The Pisces Weather on Zoom

The Pisces weather of 2024 can be navigated with the Tarot and your astrology chart.

Pisces Season 2024 and Beyond

Our Zoom Meetup on the weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March, focussed on the Pisces season of 2024.

This is the link to the recording, if you missed it. 

The Pisces weather began on February 18th – when the Sun entered Pisces. It began to roll again from February 23rd – when Mercury entered Pisces. On February 24th the Full Moon in Virgo against the Sun in Pisces, increased the wave.

These tides in the chart line up with Saturn and Neptune, both slow-moving factors also in Pisces. It’s quite a lot and it produces a climate.

Pisces 2 300x200 - The Pisces Weather on ZoomHow Are You Affected?

The climate change in astrology is shown by events in your life. Your solar (Sun Sign) chart shows how you are publicly affected. Your natal (birth) chart shows how you are privately affected.  

Aries – Therapy, counselling, mediums, dreams, Buddhism, religion, hypnosis, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychics, medication or complementary medicine for anxiety, depression, insomnia.

Taurus – Friends, groups, communities, circles, social life, social media, teams, clubs. Trade unions, jazz bands, political parties. Church groups, Mumsnet, Meetups.

Gemini – Success, ambition, position, mission. Status and prestige. Making it. The top of the mountain. Top people and top jobs. Top results. The system.

Cancer – Foreigners and foreign countries, the web, publishing, academia. Multiculturalism in your own country. Broad horizons. The big global picture.

Leo – Finance, business, property, valuables, charity. Mortgage and marriage. Banks. Interest rates. Legacies, wills and inheritance. Shares. Joint matters – shared. Divorce settlements. De facto relationship rentals.

Virgo – Partners of all kinds, duets and duels, differences and pairings. Marriage, divorce, separation, double acts. The two of you together, or one against one.

Libra – Lifestyle, health, wellbeing, workload, unpaid work, housework, academia, medical matters. Surgeons, doctors, complementary medicine. Service and duty.

Scorpio – Courtship, the bedroom, babies, infants, children, teenagers, a younger generation. Godchildren and stepchildren. Pregnancy and IVF. Abortion.

Sagittarius – House, apartment, property investment, home, family, household, town, country. Where you come from and where you feel you belong.

Capricorn – Internet, media, short journeys, siblings, cousins, neighbours. Your brother or sister, in connection with the web. Communication.

Aquarius – Finance, valuables, property, charity, business. Your values. Your life budget. Shares. Everything you own, earn or owe.

Pisces – Image, appearance, reputation, photographs, film clips, reputation, name, title. How you are seen from the outside. The external or superficial you.

pisces 300x169 - The Pisces Weather on ZoomNew Dates To Use in Pisces Weather

March 10th – New Moon in Pisces
March 11th – Venus enters Pisces
March 22nd – Mars enters Pisces

Every date here will increase the waves of change in your horoscope in relation to the life area above. You are building up to a really fortunate turning point.  That shift comes on May 23rd – when Neptune at 29 Pisces is sextile Jupiter at 29 Taurus. Astrology and the Tarot (its sister) are really about navigating. Finding a compass and using it.

Finally, in 2024, we see the tides turn backwards as the two slow-moving outer planets, Saturn and Neptune, go retrograde. These dates are also really important as you will see the classic repetition of the retrograde begin.

June 29th – Saturn Retrograde at 19 Pisces
July 2nd – Neptune Retrograde at 29 Pisces

Using the Tarot to Navigate

In our Zoom session which you can see recorded here,  we asked the Tarot on my website ‘How can I best navigate Pisces weather?’ The aim is to have the enjoyable holiday from reality that Neptune in Pisces can offer, but to remain anchored in the real world so that we do not lost touch with reality, which Neptune in Pisces can also bring.

Tarot Deck The Magician 300x200 - The Pisces Weather on ZoomIf you missed the session you can draw a card now. If you have the card from your session, keep it on your desktop.

We spoke about how to really use Pamela Colman Smith’s Tarot in some depth, in the Zoom.

By the way, if you are a Premium Member or Sun Sign School student, the Astrology and Tarot Meetup sessions are always complimentary. You just need to be a member and waitlist to receive your invitation. Find the group nearest you, which may be in New York, London or Sydney. This is the American Astrology and Tarot Meetup group.

Your Natal Chart and Pisces Factors

If you have anything in Pisces in your natal chart, in the Twelfth House of inner life and solitude, you will already be feeling this climate change quite strongly.

The two fishes swim in opposite directions in your Twelfth House of solitude, mystery, enigma, mysticism. Quantum mechanics or God? Einstein was a Pisces. Two realities, neither of them real.

This is where we find nuns and monks. It is where we find sceptics whose belief in parallel universes, not God, is itself a kind of belief. Psychologists and psychiatrists belong to the Twelfth House. You may have had therapy or counselled others. Jung belongs here.

The Invisible Twelfth House

The Twelfth is invisible, below the surface, like fish in the sea. It has no boundaries with time and space so spirit people belong here and hauntings. Chakras and the aura belong here. The Tarot is here.

It shows up in the Smith-Waite Tarot as clouds; shifting sands; water. You always have to ask what is behind or below, with the Twelfth House.

If it’s invisible and it’s solitary but it’s as important to you as anything else, it’s Twelfth House. If you have a stellium in Pisces, then you inhabit your Twelfth House more, than other people do. This is a short podcast about that, below.

Stelliums in Pisces

Stelliums in Pisces – four, five, six or more factors – indicate you live alone a lot of the time. Or you may be surrounded by people (which is not good for you) but be absent. So, absent-minded. Deaf. Blind, partly or wholly. You are in your own room, in your own head.

It’s not popular nor fashionable in modern life to be a loner but people with a Pisces stellium need solitude because there is so much going on for them with God, the Buddha, the Tarot, their therapist, their dream interpretation and so on. Pisces has its own reality. Its own private inner universe.

Saturn and Neptune Together

Saturn and Neptune are together in Pisces – March 8th 2023 until February 14th 2026. You can read more about this co-transit here. Because Pisces is actually ruled by Neptune in your birth chart and rules your Twelfth House too, we’re seeing a super transit.

Pisces in Chartres Cathedral Wikimedia Commons 300x230 - The Pisces Weather on ZoomIf you remember how we were all made to stay at home in 2020 to avoid infecting each other with Covid, you’ll recall weeks or even months of solitude. This was part of the Neptune in Pisces transit.

To avoid Covid, people in far larger numbers than usual, have been anti-social in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. They have avoided parties and clubs, theatres and bands, festivals and gatherings indoors.

So, you might say, this strong Twelfth House transit has coincided with millions withdrawing. When that happens, people go within. Why? Because there is only so much television they can watch.

