How to use The Astrology Oracle

In order to ask The Astrology Oracle a question, you must draw two cards.

The first card is from the Symbol Cards deck and shows you the ‘what’ of your question. The second card is from the House Cards deck and reveals the ‘where’ of your question. By blending them together you will have a full answer.

Your intention is everything.

Take a moment to settle yourself before you begin the question. Be open to what comes. Dianne Skafte, author of When Oracles Speak (Thorsons/HarperCollins) suggests this question: ‘What perspective should I take on this issue in order to proceed in the best way?’  For the word issue you can substitute ‘day’ or ‘week’ or ‘month’ or ‘year’ for a general reading.

Next, I’ll show you a real-life example of a reading I gave myself about this oracle!


I asked The Astrology Oracle

What perspective should I take on this new project, The Astrology Oracle, in order to proceed in the best way?

The answer was Bacchus (the ‘what’ of the question) and The Eleventh House (the ‘where’ of the question). As you will read below, Bacchus is about pleasure and the feelgood factor. The Eleventh House rules groups.

The Astrology Oracle: Bacchus and  Eleventh House

A few days before this reading my webmasters had set up a Members’ Lounge for you on this website. Consequently I knew my answer in a moment. This Members’ Lounge has to be more than just an online group – my own cards are telling me to take it offline, into Astrology Oracle meet-ups around the world.

Of course, Bacchus reminds me to include good food on the menu!

I hope you’ll join me as we explore the cards together.


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35 thoughts on “How to use The Astrology Oracle”

  1. If I will and should I have a relationship with this person?

    My headline in my life: Ceres and The Eighth House
    His headline: Saturn and eleven house (friendship)
    How to cross: Jupiter and fourth house
    What I want: Saturn and six house
    What he wants: Immum Coeli and two house

    • Good reading. You are sorting out control with the money, house, business, possessions, charity or apartment (during a major compromise in you life which will lead to a brand new arrangement). He is having difficulties with friends and groups that take months, or even years, to resolve. How to cross? (Do you mean how to fix things?) Jupiter in the Fourth House is about expanding a house or apartment, by renovating or buying adjacent land, for example. It can also be about the financial growth that occurs when a home, or a location, becomes desirable – hot property. What you want? Strangely, Saturn in the Sixth House, which is about a heavy load to carry, in terms of workload or health. Maybe it’s what you don’t want. You don’t want to acquire COVID-19 or you don’t want to work in a particular position which is a lead weight. What he wants? The Immum Coeli in the Second House is about a house or apartment for financial reasons. I hope that helps.

  2. Jessica

    Will Olivier come back to find me again?

    The cards to the question
    Vesta and 6th house for me, for him
    north node and 7th house turned up. What’s the meaning?

    I fell in love with him and his soul almost instantly. We spent his last 3 months together before his planned returned to Holland after spending 11 years in Asia….
    12.10.79 his DOB

    • Vesta is about one man and more than one woman. In your Sixth House, it is about a work, unpaid work or college/university situation where you are one of several female faces and there is politics about who has the popularity or power with just one male. If he has the North Node in the Seventh House there is karma for him to complete with his former, current or potential lover, and that karma goes back 19 years. It can go all the way back to 2001, for example, but also into past lives. It is possible you knew each other in a previous existence, if you fell in love immediately. Olivier is quite stuck geographically, in Holland, and there are major problems for him to sort out there, either within Holland itself, or across to other parts of Europe. He is not in a position to put love and sex first, or a trip to find you. I love a good romance as much as the next woman (in fact I used to write romance novels) but Olivier is involved in quite a complicated conflict with a group of people who are pushing back against him, and he is really unsettled in terms of where he lives, and where he actually belongs. So he’s not in the space. Long-term you will fall madly in love with a very modern man. One might say, a classic hipster actually. Of course, this may be Olivier once he’s sorted himself out! You like action men. You thrive on not quite knowing where you stand with them, too. It makes life interesting.

  3. Hi Jessica- Every time I go to use the Oracle Cards in the past 3 or so weeks, no matter what card/planet/asteroid I get, it ALWAYS comes along in the 8th house. Any thoughts on this? Am I missing something quite obvious and i am too blind to see it?

    • The Eighth House is ruled by Pluto and Scorpio. Pluto is about sexual obsession, passion, control and the riches which lie below the earth – diamonds and gold. Scorpio is also about sex, because scorpions will risk cannibalism or venom, in order to mate. We associate this house with ‘marriage and mortgage’ because ‘Until death do us part’ is part of the marriage vow. We also associate it with legacy and inheritance because the dowry in days of old was the bride’s parents’ money.

  4. Hello Jessica, I wonder if you can give me some insights about my oracle result (4th house and Apollo)? My question was about going back to my country of birth. So the 4th house makes sense, but not sure what the draw is telling me in terms of advice or what to focus on. This is a period of major decisions for me, and need to plan ahead if I should move – e.g. finding somewhere to live (where?) and finding new work. Your analysis would help my focus. Thank you.

