Instant Hope, Fast Results in Astrology

No matter how down in the dumps you may feel, Jupiter in your chart will deliver lifelong benefits, rewards and advantages. Jupiter in transit will also show you where the luck is, at the moment.

Fast Results and Instant Hope in Astrology

No matter how difficult life is, you always have Jupiter in astrology. Jupiter is the quick fix and it works two ways. Firstly, in your natal chart by sign and house, Jupiter shows where you were born lucky.

The element of your Jupiter sign (Air, shown below, is Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) also shows how you are blessed. It can show the kinds of people who benefit you. If others have horoscope factors in that element, at the same degree, they will trine or be in conjunction with your Jupiter.

Elementary Good Fortune With Jupiter Signs

So, people born with factors at the same degree and element group as your Jupiter sign benefit you, all your life. If your Jupiter sign is Gemini, Libra or Aquarius then other Air sign types who have planets in those signs, at the same degree as your Jupiter –  help you gain. This illustration, below, is an NFT by Anita Bacic and Tintin Cooper which shows the flow.

Born with Jupiter in Earth? So, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn? People with chart factors in those signs, at the same degree, chime with you. Their chart trines yours. Water is Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio. Fire is Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

To Feel Better About Life – Now

To feel better, act out Jupiter by sign. Your Jupiter sign is something you should remember for life. So, in:

Aries – You self-promote and rely on your reputation. You create your reputation and your brand. You focus on your name and your profile. Your image and personal appearance; how you appear and how you project.

Taurus – You save or make money. You generate business or fundraise for charity. You collect valuables, find bargains, profit from property. You discover bargains. You buy or sell to your advantage. You donate or pay.

Gemini – You write. You write online using, say, Substack – or you keep a diary. You connect and communicate using Zoom or the telephone. You translate and negotiate. You commute and travel short distances. A lot.

Elementals Air 3 207x300 - Instant Hope, Fast Results in Astrology
Elementals NFT (Bacic/Cooper)

Cancer – You home-make. You create a family or commit to a family. You put energy and time into your household. You invest in land, houses, apartments. You are a patriot. You reach into ancestry and heritage.

Leo – You have children, adopt children, acquire stepchildren or become a substitute mother or father, in your capacity as godparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, nanny. You put courtship or the bedroom at the top of your list.

Virgo – You work hard, perfecting the daily details of your chosen field. You serve others and do your duty by them. You honour the need for your particular kind of food, drink, fitness, doctor, healer and daily routine.

Libra – You get into partnerships and stay there, be they sexual or professional. You fight the good fight, with another person on your side. You choose partners who are different from you, but equal, and pursue that.

Scorpio – You make the most of sexual and financial relationships, like a marriage and mortgage. You develop your legacy to others, but also develop your inheritance from (say) your parents or your husband.

Sagittarius – You travel far and wide, both in the real world or online. You explore different cultures and nationalities. You study or teach. You publish online and in the world of books. The worldwide web is yours.

Capricorn – You are ambitious and strive to be at the top of your profession and in your branch of society. You aim very high and respect the system or establishment; the traditional hierarchy and structure. You climb.

Aquarius – You supply groups, bands, clubs, teams, movements, societies, associations, communities with what they need to function. You are also strongly influenced by them. Friendships are your treasure chest.

Pisces – You find your luck in religion, Tarot, mediumship, Buddhism, therapy, self-help, hypnosis, healing or scientism. Your expansion, growth and hope comes from your invisible inner life. Your soul or psyche.

horoscope chart wheel 300x200 - Instant Hope, Fast Results in Astrology
Jupiter astrology cycles are lucky

The Jupiter Transit Trick

The other quick feelgood factor trick, is Jupiter cycles. Jupiter in transit. Using the Natural Astrology house system, we all have Jupiter in the same cycle or transit, at the same time.

That’s where the good fortune is. It is where the hope is. It is where optimism makes us feel happier. Jupiter is the astrology of endorphins.

In 2023, and right up until May 2024, Jupiter is in Taurus. This is the zodiac sign which rules charities, banks, thrift stores, street markets, eBay, cryptocurrency, the NFT market, gardening, allotments, something for nothing, free advantages, generous people, donors, philanthropists, business people, credit unions, collectors’ items, valuables, collectables and the share market.

Examples of Jupiter in Taurus in 2023-2024

This is the $90,000 garage which can be turned into an apartment in a very expensive inner-city suburb. It is the inheritance or legacy left to you by a friend, partner or family member. It is the country you have always wanted to emigrate to experiencing a property crash which means you can afford to move and buy (like New Zealand).  Jupiter in Taurus is a classic ‘Life hands lemons, make lemonade’ cycle.

card jupiter 213x300 - Instant Hope, Fast Results in Astrology
Jupiter (Justin Tabari)

The more you look for opportunities, the more you will find. This may be Bitcoin profit for you, or just stumbling across an incredible haul in the local thrift or charity shop. Jupiter in myth wanted it all – and often got it.

Whenever we see massive global change, like the pandemic, we see people moving house (so their goods go on sale cheaply, secondhand, or they are donated).

We also see people shift their careers (so new vacancies turn up, or sideline careers). Property prices drop.

The knock-on effect of this is always opportunity to save or make money. We see elections on this cycle, which mean politicians make new promises – handouts or tax breaks. You can gain. What happens is personal to you. 

This is illustrated really well by the pension increases in Australia, America and the United Kingdom in 2023. Just as astrology predicted, Jupiter (gain) in Taurus (money) accompanied a $50-a-week increase for Australian part-pensioners; a 10% increase for British pensioners; an 8.7% increase for social security claimants in the US.

Now, if you’re a teenager that might not seem relevant unless you suddenly get a weekend job mowing a suddenly-richer pensioner’s lawn. Jupiter is about knock-on benefits. In Taurus, that’s always money. But as i said, it’s personal. Look at your chart. (Illustration: Elementals NFT range: Bacic/Cooper).

elementals logo final 300x92 - Instant Hope, Fast Results in AstrologyJupiter in Taurus to May 2024

Track Jupiter by degree as he moves through Taurus. When he lands at the same degree as anything you have in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces  – use that opportunity or solution. It will relate to matters ruled by the sign in question. So in Taurus, money. In Cancer, property. In Virgo, work or health. In Scorpio (even in opposition) join finance. In Capricorn, success. In Pisces, your very soul. You can always find out where Jupiter is on my website, any time.