Sleep and dream patterns changed in 2020 when we were at home for so long. Often, home alone. This is another outcome of the Neptune in Pisces transit. We went into this Neptune in Pisces cycle in some depth at the Zoom. 

The Neptune and Saturn Co-Transit of Pisces

This co-transit belongs to: God, religion, spirituality, Buddhism, therapy, counselling, hypnosis, psychology, psychiatry, meditation, the Tarot, psychics, mediumship and above all – the solitude one might expect of a nun or monk in a cell.

Neptune is about altered states. So – prayer, miracles, L.S.D. and other mind-altering drugs. Alcohol.

Neptune is confused and confusing. A bit like some religions.

In previous co-transits:

The Church of England passed a new divorce act. In 2024, a divorced couple are on the throne; they head up the Church of England and both committed adultery.
Chloroform was used for the first time in the last co-transit of Saturn and Neptune.
Pfizer was founded with this Saturn and Neptune cycle. The same people who have made a Covid vaccine.

daily pisces 300x300 - The Pisces Weather on Zoom

True Predictions About Pisces Weather and the Jews

Back on 19th September 2021, almost three years ago, you read my prediction about Saturn in Pisces and the Jews. 

The astrology forecast covered critical times for all religions and here we are in 2024 with Gaza and the hard question of Palestinians.

This prediction took us to the year 2026. The crisis for the Church of England in regard to Charles III and Camilla and the line of succession is yet to unfold, but sadly Gaza is a reality today.

 The Pisces North Node is Coming

From January 12th 2025 until July 26th 2026 the North Node is in Pisces. At the Zoom event, you also drew a Tarot card to see how you could navigate this next wave of Pisces weather.

Karma from 18-19 years prior is at work then, so what happened from June 23rd 2006 to December 18th 2007 suggests you owe, or are owed. It will be in relation to your solar chart (life areas mentioned at the top of this feature) and there will be karmic closure and settlement. The Zoom recording will show you how so many readers were able to use the Tarot to peer into the future, in real time.


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64 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    I unfortunately missed out on the Zoom , (thanks to my home plumbing playing up) ,I really wanted to get some insight as I have Pisces stelliums as well as my moon and Venus being in Pisces
    I am going through a major changes in my life ,I have been in the same company and profession (medical) for over a decade and have recently quit due to negative work culture , myself and 4 other co-workers in the same week resigned ! ….and guessing more will be ,I have got a another job its a different field a little nervous ,but I feel a great relief that I have a income still coming in and I will be leaving a negative environment
    I had some health issues but they are getting better and I am guessing stress played a big part ,the solitude you mention with Pisces ,I have been single for 5 years ,I would like to meet a good man ,however whilst I have friends and I do attend social events ,I do not meet anyone and I am not comfortable with dating apps ,I suppose its the era I come from .
    I have seen the solitude you mention with Pisces ,my favourite uncle who passed away last year was single all his life ,and by choice he liked his solitude he was very popular but liked being on his own ,my grandma said ever since he was a kid he was like that he would play with the other kids then would have enough grab his fishing rod and off he would go down the river, and his birthday is coming up soon and coincidentally ,I start the new job on his birthday ,think he is looking out for me ,how ever I do not choose to be single and I hope this is not my fate ,I am hoping the Pisces stelliums might have some insight how I could change this area of my life

    1. Alicia Fulton will have a Zoom recording for you this week. You are single and want a partner. You are a Sun Taurus and have been single for five years. There will be an opportunity to live with someone new when Jupiter goes into Leo from 2026 and from 2027, the option of becoming a co-parent or co-godparent/aunt/uncle to a younger generation. That does not mean you sit on your hands until 2026. The key for you is taking the pressure out of relationships by seeing them as friendships or companionship in 2024, 2025. You can think about commitment later on. Marriage is entirely possible when Jupiter goes into Scorpio as it picks up your solar and natal chart at the same time. So that’s 2029.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Amazing article, like always. I am a Virgo, Leo rising with a stellium in Libra. For the last 7 years I have been waiting for my husband to sign my divorce papers but he refuses because of money and health insurance issues. I am 60 years old and I am still hoping to meet someone. Could you, please tell me how the Pisces weather is going to affect me?
    Thank you, Alina

    1. Thank you. As a Virgo you are at the tail end of Pluto in your Fifth House of sexual relationships and Neptune-Saturn in your Seventh House of divorce, partnership and remarriage. Alina, 2024 is the last time you will have to deal with all these transits together, so it is your sign-off year. You also have the North Node of karma in your Eighth House of couples’ finance and exes’ finance. Again, this is the last year you will have to deal with that, alongside these other issues. So it is a slow exit and once the karma is complete you will be free to remarry.

  3. Hi Jessica thank you both for the great Zoom again last night!
    I drew the lovers card first time and 10 of cups for the second one,clouds and water in the second although not sure if the first is water or sky.
    Having Virgo factors being opposed with Pisces transits you mentioned health and dealing with them,hopefully nothing too serious and nothing other than my lifelong conditions that I already have and accept.Any insight appreciated.Thank you

    1. The Lovers shows you a relationship with the opposite sex which will feel like a vacation from the real world. Over the long-term, the potential is there for you to enjoy a delightful lifestyle with a partner and younger generation.

  4. Dear Jessica
    Great session as always. I have been following your instructions for astrology delivery dates and indeed, as predicted I have noticed a significant influx of income recently. This is mostly due to an improved image at work and recognition of my accomplishments. I have worked with a personal coach for the past year, which helped tremendously with the image. I am also on track for a promotion, but the latter seems to be stuck for reasons beyond my control. I am hoping that from what you mentioned during the Zoom meeting that May will show a change with this situation. I drew the Lovers card, then the Ace of cups during our Zoom. I also indeed am facing an issue with my Gemini brother who is in deep debt and seems stuck in his ability to find work. His life seems to be have been in a stuck pattern for almost 30 years. Thank you again for all your guidance.

    1. Thank you. People have been getting more income or lump sums, using Astrology Delivery and you are one of them. That’s great. The Lovers shows the potential for you to be in a relationship with the opposite sex, which is a holiday from reality. The Ace of Cups is about the long-term future as you were asking about the North Node in Pisces. There is potential for you to join or become more deeply involved in a group of people with powerful soul connections. They would be spiritual, religious or give you a spiritual experience.

  5. Thank you so much Jessica! Fascinating and helpful. You drew 9 of pentacles which I identify with, having the moon at 9 degrees capricorn. The cards I drew during the Zoom are The High Priestess followed by Eight of Wands. I think it’s telling me that I already know the answer and to get a move on! But that interpretation may be too literal? I see no clouds, water or feet off the ground in The High Priestess but her dress looks flowing like water? In the 8 of wands there’s a river and lots of air and the wands are off the ground.

