Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022-2023

From September 4th 2022 until March 16th 2023 we will see delays, cancellations and closures involving domestic airlines, public transport, car commuting and local shipping, like ferries or short cruises.

Gemini rules the Third House of your natal chart, and so – short journeys, communication, neighbours and siblings. All these aspects of your life will run backwards and also hit a standstill, more than once, September 4th through March 16th. Have Plan B and C and be aware of that.

In this feature I’ll look at your Sun Sign and solar chart for a public prediction. I’ll also look at your natal chart.

Don’t Forget the Shadow

Mars Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow. In Gemini, the red planet describes communication and travel issues. Mars is about action. Attack and defence. When retrograde,  it’s backwards and stuck.

Hacking is an expression of Mars in Gemini (attack through computers and telephones). Check your safeguards, September 4th 2022 until around March 16th and March 17th 2023. Hackers are around all the time, but this would be unusual: widespread global impact.

Mars normally races through Gemini in weeks. From September 4th 2022 until around March 16th and 17th 2023 he will be retrograde, including the shadow period. (Mars appears to move backwards, get stuck and retrace his steps for a lot longer than many people think.) If your birth chart shows Gemini factors, you will be affected in a more direct and personal way.

Remembering 2007 and 2008

We have some good evidence for Mars Retrograde in Gemini from September 2007 (Mars 15-29 Gemini) and his strange repetition in January and February 2008 (Mars 15-29 Gemini).

The Writers’ Strike held up Hollywood back then; Gemini rules television, film and radio scripts. A famous Gemini, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was accused by Mohammed Al Fayed of having murdered Diana, the Princess of Wales. The attack on the Duke went back and forth as Mars also went back and forth. It was proven unfounded. It’s extremely likely that the late Duke’s good name will again be in the spotlight on this new Mars Retrograde in Gemini.

History Repeats on Mars Retrograde in Gemini

The 2008 submarine cable disruption that damaged the internet in January, February 2008 in the Middle East, India, Singapore, Jakarta affected connections across the entire world. Cables could go again, from September 2022 to March 2023.

London Heathrow Terminal 5 went into preparation for a 28th March opening with British Airways back in 2008: chaos resulted on the big day with 500 flights cancelled. Watch British Airways again. Common-sense suggests there will be petrol/gas shortages or price hikes. Gemini rules commuting so that may result in stop-start and go-slow driving, globally.

Anonymous is always busy, but this Mars Retrograde in Gemini suggests chaos for them – and around them – unusually disruptive and dramatic. On a previous Mars Retrograde in Gemini cycle in January 2008, Tom Cruise, Scientology and Anonymous met head-on.

Neighbours and Neighbouring Nations

A previous Mars Retrograde in Gemini cycle in November, December 1943 saw Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin decide to invade France. Britain’s neighbour. Post-Brexit, Britain and France are at odds anyway, but on this long Mars Retrograde in Gemini, we would expect dramatic impact and a long, drawn-out conflict. This coincides with the arrival of a new British Prime Minister as PM Boris Johnson steps down.

The Australian show Neighbours recently ran its final episode. You are now going to see a dispute between actors and production company, or television stations, and so on. Neighbours starred Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan. There may be a controversial book, for example. This is classic astrology.

American Neighbours

American neighbours (red and blue states which disagree on abortion) are already in a tense situation, but Mars Retrograde in Gemini may produce battles. It is possible that the next ‘front’ will be gay marriage. This comes ahead of the Mid Term elections.

Your Neighbours

In your own life, don’t provoke the neighbours and if you are provoked, sidestep the potential for a recurring feud or dispute. Mars racing backwards, then running on the spot, is unhelpful. When in doubt leave him out.

Classic Mars Advice

Mars needs direction. A strategy. Some classic Mars advice? Fight the good fight. Unite – to fight the good fight. Join your neighbours in battling the Climate Emergency. Pollution. Natural disasters. Poverty.

Don’t start a slanging match over the back fence, because it will go on for months.

Mars is like a Roman soldier. Give him a plan. Make it September-March, not ‘now, now, now.’

Plan B and C for Commuters

Have Plan B and C if you intend to travel in this time-frame. If you are a regular commuter, also have Plan B and C. You may need a second taxi company or driver, for example.

There will be strike action around the world which disrupts normal globalisation. It will involve men who make the wheels go round with the airlines, the car industry, public transport, shipping.

Gemini also rules the media, telephones, fax machines, computers (obviously) and the worldwide web (even more obviously). Expect slowdowns, shortages and stoppages here too.

The cause may be the Twitter battle against Elon Musk, or China (the world’s factory) experiencing supply chain problems because of the pandemic.

New Computers and Telephones

If you are going to buy new gear, read the terms and conditions on defects, delivery time and refunds very cautiously. The same goes for any new car, bicycle, scooter, electric bike and so on. Gemini rules all these matters.

Spare parts and supply chain issues would be a typical outcome of Mars Retrograde in Gemini.

China Crisis and Spare Parts

China’s property crisis may result in further economic collapse; remember she is the world’s factory for telephones and computers.

If you have Sagittarius factors in your natal chart, between 8 and 25 degrees, Mars will be in opposition to this, repeatedly, as he goes backwards and forwards from 8 to 25 Gemini.

As Sagittarius rules foreigners in your world, and also foreign travel, the recurring block from Mars between September 4th and around March 16th and 17th, suggests regular obstacles with airlines and at airports; perhaps with visas or passports.

If you have Gemini factors in your natal chart between 8 and 25 degrees, the Mars conjunction will repeat at this time. Gemini rules your siblings and cousins. Your short trips and commuting. Your internet, media, educational and publishing involvement. Image: Edz Norton, Unsplash.

edz norton Pt4wcNzDh5A unsplash 300x217 - Mars Retrograde in Gemini

What To Do on Mars in Gemini Retrograde

If you don’t want that “Here we go again” feeling, like a jumbled game of Scrabble –  then pull back on the Gemini action. The less you ‘do’ Mars in Gemini, the less you have to repeat.

So if you can choose any time at all to take action and impulse-buy an electric bike, do it once Mars is out of the way, from March 16th and 17th 2023, when he has finished the loop.

If you want some kind of summit meeting with your sister or brother, and you know there is a question of attack or defence (Mars rules both) then postpone it until  around March 16th and 17th, 2023.

Have back-up for your computers and important files. Always have a fall-back position for anything Gemini, like a television interview or a magazine subscription. If you just think of all Gemini matters as ‘active and rapid, but going backwards’ you’ll get a feeling for this cycle. And I’ll just repeat – fight the good fight. You also need to pick your battles.

Using Mars Retrograde Productively

Dress rehearsals. Preparation, with a view to productive mistakes. The acceptance that this chapter in your life will be a first draft, second draft, third draft, final draft – after March 2023. Realising that “Charge!’ as a cry on the battle field is rather silly when half the army is going the wrong way. Mars Retrograde, rather like Mercury Retrograde, is about redoing things.

Thus it is terribly good for endless practise and attempt, with a marvellous result once it’s all over, but until then – don’t lose time or money over this. Don’t lose relationships with people, if you can possibly avoid it.

All Action and No Thought

Mars can be all action and no thought. He is very quick to see ‘the enemy’ and that is extremely unhelpful when he is stuck in the astrological equivalent of quicksand and wading backwards in it. You get the picture.

By zodiac sign and house, Mars in Gemini shows you where the tolerance drops and the impatience or impulse increases. It’s a fine line between the reflexes that save the day (firemen) and the first shot fired in anger that begins the battle, that starts the war (Franz Ferdinand).

How Mars Moves From September 4th to March 17th 

If you have astrology chart factors in Gemini at 8 to 25 degrees, it can be helpful to see how Mars moves in your chart.
On Sunday 4th September, Mars goes to 8 degrees of Gemini. He then moves like this:

Mars 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Gemini.

On Sunday 30th October he turns retrograde and begins retracing his steps.
Mars 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 Gemini

Then on Thursday January 12th 2023 he turns direct and retraces his steps again.
Mars 8, 9, 10,11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

The final sign-off is Friday 17th March 2023 at 25 Gemini. By this stage of your life, Mars will have passed over the same spot in your Third House of domestic flights, ferries, commuting, short cruises, trains, trams, taxis and buses three times. 

So this is a story that is back to front – even if you think you’re writing it normally. We say ‘about’ or ‘approximately’ for the start and end dates of the cycle, because of world time zone differences.

How NASA Views Mars Retrograde

NASA tracks Mars Retrograde too. “Did it have some weird, mystical meaning?” they ask. Well, it did then and still does!

Screen Shot 2022 08 21 at 9.26.28 am - Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars Transits the Third House

Mars is transiting Gemini and the Third House of your natal chart for an unusually long time, so there is the potential for a long and drawn-out battle if a single shot is fired in haste.

Cast not the first stone, and all that. Mars was the icon revered by Roman soldiers. He is the old Italian war god and it takes a fair bit of navigation and strategy to avoid that, when he is charging backwards and forwards through your Third House. Lower the emotional temperature and reduce the speed.

Good Things Come Later

Good things come later from this otherwise abrasive Mars Retrograde transit. In Gemini, he foreshadows the ingress of Jupiter in Gemini (very good news) in 2024. That brings expansion, growth, optimism and solutions for: domestic flight, public transport, the media, the internet, commuting, neighbour relations – and all Gemini-ruled matters.

This in turn foreshadows the long stay of Uranus (freedom) in Gemini a year or two later. What we gain from in terms of new independence with travel in particular, owes a great deal to the Mars in Gemini saga of September 2022 to March 2023.


Gemini Astrology Birthday Card 1 - Mars Retrograde in Gemini 


Gemini People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

The focus of attention now is you – your name, face, body, ‘packaging’; everything from your hair, to your clothes, to your business card. It’s about how the world sees you, and how you present yourself. Mars in the First House also influences your feelings about your reputation.

That means your image, persona and public face. You’ll be fired up about these issues now; even temporarily ‘seized’ by what needs to happen. Perhaps this is about your title or good name, Gemini. Your brand.

Mars is about attack or defence. You may feel like ‘attacking’ goals which relate to your look, style, role, name or public profile now.   Separate yourself from the fired-up feelings and look at the overall plan. Given that this is a circular story for some seven months, how are you going to play it?

Image and Reputation for Gemini People

If anyone or anything poses a threat to how you are seen, you’ll probably feel the heat. Feeling hot under the collar is normal on a Mars transit. Counting to ten is unlikely to help, as Mars typically stays in the First House for weeks, but this time around, he is here for months.

This cycle is about how you look to the world, and how you are seen. Mars rules impulse, heat, friction and action. Common sense says, slow down and cool down, to avoid acting out Mars stories.

Mars stories are on rewind for far too long and you have better things to do. Perhaps this is a question about your surname, if you are getting married. It may be about your Facebook profile (Facebook being the source of many problems). I don’t need to tell you that the First House is about cosmetic surgery; hair transplants; weight loss; cosmetic dentistry.

Just be aware that whatever is launched on this cycle gets stuck or goes backwards. If you’re going to launch a website or YouTube channel bearing your name, then read the fine print on terms and conditions. It’s the same story, Gemini, if you have your portrait painted. A biography could be the cause of friction now; same story. Remember, the 2008 Mars Retrograde in Gemini saw a famous Gemini, the Duke of Edinburgh, in a backwards-forwards debate over his reputation, regarding Diana, Princess of Wales.

Taurus People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars will now show you threats or possibilities, in relation to money, security, lifestyle and all the things that make us fell rich or poor. It can wind you up about a mortgage, or put a rocket under an investment plan. Take your time. Cool off and slow down, otherwise you may be picking up the pieces for months, Taurus.

The less you act out Mars, the less repetitive and stuck your life will be. If you need to know more about Mars and you are a Premium Member, consult your library.

Possessions are a Gemini matter in the Taurus chart. That means your wallet or purse, as well as your car, favourite jacket, antique piggy bank and so on. Houses and apartments also matter in this cycle. Business agreements, too – and of course, shares. Insurance, pension plans and superannuation.

Expect this to go forwards, get stuck, go backwards, get stuck and then repeat. It is terribly important to read the fine print and get it in writing.

Selling Out and Standing Firm

This cycle is also about your value system. What you will and won’t sell out for. If it’s true that everyone has their price (or their idea of what is priceless), you’ll be moved to act on it now. Remember to breathe, though – and if necessary, to count to 100 and call a financial advisor before acting. I mention this because of the backward traction of Mars Retrograde.

Libran singer, actress and businesswoman Dame Olivia Newton-John had this cycle when she sued Universal for more than $1million she claimed was owed to her from the Grease soundtrack. Mercury was also in her Second House. So, that’s how this cycle has affected people before you.

This is not the moment to push or rush. Nor is it the right time to yell, ‘Charge!’ without considering that you may be saying it again. And again. You need a strategy with Mars in Gemini.

You can’t pretend he is not there (because he is) but he does like a game plan. Give him a game-plan that gets you through to March 2023 with a sign-off soon afterwards, when Mars is out of the loop. Most of all, remember the less you add to a Mars story, the less you have to rewrite later.

Aries People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

This cycle rules brothers and sisters, short trips (and the way you get around), and the written and spoken word. Cousins and neighbours also count in this cycle. If a brother or sister is acting out of character now, Mars is probably responsible. Are they all fired up? Banging tables? Look at your brother and sister’s issue on its own merits.

Forget the passion; are they right or wrong? Cousins too? Sometimes it’s you who’ll feel charged up about your sibling or close relative. You’re the one who has an axe to grind, or some mighty campaign to launch.

When it comes to brothers and sisters, cousins and you, the truth is… when this cycle is over, you’ll look back and be grateful you didn’t get caught up in a battle. As always with Mars, reduce the heat, introduce some detachment, and ask people who are sensible, intelligent and objective.

The less you buy into warfare with or for a brother, sister, cousin – the less there is to be stuck with.

Short trips, and the way you get around town (or further afield) are also significant issues now. Cars, planes, trains, buses, motorbikes, bicycles, taxis – they’ll all come up. Just because you’re all fired up about something doesn’t mean you have to do it – or even take yourself or others too seriously.

Again, the less you buy into the rapid action plan or the quick-fire attack on the issue, the better. This feels like it’s heat of the moment and is over quickly. No. It will come back and back, Aries.

The Internet and You

Communication, the written and spoken word, and the messages you need to get out there, are also influenced by Mars now. Be careful what you say and write. Your energy may create a big ripple effect. Firing off emails or flaming people in online groups can reverberate around the entire web.

The usual Mars rules apply to yourself, and to other people, now; watch what unfolds and manage it properly especially if something must go on the record – and stay there.

Mars rules you. You are well-known for being an action woman or action man. Right now, backwards action is the norm with siblings, cousins, travel, commuting, media, internet.

Take more precautions than you normally would. Don’t risk traffic fines. Be aware of the risk of airline collapse or strike action. Out of all this, Aries, comes a far superior way of travelling and commuting in a year or two.

Pisces People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Your family relationships, flatmate relationships, house, apartment or temporary accommodation will be shaped by what happens next – with long-term results!

Take your time as you navigate. Have Plan B and C if this is about your home, home town, homeland. Have Plan B and C with relatives, flatmates/roommates, live-in partners. Mars is going backwards and forwards. The action is protracted.

Whatever else is going on astrologically, your mother, father, brother, sister and other close relatives (dead or alive) will be a more urgent issue now. So will your relationship with a partner, if you live with him or her, and any flatmates in your life, there is potential for a long and rambling feud. People who have a direct influence on your home life, like neighbours, builders or co-tenants will also go to the top of your list now. Don’t buy into Mars in the first place. What should be a quick spat can become a protracted and frequently repetitive saga.

