Your 2023-2024 Horoscope in Detail

In Your 2023 Astrology Report I use two house systems when I read for you. The first one is the Solar Chart or Sun Sign chart, based on your usual sign. The second one is your natal chart, based on the Natural House System.

A Detailed Guide to Your 2023-2024 Horoscope

If you’ve purchased a 2023 Astrology Report, it will see you through the start of Lunar New Year 2023, 22nd January until the next Lunar New Year, 10th February 2024.

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I use two house systems together for you.

I use two house systems when I read for you. The first one is the Solar Chart or Sun Sign chart, based on your usual sign. The second one is your natal chart, based on the Natural House System.

I began using this for accurate prediction, including world events, many years ago as I found the Placidus, Koch, Equal House and other chart systems did not work with Sun Sign astrology. Only one system did. What I call Natural House. It goes by a couple of other names.

There are so many cycles over these 13 months – how do I pick what is most important for you? The answer rests in both house systems. When they chime together, you know you can accurately predict the future with no vagueness.

This is how you predict the future of the Royal Family, by the way. You can watch me talk about your future in 2023 and the future of Meghan and Harry too, on my YouTube channel now.

Keeping it Simple

You can keep your 2023-2024 timed predictions simple by just reading them as forecasts for your sign. If you have your birth chart from me, though, you can also look at your natal chart at the same time. All the information you need about your natal chart is on this website. It’s in your library online here, and in the new (free) book for you, as a member: 2020 Modern Astrology. 

You can predict for Charles III this way. He is a Sun Scorpio. In March 2023, his Scorpio chart shows an historic decision about his family involving his two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. When we go to his natal or birth chart, the same story is told again. It begins on Sunday 26th March. It will move rapidly until May 20th, right past his proposed Coronation. It will be action stations. Perhaps, battle stations, for Charles III and the Royal Family.

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Two House Systems in One Horoscope

Sun Sign astrology, or Solar House system astrology, is far and away the most loved, trusted and popular kind of stargazing in the world. The reason for that is simple: it works. However, it works best when you focus on the transits which chime with your birth chart, or natal chart. That’s what your 2023-2024 horoscope provides.

It’s also why I have discarded so many cycles this year and only picked up the  crucial transits which show up in both systems.

Your Sun Sign or zodiac sign is the headlines of your life and your birth chart is the back story. Now, here’s a quick explanation of how your Sun Sign tallies with your natal chart. Of course, you must have it by your side (you will automatically have this as a Premium Member) to really get the most from it. And if you were among the first Premium Members to order, you will also have a Forum session with me on this website, near your birthday…

Stelliums in Aries, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius and/or Pisces?

If you have your modern birth chart showing stelliums (unusually high numbers of factors) in Aries, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius and/or Pisces, then 2023-2024 is a life-changing year for:

Aries Stellium: Cosmetic surgery, weight loss, haircut and colour, name change, qualifications (letters after your name), better and bigger profile on Twitter or Substack, successful self-promotion, publicity or public relations, new wardrobe or card. Make sure you look at the Aries dates in your chart, because this will tally in both your public and private chart together.

Taurus Stellium: A new job which pays better, an inheritance, an increase in the value of your property or investment, a lottery or bingo win, a government or council grant, an interest-free loan, a financial gift from a benefactor or philanthropist, a generous helping hand, capital investment, a lucrative share profit or? (Insert other gain here). Watch May, June 2023.

Libra Stellium: A partnership which is superior to the one you have now, or a better and bigger phase in your existing partnership (if you are happy) can only come when you make changes. Changes are coming during the Libra transit dates you read about in your report. In a conflict? Solutions can only come when you alter the road; it will happen during Libra cycles.

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Capricorn Stellium: You have been through the biggest, ongoing transformation with your career, unpaid work or academic career of your lifetime. It ends, March 2023. Read the Capricorn transit dates in your report as they will line up with a private story in your life about your staff, colleagues, employer, professor, classmates and so on. Expect reshuffles and rescheduling.

Aquarius Stellium: Do read the Aquarius weather dates for 2023-2024 as they will talk to you about one area of your life (public) but the private story will be about a friend and group. You may not be a true insider with the group and the friendship will either begin in March, restart – or be subject to deep change. Your Aquarius stellium is the story, in March 2023.

Pisces Stellium: Saturn enters your Twelfth House in your natal chart in March 2023 and remains until February 2026, so if you are strongly Piscean (religious, psychic, spiritual, interested in self-help, therapy, meditation, healing, mediumship, hypnosis) you see new barriers, limitations and restrictions from March which need your full attention if forward planning.

Taking Scorpio as an Example

If you are a Sun Scorpio, for example, you will have your Scorpio 2023-2024 report with all the dates in the zodiac signs to watch. I’ll give you the public prediction of (say) Pluto in Aquarius in March 2023. I’ve picked out that cycle because it also shows up in your natal chart, or birth chart, saying the same thing. You can read more about that in the Scorpio section below. This is how I can give you specific dates for the family reshuffle; the big decision about your home – even your country.

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Scorpio Solar, Scorpio Natal

Double Checked Prediction

The most important cycles in 2023-2024 involve transits in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra. Just six signs. The rest are put to one side, as you only need to know about double-checked prediction. That means it shows up in your birth chart, but also your solar chart. Your private horoscope and public horoscope.

Aries: Career, academic careers, unpaid work, friends and groups, religion (and all inward pursuits, like therapy or Tarot), your image, money and partnerships – but any battles – present twice in both charts for 2023-2024. There are transits in your Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, First, Second and Seventh Houses, in both chart systems I use for you. Read further down for a long example of how your ‘marriage and divorce’ sector is triggered by both house systems in 2023-2024.

Taurus: The Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries is triggered by Pluto leaving Capricorn in 2023, and a stunning trine from Jupiter to your own and other people’s Sagittarius (Ninth House) factors natally. The Eleventh House of friends and groups is important in March, when Saturn goes in (Solar Chart) and Pluto goes in (Natal Chart). The religious, psychic or unconscious part of your life shows up in a terrific way with Jupiter and Chiron in your Twelfth House (Solar Chart) and importantly, from March 2023 when Saturn goes into your Twelfth House (Natal Chart). You will relaunch successfully in 2023 from May, when Jupiter joins Uranus in your First House (Solar Chart) and Chiron in Aries in your Natal Chart also powers through the First House along with the North Node. Work and health, lifestyle and wellbeing are all shown by Libra in your Solar Chart as a major theme from July 2023, when the South Node goes into Libra, but we also find Jupiter in Taurus, from May 2023, trine Virgo factors in your natal chart, and trine the Moon in Virgo, every 28-29 days, also in the Sixth House of your birth chart.

Weekly Horoscope 300x150 - Your 2023-2024 Horoscope in Detail

Gemini: Capricorn transits rule finance, property, business and charity in your Solar Chart. In your natal chart they are ruled by Taurus and Scorpio. March, May and July 2023 are huge turning points. Aquarius rules foreigners and foreign countries in your Solar Chart. In your birth chart, that’s ruled by Sagittarius and until May 2023, Jupiter in Aries will trine the Moon in Sagittarius every 28-29 days as she passes through. Pisces rules your career, unpaid work and academic career in your Solar Chart. In your Natal Chart that’s Capricorn-ruled, so March 2023 is a key month when you may resign, accept a promotion, new job and so on. Aries rules your friends and groups in your Solar Chart. Aquarius rules friends and groups in your Natal Chart. Life until May looks full of growth and improvement here; Pluto going into Aquarius in March is very important. Taurus rules your Twelfth House of religion, Tarot, Buddhism, hypnosis, self-help and therapy in your Solar Chart. Pisces rules the Twelfth House in your natal chart so Saturn landing there in March, is important. You’d also be watching May. Libra rules the Fifth House of children, the bedroom, teenagers, young adults and courtship in your Solar Chart. In your Natal Chart we find a stunning trine from Jupiter to the Moon in Leo, in your Fifth House, every 28-29 days, from December 2022 until May 2023. That sets it up.

Cancer and Marriage, Partnerships, Divorces and Dating

Cancer: The transits which show up in both your Natal Chart and Solar Chart in 2023-2024 are in: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra. Your solar Seventh House of duets and duels is changed forever by the events of March 2023 when Pluto leaves. The next key month is July 2023 in your natal chart, when the South Node enters your Seventh House. Joint finances and property suggest March as another key month in your solar chart, when Pluto enters Aquarius. In your natal chart we look to May and then July. Pisces rules foreigners and foreign places in your solar Ninth House. March is another big month. In your natal chart, Sagittarius rules your Ninth House and trines from Jupiter to the transiting Moon from December 2022 to May 2023 set you up. Aries rules your career, academic career or unpaid work. Both your charts shows welcome changes by May 2023 with a big moment in March. Taurus rules your Eleventh House of friends and groups in your solar chart. In your natal chart it is ruled by Aquarius. The months to watch for welcome changes? March and May. Libra rules your house, apartment, family, household, town and country. In this Fourth House of your solar chart, we find July 2023 is a key month for karma from 18-19 years ago, ongoing. In your natal chart, your Sun in Cancer in the Fourth House is very important – it shows where you shine – and a lovely sextile from Jupiter in Taurus, between May 2023 and May 2024, tells the same story twice.

horoscope chart wheel 300x200 - Your 2023-2024 Horoscope in Detail
Use two house systems for accuracy

Leo: Transits in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra show up in your public chart (Leo) and private chart (your natal chart) in 2023-2024. Capricorn rules your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. March is a key month when Pluto leaves Capricorn. Virgo rules the Sixth House in your natal chart. May 2023-May 2024 is terrific as Jupiter trines. Aquarius rules your Seventh House of duets and duels. March matters most as Saturn leaves and Pluto enters. In your natal chart, look to July 2023, when the South Node enters the Seventh House. Karma begins. Pisces rules your Eighth House of joint finance and property. March is central to decisions as Saturn enters. Natally, July matters, as the South Node exits your Eighth House and karma ends. Aries rules your Ninth House of foreigners. Sagittarius rules your Ninth House in your natal chart. Jupiter in Aries happily triggers both, from Christmas to May 2023. Taurus rules your Tenth House of success. Capricorn rules your Tenth House of success, natally. March and May are the months to watch with good news imminent. Libra rules your Third House of siblings, internet and short trips. Gemini rules this in your natal chart and the transits in Libra, trine the transiting Moon in Gemini.

How the Virgo Year is Shown – Publicly and Privately

Virgo: Transits in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra show up in your Solar Chart and Natal Chart soon. Capricorn rules your Fifth House of bedroom, courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. March is a big month of relief and release. Leo rules this in your birth chart. Jupiter in Aries trine the transiting Moon in Leo every 28-29 days until May 2023 says the same thing. Aquarius rules your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. Saturn out, and Pluto in, suggest March is a key month for choices. Virgo (your sign) rules this in your birth chart and you have your Sun in the Sixth House. Jupiter trine your Sun between May 2023 and May 2024 is terrific news, following that March choice. Pisces rules your Seventh House of duets and duels. Saturn entering, makes March a key month. Libra rules your Seventh House in your natal chart. July continues those changes as the South Node enters. Aries rules joint finance, charity, property and business in your Eighth House, in your public (Solar Chart). Scorpio rules this in your natal chart. December 2022-May 2023 is a boom period and July ends the karmic loop. Taurus rules your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Sagittarius rules this in your natal chart. Jupiter in Aries trines the Moon here every 28-29 days, starting in December 2022 until May 2023, and from May 2023, Jupiter enters. Libra rules your Second House of money. Taurus rules this in your natal chart. May 2023 is important but also July 2023. Two change months in your favour.

modern astrology 2050 cover SMALLER 199x300 - Your 2023-2024 Horoscope in DetailLibra: Transits in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra tell the story of your year, in your personal birth chart, and your public Libra chart. Capricorn rules your Fourth House of home, family, household, town, country, apartment and house. March brings a huge choice. Cancer rules this same Fourth House in your natal chart. The Moon in Cancer on March 29th in your birth chart says the same thing, following on from the Full Moon in Cancer on 6th January. The New Moon in Cancer on 17th July continues the story in the same month that, in your Libra chart, we find Pluto in a T-Square with the nodes. Aquarius rules the bedroom, courtship, children, teenagers and young adults. March is a big decision month. Leo rules this in your natal chart and Jupiter trine the Moon in Leo every 29 days or so until May 2023 sets the scene. Pisces rules your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. March sees Saturn going in; a crossroads waits. Virgo rules this in your natal chart; the Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th is a clue. Aries rules duets and duels in your Seventh House. Answers are there, until May 2023. In your birth chart, July 2023 is the big bump month, shortly afterwards. Taurus rules joint finance. In your natal chart, Scorpio rules the same. That’s why May and July 2023 are momentous. Libra rules your image and reputation. Aries rules this in your natal chart. That’s why life until May 2023 is ideal for relaunching: Jupiter in Aries and Ceres in Libra. Are you a Premium Member? Pick up Modern Astrology 2050, free, to read more about the new Libra South Node and Aries North Node cycles of 2023.

Scorpio: Transits in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra tell your life story publicly and privately in 2023. Siblings, media and short journeys see a huge change in March. Gemini rules this in your natal chart so it’s the same story told twice: Mars leaves Gemini that month. Aquarius rules your house, apartment, family, household, town and country. Again, March is a huge month. Cancer rules this in your natal chart; the Moon in Cancer on March 29th makes it emotional. Pisces rules bedroom, courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. March is a milestone. Leo rules this in your natal chart and Jupiter trines the Moon in Leo in March and April as she passes through. Aries rules your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. Fantastic answers are here until May. Virgo rules this in your natal chart. Ceres in Virgo from March, echo this. Taurus rules your duet and/or duel. There is a way out or through from May. Ceres in Libra in your natal Seventh House from June follows up.

Sagittarius – Natal and Solar Chart Timing Lines Up

Sagittarius: Transits in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra time your year, publicly and privately. Capricorn rules your money and March is crucial in your solar chart, while May follows up in your natal chart, then July. Aquarius rules siblings, the internet and short journeys. March is again, a hugely important month. Saturn goes out of your solar Third House and Pluto goes in. Meanwhile Mars goes out of your natal Third House. Pisces rules your house, apartment, household, family, town and country. March, again, is the month it all changes. Cancer rules this in your birth chart and the Cancer Moon on 29th March gives you timing. Mars also enters Cancer and your natal Fourth House on March 26th, just before. Aries rules the bedroom, courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. Sweeping solutions and new opportunities are here until May; Leo rules this in your natal chart and dates to watch include the Full Moon in Leo on 5th February, the Moon in Leo on 27th April; Mars in Leo from May. Taurus rules your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. Doors open in May and stay open until May 2023. This is ruled by Virgo in your natal chart: Jupiter will trine the Moon in Virgo every 28/29 days or so. Libra rules friends and groups. March is important. Ceres is in Libra in your solar Eleventh House, while in your natal chart, we find Saturn going out of your Eleventh House and Pluto going in.

Capricorn: Transits in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra tell a public and private story, twice. Image, profile and reputation dominate until March, with Capricorn weather, but also Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. Money, property, business and charity also suggest March is a crucial month. Venus enters the same sector, but in your natal chart, also in March. Siblings, cousins, the internet and short journeys suggest a March crossroads with Saturn in Pisces. Mars out of Gemini in your birth chart, also in March, echoes the message. Your house, apartment, family, town, country, household is open to improvement and growth until May 2023 with Jupiter in Aries in your solar Fourth House. Cancer rules this in your natal chart and Mars in Cancer from March 26th until May 20th suggests it’s action stations in your birth chart. Taurus transits show you huge opportunities with the bedroom, courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne after May. That’s ruled by Leo in your natal chart and Mars enters Leo on 21st May. Libra rules your success in life. That’s ruled by Capricorn in your natal chart, so March is pivotal; Pluto leaves Capricorn and Ceres leaves Libra.