If You Have Taurus and Scorpio Horoscope Factors

You have been blocked and stopped from the usual Jupiter in Taurus financial solutions and opportunities, because you have been living with the clash of the North Node in Taurus opposite the South Node in Scorpio between January 19th 2022 and July 17th 2023. Scorpio rules ‘our money’ and ‘their property and possessions.’ Taurus rules ‘my money’ and ‘my property and possessions.’ They are in a tug-of-war in your chart if you have both Taurus and Scorpio factors. This was aggravated by the nodes from January 19th 2022 to July 17th 2023 and has only been gone for just under a fortnight as I publish this.

From this point forward there are no long-term oppositions to Taurus so you are free to use the usual Jupiter answers and open doors, all the way to the end of this fortunate cycle on May 25th, 2024.

The Jupiter Trick

The Jupiter Trick is to always hope for something better. If you complain and moan, you won’t get Jupiter. He was Saturn’s son, born from a mother called Ops, whose name is hidden in the word ‘optimism.’

Jupiter himself was the lucky child who escaped. He also dished out good fortune to others. Jupiter thrives on positive thinking. Jupiter also rules growth. He is symbolised by the acorn which becomes a mighty oak.

Where is Jupiter in your chart? This is your touchstone for innate luck and good fortune, no matter what else is happening to you. This is, as Ian Dury once proposed, your Reason To Be Cheerful. 

Professional hypnotist and Britain’s biggest-selling non-fiction author, Dr. Paul McKenna, has a couple of free half-hour sessions on YouTube called Happy Trance One and Happy Trance Two.

If you need to get into a Jupiter mood, start there. They are absolutely free. 

A private session with McKenna is something celebrities book. In the true spirit of Jupiter in Taurus, you can now put on a pair of headphones and tune into a happiness-inducing hypnotism session for nothing.

Main Image: Bigstock

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92 Responses

  1. Thank you for this post Jessica. A great reminder to always have hope for the future!
    In the next 12 months, are there any particular situations or dates I should keep in mind or focus on, for making the most out of Jupiter?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn who has Jupiter in Taurus in your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, children, teenagers and a younger generation. Until May 2024, you get gains from that without doing anything – but you can also be proactive. Sign up for an early learning charity. Find the perfect nanny for your son. See a sex therapist to enhance your marriage. From May 2024 Jupiter enters Gemini and your Sixth House of lifestyle and workload. Find the right hypnotist, doctor or dentist. Target special work projects you really want to excel with. Approach people who might hire you.

  2. Hi Jessica, thankyou so much for this post – your timing is impeccable as I really needed a reminder about staying hopeful. I’ve been trying to buy a home for myself since late last year and have found it very disheartening in this crazy property market. After many years of uncertainty about having a solid home base, I’m at a stage where i need my own home and a have been hoping for a property crash, or at least a big downturn to help me get there. Can you give any clarity about this for me? Thank you x

    1. You need to log in, so I can see your chart. Property prices have already dropped worldwide but I also have no idea where you live.

  3. Thanks Jessica. I learnt a couple of days ago that one person in my team of four will lose their job. It’s an unfortunate situation but I’m quietly hopeful my reputation for good work (Jupiter in Aries) will stand me in good stead. I’m a single parent who also needs to find a new home for my family, and my ex-boyfriend from 20 years ago would like to date. There’s a lot happening but I’m feeling quite grounded despite the turmoil! Transiting Pluto is currently opposite my Sun, and I drew the Devil. My instinctive reaction is “the Devil” is my difficult ex- husband looming over my chance of a relationship with someone else. Can you please share any psychic insights you get? Thank you!

    1. Jupiter in Aries is about gain from reputation. It is about the advantage of your appearance. It is about the luck of having a particular profile. You are the Roman slave who becomes a master gladiator and wins his freedom and it’s all based on who people think you are; what they have heard about you; the fact that you are bigger and stronger than your opponents in the arena. The First House, ruled by Aries, is ruled by Mars the Roman god of war. As for The Devil, that has nothing to do with it, but you are tuning into the South Node in Libra which just arrived in your Seventh House of divorce and dating. I am assuming you drew that card – you don’t say.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another GREAT post! I never knew how important our Jupiter sign was! Now I know. I checked my Jupiter, both my daughters and every family member I knew and each one is SPOT on for their Jupiter placement. Solid Gold. THANK YOU


  5. Ha… I absolutely love this Jessica. I am a Jupiter in Taurus and have always felt lucky… long before I knew anything about Astrology. I win lucky door prizes, raffles and competitions – and have a fab group of friends all Earth signs or with lots of them in their charts.

    I am 3 months in to a new 70 hour week job – very well paid – with the aim to buy a property – most likely in UK/NZ -next March?

    My side hustle business is buying antique bargains and doing them up and reselling online. It is very quiet – is that cause everyone else wants the bargains and I have prices too high? I am remember reading a fantastic website article from you years ago – maybe 2018 – about how going into business with someone who chimes with your ‘luck’ – creates a forcefield in itself. I hunted for it a month or so ago and couldn’t find it. Was that someones Jupiter? I didn’t clock it at the time.

    1. Thank you. And thanks also for confirming how Jupiter in Taurus has worked for you. It kicks in around age 12, 24, 36, 48 and I have readers who won scholarships aged 12 and came into money aged 48. Your earth dominant sign friends also flow with you. Your antiques will also bless you in a lifelong pattern. You could absolutely buy a rock-bottom bargain, do it up and resell at a huge profit. You have Jupiter at 16 Taurus in the Second House of money and valuables. What you want are people who have Jupiter at 16 Taurus, or 16 Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces. Their lucky Jupiter will sextile or trine your own.

  6. Hi Jessica, thanks for another brilliant article!! On the first week of September Jupiter in Taurus will be trining Sun and Mercury Rx in Virgo.My Sun is in Capricorn in conjunction with my Venus on 15th degree. I Recently stoped communication with another Capricorn who lives in another country. What could the transit bring? ( I also have Mars in 15th Scorpio and Pallas in 15th Virgo). Tarot card for the transit:the Chariot
    Thanks and HaPpY belated BIrThDaY!!!