Mars cranks up the heat and tension. You can see how this could create long-term problems with family members, partners or flatmates (or those other people connected to your home life).

The brilliant Mambo artist and Mental As Anything guitarist Reg Mombassa once produced a painting with the legend CAST NOT THE FIRST STONE written on it – that’s excellent advice now. Stones go back and forth like ping-pong balls when Mars is retrograde.

Brothers, Sisters, Cousins

If you have Gemini natal chart factors, Pisces, then this is about your brother, sister and/or cousin. Don’t start anything – or be provoked. Don’t act out Mars if you don’t want the ‘re’prefix in front of everything. Rehashing old arguments, for example. Renovating the renovations.

Speaking of which – you may also be looking at renovating, home repairs, decorating and possibly a permanent new home now. Whatever the priority is (a new shower curtain and matching towels, or a $3million property investment), Mars Retrograde will rule. Get it in writing, read the fine print and have Plan B and C.

You don’t want a Fawlty Towers Irish builder situation. In fact, Fawlty Towers is a good analogy for Mars Retrograde in Gemini.

This is a very good time to spend September-March on drawing, redrawing and redrawing architectural plans. Not so good for the impulsive hire of a new architect without thorough prep. It’s a good time to understand that if you are battling greedy property developers who are hell-bent on destroying animal habitat – you need to be clever and understand that this will actually go backwards and stall – and use it.

The Tarot can help you there, Pisces. Mars Retrograde in the Fourth House is about your town, country, sense of belonging to a place – as well as your ancestry, heritage, culture. That can light a flame now too. Be strategic. Neighbours are a likely issue, especially if you or the neighbour has Gemini chart factors.

Don’t be silly enough to start something you can’t finish in a few weeks. This is not about ‘There!’ and it’s over. It’s about a saga and you have better things to do.

Aquarius People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Aquarius, expect the emotional temperature to rise in relation to your own sons and daughters, or other people’s children. This cycle can also trigger more adrenaline over issues such as pregnancy, fertility, abortion, miscarriage and adoption. We include godchildren, nieces and nephews in this.

Also children, teenagers and Millennials you teach (say) or sell products to. A younger demographic or junior marketplace, basically. This retrograde is in your Fifth House of courtship, heirs and pretenders to your throne. I’ll get onto courtship in a moment!

Right now, you’ll be all fired up about an issue directly connected to the above list. You’ll find it hard to be logical or ‘rational’ about what you’re feeling, because you’re convinced you’ve just seen exactly what has to happen. So are they. Or, so is he/she.

Ask sensible outsiders if it would all make sense, without the heat you are feeling. You may be inflamed now, or seized by the moment, and feeling defensive or rather like attacking.

The world of children and teenagers in general may be an issue. Be clever. If you are fighting the good fight and trying to get fair custody of a daughter – or fighting the headmaster over having HEPA filters installed in every classroom – use astrology. This is going to go backwards, get stuck, reverse, change – along the way.

So keep it flexible, whatever the issue is, involving heirs or pretenders to your throne.

Love and Lust

When it comes to love and lust, do not let passion or anger make you do things you would not do, if you were not feeling so hyped up. As always with Mars cycles, see if you can wait until Mars has left the Fifth House before you take action in any direction. Courtship is a Fifth House matter.

The bedroom. Being courted. I’m not a huge fan of Mars in Gemini in your Fifth House, Aquarius, because of the potential for repeated drama.

If you are dating now or in a complex phase with a marriage or partnership, expect it to go around in circles. Less angst. Don’t assume your first date is ‘the one’ and it will be textbook chronological order romance. It’s more like Jane Austen on roller skates.

Time, space, tolerance and tact are the four magic ingredients which will get you through this period. Do what you can to invite them in – and try to practise them towards others. This applies not matter if you are dealing with a screaming toddler, an over-emotional boyfriend, or a mad parent at your child’s school.

Mars is Not The Only Player

This period is exceptional for first, second and third attempts at something – as part of a creative and productive process. Honour the mistakes on Mars Retrograde. If you have the luxury of choosing any time at all to have a baby; adopt a child; start IVF – you would avoid Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your solar Fifth House of parenthood. You’d start in March 2023 when it’s over. Why? Less drama. You have other things to do.

Aquarius, for all that this retrograde is not welcomed by professional astrologers, it also precedes the wonderful Jupiter in Gemini and the liberating Uranus in Gemini cycles later. So what is stuck until March 2023 is the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl later – with courtship; with your heirs and pretenders to the throne, whomever they may be.

This isn’t only about Mars. He’s not the only player in your horoscope. What happens to you (and around you) with a younger generation, or courtship, from September 2022 until March 2023 is the impetus for something terrific, later on. Trust the Gemini cycles. I really like @MuseumAstro and their account, which frequently reminds us of the centuries-old view of the planets.

There is Mars at the top, extreme left. He’s stuck. Standing still. About to reverse. That’s a good illustration of this cycle. Yet, look at the other planets and players. They all get involved in your chart, Aquarius.

Hendrick Goltzius Saturn Mars Mercury Diana Apollo Venus @MuseumAstro - Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Capricorn People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

This cycle will strongly influence the chain of command where you are, no matter if you’re working, preoccupied with housework, or have a voluntary role somewhere. Capricorn, if you are highly strategic and use astrology knowledge, you can really set up a superior future career for yourself; a future unpaid career or academic career.

Why? What is so challenging in September 2022 through March 2023 is later on, the catalyst for fantastic changes. I’m thinking of the spectacular Jupiter in Gemini cycle from 2024 and Uranus in Gemini, soon after. The growth and the freedom.

Having said that, you have better things to do than end up in a work or health scenario you can avoid. Work or routine issues will now light your fire. You’ll see gaps where you can get in, and doors that you could push open, or quick measures you could take, to stop other people posing a threat to you. Take your time!

This cycle can trigger complications unless you measure your steps. Why? Because you are walking backwards or other people are. Strike action could take September-March to conclude. Shenanigans at work, or in business, could take months to sort out.

Sackings and Reshuffles

Sackings and resignations, takeovers and corporate wars have come out of these cycles. If you have factors in Gemini and work in education, media, academia, the web, publishing, public transport, communications, commuting, domestic travel – double that message.

Your health and wellbeing (from the dentist, to the doctor, via diet books) are also in focus now. One particular issue is going to see you feeling anything from tense, to super-motivated, to over-heated.

Remember the Mars rules, though. If you sense too much heat in yourself or others, look at the potential outcome – and the issue. Without the emotion, how do you see this? It all goes backwards. Be aware. Don’t assume you can just jump in, do something rapidly and jump out. Mars Retrograde tends to repeat himself with long pauses in between. Not useful.

Being gripped by a health or work priority that you ‘have’ to push ahead with is a sure sign that Mars is in charge – and you need to play for time. You actually need a September-March plan that will cater for stop-start delivery. So, weight loss is a classic example.

The Sixth House of your solar chart rules weight loss; personal trainers; surgery; health insurance; doctors; dentists; diets. It obviously rules the pandemic and the virus.

Use astrology as your secret super power, Capricorn. If you want something to change with the way others are (not) handling the pandemic, call it a September-March strategy and allow for delays and flux. They will not do that. You’ll be across the battle plan.

Sensible, impartial friends or family members can also help you decide if you’re on the right track, or racing off towards the wrong destination with work or health. Mars always needs a plan, though. So come up with a plan for work, unpaid work, academia, health, wellbeing, lifestyle, daily routine – that allows for reversals, delays and cancellations. Smart move.

Sagittarius People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

It’s now all to easy to find yourself in the blue corner, while someone else is in the red one. Tibetan Buddhist websites will help you find techniques for managing your own over-heated attack and defence mechanisms – and coping calmly, when other people’s attack and defence mechanisms are aimed at you.

I mention this because if you have the Sun at 8 through 25 degrees of Sagittarius (check your natal chart) you will have Mars oppositions. I don’t think it will be a huge deal, but it’s a smart move to sidestep Mars Retrograde endless drama. Don’t start it and don’t buy into it.

The Seventh House of your solar chart, ruled by Gemini, is also about your marriage; professional partnership, common-law marriage, sexual partnership. It is about platonic duets – like two friends sharing a house. Think – pairs.

Are you happy with your partner, ex-partner, or the prospects with a future date? That person will also be at the top of your list now. You’ll be all hot and sweaty about certain ideas, notions or visions involving them. Or they’ll be unusually charged up. Yet, it all goes backwards. It gets stuck, goes backwards and may change a lot. Allow for that, September through March 2023.

Heat in the Air

There is heat in the air now. As with all Mars Retrograde cycles, don’t let the heat ignite. You have better things to do, Sagittarius, than run around, September-March, trying to hose it down while you realise the map is upside-down.

If you are getting married allow for Plan B and C. Same, if you are separating or divorcing. If you are moving in with someone, allow for static, long pauses, flux. Ditto if you are entering into a professional partnership, like Mr. Marks and Mr. Spencer.

A very wise use of this cycle is the long, strategic, game plan which allows for waiting games and cancellations – with or through the other person. It may be love or war but it will go backwards.

You do need a strategy, too. Some kind of over-arching scheme, that nicely takes in the potential for delaying tactics by him/her/them – or just delays. If you are sneaky you will treat this period as a dress rehearsal for a duet or duel then swiftly act once Mars is out of the loop, after March 16th.

Scorpio People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

This cycle rules joint financial issues, like a shared mortgage or property investment, a family inheritance, the tax department, or the car you share with your sister. It’s about money, houses, apartments, possessions, assets and resources that work one, two or more ways between everyone involved.

Credit cards, chequebooks, accountants, banks, insurance and tax are all typical concerns at this time.

If you find yourself on the attack or defence over what you own, earn or owe then you need to observe the usual Mars rules. Slow down, cool off and try to look at the issue dispassionately.

A clever, objective outsider can help. Mars Retrograde is more important; you could go backwards for months, Scorpio. Really think about the old idea of ‘Choose your battles.’

The reason I say this is that in your natal chart I can see Uranus in Taurus, the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio, across your Second House-Eighth House axis. And your Sun is in the Eighth House anyway. So I’m not madly keen on the idea of you charging into some kind of financial or business battle, or property stoush.

Scorpio – even just a competition or contest is Mars territory. When he appears to go backwards and get stuck, September-March, so may the fray.

Rushing and Pushing

Do not rush or push at this time, as this cycle can start a domino effect in your life, which brings complications later. The game which is abandoned or delayed.

Income tax and lawsuits are associated with this transit. If you are going to use astrology for sneaky superpower purposes, remember whatever begins on or close to September 4th, will run until March 16th (backwards).

It’s really like fencing or boxing. Football. The usual rules and stop watch will not apply. If you can make that work for you, that’s great. If you can’t do it, then think about going into your big financial push after March 2023.

This applies to basic economic push tactics too; if you want to save or make money, through property, business, income, stashing the cash (or selling up) – fine. That is a very Scorpio approach to life. Just allow for it all to be on rewind and for the DVD to freeze.

Libra People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

This cycle will strongly influence how you feel about a trip, a move, or a connection to someone from another country or culture. Religion matters more now too. We also link the Ninth House to publishing and the worldwide web. Foreign people and places or regional differences can trigger you or others. The pandemic has already caused mass delays and cancellations; there will be more so be aware of that. Image: Felipe Souza, Unsplash.

l filipe c sousa 0nUcd4 pp5k unsplash 300x200 - Mars Retrograde in Gemini

This cycle may also trigger issues connected to the world of academia and education. In all cases, expect more emotional heat and the typical ‘seized’ feeling that arrives in a Mars cycle.

If Oxford University put on a lacklustre course online and it wastes you a lot of money, you may find yourself becoming that Kenny Everett character, Angry of Mayfair. Though, walking backwards.

When travelling, teaching, studying, moving, exporting or dealing with people from other cultures, the usual Mars rules apply: just because you or someone else is getting all hot and bothered, does not mean the principle at stake is worth the pile of merde that will result if either of you lets the situation go further.

This is an excellent cycle for rescheduling, brainstorming, rehearsing. Not for charging full steam ahead. Mars Retrograde is action, backwards. Education, academia and publishing often provide the arena where Mars madness gets played out in Gemini in your solar Ninth House.

Your agenda (or other people’s burning mission) might be pointing in the right direction, in the right way, later on. Try March 2023. Treat September-March as mulling and musing time. If you go over and over, repeat, repeat and it is productive then there is no issue. The third, fourth, draft or version is the one, and that will appear after March next year.

US Immigration 

Travel and relocation issues may prompt situations where you need to breathe deeply and slowly now. Aries actor Charlie Chaplin had this cycle on September 19, 1952, when he was barred from America by US Immigration. Mars in the Ninth House. It can happen.

If you can imagine revving a car then having it shoot backwards, that’s pretty much where this cycle is, Libra. Foreigners and foreign countries are the chief concern. Mars is very fast, but retrograde, he grates his wheels and accelerates back and forth for quite a long time.

Virgo People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

If you have a full-time or part-time job, a burning career issue will turn up now. You’ll be fired up – passionate! Alternatively, if may be your boss, client, colleague or professional rival who starts pushing forward. If you are a full-time parent or wife/husband, or you have a voluntary community role, this cycle will also affect that aspect of your life. It is about roles and goals. Your ambition, mission and position.

Mars retrograde is rethinking, rescheduling, rehearsing. It is unsuitable for a big push forward, as if time was linear. Time is not. It is circular on this cycle. If you want the best results professionally, with unpaid work or academia – treat September-March as a long beta testing period and don’t commit assuming everything just goes forward, smoothly. Mars Retrograde in Gemini tells you, it reverses and repeats. It can also come to nothing.

Career, Unpaid Work, Academia

If your career, unpaid work or academic career involves the media, publishing, internet, commuting, regional travel – then double that message. Treble that message if you also have factors in Gemini in your natal chart.

If you are retired, have full-time home duties or are unemployed, Mars will deliver the same scenario, but channelled through other areas of your life which relate to your role and your goals. It can feel like going up the corporate ladder, then back down, then back up again. Then the ladder is reassembled. Be sharply aware of this, Virgo, if you are signing up for anything. Or receiving signatures.

I think December 2022, January 2023 is more of an issue in terms of that, because we have a ton of natal chart transits in the same place – the Tenth House. Expect reshuffles, demotions, mergers, promotions and departures. If you have anything in Capricorn then it’s accented.

The best way to approach so-called ‘final arrangements’ is to remember that they are in flux and you are better off being loosey-goosey.

If you want to rush or push, particularly on a professional or business level, you must take other people’s feelings and situation into account. If you do not, then you’ll find this cycle has a funny way of boomeranging back to you. Mars was the Roman god of war.

If you have to be invasive, defensive or attacking on this transit, starting in September, then come up with a strategy (Mars likes a plan) which involves tremendous flexibility so if you have to stall, you are prepared to do that, and if you have to reverse your steps, you can do that too.

Leo People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

You’ll be gripped by a group goal now that you’re physically excited and enthused about. The women’s football team. The band. The charity. The university reunion. The environmental campaign. The only issue is, it’s backwards and stuck. It is in flux, September 2022 to March 2023.

Make allowances for that and be loosey-goosey about arrangements. Apart from anything else, Leo, we are in a pandemic. And a Saturn in Aquarius cycle, in your natal Eleventh House of friends and groups (same thing).

Good Mars questions to ask yourself are: a) Do I have Plan B, C and D? and b) If life is one long domino effect, is my game with a friend or group flexible enough to take all the turns?

There may also be a group around you and outside you (a book group, website forum etc.) where one or more people are feeling the heat. They’re all revved up and ready for a fight, or they’ve got some hot take, about taking on some kind of battle. This is going to reverse.

