Asking the Right Question

In order to get the right answer from The Astrology Oracle you have to ask the right question.

A good place to start is with a simple reading – the Time Snapshot. Make a silent request to be shown the most important information about your life right now. Using Dianne Skafte’s great example, take the basic phrase, ‘What perspective should I take on this issue in order to proceed in the best way?’ and convert it to ‘What perspective should I take on my life right now in order to proceed in the best way?’

Remember that time is a river and you are stopping in mid-stream to take a snapshot of all the factors. The past flowing into the present. The present flowing into the future. The future flowing back into both of them.

You may want to start a journal in order to record your readings and make notes and also to track how they manifest for you. Over the course of this year, I will hold online workshops and masterclasses for you about The Astrology Oracle to take your readings further.


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10 thoughts on “Asking the Right Question”

    • I’m sorry as I know this must be so stressful for you. You say “we” and I don’t have the chart of the other person, or the other people, involved, so I can’t comment as I only have part of the story. What I would tell you to make the most of, is the chance to go back over old ground, regarding a property. Perhaps a family. I say this because you have Mercury Retrograde delaying or changing the story that was there on September 24th to 27th. It will be played out again from October 29th to November 10th when you have a second and perhaps a third chance to make some changes. Thank you.

  1. Today was frustrating as my trial was adjourned
    My business partner will be on trial on this week
    He controls our finances and a successful outcome for will mean a financial abundance outcome for me
    A loss will be total despair
    Have things changed For a more favourable outcome for me

    • I am sorry about the delay. You are still going through Mercury Retrograde, which is well-known for delays, rescheduling and the rest. You’ll see twists in the tale, hold-ups and perhaps reversals until 20th November as Mercury goes backwards through Libra (partnerships) and Scorpio (finance). There is a lot to untangle financially. It is impossible to say if this is you, or your partner, as I don’t have his chart. I also don’t have the chart of the opponent in court, of course. As a broad interpretation, the man with the money who is surrounded by valuable assets, the finer things of life (antiques, good wine and so on) is also completely bound and tied down by all he has produced and grown. The material world traps him. He should think about property but he doesn’t, because he just can’t move that fast or that far. He’s very earthy – Capricorn and/or Taurus. I would suggest you communicate and connect. Negotiate. What does he want? How could you assist? He is open to persuasion. He does have a considerable sum there to use. He’s crazy if he doesn’t loosen up a bit, make some changes, liberate himself and get moving with a property matter. That would be my general reading for you, but as I say – it’s a bit hampered by lack of information about the other charts.

    • Yes, you will be like J.K. Rowling and make rock bottom the foundation of future success. You are one of many, many people who may have to go legally bankrupt, but that is really the system’s fault, not yours. Okay, the good news is that from 21st December you will see both the challenge and the solution. In fact, there will be opportunities and answers from that point forward, no matter how many obstacles you face. It is very likely that banks, business or governments will talk about new measures from that point. You will go back and forth with paperwork or calls, negotiations or agreements, January 16th to March 13th, but will still feel optimistic and so you should. From 2023 you will come out of the biggest learning experience in 29 years and head for the greatest chance in 248 years. Chiron in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of your chart is about friends and groups. You belong to a group, or will join one, in 2021 which brings about a jaw-dropping opportunity and reward which involves getting away with what others say you cannot or should not.

  2. Thank you today Sunday
    I drew the Midheaven and tenth house in the astrology Readings
    Yet my investments will be probably be liquidated by the court tomorrow
    We are hoping that we maybe able to start again with the influence of an now unknown third party although I will no longer have much funds available
    Can you see this happening

    • Good cards. This is about your future success, ambition, position and mission. So, despite the liquidation (you are not alone; millions are going through it) you are on track for a new beginning, in terms of your career, unpaid work or study. Ask yourself what your highest achievement could be. The mountain top. No matter how high you have to climb. Then start climbing. Go for the core of what you want and need; is it – perfecting your craft, serving others, saving a town – what is it?

    • This is literally (round number) comment number 12,000 as I look up at the screen. Let me see if I can find you in the queue, or do ask again and I will check the questions and comments again tomorrow. Thank you.


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