    1. Thank you. My birthday in Sydney this year was fantastic; spent with three of my favourite people in Australia. Your Tarot card is The Chariot which lines up with work and money matters – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Don’t use Pallas, she’s not part of our Roman/Latin astrology. (I am not sure where you even found Pallas in a chart).

  7. Hi Jessica, “The Jupiter Trick is to always hope for something better.” I love this. With my Jupiter in Leo, I’m wondering if I should look/accept to focus on working with younger people to bring their talents into the world? Thank you.

    1. Yes. Jupiter in Leo will work very well for you if you target people young enough to be your own offspring. Patric Walker had this and found his greatest success with a younger generation half his age. He was the world’s most syndicated and popular astrologer when he was grey-haired and his fan base were in their twenties and thirties.

  8. Thank you as always Jessica. I have Jupiter in Libra, 8 but it’s in a conjunction with Saturn at 7 Libra. My Venus is 8 degree Pisces and despite the usual ups and downs I do often feel fairly lucky in life.

    1. Jupiter at 8 Libra in a conjunction with Saturn at 7 Libra (just one degree apart) is about the marriage that is hard to get into, and equally hard to get out of, that benefits you enormously. It’s complicated! This is the common-law marriage (living together) that can feel like a heavy burden, but one you gain from and feel blessed by. It is the work partnership that binds you very tightly but is your luckiest break.

  9. Hi Jessica
    I saw your recent NFT and something sprung to mind that I thought I should share with you. Back in 20/12/2020 Flare networks took a snapshot of all XRP wallet accounts. This was to lead to an airdrop of a new crypto that was built with different parts of AVAX, ETH and RIPPLE software. It was to be a bridge to support different blockchains and ultimately ‘Connect everything’. In March 2023 Coinbase finally released the airdrop to holders. With the snapsnot taken on the great conjunction and the beginning of Tesla and Coinbase that week, I wounder is the new X currency going to be somehow linked to Flare. I keep seeing “XFlare “in lights now. I may be totally deluded as I seem to be living in my twelfth house atm but I noticed my natal jupiter is also in pisces, so who knows ….
    Thanks again for all you do.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are correct about the new X currency. Perhaps your psychic side is telling you (accurately) about Flare. Let’s see. Jupiter in Pisces people gain from ESP and you may be one of them.

  10. Thank you Jessica, always good to know a few tricks for instant hope that’s for sure. In my natal chart, Jupiter is conjunct Uranus at 24 degrees in Cancer. How do these planets work together in this case please, and what happens when they aren’t conjuct but just one is at 24 degrees?? And how can I best work with this astrology with Uranus currently in my sign (Taurus), and soon approaching 24 Taurus. As always, very grateful for any help please. Thank you kindly

    1. You were born lucky with property (Cancer) and yet it always happens with upheaval (Uranus) too. Jupiter at 24 Cancer in conjunction with Uranus at 24 Cancer is ‘Independence Day’ with family, household, house, apartment, town and country and you always benefit. It’s dormant most of the time but when transits at 24 Cancer trigger it, everything turns upside down, but to your advantage – and you gain instant freedom with your home life or home environment. Jupiter transiting to 24 Taurus will sextile the conjunction and so it will happen all over again – if you want it. A classic example is the property market changing overnight so your cheap house doubles. This liberates you to sell and move, downsizing again, so you gain cash profit.

  11. Been trying to stay positive and hope to find a new job I am going to enjoy. Thanks for the tips Jessica, it’s been a hectic year…will listen to the McKenna Happy Trance sessions tonight when I go to bed 🙂

    1. You have Jupiter in Scorpio so are always protected and frequently extremely fortunate with joint finance and property. You are a Sun Capricorn woman so will have the job of your dreams after May 2024 when Jupiter goes into Gemini and your Sixth House of work and lifestyle. Of course you can get a job sooner but be promoted later, or be headhunted – you can also stick with the job you get in 2023 but find a number one hit, or a fantastic project. The Paul McKenna hypnosis works best if you try it a few times. You may have fantastic dreams, though, so be warned.

  12. Thanks Jessica. I have Jupiter in cancer does this mean I’m supposed to be lucky in houses, land and the home? Being a Leo I understand Jupiter in Taurus is in our 10th house making career lucky May 23-24, certainly excited for that since I’m growing my businesses and in the process of getting a big business loan to expand! Bring on Jupiter!!

    1. Yes, you were born lucky with houses, apartments, house swapping, house sitting, land, gardens and homes. Jupiter shows where you gain and give. This is lifelong but aged around 12, 24, 36 it comes alive as you also have your Jupiter Return. So aged 23-25 for example you may have bought your first flat or moved into a luxurious share home with a boyfriend who didn’t charge you rent. Yes, as a Sun Leo woman, you are in the luckiest career cycle of your life. I am too, and just signed my second book deal with one of the biggest publishers in the world. Very lucky.

  13. Hi Jessica

    I have Jupiter at 00 Scorpio. My husband was Scorpio but the marriage ended in divorce.

    My inheritance from my mother is fast diminishing as it’s being used entirely for her medical treatment.

    How come opposite situations when Jupiter blesses this aspect?

    Thank you

    1. You have more than one factor in Scorpio so it’s complicated. Yet you gained from your former husband in the divorce. You gained from your mother when you inherited. You will gain from partners and family, financially, all your life – and in fact you have – but as I said, you have other factors in Scorpio and the Eighth House so it’s complex.

  14. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this article! It seems like it was written just for me. Since May of this year, I have been involved in several of my family members health problems and I am mentally and physically exhausted. It’s also becoming a financial burden. It has been overwhelming to say the least and I do feel beat down sometimes especially when a lot of people are depending on me. I have Jupiter in Scorpio (not sure what house) and was wondering how I can use this transit to get me through this difficult period in my life.
    Thank you Jessica.

    1. You were born lucky with joint finance, valuables and property. It’s not all you have in Scorpio, so it’s complicated. Yet, you still gain. You are paying for the family, but I expect other people will pay for you. You may be named in a will, for example, or have already inherited. Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House has been there since birth. It is about the expansion of your assets, savings, money made or ‘cash in kind’ benefits – through others. Typically, a richer husband or a relative who names you in his or her legacy.