    I appreciate hearing back whatever you read into this and my chart. My questions always seem to be about where to live (between 2 choices) and when to make the move. Oh I am also handling Virgo/health improvements through physical therapy which feels good 🙂

    Thanks again for the Zoom session!

    1. Thank you. The High Priestess is a terrific pointer to your potential in Pisces weather, to learn or teach. Pisces is associated with mystery and also the priesthood, as well as spirituality. So this is you, or a tutor (or guide) finding a way through all that is mystical. That is out there for you. Your second card was about the long-term future as we were asking about the North Node in Pisces cycle, far ahead. The Eight of Wands or Staves is telling you that a group you will be involved with, could fall in a heap, unless action is taken to bring the group together and help it restructure.

  6. Good morning from Atlanta, Georgia, Jessica! I received the nine of cups for the Pisces weather. Can you please tell me what that might mean for me? thank you.

    1. The Nine of Cups shows a smug, happy figure in front of a circle of cups. They represent a team, club or other community of people. The Pisces part of the story is the face of the person in the card. He or she is unaware; in a world of their own. Removed from reality! This is you or a person who fronts your circle. There will be a great need to wake up and realise that people are individuals with independent needs in the community or network. Unless attention is paid to everybody in turn, somebody may leave. In fact, two people may go. And then a third.

  7. Hi Jessica! I am new to Astrology and slowly learning as there is so much to learn! I am fascinated by the depth of your articles, insights and thoroughly enjoyed my first zoom session. That said, I’m struggling to understand how the Pisces weather is, and will be, affecting my natal and solar charts in 2024-2026. I have Venus 12 Pisces and Chiron 29 Pisces but also have other factors at 19 and 29. Do these factor into the Pisces weather (Panacea 29 Sagittarius, Saturn 19 Aries, Diana 19 Virgo, Fortuna 19 Libra)? Additionally, I have a few factors at 28 degrees (Neptune 28 Scorpio and Ops 28 Capricorn). Are these close enough to make a difference (especially with the Saturn and Neptune co-transit in Pisces)? Thank you so much for your guidance, insight and time. All my best regards.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the other factors aspecting your Pisces placements, will play a part in what happens. If you are new to astrology it can be quite challenging to learn about aspects, and particularly transits to natal aspecting planets – and also to read both solar and natal charts together. To keep life simple, Saturn goes from 3 to 19 Pisces in 2024. You will have transiting Saturn in conjunction with natal Venus at 12 Pisces in March and November. So, the complicated relationship (Venus) you have with people who are important to your self-help, Tarot, religion, hypnosis, therapy, mediumship, dreams (Pisces) will be temporarily tested and challenged by Saturn. That’s one story taking place in your Twelfth House. There are no aspects to Venus at 12 Pisces in your chart, so it’s a simple transit. With Neptune, we find him going from 25 to 29 Pisces in 2024. He will form a conjunction with your natal Chiron at 29 Pisces in your Twelfth House. Ops at 28 Capricorn and Neptune at 28 Scorpio are very close, just one degree away. So this is a story about your ability to get away with the so-called impossible or unthinkable (Chiron) when you are by yourself, focussed on your religion, self-help, Tarot, therapy and so on (Pisces and the Twelfth House). Whenever you do this, there is an automatic connection with your career, academic career or unpaid work (Ops in Capricorn) but also your financial, business, charity or property life (Neptune in Scorpio). So natally this is a big part of who you are. The transit from Neptune at 28, 29 Pisces will temporarily unground you in 2024. It will transport you into another reality so it is important to stay anchored. When you meditate, for example, or take drugs (even prescribed drugs), use alcohol – you will need to be mindful of the risk of becoming confused and also confusing to others. You are already rather Piscean. The Neptune transit will likely show up as a person, organisation or situation which floats above normal life; offers escapism; bears no relationship to the real world. As this can and does have an impact on your career (Capricorn) and your financial security (Scorpio) you’d want to be well aware of that.

  8. Hi Jessica, I’m a Sun Libra with Pisces as my sixth house. For a tarot card to guide me in Pisces weather I drew the Ten of Cups. What should I expect? Thanks

    1. The Ten of Cups shows a happy couple with children and a delightful home. Your Sixth House is your lifestyle. The potential for you in Pisces weather is a rewarding lifestyle for you and the people who matter to you.

  9. Hi jessica.
    Great event. Thank you very much! The first card I pulled was 6 of pentacles and the 2nd was “the Fool”. My husband (22/08/73 12:33p same birthplace as me) is supposed to fly out for a possible opportunity for work and we are in the midst of a ridiculous snowstorm. He has so much prepared and only a day to fly across the country for this. They are foreigners living in our country that are interested in him running a business they just purchased. It is in a dream location for him but I am not sure whether he will make it there. He has had many career disappointments lately and is highly qualified so this will really be upsetting if it doesn’t work out. I know the fool is to be careful so of course we will heed that advice. Any decisions he makes are also mine. Can you please give me any information, advice, clarity. Thank you so much, again!

    1. Thank you for coming along to our weekend Zoom on the Pisces weather. The Six of Pentacles or Coins is a major handout of money. It is donated, given or lent. That first Tarot card shows you the future of the Pisces weather ahead and the potential. For you it is financial. You could end up being so rich that you can help others who are less fortunate by giving them a handout. The Fool was about the long-term future; the North Node in Pisces. That shows emigration or foreign travel and the need to be cautious about the risks. The Fool is not watching where she or he is going. When this comes around, you and/or your husband should check the airline, the location, the accommodation very carefully to avoid putting a foot wrong. You are far too early with your husband’s snowstorm flight – the Tarot in that session was about the months and years ahead, not now. If you need advice on your husband’s flight now, do use the Tarot though. And give yourself second and third opinions by using The Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle on my website.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I joined the Zoom and it was its typical good forum.
    I have a pile-up in Pisces – the transiting big planets plus natal Sun, Mercury and Vesta. I’m also framed by stelliums in Aries [6] and Aquarius [4 planets, then there’s Pluto]. I see my natal Saturn and Pluto being drawn into play, but I can’t seem to bring it all together for the message. I drew The Devil for Pisces weather (which can only mean the future!), and The Moon for Pisces NN (this resonates, I think about moving). Good luck with this, I got dizzy chasing my tail interpreting it.

    1. The Devil shows you with the opposite sex, figuring out how to break free of a situation which ties you both down. You were asking about the future, correct. You have Pluto at 1 Libra in the Seventh House of sexual partnerships – past, present, potential – and transiting Pluto will move to 1 Aquarius repeatedly, triggering intense change. The Moon is about either this person, or a substitute partner, further on in time. The two of you will have to decide if you share the same path ahead, or go your separate ways.

