true if you won’t consciously choose a job or lifestyle that your soul craves. So this has nothing to do with Melbourne. Or Victoria. It is really about owning your true attitude towards employment and also the very real unpaid work of washing up, doing the laundry, cooking and the rest. Use the Tarot on this website to help you, but see if there is a lifestyle you could have, incorporating your need to travel (you can daydream about New Zealand in 2022 at the very least) which would give you the freedom and space that you need, as well as the escape from reality you want. And yes, still have paid work of some description. That’s what the chart is telling me. I hope you find it.

  7. Hi have rising Cancer 29deg Mars & mercury in ♍ sun Leo & Moon sag what does the next year have forcme?

    1. To enjoy 2022 as much as possible, use the solution with/for your professional or personal partner, by the end of 2021. This may also apply to a former or potential partner in your life, or anyone against you. For all that the situation is quite hard to shift now, the Jupiter cycle alongside a Saturn cycle suggests a big opportunity to sort things out. Do all you can to bring that about, using the natural timing and flow of October, November, December. Get yourself into a good place with him/her/them for next year. In 2022 you will make or save money, starting just after Boxing Day, with special highlights from late March to late April when your ruler the Sun in Pisces joins Jupiter and Neptune, also in Pisces, in patterns which are quite rare in your lifetime. Then, the second half of 2022 will bring all kinds of breakthroughs with/for foreign people and places. This may seem unlikely in a pandemic, but the world map will move around you, almost, reshaping situations, places and people to your total advantage.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I trust that dear little Parker and yourself are happy and in good health; as am I, and dear little Tom cat in our new abode.
    Jessica, after reading one of your latest articles on mutable weather coming up – may I request if you would look at my chart again to assure me that I do not have any further crosses to bear, as I have 18 aspects of mutable signs in my chart and as always, would appreciate any of your advice –

    Gemini 14 Sun
    Gemini 28 Venus
    Gemini 5 Mercury
    Gemini 9 Jupiter
    Gemini 10 MC
    Gemini 13. NN
    Virgo 00 Proserpina
    Virgo 10 Uranus
    Virgo 13 Pluto
    Virgo 14 Vulcano
    Virgo 19 Mars
    Virgo 22 Fortuna
    Pisces 7 Bacchus
    Pisces 16 Saturn
    Pisces 22 Chiron
    Pisces 25 Ceres
    Sagittarius 10 IC
    Sagittarius 13 SN

    Jessica, I thank your prior advice of an old face reappearing – to help my affairs – yes, and, she did – a wonderful school chum whom is also accountant. So thank you so much for your spot on advice again.
    Blessings to you both. And thank you Jessica for sharing such amazing talents with us All.

    1. Thank you. I changed Parker’s name to Tessa, to also change her behaviour (an old trick from Linda Goodman) and it worked. So when she appears on television again it will be under her new name (with less biting). I am glad that prediction came true for you and your old schoolfriend has come back into your life. I am looking at your mutable chart here, and seeing two of the most pressured years of your life, actually. You have been living with both the nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, but also Neptune in Pisces. You get the most tremendous break from the pressure to ‘meet change with change’ from January, when the nodes move on, but Jupiter enters Pisces and immediately starts opening up new opportunities for overall improvement. So there is a really good window in 2022 when you may want to take a deep breath and catch up with what 2020 and 2021 delivered in your life. Taking stock and getting the measure of such constant change is a good idea, once the nodes move off your chart. Long-term, though, as Saturn enters Pisces, you really will need a pretty flexible lifestyle which means you can bend and flex, as life asks you to adjust and adapt. There is a lot of denial about COVID-19 at the moment; some of it is deliberately manufactured by big business interests. The truth is, it’s going nowhere and with your highly mutable chart, you do need to look at the whole of the Twenties as a period of ongoing ‘switching’ no matter if this is work, or the daily routine, or lifestyle (Virgo) or more particularly, travel and transport (Gemini and Sagittarius). You do get a break, as I’ve said, but ongoing throughout this decade you will need to bear that in mind.

  9. Interesting look at Melbourne! I am fourth generation born in Melbourne – to a Virgo father (a Dee’s supporter for 85+ years) Have lived in Sydney nearly 30 years and wonder if I’ll end up living back there again with parents at the age where more support will be needed soon, love the city but hate the weather, so it would be hard…wonder if you see this for me?

    Regarding the Tarot card – it immediately made me think of nuns/sisters who wore badges with the abbreviations of their order RSJ PBVM etc..who were brought to Melbourne, the goldfields and other cities, to educate the children of workers. So I looked for leaders this might apply to and found the Leader of the House, Jacinta Allen, Member for Bendigo was educated in a school founded by one such order, The Sisters of Mercy (R.S.M).

    These schools founded by sisters who endured very difficult journeys and harsh conditions, usually feature social justice and service as central to their teachings. A little bit of that could go a long way!

    1. Thank you. Sydney to Melbourne is really a Fourth House matter, and as a Sun Aries, you actually had your chance as the pandemic got started. Parents are also ruled by the Fourth House. So there was a moment – but it passed. If you hate the weather in Melbourne but feel the need to look after your parents, that’s a quandary and it will persist in the rest of 2021, 2022 but be gone by 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn and moves off the regular oppositions to anything in Cancer, going through your Fourth House. It’s always in winter, too. That is fascinating about the research you did on the nuns/sisters with those initials in their orders. The Member for Bendigo was educated by one such order. I think you are right; the woman who emerges to prominence in Melbourne in October is convent educated or has a tie to the church.

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