  15. Hi Jessica, I’m curious about the Jupiter effect as I have both Jupiter and Uranus at 24 Cancer in the Fourth House in my chart. I am setting out on a possibly life-changing business trip across the world tomorrow. So, fingers crossed for a good outcome. I drew the Four of Wands in the Tarot. Thanks so much for your insights:) Emma x

    1. Great Tarot card, Emma. In fact, your card matches your chart. Either on the trip, or back at home, there is a warm welcome, a terrific circle of people and exactly the right environment. You are heading for transiting Jupiter sextile natal Jupiter and Uranus, and Cancer is family, house, apartment, household, town, country.

  16. Jessica I am Jupiter in Pisces so I always use my gut with things.

    Big decisions I leave a yes or no piece of paper in front of gods picture and pick one.

    But my question is do my desires sometimes lead me astray because I am a but if a dreamer

    1. You sound confused. If you have Jupiter in Pisces in the Twelfth House it is easy to become muddled. I spend a lot of time looking at amateur mediums and psychics who are not trained, who end up discombobulated. Pisces are the two fish swimming in opposite directions. Unless you train yourself you will also go in two directions. I suggest you go to YouTube and start with June Eleni Laine and her technique for the chakra system and aura. She teaches at the College of Psychic Studies.

  17. Hi Jessica, thank you for another brilliant article. I have Jupiter in 16 Leo and moon in 17 Scorpio. I had my son and daughter after many years rounds of ivf treatment. Is this what this shows in my chart with Scorpio and Leo at similar degrees ? Thank you so much.

    1. Yes, you lived your chart. You have Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House of motherhood square the Moon in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. IVF cost you, but you were rewarded. Thank you for this perfect example of real world astrology.

  18. Thanks for replying Jessica! I’m hopeful my strong reputation for hard work will help. Yes, I drew the Devil when reflecting on what I need to know now. I’m divorced, and have been solo for a very long time but feel ready to start dating. Since Venus started retrograding last week, my ex-husband and ex-partner both made it clear they’d like to rekindle a relationship but my gut feeling is I should start over with someone new. The South Node in Libra is also in my solar 4th house and I’m house-hunting. The last time the nodes were here, I was doing volunteer work with homeless people so I’m hoping for some good karma!

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I have Jupiter, Sun and Venus in Scorpio, with Mars in Taurus opposite the Scorpio planets. I do not work any longer, since being laid off I haven’t found a job so decided on retirement. Will Jupiter in Taurus be a fortunate time or will it be trying since it is conjunct Mars and opposite the Scorpio planets? My husband is a scorpio as well (10/29/1960, 6:04AM Norristown, PA) and he currently is employed. I toss around the idea of downsizing our home to reduce expenses but with economy not doing so great right now, I don’t want to jump into something that I may regret later just because things are tight right now. Also, my son who lives at home, was laid off, its been a frustrating time with employment for him. Hopefully this transit will bring good luck for me and my family. Thank you for your insight.

    1. You are another reader who has Taurus-Scorpio oppositions. I will add a note to this story as if you have Scorpio factors they clash with Taurus factors and the usual solid good luck you would expect from Jupiter in Taurus has been affected by the battle between the South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus, which dominated 2022 and only just stopped some weeks ago. Now you are in the clear. Scorpio is ‘our money’ and Taurus is ‘my money’ so your entire issue has been your husband’s bank account. I will let you figure that out, because it’s personal to you. You don’t work and neither does your son, so your husband is sole support. What you actually need to do is sort out the family and the home, and that happens in January, February 2024 when you and your partner come up with solutions.

  20. Hi Jessica
    I am so glad you wrote this one and I will have to re-read a couple times. I have Jupiter in Aries and funny thing is I try to keep a low profile but am always approached by people and prefer to promote others for their talents as I don’t really know what mine are, lol. Everything I do, I do pretty well and catch on easily but have changed careers often to vastly different areas. I am looking to do something again and have toyed with a number of ideas but can’t seem to get things started. I am trying to understand NFT’s and am trying to think creatively. I was researching whether I could use NFT’s for stories/books but it all becomes so complicated and overwhelming. I prefer to do something remote due to my location and situation right now. One time you said you psychically saw a typewriter for me (I used to write stories as a kid and they were really creative but haven’t written anything since). I wish I could figure out why you saw that. With my Jupiter or my husband’s (06 Aquarius- he is a Leo)Is there a good day for us to play the lottery, lol? I just want him to not have to work so darn hard!

    1. Jupiter in Aries people do best when they ride on their wardrobes, accessories, vehicles (I include horses), titles, names and reputations. If you don’t do that, you are wasting an opportunity to have more from life, unfortunately. Keeping a low profile will never reward you if you have Jupiter in Aries. You were more aware of this aged 11, 12, 13 when it worked for you at school. I saw the typewriter for you, because I am a professional psychic and you used to write stories as a child. Presumably this was pre-computer. Ask the Tarot to guide you, if you don’t know what to do with your life. And your husband’s luck is always with the team, club, group.

  21. Hello Jessica, On reading your article, I checked the current plantetary positions and saw Jupiter at 13 Taurus, my birth Sun being 13 Taurus. We have had stop start with finances this year, rotating between sniffs of luck where we catch up on bills or bills are reduced, and then back to struggling to make ends meet, and I woke up today thinking how are we going to fix this. And our building journey has similarly been stop start, on to builder no 3 and there are current issues. I acknowledge that my focus on maintaining a positive outlook is likewise stop start and I will address this now, I remember my former optimistic free spirit self from a long time ago and need to recapture that. Would be grateful for any cosmic influences that you could comment on. Kindest regards, Veronica

    1. You forgot about your Scorpio-Taurus nodes, Veronica. You were born with a clash of opposites between Taurus and Scorpio. You only recently ended the most challenging cycle in 19 years, with the nodes actually transiting Scorpio-Taurus. (The issue is your partnership finance opposite your own finance. Scorpio is sex and money; Taurus is ‘my money.’) So you are now in the gains zone without the South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus to split your chart. You will save and make money on a roll until May 2024. Building is Cancer, though. Building is your Fourth House (astrology is hard work if you do it properly). Again you were born with an opposition from Cancer. Your Ascendant and Descendant are Cancer/Capricorn. The Descendant is your partner. So again the issue is actually the partnership, the builder, the money – not just you. That is where you have to figure out solutions.