Clubs, Teams and Groups

Keep an eye on the networks, teams, clubs, associations, classes and other types of people who are in your world (or on the fringes of your world), at this time. A sensible rule with Mars Retrograde is to avoid Martial things. Good Martial Arts with or around groups now depends on realising the less you put into it, the less running around there will be. Backwards.

When it comes to friendship, remember that Mars is really about the Three Musketeers. Are you with me or against me? All for one and one for all? The moment you spot that kind of atmosphere you may want to bring the stakes down, Leo, because you’ll be back and forth with it for months.

You can just tell this is the Democrats in the United States because they have two Leo former presidents; Obama and Clinton. In fact, Barack Obama ran against Hillary Clinton in the last Mars Retrograde in Gemini. Remember that two-person debate?

Do you have Aquarius factors in your natal chart? Okay, this is more important, Leo. Also until March 2023 you have this go-slow/caution advised/smart defence cycle which is affecting friendships and the group. So you really need to strategise like a professional with friends and groups.

Long-term, Leo, whatever your natal chart looks like – good things come from this. Jupiter goes into Gemini, then Uranus, from the mid 2020’s. Long-term you find fantastic, liberating, exhilarating outcomes with your social life, networks, communities and friendships.

Nothing comes from nothing in astrology, so some of this will be seeded by the circular, stuck, loop of Mars Retrograde in your solar Eleventh House in 2022-2023.

Cancer People and Mars Retrograde in Gemini

The burning issue in your life now will be solitary and sealed off. It may be religion, Tarot, mediumship, hypnosis, self-help, therapy, meditation, Buddhism or anything which involves you being cloistered or alone with your own soul.

This extremely heated matter will make you feel as if this must involve immediate action, even if it is unseen and unknown as far as outsiders are concerned. It may be God, the Universe, your dreams, your psychologist, your self-help books, , alcohol escapism, psychiatric drugs – but it’s your inner life. Your inner world.

Your secrets and your psyche. Your faith and your inner being, which is known to some Indian healers as the chakra system.

The September to March Heatwave

As with all Mars cycles, the fact that you feel galvanised about something is not necessarily a reason for charging ahead. Why pay too much attention to a September 2022-March 2023 heatwave? This soulful matter could easily trigger a spot of heat in someone else at this time. Your priest or therapist, perhaps.

Your private relationship with yourself, which usually emerges in dreams, meditation, tarot, prayer, astrology, mediumship, journals, therapy and other navel-gazing pursuits, is more important now. It seems you will meet your own raw energy through encounters with your own soul.

As a sensible rule of thumb, don’t ‘do’ Mars in the solar Twelfth House too much. Pull back from (say) the sessions with the Archbishop if it feels too ‘Mars’ for you. It’s the same with therapy about your childhood, if you are pursuing that.

Losing My Religion?

Your religion can put other people on the attack or defence now. God as a whole can also put you on similar ground. There is a great deal of the confessional about this cycle. Strategise don’t just wade in.

A strategy which allows for delays, reversals and circuits in time, from March 2022 to September 2023 is a very smart idea. If you treat life as a process in motion it is far more successful on Mars Retrograde. Wheels turn back and forth. Nobody can see them except you. It’s a journey not an outcome.

The less you buy into attack and defence, particularly where religion or counselling is concerned (or psychics) the better. Cancer, all this grit leads to a pearl in the oyster of your life, later on. In fact, Jupiter and then Uranus in Gemini in your solar Twelfth House from the mid 2020’s are going to deliver very nicely for you.

Change your life, even. None of it would have ever happened without the heat of Mars Retrograde.

Do you have Pisces natal chart factors? Double that message, Cancer. Halloween to Christmas is a crucial period for all that I’ve mentioned. And nobody will know except you, and perhaps your confidante.

Main Image: Simon Lee Unsplash


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152 Responses

  1. Re Mars RX in Gemini 2007-2008, this was also the massive mortgage securities real estate meltdown that led to horrific economic and financial crash in the US. September 2007 was when financial firms and mortgage companies imploded from shady lending practices. So many foreclosures…so many fraudulent documents. This was a watershed moment for so many working people, losing their homes, businesses closing. I remember it well. Question…will this event somehow be revived or important in the upcoming long Mars in Gemini RX period? Thanks Jessica

    1. Good question. Yes, the last Mars Retrograde in Gemini coincided with the Global Financial Crisis. That was not the problem, though. Gemini has nothing to do with money or mortgages. The problem then was Mars Retrograde in Cancer, which certainly does. Mars moved into Cancer on 29th September 2007 and remained until December 31st, retrograde. He then resumed in Cancer on March 5th 2008 and remained until May 9th. It takes more than that to usher in an economic disaster, of course. Ceres in Taurus was there from June 6th 2007 until March 28th 2008. She was retrograde in the sign of shares and banking. If you add Saturn in Virgo (unemployment) and Pluto in Capricorn (corporations) you have what we saw: an unholy mix of difficult transits in parts of the zodiac we associate with money, mortgages and jobs. We are going to continue to see an unpredictable, volatile world economy, but not because of Mars Retrograde in Gemini, or any flashback to 2007-2008.

  2. Hello Jessica, Just read this post and I feel like a storm is coming. I have been on sick leave from april and I am recovering now. I think I will be back to work in one or two months. Being gemini and having factors in virgo and scorpio, can you pls kindly look at my chart? It seems I am going to have an awful return because mars in gemini is impacting directly in my work and carrer, right? I am not afraid to lose my job, but do you see any sign it will be a bumpy road involving legal battles? Thanks so much!

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with a large Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work and health. You will have a terrific opportunity to improve both when Jupiter changes signs on 29th October; he remains on your side until December 21st. This may be negotiating to work from home, perhaps. It may be a superior job elsewhere. The Tarot can give you more personal insights. The same old set-up with work is not going to function for you; if you have been away since April on sick leave, your body is trying to tell you something. Have a look at what duty and service mean to you – and your honest feelings about this job.

  3. Thank you Jessica for the advance warning!
    Mars in Gemini transits over my natal Saturn and then opposes all the Sag factors. I have been grappling with teeth-related issues since early June. Hope at least that will not play out in this Mars in Gemini transit?
    I also have an almost exact Grand Cross in my chart if I take 3 degrees as a sensitive point. A law suit was expected to be settled, but is up in the air because the other party is dragging their feet.
    The bright spot was the career/paid job scenario late last year. As you had predicted in your remarkable birthday forecast.
    The 17-18 degree hotspot has been more about internal conversations. No meaningful conversations possible with my siblings…I have tried to give and forgive… Am sure they too have their sore points.
    I seem to have lost my mojo from 2017 onwards… Forced and unforced errors. Want a little more good luck. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Teeth are a Virgo and Sixth House matter, so nothing to do with Mars Retrograde in Gemini. Thank you for validating my birthday prediction for you. There is a lot going on in your question. You are a Sun Scorpio with a stellium in Leo in your natal Fifth House. In your solar Fifth House you are experiencing transiting Neptune in Pisces in the Fifth House. Jupiter will join Neptune in Pisces in your solar Fifth House from 29th October until 20th December 2022. So the most important transits here are about courtship, heirs and pretenders to the throne. You are in a rare position to take advantage of opportunities to improve those relationships or to pursue new options. Use the Tarot to find out the personal ramifications of that.

  4. Hi Jessica – another helpful post, thank you. I’ve just started construction on a new venture. The plan was to open in late Nov or early Dec 2022. Can I still do this? Or is it the worst time to launch something new given the mars retrograde? I would love your perspective. Thank you for all that you do!

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius so Mars transits your Fifth House of children, teenagers and young adults. If your new venture involves them, you would expect resistance. You don’t say what your new venture is so it is very difficult to say any more. If it involves foreigners and foreign countries, your Gemini and Sagittarius patterns in the natal chart suggest delays and cancellations. We will see a number of cruise companies and airlines go into receivership from September until March. You will also see strike action and supply shortages. Mars is retrograde for an unusually long time and this is the beginning of the end of globalisation, which is all but over from 2026-2033.

  5. Hello Jessica, thank you for this very detailed and illuminating post. A prospective partnership and a couple of significant business developments makes me wonder how to reconcile Mars retrograde in Gemini with Jupiter in Aries and, soon, in Pisces. Any pointers are most welcome. Waving and sending thanks to you!

    1. You are a Sun Libra with Neptune at 15 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. You have transiting Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your solar Ninth House as well as a forthcoming opposition to Neptune in your natal Ninth House. If your partnership and business plans are abroad or involve a different culture or nationality, buyer beware. The same story is being told twice in your public and private chart. The dates of the opposition to Neptune are 19th and 20th September then 9th, 10th and 11th of December, then finally February 18th, 19th and 20th. Mars in opposition to natal Neptune is usually a challenge to some kind of holiday from reality. A textbook example would be industrial action which results in a cruise cancellation. The Tarot can help you more specifically.

  6. Hi Jessica – you kindly answered a question for me recently as I was planning on selling my house and moving interstate. I’d been delayed by numerous events, health issues & a super difficult mother in law. I tried to follow your very sound advice to the letter but as I put my house up for sale the market crashed and I’m being offered $400,000 less than it was worth 2months ago. I know it sounds like first world problems but it’s left me really stumped as I have no superannuation so the sale was to buy a new home l, pay off any debts & fund my life (I’ve had long term health issues so the house is all I have) I’m unsure whether to take the house off the market and just stay put or just take a hit and leave Sydney. My timing has been dreadful and despite all my best efforts as I’d followed your predictions about global finance.Any advice would be gratefully received as I’m very aware of Mars and the turning point of Sept 3. All in all it’s been a really terrible year so far. Thanks for the amazing light you shine on this jumbled world

    1. Jules I am trying to remember what your question was, when you asked it and what I might have suggested. You have Taurus and Scorpio chart factors so I would have told you that this was a difficult time (a stretch) to sell a house and buy a new one. Why? The lunar nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio until July 2023 so they are in opposition, pushing and pulling on your own Taurus and Scorpio factors in the Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance. I’m also certain I would have told you that Uranus in Taurus makes this the most unpredictable time in your adult life, for money. I’m sure I would have told you to wait until Jupiter went into Taurus from May 2023 – if you possibly could. It sounds as if you ignored the astrology, from your message, and sold. Your house is now worth almost half a million dollars less. As a Sun Taurus you are also going through this long Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Second House of personal income. Was the plan to sell in Sydney, take the money and buy in a less expensive part of New South Wales? To keep the change? If so, your chances are much higher in astrology when Jupiter goes into Taurus from May 17th 2023. He remains there with all his solutions, offering you answers and opportunities in your Second House of money, until May 25th 2024. That is an ideal position for Jupiter as he will also sextile factors in Cancer in your Fourth House of property. I’m hesitant about repeating what I told you the first time, but please look at any dates I gave you. I strongly recommend you use the Tarot, the Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle and follow the steps. Line that up with the dates here, and the original dates (I suspect I am repeating myself as I can’t find the original question). As you have health issues and no superannuation you also need the best financial advice you can afford; that would be a smart move.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Such a fascinating article. I look forward to all your blogs. Any insight on how this will affect me and my family? I have a Scorpio husband and son. I’m also very close with my mother and sister who is a Taurus (mom) and cancer ( sister) who are also a major part of my life. As always thank you for all that you do.

    1. You are a Sun Leo with an Aquarius stellium in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Transiting Saturn is currently in Aquarius in your Eleventh House, until March 2023. You also are set to experience Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your solar Eleventh House of friends and groups, across the same time-frame. This is not about your family, mother or sister. It is about any club, team, political party, group, band, community, collective that you are involved with. As a common-sense rule you may want to do the minimum with them. Keep the stakes very low with one or more circles of people and you will have less to deal with by next March.

  8. Hi Jessica
    I have my natal mars and N node in Gemini and my moon and S node in Sagitarius.
    I was wondering if the Gemini or the Sag elements are more important here in terms of the next few months.
    On a different note Ive noticed that the SWIFT system has a ton of factors at the 18 degree mark. Could this be a hacking or reset of the payments sytems in the future?
    Also Thank you for letting us know about the new UVC lights. I have one on the way and some family have ordered them also. A x

    1. That is so interesting about the SWIFT system. Noted. I am glad you have the UVC lights. I just bought one for travel when I am forced to stay in local hotels. It’s really like carrying a hairdrier to plug into the wall. Okay, so you have patterns at 9 through 29 of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis which is associated with domestic and foreign travel. Of those, the retrograde affects anything at 8 through 25, and you will be beset by delays and reversals if you do intend to travel at all. If you are staying put, then it will be travellers or foreigners in your world who act out Mars retrograde for you. They may be stranded or have to cancel a trip and this would directly affect you. You will have retrograde Mars in opposition and conjunction across the Third House and Ninth House, so the traffic lights will move erratically from green, to amber, to red, to green. There is a huge amount of denial and fantasising about the pandemic, as you know, so it is possible that you are just going to see cancellations, absences, postponements because people succumb to Long Covid, for example. Sagittarius-Gemini is foreign language translation (an exact interpretation) and that will be one area of life where you find things go backwards.

  9. Like others of my generation, I have natal Uranus in Gemini (at 17) and it will attract three conjunctions from Mars during this period: so potentially quite testing. However, the three transits will trigger my natal grand trine between Mars/Uranus/ Neptune. Do you think the triggering of the grand trine will make any difference?

    1. Amazing to have an exact grand trine at the same degree. I can’t see a chart here, but given you have a line-up at Mars 17, Uranus 17 and Neptune 17, it will of course be transiting Uranus at 17 Taurus which triggers the grand trine, and that begins on 13th October. The revolution in the world economy (Uranus in Taurus) has a life-changing impact on you, setting you free from something/someone that would have confined you further, long-term. It will be a shock. Mars retrograde in conjunction with natal Uranus in Gemini in your Third House is about your siblings and/or cousin and a dramatic shift in the way you see them, or the way they see you. Independence Day. To get there with the least amount of drama reduce the speed and the heat. Those are the Mars rules.

  10. Thank you for the heads-up in global and personal terms. Mars is at 10 degrees Gemini in my natal chart, so what you say seems to apply to my whole life. I made travel plans with friends several months ago involving flights, trains and ferries, starting Sept 13… I wish I had looked ahead to this transit, but again I have this Mars position in my natal chart anyway so will just have to stay calm regardless of whatever challenges arise. Can you see any mitigating factors in my chart? Thank you.

    1. You have factors at 5 through 12 Gemini in your Third House of flights, trains and ferries and you intend to travel from September 13th. Transiting Mars moves across 12 from that point, repeating at 12 from December 17th to 19th 2022 then repeating again at 12 from February 9th to 11th. You don’t say how long you intend to travel for. If you need to take legal action against the airline, train company or ferry company, or others take legal action against you, just bear in mind that it will be a long and drawn-out process. You can have a look at your library to see what Mars represents and rules, in more detail.

  11. Hello Jessica!! Thank you for this wonderful post. I am curious though because as a strongly Leo person, I don’t find that this particular forecast resonates with me. I do find that the Libra forecast makes sense (living in a foreign country at the moment, knowing I can’t go home until next summer). However, I am curious about the Gemini/ Sagittarius aspect of this piece. I have two factors in Gemini (Hygeia and Chiron) and Uranus in Sagittarius. I have finally found my rhythm with writing short stories, flash fiction, and planning an eventual novel. I feel very strongly about writing and feel that because of my Libra stellium that this urge is somewhat supported by the astrology. Could you shed some light on how this Mars retrograde may affect my writing efforts?

    Many, many thanks and blessings to you!