  11. Dear Jessica, I wanted to attend, but unfortunately I had no internet and could not join in. I read your notes on pisces weather, and am looking forward to the recording . As a pisces Stellium, I believe to be quite affected. I drew a card on your question and had the 8 coins, makes sense to me, as I lost my job unfortunately and hope to be back in a job by June. I drew the card, what am I not seeing, that I need…and had the fool. Hmm I know it in a way and in the other I am lost. Parallel to the job search I am setting up a Reiki and energy practice, and plan to run it on a small level but hopefully more and more, also thought as creating an outcome in future, as I am quite advanced in age and something I am passionate about. I listened to the pisces podcast above and it was really great, and I think I will listen a couple of times more, so much is said. Can you see if the path for the next months seems okay, and what can the fool mean, as a pisces I am often in danger of being fooled of fooling myself, but it is also a sunny card with a dog. I decided last year for the first time not to adopt a dog at the moment, due to my personal circumstances.Thank you

    1. The Eight of Coins (Pentacles) does indeed show you working hard and making steady money in Pisces weather. This also takes you into Aries weather in April which is your finance cycle. The Tarot is backing your desire to be back in a job by June 2024. The card revealing what you are not seeing, is about travel. The Fool is about a trip you intend to take, or a relocation. There is a warning there about the journey itself or the place, so do some research before you go. Read Pamela’s Tarot for the longer interpretation; it is in your library here.

  12. Good morning, Jessica! Thank you for the intriguing zoom session! So interesting. You always give a lot to think about, and are so unique and in-depth in your interpretations. I drew the Knight of Cups for this year and six of Pentacles for 2025-26. Am I correct in interpreting the first as following my passion (a specific new book) and the latter as a great financial outcome? I hope so, bc I have plans to use that kind of money for a philanthropic idea.
    Thank you again.♥️

    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you to say. The Knight of Cups is a man on his way to see you, from another region or country. Meet him halfway as he is sincere and has a lot to offer you. You are a Sun Taurus and the Pisces transits in 2024 make a welcoming, soft angle to your Sun. Looking further into the future, the North Node in Pisces suggests you will live out your Taurus potential and be so wealthy you can afford to give to charity, or indeed back a philanthropic idea which benefits the needy.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been a member for 2 short months, but have already spent much time combing through your perspectives. Thank you. Right now, I’m wising up to how much was transformed in me as Pluto transited Capricorn. I’m a Capricorn stellium – one of those early 1990-born folks with Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, DSC, and some asteroids clustered there. I’m also an Aquarius stellium; importantly, my South Node is there at 16 degrees.

    I’ve been searching for that SN “owed or am owed” karma from 18-19 years ago and… I think I nailed it. My sister and I grew up splitting time between our mom and dad’s houses. Mom’s house was definitely a more comforting place for us, and there was always a tension going over to dad’s. Him and his new wife were/are very religious, strict, punishment-oriented. Well, 18-19 years ago is exactly when, after some sort of fight, I told my dad I wasn’t coming over anymore and kind of freed myself from the environment. My sister, though, kept the current arrangement and would still go there every other weekend. She told me a few nights ago that she “guesses” she was glad she stayed but that she was guilted for the remaining years because I left. Come to think of it, she often uses that word “guilt” when describing her relationships with them, even to this day. When I compare her natal chart to mine, you can just about see this story playing out – it’s truly bizarre. My sister and I are close – we thank our loving, intuitive mother, whose nurturing has always watched over us, so her and I will be able to find a resolution point. I don’t think she blames me.

    I’m just curious about your thoughts and maybe if you have any additional insight to add? I also simply wanted to share this story with the group in the event that it could help someone else on their cosmic journey.

    Thanks Jessica!

    1. Thanks Ross. The cycle of 18-19 years delivered by the lunar nodes always reveals what you are owed, or must repay, in order for there to be karmic closure. The current cycle is in Libra-Aries which for you as a Capricorn, falls in your Tenth House of ambition and Fourth House of family. On the last cycle you parted company with your father. Your sister kept the ties. Now we are in 2024 and what happened back then, with your dad and sister, is now coming around. This also shows in your natal chart. It’s the same story told twice. You have factors in Gemini in the Third House of siblings and Cancer in the Fourth House of family. From May 2024, Jupiter goes through Gemini and then Cancer, so ongoing, you will be rewarded via her, then via the whole family. The cycle runs through 2025, 2026 and you will find life comes full circle for you.

  14. Thanks for the session, Jessica. I enjoyed it, but I had a specific question. I feel like my life got upended on Friday, March 1. My dog passed away unexpectedly that day, so I’ve been in grief for him. On the very same day, my landlord called to say she is going to sell the house I’ve been living in for 15 years. A year ago, this would have been great news, as I had called and asked if I could buy the house from her. But since then, things have changed. I’ve been out of work since June and have bled into my savings. Which means not only would I have a hard time buying this house, I’d have a hard time getting into any other house as well to rent or buy. I haven’t felt this uncertain and ungrounded since the 2008 financial crisis. During the session, I drew the Ace of Wands, which has a nice big cloud in it. So I drew a clarifying one, which was the Lovers. Another cloud. The Ace of Wands I hope means new opportunities, and I see a house in the background as well. Not sure if it’s me leaving the old house or finding a new one. Can’t make heads or tails of the Lovers, as I’m not in a relationship nor am I seeking one. FYI, I know you focus a lot on the escapism of Neptune, but I do not drink alcohol or do drugs, despite being a Pisces. Morning and afternoon tea is my vice. But I feel like I’m up in the air or being tossed around by a huge wave I can’t control. Thanks!

    1. I am sorry you lost your dog and now you are looking for a new home too. Both these events are linked. You will be shown opportunities to move to a neighbouring location, or given a good chance for a better home life through a neighbour, in 2024. In fact, you will have a far better lifestyle and sense of belonging to a place, from May 2024 until June 2025. The Tarot was showing you something quite different. There is a tremendous idea which could become a solid project or plan, if you plant it. Again this would be from May 2024 onwards as Jupiter goes through Gemini, the sign of brainwaves. The Lovers clarified that for you, by telling you that a sexual relationship would be involved (former, current or potential).

  15. Hi Jessica,
    I am your avid fan and always looking forward to your valuable insights.
    I am looking for a change in career, have been religiously following the booking dates method and certain other practices but have had no luck till now.
    Even though Jupiter is in Taurus, that too in my career sector…I’ve still had no luck with an opportunity that aligns with my passion.

    Your guidance is very much appreciated in advance.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus who has had good booking windows for a new job or promotion since the Aquarius weather of February. It takes time to deliver which is why you are yet to get a new career. Jupiter is in Taurus, not in your career sector at all, but in your Second House of finance, natally. So you have opportunities to make or save money until May 2024. Professional advancement will take longer as the Aquarius transits are also long-term. So, for example, there are transits in Aquarius as 2025 begins. Those are really important.