  22. PS. I just saw the South Node at 28 Libra is exactly conjunct my Uranus so you’re spot on!

  23. Hello Jessica,

    I am born with Jupiter in Leo. I am a single gay man with no children but lots of nieces and nephews.

    Also the courtship and bedroom, does the mean I will have A great date life but not so lucky in love?

    Could you please give me any advice now to make Jupiter work for me?



    1. Thanks Kane. You are a good example of a Jupiter in Leo man who is childfree but has a lot of young relatives to be Uncle to. You will always have a lot of choices in the bedroom and even just on the dating circuit. You will probably marry or commit in another way in 2026, when you have your Jupiter Return. The South Node is also in Leo that year, also in the Fifth House, so this is a fated connection in your life. Don’t sit around waiting for 2026, though, get out there, wine, dine and enjoy the meetings and greetings.

  24. Jessica you are amazing- I am learning so much, thank you! I have Jupiter in Taurus as does my husband. My daughter has Jupiter in Sagittarius. I was blown away this year with a massively generous gift via a Taurean from a Pisces. It can be life altering for me and my family. I hope to invest most of it, and build a real estate portfolio separately from it, with a strategy that I am learning now and loving. I feel like this gift has given me permission to soar and build and create security for us as we get older. Does that chime with the planets as you see it? Can I do anything else to maximize this fortunate time? Also, a big thank you for all you do and share.

    1. Thank you. You and your husband have both fulfilled your Jupiter in Taurus promise and have been given a fortune. You are doing this on your Jupiter Return in Taurus. So, you are ticking all the boxes. This cycle lasts until May 2024 and there will be more luck to come. The best thing to do with Jupiter is of course to reward others with the money too, or other gifts.

  25. Hello Jessica!
    I have a plee to you. This beautiful, beautiful lady Sinead O´connor was a favourite by far for many people. I loved her outspokenness and the fact that she never used her stunning beauty to be part of the hideous beauty regime female singers go through. She was the most beautiful girl ever anyway. Nobody could compare to her radiance when she entered the scene with her first LP. She really had something to tell us, and my heart cries for her being such an unhappy child and losing her own child . In she has her jupiter in leo in the eight house, and we have all learned (through your site) that this is joy with children and heirs to the throne 🙂 But in the latest tweat or video she said that it was only the boy she lost that really loved her unconditionally. ?? I would love for you to give som thought on that subject. I cant stop crying over her.

    1. Sinead O’Connor had a complicated chart. This is obvious – she was full of deep contradictions. Her loss has made millions cry including you and I, because her depression spoke to us and we all felt so much for her, struggling with it all those years. She had Jupiter in Leo in her Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, children, teenagers and youth as a whole. She did in fact tick that box, despite the tragic loss of her son, recently. She was mother to a large family of children, which is the textbook interpretation of Jupiter in Leo. She also had a large number of partners – the same. Another Irish woman and my Twitter friend Marian Keyes has spoken brilliantly about the illness here –

      In the UK, the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123. In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 14. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. Hotlines in other countries can be found here. We hope Sinead is being helped in her transition in the spirit world by the millions thinking of her, lighting candles for her – or mentally holding a flame for her.

  26. Thank you Jessica for your reply, interesting you said I am always protected as I have Jupiter in Scorpio, I have always felt grateful for being safe. Will keep listening to Paul McKenna’s sessions, looking forward to some fantastic dreams!

    1. Dr. Paul McKenna is one of those rare birds who has not only devoted his entire career to being the best in his field, he has also chosen to give his hypnosis audio sessions away for nothing on YouTube. If you read the comments there, but also on GoodReads and Amazon, you will see those testimonials for yourself. Strongly recommend.

  27. Thank you so much for this, yet again, amazingly written informative article Jessica. I have jupiter in aquarius 13 conjunct vulcano Sagittarius 13 and apollo cancer 12. Im not sure what this means for me in 2023/2024 as I am learning from you constantly Jessica (thank you).
    Out of curiosity I also checked my childs chart on your website and Jupiter is at Sagittarius 12, Hygies Aries 12, Bacchus Scorpio 12.
    Does this mean because our jupiters are so close we are lucky together also?
    More interestingly, I just realised my childs north node pisces 6 south node virgo 6 is conjunct my sun. As well as the ascendant at 6 in capricorn and descendant 6 cancer.Aesculapa 7 Taurus.
    I have genuinely always felt I knew my child from a previous life. Would this make sense or does every parent feel like this? I am grateful for your thoughts on both our Jupiter and the 6 degree pattern if you have time Jessica. Much appreciation and looking forward to your next zoom! I cant wait. Thank you so very much Jessica.

    1. Yes, your child’s luck in life is tied to your own. This is pretty common with mothers and children, as are the other conjunctions – not just Jupiter. Research was done on The Mars Effect some years ago by the Gauquelins in France and they found natural births with normal delivery (not induced) produced babies whose charts tallied with their parents’ charts. It was as if the babies were waiting to be born at the right minute so they would have charts which clicked with their parents.

  28. Dear Jessica,

    I read about how some others who have Jupiter in Taurus seem to be lucky and have money coming in. I have Jupiter in Taurus too and since Jupiter moved signs in May, there has been nothing by mayhem and a fear of lack. Please tell me why the stark difference

    Regards, SC

    1. A Scorpio stellium is your answer. I should have saved myself a lot of typing and put in information about people with Scorpio and Eighth House placements, who also have Jupiter in Taurus. You are all the exception to the rule as you have a clash in your chart between ‘their money and property’ and ‘my money and property.’ This was made worse when the transiting nodes went through Scorpio and Taurus from January 2022 until July 2023 so you’re only just out of it. Now, Jupiter can do what Jupiter does, without the issues. You also actually have the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio so it was more extreme. You will save or make a fortune by May 2023 if you follow the Jupiter rules.

  29. Hi Jessica, I have Jupiter in Cancer. I pulled the Star for my tarot card reading. Do you see anything in my chart that I should focus on the rest of the year? Also, I saw the psychic medium John Edward Friday night. He was absolutely amazing! I was chosen to ask one general question about the spirit world. It was a great experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. He truly is the real deal!! Thank you for your thoughts. Kindest regards.