Aquarius – Reading Two House Systems

Aquarius: Transits in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra set up your year. Just six out of twelve signs. Your religion, self-help, Tarot, hypnosis, therapy and so on, ends in March – in its current phase. The end of Pluto in your solar Twelfth House is accompanied by Saturn entering your natal Twelfth House. Your reputation and image also change in March with solar First House transits which are historic. In your natal First House we find the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Chiron. Oprah is an Aquarius Sun woman. She’ll be back for second helpings with Harry and Meghan. Pisces rules your money in your solar chart. Again, March is huge. Saturn goes in. In your natal chart, Venus goes in. Aries rules siblings, the internet and short journeys. Life until May looks full of growth and improvement. In this period, Gemini transits suggest the same in your birth chart. Taurus rules your house, apartment, town, country, household and family. All the doors are open from May 2023 to May 2024. Cancer rules this in your birth chart. Venus and Mars are both in Cancer in May, in your birth chart. Big clue.  Libra rules foreigners and foreign countries in your Ninth House. Sagittarius rules this in your natal chart. Watch June 2023 as part of Libra weather, because we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius and Ceres enters Libra.

Pisces: Transits in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra are crucial in 2023-2024 as they show up in your public chart (Sun Sign or Solar Chart) and private chart (Natural House System). Friends and groups bring a sign-off decision in March with transits in Capricorn but also Aquarius. Your religion, Tarot, therapy, hypnosis and so on, also show up in March with Aquarius and Pisces transits. Your image, appearance and reputation are all systems go, until May 2023, with Jupiter in Aries in your natal chart in the First House, but a serious decision must be made in March 2023, as Saturn goes into Pisces and your solar First House too. Your money is also showing open doors until May 2023 with Aries transits in your solar chart. This tallies with your natal chart with a flurry of transits in Taurus in your private money sector too. Siblings, the internet and short journeys are big new growth areas from May with Jupiter in your solar Third House. In your natal Third House, May is also the month with Venus in Gemini and the Sun in Gemini too. Libra rules your workload and wellbeing in your solar chart. Virgo rules that in your natal chart. July 2023 is important; in both house systems  I use for you, we see transits in your public and private Sixth House with the South Node entering your solar Sixth House for the first time in years.

2023 year ahead horoscope 300x225 - Your 2023-2024 Horoscope in DetailThe Same Story Told Twice in 2023

In this section I will also tell you what to look out for, in terms of your natal or birth chart, so you can see how it all works. Here is an example of how it works for you, if you are a Sun Aries. I’m taking your love life transits for 2022-2023. This works for you on one level, publicly, as an Aries, but if you have factors in Libra in your birth chart, there’s a private story too.

Aries in 2023 – an Example

This is an example of how the public and private chart works for Aries people – using just one story – partnerships or battles. This may be your marriage, your former wife or a political opponent.

Aries: If you have factors in Libra in the Seventh House of duets and duels, you will be strongly affected by the Libra weather of 2023-2024, starting on July 18th 2023 as the South Node enters Libra and your Seventh House for the first time in 18-19 years. You may have been born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Libra in which case there will be deep karma for you, from around 18-19 years before, either with this partner or opponent, or another who raises similar themes. There will be a sign-off decision on your marriage (say) or your battle with opponents, as you go through the Libra weather, which your report shows you is so obvious on 29th September, and best avoided with that eclipse on 14th October.

Aries, you can micro-predict here, for yourself, using this website, as when you see the South Node in Libra move to the same degree as your Libra factor, that period of days, perhaps weeks, will be eventful in terms of karma – what you owe, or what you are owed. If you have a Libra stellium it’s an even bigger deal, and you should read that section in Modern Astrology 2050, which is my new book, complimentary to Premium Members.

Common Examples of Double Cycles for 2023-2024

Aries, all your cycles are double cycles, as in the Natural House system, your charts echo each other – private and public. As you can see above, your marriage, former marriage, potential new sexual relationship are all green light areas for change.

Taurus, I think work and wellbeing are the main story in 2023. Why? Saturn moves out of your career, unpaid work and academic sector in March. That’s barricades and barriers, gone. Pluto moves in – suddenly you realise how powerful you could be. We also have new Libra weather in your Sixth House of daily routine, health, lifestyle, service and duty. When we go across to your birth chart, we find something so similar. Pluto out of your career, unpaid work and academic sector in March.

Gemini, for you the main story is financial in both charts. You have Pluto going out of Capricorn and your Eighth House in March, in your Gemini horoscope. That is the end of constant questions about who or what is in control of funding, the house, apartment, the business, the bank account and so on. In your natal chart, we find Jupiter with all his solutions and gains, moving into Taurus and your solar Second House of personal income, from May. So March-May is a real story, financially.

bigstock Planets Of The Solar System S 258033880 scaled 1 300x133 - Your 2023-2024 Horoscope in Detail

Cancer, for you it just has to be about your marriage, the relationship with a former partner after the divorce, serial monogamy (if that is your pattern) and new partnerships. Sometimes the partnership is not romantic or sexual; it is professional, but it feels like a marriage. March is dramatically different and rings the changes long-term. That’s in your Cancer horoscope. Yet in your natal chart, or birth chart, we also find Libra patterns in your Seventh House. Same thing.

Leo, so similar to Cancer, the story for you is the end of barriers and barricades within a marriage, post-divorce relationship or the dating game – the quest for partnership. March brings Pluto into your solar Seventh House and shows Saturn out. That is new power, available to you. It’s the same in your natal or birth chart. Look at the Libra dates in your horoscope for timing. As this is about the media, the internet and publishing, these themes will show up in the new partnership story.

Virgo, this is a financial opportunity year. Solutions are there until May 2023 with Jupiter in your solar Eighth House of joint finance and property. Big solutions! In your birth chart (natal chart) we find the South Node leaving the same house in July, so the timing is clear. Every time you have Jupiter in Aries you also have a relaunch in your birth chart, so perhaps your second debut makes you money, or you will use the money to relaunch yourself.

Libra, undoubtedly the Aries and Libra transits of 2023 and 2024 single out a marriage, partnership or post-divorce relationship as the growth area. There are answers here, until May 2023, with Jupiter in Aries in your solar Seventh House. Yet, when we go to your Libra Horoscope we also find your Seventh House is packed. Your Sun is there anyway, but from July, a new cycle begins.

Planet Symbols iStock 300x225 - Your 2023-2024 Horoscope in Detail

Scorpio, lining up the transits in two charts is interesting, as you clearly have a tremendous shift with or for siblings and cousins in March 2023. Pluto leaves Capricorn. Yet, in the same month we find Mars leaving Gemini, also in your Third House of siblings and cousins – in your birth chart.

Sagittarius, something similar happens to you, but for different reasons. In March, Pluto goes into your Third House of siblings and cousins, in the sign of Aquarius, in your solar chart. Saturn leaves. Also in March, going back to your birth chart, Mars in Gemini is also in your Third House and about to depart after a long retrograde.

Capricorn, 2023-2024 is about your role, goal and mission. Pluto leaves your natal Tenth House in March which is huge. Your Sun is there anyway so it’s personal. March ends years of old patterns around control and power (or lack of it). When we go to your Capricorn Horoscope for the year, the Tenth House shows up as Libra patterns, from July. There’s a story there.

Aquarius, you have Pluto in Capricorn leaving your Twelfth House of therapy, psychics, Tarot, hypnosis, religion and your inner life – in March. That’s in your solar chart or Aquarius horoscope. In the same month, March 2023, Saturn goes into your natal Twelfth House, ruling the same. What happens that month is historic.

Pisces, the story in 2023-2024 is financial, because in your Pisces horoscope we find Aries weather in your Second House of personal income, and Libra weather in your Eighth House of joint income. (They also call it shared resources, like an inheritance, business deal, or marriage and mortgage). When we go to your birth chart, we find the same houses, the Second and Eighth, under transits in Taurus and Scorpio.



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    1. Good question. It depends on what you did (or said) the last time and only you can answer that. I just looked into the karmic cycle of Camilla, the Queen Consort, and the last time she had this South Node in Libra transit she married Charles. Libra rules marriage and divorce as you know. So there will be a ripple effect for her, from that wedding, and obviously it involves her own former husband as well as Princess Diana. Possibly, Harry and William. Only she know the full story. The nodal karma is always told from the soul’s perspective so it’s an intensely personal matter for you.

  1. Hi Jessica
    WOW! Your best yet. It seems like March and May 2023 is shaping up to be big for everyone both on personal level and for the world.
    I’m a Sun Cancer so reading your predictions are very interesting. Also my Jupiter (16) return will occur sometime between March and May, something to look forward to, maybe.
    I will also watch as these events with COVID among others begin to unfold March 2023.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2023

    1. Thank you Julie. Your Jupiter Return must be in late-degree Aries, in which case it occurs in your First House of presentation, reputation and image. That is a huge asset if you wish to relaunch or maybe take off a layer.

  2. Jessica. I’m an animal lover. Do a lot of work with animals. I also help out at a local university with their feral cat program. This year, for different circumstances, The feral cat station went down from 8 cats at my feeding station to one cat. Jupiter the cat. I would like to incorporate Jupiter in our family. I did the tarot reading. Got the KING OF SWORDS. That card says alot. In this time of so much suffering in the world I’m hoping you can answer my question. Please. Is it possible for me to bring Jupiter with us to our home. I also did the 35 wish list you mentioned in one of your articles.
    I’m a premium member. Moon in Pisces. And thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. You would like to bring Jupiter the cat home. The King of Swords tells you to get past the supervisor or perhaps the vet. The sword is a needle. The cat is ruled by Virgo in your chart and the Sixth House, because it is the house of duty and service, daily routine and lifestyle. Feeding and looking after a cat is a daily business. You were born with Vulcano at 8 Virgo and if Jupiter is not already with you by then, he or another (second) cat may be when transiting Jupiter goes to 8 Taurus and makes the trine; that’s the end of June 2023. Good luck with the moggy.

  3. Hi Jessica
    This is terrific! Thank you for this great explanation. Also, I was lucky enough to get a forum chart for 2023 and I am ecstatic. Thank you for the opportunity. My husband , also a premium member, is a Leo 08/22/1973 same birth place as me 12:33) and you can see my chart. Can you give any advice on the best way to make the most out of these transits and also what we can possibly look forward to. Feeling ungrounded and unsettled and financially strained now but hoping for the better in the new year. I love the tarot cards but I kind of zone out on them and they don’t always make much sense to me when I read for myself. You always have such a beautiful, clear explanation for them. Thank you again for sharing all of your wonderful, insightful knowledge.

    1. Thank you. I hope your Cancer 2023-2024 Horoscope is a good companion. You are a Sun Cancer woman, with stelliums in Cancer, Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. Your marriage is the main story in March when Pluto leaves your Seventh House. March is when your husband also has huge choices about the marriage, as Pluto goes into his Seventh House and Saturn leaves his Seventh House. For that reason, you may want to treat all discussion now as a rehearsal because Mercury Retrograde is in your Seventh House. Financial strain ends in two stages: March and then May, with a new way to save or make money on May 19th, which you will find noted in your horoscope. This seems to be about the money and the marriage. March is the turning point for your joint bank account or for your husband’s bank account, solo, when decisions will come after being long overdue.

  4. Hi Jessica, I ordered and read my 2023 Astrology Report last night. It’s very helpful information – I’m sure I’ll refer to it often through 2023 and beyond.

    I have stelliums in Libra and Capricorn, so that information was particularly useful to have. While I don’t have an Aries stellium, my ascendant and one other planet are in Aries. Should I expect to be impacted similarly to if I had an Aires stellium because my ascendant is in the sign?

    (Just FYI, I first posted a similar question to the blog post on Aries weather, but it looks like my comment is still in the moderation queue. So hopefully it’s ok to post a similar question here).

    Many thanks and have a great holiday season!

    1. Thank you for buying the Scorpio 2023-2024 Horoscope. You have the Ascendant and Juno in Aries in the First House of reputation and image, it’s true, but you are not going to find any life-changing relaunch. (Not the way an Aries stellium person would). It’s more likely in April and with short-term impact, like a really good new work wardrobe. The most important parts of your 13 months ahead are Libra and Capricorn transits, over your Libra and Capricorn stelliums. You can see the dates in your chart. Capricorn is evident now as it’s about your career, unpaid work or academic career in your birth chart, and in your Scorpio chart, it’s about digital life; the internet and your way with words and ideas. The two go together and you will find March 2023 is a huge turning point. It may be your relationship with newspapers, television and the web, for example – yet it has an impact on your vocation, position and mission. Going to Libra, look at the dates there, for this historic transit in your Seventh House of marriage, post-divorce, open enemies, professional double-acts and all duets and duels. This is showing up as a chain of decisions in your natal chart, as the South Node in Libra slowly begins to move across your Seventh House. In your Scorpio chart it shows up as a Twelfth House transit, so it will involve religion, counselling, psychics, hypnosis and your inner life. A classic example would be redefining a marriage to someone you wed in church, with the guidance of (say) a priest.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Could I ask a quick question. At the moment I am trying to understand trines. For example I have Uranus at 2 Virgo. Does that mean when Jupiter moves to 2 Taurus it will trine my Uranus in Virgo and if so is that a good thing. I’m still a bit confused but I keep trying to understand.
    Thank you

    1. Sure, Julie. A trine is flow. It is based on a pyramid shape and pyramids hold up forever and are great protectors of treasure. So in astrology, trines are good to see, especially between a planet like Jupiter, which is natural luck. Taking this aspect apart when Jupiter goes to 2 Taurus 26th to 30th May 2023, he will trine your natal Uranus at 2 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. This is a sensational opportunity to make so much more of your freedom and independence with paid work, unpaid work or academia.

  6. Hello Jessica. I am so disappointed…the personalized report is sold out. I’ve only seen the email now and tried to purchase. Such a pity.

    Thank you for the analysis though for year 2023 to 2024.

    Have a beautiful day.

    1. I am sorry but they sold out in hours, this year, as they did last year. I would still recommend a report, though, there is nothing like having all the dates laid out for your diary or calendar. You can use the Tarot (free) on my website to validate and add detail to all the astrology predictions.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    My daughter is planning on getting married next year or maybe 2024. She is a pisces Feb 27th 1991, 9.20pm Eastbourne. Her partner is March 24th 1973. They were looking at Sep 22nd 2023 but when I looked into it lots of the planets are retrograde! Is this a bad time ? Could you recommend any dates that would be good for them. Many Thanks Ann

    1. Pisces and Aries marrying in 2023 chimes exactly with the Libra weather, which falls in her Eighth House of sexual and financial commitment (typically marriage and mortgage) and his Seventh House of weddings. So this is a Libra cycle story. Avoid September 22nd 2023 as Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is not helpful, Ann. I would have said Saturday 14th October or Sunday 15th October are better. Sun in Libra. Moon in Libra. South Node in Libra. Mercury in Libra. But…we have an eclipse. You really don’t want that. Try the next weekend, Saturday 21st October, Sunday 22nd October. Sun still in Libra. South Node in Libra. Mercury in Libra. And the best of British luck.

  8. Thank you, Jessica, for another great article! I have an Aries stellium, and I launched two new projects this fall, one professional and one personal: a publishing project on which I have been working diligently for ten years and I hope to be career-defining , and a new strict health regime (exercise/diet) to undo the last three years/Covid physical decline. I hope that both will have good results. At the same time, one of my children, also Aries (with Moon and Mercury in Aries, and Virgo Ascendant), was diagnosed with a very atypical ADHD that was masked for years behind an unusually high intelligence – he is a “twice exceptional” child, which has provoked endless problems for him at school. I am truly hoping for a better and more rewarding year for him academically and socially. Any insights? Thank you so much and happy holidays!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries, Aries, Gemini type with the South Node in Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood. You are using your chart really well, with self-promotion and publishing, and Jupiter in Aries, within days (it ends in May 2023) will help you enormously. The words may find a new outlet from the year 2026 as Uranus starts to race through Gemini and new technology is on offer, which has not been invented yet. The South Node in Leo in your Fifth House of motherhood shows up as your ADHD son. The South Node is karma. You knew each other before and you owe him, or are owed by him, or perhaps both. He may have been mother last time, and you may have been son. You can find out more about the nodes in the new book Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you as a member. The mystery, or masked nature of his condition, probably kept you in the dark when we went through Leo Eclipse Season, during the North Node in Leo cycle (right on your South Node), so – May 10th 2017 through November 6th 2018. You will see him go ahead in leaps and bounds when Jupiter goes into Leo in 2026-2027 which may be (say) a graduation year for him, or another milestone.