    1. Thank you. This transit has not begun yet, so I’m not sure how you find a forecast resonates with you when it hasn’t started! Too funny. Anyway. You are a Sun Leo. There will be a long, drawn-out saga involving one or more friends in a group. It may be a writing group. You have the usual Gemini-Sagittarius signature of somebody who wants to write a book. Uranus in Gemini from 2026 will trigger a revolution in the way you write as radical change involving new technology and new inventions alters the way you think about self-expression.

  12. Thank you Jessica. The new venture that I’m starting construction on is a glamping retreat in my local area. Appreciate your insight! The mars retrograde sounds rough. Thank you so much!

    1. The glamping retreat will be affected by Mars Retrograde in Gemini, September until March 2023, as people travelling to holiday will be hit by rail strikes; domestic flight cancellations or delays and so on. So expect stop-start. Glamping is very wise as an industry, though, you will find it goes high-tech from 2026 and if you are still involved it will be exciting, liberating and a game-changer.

  13. Right, of course it hasn’t started yet I should have clarified that I don’t consider myself to be part of a group – I don’t participate in a writing group nor do I have a group of people that I spend a significant amount of time with apart from my family. My team at work has already begun to disintegrate due to lots of shake ups; so given that I feel isolated and separated and singular, I wasn’t sure how the forecast related to me. But many thanks for your response!!

    1. Oh, it’s the team at work. You may find someone has to take time off, because of COVID-19, or that there is disagreement in direction within the team, so someone pushes off. That can happen. This hasn’t even started. The golden rule with Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your solar Eleventh House, at the same time that you have Saturn transiting your natal Eleventh House, is to keep any group/friendship/social/team/community involvement at a down-low. You can’t stop it but you can minimise your stake and avoid taking on anything or anybody new. You’ll have enough to sort out with this group situation.

  14. Hi Jessica. In the cancer section is that a typo “ A strategy which allows for delays, reversals and circuits in time, from March 2022 to September 2023 is a very smart idea”? Also, looking at my chart is there a way to be a bit more specific? I have just started back to my yoga practice after years of not doing anything and being pretty much in limbo. I had a lot of stress in the last few years and it virtually crippled me causing some weight gain and obvious aging, as stress will do. My practice has felt good but a side effect has been pretty severe joint pain (I have a history of old injuries). Although, I do believe this is the right path because I am feeling better mentally already. I just have to get thru the oiling of the joints so to speak. My husband is Leo so it looks like things are on the up for us as time goes on which is encouraging because we have had some real challenges in the last few years! Thank you so much for all the great blogs and for all the work you do.

    1. Let me check the copy for Cancer – thank you for picking it up. The Mars Retrograde is 4th September 2022 until March 17th 2023 so I have managed to put that in, back to front. (Spectacular Mercury Retrograde own goal!) You are asking about things which are not Gemini at all; they are Virgo. Yoga, stress, weight gain, joint pain, injuries are all Virgo. You have a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House from 3 to 24 degrees so are basically dealing with Neptune in Pisces at 24 in opposition, and traffic in the other mutable sign, Gemini, creating transiting squares. So you will have to go back into your Virgo side and dig deeper for answers. Issues with the body are always issues with the work, the housework, the unpaid work – in astrology. The unconscious is very powerful. You don’t say what your job is, or what your housework or unpaid work is. That is the entire answer. Use the Tarot to find out what’s going on, and perhaps The Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle. It’s a Virgo/Sixth House story and that Neptune opposition is rare; worth looking at.

  15. Hi Jessica, I have my ascendant at 18deg in Gemini and wondering what this means for me. I’m currently looking to buy a home as the one I’ve been renting is up for sale, do you see this being possible for me this year? Also still dealing with a property issue I’ve had with a sibling since 2008, this is someone who is no longer a part of my life. I would dearly love to sell the land we each have a 50% share in, I’ve been trying to do that for around 8 years now but can’t get an agreement from my sibling. Do you see this resolving soon as it’s costing me dearly in several ways. Many thanks x

    1. I have answered you elsewhere, thank you. The entire issue with your sibling is Vesta; have a look at her in your library.

  16. Thank You Jessica. I’ve found my original question (below). I haven’t sold as yet. We are moving to South Oz to be nearer my parents but house prices there have rocketed. Your original advice was spot on, my timing was just thwarted and I haven’t sold as yet. I have an offer I could accept this coming week but it’s about $300,000 below what I expected and houses we were looking at buying in SA have shot up by about half a million this year. To complicate matters we sold my partners apartment where his mum lives already (she’s coming with us) so she will be homeless when she returns from overseas. Will look into everything you suggest.
    Really appreciate your insight, many, many thanks Jules xx

    Jules Jones says:
    5 July 2022 at 1:34 pm
    Help! Hi Jessica am floundering here. Been trying to get my house up for sale for about 10 months but been thwarted by extended illness, a surgery, a major leak/flood & a very awkward mother-in-law (a Scorpio with 5 planets in Scorpio) who is very manipulative with my partner (a Cancerian). She is now overseas for a while, the house in Sydney is on the market with an auction date of July 23. I really don’t want an auction and am already seeing real estate agent shenanigans. Yes I’m lucky to have a house but it’s all I have to live on into the future plus buy something new interstate. I’m feeling very swamped and exhausted- any insights would be appreciated.

    Jessica Adams says:
    5 July 2022 at 5:43 pm
    You are a Sun Taurus with a big Gemini and Sagittarius pattern. So you are two people in one body and often pull yourself in two directions so feel stretched. Basic rule with Gemini-Sagittarius is to stop doing head miles, stop over-thinking and reduce the amount of online or telephone time. I am sorry you have been through the long illness, the flood and the difficult heavily Scorpio mother-in-law. Of all those matters, it’s the marriage which is the story that matters most. You have karma with your husband which ends in July 2023. One more year to go. That is what the mother, the illness and the flood are all about. You two owe each other karmically from a story in your own life about 18 or 19 years ago. It may have involved him; it may have involved someone else. You have to put up with a rather stuck situation until July next year then you are free, karmically. Try to get the auction out of the way and any purchase by September if you can; that way you avoid Mars Retrograde. Try to clear the money by September. Ask the Tarot how the Gemini-Sagittarius patterns show up in your life and then ask again, if there is an issue it shows you – how do you fix that? Long-term you will make or save a lot of money in about three years’ time. From 2026 you will radically change your finances and property and be as free as a bird.

    1. Thank you for finding my original reply! I wrote: “Try to get the auction out of the way and any purchase by September if you can; that way you avoid Mars Retrograde. Try to clear the money by September.” So you did in fact put the home on the market and now it’s crashed in price, “because government.” You’ve not actually sold yet but you’ve had a low offer which would make moving very expensive. You have a ton of choices here so please do not feel pressured. As I wrote in the original reply; the issue is karma with your husband. That ends in July 2023. So to some extent it’s not even about the money or the property, it is about what you owe him – and what he owes you. He’s a Sun Cancer and your mother-in-law is a manipulative Scorpio. He’s in the heaviest financial cycle for 29 years which ends in March 2023. She’s in a stuck financial and property cycle, along with you, also until March 2023. He has transiting Saturn in Aquarius in his solar Eighth House of marriage and money; mothers and money. You have (now, because you left it too late) Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your solar Second House of finance and property, going backwards. The mother-in-law has it too, in her Eighth House of…you guessed it…mothers and money, sons and money. In a perfect world you would leave any massive decision until after March 17th 2023 when Saturn and Mars have both moved out of your way. If you can’t do that then you are going to have to do some fancy footwork. The Tarot will help with all of this; use it for a more personal reading about you, him and her and match the timing I am using here.

  17. Dear Jessica, thank you for this article. As there is so much information written do you think i will be at an advantage or disadvantage during this mars in gemini period? Im starting to seek employment and i feel a bit of uncertainty for what “feels” like a massive change in my life somehow. Im based in in Ireland. It feels intense or about to be….? Any insights are much appreciated.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn looking for a job with Ceres at 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. You also have Mars transiting your solar Sixth House of work, backwards. You will figure out employment in quite a radically different way, possibly job-sharing with someone else, or working two jobs. This is because Uranus at 18 Taurus is trine Ceres in September, October, then April 2023, May 2023. Ceres is all about compromise, sharing the turf, and usually the time and control. One way or another this is a revolutionary fresh start for you. The scheduling (Mars in your Sixth solar house, backwards) will be erratic and changeable so have Plan B and C for that. Make your health the absolute priority. Your wellbeing comes first.

  18. Thank you Jessica for this great article. I’m a proud Leo and I’m trying to recover from Leo weather 🙂
    I’m about to join a team job just in time for Mars in Gemini. I don’t have anything in Gemini, I hope it will permit me to just pass that one ahah. What do you think?

    1. You do have a Gemini-free chart. Just be prepared for the money talk to go back and forth and possibly come unstuck, assuming the team job involves discussion about salary, bonuses, commission and the like – or the budget for a team project. Mercury retrogrades in your solar Second House of finance until October. Get it in writing and have Plan B and C. This is especially true if you are working with people who don’t listen, or don’t read and compute. It’s the same in your natal chart; you have a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of finance and it’s basically all about that, September and October. It may not only be these people, of course, it may be quite a different individual or group, but be aware of the backward cycling of Mercury.

  19. Hi Jessica!
    How do the two retrograde mercury cycles that occur during this mars retrograde cycle affect us? Is it double trouble? I’m traveling for the next two months and then again over Christmas and am apprehensive about the upcoming retrograde Hg and now this!
    Thank you! Kris

    1. Good question. Mercury Retrograde in Libra is with us from September 4th until 23rd, then Mercury Retrograde in Virgo continues the loop from September 24th until October 10th. Mercury then backtracks in Libra from October 11th until 17th (covering his tracks). So yes, it’s triple trouble actually, in September and around the first half of October. Backwards traction for marriage and professional partnership. For work and health matters. For commuting and particularly for neighbouring nations or regions. It’s a right mess, actually. The next retrograde of Mercury at the same time as Mars Retrograde in Gemini, will be at 8 through 24 degrees of Capricorn (Presidents, Prime Ministers, Premiers) from December 13th until January 22nd 2023. This looks like issues between neighbouring American states to me, dragging in President Joe Biden but also the individual state leaders. You’d also be looking at Europe with all its neighbouring nations and regions and again, the question of power from the top. If you are travelling then you will hit the Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (COVID-19 and Monkeypox management, or mismanagement) at the same time as Mars Retrograde in Gemini (short haul flight, trains). Expect plenty of cancellations, strikes, closures, liquidation for some companies. There is a huge amount of fantasising and denial about COVID-19 which will eventually produce a variant upon which the latest version of a vaccine has no effect. Africans are mostly not vaccinated at all of course.

  20. Hi Jessica, thanks for another valuable post. I have a Gemini ascendant at 18º and would like to know how I will be impacted. I would dearly like to buy a home this year, the home I’ve been in for the last few years is being sold by the owners so I will have to move out. I’m also still dealing with a property issue that has been going on for over a decade, my sibling and I each have 50% ownership in land, we no longer have a relationship so I would love to sell the land and move on but no matter how I approach this topic with my sibling I can’t seem to get and agreement. I appreciate any light you can shed on my home and property issues? Many thanks x

    1. The ascendant is the least important part of the chart and is about your reputation or image. You are a Sun Virgo who has Mars in Gemini in your Tenth House of career, not home, not property and not siblings. So that’s not it either. You have Vesta at 3 Gemini which is really about gender imbalance affecting fairness with a sibling. That’s something that is easily fixed. Find the male who manipulates the situation and unite with any females in the situation! If you want to act after an entire decade of property differences, that suggests something more than just Vesta in Gemini. Sure enough you have a huge stellium in Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint family finance and property. You want to sell the land and take your half but there’s no agreement. This is karmic in nature and ends in July 2023 as the South Node quits Scorpio. The karmic closure will happen by then at the very latest. For whatever reason you make or save a small fortune now through Halloween, then again from Christmas until May 2023. It may be because you get a bargain with a new residence; your sibling lets you sell the land; you gain a pay rise; see the value of shares ascend – could be all kinds of reasons – but you will be quids in.

  21. Hello Jessica!

    I hope I am reading this right and take the right action steps. You know sometimes we end up in situations in life that we just have to do things regardless of the astrological aspects. We are FINALLY getting my grandson into school this fall. It was my hope to get back to work in September but now I am nervous. Maybe I should wait until next April? I have a chance to continue my studies in computer programming and networking through April and it sounds like that may be the better approach for me now? Is that right.

    My daugther is working on getting an addition put on her home. Still in permit phase. I wonder if we should hold off on that until April as well.

    Finally, my grandon (who is autistic) will be starting school for the first time this fall. August 29th is the start date. We are a tad nervous but have high hopes. Is there anything we should do right away before the retro to communicate his needs with the school? WE are trying, hoping praying, to get his current in home therapists allowed to be in the school with him during the day. Its a customary practice, however, the county my daughter lives in can sometimes be difficult. We may have to get legal counsel but I am praying to not have to do that. God I for once just want things to be easy. His birthday is March 23 2015; 8:05AM; Fayetteville, NC

    Sorry to ask 3 questions I hope that is okay. We have so much going on here and we are all at our limit as life has been so hectic.

    Much Love

    oh PS have you seen the most recent Conde Nast issue? The cover is “Future of Travel.” I am going to read it in the morning. ~/cheers

    1. You have to be true to the Mars in Gemini meaning, and an eagle-eyed reader has pointed out other cycles when we see issues with and for neighbours (Gemini) and also short journeys (Eurostar and the Channel Tunnel). Computer programming is certainly a Gemini matter for you. Your daughter’s renovations are not. School is Gemini, correct, and so is education at home. So, you can expect stop-start, backtracking and rescheduling with all that. Gemini factors at 3, 4, 5, 24 show up in your Third House but the retrograde misses 3, 4, 5 and only really lands on 24. So it’s not that huge a deal. Factors at 16, 19, 25 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries is more obviously an issue. Mars opposes that, backwards and forwards. So – you would avoid those transits for travel, but any sensible person isn’t travelling anyway.

  22. Hi Jessica. Thank you for this detailed article. I looked at the history of what happened when Mars was retrograded in Gemini in 1958 and 1990. In those times, the US and USSR were doing a tremendous amount of nuclear testing, Serbia and Croatia (1990) proclaimed autonomy, and Iraque wanted to take over Kuwait (1990). There were also plane advancements, plane crashes, and natural disasters, including meteorite explosions above the Pacific. Also, in 1990 Antiwar protest marches began in 20 US cities (US-Iraq). Given today’s events, we can see that a similar future might unfold with this Mars retrograde in Gemini. The ongoing pressure between China and Taiwan might grow into something bigger over this time.

    1. Thank you so much for looking into this. Mars was retrograde in Gemini from September 22nd 1958 until October 29th at 0, 1, 2 degrees. He then reappeared at 0, 1, 2 degrees Gemini from February 11th 1959 until the 17th. Sticking to strictly Gemini/Third House links, we saw the Boeing 707 begin flights across the Atlantic on 26th October 1958. In 1990 Mars was retrograde in Gemini across 0-14 degrees, starting the loop on September 1st 1990 and ending on December 14th that year then repeating himself at 0-14 Gemini from January 22nd 1991 until March 2nd that year. This is a really interesting one, given Gemini’s association with neighbours. Neighbouring African countries become independent in 1990 and Iraq/Kuwait (more neighbours) flares up. The big one in 1990 was Germany reunited on 3rd October 1990 nearly a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. As if that wasn’t enough on 1st December 1990 the Channel Tunnel comes a step closer to completion. Sticking rigidly to the definition of Gemini as: short journeys/commuting/neighbours/communication/siblings/language that rings true. Arabs and Israelis (more neighbours with language differences) had peace talks on 30th October 1991. You can imagine all the chopping and changing, false starts and rescheduling that would have gone on in these years. My money would be on watching Eurostar on this next Mars retrograde in Gemini. That sounds like stop-start to me; delays; industrial action. It is also very likely that a new variant of COVID-19 and/or Monkeypox will occur that poses a real threat to Eurostar. But all neighbours are in the zone!