    1. I’m glad you saw John Edward. He is an excellent medium. Sturdy and also sensible, which is what you want. This reminds me I have to post some astrology for him on his website…thank you. The Star is Aquarius. Your Moon is at 4 Aquarius and Pluto is heading there in February 2026, so you predicted your future three years ahead. You will be heavily involved in an extremely powerful group with one main ‘star’ (which may be you) and several other stars. You can all help each other shine, if you work at it.

  30. Hi Jessica! Thank you for this post. I am a physician in USA and in the process for green card (permanent residence). Also I am in negotiation for a new job wherein I may have to move to new location (from Florida to New York). How do you think this Jupiter transit affects my prospects for this permanent residency or my move ? Does it bring more chances and positivity for me ? We are stuck in the green card back log for India and inspite of being a front line doctor during the Covid pandemic, there is no relief in sight for us. What you are doing is truly phenomenon and this membership is the best money I spend!

    1. Thank you. Funnily enough my driver is called Harpreet. You have an unusual line-up from Sagittarius, the sign of foreigners, migration and foreign countries. Fortuna is there at 17. The South Node is at 17 Scorpio, the joint finance sign. The North Node is at 17 Taurus the personal finance sign. Venus is also at 17 Taurus and incredibly, Aesculapius at 17 Taurus too. Jupiter goes to 17 Taurus on 31st March 2024 and remains there until April 3rd, so that is your best bet astrologically. What happens will involve all those matters: other cultures and nationalities; your bank account; your property. Jupiter is the problem-solver of astrology as you know. This pattern can only happen once in 12 years.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    I don’t think I have seen this question posted yet. I have Jupiter retrograde in my natal chart, in Capricorn in my 10th house of professional achievement, which has always been a very challenging (not lucky) area for me. Probably many people have Jupiter retrograde. Does it matter whether Jupiter is retrograde in your or not ?

    1. Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn is not the reason career has been challenging – you also have Saturn in Capricorn. Yet, Jupiter does his work all the same, and despite the notorious restrictions and limitations of Saturn in the Tenth House, there are always solutions and satisfying outcomes, if you accept the challenges. The retrograde itself is only active when Jupiter is under transit, so this would have happened in recent years with both Jupiter and Saturn receiving conjunctions from Pluto. I daresay your C.V. tells the tale. A retrograde isn’t negative nor positive; it just describes your tendency to go backwards, stop and start, rewind and sometimes reverse your decisions about your career.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for the encouraging post. What you wrote about about Jupiter transit in Taurus chimes with me, I am looking at a second weekend job for additional income. I did have a question, does Jupiter transit only benefit the natural house and not the natal house, which for me would be the seventh since I am a Sun Scorpio. My Jupiter is in Aquarius, and I would love to have friends but because of my personal situation and past bitter experiences, I have been isolating myself. Will this change? Thanks

    1. Thank you. Jupiter in transit works publicly in your solar chart (Sun Sign – Scorpio) and privately in your natal chart, where it is currently passing through the Second House of money, property and business. You are using the chance to find a second income. You also have opportunities for partnership gains on all levels, be it sexual and romantic – or purely professional – or a platonic duet. This door is open to you until May 2024. Natally you were born with Jupiter in Aquarius and in fact do best when you plug into a group. You can be an outsider around a club, team, society and so on, and still benefit from that – and benefit those within the circle too. Isolating yourself is a bit of a waste of your natal Jupiter. I understand why you have had a rotten time in the past, as Saturn went through Aquarius – very tough in terms of believing in people! Yet, as a lifelong pattern, your Jupiter is there to make you gain.

  33. Hi Jessica, I was born with Jupiter retrograde in Leo 4 degrees. Any insights on the added wrinkle of being born during a retrograde period for Jupiter, or any planets for that matter?

    1. Jupiter Retrograde in Leo in the Fifth House describes a woman who is an opportunist and optimist regarding the bedroom and courtship, but may have a lifetime pattern of operating in reverse. So you may approach a date, then change your mind, or begin a relationship, then pause it. Leo also rules pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and youth en masse. Again, this is where you were born lucky and tend to expand, explore, benefit others and yourself – however you do it. Yet, periodically, you will start a process (like agreeing to become a godmother, or teaching a class of teenagers) and find you turn back on a plan, or repeat yourself. It will only happen when Jupiter is under transit.

  34. Thank you Jessica. I too feel it needs to be paid forward. I am ever so grateful to the universe and its very mysterious ways. Regarding our Jupiter in Sagittarius daughter, is there anything she should lean into? This combination (Jupiter in Sagittarius) was not as easy to understand. She is a sensitive empathetic soul, and I worry for her. Thank you so much for answering my previous question. I know you may not get to this one.

    1. Your daughter was born to study and teach, absorb knowledge and mentor others, explore other cultures and nationalities – and pass on what she knows. She can do this formally in academia or informally through short courses and workshops, but it’s her golden ticket.

  35. “Scorpio – You make the most of sexual and financial relationships, like a marriage [..]”. I find this bittersweet 🙂 40 years old and never been married, nor does it seems that I ever will. It seems like astrology has a weird sense of humour 🙂

    1. Sexual and financial relationships like a marriage. Not necessarily marriage at all. This is just one example of Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House. We also find it when a woman becomes a mistress, for example, or other sorts of contracts are made.

  36. What blessings will Jupiter give me as I had multiple interviews and still no offer and no job… Will Jupiter give me anything by May 2024… This is terrifying whatever stars and planets are going though me

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio so your two work zones are ruled by Aries (the Sixth House) and Leo (the Tenth House). Keep trying to find a job, or jobs plural, or perhaps a hybrid job and course, or hybrid paid/unpaid work. Widening the net is a smart idea on this cycle. Something that may help you is Dr. Paul McKenna’s free hypnosis on YouTube. You will have even more attention paid to your C.V. in August and in fact have three weeks of spotlights turning on your achievements to date. It’s a very good time to update your C.V.

  37. Hi Jessica! I’m a Gemini with Jupiter in Capricorn in the 5th house, and at the moment very confused and stuck with my work / career direction. Do I need to wait until Jupiter is in Gemini to get things moving to the right direction? Thank you for any thoughts.

    1. Best thing to do is ask the Tarot on here, which is free – and follow the steps. We are using different house systems and I can’t see a chart here unfortunately.