  9. Thank you Jessica. This is so spot on, with a Capricorn stellium, I am now jobless. I hope, hope that I land on both feet when I hit the ground in March 2023.
    It’s been a tough 2022, and I really do hope for some good news in any way, shape or form.


    1. Thank you. Though I am sorry you are between jobs. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a Capricorn and Taurus stellium. In your public (Sagittarius) chart you enter the biggest and best cycle for paid work, unpaid work and academia in 12 years on May 17th 2023. You could easily take a new job or role before then, of course, but the growth and expansion would come later. In your private chart, that cycle sees Jupiter in Taurus, a terrific transit, trine or make ‘flow’ aspects to your Capricorn stellium in your natal Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition. So the same story is told twice. Keep trying now, but the wave to surf comes later. You will make or save money from May 2023 to May 2024, with Jupiter in Taurus also transiting your Taurus stellium in the Second House, in your natal chart. So this looks like a new job. Or a step up with a promotion, with a job you take earlier.

  10. GreetingsJessica,
    Thank you for another astrological in-depth look at 2023-2024.Your writing skills are a gift! Looking into the coming year and beyond, I feel my level of positive anticipation rising. I am hoping I am not delusional! The last 15 years have been a pretty wild ride. With Uranus’s tour through Taurus, I have experienced totally unanticipated events. Thankfully, I have come this far older and wiser. I have stelliums in a Taurus, Aquarius and Gemini. As I enter my time of retirement just wondering how my financial future is lining up. Thank you for your advice.
    Merry, Merry Christmas and Blessed 2023

    1. Susu, you were born with a Taurus stellium at 2 through 24 degrees, so Jupiter at 2 through 24 Taurus, making a rare conjunction to everything, will give you opportunities to make or save a lot of money as you retire. It begins on May 26th 2023 and you have until May 4th 2024. You will also see an historic transformation (Pluto) with friends and groups in your world from March 2023, as Pluto goes into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of social life and people power. This shows up in your public Sun Sign and private natal horoscope.

  11. Hi Jessica, I don’t know my time of birth. Would it be worth my while getting a reading or would there be a lot of info missing because of my actual time of birth?. Thanks

    1. With no birth time, astrologers use 12 noon, but miss out the MC (Midheaven) AC (Ascendant) DC (Descendant) and IC (Immum Coeli). They also skip the Moon and anything on the cusp, so at 29 or 0 degrees. Is it worth it? Yes, if you take a ‘rough guide’ approach.

  12. Thank you very much for the reply. I hope that means good news for us. I know Pluto can be pretty tough as it has been brutal for us both in Capricorn. Merry Christmas!

  13. Dear Jessica
    Thank you for all of this wonderful insight. I am sun Pisces but have stelliums in many of the important signs for next year you have listed. Should l be paying attention to the sun sign more or the large stellium l have in Aries? Judging by what I’ve read next year looks to be an important one. Also want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in case l don’t get to.
    Thank you everything you do best wishes Selina

    1. You are a Sun Pisces woman, Selina and your chart has stelliums in ARIES (5) PISCES (4) TAURUS (4) CAPRICORN (4) LIBRA (4) AQUARIUS (4) which is pretty unusual. You will make or save a lot of money from December 21st until May 17th with Jupiter in your solar Second House; meanwhile Uranus with all its freedom is in your natal Second House at the same time. What you gain or save, sets you free. You will relaunch your reputation and image (if you take the options) as Jupiter goes through Aries and your natal First House, in the first 5 months of 2023, at the same time that we find Saturn going into your solar First House from March, so there will be new rules about how you appear and look. The Third House of your solar chart, ruled by Taurus, shows you how internet, media, publishing and education are centre-stage all through 2023 and March is a big month for decisions as Mars finally leaves Gemini and your natal Third House of communication. Capricorn rules friends and groups in your solar chart, and Aquarius rules the same in your natal chart. March is again a huge month of choices, as Pluto leaves Capricorn (and the questions about influence, control and power publicly disappear) and Saturn goes out of Aquarius, and the barriers vanish in your social life. Finally, the Libra weather that begins in earnest on 19th July, chimes with the South Node in your Seventh House of partners, in your natal chart – and we also find Mars in Virgo in your solar Seventh House of partners, at the same time. Watch July for developments.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are well. As a Sun Sag, I’ve had a terrible birthday month so far. A relationship ended a few days before the gemini full moon and it almost destroyed me. Is there any chance of it being renewed once Mars goes direct in January? I am also studying for a masters in cybersecurity to be completed next year and wondering how that will go within the next year, please. Many thanks.
    My birth chart is as follows.

    20° Sagittarius 10′ 21″
    03° Leo 41′ 15″
    26° Sagittarius 13′ 24″ R
    03° Aquarius 23′ 16″
    19° Aquarius 52′ 58″
    16° Capricorn 55′ 21″
    22° Scorpio 39′ 38″
    14° Sagittarius 10′ 42″
    00° Capricorn 43′ 55″
    03° Scorpio 50′ 27″
    05° Gemini 07′ 26″ R
    05° Libra 57′ 51″
    13° Libra 44′ 07″
    12° Taurus 11′ 51″ R
    19° Virgo 56′ 31″
    19° Pisces 56′ 31″
    18° Sagittarius 47′ 45″
    18° Gemini 47′ 45″
    02° Aries 31′ 59″
    23° Scorpio 24′ 53″
    00° Scorpio 27′ 09″
    02° Scorpio 15′ 28″
    29° Leo 11′ 56″ R
    20° Pisces 42′ 04″
    19° Aquarius 13′ 47″
    19° Sagittarius 41′ 34″
    26° Virgo 19′ 52″
    17° Aquarius 03′ 03″
    23° Pisces 29′ 10″
    11° Leo 09′ 45″ R
    11° Sagittarius 52′ 08″
    23° Aquarius 00′ 14″
    27° Taurus 16′ 49″ R
    27° Scorpio 16′ 49″ R

    1. I am sorry about the relationship ending. You are a Sun Sagittarius who is still going through Mars in Gemini in your Seventh House of sexual partnership, and Mars is retrograde. You wonder if you’ll get back together when Mars is out of the loop, from March 17th 2023. Yes, there is every chance. Yet you could also be with another lover before then. You have Jupiter entering Aries and your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, children and step-parenting – on December 21st. Jupiter remains until May 16th. I am sure you know Jupiter brings growth, hope, expansion and solutions. Going to your natal chart, the same story is told twice. You were born with Cupido at 11 Leo in your Fifth House and Jupiter will create a trine at 11 Aries. You also have the Moon and Apollo in Leo. Horrid though the break-up has been, it is putting you on the road to parenthood – or a decision to avoid parenthood. That’s actually what this is all about. When Jupiter goes into Leo in the year 2026 you will realise that 2022 had its part to play in changing your fate. That year also sees Uranus (radical change, shock, freedom) going into Gemini so you will craft an exciting, unique partnership then.

  15. Wow this is fabulous Jessica!!!
    I’m sun and stellium Aries. Am in a desperate need of losing weight. Lost a lot in first 6 months but since July put half of it back. Any chance of getting rid off all excess weight? Thanks

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries woman, with stelliums in Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius. Being overweight is usually a Virgo issue, but you have nothing in Virgo at all. I have a feeling the answer is in your Aries and Libra stelliums. Strongly Aries people push with their whole bodies. It is the sign of the Roman soldier, actually, ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war. If you think of Russell Crowe in Gladiator, you’re halfway there. Do you need to fight, push, butt heads, and so on? Being bulky can help. Sometimes women become fat, and stay fat, for the very good reason that it helps them take up more space, helps them appear more confronting – in careers, or in families, where they must lock horns with people. This may be literally food for thought, for you. Libra is also important. Here we have the sign ruling marriage and sexual partnership, also looming large in your horoscope. I’ve had a few readers over the years who want equality in their marriage, are with a fat man, and so become fat too, because it’s only fair. That’s an example of Libra thinking! I am sure you know the book Fat is a Feminist Issue. It’s a classic in the field. I’ve also had readers who were sexually assaulted who have become fat, because in their eyes, it protects them from unwanted male attention. That can happen too. Have a look at your Libra and Aries stelliums and see what comes to you. Every Aries stellium person needs sweaty, challenging, exhilarating, demanding exercise. You are more yourself, when you do it. Find an outlet you enjoy. It may be football. It may be yoga. Think Gladiator for ladies.

  16. Hello Jessica, wishing you are enjoying a hygge holiday season! I really love your long term forecasts and am hoping you can illuminate any important dates or themes for me during this transit. With a huge stellium in Libra and one in Capricorn I know 2023-2024 will be significant. I met a man (Rio 6/6/79) this year in February that I did not actually connect with until April only to push him away because I didn’t believe we wanted the same things. We reconnected in august and I told myself I would give it a shot and open my heart. I’m so glad that I did, we are so happy and have fallen head over heels in love with each other. We both have daughters and they are both named Nia (his 23 and mine 15)! We have had very minor challenges really just learning one another, there is a lot of passion and a really beautiful foundation of a friendship- we laugh a lot and tell each other all the good bad and ugly stories. My daughter (I think you can see her birth chart) has felt the shift and I pray I am able to ensure her that she is and will always be my priority. In terms of career and partnerships I have my current HR role at the law firm that I’m exhausted from and a new opportunity to host an online talk show with two other women. Life is good for all intents and purposes. The only thing that could make it better would be my complete freedom to spend my time with the ones I love doing what I love ❤️ I appreciate you in advance for reading and if you get the chance to respond, thanks a bunch!!

    1. Thank you. How astonishing you should fall in love with a man whose daughter is called Nia, like your own. You do sound as if you have important Libra chart factors, as you work in HR at a law firm, so Libra with all its romance (but its focus on legally binding two-way relationships) matters. Nine Libra horoscope placements is extremely unusual. As you suspect, 2023 and 2024 are big years for the new relationship. Take your time with the two girls. From March 2023, into 2024, 2025, 2026 you have Saturn transiting your Fifth House as a Sun Libra woman – patience required – and Apollo at 1 Leo in your natal Fifth House will be opposed by transiting Pluto. This feels as if March-June 2023 is the first test with either Nia. Maybe both the Nias. It is also very important that you put your health first – above your job. This applies to life from March 2023, into 2024, 2025 and early 2026. If your work exhausts you now, then spend the Christmas holiday taking the time to look at all the options you have. You will continue to be given fantastic opportunities for the biggest and best, with your boyfriend, until May – and could easily pool your money, house and/or apartment after that, if you both choose, with terrific outcomes by May 2023. Lots of choices here; The Garden Oracle can shed more light for you.

  17. Hi Jessica – thank you for another great article.
    I have stellium’s in Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Libra.
    The past few years I’ve felt like every time I’ve taken a step forward I’ve ended up 3 steps backwards in regard to my health, home, career and finances.
    Next year looks like a big year for me in those areas. Are you able to shed any light on whether they will be positive and best dates for purchasing a home and launching new projects?

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Aquarius alone, you have had Saturn in your sign (obstacles, restrictions, limitations) since Christmas 2020 and I am sure you have had quite enough, in terms of how people categorise you these days, or how you appear, physically. You also have stelliums in Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces and Libra, as you say. You have also had Pluto in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, which is notoriously hard work, because you need to constantly use your willpower and self-control to push back against people or organisations which seek to dominate you. The good news is, you come into your own in March 2023. You are a natural ‘friend of friends’ and very good at supplying clubs, teams, societies, bands, unions and other groups with what they need. You circulate very easily and were born to be part of a scene, or help a scene. This starts in March as you join, or rejoin, an important circle of people, either on the fringes, or perhaps as an insider. Over the next 20 years you will realise March 2023 was just the beginning of something huge. That is what Pluto in Aquarius will do. March also ends the dominating characters and organisations, professionally. We don’t know why. Perhaps this is a decision you make. You may hear someone has been sacked, or resigned, or even left the planet – that can happen. A couple more things. The partnership (of any sort) in 2023, 2024 is one of the most important of your life and worth all the energy you put into it. And – minimise the part that religion, Tarot, self-help, hypnosis, therapy, meditation and the rest plays in your life, from March 2023, as Saturn moves into your Twelfth House and life will be a great deal easier, the less commitments you have, by 2026.

  18. Thank you Jessica for this. I was hoping to buy your personal chart but it’s already sold out! I’m hoping I get some relief and a break with all my health problems. 6 surgeries in past 2 years has exhausted me and hope to go into remission soon.

    1. Thank you. Okay, so health is Virgo and the Sixth House, so let’s see what is going on. I am sure you are exhausted after six operations and I am sorry you have been put through it. Ceres at 5 Virgo and Diana at 13 Virgo show up in your Sixth House of workload, unpaid work, health, wellbeing, mental health, service, duty and physical condition. These placements in your chart have been under transit by the nodes, Saturn, Uranus and Chiron. If you have a look at the paintings or sculptures of Ceres and Diana (Google Images) you may start to see who you are. The power of Ceres and the independence of Diana will show you what you need from work. This may be paid work, unpaid work, housework, academic work (study) and so on. In astrology we go back to that for clues. Even as children, our fist experience of time off study, is ill health. We have Christmas holidays, summer holidays and so on. Only when we’re sick or have surgery, do we ever get a break, apart from that. So very early on our subconscious realises that seeing a doctor equals time out/off. In astrology, Virgo rules surgery and health, but also ‘doing your duty’ – and right opposite is Pisces, which is about the subconscious mind. Have a look at that. The Tarot can help you. The sort of duty or service you need in your life should allow you to share power in a sensible way. For example – job-sharing, or splitting the tasks at home. Ceres needs control, but she needs a compromise which allows her to fully own things, for half the week, or half the month, or half the year. Diana just wants to be free. She also has a real resistance to other people telling her what to do, and when to do it. I have a feeling that understanding this part of yourself, in the context of work, study or unpaid work – may show you some clues. From there, you go to your body. The terrific transit of Jupiter in Taurus, trine Ceres and Diana in your Sixth House of health, will assist you to get better on every level, and it begins in May 2023. Don’t wait until then, though. Progress is in your hands now, but you may have some digging to do.