  23. Hi Jessica, I just read this article and now I am worried about this cycle ahead! As I have Gemini in my chart and so does my husband ( 01/27/1972) and daugther (04/18/2012 – 3.35am NY). As a family we have been affected by Covid economically as a lot of people have and still trying to find our way out of it. My career as a designer took a direct hit in early 2020 and I have tried to get back on my feet in a solid career to take care of our family but so far have yet to secure a solid place, and now with the Mars retrograde I am afraid it will be a challenge until next March?

    We are also applying for middle school for my daughter here in NY in November but since the system is now purely lottery based, the good grades she have wont even matter unfortunately and we are beyond worried for the outcome. Since this cycle is also affecting education, are we entering a storm with it or do we have some luck? As a mother all I want is the best for her future but sadley this seems out of my hands. Thank you so much again for taking the time and doing what you do, I am forever grateful!

    1. You have the Sun in Taurus and a stellium in Taurus in your Second House of salary. The uncertainty of money will end from May 17th 2023 when you will save a great deal of money, or make it. That Jupiter in Taurus cycle runs until May 25th 2024. The reasons for that may be work and income, or quite a separate reason. In any case it will make a fantastic difference to how secure you feel and also how well off you are. Gemini rules siblings, the media, the internet, commuting and short journeys. It does not rule design, nor children. It would rule education from your daughter’s point of view, but that is her chart, not yours. You will go back and forth with money, business, property until March 2023 but it will actually help you in the years ahead, as what is stuck, slow or reversing this year and early next year, triggers a revolution from 2026 that will set you free financially. That level of liberty, space, exhilaration and freedom to move is unprecedented and it will change your life. This future of yours would never happen without the temporary backwards obstacle course of Mars in 2022-2023. Your daughter can use your account to read for herself, using The Garden Oracle, regarding the middle school lottery. Please don’t worry too much about her; the best is yet to come for her also and it will unfold quite naturally in 2026, 2027.

  24. Thank you ok for your answer. I am not sure what to make of that. I have just started back to a new career but this issues had started awhile back. At that time 2020 I was going thru some severe stress leftover from in old job and also loved a few times which was pretty stressful but I am not sure what to do now as this is many years later and the physical issues.are still there. The weight is stubborn and I have never experienced any problems in that area so it has been difficult for me. This new job is not causing me stress and is only a part time gig. I guess this will be an ongoing challenge. Ugh!

    1. At 3 through 24 of Virgo, you have a broad stellium in your Sixth House of career, stress, physical issues, overweight and work. Virgo stellium people are ritualistic and habitual to the point where they don’t know what they do. You may be one of them. You have also been going through a Neptune in Pisces opposition to your Virgo factors for many years which can confuse people about their daily routine. Food, drink, exercise, housework and work are part of that daily routine and in astrology they interact. You can’t separate the washing-up from the fridge contents (food) or the sleep quality/quantity from the hours you work. If you are serious about losing weight and the rest, keep a diary for a week and watch yourself. That is a surefire way for a Virgo stellium person to create a lifestyle/workstyle which actually functions. It is important to start that before you go into the challenges of Saturn in Pisces. In other words try to use ‘prevention not cure’ which will save you a huge amount of time and energy.

  25. Jessica, This is my first time posting anything to any site, but I am simply worn out physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! I appreciate all the work and passion you pour into your forecasts and information. Excellent. I need new “eyes” to see my family situation. Is Mom close to passing over (She’s 94, a Gemini -6-18- w/Virgo asc)? Will my mentally compromised sister, 68 and a Gemini -6/14- with Cancer asc, be living with me or passing? Moving to another home has been on my “wish list” but I’ve delayed it due to family. You have my chart. I know Mars will cuddle up to my Uranus in Gemini soon. Thank you for your insight and continued good work.

    1. I am sorry your mother is close to passing away. Your sister can’t live independently. You want to move but have to choose. You are a Sun Pisces with a Cancer stellium in your Fourth House of family. At 12 through 26 of Gemini (including the North Node of karma) you also have a packed Third House of siblings. This will take a long time to sort out. Allow yourself September-March and that will take the heat off. Prepare to go back and forth with the family and the question of how to live, and where to live and with whom to live. Your sister also has the Sun in Gemini in her Third House so this story is also about you, from her point of view. It is also about the will, inheritance and family money and property in general. March 2023 looks like a huge month for all of this, because in her chart too, we find Pluto exiting her solar Eighth House of relatives and finance. Ask the Tarot for a more personal insight into this timing for yourself.

  26. Dear Jessica, Thanks for another fantastic article. As an annual member of your site since 2016, I continue to get value from the membership every time you post an article like this! How will this retrograde affect me with my natal Ceres, Psyche, Mars, and my descendant in Gemini? I also have a lot of Sagittarian factors in my chart. My current situation is that I just started working in a job that is entirely online (the internet is Gemini ruled?), meeting with clients in the legal field (Sagittarius at play?). This job features my head and shoulders through a screen (my personal Jupiter return in Aries). I am also trying to get my skincare e-commerce business going. More Aries (skincare for the face) and Gemini (sold online). I would LOVE to hear how all this will be affected with Mars in Gemini retrograde. This will also help prepare me for what to expect when Uranus goes into Gemini.

    1. Thank you. This is basically the ripple effect from rescheduled, cancelled flights and also the usual chaos of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (hospital and medical muddle) alongside Mars Retrograde in Gemini (the commuters and travellers who don’t make it). So I would not expect it to have more than an indirect impact on your chart, with your Gemini-Sagittarius pattern. It may be that people cancel the Zoom from abroad. Mercury rules commerce (the clue is in the name) and so your skincare business will be affected by a global shut-down and slowdown. Extreme weather and industrial strike action may also play their part. There is a lot of ‘Duh’ with Covid and Monkeypox and the biggest ‘duh’ is that people who work at airports and on aircraft have a higher risk than any other profession except people on the front lines of hospitals. So ‘duh’ and perhaps ‘doh!’ will be heard repeatedly as the travel system stalls and reverses, along with Mars. If you duck and dive it won’t affect you. Gemini has nothing to do with skincare. It is purely about the words; the internet; the worldwide web. When Uranus goes into Gemini you will be using a second version of yourself to represent you in spaces online with instant translation. That will change your life.

  27. Hi Jessica, thank you for the fantastic article! I’m an Aquarius, and I got set up to go on a blind date with a Sagittarius when Saturn was conjunct my Sun and Jupiter 3 weeks ago. We hit it off (and I haven’t been on a date for the last 9 months). It seems this could be a serious relationship, even marriage (I know it’s only been 3 dates, but I always knew when I would want to marry someone pretty early on, been married twice before. Yes, I’m prone to jumping the gun :-)). There’s a lot of chemistry, too (I hope it’s not just Mars in Gemini effect, haha). I wonder what the chances are of a new relationship with the current astrological climate, especially with Mars going retrograde in the next couple of weeks.

    1. This will be about pregnancy, babies, children, stepchildren, adoption until March 2023. You don’t say if you are a parent or if he is. Mars will go back and forth so the agenda does too. Three dates is just the start but this will ultimately become about parenthood (yes, no or maybe) and yet there are no conclusions until March 2023 at the very latest. Mars is transiting your Fifth House of courtship, heirs and pretenders to the throne. Mars is transiting his Seventh House of marriage, common-law marriage, separation and divorce. There’s a fair bit to sort out there. Could it be long-term? Yes.

  28. Dear Jessica, following my continued efforts to avoid Covid, I’d recently skipped travelling domestically for an important writing assignment that would’ve been a big break for a freelance writer like myself. Despite being at home, I picked up a bad non Covid flu (haven’t had that for a while!). I’m feeling rather stupid for having ditched a paid gig and still getting ill.

    I’m getting a little anxious about the unpredictability of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Could you please take a look at my chart to see if there’s any good news financially or professionally for me? And am I being too paranoid about Covid, monkeypox, etc? I’m losing most of my friends who are getting annoyed with me for being such a stick in the mud about traveling, meeting for parties, concerts etc.

    Even the most careful of people I know, seem to have abandoned all concerns, and meet in crowded, indoor venues. What I find even more concerning is that many of them have started non essential travel – both domestic and international.

    Until I found your website, I always felt guilty about disliking tourism in its current form. I have always yearned to travel like people did in the early 20th century – be in a place for long enough so as to understand local cultures, and history – and stay in hotels that aren’t soulless resorts. I guess my question is, have I left this dream too late? Since the world is shutting down next year?

    On another note, please do share details of the travel size UVC light you’d ordered. Would love to pick one up. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you. You have 6 factors in Virgo from 5 through 21 degrees and will go through Saturn at 5 through 21 Pisces in opposition, starting in April next year. Virgo rules health and fitness habits, as I am sure you know, and it is the routine you accept, that will influence if you are infected with Covid and/or Monkeypox. Are you being paranoid? No, if you are skipping flights, parties and concerts you are locking in habits which will safeguard you against the two big viruses of our times; both airborne. People who don’t understand or know about astrology fail to remember that it predicted and date-stamped a virus twice, a year before it happened. The March 8th 2023 arrival of Saturn (tests, trials) in Pisces right opposite the Virgo factors of billions, suggests the variant that takes off then, is the variant that the last vaccination has no impact on. Saturn is in that cycle until May 25th 2025. He then goes back into Pisces on September 2nd 2025 until February 14th 2026. The other concern is that during this cycle, we also find the lunar nodes in Virgo and Pisces. That transit begins on 12th January 2025 and is with us until July 27th 2026. So, all up, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 are the most challenging years yet. As usual travel is the problem. The viruses around us would have no impact if they were not flown in and out of airports, or shipped in and out of ports. The conveyor belt approach to Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and so on, isn’t working. So within that you have choices to make. If you are strongly Virgo then you have to understand that oppositions do what they say on the tin; they oppose and challenge you. So you may want to virus-proof your daily routine and lifestyle now, before you have to. That isn’t just about Covid and Monkeypox; it’s also about other fundamental health questions like eating, drinking, exercising, healing, and so on. You can have a social life outdoors; you can also have a social life with a modest outlay on HEPA filters or UV-C lighting, or units which combine both. You can keep all the windows open and blast a fan heater; it’s no big deal. Limiting numbers means you ditch small talk for intimacy; is that such a huge issue? The plug-in travel light I use comes from an Australian distributor branded UV-222.

  29. Hi Jessica. Thanks for another fantastic article!! As I have Mars in Gemini (21 degrees), I am in a dilemna about two things. 1)I had planned to start studying an online diploma from September, should I postpone this until April 2023? 2) I have been invited to work (unpaid) at an international sporting event this November, should I accept it? Or proceed with caution? It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and to be honest, I have had a tough 8 months and was hoping that things would look up for the rest of the year. Many thanks in advance, you truly are a gifted astrologer.

    1. Thank you. You have factors at 2 through 26 of Gemini and Sagittarius in your Third House of computers and writing and ninth house of foreigners. Confirm the timing with the Tarot for yourself but September-March is an obstacle course and if you can do this any time you may want to start in April. The international sporting event depends on how much of a super-spreader function it is going to be. That’s really your call. You are a Sun Virgo with the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio who is set to make or save a lot of money until Halloween, then again from Christmas to May 2023, with a second lucrative moment when Jupiter goes over your nodes later on. There are already opportunities staring you in the face; snap them up; you have no idea where these chances to save or make money will take you.

  30. HI Jessica, thank you for this article covering each zodiac sign. As a Cap with Mars in the sixth house for an extended period, I am embarking on a large organization wide technology project which will take through March 23 to deliver. I will be leading the project with members from various departments as clients. Obviously, change is hard and there are leadership changes at the top who have their own agenda with their bosses to deliver. THis is at a time with Pluto in Cap at 29 degrees in Dec 2022 which you had already written about. Given a stellium in Virgo and Capricorn and going thru this project during a Mars retrograde, however exciting it is to be leading a project, it does make me pause and be cautious regarding my health, work conflicts etc…. and I read about reshuffles during this time too. I would be obliged if you can see my chart and how Mars in the 6th house affects me. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. A Virgo stellium with Ceres, Pluto and Vesta in your Sixth House will also be triggered at the same time (privately) as the public transit of Mars in Gemini in your Sixth House. Your technology project runs across this latter transit. You will need to figure out a new way to live and work. Your physical and mental health has to come first; you cannot serve others unless you also serve yourself. You can’t avoid ‘backwards action’ with the web and computers on this transit but you can certainly dig more deeply into your Virgo side and figure out strategy. Ceres is a compromise or deal; it will involve shared time or job share, or rotating access. Pluto is about sharing power and sharing control. Vesta is a good clue to sidestep one male/many female scenarios or if you cannot sidestep them at least know Vesta well enough to handle them. The Sixth House is about duty and service, daily routine and lifestyle, housework and regular tasks. The performance is tied to health and wellness; the health and wellness is tied to performance. The stop-start in all this will make you reshape your lifestyle, work ethic and wellness and that’s not a bad thing; you need to make yourself, not the sense of duty, the number one priority in 2023-2026.

  31. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for another amazing post.
    I’m Sun Aries with stellium in Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
    Also, my Mars is in Gemini at 25°.
    I’m about to embark on a legal battle with my brothers (1. DOB 12 Nov 1971 and 2. DOB 12 Dec 1972). Now, layers have taken my case and are dealing with it. I loved my brothers dearly and though they loved me too. I trusted them with no reservations. I’m finding the situation very stressful and heartbreaking. It’s not even the money but it’s the ultimate betrayal of trust that bothers me. Still, am I likely to get any of my inheritance back?
    At the same time, my husband (DOB 25 Sep 1951) and I are looking for a fresh start and are prepared to sell our house in the SE of England (UK) and are looking to buy our forever home in the north of England by Spring/Summer the latest. What are our chances?

    1. The legal battle with the brothers is pure Mars in Gemini. Let’s see what’s going on. You were born with the South Node at 21 Gemini and Mars at 25 Gemini. Transiting (or travelling) Mars is going over 21 and 25 in October, November then March 2023 which finishes the matter. You have at least one incarnation and likely more with your brothers. You may have been brother and sister before, or even a married couple. You may have killed each other in battle. Mars is the god of war and there he is in Gemini too in your Third House. It is extremely common for people to agree to incarnate together within a family so they are forced to work out spiritual issues. Forgiveness is a big one. If you are curious have a look at past lives and consider the way you can program your dreams to show you what the karma actually is. It goes without saying that you should lower the stakes, reduce the heat, turn down the friction with them. This will end and it will resolve very happily when Jupiter goes into Gemini in 2024 (believe it or not) but just for the next few months give yourselves the bare minimum to deal with.

  32. Hi Jessica, thanks for the informative article on Mars. I am looking to launch a new business venture and wonder whether using until March next year to get the plans in place and ready to go then rather than whilst Mars in in Gemini with a period of retrograde action?
    Grateful for your insights.

    1. If the business involves Gemini matters (siblings, cousins, neighbours, the internet, the media, commuting, short trips) you would be far better off waiting until March 2023 when he’s done his dash.

  33. Hi Jessica – thank you for another great article! The Mars in Gemini period is interesting to me since I have natal Moon in Gemini at 19 degrees. I have the classic Moon in Gemini issues – hard time turning my brain “off” and often deal with heightened anxiety issues, which I’ve had success managing in the past several years. This has me concerned about this back and forth of Mars over my natal moon, and my husband has this natally, too. Combined with the south node on my Sun in Scorpio, I’d be grateful for any insight you can give about managing this upcoming extended Mars in Gemini period. Thank you!