    • Apollo in the Fourth House tells you to copy the person or organisation who leads the way. So perhaps you had a friend who went back home to her/his birth country. Apollo was a brilliant leader who was imitated by his fans. Of course it may be you who is the leader, and others may be copying your idea of packing your boxes and going back home.

  5. Hi Jessica, could you provide some insight about my Oracle reading of Proserpina and 11th House? My question was about getting my landlord to agree to break my lease (she has ignored my requests to negotiate and is very paranoid and hostile in general). Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • This is your real estate agent, I would imagine. Proserpina is the go-between who negotiates between two powerful sides, or two powerful people. I am sorry you are having landlady problems. If not your agent, then another go-between figure or neutral third party who has an interest in pleasing both of you. What you end up with likely be a compromise between both sides, which is what Proserpina is all about.

  6. Am I being most authentic with myself with my intention to end my marriage that I feel is toxic and that I went into with the thinking that it was the right thing to do? Am I wrong to want to eventually pursue my soul mate?

    Answer: Vulcan and the 11th house

    I need to control my emotions and not be reactive during this transition. I need to take my time and not be impulsive, anxious or rush the process. I should be mindful of what I share with my social circles and remain calm when my social circles change – as a result of life and/or the aforementioned decisions/desires.

    My sign: cancer
    Spouse: pisces
    True love: leo

    • Interesting. Vulcanus (Vulcan) was cuckolded by Venus, his wife, who slept with Mars behind his back. In the Eleventh House, we are talking about friends, or people in a group, club, society, team, association and so on. You might want to look at the art and sculpture depicting Venus, Vulcan and Mars. It is quite famous. There is a huge tapestry in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London which shows the scene. It has been painted many times. Vulcan became empowered by his self-control when he discovered Mars in bed with Venus. Instead of becoming violent (he was a blacksmith and certainly had the tools) he steeled himself, so to speak, and created a net to throw over the pair. The gods all came to laugh at them and so the situation was defused. He showed himself to be the better man. If you have a toxic marriage then this pair of cards is really talking to you about fidelity, faithfulness, adultery, desire, passion and (very importantly) the benefits of controlling one’s emotions and impulses on all sides. It would appear you are having an affair or want one, if your partner is Pisces and your true love is Leo. You can go further with this reading.

  7. Hi Jessica
    Could you elaborate on the cards I received for my
    Oracle reading. The question I asked was in relation to a man in my life who is currently a friend. I would like more and I think he might, but it’s hard to tell and even though there are signs there that he is too, I keep second guessing them as *just friends…

    My question was ‘How does he see me, how does he see me as part of his life? ‘

    The two cards I got were Pysche and the 7th House.

    I read your guide that the butterfly is often a symbol for Psyche and literally 38 minutes after I received the cards I saw three images of butterflies in a place I would never have thought I’d ever see them.

    Your insights welcomed! Thank you

    • You had major Psyche synchronicity with your butterflies. How does this friend you fancy, see you? Psyche in the Seventh House. She was the object of jealousy from her sisters but also her future mother-in-law, Venus. Psyche is usually envied by women who are insecure. In fact, he may see you as the victim of ‘Venomism’ also spelled ‘Veminism’ when other women, supposedly feminists, are bitchy or unfair to other females, purely because they are green at the gills. Psyche did in fact triumph, having been helped by the universe to meet all life’s tests and trials, and was made immortal so she lived forever as did her love for Cupido. I do wonder about this man’s mother. Is she jealous of his girlfriends?

  8. Relationship potential. We are on pause right now.. ;/

    What are the headlines in his life?

    What does he want and needs from his life?

    What are the headlines in my life now?

    What do I want and need from my life?


  9. Hi Jessica, could you provide some insight about my Oracle reading of Vulcan and 1st House?
    My question was about what perspective should I take to my romance situation during Jan 2021. Thanks a lot!

    • Vulcan (Vulcano) was the lame blacksmith married to Venus who betrayed him by having sex with Mars. Instead of punishing them, he threw a net over the pair of them, so all the Gods could come to laugh at the adulterous duo. I mention this myth because sometimes the Oracle can be literal and it may be that January involves you being cuckolded, or committing adultery. It can happen. The First House is about reputation, image, appearances. On a more symbolic level, Vulcan is a symbol (just as you read) of self-control, willpower and the potency and empowerment that comes from withholding strong reactions and strong feelings. In the First House it is about how one is seen.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Could you please provide some insight about my Oracle reading of Jupiter and the 11th House?
    My question was about my living arrangements for the first half of 2021 (I am trying to sell my apartment).
    Thank you!