  19. Hello Jessica, Thanks so much for this fantastic overview! I am a Sun Taurus with Stelliums in Gemini and Pisces. Since a few years now I have not been able to secure a solid job that is both fulfilling and also financially take cares of our family of three. Although I am and been trying very hard, I keep falling short. My Husband’s (01/27/1972) work also took a hit with Covid and we are trying our best to get ourselves out of this hole. Next Spring we most probably have to move from our current home and apartment since the landlord most probably wont renew our lease. Then there is our Daughter ( 04/18/2012), Covid situation has been extra hard for her socially. A Sun Aries with Stelliums in Pisces and Sagittarius, next Fall she will enter middle school and we are praying she gets in a school that will be good for her. As you see there is so much going on and so question is what do you see manifesting for us next year and will I be able to get back on track career wise and bring a bit of harmony back into our life again? I would be incredibly grateful for any insights you might have! wishing you a beautiful Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year!! Thank you so much again for everything you do!!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you and your husband have been put through this. Covid has had such a heavy impact on work and money; your daughter has also been affected. You need a job you like, or even love, which pays you properly. Okay, so as a Sun Taurus you are slowly coming out of the most obstructive career cycle in 29 years. You have had one barricade after another put in your way, and must be feeling as if you are on the inside of a situation, unable to escape, or stuck on the outside, unable to get access to what’s so blocked to you! In your private chart, beyond your Sun Taurus chart, we find stelliums in Taurus, Gemini, Pisces. So your finances have been disrupted since 2018 actually, never mind Covid in 2020, as you have been living with Uranus in Taurus in your Second House of income. The barricades and barriers vanish in March 2023. You may take a new job then, study, or combine different options together – but March is a big month of change when at last you can do something about your situation, if you have the willpower and self-control. A powerful person or organisation will move closer in March and although you have to know what you’re doing, if you can own your own life and run it very tightly, you will come out of this as quite a powerful person yourself. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024, perhaps because of this, or for another reason. Jupiter with all his expansion and growth goes right over your Taurus stellium and the New Moon on May 19th is one to wish upon. Big answers for your personal income, are coming. The big stretch with your husband, financially, ends in July. You have karma together and had to go through this together, too. My only other comment is: minimise the part that religion, Tarot, psychics, mediumship, hypnosis, dreams and your inner life, plays – from March 2023. You have Saturn going through Pisces and your Twelfth House from that point, into 2024, 2025 and early 2026. So you really don’t need your inner life, with all its new restrictions, to play too big a part in your world. Your daughter’s social life improves in March (we don’t know why) as all the barriers and barricades come down. In fact there is a group, team or club around her then where she could play quite a powerful role. She has inherited your Pisces stellium. Again, she may want to minimise the part that the church (say) or the Tarot, self-help or therapy plays in her life. I’m tempted to think this is some event that involves you both, from March. She’ll find her social world online helps her relaunch herself by May, very happily. Lots changing. Merry Christmas!

  20. Dear Jessica, I’m super excited to have snagged your 2023-24 forecast with forum. I was interested to see that foreigners and travel were highlighted for next year. And that these opportunities are to be seized so as not to waste them. Was just curious how this ties in with travel restrictions brought on by either Covid or other reasons that have been predicted by you.

    Also, I was recently heartbroken to discover that my older son (23), will not be completing his degree in the time he’d given himself (March 2023). After initially getting upset, I told him to do what makes him happy. And he says he wants to finish the degree because he loves the subject (computer engineering).

    I’m deeply confused, very upset – as Indians, education is the most important thing we give our children. I refuse to accept that my boy is a failure and am getting a lot of criticism for my continued support and optimism. My heart tells me that this is a young man with a dazzling future. One that could change his immediate world. But I don’t know if it’s just wishful thinking and that I’m being wilfully blind. Can my trust in a higher power bring about change?

    Just adding my boy’s chart which I’d gotten at your store. Would also be interested to know if my chart and his clash and therefore my perennial worry over him.Thank you so much for your wonderful work!! Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and New Year!

    13-Oct-1999, 18:39


    19° Libra 45′ 10″

    05° Sagittarius 23′ 16″

    11° Scorpio 39′ 54″

    04° Virgo 34′ 01″

    27° Sagittarius 28′ 21″

    01° Taurus 17′ 49″ R

    15° Taurus 32′ 20″ R

    12° Aquarius 54′ 06″ R

    01° Aquarius 35′ 15″ R

    08° Sagittarius 33′ 37″

    02° Sagittarius 02′ 05″

    10° Sagittarius 29′ 52″

    23° Libra 45′ 49″

    06° Virgo 47′ 45″

    24° Capricorn 34′ 43″

    24° Cancer 34′ 43″

    01° Taurus 26′ 58″

    01° Scorpio 26′ 58″

    25° Scorpio 48′ 01″

    15° Libra 53′ 10″

    10° Capricorn 52′ 13″

    09° Scorpio 44′ 06″

    26° Virgo 03′ 30″

    08° Sagittarius 21′ 55″

    15° Libra 36′ 52″

    10° Libra 50′ 44″

    22° Scorpio 42′ 46″

    06° Pisces 54′ 53″ R

    13° Virgo 04′ 55″

    13° Scorpio 19′ 53″

    00° Cancer 16′ 44″

    06° Aquarius 28′ 27″

    10° Aquarius 03′ 56″ R

    10° Leo 03′ 56″ R

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with stelliums in Leo, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio. Yes, foreigners and foreign countries do dominate 2023 but that’s because they are barricaded. So Covid may well be the obstacle. Have a look at your chart again; Saturn is in Pisces in your Ninth House of travel and Saturn is always long obstruction. You seem more worried about your son, though. There is karma between you. This goes back to 2003-2004 when he was quite small. This may be about another pregnancy or child from that time, or he himself. The South Node in Scorpio is with you, and it crosses both your charts. It ends in July, and with it, ends the karma so there will be closure. You also have a Scorpio stellium so no wonder you feel so emotional about this. You don’t mention other family members, but actually the whole family (and the house or apartment) will need to change in 2023, 2024 with new arrangements in place. As a Sun Libra person, he will find life from March 2023 much easier in terms of the household and the space. It is very important that you do not dominate or control him (or his father, or any other relative). He is too young to have the power to push back and so as a young person, may resist in other ways. Not completing his degree is one of them. I understand why you would be concerned, but long-term he will emigrate or begin working for foreigners from 2026 in the most exciting new field, with new technology. So please do not worry about his future. His health and wellbeing, peace of mind and happiness must come first in 2023, 2024, 2025 and he needs to figure out a way to work, volunteer and/or study which serves his overall health and state of mind, as much as he serves others. Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend at the moment? Or a partner to work with? He will find another person balances him splendidly by May.

  21. Very insightful stuff here, I’ve got a bunch of stuff in Libra and definitely have some big decisions coming from March-July this year with regard to career and living situation/location. Partnerships? We’ll see… Modern Astrology 2050 mentions Libra stelliums in the Aries N.Node cycle having the insights to make some “unusually smart decisions.” What a pleasant change of pace that will be!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with a huge Libra stellium in your Seventh House of partnerships (of all sorts) and as Ceres enters Libra on December 19th – three days away – you will be involved in a compromise with your other half, or your potential other half for the future. That story in your chart privately, is matched by your public chart, as Jupiter enters your Seventh House on December 21st. Christmas seems significant. In fact 2023, 2024 is dominated by the South Node of karma in Libra, so as you’ve seen in the book, life from 18-19 years ago will have its part to play in what unfolds with this person.

  22. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the great post. My wife got the forum charts and is very happy. Can you take a look at my chart and give me any advice. I am hoping for something better in my career (over 30 years) that I realize I hate and is pretty thankless and brutal on my health. I am not happy where I am currently living (state) and don’t see that improving for me as the people are a big part of the problem (not very motivated). It is pretty challenging. I have a few issues with my health from extreme stress but am working at improving diet and mental health to combat that.I am trying to sort out a tax issue that has gone on way too long and is growing exponentially. My lawyer is dragging his feet I think because he has not answered back my emails yet. Can you please take a look at my chart and give any insight, advice or recommendations. Thanks again for all of your information.

    1. Thank your wife from me, for ordering a chart and I look forward to answering her question at the forum near her birthday. You will have terrific career options in May 2023, until May 2024 actually, so the future looks bright. Jupiter moves into Taurus and your solar Tenth House of achievement, ambition and success at that time. In your private chart, Jupiter will trine all you have in Capricorn (again the Tenth House of career, academia and vocation) and in Virgo (your daily workload and your mental and physical health). You don’t have to wait until then to try your luck with different ambitions, but it may be that something starts to develop earlier in 2023 and then skyrockets after the New Moon on May 19th. You have Diana in Virgo in your Sixth House and need to walk a dog, hike, ramble, run and/or swim. Perhaps you already do that. It’s not so much the physical exercise, although that is obviously good for you; you need the total freedom of outdoor space and need to be on your own, if necessary. The politics with the people or the system in your profession ends in March. All you see after that is the echo. The people may be sacked or leave; there are all kinds of reasons you don’t know yet, but March is really a line in the sand. The tax situation needs another shot from you; call your lawyer by 20th December (four days away) and call or email anyone else you need to. You will have to take on a new budget or financial plan from March 2023 but once you get used to it, things will fall into place. Have a look at your Diana. She was not made for routine and you actually need a role where you can do your own thing, or if not, at least get away regularly. That seems possible from your chart. Worth a thought.

  23. Such a needed article Jessica!!! As a premium member this is so helpful for a deep dive in my chart. As a Capricorn Sun with the Pluto transiting the stellium I have, I can tell that I have been through tremendous transformations in terms of my career, especially during the last year. Mars in Gemini squaring all the Virgo asteroids and opposing the natal ones in Sagittarius has brought to the surface issues but also positive opportunities with foreigners and as the go between person I am still figuring out how not to take personally my workload and interaction with foreigner colleagues.My insecurities have increased along with my responsibilities. I would like to know how does Ceres connects with all these. I am constantly trying to feel secure in my new role yet I always reflect my self confidence issues to my everyday life and this is so exhausting. My cat recently got sick and I would like to know if there is any factor in my chart which connects to it. Will Mars is Cancer increase the feeling of being trapped in my low self esteem and child hood traumas? I hope not!! It is amazing how not powerful I feel with Pluto in Capricorn. Will this end? Tarot card four of pentacles. Still figuring out what am I holding into. Thank you for everything. Namaste

    1. Thank you. Your sick cat is the clue here. That is a Virgo matter, in your Sixth House (where we find both cats and dogs). We also find service and duty, daily routine, housework, paid work and your lifestyle. You have more responsibility at work and some issues with your colleagues. So something is up with your Virgo placements. You have Ceres at 15 Virgo and Diana at 21 Virgo and so your Sixth House is very important to your freedom and independence (Diana) but also your control over life (Ceres). You currently have transiting Uranus at 15 Taurus (December 3rd to January 11th) trine Ceres, so you are being urged to change the way you manage everything from pet ownership to your health (exhaustion) to your job politics. Uranus in transit is sudden, and can feel like an electrical storm. Your challenge is to find a different, new way of handling the 24 hours in every day, and the 7 days in every week. You’ve had a difficult time with transiting Mars in Gemini at 15 and 21, as you know, square your Virgo factors. You are now being handed a reason to alter your habits, as Virgo rules the small everyday details which make for the biggest difference. Maybe the cat needs different food. Maybe you need different food! The Four of Pentacles is a terrific card showing financial security. I don’t know what your question was – but if you want to address the need to rethink your Ceres in Virgo, you can go back to the Tarot to find out. You recently had your Ceres Return, as transiting Ceres went to 15 Virgo on November 5th-7th so that is another reason to rethink how you share the controls at work. Ceres is all about rosters and time-sharing – also compromising over power – when in Virgo, the sign ruling daily duties.

  24. Jessica!
    my taurus sun son with moon cancer, scorpio asc, venus in aries has caused me grief. studying (3rd course) in so many years. advice? taki

    1. You’ve posted the same question six times so you must be worried, Taki. He is finding study very difficult but in March 2023 the difficulties end. There is a huge change in March for him – thanks to Saturn and Pluto changing signs. We don’t know why yet, but the worst is over. At last he will be able to do something about what is happening in his life instead of having to put up with barriers. One of the issues has been teachers who are obstructive. They may resign, be sacked or vanish for other reasons – or he may just leave their space. As I said, we don’t know why. yet. The Tarot is free on this website and it may help him if he’s up for it. Long-term he will work with extremely powerful people and organisations and he could become powerful himself, if he uses his willpower. Up to him.

  25. Dear Jessica, thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to read your reply- you say a change happened in 2003 – his brother was born in August 2002. How scarily accurate you are. I’m beyond thrilled that you say he’ll find love (I’m okay with either men or women, he however is interested in the latter). I’ve always wanted both my sons to find emotional happiness before anything. I’m so glad he’ll find his path eventually. And I’m so glad I found your website in 2020. Bless you!!

    1. Aha, it is his brother. Thank you for confirming the astrology. I’m glad you are enjoying membership of the website too. Merry Christmas.

  26. Hi Jessica, Thank you for printing such an insightful article. I’m just wondering what is going to happen to me in 2023. I have stelliums in libra, virgo, capricorn and sagitarius. I’m wondering about my marriage my husband 2/3/1957 7:00 am birth time and our finances., and moving to another home. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Sun Libra women enter the best possible period for improvement and growth within their marriage, in just a few days. By May you will have been given opportunities to expand the partnership and grow as a couple. Moving is typical. So is having a child or starting a business. The only exception to this is when a marriage is on the rocks. Jupiter arriving in the solar Seventh House can provide successful counselling or an amicable divorce, but it is always about growth and improvement for the couple. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 so will do this through a house or apartment situation which works extremely well for you. I’ve known people sell and make a good sum, then buy property for cash, by deliberately downsizing. Later on their properly doubles in value. Your husband’s chart decides that sort of outcome, but it is certainly possible by May 2024.

  27. China has lifted all restrictions and travel has not been reduced throughout the world.. HERE Is where that March surge in Covid is going to come from. Unfortunate. I have been paying attention to your warnings and kept my pantry stocked. I have a supply of respirators.Looking at getting husband to build the light boxes!! Thank you for your info, as always!

    1. Yes, unfortunately China is a crisis waiting to happen. Xi tried to force the millions indoors and faced revolution. So now Covid is free to do what Covid does – mutate. As scientists and academics are constantly reminding people, Covid seeks to survive and thrive. Please do get your husband to build the $100 Corsi Rosenthal boxes. There is some inspiring footage on YouTube. Look at the research on these home-made ventilators. I have looked again at March 2023 and we are back in the AIDS cycle of the early 1990s. You have already changed your lifestyle; change it again if you need to. We can be happy and avoid Covid completely but it does require (sigh) change.

  28. Hello again Jessica and thank you for your response. I just purchased your 2023-24 astrological guide for Taurus. I am looking forward to your next blog…always very informative and helpfulthank you for your total passionate commitment to your practice, and generously sharing your gifts!
    Susu in Idaho

    1. That’s so kind of you Susu. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, living in your Own Private Idaho.

  29. Happy Christmas, Jessica

    I am to vacate my home by end of March which feels like I’m stepping out into an abyss as this has been my family home for 15 years and currently, I have no alternative. I’ll also be entering into a completely new financial set up as I will be independent. I have never had to give so much consideration to finance’s before. I picked the nine of pentacles when searching for the best way forward for me right now. Also, would be fascinated to know what the astrology says and try to blend it together.
    Warm wishes,

    1. That is a terrific Tarot card Claire and all will be well. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll be very happy.

  30. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. Your comment about the 2017-18 cycle and the nodes in my 5th house (hidden issues) rings so true for my son (it is the period when we started suspecting that there is something really unusual going on), but also for other 5th house related heartbreaks.
    Thank you again and I am wishing you the happiest of holidays.

  31. completely off topic:
    Jessica, you might want to join Mastodon. I’ve connected with some cool folk down under through that social media “federation” (my instance–server, which is like a hub–is called snorkl, Someone should start a server for astrologers I guess.) Also…Post is another one. The first is more int he vein of Aquarius – very on the ground, grassroots people oriented & de-centralized. The second was started by a tech guy who created Waze – a traffic app.

    Please forgive my last long, long comment. I was upset about the rise of Nazism and my inability to convince some young women to care about it. (It’s worked itself out–I need to let go, but it’s really hard for me. Fortunately my little sister gave me wise advice–which was double-y good because we are building a nice relationship AND it was great advice (listen to your body is what she told me–so grounding!)

    I hate wishing bad upon anyone, but if there is going to be some sort of continuation of pandemic & mass death I really hope it’s the scary Nazi types that get sick & die. In my country they are heavily armed & dangerous.

