Tuesday 13th April 2021:

This new 2021 Leo weather cycle will bring hopeful new possibilities linked to children, babies, Millennials and the passions you share with those children or teenagers, like music or sport. What bonds you to people who are younger than yourself? It’s big now. What happens in terms of your own, or other people’s children, will help you to learn and grow, now, in the most amazing way. Clues and signs today, Aries, about a big picture.

Something special this Tuesday: Would you like a longer, more detailed overview of your year? Check out 2021 astrology on my YouTube channel now.


What it means to be Aries

You shine when you push forward and lead the way for others, competing to be first in the game of life. When you are upfront and unafraid, fighting the good fight, or pioneering unknown territory, you are at your brilliant best. Coming first and being first are reflected in the First House, which Aries rules. The downside of Aries is self-interest, aggression and selfishness. Narcissism is a sure sign that you have gone too far but it’s easily fixed.

Your Week

When you keep going back (and back) to one particular destination in 2021 you can thank the Node cycle. Alternatively, you may go to a place you’ve never been to and find a strange sense of familiarity about the area and the people. Read your full Aries Weekly Horoscope: 12-18 April 2021

Your Month

Image, Name, Appearance, Brand You will relaunch yourself by losing weight, changing your name, reshaping your reputation, working on your brand, image, title or face – from Saturday April 3rd to Monday April 19th, 2021. Read your April Monthly Horoscope

Aries in 2021

Christmas was a preview of a Support Bubble, a new Zoom circle, a Meetups or Twitter online gathering, or just what a particular political party, good cause, sports team, social club or similar could do for you. Now, you go into 2021 with a serious challenge from Saturn and a fantastic answer from Jupiter. Read your Aries 2021 Horoscope

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