    1. Awareness is all in astrology so transiting Mars in Gemini in your Third House, on your Moon, just requires extra measures. Switch your mind off. Easier said than done, but others have been there before you and figured out how to do that. Your lunar nodes are at 20 Virgo-Pisces so in a T-Square with your Moon at 19 Gemini. Just one degree off. That has been there since you were a child and there is a link between your physical and mental health (Virgo) and your use of the internet, the telephone and exposure to television and radio (Gemini). Dig into that because it can be run differently. It is behind your anxiety. You could use Mars back and forth as an excuse to figure out a new approach.

  34. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for another wise, thought-provoking and far-seeing article.
    I am a Sun Gemini. I have a law degree and 23 years of experience as a freelance editor, copywriter and proofreader. (In between freelance contracts, I love to write fiction and my first novel is currently on submission.) Despite my experience and the quality of my work, I always seem to struggle to make ends meet. I’d love to find a way to thrive. I am especially keen to move out of my current neighbourhood and enjoy a much better standard of living.
    I am aware of Mars going retrograde and the rest of this year being a time of dress rehearsal and beta testing, so I guess patience is a virtue on all fronts. Nonetheless, I wonder how I can best use Mars’ six/seven-month stretch to shift myself from a state of struggling to thriving? Would you be so kind as to take a look at my chart?
    With gratitude,

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with a couple of Taurus factors in your Second House of personal income. That is enough to make you feel uncertain about your budget as since May 2018 Uranus (the unpredictable) has been in Taurus, which is like having a house guest in your bank vault, whose plans you have no idea about. Freelancing is typical, as Uranus is about freedom. The stretch you feel ends in July 2023 when the lunar nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio, where they have been in a tug of war for a long time. In fact you will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 when Jupiter transits Taurus and forms a rare conjunction with that signature in your chart. You will become quite powerful in publishing starting in a small way in March 2023 and by 2030 will realise you have transformed your own life. By 2040 you will be in translation and may have studied further but also be teaching. That is a long way off. Over the short term, the light at the end of the tunnel with money is March 2023; you then feel you are getting somewhere. A foreign market looks very likely with your work and perhaps, different mediums – not just books.

  35. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. For some reason this retrograde is making me nervous! We (my Sun Taurus partner and I) are trying to buy a house together, and he is trying to decide whether to buy in to a business he’s working for currently. Would it be advantageous to wait it out? The business decision probably won’t be made before next year but the house is more pressing. We’ve found something that ticks a lot of boxes, not all, is cheaper than we were anticipating and would suit us for the next few years while
    the kids are small. It is being auctioned on Thursday. I have paranoia regarding neighbours/conflict with neighbours as I’m sensitive to sound and like to feel secluded (even if it’s just an illusion!). This house is in a newer estate and is surrounded by other houses…. yet feels private but I guess you don’t know until you live there! Eventually we would like to buy an acreage of some sort but it’s probably out of reach this time around. Would you mind having a peek at my chart? I would really appreciate any vibes you have 🙂 thanks so much, Lauren

    1. Lauren your partner is Taurus and you are Pisces. So you are both going into Mars Retrograde in his Second House of personal income and your Fourth House of property. You are trying to buy a house together and he needs to choose to buy into a business (or not). You have an auction on Thursday and worry about the neighbours – and the place is surrounded by them. Basically Mars is action and retrograde it’s backwards action. So the wheels spin forwards, stop, then spin backwards, stop, spin forwards…you get the picture. That’s how it would proceed for you until March. That is the timing and the conditions you are operating with. I suggest you both use the Tarot/Oracles on this website to personalise the reading and validate the astrology.

  36. Good morning Jessica,
    Thank you for your illuminations, as a recent Premium member I’ve learnt in a short space of time how accurate your words are! Fabulous. So, on that note, I believe you mention the difficulty with internet and submarine cables, which our whole modern existence relies on, from petrol at the bowser, electricity, to even our water for flushing the loo! Let alone paying rent/mortgages and buying food. So can you guide me on how complete this issue could go? Could it be a short time, or the beginning of recalibrating how our world should be? Also, if the pending crash is as deep as it sounds for some years, how on earth do I pay rent? (I live hand to mouth, no savings). At 65, and living by myself, (glorious), these are big questions. Which leads me into do I renew the lease, do I live with my kids, but then I would have to move 1000’s of kilometres away from my business.
    On the other hand, if I stay in Brisbane, I may be able to create a little local community you spoke of, and help others with their mindset and practical issues. (I was born in the country, so finding out ‘how to’ fix or get something is pretty natural).
    I have great faith in humanity, I see that we need a little shakeup to encourage ourselves to resist the Negative aspects and people and lifestyles….I look at how the ordinary folk on the street will often rush in to help in disasters and can do a better and faster job than the legally bound authorities.
    Again, many thanks for your tireless efforts to have us ahead of the game!

    1. Thank you. Mars Retrograde in Gemini is basically the impetus for electric bicycles, bikes, cars and new buses and trains, from 2026. So what gets stuck and goes backwards by March is the catalyst for liberating changes in around 4 years from now. It’s part of a bigger story about the end of petrol and gas and – the end of globalisation. Your money is important. You have the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio and so it’s karmic for you; you have had lifetimes being both rich and poor. This time around you want to do things differently. You place a high value on people power, the local folk, the community and helping hands. That will work for you long-term and in fact change your life for the better from 2025, 2026 as you go through Jupiter in Gemini, then Uranus in Gemini, in your solar Eleventh House of people power. You may in fact end up in a community. You can make or save a lot of money from Halloween to Christmas so try to stash it away. You may need a new budget for 2023, 2024, 2025 so use March 2023 to find out all you can about what is required to make the change.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for writing such a detailed article. My husband (Capricorn) and I (Aries) have been quietly working on a side business where we are planning to sell baby items. Our business was established on December 15, 2021 and we have already faced some issues with covid and supply chain. But we have been trying to go with the flow. Since this is our side business and we have full time jobs, we cannot dedicate as much time to launch it as quickly as we can. We are in the process of taking pictures; building our social media and finding a photographer for product photos. I think we will be able to fully launch after this retrograde begins based on timing with the photographer’s work. Any advice or things to watch out for in launching a new business?

    I am also experiencing challenges in my regular IT related 9 to 5 job and wondering if there is any issues that will arise with launching a side business and my current full tome job.

    Thank you so much! Stephanie

    1. Mars Retrograde is in your husband’s Sixth House of work until March so he needs to allow for reversals, delays and rewrites of the original plans. The Sixth House rules daily routine, health, wellbeing and workload (they are all tied together) so Mars Retrograde is really about rehearsal and beta testing, until something is really final from March next year. You are an Aries and have this in your Third House of internet; same story; more relevant as you are using social media and hiring a photographer. Call September-March a long period of test and trial but there will be time warps.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    I am new to your site and love reading the blogs. My career has totally stalled since 2019 and I’m feeling quite lost in this aspect of my life. My family has been a source of love and stability. I want balance between work life and home life but to feel passion and progression in my career too. Will this Mars retrograde make things more challenging at home too? When do things start to look up for me and my career? Thank you

    1. Thank you. You have a whopping stellium in Aquarius in the Eleventh House so are in transition between Capricorn and Aquarius cycles involving Pluto. Your career has stalled but you are actually en route to a different way of life, never mind career. From March 2023 when Pluto enters your Eleventh House of people power, community, sisterhood and brotherhood, you will be offered the chance to discover what genuine empowerment is, through a varied circle of people from all walks of life. All backgrounds. March, April, May and June show you what might be possible. This may well be a career change for you; if not it would be a calling or vocation; perhaps unpaid. By 2030 you will realise why events took the turn they did.

  39. I’ve been waiting for this post for a while now! Thank you and just in time as I launch into yet another investigation with a new doc on my health issues (weight gain, unexpected). Everything that you have written under Capricorn sounds like my situation. Why is that? When can I expect to get out of this and back to my normal self?
    Thanks for your work, Jessica!

    1. You have Virgo factors at 4, 9, 14 in your Sixth House of food and body weight and if you’re overweight you would gain from making a list of your daily routine, for a week or two, so you can see what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what impact it is having. The relationship between work, housework, unpaid work and academic work (and weight) is a Virgo matter so dig into that. The Garden Oracle can give you more insight on that too.

  40. Dear Jessica,

    I pray for your great blessing.

    Here is an article on Fox News.
    Ruppert Murdoch benefits from Trump tax cut. In return, Fox News did everything to boost TRUMP up.
    The Tucker Carlson show and other… told … election lie, vaccination disinformation……. supporting Jan6.

    And worst yet, I hear that Lachlan Murdoch is worst than his father. All the Murdoch want is Fame+Fortune for themselves … ignoring the damage to the rest of society.

    Maybe you like to check out this article involving Lachlan.

    1. I wrote a piece on the Rupert Murdoch astrology chart a long time ago and September was the third of a selection of critical months. So here we are. Have a look on Search under his name. That natal horoscope looks accurate given this timing. Thank you.

  41. Hello Jessica, another great article. The more I read the more the astrology resonates with me. Life does seem pretty hard going at the moment though with Pluto still in Capricorn and now Mars in Gemini. I’ve been trying to get a promotion so that I can work for someone new away from my current boss but have been unsuccessful so far. I’m also finally getting my health back in order which I think has been partly from stress and partly from Long Covid. I’ve always wanted to something along the lines of healing (is this my north node in Pisces?) and am wondering if now is the time to pursue the online study course I am thinking of? My takeaway from this article is that I need to manage my health and wellbeing and not let the current boss stress me too much. Easier said than done though!

    1. I’m sorry you have Long Covid. This sounds like a Virgo/Sixth House issue as your boss is the same thing; workload and wellbeing are tied in astrology. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Virgo stellium including the South Node. As you say, the North Node is in Pisces, right opposite. So you have one or more past lives where your mental health and/or physical health was the story, along with religion (Pisces) or your unconscious mind (also Pisces). Understanding the lunar nodes is useful, especially when you are going through a natal Sixth House episode; at 13, 15, 27 Virgo you have a pattern which was only recently triggered by the transiting lunar nodes at 13, 15, 27 Gemini and Sagittarius. In your solar chart you will have Mars Retograde in the Sixth House, as you know, until March 2023. So it’s the same story told twice. The Sixth House is Virgo, the Maiden, who was the maid of all work, unmarried, bound to service and duty. Her physical condition dictated her position which was the family’s cook and cleaner, and also the carer when people were will. This put her own health at risk. Virgo and Sixth House stories are complicated. You need to serve and do your duty but your first duty should be to your own wellness. Have a look at the online library regarding Virgo and the Sixth House. You are drawn to healing and it may well end up being more important than you thought. Use The Garden Oracle as well to gain clarity on what you are going through. Long-term there could be a liberating revolution with your lifestyle, work and wellbeing – from 2026 when Uranus goes into Gemini and your solar Sixth House.

  42. Thank you Jessica for taking a deeper look! I have anxiety about our launch and its success. Does my third house have anything to also do with my image on the internet? I have also been concerned with my appearance as being maybe the face/leader of our brand. I’m overweight after having two babies and I used to be very thin. I’ve been thinking about revamping my image and trying to lose the weight but the timing, child care and work never seem to align.

    1. Yes your Third House is the internet. The entire internet will be stop-start and go-slow, September to March, for reasons we don’t yet know. So you won’t be alone. Being fat is a Virgo matter in your Sixth House. You have Fortuna at 15 Virgo so this is where life is random, topsy-turvy, constantly changing. That’s weight gain and loss. You are cyclical, when it comes to over-eating and over-drinking, perhaps. The Sixth House is also work and childcare. Again, random and spinning. Figure out a way to lose weight which works even with a lack of routine. Fortuna is the Wheel of Fortune, blindfolded, who steers the ship of fate with a rudder, not knowing what she does. Within the inconsistency, you can find some way to live in the moment and do whatever you can, just to lose the fat that day. It may be a quick one-hour walk. Anyway, you know your own body by now! But that’s your issue.

  43. Thank you, Jessica. I wasn’t expecting insights all the way to 2040(!). How kind of you, and what generosity of spirit. I am so grateful to be part of your community. Blessings, from Esther.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    I have a Gemini stellium and not looking forward to this! Is there anything positive to put my mind at ease? I am undergoing a major life transformation at the moment in terms of work/career, but it seems like my 3rd house is going to be seeing all the action. Will Mars in Gemini also affect my natal Mars/NN in Aquarius?

    Thank you!

    1. You just have to give Mars a plan. If you imagine your Third House as a real house, full of computers, typewriters, fax machines, magazines, television and radio – and a rather aggressive, athletic, old-fashioned man moves in from September to March – how would you employ him? Knowing that he is a stop-start person and will sit on delays for weeks, then change direction later? I am sure you can see the answer. You give him something where he can’t do any harm. So an unimportant essay or perhaps something that would benefit from a new version after March. Mars also likes short trips. He’ll come with a bicycle or a local travel guide. Again, you need to give him something which will cater for the stop-start and go-slow.

  45. Apologies. I wanted to ask for your insights on this issue and anything else you may see in my chart. Thank you for the excerpt guidance in your posts.

  46. Hey Jessica!!

    Just a few confirmation FYI’s for you!

    I can’t for the life of me find where you posted about Biden making a statement about student loan debt before Sept 1. And if not, we have to be patient and wait! Well he is supposed to make a statment about it tomorrow (Wednesday 8/24) and is also expected to extend the loan forebearance. This is just a statement. The decision is expected to be announced on 31 AUG 2022! You nailed it!

    And.. have you seen this lovely picture of Jupiter:

    The recent Conde Nast Traveler issue is all about the future of travel, sustainable travel and local becoming the new travel destination! Gotta love confirmation.


    1. Thank you. There was never a prediction about Biden and student debt. I made a prediction that Biden would rise to power many years ago, however. Yes, I have seen the Jupiter photograph on Twitter, thank you GV. I’m glad Conde Naste are predicting the new travel from 2026 – bang-on. Maybe they are using good psychics now.

  47. Hi Jessica – this is a very insightful read. I am a sun Cancer and am interested in finding out more as I have had some preventative health issues since spring this year 2 surgeries and now may need to do reconstructive surgery or another surgery to prevent a serious long term health issue. So the timing for this surgery is likely Sept- Oct or possibly Nov. I am doing another test Aug 30 then Sept 7 finding out doctors recommendations for surgery options. Hoping you can let me know if anything concerning or I should be aware of in my chart as I won’t be able to delay this to next year. And I really want this to go well so I don’t have any other issues to address as a result. Thank you for your response in advance.

    1. You don’t say what the surgery is for, and astrology requires detail. Your best bet is to use the Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle in combination (follow the steps) so you can find out for yourself if this is a nice, welcome Strength or Temperance decision or if you are choosing the wrong time or person.

  48. Hi Jessica I wonder if you could advise. I would like to reduce my hours at work and was about to send in the form today however I know there could be opposition to this. Is there a good time to do this to get the out come I want? Many thanks

    1. We have Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Mars Retrograde in Gemini so it’s a case of ‘stumbling through’ now. There may be stop-start and go-slow on this in September, October so be prepared for that.

  49. I am wondering if any of the current transits give us here in the USA a look at what’s going on with Kamala Harris? My friends and I had a convo last night and felt she is “missing in action” and has not been “groomed” to become our president,in case Biden does not make it through this term, or if he is re elected in 2024 and does not finish out that term. We need to know her before then! We were thinking maybe she is in personal distress of some sort and may drop out of the 2024 race? I am an intuitive and that’s what I am feeling..that she will not be present on the ticket in 2024.. I wonder who Biden would choose as running mate? Getting a little worried about what’s coming up for Biden/Harris/USA. Also,thank you for the incredible amount of work and intuition and knowledge you give us on this website! I will be a premium member forever!