  16. Hi Jessica! It was a great Zoom session, lots of good insights.
    I got the first card – Nine of Swords – and this card worries me, as you can tell, I’m a very Virgo person. The next card I drew for the Pisces North Node was 8 of Pentacles. Can you please help me make sense of these cards?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you for coming to the Zoom event. The Nine of Swords shows you the meditation, self-hypnosis or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which will enhance your sleep and increase your peace of mind. Pisces/Twelfth House is about the inner world, as we discussed during the Zoom and you will be on the road to a far more peaceful life, following challenges to that; you will learn techniques and methods which help you. For the distant future you drew an image of a Virgo hard at work, making steady money. The North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo is the key here; the South Node will cross all those dedicated, methodical, productive Virgo factors in your chart. You are owed, karmically, and will collect financial rewards for sustained service.

  17. Hi Jessica! I have a heavy stellium in Pisces, and there are lot of changes going on in life currently, most significant one being I feel lot more confident and ready to be on my own if need be. I drew the death card when thinking of the Pisces transit. I am hoping to moved to a neighbouring town by 2029. How do you see things panning out?

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a lot of factors in Pisces and Cancer (including Saturn at 2 Cancer). When Pluto moves to 2 Aquarius and aspects natal Saturn in Cancer in your Fourth House of extended family, you can expect the end of an era with an older generation – bringing the younger generation forward. That’s in your natal chart. In your solar chart, as a Taurus, this tallies with Jupiter in Cancer in 2025, then Jupiter in Leo in 2026, both indicating extended family again. You want to move and yes, will be given a solid opportunity to do that, 2025-2026.

  18. Hello Jessica! Thanks for the Pisces zoom session – very insightful. I always look forward to the opportunity to learn from your knowledge! I’m Pisces Sun with Virgo rising. I’ve been challenged in 2023 with a serious accident, long recovery and my job ended in October – lots of upheaval in my life. Since then I’ve been juggling finances to meet all expenses and mortgage. I’m currently looking for employment at an advanced age and studying Reiki as an option for long term income. In the present I’m drawing on my savings. The first Tarot card I drew was Strength which indicates health and healing and the second card for the Pisces future was the 5 Swords. Any insights on my current path and opportunities for 2024 – 2025. Thank you!

    1. Strength is a great card to see. You are both the healer and the healed. The lion is sometimes a Leo symbol and you have the South Node, Apollo and Pluto in Leo. Apollo is important because he was in fact a healer. I am sorry you had to go through a serious accident in order to find the path, but Reiki is valued very highly by many people. The Pisces weather is showing up in two ways; Saturn at 11, 12 Pisces opposing your Virgo factors, at around the time that you had the accident and recovery period, along with the job loss – and in aspect to your Leo placements. This is costing you money but your new, spiritual path as healer is important. The Five of Swords shows you as peacemaker in the future. Again, this takes you back to Reiki, which works on all sorts of levels. If for any reason you find other healing modalities call to you, that is also worth exploring, but the Tarot is telling it to you straight. Have a look at the global healing organisations which draw clients from all over the world. Strength shows your spirit guide very clearly so ask him or her to assist you in finding the right place to be of use, but also a good way to make a living.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for these Pisces writings and audio recordings.
    I have a teenage son 17 years old, whom has a huge stellium in Pisces and another huge stellium in Aquarius. Sun Aquarius , Moon Sagittarius. Such a beautiful soul. It has helped to listen and read your wisdoms on this sign.
    I do feel so much of his journey thus far has been a weaving of sea, time alone, being a sensitive soul and finding his space to Be- in his own company. A lot!
    I do worry as most mothers do, about my Pisces Souled son.
    Can you please share any words of wisdom or feelings to help this young man bloom in a world that is sometimes Pisces unaware and is trying to navigate his way?
    Thank you

    1. Tara, heavily Pisces men need to be alone. He will become more social as Pluto goes through Aquarius over the next 20 years and by the time he is 37 will have been in one or many groups, bands, clubs, teams, communities, collectives, plugging into them and supplying them with what they need. So he’s not a loner. This is a phase he is going through with Neptune and Saturn in Pisces, which ends shortly. From 2026 you will slowly begin to see him taking his part with people power, changing a corner of his world for the better.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for a fun session, I always learn something new!

    I’m very excited about the May 23rd date you mentioned. I live in the US and have a class reunion in London the weekend of the 17th – 19th so will (hopefully!) be traveling then. In fact, I scored a ticket to the French Open on the 23rd which I am unbelievably excited about as I rediscovered tennis a few years ago (I hadn’t picked up my racquet in about 3 decades) and have always wanted to attend the non-US based Grand Slam tournaments! Granted I say “hopefully” traveling because I have a lot of ducks that I need to get in a row before hand, not least of which is getting my passport renewed and COVID precautions! I’m going to take it as a good sign though that it will work out 🙂

    In terms of the tarot, I drew the Queen of Cups for the current/upcoming weather and the Ten of Cups for when the North and South nodes change signs. I have a few relationships that need to be sorted, personal and professional, so wasn’t surprised that the theme repeated.

    I have two questions regarding some things that came up during the call. When you were discussing the nodes, I thought you mentioned something about how the North Node is a carryover (or descriptor?) of your past life and the South is about your current life direction? Did I understand that correctly? My NN is in Aquarius and SN is in Leo (both at 3 degrees), so I wasn’t sure how to interpret that other than maybe an elevation (evolution?) from being part of a group to leading one?

    My second question is regarding health matters (Virgo) during Pisces weather. For me, Virgo is in my IC (3 degrees) and Cupido (21 degrees). I was wondering what Virgo in those signs means / impacts? I have been dealing with symptoms of menopause, digestive issues, neck pain and nerve pain / neuropathy. The neck and nerve pain are exacerbated by my work (long hours on a computer) and stress. I’m going to need to pivot out of my career much sooner than I thought as I am really struggling to physically be able to do this type of work and won’t be able to for much longer, which is fine with me as I don’t love what I do. I have a few ideas of alternate means to make money and have been using astrology to help me time changes / plant seeds, etc. Was just wondering though if there is anything else I should be thinking about with those placements?

