How to use The Astrology Oracle

In order to ask The Astrology Oracle a question, you must draw two cards.

The first card is from the Symbol Cards deck and shows you the ‘what’ of your question. The second card is from the House Cards deck and reveals the ‘where’ of your question. By blending them together you will have a full answer.

Your intention is everything.

Take a moment to settle yourself before you begin the question. Be open to what comes. Dianne Skafte, author of When Oracles Speak (Thorsons/HarperCollins) suggests this question: ‘What perspective should I take on this issue in order to proceed in the best way?’  For the word issue you can substitute ‘day’ or ‘week’ or ‘month’ or ‘year’ for a general reading.

Next, I’ll show you a real-life example of a reading I gave myself about this oracle!


I asked The Astrology Oracle

What perspective should I take on this new project, The Astrology Oracle, in order to proceed in the best way?

The answer was Bacchus (the ‘what’ of the question) and The Eleventh House (the ‘where’ of the question). As you will read below, Bacchus is about pleasure and the feelgood factor. The Eleventh House rules groups.

The Astrology Oracle: Bacchus and  Eleventh House

A few days before this reading my webmasters had set up a Members’ Lounge for you on this website. Consequently I knew my answer in a moment. This Members’ Lounge has to be more than just an online group – my own cards are telling me to take it offline, into Astrology Oracle meet-ups around the world.

Of course, Bacchus reminds me to include good food on the menu!

I hope you’ll join me as we explore the cards together.


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6 thoughts on “How to use The Astrology Oracle

  1. If I will and should I have a relationship with this person?

    My headline in my life: Ceres and The Eighth House
    His headline: Saturn and eleven house (friendship)
    How to cross: Jupiter and fourth house
    What I want: Saturn and six house
    What he wants: Immum Coeli and two house

    • Good reading. You are sorting out control with the money, house, business, possessions, charity or apartment (during a major compromise in you life which will lead to a brand new arrangement). He is having difficulties with friends and groups that take months, or even years, to resolve. How to cross? (Do you mean how to fix things?) Jupiter in the Fourth House is about expanding a house or apartment, by renovating or buying adjacent land, for example. It can also be about the financial growth that occurs when a home, or a location, becomes desirable – hot property. What you want? Strangely, Saturn in the Sixth House, which is about a heavy load to carry, in terms of workload or health. Maybe it’s what you don’t want. You don’t want to acquire COVID-19 or you don’t want to work in a particular position which is a lead weight. What he wants? The Immum Coeli in the Second House is about a house or apartment for financial reasons. I hope that helps.

  2. Jessica

    Will Olivier come back to find me again?

    The cards to the question
    Vesta and 6th house for me, for him
    north node and 7th house turned up. What’s the meaning?

    I fell in love with him and his soul almost instantly. We spent his last 3 months together before his planned returned to Holland after spending 11 years in Asia….
    12.10.79 his DOB

    • Vesta is about one man and more than one woman. In your Sixth House, it is about a work, unpaid work or college/university situation where you are one of several female faces and there is politics about who has the popularity or power with just one male. If he has the North Node in the Seventh House there is karma for him to complete with his former, current or potential lover, and that karma goes back 19 years. It can go all the way back to 2001, for example, but also into past lives. It is possible you knew each other in a previous existence, if you fell in love immediately. Olivier is quite stuck geographically, in Holland, and there are major problems for him to sort out there, either within Holland itself, or across to other parts of Europe. He is not in a position to put love and sex first, or a trip to find you. I love a good romance as much as the next woman (in fact I used to write romance novels) but Olivier is involved in quite a complicated conflict with a group of people who are pushing back against him, and he is really unsettled in terms of where he lives, and where he actually belongs. So he’s not in the space. Long-term you will fall madly in love with a very modern man. One might say, a classic hipster actually. Of course, this may be Olivier once he’s sorted himself out! You like action men. You thrive on not quite knowing where you stand with them, too. It makes life interesting.

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