    1. Thank you. I did join Mastodon and found it impossible to use, unfortunately. And I’ve been advised to try Post. My astrologer brain is telling me all these are outcomes of Mars Retrograde in Gemini and once he corrects his motion in March 2023 everyone will trundle back to Twitter. My main concern about Twitter splintering like this is the loss of people power when the collective breaks up. Twitter helped Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the election against Donald Trump and Mike Pence. It may have helped them win a landslide. In Australia, Twitter was the free voice against the Murdoch newspaper and television support of PM Scott Morrison. So you see – I am reluctant to leave. I am very grateful for your thoughtful suggestion, though. It sounds like you are in the US, so Merry Christmas, but also Happy Holidays.

  32. Thank you so very much Jessica for your reply!! You are spot on as I feel exactly that I am trying to get out of a contained situation but can’t get out! This has been going on for some time now and at times I feel as if I am being punished, not really sure why. Still grateful for things that are. I am also hoping we can secure a stable home next year and get out of all this uncertainty soon, so we can get back on our feet. Have a wonderful Holiday and thank you so much again!

  33. Hello Jessica, I was lucky to get your 2023 astrology report with chart and so access to forum……
    I am sun born Gemini with stelliums in Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces and single for years now (widow) and
    facing health issues. In both fields things seem to be blocked and retirement after 40 years working was not contributing
    to my well-being although I’m not bored. Can you please have a quick look and see where the problem is or how to work
    to improve. Wishing you and the whole team a Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy 2023.

    1. Thank you for buying a report and I look forward to answering your question nearer your birthday. I am sorry you have poor health. You are retired but dealing with issues requiring a doctor or healer. You have Vulcano at 1 Virgo in your Sixth House of wellbeing, workload, unpaid work, voluntary work, housework, mental health, gardening – the whole package. With Jupiter going back to 1 Aries for the second time, aspecting that, this is your second chance to use a heaven-sent person, organisation or situation to take control of your lifestyle, as well as your overall wellness. Perhaps you let the first chance pass you by. Anyway, here it is, December 31st to January 7th next year. This is the time of year when health and fitness offers roll, isn’t it. There are discounts and free trials and all sorts of tempting options. Take a quick look. I know you are retired but there will also be a ton of part-time roles on offer as we are about to see endless reshuffles in the world of work.

  34. Happy Saturday Morning to you, Jessica. In my last comment, you advised that I was entering the best cycle in 12 years for looking at securing a new home. I’ve tried to isolate the best pocket in 2023 to actively sell, sign and buy after the retrograde, of course. Am I somewhat heading in the right direction when I look at the following dates;

    1st pocket from – 26th Jan 2023 – 6th of Feb 2023.
    2nd pocket from – 21st Feb 2023 – 7th of March 2023. I could I assume sell and buy in this window which would then close/complete roughly at the start of April.

    I can’t see anything working in April and May, but I am rather a novice at trying to map everything and looking at my chart and the bigger themes at play. I also know that my work will (fingers-crossed) pick up then too with my second job so I’m also trying to balance that reality too. Nothing came into play this weekend (17th, 18th, 19th of Dec ) when I again had seen it as a possible pocket to get a sale. I had a real estate agent call on the 12 of Dec 2022 with two potential buyers who might have been interested in an off-market viewing before Christmas. I was open to this weekend, not clear that nothing after that really works with the retrograde period.

    So, I’m just curious if there is anything I’m missing to tap into the best dates for the highest sale potential to help me secure a little home for this single mama, my beloved Aquarius little one, and our Aries dog. Who are both wishfully dreaming of a garden and a pool and a little more space than our current place, as lovely as it is, offers.

    Big Blessings to you and your loved ones this holiday season. You have always been the light in the darkness for me, and the bringer of hope when my anxiety is high. This is a community that I also find breathing space within even if it’s just reading the other viewers’ comments and your answers. xx

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with Cancer factors at 14 and 16 degrees in your natal Fourth House of property. In your solar Fourth House you have transiting Jupiter about to go through, from December 21st 2023 (depending on your time zone, give or take a day) until May 2023, so about five months to benefit from Jupiter with all his opportunities and expansion. As this happens in your public Capricorn chart, in your private chart, we find plenty of support for your natal Cancer placements from other transits. You’re a bit early at the moment, to be honest. Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, which has nothing to do with property, so it’s not really an issue here. If anything, it will be work that goes back and forth, or is in flux, until Mercury corrects his motion early next year. I’d give yourself until May to get what you want. An old trick is to write down and sketch it and put a deadline on top. Leave it somewhere spirit can see it and ask your spirit guides for help. They are usually quite good at match-making you with others and their own drawings and wish lists. Worth a try.

  35. Hi Jessica, reading through some of your previous posts and came across the one written last August on ‘surviving Pluto transits ‘- I was gobsmacked when you wrote that a Capricorn man may overwhelm, dominate, attempt to take over, interfere with family ect. I have been to hell and back, thanks to one such man- and he lives next door, therefore has had the opportunity to watch all my business. I have had to hang on to my sanity for dear life, but gradually over the years have pushed back and feel less threatened as his stalking behaviour has been seen by several neighbours. He is not a man I would find attractive under any circumstances, he is married, and feel his wife knows what he is doing. Can my chart reveal an end to this? I have no third house planets and yet he reminds me of how my older brother behaved towards me until I got away.

    1. I am sorry about your Pluto neighbour. What a creep. Thank goodness your neighbours are protecting you. He is married. You have Juno at 8 Gemini in the Third House of neighbours and brothers. (You say you have no Third House planets, but missed Juno). Your older brother was also a creep. The Third House, of course, rules both siblings and the man next door. Okay, so Juno is a symbol of commitment. You ‘wed’ yourself to situations, places and people. You have, for some reason, actually signed up for this person, for some years. I hope you are not offended if I say that. Juno is about agreement. She is also about the need to break free – and be free. You got away from your brother but you are still stuck with this man. Mercury is at 8 Capricorn in your chart, quincunx Juno, and Uranus is at 9 Leo, in a sextile, so this is quite the pattern in your chart. I think you have wedded yourself to one or more neighbours and this is part of the issue. They are part of the story, because they are looking out for you. So you can’t just take this as ‘the man next door.’ You can and will sort this out or it will be sorted out for you. Need I mention Mars Retrograde has been stuck at 8 Gemini, right on Juno, in September? He goes back there January 2nd to 24th. Mars is about action. This will shift and be done with, but you also need professional help and top level advice from experienced authorities who can assist you. Go to it.

  36. Hello Jessica, I am reading all your recent posts, plus those who write you and your replies. Learning more with every week being a member of your website, thank you! With me being a Sun Aquarius, and stelliums in Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, may I ask you to say (even) more about Saturn moving into Pisces (my natural 12H) and the suggestion to minimize using one’s inner life so it’s not a big part in one’s world: “don’t play into restrictions” of Saturn in the 12H beginning March 2023. In which houses do you suggest I live a bigger life? Or perhaps factors in a house are more important over some others?
    Thank you for your help.
    Merry Christmas once again with a full heart of gratitude for you.
    Best, Cecelia

    1. Thanks Cecelia. Jupiter expands, improves, heightens and elevates just as Saturn challenges. So Jupiter in Aries, then Taurus, is the cycle to use. Aries rules your appearance, reputation, title and image. Taurus rules your money, possessions, charity and business. Have a look on Search for long predictions about those cycles and how to use them.

      Standard advice with Saturn is to minimise and downsize matters in that sign/house before he arrives. So, prior to Saturn in Pisces in your Twelfth House from March 8th 2023, you would shrink (say) the Anglican church in your life, or the Tarot course, or the hypnosis sessions. Saturn comes with this (see list) so it just makes sense to shrink Twelfth House matters, to also reduce the weight of –


  37. Hello Jessica, warm greetings from South Africa – I’m so excited that I managed to get my 2023/4 predictions and have ordered birth charts for my family too – it’s super interesting to see the patterns in our family – we all have Leo stelliums and my oldest son has his NN in Aquarius, as I do! As I worked my way through my reading, I came across an earlier blog where you discussed trines and sextiles and using this to make predictions when transiting factors coincide with natal factors – I looked at the following and would love to get your feedback to see if I’m getting this right:

    1. Pluto trine Salacia at 29 Virgo, Cap
    2. Venus trine Salacia at 29 Virgo, Cap
    3. Sun trine Vesta at 23 Virgo, Cap
    4. Apollo trine IC at 26 Libra, Aquarius
    5. Uranus trine Mars at 12 Libra, Aquarius
    6. Bacchus trine SN at 14 Libra, Aquarius
    7. Bacchus trines DSC at 14 Libra, Gemini
    8. Apollo trine IC at 26 Libra, Aquarius
    9. Aesculapia trine Ceres at 28/29 Scorpio, Cancer
    10. Asc trine NN at 14 Sagittarius, Leo
    11. NN trine DSC at 14 Aquarius, Gemini
    1. Venus sextile Aesculapia at 29 Virgo, 28 Scorpio
    2. Pluto sextile Aesculapia at 29 Virgo, 28 Cancer
    3. Ascendant sextile NN at 14, Sag, Aquarius
    4. Mars sectile Chiron at 12 Aquarius, Aries
    5. DSC sextile SN at 14, Gemini, Leo
    6. Ceres sextile Pluto at 29 Cancer, Virgo
    7. Ceres sextile Venus at 29 Cancer, Virgo
    8. Psyche sextile Ops at 21 Leo, 20 Libra
    9. MC sextile Apollo at 26 Leo, Libra

    Based on my 2023/24 reading, it looks like the headline focus will be on career and partnerships – am I correct in assuming that the above only really “comes alive” when triggered by transiting planets? Or is it also an indication of the gifts and challenges we are each born with? When looking at my chart or that of my kids, is there an easy way to get a quick read of weather at any given point? Is there anything I should read into my NN/SN, Asc & DSC being at 14 degrees? And last question, MC and IC are typically said to reside in the 10 and 4th houses – mine are in the 5th and 11th houses – any meaning I should attach to this?

    Thank you so much Jessica.

    1. Thank you for ordering charts. You and your son share at least one past life together. The new book Modern Astrology 2050 will explain more about the nodes. It will be free to Premium Members in its current format for a limited time. You are correct about the trines and sextiles. They are ‘flow’ in astrology and you can usually see how they work in your life. The 29 degree Virgo-Capricorn pattern helps you with paid work, academia and unpaid work, because you know how to serve and do your duty (Virgo) and that helps you get to the top (Capricorn). This is the dream employee who vaults from one promotion to another. Uranus trine Mars at 12 Libra, Aquarius is another example. You attract upheaval in partnership, which sets you and others free (this is the chart of someone who is serially monogamous or who has regular ‘revolutions’ within a relationship or marriage). This in turn means your social life (Aquarius) and friendships (also Aquarius) are affected. And it can work the other way too. When it’s action stations in your groups, clubs, social circles, communities, you find it squeezes out sparks in your partnership, to quote Graham Parker and the Rumour. A sextile is just as important and Ceres at 29 Cancer sextile Pluto at 29 Virgo is your role as controller, producer, matriarch within the family (Ceres in Cancer) which flows to a need for the reins with the housework (Virgo). These sorts of aspects are there all the time in your life, but are triggered in obvious ways by transits, so transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn will bring the Ceres-Pluto natal sextile to life as he passes through. You can always find out about these sorts of things by looking up the factors on Search or in your ebook library on this website. Your MC and IC go into different houses because I use the Natural House System which most astrologers do not. Most astrologers will use Placidus, Equal or Koch house systems. This one I prefer, puts your angles into houses. Your MC is your highest achievement and it is in Leo and the Fifth House so that is being Queen to a younger court. Your IC is your ancestry, heritage and family history and in Aquarius and the Eleventh House, it shows that one or more key ancestors were in groups, clubs, teams, bands, units, unions, political parties, charities or other communal movements where people power was the priority.

  38. Hey Jessica,
    Thank you for your insights on 2023/24.
    I’ve been pretty stuck since 2021, with no proper job, no home of my own, and issues with my health. Will 2023 see improvements in my health, work and property situation?
    Thank you

    1. I’m sorry 2021 and 2022 have found you dealing with work and health issues – that sounds like Virgo and the Sixth House. You are a Sun Aries with an exact conjunction of Panacea and Ops at 13 Virgo, HH. Before we get to your home (which depends on a salary) or even your job (where you find a salary) we go to your overall wellbeing. It’s quite unusual to have Panacea and Ops bonded like this, so you incarnated for a reason. Panacea is as symbol of cures, solutions and remedies, but with a right or wrong aspect to them. In Virgo, in your Sixth House of wellbeing, it’s wise to look at what you put into your body, or do with your body, that is a way out, or way through (but morally or ethically questionable). Panacea can be a placebo; the doctor deceives you with a sugar pill that works, but it’s unethical, some might say. Cannabis is illegal in some parts of the world but it can relieve pain. Abortion is rejected in some parts of America but it is the answer for unwanted pregnancy. I hope you are getting an idea of what Panacea is all about. She is an ancient Roman symbol and is named in the Hippocratic Oath. Ops is a symbol of optimism about solutions in the face of difficulty. You take on problems and resolve them. Ops was found in the year Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and healed Britain, ‘the sick man of Europe’ at the time. So there is a lot going on here with your health. Figure out how you use Panacea and Ops, or have been using them, and see if there is a better way. Have a look at women in the family, or women in your personal life, and see if you have picked up any unhelpful ideas about (say) medication from them, or sickness benefits and so on. That can happen sometimes. Most of all, it is your relationship with work which needs sorting out. In astrology Pisces is the subconscious mind and it is always opposite Virgo, which rules wellbeing and full-time, paid work. Your IC at 22 Virgo is opposite your MC at 22 Pisces so there is an exact opposition between your subconscious drives and what happens in the body. It is very common for people who hate their jobs to end up with chronic health conditions which forbid them ever working. It is also very common, in terms of astrology, to see people who are too ambitious, to avoid letting themselves and others down, by never being able to make it, because of health issues. So there’s lots to consider here. Have a look at the Tarot to see how you are expressing this in real life and what you can do about it. I’ve had many readers over the years present with something similar so I hope it might help turn the key in the lock for you. Virgo is about service and duty. It is an archetype of the maid of all work, or housemaid, in astrology. You have to respect those whom you serve, like doing your duty and be proud of your service, otherwise it’s not going to function for you. And sometimes your body will intervene.

  39. Baby is born Jessica!

    The little man is here! Came very early nearly a month. 2023 is going to be interesting.

  40. Thank you for your reply Jessica, one of the most difficult aspects of this situation is; who to speak to -as it all sounds like something out of a movie, or an invention of a drama queen seeking attention – when I read your post on the ‘Pluto problems’ I knew you would see it. Your insights via astrology are unique and brilliant. I have, on some level, accepted that I must have signed up for this, so am not offended by it – but have yet to understand it’s purpose in the bigger picture, for me or them. Have a lovely Christmas and new Year, you do such a wonderful service for humanity. We all need a little validation, and in doing so obtain acceptance of our trials and tribulations as part of the story in which we have come to participate.

  41. Hi Jessica
    I have found 2022 to be a bit of a rotten year, lost a good friend the same age as me to long covid pneumonia, lost my dog which broke my heart – she was 12 but it’s never easy. My sister has caused constant stress (she’s an alcoholic) and we raise her niece due to this, and money has been hard as always. I can handle the struggle with money that’s nothing new for me, but emotionally 2022 has been draining. Are brighter things on the horizon for 2023? I really need to shake off the rut I have dug myself and move forwards now. How can I best work with the planets to make 2023 a happier time? I can’t afford the full report right now but hopefully in the new year
    Thanks as always ❤️

    1. I’m so sorry about your losses and hope your friend and dog have found each other in spirit, or will find. you at some point, to reassure you the link is there. You are a Sun Taurus woman, with stelliums in Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. All fixed signs. That explains why 2022 was so difficult. You have been through fixed sign transits in Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, right across your chart. So you have been made to ‘unfix the fixed’ and that is very difficult. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 if you take the opportunities and solutions offered to you. The barriers and obstacles with friendship, including the sad loss of your friend, disappear in March. From that point you will be offered a new space within a group, club, team or similar where power can be yours, if you use your willpower. The big stretch financially ends in July when the nodes move off Taurus-Scorpio. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  42. Hi Jessica, I purchased your 2023 Astrological Report with Forum. I’m excited to attend the March 15th forum as I’m an Aries. Is this a live session where I ask a question? Sorry, I’ve never attended one of your forums before so not sure how this works. I wish I understood how to read my birth chart better. Could you take a look and give me any 2023 insight? Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you for buying your 2023-2024 Aries Horoscope. Attend the Aries Forum near your birthday. You are a Sun Aries with a stellium in Capricorn in your Tenth House of profession, academic career or unpaid work. Ever since 2008 you have put up with power plays, dominating people, takeovers and quite manipulative organisations or individuals. That ends in March 2023. They either get sacked, resign or vanish for other reasons – or remain, but you no longer care. Your ambitions will feel very different as a result.