    Thanks as always! Regards, Jennifer

    1. Jennifer, your astrological chart is already working for you, as you will be with old schoolfriends in London and at the French Open too – passport and Covid protection allowing. Regarding the lunar nodes, you can look up North Node and South Node on Search on this website, but they both show your last incarnation; the North shows what you took in and absorbed and the South shows how you recycled it and renewed it. In this lifetime, again, you use everything you take from life, to help you renew and recycle. Aquarius-Leo is about the group and the leader, correct. You have seen both sides in your last incarnation and in this life will spend years as leader, or group member, experiencing both. Your health is always shown by factors in Virgo in the Sixth House, the meaning of them and the aspects they make, as well as the transits they receive. Bottom line – health problems arise because you will not consciously do anything about your job, your housework, your unpaid work or your studies. The body cuts in and gets you out, by removing you from it all – sometimes for hours a day, sometimes for entire months. You do not love what you do, and your body has decided to generate an issue which gets you off the computer. Psyche 6 Virgo, Apollo 5 Gemini and Neptune 5 Sagittarius are in a T-Square in your chart. That’s quite rare and the T shape shows up as ‘tense, tight, tests, trials, taut’ and it’s been there your whole life. You have inner conflicts about working for other people (Virgo) and serving them on a daily basis – doing your duty. Jennifer, look at housework and any other unpaid work, as well as your paid job. Sometimes the issue is that you have become a machine, which you are not. Gemini is writing, connecting, communicating, being at a message hub – usually online. Sagittarius is foreigners and foreign countries, so the web as a whole because it’s global. There is tension between those three areas of your life and it’s showing up in your body. You’d want to make sure your next job was not so computer-centred, or involved only one language, for example. That would reduce the T in the T Square.

  21. Hi Jessica, firstly thank you for all your blogs.
    I finally realise that with having a stellium of mostly Pisces in my chart although an Aries according to my Sun sign, this is why I suffer from insomnia, am depressed and anxious. All 3 really only started after early last year after being forced to return to the office.
    I have no clue what the future holds for me, but I am 3 years away from retiring and do have a plan to keep myself busy. I live alone and have done so for 17 years. My late husband passed away in 2006. In the last few years I find myself more and more alone because I refuse to run after people. I have Pisces in mercury, mars, jupiter, chiron, bacchus, aesculpia and eps. What does this all mean for this year?

    1. Thank you. Let’s have a look at the Pisces factors in your chart and any Virgo too, as Virgo rules mental health. Chiron at 8 Pisces is in opposition to Pluto at 8 Virgo. You have the classic Virgo-Pisces inner conflict which results in insomnia, depression and anxiety. Saturn transiting at 8 Pisces triggered it. The issue is always work, lifestyle, housework, daily routine, way of life – which are ruled by Virgo. So, you were born with Chiron in Pisces in the Twelfth House of solitude, meditation, spirituality, hypnosis, dreams, mediumship (the inner life) in conflict with Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House of paid work, unpaid work, wellbeing, daily life. You can retire in three years, which is great, but you may need to reconstruct the 24 hours in your day and the 7 days in your week before then. You can be as radical as you like, but you may want to begin your retirement now, by making changes to your home, to your use of the local area and so on. Pluto in Virgo women do best when they strong-arm control the details of their daily existence. This starts with brushing your teeth and ends with your pillow. You also do best when you are able to serve others and believe in that, strongly, as a duty. If you don’t believe in the role or like the people then you will not be satisfied. Yet, you need to offer your best to someone or something, somehow. Figuring that out will help you restart your life. Virgo also rules cats, dogs and domestic birds. Thus the idea of daily routine and serving! (Cats have servants, don’t they). Whenever people present with insomnia, depression and anxiety with a Pisces-Virgo opposition it is also good to look at the Pisces end of the spectrum. Is there enough time being allowed for the soul and spirit? Of the 24 hours in every day, is enough time being allocated for (say) Buddhism, or therapy, or self-help books, or dream interpretation? Mediumship as well. Your husband will of course be at home in the spirit world now, but should you ever want to maintain the connection, or even make it for the first time, mediums will tell you he’s just a candle and thought away.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I have been working on trying to improve my presence in starting my online business, currently working on a new site but keep feeling I’m missing the mark. The card I drew was the 7 of cups. I asked the Tarot for clarification with a second card and got the 10 of cups. My aim is to begin to work for myself, start generating a reliable income and work/stay at home. Can you please share any guidance on where to from here/future success. I am excited for what the future can potentially bring.

    Kindest regards Jessica,

    1. The Seven of Cups shows confusion and projection, as you read in the interpretation. This is the Pisces weather ahead, dominated by Neptune (the cloud) and the need to stop manufacturing your reality and instead, come back to yourself – and know yourself too. The clarification was the Ten of Cups, which shows you with a partner, children and a welcoming home. If you go back to the first card you will see the Disneyland castle. The message is, you can make the property real, but you will need to stop projecting and start getting to know yourself much better, to begin.

  23. Thank you Jessica, I definitely need to make some changes in my life and appreciate your guidance and insights.

  24. Hi Jessica

    I’ve just listened to the zoom recording – it is really good and thank you so much for making this available. I stopped the recording many times to take notes as there were so many good insights which I appreciate a lot so a huge thank you.

    The Pisces weather has been a classic experience so far. I feel like I’m a typical strongly Piscean with 4 stelliums, experiencing a typical version of Pisces weather. Emotions of sadness keep bubbling to the surface – throughout my life I’ve always been able to express and release emotions and move them through. However so far this year the keep returning and continue to be triggered very easily. I’m currently in the process of leaving a job where the environment has been very toxic for the past year. By the end of March that will have ended and I’ll be free to create new beginnings. I’m hoping the emotional releases are allowing me to let this experience go and move forward.

    In another classic Pisces experience I had a suspect mole removed from my foot and am experiencing problems with a tendon/foot sensitivity five weeks later. Just want to be able to move freely and it is definitely stuck. The tarot I pulled is very accurate.

    The first tarot card I pulled was the Hanged Man. And the foot I’m having problems with is the right foot which is the same foot the hanged man is hanging from. The second card was the Lovers. This helps me see I need to be aware of communication with my partner and listen carefully to what is being said.

    Any insights/intuition you pick up on will be very helpful. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you. I am glad the Zoom recording is useful. You are leaving a toxic job and now have a foot problem. The Hanged Man shows your foot, tied. You are also strongly Pisces. Pisces is an emotional, sensitive water sign and leaving anything or anybody is not easy. Your head says go, but the rest of you is catching up. You are not ready to leave, basically. You have also chosen to do this on Mercury Retrograde, so there may be some delay anyway, unless you sign paperwork this week. Your foot hurts, for which I am sorry, but your body is slowing you down. You need to process, absorb and rest. You may even need to use your sickness cover before you resign, so you can get away and ‘feel all the feelings’ before you actually go. You need to become enlightened and see the light, psychically (The Hanged Man’s crown and third eye chakra are glowing) and it is the waiting game that does this for you. When the time is right you will make a move.

  25. Hi Jessica
    When you have some time could you take a look at the royal family in particular Prince and Princess of Wales and work out what is going on at the moment. Things just seem topsy-turvy at present. I can’t remember another time when things were so badly handled by Kensington Palace. I sense a viper in the nest and I think it is a lot closer than the Californian vipers.
    Love to know what astrology says and what you think.