  38. Dear Jessica thank you for clarifying this information on not just the Jupiter aspect with my childs chart but also to say you are indeed so so psychic….ironically the twist in the tale with this one though is that I knew from the very beginning the exact date my child would be born (several weeks earlier in this case!) and I was induced because of circumstances….I also noticed my venus is in the exact astrology position as my childs chiron. Is this unusual? Thank you for your kind response. I hope you are having a good Monday. I seen the moon in aquarius last night and it looks very special.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I felt it was important to mention induced births to you. That Aquarius Moon above is making itself known!

  39. Hi Jessica.
    Thank you for this blog. I really needed the inspiring words. I have been trying to move house since January and the more rejection and hostility I receive the more depressed I am getting which is making manifesting even harder and I feel unable to be creative, or move forward in any way.

    1. I am sorry you are having a rotten time with finding a place to live. Manifesting doesn’t work, by the way (and if it did, you would not be writing now.) You are a Sun Cancer woman with stelliums in Libra, Aries, Cancer. You have a T-Square at 27 and 28 of the Cardinals so you’re in the toughest cycle in 248 years – or were. You are slowly coming out of it. Pluto has been going across 27, 28 Capricorn, the other Cardinal sign, triggering what is known as a T-Square. T is for ‘tough’ basically. 2024 will be much, much easier than 2023 ever was and by 2025 you will have forgotten this. What you are waiting for is for Pluto to push off from 27, 28 degrees of Capricorn and he does this straight after Christmas. This does not mean you have to do nothing until then, just pursue things as you always do, but know that once he passes 29 Capricorn and then vanishes from that sign altogether on January 21st, you are in the clear. Logic says, the end of the year is when people move out or sell, or rent their place out – there’s movement at Christmas and New Year. That should, by rights, help you a lot with your choices.

  40. Hi Jessica I was wondering that there must be a lot of us with Jupiter In Capricorn retrograde at 28 in our charts and Pluto of course is sitting on this does that mean Jupiter is activated again for us in terms of events , opportunities expansions ?I have this Jupiter at 28 Cap R . Thankyou for fixing the Current Planetary Positions for us I can now see this .

    1. Good question. Jupiter at 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House of position, mission and ambition is a natal symbol of the opportunist; the explorer; the person who gives back and recycles his or her good fortune with the profession, unpaid work or academic career so that others gain too. Jupiter is a growing and going concern in Capricorn and around age 12, 24, 36 your C.V. will show that, if you took what you were offered every time. Now Pluto is in a transiting conjunction you have quite powerful people and organisations trying to take over. To dominate. By pushing back you gain. So you will need self-control here but you will (for example) see a promotion, new job, big hit, award and similar outcomes by January 2024, if you try.

  41. Hi Jessica. Thank you for this post! My husband and I really want to sell our house and move, to the countryside or maybe abroad. Unfortunantly the housemarket crashed last spring (2022) and we had to delay our plans. We long for a new start, and I want to ask you (again) if you can see this happen in the near future, hopefully in the coming year. My husband (born 15 july 1978) has Jupiter in 19 cancer and sun in 22 cancer. I was hoping for something big to happen when Jupiter passed my sun and Venus in Taurus, nothing so far, but keeping hope!

    1. Thank you. This will work out for you when Jupiter is further along. Jupiter at 0 Taurus was in a transiting conjunction with your natal Sun at 0 Taurus in the Second House of money, property, shopping, valuables, charity and business. Your husband’s Cancer (property) patterns are miles away from that, though, and he is half the bargain. You also had the Taurus-Scorpio lunar nodal opposition to put up with and of course that inner conflict in your chart about ‘my money’ and ‘our money/his money’ which you have anyway, in Taurus and Scorpio, was underlined. Cue crash. Now the nodes are out of Scorpio and Taurus and things look much better. You have Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer factors as late as 23, 24, 29 degrees and his Sun at 22 Cancer is pretty close, so you’d be watching the opportunities when transiting Jupiter finally gets going in April 2024, going 22-29 degrees until May, the following month. Jupiter is always the solution. The rest is up to you.

  42. Hi Jessica
    I’m always amazed at your predictions and esp with other commenters. Thank you for what you do for us.
    I have had the best and worst 6.5 yrs of my life to date (2/17 – 7/23). After my first divorce I married a man that I had only known for a few years and hadn’t known him well other than the immense love he emanated which of course turned into the marriage/friendship of my dreams, just to lose him to a horrific terminal illness in the end. I’m currently still in a trauma based depression over why we were cheated from such an amazing life together. I have a stellium in libra, Leo, Virgo, sag and am trying to find some beauty in the horrible ending of such an amazing loving time of my life. I’ve had plenty of people tell me to write a book… I’m afraid to relive the experiences again. although wonder how many I would help in doing so.

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. I am so very sorry you lost your husband. I am sure you are living with depression as a result. I hope the depression ends for you; Marian Keyes has useful things to say about depression running its course, which I hope it does as soon as possible. You have a large Libra stellium from 3 to 27 degrees – the sign of marriage and also of widows and widowers. It’s also the sign of divorce and remarriage. You were born to be in partnerships of all kinds. There will be others. Some will be professional. Some will be platonic. One will be romantic, of course. This is all a very long way down the track, but when Jupiter goes into Libra in 2029 you could easily marry a third time. No need to think about that now. Have a look at the feature on the South Node in Libra and Libra Season. You are now in the karmic rebalancing phase of your life, not only with the husband you lost to illness, but also with your first husband. Things will happen to you over the next year or two, which help you settle scores or balance the karmic books. You are owed. You may owe, too. But harmony is coming.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this wonderful and promising post!
    My natal Jupiter is apparently very much under the influence of the square with Neptune. All my hard work and projects in my life seem fading half-way under the weight of this aspect in my chart.
    Since a few years, every thing is totally messed up in my life. Nothing is under my control. Presently, I have property issues (out of my control), and I am desperately looking for a job while being in the Graduate school (I have been in Studies my entire life), but I don’t have any factor in Virgo. What does that mean for me? Any insight from you would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you. This isn’t the transiting square from Neptune to natal Jupiter. I am sorry you are having a rotten time, but you can help fix it once you know what is going on. You are heavily Sagittarius and Pisces. You have stelliums there. Studying your entire life is Sagittarian. Being ‘messed up’ is Pisces: it rules the sea, with flotsam and jetsam, seaweed and general mess. You have had Neptune transiting Pisces and Saturn transiting Pisces. Either one or both have triggered this in your chart. If we go back to what works for you, it’s quite true, it’s actually Jupiter in Pisces. You gain from religion. You benefit from therapy. You see rewards when you are hypnotised. You have the advantage with Tarot or mediumship. You are lucky with therapists. What is true about your chart is that what you earn from a job, may be different from who you are. So to get paid work, part-time or full-time, you may need to set aside your Sagittarian leanings towards academia, foreigners, foreign countries, publishing and the worldwide web – just for a time – and set aside your basic nature, which is escapist and does not belong in the normal, real world. You can leave those parts of yourself for something after work. But yes, you need to work, and thinking laterally about jobs and what they should be, will help you. Once Saturn and Neptune are both out of Pisces life will be far more manageable. That’s not too far away.