  11. Hi Jessica, I’m trying to move on with the next chapter of my life but have a difficult ex husband. I asked what the past life issue is and got descendant in the 6th house which makes sense given there has been an imbalance in workload and parenting in this life. Then I asked how to resolve it and got Panacea in the 4th house. I’m not sure whether this means life will be easier when I move house (I’m looking to buy a home) or if he leaves the country (he is from overseas and doesn’t really like Australia)…Can you please interpret these cards for me? Thanks!

    • Your ex-husband knew you through the Sixth House in a past life, so you may have been master and servant. Perhaps, invalid and carer. If you were doing all the housework and child care in this life, you may have both agreed, on a soul contract, for him to turn the tables with you in this life. Maybe last time he was the wife and you were the lazy husband! Panacea in the Fourth House is about a cure, remedy, answer or solution regarding a house, apartment, household, family, home town or homeland. It will work but there will be rights and wrongs. It may be illegal, for example, or legal. Only you can decide what is black/white or grey area about your decision, but it will do what you want. It will fix an issue.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Can you provide me insight on my oracle reading-Saturn and the 5th house.
    My question was in regards to my career. I’m currently in a new position at work and I’ve been pondering on quitting or sticking in it.
    Thank you

    • Okay, so the answer is about babies, children, teenagers or people old enough to be your children. So, younger interns (for example) or junior colleagues. The answer can also be about a sexual relationship which can end in pregnancy or step-parenting. Saturn is limitation, obstacles, restrictions, patience, waiting games, structures, vulnerability, walls, defences. The answer is about younger faces and much harder obstacles, so it is up to you to interpret and choose.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    You have answered a few of my questions: thank you for the responses and this wonderful site. I have learned quite a bit from your articles and tweets. Over the past few years, my life fell apart, and I did past life regressions as a way to understand my current life experiences. It was a healing experience. I saw a man in many of my past lives who I haven’t met yet in this life. I asked the oracle if I would meet him I got Jupiter in the 7th house… I don’t know how to interpret this. Do you think i’ll meet him again? Thank you again for your wonderful site and insights.

    • Thank you. Congratulations on Jupiter and Seventh House cards – that is an opportunity, of the biggest and best kind, to begin a new partnership, or to resolve problems preventing you from finding a partner. Away you go.

  14. This is funny. I asked a question that was relative to success. I got the MC and 12th house card.

    Does this mean I will find success using my subconscoius? Or looking at different, non-traditonal methods?

    Funny thing is Jessica, you mentioned something about hypnosis/subconscious being big at this time in one of your articles. And, interestingly enough I had just signed up for a course about the super conscious.

    Looks like I better pay attention.


    • Thanks Patrice. I will pass that compliment onto Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. Yes, the MC and the 12th is your highest aspiration being religion, psychology, dreams, Reiki, spiritualism, Buddhism, therapy, hypnosis, the unconscious. Your course was well chosen. Your card is validating you.

  15. Hi Jessica, great site! Question: I can’t wrap my head around the connection between Cupid and 12th house after asking for a fresh perspective about my first webinar I’m going to conduct with 2 colleagues of mine – since I’m a psychologist there is quite a connection to the psyche, I see that. Do you have any inspiration about the two cards blending together?

    • Thank you, I will pass that compliment onto Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. As a psychologist you would know all about Carl Jung and his interest in the psyche, and here you have an Astrology Oracle reading showing Cupid and the Twelfth House. Cupid was the lover of Psyche, of course, and he was tricked into falling for her, by an accident. His mother Venus was possessive and jealous, and loathed Psyche for her beauty. As a mere mortal, Psyche had no business rivalling the goddess Venus. Cupid with his bow and arrow, was in charge of infatuation and sudden, irrational, painful desire (the wound of an arrow takes about as long to clear up as mad passion of a few weeks or months). Cupid was dispensed to make the sleeping Psyche fall in love with a deformed man, possibly a monster, so she would be humiliated. He tripped and fell, with his candle, and the arrow went into his own body, as he saw Psyche’s face. Thus the great love story began. Venus subjected Psyche to mental torture (impossible tasks) after that, but at every turn Psyche was helped by the universe, to succeed. Eventually the gods took pity on both Cupid and Psyche and made the latter immortal, blessing them with marriage and eternal love. So Psyche is what/who lasts forever. Cupid is always about short-term desires. They may be sexual and romantic, but can be a ‘crush’ on a country, or a rock band, or a fashion designer too. Brief passions and obsessions. In the Twelfth House, these are unconscious. That is your territory. They will be revealed in dreams. Perhaps, in Tarot (which Jung used) or the I-Ching, which also interested him. You will have a fascinating webinar. Have a look at the paintings of Psyche and Cupid, and of course the famous sculpture in the Louvre. Jung would expect synchronicity in your session, so butterflies may turn up: Psyche’s symbol. Or the famous ‘Cupid’s bow’.


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