    1. Thanks Julie. I published my prediction about the Princess of Wales and Prince of Wales on Substack way back in January. It’s here if you missed it. The driving force in the Wales marriage all year will be the two mothers-in-law. So, Mrs Middleton and our late Princess of Wales, Diana. The mystery of the photoshopped Mother’s Day image is puzzling everybody. Catherine, or Kate as she is fondly known, says she often experiments with editing. The Christmas card last year lopped off Prince Louis’ finger. That’s very odd. In the current Mother’s Day picture he has both fingers crossed. Again, that’s odd. Given that Kate has no voice publicly, she habitually communicates through jewellery or photographs. She wears Diana’s ring. The ring she didn’t wear (along with the other two rings, one an ‘Eclipse’ ring and the other her engagement ring) when her husband was capturing her with the children for Mother’s Day. People are missing something really important here. Mrs Middleton and her husband lost their business last year. How on earth could that possibly have happened to a very successful online party products company with royal connections without – them being a target for foreign meddling. My next question is, why did neither William nor Charles step in early and save the situation, given their vast wealth? Again I am back to the mother-in-law. Mrs Middleton was photographed (or again photoshopped) with Kate days ago. The other mother-in-law is very much here in spirit and this is a crisis, as I predicted in January.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the link to the substack article. Wow!!! That eclipse on the 9th April is going to be huge. From what you said you think there will be a coverup around their marriage at this time. That’s not surprising really. There could also be a coverup involving Charles and Camilla. Okay that puts a whole new slant on the current situation.

    I had a thought the other day that this whole mishandled saga could be King Charles reminding William and Catherine who is number one. He hated it when Diana stole his limelight and William and Catherine are very popular. They are being sabotaged at the moment. Is he the saboteur?

    I just feel like they are under attack either from within royal circles (including the men in grey suits) or outside. You have said before a good way to destabilise the Commonwealth would be to target the Royal Family. I just feel like they have a big target on their backs. These attacks can place a strain on any marriage.

    1. Julie, any sabotage would have been the doctoring of the Christmas photograph, taking off Prince Louis’ finger – then making the Mother’s Day photograph unfit for media purpose. Perhaps there has been deliberate sabotage once the photographs pass out of the Princess of Wales’s hands. Maybe she has been, as she says ,’editing’ images, but I doubt any of us would let a Christmas card go out with our son’s hand missing a finger. I suppose the big takeaway from all of this (and that weird finger-crossing of Louis in the second photograph) is that the people of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth don’t like being messed around. And we’re being messed around – by someone.

  27. Hi Jessica! Thank you for the Zoom link and for being kind in answering questions and allaying concerns. I am a Sun Libra who has been experiencing quite an impactful 2024 with challenges arising from Dec. 28 or so on. I was so hopeful to have a quieter, happier year.
    I have been really trying hard to follow advice and guidance you’ve provided. I’ve been working full time remote for over a year to avoid covid as well as avoiding social gatherings, wearing a N95, etc. In just a few short months, the jobs that I’ve worked at and felt to be reliable for over a decade have both encountered significant changes, including layoffs and big restructures which seem to be ongoing). Also had several crises involved my adult children, one of where I had to unexpectedly travel out of state, to help provide calm and support (financial and emotional). They seem to be done fine now. Lastly, I’ve been focusing on my health and wellbeing a lot – twice weekly acupuncture, good nutrition, physical therapist for posture issues which arose in October, and trying to be healthy. I am so scared about what this Saturn opposite Virgo could bring – you’d mentioned that Jupiter was trine my Virgo factors which was helpful. I am scared about work, health, and wellbeing throughout this period which it sounds like is January 2026. Is there protection or good things happening to ease my fears (and sometimes terror) around these areas (and any others)?
    Thank you for your kindness as always!

    1. Thank you. Work, health and wellbeing are all ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House and in your chart, you have factors at 0 through 21 Virgo so it is extremely important to you, to have a daily routine which serves your mind and body. You are Covid aware and are protecting yourself. Virgo rules work, unpaid work and academic work as well and so it also matters to you, that your job, role or course allows you to securely do what matters – serving. Given that you have so many factors in Virgo and the Sixth House, any aspects to that are going to challenge you and change you. You do of course have the opposition of Saturn going slowly from 0 to 21 Pisces which ends in March 2025. This can feel like you are in the F.A. Cup with a really heavy, heavy opposition team taking you on. Anybody with Virgo factors is experiencing this. We also have the cycle of the South Node in Virgo and North Node in Pisces from January 12th 2025 to deal with and July 27th 2026 is the end of that. So, a long, slow, productive lifestyle reshape is here and it will take you through 2024, 2025 and the first half of 2026. This involves work that suits your needs, on all levels (including the unpaid work of being a mother). To really get the most from these challenging but productive transits, dig deeply into your Virgo side and treat yourself as if you were a nurse, doctor, naturopath, personal trainer, therapist and so on. There is no need for fear with Saturn oppositions, any more than there is with nodal oppositions, but these do push you to rise to the occasion. You are meant to change in 2024, 2025, early 2026 on all levels and will do so, because you have to. And although it’s hard work it will also ‘super Virgo’ you so that you become expert at organising your lifestyle in a way that serves you. Yes, you have to serve others. That is in your nature. But serving yourself is number one.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    This with regards to my 19 year old son, Sun 25 Cancer with a Pisces stellium – 6 Uranus, 10 Minerva, 15 Salacia, 23 Vulcano, 27 Vesta. He was born on July 18 2004, 8.27AM in Singapore. He has been isolating himself since 2000 and is now very depressed, has recently started taking anti depressants from last month. He barely talks to me or other family members. I am very worried about him and miss him very much, he lives with my ex-husband. Can you share any words of wisdom about him. By the way, I have no Pisces factors, thanks, anxious mother.

    1. I am so sorry your son has depression and does not talk to you. He also lives with your ex-husband. This is a temporary cycle, with Saturn in Pisces, slowly crossing his Pisces (solitary) stellium. Saturn is hard work. A big stretch. Difficult to deal with. Transiting Saturn in the Twelfth House has a reputation for monastic seclusion but it is over on February 15th 2026. He also gets a long break from it, from May 26th 2025 until September 1st that year. Salacia in Pisces reveals someone who needs to escape from reality and he would do this any way he can; headphones and a computer, daydreaming, lengthy sleeping (and dreaming) and so on. All you can do is let him know you are here when he needs you, on the other end of the telephone. Even if he does not reply, as a Sun Cancer man it is crucial that he knows his mother backs him. He is extremely sensitive, probably psychic, needs to be by himself and will ultimately come through this rather heavy time. I think there is a misprint in your question – he has been isolating himself since 2020, correct? As well as Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House, he also has Neptune in Pisces in the Twelfth House at the same time, so this Pisces weather has been taking him right away from college, university, career, reality. Of course if he would let you into his life you would change everything but just for now all you can do is repeatedly let him know you are here, however you can. I believe he will take up the guitar if he does not already do that. Very good news.