  43. Greetings from Bosnia, Jessica!

    It’s a shame that the reports (with the Forum) for 2023/2024 are personalized. sell out the year. Congratulations on the great things you are doing!

    I am, as you can see, a Cancer Sun, with a stellium in Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn. I conclude that Pluto dealt the hardest blows to Cancers and Capricorns, i.e. to people who have steles in these signs – like I do. Brutally accurate for the period from 2008! For the last five years, I have been in an unmarried marriage with a woman who is a classic plutocrat – I would have left a long time ago if it were not for the unspoken questions about the shared apartment, so I still endure this relationship. She is an Aries Sun, and she has nodes in the same signs as me, only in reverse, so I believe that in July 2023, a solution can be seen. Or will the torment end in March?

    I am a freelance journalist and I have so many serious projects pending and money is constantly slipping away from me, but I believe that March 2023 is a totally new world, a better world for me (as well as for many others). I assume that Pluto should make the expected change when it moves into Aquarius and when it starts to trine my stellium in Gemini, and I guess Uranus is also welcome from 2026.

    Do I have reason to be relieved and happy?

    1. Thank you. Waving to Bosnia from Tasmania, with a cup of tea in my hand. I’m sorry the 2023-2024 Horoscope sold out, with forum access, so quickly, but I believe they went in hours. Your chart is still a good guide to the next 13 months so please use the dates. You are sharing an apartment with a Plutocrat. You have past lives together as you share nodes in the same two signs, Aries-Libra. This will come to a head after July 2023 when the transiting nodes go to Aries-Libra. Life as it was 18 or 19 years before will influence you both from that point. A karmic story will return, either with each other or a completely different person. Freelance journalism works really well for you when Jupiter goes into Gemini, then Uranus, so not too many years into the future. There will be new inventions then which serve you. You need income. That is possible after March 2023 when the most restrictive cycle in 29 years stops and you realise that if you need to control your finances in future, you can – through self-control. Your life hasn’t really begun yet; it will do that when Uranus goes into Gemini and you will be absorbed with the latest version of the internet and media.

  44. Just to ask one more thing: I assume that the long transit of Pluto to my natal Saturn at 29 degrees (Pisces) will also do a good thing, because Saturn rules my seventh house?

    1. Saturn doesn’t rule your Seventh House, in the Natural House system. It rules your Tenth House. Your Seventh House is ruled by Libra.

  45. Hi Jessica, I would love an insight into my health and relationship for next year, and my two children (24/03/1992) and (14/05/1996) who are both stuck in their own ways. Lots of heaviness in my life going back to 2008. Will the next decade be a better one x thank you for all you do x

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with stelliums in Libra, Gemini, Aries, Virgo so we look to both your public chart (Cancer) and private chart, to see if the same story is told twice. That’s how you figure out what is really important in 2023. It’s your relationship with your children’s father. This has been subject to endless questions about who has the upper hand, or what/who is in control, but that stops in March. From July it becomes karmic in nature and life as it was 18-19 years before plays a part. Look at your Libra stellium in the new book, Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you. After March 2023, the other person, or the situation around him, loses its power. The themes may come back, or the soundtrack may be replayed, but it’s fading. From July, as I said, you are on the road to karmic closure with him which will be complete in 2024. You have a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of health, fitness, physical condition and workload. Make that your number one priority from March 2023 please, into 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Your physical state should come before (even) housework or work. You are the Rolls Royce so service and maintenance are #1.

  46. Hi Jessica ,
    I look forward to your guidance everyday.Thank you for your insights which make a big difference to my understanding of what is happening around and how to deal with it. I have purchased the astrology report for my Sun Sign Leo and await a less stressful and meaningful life ahead . I retired after a long and successful career just before COVID . But I and have been very lost and confused about my life goals after that. My relationship with my spouse who is a Aquarian Piscean cusp( FEb 19) has also been very stressful as he is very dominating. Will the next year bring me greater opportunities to live my own life without causing big upheavals?

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. You are a Sun Leo with Leo, Aries and Libra stelliums. You are retired and not sure about next steps. Your husband is dominating. March 2023 will change a great deal in your life. A different way to work (unpaid, volunteering) or study (for pleasure) is on offer that month. From May 2023 your role will expand if you want it. You retired, but your chart says your ambitions should be uppermost as you could be so successful by May 2024. The situation with your husband will reach a crossroads by 2024, and karma from 18-19 years ago with him or another man will return, for closure. He’s not on the cusp; try to get a birth time and see a correct chart. Merry Christmas.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for all your hard work. Hey, when I read my horoscope on your site, it continually talk about relaunching, when I think that is so silly. I am not a rocketship and I’m not as worried about my twitter “image” as maybe you would be. So, what gives with the confusing scopes? Looping backwards, relaunching….could you try clear communication, or do you need to spin ordinary things and milk them? Thanks

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries with an Aries stellium so are indeed relaunching by May 2023, with Jupiter in Aries, for the first time in 12 years. I have approaching 30,000 Twitter followers so it’s a good example to use for many readers. I am sorry you find my horoscopes confusing. Looping backwards, means retrograde. Do you understand the prefix ‘re’ with Mars Retrograde, or Mercury Retrograde? So a time for rethinking, rescheduling, relaunching, reappraisal, retracted statements and so on. I am not sure what you mean with your last sentence. I had a look at your chart to see if there were any Mercury aspects to focus on, as Mercury rules comprehension and language. You have Mercury at 3 Aries in the First House of reputation, title and appearance and Mercury is sextile Ceres at 4 Gemini in your Third House of internet. Jupiter at 2 Pisces forms a quincunx with your natal Mercury which suggests the latter planet is more important in your natal chart, than those of other people. Psyche at 2 Virgo is also involved, so this is quite a large pattern. Just keep your eye on Pluto going to 2, 3, 4 Aquarius in the years ahead, particularly if you are using a pen name, or changing your name, or if there are issues about a dual identity you have used in the past. This has not happened in your lifetime, as it is a rare 248-year cycle. If you need to narrow down the interpretations, you will find them in your online library, which you have free access to as a Premium Member, and you may want to read more about your Aries stellium in the First House, in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to members.

  48. Hi Jessica,
    I enjoy reading your insightful posts and have recently become a premium member.
    I have been employed with a consulting company and through that been at deputation at a big oil and gas client. I grew with my employer till 2017 but the growth has stagnated since. The client organisation has always been appreciative of my contributions but cannot unfortunately go beyond that. Note that I have been offered direct employment by the client company on 2-3 occasions but I didn’t pursue those opportunities much. Now, this year because of dissatisfaction with my current employer, prospects of a good future – mainly commercially but also holistically, I decided to apply for an opening in the client organisation. I got through interviews and got an offer. The negotiations have been rather long. The client organisation cannot do without me and they know that I am aware. However, they are not improving the offer. They seem to be making an assumption that I will not leave them i.e., either will join them or will continue to work as today. But I am clear that either this will go through with terms close to what I want or I move on (sometimes I think it might be ego at play as well?). The other aspect that concerns me is that I am, in some ways playing career snakes and ladders with myself where I am my own snake; trade off with having a good commercial package. Should I go ahead with their offer or decline hoping to get a better one. What does the near future hold for me?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member and for the compliment. Your career is ruled by Capricorn and Virgo in your birth chart. You are being caught up in Mercury Retrograde (stop-start, delay) in Capricorn (profession) now, January and the first week of February. What you describe is typical. Should you take their offer, or pass and hope to get a better one? You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Libra and Pisces. Is March mentioned in discussions? In March 2023 we have a couple of historic cycles ending and starting which directly affect you. Keep talking to them and ask questions of yourself and them – about your health, wellbeing, Covid-19 reality (which everybody is ignoring but China is fast approaching crisis) and how to look after yourself. You are thinking about success and ambition, but I am looking at your health. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024, which the Tarot can tell you more about (just follow the steps on this website). You are thinking about salary but go into every other aspect of lifestyle, wellbeing, and employer care – sickness benefits, the right to work from home and so on. You may find discussions or paperwork with them or any other employer follow a classic Mercury Retrograde path throughout January as people change their minds, the story changes, or you change your mind too. Try to give yourself a bit of leeway here; it will take time, whatever you decide.

  49. Hi Jessica – Wishing you an early Merry Christmas!! How can I get a personal forecast reading for next year from my chart? Few questions regarding career/Health/divorce/settlement/new relationship/marriage/moving location/new business venture. Thanks. G

    1. I only give personal readings for charity but I usually have a couple of requests a year so do wait for the next auction if you like, which I always promote on Twitter. You are a Sun Leo with stelliums in Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries. You will relaunch your title, reputation and appearance very successfully by May if you take the opportunity offered to you. I suspect this life after divorce for you. March is the month that you are relieved to see the barriers come down regarding your marriage and divorce, and the barricades and obstacles vanish. In their place there is the chance to be more empowered; to have more control – both with your ex and with anyone else replacing them – but it will take self-control and willpower over many years. You will be given a stunning chance for success after May 2023 and if you follow the signs, have it in the bag by May 2023. A group of allies with one or two friends involved, either in the circle or near it, shows you a way to transform your life in March. March is a key month for those people.

  50. Hi Jessica
    I am really excited with this post as I have stelliums in Aries ,Pisces and Capricorn and it has been a very dismal year so here’s hoping that 2022 will bring some light
    Its been one of those years despite all the effort you make nothing happens
    The last two months my cat recently got very sick they suspected cancer and after alot of medication she is fine they are baffled but relived as I am then my dog got kennel cough even though he is vaccinated for it ,they can still get it .its like covid for dogs ,but thankfully he is on the mend then I got covid ! and I am on the mend it was a mild strain and I work in medical ,and this is the first time I got it so ive been very fortunate ,but its never ending this year ,one thing after another
    I am really hoping for more positive factors in my work sector is hasn’t been the best and I am also hoping for a relationship ,I have been single for a while .and would like to feel a real connection ,with some one ,I tried online dating but was not comfortable with it ,maybe im old fashioned but its not for me
    I am hoping these stelliums will help as after reading your article it has given me some hope
    wishing you a Merry Christmas and may 2023 be a great year

    1. Thank you. Dating will be a lot easier once the South Node is out of Scorpio in July 2023 as you are rather stuck in a loop at the moment. I am sorry. you had troubles with your animals – but then you got Covid. There is no mild strain, by the way. Having recovered, you’ll change your look, name and title by May 2023, even if it’s just on Meetups. It will work really well for you. You may take a different job, study, or see huge changes in your work place in March when you realise if you want more control, you need self-control.

  51. Hi Jessica

    Epic! Thanks Jessica. I feel that 2023 has lots of potential if one times decisions wisely! 🙂
    Weighing up my options: I think I will leave my current job and throw myself fully into a new business partnership or go freelance as a lone agent! (could this be the rebranding theme?) I also worry it will disrupt colleagues and bosses (duels?!) but I feel a need for change. Marriage and home life in focus: looks like 2023 might be good for us? Would it also be a good time for us to turn our family farm into that “luxe farm stay” side business? Would love to hear your take, Jessica!

    Sun – 23° Virgo 15′ 17″
    Moon – 00° Pisces 26′ 40″
    Mercury 02° Libra 17′ 26″
    Venus 07° Scorpio 22′ 06″
    Mars 19° Capricorn 07′ 49″
    Jupiter 17° pisces 07′ 44″ R
    Saturn 04° Sagittarius 20′ 36″
    Uranus 18° Sagittarius 31′ 16″
    Neptune 03° Capricorn 02′ 24″
    Pluto 05° Scorpio 36′ 59″
    Chiron 21° Gemini 16′ 53″
    Juno 07° Sagittarius 08′ 11″
    Vesta 13° Aries 53′ 09″ R
    Ceres 19° Libra 03′ 14″
    MC 21° Capricorn 28′ 28″
    IC 21° Cancer 28′ 28″
    ASC 18° Aries 52′ 40″
    DESC 18° Libra 52′ 40″
    Diana 27° Libra 55′ 21″
    Fortuna 02° Gemini 08′ 25″
    Minerva 11° Aries 06′ 57″ R
    Bacchus 09° Sagittarius 40′ 17″
    Apollo 17° Leo 59′ 14″
    Aesculapia 09° Leo 06′ 29″
    Hygeia 29° Gemini 03′ 10″
    Panacea 24° Taurus 58′ 39″
    Ops 01° Pisces 08′ 30″ R
    Salacia 19° Aquarius 47′ 48″ R
    Proserpina 00° Virgo 51′ 17″
    Cupido 29° Scorpio 44′ 23″
    Vulcano 26° Leo 04′ 52″
    Psyche 22° Leo 07′ 30″
    NorthNode 21° Aries 04′ 32″ R
    SouthNode 21° Libra 04′ 32″ R

    1. Thank you. Make your health the number one focus from March 2023, with work, the farm, housework, unpaid work a close second. The latter should cleave to the former. You will have a lot of money saved, or made, by May 2023 which is useful. However, March sees Pluto go into Aquarius and your solar Sixth House of paid and unpaid work, wellbeing and your physical state and condition. It may be something as basic as energy levels. How can you run a farm and an AirBnB at the same time, for example? Anyway, you may want to make your big, big decisions about lifestyle and work after March once you know what’s actually involved. Your hunch about foreign visitors is right, though, from May 2023 to May 2024 big doors open with people from other countries. Gather as much information as you can, March, April, May, June and you’ll be best prepared to get what you do want, and avoid what you don’t.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    When Pluto enters Aquarius it will align with my Diana, Vesta and my own Pluto. How will that transit affect my life?

    1. It will take a while as your Aquarius factors are at 11, 13 and 16, but keep an eye on new groups or friends who arrive in March 2023 who are powerful, dominating, controlling and like to take over. You may not want them in your life later on. Or, you may want them, but with a few caveats. I had a reader who invited two friends to become godparents to her daughter on this transit. They were both influential types. Years later she had to ditch the pair of them. So you see…readers teach me a lot. Pluto may also arrive as the sort of organisation or network which can change your corner of the world. Read the fine print but if it seems okay, get on board, from March 2023 as you will play your part in that.

  53. Thank you Jessica for this amazing 2022-2023 forecast and also for your new book “Modern Astrology 2050” which is fascinating and I continue to reread and reference. It appears that I have 7 stelliums in my chart – the main one Aries… but maybe the Libra tempers it because I really dislike confrontation and always back down. I am very intuitive and extremely empathic. My life has been a continuous line of heavy tests and lessons. I am not sure which of the stelliums I have to pay attention to? In your book, much of my chart placements match Nick Hornby’s which I found interesting. Thanking you, as always.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like the new book. You do Aries and not Libra, but perhaps that is one of the lessons! Women are not encouraged to express Aries as it is ruled by Mars, a male planet, and as you know, Mars battles and pushes. You can express any of these stelliums but I suspect you’ll have no choice about Aries-Libra when the nodes go to Aries-Libra in July 2023. Perhaps you are a Nick Hornby fan, or at any rate, a music or football fan.