  44. Hello Jessica,
    Your article is a ray of hope to keep going through tough times. My Jupiter is in Sagittarius ♐ 5th house in tight conjunction with uranus opposite venus and quincunx sun.. It has helped me only when transiting Jupiter passes through aries.. I am still waiting for that windfall to happen..!

    1. Thank you. You actually have Jupiter in Sagittarius in the Ninth House using the Natural House System. It’s not about windfalls. It’s about a lifelong pattern of fortunate expansion and growth through foreign countries and foreign people, often online, but also academically or in the world of books. Watch what happens when the Sun forms a conjunction to natal Jupiter later this year; that should make it obvious in a fleeting way.

  45. When will this cloud over my head disappear? Feeling like i’m living in a big hole.
    Any insight

    1. I can see it in your chart. You were born with Saturn at 4 Libra. The planet of restriction and. heavy reality is currently under transit by Saturn himself at 4 Pisces. Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Saturn. You were also born with Panacea at 3 Pisces and so transiting Saturn is close by at 4 Pisces and will go to 3 Pisces from August 26th. Have a look at any medication, substances, drugs or alcohol you are using as Panacea rules those matters and Saturn ‘on’ Panacea is a reality check about the same. The transits of Saturn at 3, 4 which are timing this big hole/cloud will stop on September 7th, return in January 2024 then be over. You won’t have this for another 29 years. In the meantime there are practical things you can do which have worked for other people. Use Paul McKenna’s hypnosis (the two ‘Happy’ sessions) on YouTube. Read the testimonials. Understand you are not alone in going through this and everybody has their Saturn transits in life. I expect you’ve seen your doctor already. Maybe a second opinion would also be good. Walking works. Walking in a group works especially well. Search ‘Depression and walking’ on Google and also Google Scholar if you want to see the research. Saturn is a symbol of what you cannot get out of, and also what you cannot get into. The rings around Saturn represents walls, fences and gates which can feel very heavy, psychologically and emotionally. You can read more about Saturn on this website, in your flipbooks, and around the web in general and see what others have to say about dealing with the transit. I am sorry you are going through it. It will end. Until then you can really help how you are feeling by hypnosis and walking. Also, strongly recommended is CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) which is a proven way to help with depression. Complicated and long name for something basic. Convert negative thoughts quite deliberately to positive thoughts. You can do this with a diary. Write down the negative ‘fact’ and convert it. Again, there are websites which can help you with this, but it may be that a professional psychologist who specialises in CBT can assist.

  46. Hi Jessica,

    This article was much needed. Most astrologers online generally speak of Jupiter as the ‘great benefic’ without going into the effects of natal oppositions. So I’m glad you added information on that – especially the focus on Scorpio factors. Jupiter in Taurus hasn’t been all that beneficial for me – now I understand why.

    As for my natal Jupiter, I can see that it interacts with several other placements in my chart.

    Jupiter: 16 Sagittarius
    Fortuna: 16 Virgo
    Salacia: 15 Aquarius
    North Node: 15 Gemini
    South Node: 15 Sagittarius

    I have never felt particularly lucky when it comes to Sagittarian matters.

    I moved to North America in my late teens and have had a tough time ever since then – especially financially and career-wise. While I’m glad overall that I did it, that international relocation hasn’t led to an easy life.

    I love attaining higher education (not surprising with my large Sagittarius stellium), but my educational efforts have also been hampered and interrupted multiple times due to various issues. What I have achieved academically so far has been hard-fought and hard-won.

    I suppose this would be due to the natal factors in Gemini.

    Although, out of those, is the North Node at 15 Gemini especially responsible for opposing luck from my Jupiter placement?

    I also wonder if Fortuna at 16 Virgo squaring my Jupiter plays a role in dampening the luck?

    Lastly, does my Vesta at 26 Gemini opposing my Neptune at 27 Sagittarius amplify all the above?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping us all understand ourselves better.

    1. Thank you. Your large Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House contains Jupiter, the ruler of the sign, which is unusual. You are a lifetime ‘student of life’ and also a mentor, guide and influence for others, no matter if you formalise your role as teacher or not. you’ve had problems with education and academia and the culprit is usually mutable sign transits, square and in opposition to Sagittarius. These were most remarkable in 2020, the year the pandemic began, with the lunar nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, but also Neptune in Pisces. This traffic in your chart is not over but stay the course, literally, or the courses (plural) as eventually these mutable sign cycles disappear in 2026 and you will find you have Pluto sextile your Sagittarius stellium, and then Neptune trine this. When things are challenging, Jupiter protects. You will always have a safety net with Jupiter. So do persist because you are here to learn and also to teach, no matter if you do this formally or informally. Foreigners and foreign countries will always be involved.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks so much for your post.
    Since Jupiter will be in Taurus until next year, may I ask if there’s anything I should pay attention to maximize Jupiter’s energy when she’s in Taurus?
    Thank you!

    1. Jupiter in Taurus is about ample opportunity to resolve financial, charity, business or property questions in a big way, so not just fixing the issue, but opening the doors to benefits for you and others too. You have the MC at 1 Taurus and Proserpina at 20 Taurus. Jupiter already passed your MC so you were given a chance to have more, or save more in May 2023. He goes to 20 Taurus in April 2024. Uranus is also at 20 Taurus in April 2024 so that looks like a life-changing month for you, with more independence and freedom. Have a look at Proserpina in Taurus in your chart on Search and in your flipbook library here.

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