  29. Hi Jessica, I’m an Aquarius just beginning a partnership with a Sagittarius (with stelliums in Sagittarius, Aquarius and Scorpio) whose ex-partner is a Scorpio. Zodiac-wise, I’m slightly behind them in terms of what houses are their focus right now. However, you have mentioned a lot in your horoscopes about April and May being key times for change and progress in 2024. I have a couple of factors in Pisces, which is also my rising sign, and he has Pisces factors in Proserpina and Aesculapia. The last Tarot card I pulled in relation to this situation was Temperance. Does this signal a potentially healing time ahead for new beginnings for everyone involved?

    1. The children (to have them, or not to have them, to step-parent, or not to step-parent, to adopt, or not to adopt) are the key here and a great deal will happen very quickly in May, June for both of you. It’s decision time. If you don’t plan pregnancy then don’t risk it, basically. You don’t say if he already has children with the Scorpio woman. In any case, one way or another, the pair of you will find the decisions about each other, revolve around what part a younger generation will play for both of you in future. Sometimes it’s his nieces and nephews or your godson, for example. It’s all very good news and by June you will appreciate how fortunate you are. Temperance shows you both (the two cups) pouring friendship into each other (the Aquarius zig-zag symbol) in a flowing, spiritual way. This is very precious and very special. He is likely connecting with your Aquarius side.

  30. Hi Jessica, Ahh, I made it to the zoom with no interruptions! Thanks for the info, i drew Queen of Swords, followed by The Moon.
    Looking forward to your latest zoom this arvo. Keep up the good work, cheers

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I pulled The Tower when I asked about navigating the pisces weather and now I’m a bit scared.
    I have just got through a health problem and am coming out the other side of a breakdown due to dealing with a mentally ill adult son and also the realisation that I can’t see or have contact with one of my young grandchildren.
    I don’t think I can deal with anything else right now.
    I’m wondering what you see?

    1. The Tower shows a sudden event that comes out of the blue and ends a situation at work or home where people are made to change. They can either go back and rebuild what they had, or walk away and start again. I am so sorry you had a breakdown and also that you have a son with mental illness and a grandchild who can’t be reached. This was your Tarot card and it was about these Pisces transits, so I suspect there will be an exact pattern from this Pisces weather to your own Fourth House (family) or perhaps your own Twelfth House (your psychology) or Sixth House (mental health). So let’s see. You have Vesta at 0 Cancer in the Fourth House of family. Pluto is at 0 Aquarius for the first time in 248 years, so you have transiting Pluto quincunx natal Vesta in the Fourth House. I think The Tower is about the end of a system where one male, possibly your son, has controlled the agenda for yourself and one or more other females. Vesta is always politics with one male and two or more females. I bet you have had quite enough of this. I don’t think The Tower is yours. I believe it is somebody else’s tower coming down. Vesta was associated with the Temple of the Vestales in Rome and all the girls and women were incarcerated there with one male controller – the Optimus Maximus. This card suggests a building, institution, structure, hierarchy, system is about to be hit. This would make sense in terms of the Pisces weather too, as of course it will pass 0 degrees of Pisces and pick up Vesta. But really this is about Pluto. Transformation. As I said, the whole thing can be repaired and relaunched, or others can walk away and start again and that affects your life too. Your chart shows plenty of Pisces/Twelfth House patterns which reveal the need to be quite alone with nature; near the river; near a canal; near the sea; in the woods; in the garden. And for a long period of time as well, not just nipping in and out. I know you have your son to deal with but your chart says if you sacrifice Me Time you are not helping yourself or him. Just keep chugging along; that system with male-female imbalance will end.

  32. Dear Jessica,
    I have Moon in Pisces 01, Chiron in Pisces 02, and South Node in Pisces 19. I would greatly appreciate your interpretation of the Pisces weather on my career. I am in my early 60’s and have been in my role for the past 5 years and in that time I have not had job security working with 3, 6, and 12 month contracts.My current contract ends June 2025. I have finally managed to develop the role into a model I am proud of ( groundbreaking for the are I am employed in)with rennumeration that allows me to live comfortably. There is a new model of care that is starting in my workplace in the next month of so and while we coud work collaboraltively they are closing their doors to me and wanting to take on my role. My fear is that I will loose my job, end up with a lower pay and spiral into fianacial instability. I have been looking for other jobs for about 3 years but the positions on offer have much lower pays and I would not be able to make ends meet. I also have plans to apply for a travelling scholarship and higher education to better inform my area of work but I don’t feel that this is possible now. I really am at a loss.
    Warmest regards,

    1. You are a Gemini VC but with Saturn in Capricorn and the node in Virgo so your career was always going to be your test. We all have Saturn and the nodes somewhere. Saturn shows situations which are hard to get out of, but also hard to get into. So it has been difficult for you to get out of your five-year role, and impossible for you to access job security as they have you on contracts. The node shows your last incarnation. In a past life you were a servant, perhaps in the services (the armed forces) or in a heavy service position (like nursing). In this life you have come back to prove to yourself that you come first. Your first duty is to your own physical and mental health, not your boss or colleagues. You are worried about money and losing your job. In 2024 you will have your last challenges regarding finance and career in any lasting way. This is the very last year that Pluto and Ceres are in your banking zone together. This is also the very last year you have Saturn in your career zone. (This is in your solar chart). When we go back to your natal chart and see the Capricorn/Virgo placements it makes sense that you are feeling this so heavily as it shows up in your birth chart and Gemini chart. If you can just get through this year and out the other side you will find academia opens up to you for years into the future. You should be applying for a travelling scholarship but also other kinds of higher education options, from May. You will end up with letters after your name if you try and a foreign university or college could play a powerful role in your future.

  33. Jessica, while I re-watched today this Pisces weather video of the Zoom meetup I noted the descriptions for many signs, including mine, and the one for Sag stands out tonight! My godchild is a Sag, and in Feb and March and still now, she is searching for a first home to buy with her new husband. She texted me in March she wanted a house that might have a spirit in it that we could sage to release it. In the meetup, you mentioned for Sagittarius all manners of infiltration of your property: seepage, flooding, ghost. Laugh, jaw drop, mike drop! This godchild is not a “spirit and sage” sort of person; this remark was surprising. You are regularly tuned in and spot on. Thanks for the joy your work brings me. Best, Cecelia

    1. That’s such great feedback Cecelia, many thanks. It’s always interesting to hear where the astrology forecasts land in the real world and your Sagittarian godchild is a classic example.

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