  54. Thankyou Jessica. Much appreciated.
    I would love to get a notification for this auction. What other platforms apart from twitter you promote this on?
    This chance for success after May 2023 you mentioned above, what signs I should look out for? Can you please elaborate a little if possible?
    Thankyou once again. G

    1. Thanks, only Twitter though The Guardian covered one auction this year. Look up and you will see a New Moon in May and at around this time a new opportunity to study and increase your market value; accept a promotion; take a prestigious new job; win an award; be offered a contract that’s bigger and better than you expected; be accepted into an elite course, have a huge hit. It will arrive as part of a boom – a boom in a growth area you luckily are already involved in.

  55. Hi Jessica, is the person who came back into my life on 20 December (Jupiter moved into Aries), after a period of absence, a potential key duet/duel that will develop over the combining months. Timing! Thank you.

    1. Yes, absolutely. Double that message if this person is Jovian (like Jupiter). So, jovial, larger than life, fatter or taller than many, inclusive, generous, expansive…

  56. Hi Jessica. As someone who is heavily Aquarian, what do you see for me in 2023? I was slightly ambushed with a bunch of work changes before the end of the year and I feel like 2023 might be a mess! At my workplace, managers regularly make (ill-considered) changes and staff have to try and make things work. I’ve been holding out for a redundancy but I’m not sure how much longer I can stick with it. I pride myself on working hard and doing a good job but I feel like that is getting harder and harder to do and who knows what will happen next year with the new plans… Do you see a redundancy in my future or a new role somewhere else in 2023?

    1. This sounds like Capricorn trouble, not so much Aquarius trouble. Sure enough you have Vesta at 26 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and Pluto has been at 26 Capricorn, for the first time in 248 years. Vesta often brings a toxic atmosphere and a tremendous power question about men and women. If you have majority females and one man trying to manipulate things it can be very difficult. If you are curious about this have a look at Vesta on Search and in your library. Sometimes you get women who take the role of Pontifex Maximus against other women; they play the patriarch. Nicola Sturgeon has been doing this in Scotland, to other women and girls. Vesta and Pluto together only happen once in your life and the situation is almost done with. You are strongly Aquarius and will be asked to play an influential role with a group of people who can genuinely change things, in March. This may or may not be connected to a new job. A classic example is a trade union or a charity, a political party or a prestigious chain of clubs; maybe the Argentina football team! In any case you will be in your element after March and in fact for the next 20 years as you realise you are so at home with this group, and more like it. Any stuck situation in your old career, or any new one, vanishes in July. Something I should say about the staff at your current job; it is possible that you could turn to your union or use your power as a group. I wouldn’t dismiss that.

  57. Wow, yes. Inclusive, generous and expansive is spot on. Hoping for a duet. Not sure if I have to do anything, so will wait for Jupiter to reveal and teach about cooperation (mentioned in todays horoscope). Thank you, Jessica.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    This is a very interesting post as usual! Im a Capricorn sun and gemini ascendent so it seems there is so much change coming my way , i have ended a 4 year relation right before the 7th Dec full moon, i think work will have changes too as I have so many changes in management so far so will wait and see how this will affect me, how do you see things coming given the planetary movement ?

    Thank you so much and happy holidays!


    1. Thank you Reham. You will find the barricades with your bank account, the restrictions with your house or apartment, the obstacles with shopping or selling, come down next March 2023. This may have been connected to the relationship, it may not. From March there will be a new arrangement and it will take time to sort out, but it is potentially going to put you in a far stronger position. Perhaps what you plan for the house or apartment is part of this, because there is a terrific solution and opportunity showing up by May 2023. Just be aware of your neighbours on either side please and what the situation really is; have a look at any council paperwork on neighbours as well. Parenthood (or the choice not to have parenthood) is the big story with sexual relationships until the year 2026 and there is a great need to be free here. Perhaps that is why you broke up.

  59. Hi Jessica,
    Do you recommend that we read the signs that we have more than 4 stelliums in? I have 6 Scorpio, 5 Virgo and 4 Leo(my sun sign).

    1. No, just read your Sun Sign for prediction, so Leo. You double that prediction with the private inside view, which is your birth chart, but I don’t see one here I’m afraid.

  60. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for a brilliant, in depth article! I have a stellium in Aquarius and Taurus. I would love some insight please.

    Thank you once again, wishing you a bright new year x

    1. Thank you. 2023 is unforgettable for you, as in March 2023 the barriers to your normal social life (as it was before December 2020) come down. The restrictions with old friends disappear. The heavy barricades with groups of all kinds, from clubs to political parties, also disappear. I am beginning to wonder what it is about the world that makes this the case for so many readers, and I think it may be a legal ruling on UVC light in interior spaces for group gatherings, or a rule on retrofitting buildings like pubs and restaurants (more social spaces). It is also possible there is another entirely different piece of news in March which takes the walls down, where your social life, friendships and groups have been concerned. We just don’t know yet. In Saturn’s place comes Pluto so this is a powerful new friend or an old friend who gains power. He or she will be part of a social circle or a more formal network in your life, which will change things. The first sign is by June. Then in 2024, 2025 you realise people power is real and you play a crucial and influential role. Your Taurus stellium will be crossed by Jupiter with all his largesse, abundance and opportunities from May 2023 to May 2024 when you will make or save quite a lot of money. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  61. Thank you Jessica. There is a lot to think about what you’ve said. I realise that I stressed myself too much over this issue, which has affected my health and my family life. Do you see my family life (with wife & kids) improving next year?

    Merry Christmas to you in advance!

    1. March 2023 helps you with your wife and children, as the endless questions about who is in charge, disappear. It has been a long cycle of push-pull but for a reason we don’t know yet, this ends next March. Faint echoes of 2022 may reappear at times, but your wife and/or children and/or other relatives have lost their power. In fact, you may already be seeing good signs that old patterns of domination have stopped.

  62. Hello Jessica and a Merry Christmas to you and yours this season. Today December 22nd is my birthday and I have come down with Covid which is a miserable thing that I would wish upon no one and implore others to be careful out there. As well, the fridge needs replacing, we may not be able to host my recently widowed father-in-law who lives alone, for Christmas dinner (though we are going to try to figure something out), my spouse just learned their job is in jeopardy due to downturns. It is not the brightest of Holidays. Do you perhaps have any happy news for me regarding my chart?

    1. Merry Christmas. Although I am sorry to hear you have Covid on your birthday. You sound as if you are having a rotten time, with the fridge, your father-in-law (who needs company at Christmas) and your spouse hearing about a possible job loss. Let’s see what’s going on in your chart. You are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius. You will have a happy Christmas despite everything and figure out (ironically) the biggest and best family outcome thanks to a stroke of luck. It may be another relative who plays a part. Have a word to your mother-in-law in the spirit world about the need for a Christmas miracle; she is probably already on the case but it’s good to light a candle, or say a little prayer, and make a request to her, to help. You will also find a solution for the fridge and it will be better than you expected. In fact by May, your home will be a much nicer place, or you may even find a different home you prefer. That can happen. I don’t have a chart here for your partner, but in general, you can bank on March 2023 being decision time for a new life budget (for yourself) and a new way to do the maths. March shows the end of tight and heavy, multiple restrictions concerning your finances, house, apartment, business and so on – in their place comes a new challenge to change, but if you accept the challenge you will become much stronger and much more of a powerhouse. Finally – never get Covid again. Please put your health first from March 2023, into 2024, 2025 and early 2026, as you have a Virgo stellium and Saturn moves opposite then. The time has come to find your Virgo side and really use it. This may mean rearranging your lifestyle, perhaps your workload, from March, but you could even start now. Your wellbeing is the priority then.

  63. Hi Jessica, thank you for this insightful article. I hope next year brings some relief to everyone from the previous tough three years. Your article suggests it might? I have stelliums in Aries and Aquarius and am looking forward to making some lifestyle changes with the help of Jupiter in Aries. With my stelliums, are there any other things I need to be mindful of? Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. 2023 is interesting. The worst COVID-19 outbreak, but the best solution: UVC light. The worst house and apartment market (price drop) in many places, but of course this means people on a budget can afford to buy. You are a Sun Aries, with stelliums in Aries, Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius. You will relaunch your reputation, title and appearance, if you take the opportunity offered to you, by May – very happily and successfully. March is important because the barriers come down with friends and the barricades vanish, with one or more groups. Your social life has been ring-fenced since Christmas 2020 but the obstacles disappear. An extremely powerful friend and/or group emerges; if you use your willpower you will also become far more powerful, in the context of that person/those people. March will be quite noticeably dramatic.

  64. I write this on the 22/12/22…. i day I believe every single person in this world will be tested and have to decide with side of the table they going to sit. I everything, individually, business, politics, economic in everything. As I believe the new moon on the 23/12/22 will then shine light on your decision you made and the karma will follow through 2023 good or bad.
    What’s your opinion. I am not psychic nor have any gifts but I can feel things strongly and never wrong. I believe the world was not ready for Elon musk with Twitter… and we has the world going to seethe karma of it. Only a few people understand him, his a problem solver. He did not buy Twitter for an investment but as a platform to expose the truth and freedom of speech. But like I said the world was not ready…..
    With King Charles, his health is going to suffer, a heart attack and in your zoom session you said he will not be king. I believe or should I say you right he is going to force it to Prince William dueto health conditions.
    I also believe the royal family is going to start a hotel and start selling off property for income but we will Waite to see.
    Covid in March 2023 you say…. I also know that China has warn countries they going to invade Taiwan from the sea, and they told counties to make a deal with them or trade not to do anything while they do it…. what that karma have on the world that leaders made will only the future will tell. I feel sorry for people in Taiwan as it’s such a beautiful country and people going to get hurt.
    So, looking at my chart what can you tell me about 2023….
    wish you a beautiful Christmas and new year, thank you for sharing your advice and knowledge with us. Also the what will the south and north be in next year., when will it change out of Taurus look forward to your answers and response
    Take rest❤️

    1. Thank you. Elon Musk has just restored Graham Linehan’s account (Glinner) and has thus restored not only a brilliant scriptwriter, but also easily the most famous male voice in support of women in Scotland and Spain. So Musk has just dragged Twitter back to freedom of speech, as you say. You say you are not psychic but ‘feel things’ which is your South Node in Pisces talking. You have in fact worked as a psychic or seer, before, in a previous lifetime. You believe Charles III will have a heart attack or health problems which put William on the throne – and you think the family will start a hotel – really? Perhaps you mean Harry or Meghan. In 2023, your Aquarius stellium is triggered by the departure of Saturn from Aquarius and your Eleventh House of friends and groups, social life and people power. In the same month, Pluto arrives. You have always been around clubs or communities, teams or circles, even as a child (perhaps the Brownies or a netball team). This is a lifelong theme. You may be in them but always on the outside, or in and out of them. That transforms in March 2023, perhaps because you begin to play a powerful role in a group with a powerful goal. Have a look at your Aquarius stellium in Modern Astrology 2050 and you can find your inner Yoko Ono and use her.

  65. Thanks Jessica! I hope things get better cause it was very difficult on the job front and also in my relationship that i just ended. Having hopes for new year 🙂

  66. Hi Jessica,

    You responded to my post a year ago when my life was going through extreme changes. And it basically unfolded exactly like you said it would. I was wondering if this is going to be an important year for me as I have a stellium in the signs you listed. This year has been a year of growth and change, could you please give me an idea of what 2023 has planned for me 🙂

    Thank you

    1. Thank you for confirming the predictions. I am glad astrology helped. You are a Sun Taurus, with stelliums in Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius and Capricorn. The people politics in your career, academic career or unpaid work ends in March. About time too. You have put up with various organisations, people, institutions undermining you, disrespecting you, going over your head, ignoring you (and the rest) for a long time. It has also made you far more powerful as Pluto’s gift is always empowerment if you use your willpower as you move through. Yet, March will be a huge change. This shows up in your Taurus chart as well as your natal chart. The barricades and barriers come down, and you will find quite an influential person or organisation comes into view with ‘the challenge to change’ for you. You could save money or make it when Jupiter goes into Taurus, May 2023 to May 2024, and slowly forms transiting conjunctions with all your Taurus factors in the Second House of personal income, property, business, charity and possessions. Much further into the future you will be involved with exciting new translation technology online from 2026 so once you see it jump on it.

  67. Dear Jessica, I can’t thank you enough for your website, coming here regularly and def purchasing the 2023 horoscope from my next salary. I have been together with my partner(cap man) for over two decades and we had a child 5 years ago. Things weren’t always dandy before that but now it is really rocky, the past years have been a bit of struggle. I am unhappy. And on top of this I have developed a crush with another cap man who is almost 10 years younger than me. It was an instant reaction when we saw each other. It is as if universe is showing to me that life has still something else to give…? I just don’t know how I could ever change my status; my partner is a typical plutocrat and divorcing him would probaply be a nightmare. He has been running the show for such a long time emotionally and financially; Ifeel I have almost lost myself, including my independence. Do you see some sort of solution for me in 2023? It is obvious that something is happening in my life with regars to relationships. I just want to love and feel loved again. Thank you& Merry Christmas❤️

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. I will look at your private chart (natal chart) and public chart (as a Sun Libra woman). The good news is, you are in the best cycle for a break-up and new partnership in 12 years. It began days ago and is with you until May, as Jupiter in Aries transits your solar Seventh House of separation, divorce, engagements, marriage and new partnership). Of course we have to be fair and say counselling may rescue your old relationship. You are unhappy, though, and have spotted someone you want. You don’t say if you have children or not. That would be the main obstacle course after March 2023 when Saturn changes signs, and if there are children (yours or his) then you should prepare for new rules, new barriers, new patience required. Once you move past Jupiter in Aries in your Seventh House, in terms of your solar chart, you then get to July and the arrival of the South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries. Again, this is the Seventh House in both systems I use for you. The nodal transit is about karma from 18 or 19 years before. You owe, from that time, or you are owed. Either way there will be closure by 2024 and the scales will be balanced between you and your rocky Capricorn partner (one assumes) or the new Capricorn man. If you did want to divorce and be in your best place financially, then the astrology suggests May 2023 to May 2024, when Jupiter moves into Taurus and your solar Eighth House of settlements and the odds are in your favour. Have a look at the Tarot to validate this timing for yourself, but that is the astrology. Merry Christmas.

  68. Hello Jessica,

    I really appreciate your insights. I have stelliums in Sagittarius (my sun sign), Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. In 2023 I would like to find remote work that I offers me flexibility in where I live, as I want to move to another state. I currently work remotely, but still must reside in a specific area. I’ve been thinking about and investigating this for a while. Will my plan come together for me in 2023? If so, during which time frames should I focus my efforts?

    Many thanks in advance. Happy holidays!

    1. Your best work and lifestyle cycle in 12 years begins in May 2023 when Jupiter moves into Taurus and your solar Sixth House of job and wellbeing. You then have until May 2023, so a nice long time to choose. It may be that you make your move before then, and new perks come into play after May, or you even find a superior offer. If you need to wait, though, the astrological timing is right. Your natal chart says the same thing as your solar chart. You were born with Jupiter (best and greatest) at 1 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload and wellness, and transiting Jupiter will trine from 1 Taurus in the same time-frame. Merry month of May and all that. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  69. This looks fantastic, Jessica! I have stelliums in Virgo, Taurus, Gemini and Leo. Have been ruminating about my career and financial stability since 2009. How does it look to you in 2023-24, some insights please? Left a comment elsewhere on your website earlier, still shows in queue I assume. Thank you.

    1. Your Virgo stellium is about serving others and doing your duty on a daily basis. Virgo is the maiden archetype and as astrology comes to us from Rome in its modern form, this is the unmarried teenage girl in the Roman household who earns her keep by cleaning, cooking and caring. If we update the archetype for today we still end up with Barack Obama, who showed you can be President and serve. Thus, Obamacare. So you have a strong Virgo side, rather like J.K.Rowling, who also serves (despite being rich and powerful) and does her civic duty by putting her money where her mouth is. You will find that Jupiter in Taurus May 2023-May 2024 is the difference you have been looking for, as you will make or save a lot of money as Jupiter forms transiting conjunctions with your Taurus factors in the Second House of personal income, property and business. Jupiter will form a series of trines with your Virgo factors along the way so you will expand your duties and increase your workload but it will benefit you. This sounds like a new job to me or a booming new project.