    1. Thank you so much. I published a prediction about Kamala Harris in 2020 and foresaw the recession of 2022 which she is affected by. The biggest problem for her is Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups; the Democrats is hard for her as she goes through her Saturn Return. I wouldn’t worry about America long-term as Pluto in Aquarius will ensure people power. Another issue for her is Pluto in her solar Fourth House. March 2023 is a good turning point: Pluto goes out of there and so does Saturn. We don’t know what happens in March 2023 but it will be a relief and release for her, as V.P.

  50. ; ) It seems that the Mars retrograde weather is already upon us, one week early. Yesterday, Eurotunnel passengers were stranded underground for five hours ( Today, a week-long train worker strike in the Netherlands started. All travellers and commuters are advised to “work from home or postpone their trip” ( Yesterday someone told me that his motorcycle broke down and the repairs were not finished in time for his big meeting today. And many in our area are without WiFi / internet without explanation. But that may be Mercury retrograde. I love astrology. ; )

  51. Hi Jessica, I know you’ve thousands of comments to get through so I’m reposting in the hope you see this second time around….Thanks Jessica. I may have the opportunity to travel for work to an Asian country for less than a week in mid-November. They’ve a low COVID rate but I’m conscious my Neptune in Sagittarius (9 degrees) will be opposed to Mars Retrograde in Gemini at some stage. Will that coincide with that time period? I drew the Queen of Pentacles when reflecting on whether I should consider the trip and took this as a positive sign. Can you please share your insight? Thank you!

    1. Neptune in Sagittarius, natally, is one to watch now and long-term, actually, as Saturn will go to 9 Pisces and square that, and you will also go into the lunar nodes in Pisces/Virgo, making a T-Square with Neptune. It’s not just you of course it’s everyone born around then, so this is global in nature and will be ‘the challenge to change’ that is ongoing for tourists and business travellers. The Queen of Pentacles is a good sign, if that was your question, and you followed the steps. You will have a nice amount of money to use, because you earn it – or save it. In general, though, the astrology has been clear since 2019; if you do not have to travel, then do not do it. COVID-19 came from China. Omicron came from Africa. Delta came from India. Monkeypox came from Nigeria. Globalisation is lethal.

  52. Hi Jessica, this is so helpful, thank you! Especially as an Aries with neighbour issue that has me fired up, a golf course opposite being cleared and dug up for a tunnel no one asked for! It’s heartbreaking seeing old trees felled and greens cleared.
    I’m going interstate to support family for a month, arriving an hour before the new moon! I have a big family so I’m hoping there’ll be no issues but as there are two people I’ve always had tension with it’s always a possibility : )
    As the retrograde will cross one of my squares but also trigger other aspects at the same time I’m not sure how to read this? Your insights would be much appreciated. Best wishes

    1. I am sorry about the destruction. We are at the fag end of Pluto in Capricorn, which has been opposing the Cancer (home, home town, homeland) factors of billions since 2008. I think everyone is fed up with greedy property developers and the politicians who back them. Thankfully it is over in March and completely over. by the mid 2020’s. You have a family gathering coming up which doesn’t show in your chart, apart from siblings or cousins. If it’s them, pull back, go low, reduce the emotional temperature and slow down. If it’s not siblings or cousins, there is really no major issue.

  53. Hi Jessica, I watched a program the other night on possible cover ups of UFOs, alien encounters, sightings by airforce of unexplained objects with beyond earthly capabilities etc. I was wondering if you have ever written on this issue … have searched but not found anything yet. Do you think there are cover ups and that there is alot more happening on this than the masses are told about or is it just hype? Grateful for any insights you have. Also, thank you for your guidance on retrogrades … helps us take a deep breath and hang in with the inevitable frustrations and confusion. Astrology reminds me that nothing is forever and all things pass. Robyn

    1. Thanks Robyn. My friends knew a couple in Tasmania whose car had been picked up by something, and dropped back down again, in a remote part of the state. Very odd. This was the 1970s and of course as a child I remembered it. Tasmania as a whole has been the source of odd activity for years. The explanation may be that it is us, centuries ahead. That would make sense to me. We are visiting ourselves. Why Tasmania, I have no idea, Robyn. I would be amazed if there was no contact from the future, given that we have gone from horses to electric cars in 2000 years. And we’ll get through these retrogrades; good period for rehearsals and beta testing.

  54. Hi Jessica
    Hope all is well
    Thank you for the new feature on the birth chart that indicates stelliums. Just wondering what it means to have stelliums? I read elsewhere on the internet it means that they make us feel intense about certain things. How do I know when the stelliums affect one’s chart to navigate the intense feelings a bit better?
    Thank you Jessica
    With Regards

    1. You have Leo, Gemini, Scorpio and Aquarius stelliums in your Fifth, Third, Eighth and Eleventh houses. You live in those houses, so to speak, and your personality is dominated by those signs. You can find out more in your library here, Tania. Thank you.

  55. Hello Jessica,
    This Mars retrograde in Gemini from Sept 4th through March of 2023 really has me concerned as this will be in direct opposition to my
    Sun 8 Sag 27 and Venus 13 Sag 54 in my Fourth House of my Natal chart. My husband, my 2 daughters and myself have travel plans to fly to visit my Dad and family over the November Thanksgiving Holidays for a couple of weeks. Originally we were going to do a Caribbean Cruise but decided to cancel it as my Dad is turning 92 September 21st and having some slight health issues. (Our family are big cruisers and just recently did a Mexican Riviera Cruise April of 2022 over Easter.) In November (on vacation) my Husband and I will be celebrating our 36th Wedding Anniversary November 22nd and my 56th Birthday November 30th!! Just worried about travel disruptions, etc…
    I am also concerned about the Squares Mars will be making to my Pluto 20 Virgo 30 and Uranus 24 Virgo 1 in my Second House of my Natal Chart and my Chiron 21 Pisces 40 and Saturn 22 Pisces 55 in my Eighth House of my Natal chart.
    Gemini/twins have always been a theme in our family. My Mother was a Gemini born May 29th, 1934 — but sadly passed away from heart failure January 19th of 2021. I’m a twin to a brother and I also have 2 sets of boy/girl twins and one single boy (who are all grown adults). Is this shown in my Chart?? Anyways, what advice can you give me on how to steer thru the next 7 months or so? I greatly appreciate all that you do!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Mars Retrograde in Gemini is in opposition to the Sagittarius (foreigners and foreign countries) placements of billions of people which will create a domino effect, until March 2023. It will affect cruise ships, airlines and airports and the connections which like them, so for example the Gatwick Express and Heathrow Express in Britain, and Eurostar into Europe. Your Pluto and Uranus placements in Virgo are in your Sixth House of health, daily routine and wellbeing (not your Second House) and Mars will indeed make a square. Your twins in the family aren’t important, but you do need to have Plan B, C and D if you intend to travel. We will see some companies collapse by March 2023 and there will be COVID-19 outbreaks which bring delays and cancellations too. It sounds as if you are interested in astrology so you know exactly what is in store and I am sure you can work around that. The Tarot can validate that for you too. It is hard to say more without the family charts, but in general, given that Mercury is also retrograde until October, we are in a fairly chaotic space unfortunately.

  56. Hello Jessica,

    I am follower of yours and also am a premium member. IIvisit your blogs often have also noticed the tarot and garden oracle are pretty accurate and that amazes me.

    I have been a stay at home since 2016 for some reason or the other. Before that I was a software programmer . But have never been in corporate. My job career as a programmer has always been broken having to take breaks because of kids being born or elderly care or minor health issues. I now see that I am free and will get more time from next year since my son will be headed to college.

    As I prep for back to work am wondering if I can make it back into software again and stay put there. Will it be good for me or do I look into something like teaching or retail or administrative job. Somewhere I can succeed. Though software seems to have most money. But I sometimes find it challenging. I wanted to ask if you can guide me into what kind of career will suit my personality and when will I get a satisfactory job which can last. Thank you in advance for your answer and I really like your blogs and website.

    1. Thank you. You want to go back to work and into software. You are also thinking about teaching or retail. You’ll find there are reshuffles in December 2022, January 2023 which create vacancies. You will save or make quite a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024, so whatever posts/roles you occupy then will be part of that. As different choices arrive you may want to use the Tarot to personalise your reading, but it will be end year/new year and the result of mergers, departures, demotions, promotions all around you.

  57. Good morning Jessica

    I love your work and always find it a fascinating read! My entire extended family and close friends are travelling interstate on a roadtrip to a very special and nostalgic spot for us all starting on September 24th…..I am driving my elderly parents on the 7 hour trip with a convoy of cars all converging for my self and my twins birthday week. Any advice re Mercury retrograde would be great thanks!!

    1. Thank you. Mercury Retrograde goes through Virgo, Libra and Mars Retrograde goes through Gemini in a rather chaotic couple of months. The usual rules apply. Take more precautions than you normally would with telephones, computers and the news. Notebooks and messages. I will be astonished if this does not involve cancellations and delays but I’m sure you are aware of that, as I posted the dates a couple of years ago now. Plan B and C are always a good idea with roads and cars, too.

  58. Good afternoon Jessica,
    Could you please refresh your predictions for Ukraine?

    There were a few new developments that should impact the chart:
    1- On June 23, 2022, the European Parliament granted a candidate status for EU membership to Ukraine
    2- Yesterday Ukraine celebrated 31st anniversary of its Independence (Birthday)

    Your fresh look on Ukraine’s chart will be SO MUCH APPRECIATED!

    1. Thank you. The big one for Ukraine is full, final EU membership. The reason for that is that we are waiting for Pluto in Aquarius (people power through alliances and groups) in March 2023. When Ukraine is in the EU that will give her a new chart and new destiny. She is on the right path; she has friends in high places. Russia is falling apart economically; it’s just a matter of time. I wish it was faster too. But we need to see the back of Pluto in Capricorn, unfortunately.

  59. Hello Jessica, Wondering if the Qantas horoscope has anything to say? Kindest Regards

    1. Mercury Retrograde and the Sun are in conjunction at 23 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, death and money in the Qantas chart. When Uranus goes to 23 Taurus and makes the opposition, Qantas could easily collapse. At the very least they will have to cut their flights, quit kerosene fuel and instal UV-C, I would have thought.

  60. Hi jessica I am reposted because I need clarity on my chart with Mars and Mercury retrograde as I need to travel on the 21 September due to court hearing 29th September which was dated last year .having 22 ,24 degrees Gemini 10 degrees sun sag 22degrees sag I would really appreciate to have a good advice from you. Thank you

    1. You have 10, 22, 24 degree factors across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of your chart, from the Third House of short trips to the Ninth House of foreign travel. Mars is going backwards across 10, 22, 24 where he will land on your Gemini factors and oppose your Sagittarius factors. He does this September, October, November, December, February, March so this is quite a long period of stop-start and cancellation with those matters. You can’t stop your life because of Mars transits but you can have Plan B and C and be more aware of the potential for no-show and go-slow – specifically in relation to Gemini matters.

  61. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another wonderful article. I live in Bali and have for the past three years. Because so, I haven’t seen my kids (they’re in their early twenties) in those three years. I was planning on going back to the United States for a month and a half starting in January. It would be mid-January to late-February. My sister is getting married in February. I haven’t seen her, my kids, or my parents, for as long as I’ve been here on this island.

    Would you recommend I postpone this flight and travel sometime after March? The flight hasn’t been booked, but I was thinking of booking them tomorrow. Yet, I just saw this article and now I’m thinking twice about it.

    Thank you, Jessica!


    1. Thanks Brandon. You have Gemini-Sagittarius factors across 14, 17, 18, 25 in your Third House of short journeys and Ninth House of foreign countries. Mars retrogrades across 14, 17, 18, 25 in September, October, November, December, February, March. Your sister is a Gemini matter. So is the short trip. So it’s up to you. If you can go at any time and it’s not a huge deal, you may want to think about after March 2023. Use the Tarot to validate for yourself.

  62. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for the interesting article. I have in my natal chart Mars retrograde in Gemini at 14 degrees, thus is will be somehow as a return. Can you please provide me some insights about this transit that will conjunct my natal one? Only the 8th house will be affected?

    Best regards.

    1. Yes, you will have your Mars Return. You were born with Mars at 14 Gemini and transiting Mars will hit 14 Gemini in September, December, February. Do you have a sibling? If so, avoid a repetition of your toddler years with this brother or sister. When you hit ‘The Terrible Twos’ you had your first Mars Return and may have pelted toys at each other. It goes on. Avoid any conflicts about/for/through Gemini matters. Siblings and cousins. Commuting and short trips. Media and internet. Neighbours. Even if you can’t avoid something (a reader has her brother’s birthday coming up, involving a short trip) just lower the stakes. And don’t take the bait. Mars loves a stoush. Don’t go there.

  63. Hello Jessica, thank you for your insightful articles. I have Gemini and Sagittarius stelliums. I work in academia, which is a very precarious place to work because many of us work on contracts with no job security. I have plenty of work until January 2023, but after that my hours reduce to 0.1 FTE for the rest of the year. Do you have any advice for whether I should look for alternate jobs? I am happy with my workplace and workmates but it’s hard to live with such uncertainty. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries with Apollo at 28 Virgo in the Sixth House of work. I am sorry you have no job security; at some point these people will realise how counter-productive that is. In the meantime you have to get on with ‘the new success’ which is coming. You are a leading light in your field and often copied. Apollo is a symbol of quite dazzling impact and you may have to accept imitation as a form of flattery. Pluto goes across to Apollo in a trine at 28 Capricorn in January, February 2023 when there will be reshuffles in your chosen field, and a second or even a third one you can see yourself doing well in. Those reshuffles will open up gaps for you and you can get in. By the time you get to March it feels like are closing the book on a long chapter in your life when you were always being pulled and pushed. March-June 2023 will show you what life is like without that. I just heard the word ‘photographer’ clairaudiently for you so am passing that on.

  64. Hi Jessica, any chance you could look at my comment from Aug 20th.

    “Hi Jessica, Thanks for the great article. This period looks complex and prolonged considering the effects till March 2023. Looking at my chart I have Sagittarius factors but not in 8/25 range but I have a vigro stellum. Can you please take a look at my chart and tell which areas I should be concerned about. Main things on top of my head are career/new jobs and money (especially tied into crypto) I really I appreciate your time and effort in this regards. Wishing you a happy blissful and adventures weekend Thank you.”

  65. I’m Aries sun and Gemini ascendant. My partner is sun Sagittarius, unsure of ascendant. We’ve been together almost 20 years with a young child between us. Things have been unwell between us emotionally but I’m ready to move on although it would involve a cross-country move and be quite involved both financially and then emotionally for our son. And I’ve read about Mars and know it could be especially difficult to untangle my son and I from this situation in the coming months.
    Also coming up is the issue of financial or karmic debts. If one partner helped the other long ago, when things were amicable, is this same contract supposed to hold now? My partner lost his job and now is exploding in anger and berating me saying they “owe” them for taking care of their financial needs. We’re not married. He’s bringing up things from 10 years ago and saying I’ve had a “free ride.”
    What karmic debt or real-world debt needs paid, and would Mars in Gemini have something to say about this? I’m okay with paying my share, but worry I’m being manipulated, too.
    In the grand scheme of the universe, it’s only money but I’m a stay-at-home mom gifted with a one-time inheritance, whereas my partner has the potential to hold down a job and make more. When I last was going on interview for jobs, he would say “you’re not going to get the job” before I left the house. I look back now and realize how irresponsible I am for not leaving sooner, especially once I had a child. If you’ve ever seen the movie Waitress, I’m the mom stashing away some funds to try to make a better life elsewhere with her kid.
    I have an English degree and I’ve always been able to write things that people appreciate. I’m very much tapped into my emotions while my partner is pure science, logic, reason, he wants nothing to do with emotions and sees them as weaknesses. I don’t know why it took 20 years to realize how wrong I am, and of course I choose a time to possibly leave when delays, starts/stops and confusion are especially inevitable.