  70. Hello Jessica – you said there was going to be a big shift in March 2023. Is it that we will close down again? Do you think that will happen or is it something else? Thank you.

    1. Some parts of the world will close down again as we go into the extremely challenging opposition by Saturn, to the Virgo factors of billions. Virgo rules immunity and wellbeing, as well as health issues which depend on a good health care system. Saturn is a lesson, hard learned. Some countries are better prepared than others because they have been wise from the start. Others, not so. A very basic general message about this transit is: be your own health care centre. Do your own research with academics, epidemiologists and experts who are tried, tested and trusted. Act on what you read.

  71. Thank you so much for your articles and blogs. It has helped me cope with the last rocky year (actually since 2020). I was wondering if this is going to be an important year for me as I have a stellium in the signs you listed. Could you please give me an idea of what 2023 has planned for me?

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology has helped you cope. You are a Sun Aquarius with an Aquarius stellium and March 2023 will change your life. The difficulties you have had with/around old friends, and making new friends, disappear. By the end of March you will realise that a new situation is here to empower you, socially, if you want to take it on. Your career is also politics-free from March, for the first time since 2008 and the usual questions about who is top dog or leader of the pack, vanish. What a nice change. Your Capricorn stellium is relieved of Pluto’s presence. You will finish financial, property, charity or business karma in July and gain closure. From July, until 2024, it will be a sexual partnership or professional partnership that needs closure, long-term, as it pulls in what you owe, or are owed, from around 19 years prior. Important year!

  72. Hi Jessica, Merry Christmas! I have stelliums in Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra and Gemini and I wanted to please ask for your insight for the 2023 period. I’ve felt quite sidelined and left out by friends and family since moving back to my home country last year, it must be something I’m doing but I wondered if it appeared in my chart. People don’t particularly warm to my partner as he’s very reserved and so I suspect that’s a factor. I used to be so confident and social. I’ve saved a chunk of money to renovate my house or upsize but am conscious of feeling rejected if I moved closer to any one of my family members. Thank you for your time reading my post as always and I’m really enjoying your blogs!

    1. Happy Lunar New Year. I am now at the post-Boxing Day questions and it’s nearly a month later, so my apologies for this late reply. Your issues with friends are typical of Saturn in Aquarius and end on 7th February. The walls come down. Two weeks later you realise that you are in a potentially powerful position with new or old friends, if you use your willpower. You are being offered a share in a very new social or group situation. Pluto moves into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of people power and community; if you want more from life it will be there, intensely so. I am sorry about the situation with your family. You will find the situation changes in March with them and there will be new rules. You will take a new approach, and find a different angle. Be patient as it may not be until 2026 that you can let the new rules go. Is the issue with the family your sister or brother, and/or cousin? That would fit the transit of Saturn in Aquarius too, as it’s in your natal Third House of siblings and cousin relationships. The walls come down near 7th March. I am sorry you have been put through it, but this does change. Looking far into the future, there is a powerful project or course with your name, credit and reputation glowing as a result. Set long-term goals and hit them.

  73. Dear Ms Adams, I have the feeling that I will not make it to May 2023! Please, is there any good news for me until then? I have stellium in Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer and Virgo. Thank you very much for your advice!

    1. May 2023 is rather good, as you have Jupiter (abundance, luck) in Taurus (money, property, possessions) for about 12 months. If you are impatient for good news, though, the most heavily political career cycle in 248 years ends in March and you won’t know yourself. I am looking at your Virgo stellium, though, and need to tell you to put your good health and wellbeing first, from March. Nothing else matters as much as that does. Happy Lunar New Year.

  74. Thank you Jessica and I hope you had a good Christmas. Is there any correlation between what’s happening in the skies and what happened in December 2009 – 13 years ago? I’m a Leo and am almost exactly the same situation I was back at that time and was just wondering what might be repeating for me astrologically. Thank you and Happy New Year!

    1. You sound as if you are talking about a Jupiter transit here, as Jupiter returns to the same zodiac sign every 12 years.

  75. Hello Jessica,
    I wonder from my chart if you can predict when my daughter and I will move from our current rental home please.
    We are both in temporary jobs at the moment and each longing for some stability.
    Since 2018, our home life has been very stressfull and upsetting, leading to a permanent split between my son and daughter and divorce from my husband followed by a rushed change of home and decision to leave my job. I would say it has been a truly awful time, one event after another. It has felt relentless. Though if I am honest with myself, several years prior to 2018 have not been great either.
    The positive I can take from all of this is that my relationship with my daughter is closer.
    I am 20.12.1969 midday and my daughter is 9.4.2000 11.11am. Birthplace same.
    Any advice at all would be much appreciated.
    Thanking you in advance. xxx

    1. I am really sorry you have been through the mill with your rented home. You and your daughter have temporary jobs and want stability, with divorce, a rushed exit from your job and more. I have chills, which suggests you have someone in spirit with you. They are here to guide me in my reply to you. You will likely know who this is. You are a Sun Sagittarius with stelliums in Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. You are slowly coming out of the most intense cycle for money and property in 248 years. It’s over in March. Every time you pay the rent or try to save for your daughter, or deal with your husband and money – it has historically been about willpower you never knew you had. You are a model of self-control, and are stronger for it, but you also deserve a break. It comes from March, until June, in the first wave. You are also in a terrific position with your daughter, with opportunities for a better deal with her, or happier times with her/for her, by May 2023. The biggest change of all is something you’ve not mentioned. You will be given a chance to use your way with words, images and ideas in a more powerful way, in a more influential way, from March. You may study, teach, contribute to a website, or use the media, publishing or education to access something (or someone) really different. Stay with this idea of being empowered by your way with words, images and ideas and although you should take your time deciding who/what to commit to, know that if you can develop self-discipline with this and stand very firm, the internet in particular will change your life and give you the reins. There is no rush. This cycle runs until 2044. It shows up in both charts I use for you, public and private. You are also going to develop a completely different relationship with your neighbours (literally) but also neighbouring towns and regions. If you use your willpower, again, it will be quite powerful. If you do decide to move, this time research your choices, get to know the Tarot on this website, and also The Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle, so you can guide your options and use your natural psychic ability. You could also have a quiet word with spirit and ask for some signs. I believe you will move once you realise what your choices are in March 2023 but you need to do your homework. You will be offered a splendid job, course or prestigious voluntary role in May or June 2023 and even if you don’t take it, will be given a second terrific choice, so good for your lifestyle, by May 2024 at the latest. Your daughter will join or rejoin a group with true friends in March and by April ‘find herself’ with these people, who use their diversity, sense of community and commitment to move mountains. Like a really good band, or an effective charity, these people are meant to be in her life and in fact ‘Me and the group’ will be a theme far into her thirties. She could easily become the front person or fly the flag in some way, for something greater than herself, but there are proper friends in the ranks.

  76. Hey Jess any insights on how my jupiter return, north node in aries, and saturn in pisces will play out for me? Thank you so much! HNY!

    1. The Jupiter Return is an opportunity, to have more, do more and enjoy more. In Taurus and your Second House this is about money, shopping, houses, land, charity, apartments, philanthropy, business investment. This cycle is redolent of something you went through aged around 12. Perhaps you won money then, or inherited, or won competitions or contests, as a child can only do so much. The North Node in Aries is common to everybody, and begins in July, as issues about identity, titles, names come back to us from the war years. Back then it was about papers and passports, rank and file in the army, navy and air force. This time around it may be ID as a voter, or the claim of names on Twitter, or the idea (set to be defeated) that a man can say he is a girl or woman. Saturn in Pisces is again something everyone will experience. A new period of restrictions for churches and religious organisations, probably because mass gatherings are Covid super-spreader events.

  77. Thank you for this fascinating article! I have a stellium in Pisces and Aries. Im quite nervous about Saturn in Pisces as I have a huge stellium there but love Jupiter in Aries as I got promoted in work bought my first home and had my first child last 2 times Jupiter was in Aries so hoping for more good news this time again. Can you give me any insight as to how 2023 will play out for me. Thank you once again for everything that you do. Happy new year for 2023.

    1. Thank you. No need to be nervous about Saturn in Pisces in your natal Twelfth House. It just means new rules. New restrictions. You may benefit from this as you have been drifting and floating since 2011 with hypnosis, spiritualism, Tarot, God, religion, Buddhism, crystals, angels, quantum theory and the invisible world. It has all been so read to you and yet so unreal. From March you will have to ‘get real’ and Saturn will bring a situation where you have no access, or no way out. I’d like to be more specific than that, but I don’t know what your inner world is like. Jupiter in Aries is common with promotion as you gain a superior title and often new clothes. You will once again have the option of a fantastic relaunch by May 2023. Happy Lunar New Year.

  78. Jessica,

    I am a scorpio with 12th house full of Aries—-Chiron, Mars, Moon plus 29degree Ascendant in Aries. I feel like the deck is stacked against me this year. Any thoughts?


    1. Your Twelfth House is ruled by Pisces in your natal chart and by Libra in your solar Chart. Laura, the deck is not stacked against you at all. You have a terrific choice to improve your lifestyle, look after your health better and opt for a role, goal or course which fulfils your sense of duty and service, but also enables you to enjoy what you do. You will see why by May at the latest, if you’ve not already accepted this superior option.

  79. Thank you Jessica for this insighful article. I have never used the combination of Solar chart/Sun Sign and Natal/Birth chart so it is a very new and interesting approach to me. I am trying to learn to read my chart.

    If I understood your article well as a Sun Virgo with Virgo, Cancer, Libra stelliums, the “Libra Stellium: A partnership which is superior to the one you have now, or a better and bigger phase in your existing partnership (if you are happy) can only come when you make changes. Changes are coming during the Libra transit dates you read about in your report. In a conflict? Solutions can only come when you alter the road; it will happen during Libra cycles.” applies to me.

    Then I need to take in account transists for Virgo “in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Libra show up in your Solar Chart and Natal Chart soon. Capricorn rules your Fifth House of bedroom, courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. March is a big month of relief and release. Leo rules this in your birth chart. Jupiter in Aries trine the transiting Moon in Leo every 28-29 days until May 2023 says the same thing. Aquarius rules your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. Saturn out, and Pluto in, suggest March is a key month for choices. Virgo (your sign) rules this in your birth chart and you have your Sun in the Sixth House. Jupiter trine your Sun between May 2023 and May 2024 is terrific news, following that March choice. Pisces rules your Seventh House of duets and duels. Saturn entering, makes March a key month. Libra rules your Seventh House in your natal chart. July continues those changes as the South Node enters. Aries rules joint finance, charity, property and business in your Eighth House, in your public (Solar Chart). Scorpio rules this in your natal chart. December 2022-May 2023 is a boom period and July ends the karmic loop. Taurus rules your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Sagittarius rules this in your natal chart. Jupiter in Aries trines the Moon here every 28-29 days, starting in December 2022 until May 2023, and from May 2023, Jupiter enters. Libra rules your Second House of money. Taurus rules this in your natal chart. May 2023 is important but also July 2023. Two change months in your favour.”

    As well as the Common Examples of Double Cycles for 2023-2024 for Virgo “this is a financial opportunity year. Solutions are there until May 2023 with Jupiter in your solar Eighth House of joint finance and property. Big solutions! In your birth chart (natal chart) we find the South Node leaving the same house in July, so the timing is clear. Every time you have Jupiter in Aries you also have a relaunch in your birth chart, so perhaps your second debut makes you money, or you will use the money to relaunch yourself.”
    That’s a huge amount of information!

    You mention “In a conflict? Solutions can only come when you alter the road; it will happen during Libra cycles”. I have been suffering bullying from a flatmate who has been placed there by the landlord to create havoc. I suspect this is related to Pluto, but not sure. Would this apply to what you consider conflict? This is still an on-going situation. I wonder if you could see when and how this situation on my chart ends as it is creating stress and it also has an impact on my health, personal and professional life.

    Additionally, do you see if this relaunch and big changes in my favour can unblock a professional situation that has roots in lack of finance and support? I need to generate more money to be able to break limitations professionally and I also have two inheritances that have been stuck for years due to family. Do you see anything on my chart?

    1. You have a bullying flatmate, a career roadblock, not much money and two stuck inheritances with the family. Let’s see what is going on. You are a Sun Virgo with Virgo, Cancer and Libra stelliums. Find the people who can help you get your inheritances. You may not have to pay. A pro bono lawyer may assist. Someone in the family may help. Do this before May when your chances are their best for 12 years, to make or save money. The career roadblock will end in March. You then have to make a decision in March, about a new job, retraining or volunteering. It will be a very demanding path in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026 but it’s time. If you don’t get the inheritance by May, you could easily keep going and do better, from July 2023 into 2024. You need to ask your family in spirit to help you get what is yours. Happy New Year.

  80. Hi Jessica, thank you for your constant wisdom and predictions, I spend hours on your website! I’m wondering if you could take a look at my chart and whether 2023 will be the year I finally start a career that I love and/or find a new home? Many thanks and well wishes!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus with a Taurus stellium and will make or save a lot of money, May 2023 to May 2024. Take your time making a career choice in March 2023 as you could find it empowering by 2044, over the long-term, but only if you use your willpower and self-control. It will appear in the shape of a person or organisation you find quite potent. Also dominating.

  81. A wonderful summary Jessica – thank you. I’ve read this a few times now and one thing that occurred to me reading this article is that as a Capricorn my solar houses are always square with my natal houses. For example transits occurring in both Aries (first house in solar chart) and Capricorn (first house in natal chart) are likely to be square with my stelliums in each of those houses. I have stelliums in Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Libra and Sagittarius. Am I overcomplicating this or is it the nature of being a Capricorn (and Cancer / Libra) that when there is a doubling of the message there are almost always difficulties to overcome?

    1. Yes, if you are a Sun Capricorn then transits in Aries in your Fourth House (solar) and First House (natal) are always square. Stelliums in Capricorn, Aries, Libra in your chart show cardinal clashes. They are cardinal signs which can’t be squared easily and often oppose each other. Aries is about reputation, title and appearance. Libra is about your married name, status as a wife or husband and wedding ring. Libra is also about your name after divorce, your status as a divorcee and the ring off your finger. The two are intertwined but at odds with each other. This is often why you see strongly Aries women refusing to change their name: cue argument with the husband. You can spend a long time figuring out the cardinal clashes. Have a look at a piece on Sacred Geometry I filed here years ago. It shows how to soften squares and oppositions by adding – people!

    1. Thank you. I do not give personal readings unless they are for a charity auction and the last one went for around $4000. Your best bet (and I use this for myself) is to order a 2023 horoscope based on your Sun Sign. I also use the Natural House system and natal chart thinking, when I write these, so you can line up your public and private chart at the same time.

  82. Cancer is opposite Capricorn in the zodiac. Cancer the crab rules home, home town,
    household, family, culture, heritage, history, origins. It is where you hail from and
    it is always against where you go to. The two signs pull against each other. This is the
    person who ‘moves on’ as some family might describe it. She or he goes up a class,
    or goes upper class. Christmas and weddings reveal it.

    I just read this is in your PDF and had to come laugh about it, this is me a Cancer Stellium clashing with my Capricorn Stellium
    to be honest i am much more Capricorn energy, growing up i was always told “you think you’re better than anyone else.”

    1. Thank you, I am always looking for concrete examples of astrology, and you dealing with Cancer-Capricorn in your chart, heard “You think you’re better than anyone else” when growing up, with a family member. We also hear “she’s moved on” (meaning a woman in the family has gone up in the world and left the family behind). Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the peak, so often the phrases we heard with this split in the chart are about ‘going up in the world’ or ‘being brought down a peg’ and so on. We have to keep our sense of humour about it. Anyway, it’s over from March.

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