    1. Your Sun is in Aries and your partner is berating you, saying you owe him. There is no karma there; you do have it 18 or 19 years ago, and if you were with him, that’s the payback, to you, or by you. You owe, or are owed, correct, and this has to work itself out until July 2023. You have a child to look after at home and no work; he has lost his. He’s also told you that, prior to job interviews, you would fail. Charming. You have a degree and so are highly employable, especially in the online marketplace. You could still be a full-time mother and work that way and I am sure you know it. In fact your way with words will benefit you enormously in the years to come and change your life from 2026. That is a long way off. You have decisions to make. Avoid the eclipse on October 25th, but in general, it looks like October, November is the choice. Skip the eclipse on November 8th as well, but do your sums by the middle of November and do all the talking or paperwork, if you have made up your mind to leave. The other option, of course, is to see a counsellor and stay. Nothing to do with Mars in Gemini from your point of view, but everything to do with it, from his point of view. Do not give him any cause to resort to the law or it will go on for months, until March 2023, and be circular or stuck. Is there a third person you can consult to mediate in a fair way which avoids that? Someone to negotiate so that you both feel it’s even Stevens? Have a look at the Tarot for guidance; it’s very good with relationship breakdown; follow the steps. You may well have an agreement figured out about your son by the end of September and then it’s done. For example, equal access, or a new way of sharing with him/around him. Ceres in Leo has to do her work. Have a look at The Leo Weather, posted here a long time ago, as this directly concerns your relationship with your child. I hope this works out for all of you.

  66. Hi Jessica
    What do you see for the world economy through this retrograde period with warring Neighbours and China’s teetering economy that will have a cascade impact on the rest of the world? Are we in for as Macron says “the end of financial abundance”?

    For my own chart I wonder about the timing of what I’m about to start. I was about to launch an online course this September and gather from this blog I should be prepared for stops and starts and many rewrites before it gains traction. I’m using internet marketing strategies to drive attendance. But with Uranus in Aquarius hovering in a square over my own Uranus in Leo and MC in Leo, and Saturn opposing all that I’m wondering if there is more going On I should pay attention to as I try and transition my business from just selling consulting hours to training a lot more business owners online. Maybe I should just squelch on my restlessness for change.

    I very much appreciate your perspectives and learn so much from your blogs and the answers to the types of comments. Thank you Jessica!

    1. We are in Global Financial Crisis Two, and yet the worst is over in July 2023 when the lunar nodes move off Taurus and Scorpio. China will continue to collapse. Macron is almost right. This is not financial abundance; it is half the planet borrowing money they have not earned, to buy things which destroy the earth. That is absolutely going to end. In fact we will have a new global economy based on what money cannot buy: forests, wilderness, endangered species. The Labor party in Australia is pioneering that today, for this country. The only part of Mars Retrograde in Gemini that matters is the online course, which of course depends entirely on the internet. You may prefer to treat September-March as beta testing with a view to getting it right…getting it right…getting it right. Read the terms and conditions on what you offer and what people expect too.

  67. hi Jessica, thank you for this illuminating post. there is a lot happening for me on the family relationships front and I wonder if it is linked to the retrogrades. Can you please give me some insights into the dynamic between my siblings and me? they are born 5.12.69 (sag and aquarius stelliums) and 10.12.74 (Sag, Pisces and Scorpio stelliums) should we work together in a family business as our parents hope or will it all end in tears? thank you in advance.

    1. Saturn at 2 Gemini and the Moon at 25 Gemini are in your Third House of siblings. Mars will retrograde in your Third House from 4th September until March 17th next year. Should you work together in a family business? No. Validate that with the Tarot for yourself, though, as you run your life, not me. What can you do on the retrograde? Play down, avoid and minimise all potential friction with your siblings. You really don’t want Mars going over your Moon at 25 Gemini repeatedly in late October, early November, and again in March 2023. You have better things to do. When in doubt turn down the emotional temperature, slow the pace and come up with a strategy. You will need a plan.

  68. Wow literally everyone’s ones comment getting answered but not mine.. I literally commented 1st on this article.. very sad

    1. I have no idea what your question was, unfortunately, because there are 14,883 comments here. What was your question about Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Third House? You have Jupiter at 4 Gemini and Vulcano at 13 Gemini. The retrograde only affects Vulcano at 13 and you know what to do. And what not to do. The dates to avoid issues with siblings, commuting, short journeys, the internet, the media include: September 14, 15 then December 9-13, February 12-14. Allow a day either side of those dates for world time zone changes. You can find out more about Vulcano, Mars, Gemini and your Third House in your library. I hope that helps you.

  69. Hi Jessica,
    I have mars, mercury Chiron and my north node in Gemini – will this likely be a positive or challenging transit for me? Thank you

    1. It’s a challenging transit because like all people with a Gemini pattern in your Third House of siblings, neighbours, short journeys and internet – you are going to have a difficult tenant move in, September 2022 through March 2023. If you can imagine a soldier moving into the same space as your brother or sister; your computer; your mobile phone; your bicycle or car; next door to a certain person – you’ve got it. That soldier is primed to attack or defend. To seize and conquest. To push and push back. It is what he does. Now, imagine him coming in and out, backwards. Getting stuck in the door. Re-entering and changing what he did the first time! The bottom line is, minimise the stakes in all Gemini and Third House matters to minimise the interference. If your sister wants to go into business with you, defer it. If you really want to take a flight, think twice, three times, four times (we are in a pandemic anyway). It’s on that level for you. You have the node in Gemini so you know all this backwards because you have had many past lives affected by just this sort of drama. If you do have a sibling you knew them before.

  70. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the opportunity for questions. Mars in Gemini seems to be happening at the same time as negotiation time (possibly court) with a lying brother over an inheritance issue. It’s gone on for years and you have helped me through this with your advice. What do ou see in my chart as to this Mars retrograde?


    1. Your lying brother is Gemini. Gemini rules siblings as you know. At 1, 2, 3 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo you have yourself a T-Square. A T-Square is tense, troublesome, tight and taut. The solution is to try bringing different people into the inheritance issue with your brother, which you have done. You have called your lawyer, Marie. The more people you bring in, the more the T-Square is broken up, as they will have factors at 1, 2, 3 degrees of other signs which create trines and sextiles, making resolution possible. You were already triggered in August when Mars went to 1, 2, 3 Gemini. If you are only asking about the quality of the relationship with your brother, the news is good: Jupiter at 1, 2, 3 Aries helps you in the final week of September and first two weeks of October, then again in January 2023 and, once and for all, second half of May to first half of June 2023. If it’s the money or property, then that’s a Scorpio matter. You have the nodes at 18 Taurus and Scorpio so knew your brother in a past life. You two share karma. You had your lunar return in August (must have been a big month for the pair of you) and that’s done. Good. Uranus at 18 Taurus in April to May 2023 is liberating; freeing; perhaps – a shock. You might call it Independence Day for whatever reason. The Tarot can give you more personal insights into this matter, but Mars Retrograde itself won’t hold you up; he’s nowhere near that 1, 2, 3 line-up.

  71. Hello! I am an Aries (3/25/72), and have been a subscriber to your site fir several years. I am Sun 5° Aries, Saturn 2° Gemini, MC 23° Gemini, and Appollo 11° Gemini. My Moon is 21° Leo. What do I look forward to or watch out for on this Mars cycle, please?

    1. Mars is backwards at 8 to 25 Gemini so will go backwards across your MC (Midheaven) at 23 Gemini and Apollo at 11 Gemini. He will do this in September, October, December, February, March. Unless you want a protracted conflict with/about siblings, short journeys, commuting, the internet, the media, the neighbours – do not throw the first stone, nor cast one back. Otherwise it’s pebbles all the way for far too long and you have better things to do. I just had a reader whose taxi driver replaced himself with a relative, who turned up without a mask, for a 45 minute drive. She was angry and wanted to start a row about it. This is a regular taxi service and it would have hung around until next March; like you she had placements in the Gemini retrograde zone. She decided against!

  72. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this very interesting post! I left a marriage of over 25 years in January, 2021. My ex has given me a hard time about this and I just recently was able to move a couple hours away. My 26 year old daughter has been estranged from me since I left her dad in 2021. I have some money now, and will hopefully be receiving social security survivor benefits from the death of my first husband, and I feel like I just want to jet!

    My biggest barrier to success is agoraphobia. I could not leave where I lived for a very long time because I could not drive myself out of there due to having to take the interstate up and down mountains, etc. A young rideshare had to drive me out, finally. I am now feeling like I can’t handle where I just moved, and I spend a lot of time on the map making sure I don’t inadvertently end up on a freeway. It is paralyzing and very depressing. I used to be independent and drive across country with pleasure.

    I am from the Midwest, and even though where I live has been a great life to raise the kids (now adults), I crave to move far away. I don’t fit in well with West Coast culture, but I also love the scenery and the people. However, it has been really lonely and I am wondering if this is an area that I should keep investing my time in. I almost want to ditch my car and live somewhere like NYC, but that is impractical.

    At 60, I have all but given up on men. I am reasonably attractive, but I seem to be rebellious and unwilling to be the person I was, if that makes any sense, so I mostly pull the plug before anything gets started with someone. At the moment, I have no foundation, no friends, no job, no anything. This to me is either a wonderful thing or a terrible thing! So getting involved romantically with a man would likely be weird and not the right timing.

    Do you by chance have any insight or ideas? You give so much, and I appreciate it.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you. Agorophobia is a Virgo/Sixth House issue as all phobias are – you have a stellium there. So you live in your Sixth House. There are unconscious reasons for your not wanting to leave your home. I am sure it is very tough to go through. Find out why you have unconsciously produced this very particular condition for yourself. Program your dreams to ask. If you feel confident with Tarot, use that. A good question to ask is “What does this get me? Where does it get me?” I know it paralyzes you and depresses you, so that might seem like a dumb thing to ask – but actually – there is often a drive or motive you don’t admit or realise. Unlocking your Sixth House like this can help you recover. The other all-time solution is the work of Dr. Claire Weekes. Have a look at her book reviews and testimonials on YouTube. She passed years ago but specialised in this and other anxiety issues. Everything else you want in your life can follow once you have sorted out your Virgo side. You can and will restart with friends, work and a lover but the absolute priority is your health and wellbeing on every level. For some months.

  73. Hi Jessica.
    I am intrigued (and nervous) by this transit and how it will impact.
    I don’t have a time of birth but I do have Sun 13’, Mars 26’, Mercury 8’, Ceres 27’, Chiron 9’ all in Gemini ♊️. Plus Uranus 16’ Sag. I was wondering how this Mars RX in Gemini will play out.
    Thank you so much!

    Sun: 13 Gemini 06
    Moon: 21 Sagittarius 18
    Mercury: 08 Gemini 22
    Venus: 27 Aries 40
    Mars: 26 Gemini 12
    Jupiter: 16 Aquarius 58
    Saturn: 23 Scorpio 27 Rx
    Uranus: 16 Sagittarius 07 Rx
    Neptune: 02 Capricorn 46 Rx
    Pluto: 02 Scorpio 19 Rx
    True Lunar Node: 18 Taurus 05 Rx
    Mean Lunar Node: 17 Taurus 00 Rx
    Lilith (Black Moon): 00 Taurus 13
    Chiron: 09 Gemini 10
    Ceres: 27 Gemini 22
    Pallas: 10 Taurus 11
    Juno: 28 Virgo 09
    Vesta: 21 Libra 49
    Eris: 16 Aries 17

    1. Ignore Eris, Pallas, Lilith or you will be very confused. You have the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Ceres in Gemini – you have a stellium in Gemini in the Third House. You ‘live’ in your Third House, and if you open the door, you will find a photograph of a brother, sister or cousin who has strongly influenced your life. You will find a computer and mobile phone, television and radio – all sending you information. You will find a map of the local area and local newsletters or newspapers. You will find a bicycle, perhaps, or pair of walking shoes, or just a car parked in sight of the window. Or a bus stop. This is your world. If you can visualise a large, muscular, pushy Roman soldier barging into this space and staying there until March, entering and re-entering, sitting and refusing to budge, changing his mind, moving things around – then moving them back again – you get a picture of Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Third House. How you deal with him defines what happens next. It is usually a good idea to give Mars something to do. And to give him something to do until March, when he leaves.

  74. Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement. I do Tarot and I will program my dreams to give me an answer on why I seem to need to be held back; I will also look up Dr. Claire Weeks’ work. Your suggestions are very helpful to me and I appreciate your insight and advice. Take care 🙂

  75. I just pulled this up as I was reading about Mars Retrograde and the Preshadow period. I don’t have any Gemini in my chart save for my 10th house and Chiron in Gemini – the only sign in that house. I’m a Sun Scorpio, Pisces Moon, Virgo Rising. It sounds like it’s going to impact some career things for me, but I keep seeing all sorts of messages about it to not move anything forward. Any takes on that?

  76. Hello Jessica,
    The upcoming Mars retrograde has me searching for information and I just found your site. I am a Gemini. On 31 October Mars SR 25.37 Gemini will conjoin my natal Uranus (25.21 Gemini 10.43, 1st house), oppose natal Jupiter (25.48 Sagittarius, 8th house) and square natal Moon (26.00 Pisces, 12th house). I need to travel this October-November and I’m wondering if it’s best for me to travel early in October. I would greatly appreciate your advice.

    ASC 11Taurus 56
    1st Sun: 10 Gemini 43
    12th Moon: 26 Pisces 00
    3rd Mercury: 03 Cancer 25
    3rd Venus: 11 Cancer 05
    5th Mars: 5 Virgo 51
    8th Jupiter: 25 Sagittarius 48 Rx
    4th Saturn: 17 Leo 30
    2nd Uranus: 25 Gemini 21
    6th Neptune: 10 Libra 19 Rx
    4th Pluto: 12 Leo 52 Rx
    11th Lilith 24 Aquarius 23
    12th N Node 13 Taurus 59
    1 June 1948 – Brooklyn NY (Kings County) – 4:00am

    1. Don’t use Lilith, first of all. She’s not part of the Roman family tree of astrology. That leaves us with a lot of mutable signs. Why are you travelling at all? Do you have to travel? I know some people can only receive medical treatment out of town, but non-essential travel during a pandemic is extremely dangerous, as research has just shown the advent of new variants, upon which the most recent jab may not be much use. Jabs don’t stop infection anyway and infection leads to Long Covid. I’ve written endlessly on the virus since 2019, predicting it twice before it happened, date-stamping its arrival, and using those same methods, I am repeating myself: the worst of the pandemic is yet to come. Travel makes it worse.

  77. Jessica thank you. I have Uranus at 25.21 Gemini, Jupiter at 25.48 Sagittarius, and moon at 26 Pisces. What can I expect? The exactness of the aspects has been my mind.
    I’ll be traveling by road and a domestic flight in order to move for the winter as I am high in the mountains. Will it be better before or after the Mars stationary retrograde? I have signed up so my chart is available.

    1. You have a Grand Cross at 25, 26 of the mutable signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo. Always watch the transits of the mutables at 25, 26 no matter if it is Mars in Gemini; Saturn in Pisces (it’s coming) or just faster-moving cycles. The mutables clash. Gemini is transport. Virgo is health. Sagittarius is travel. Pisces is ‘the great unknown’ and it’s how your unconscious programs the situation. A Grand Cross is always a cross to bear.

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