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Discover more about your astrology sign and predictions with sign-sign astrology using our pop-culture look at the Western zodiac.  Learn more about your personal astrology with this handy guide from Jessica Adams.


A happy Aries has endless physical energy. If you are affected by tiredness or illness then look at the mind-body-spirit connection as in astrology the three are interconnected. Under normal circumstances an Aries wakes early and powers on all day and all night, no problem. Read more.


The Taurus vote tells you everything you need to know about this sign because she is defined by her values. The needle may hover in the centre, to the extreme right or extreme left, but you never know Taurus until you know if she is a Marxist, shopaholic, capitalist or environmentalist. Read more.


The Gemini way with words is famous, no matter if you are a speechmaker, songwriter, lecturer, salesperson, scriptwriter, blogger or poet. If Gemini is encouraged at school then she can use her talent with English, Debating or Speech and Drama to craft a wordy career. Read more.


The mother, for better or worse is the dominant influence on a Cancerian’s life. Tom Cruise. Princess Diana. Prince William and Princess Diana. If the family/mother connection is broken in childhood it has a stronger impact on Cancer than other signs. Read more.


The father, for better or worse is the dominant influence on a Leo’s life. If the family/father connection is broken in childhood it has a stronger impact on Leo than other signs. The young Leo will then look for a father figure as a guide, mentor and role model. Read more.


Virgo is the only sign of the zodiac to be defined by her physical condition. Virgo the Virgin reminds us that people born under this sun sign are all about the body. This makes health, medicine, doctors, diet, healing, drugs or physical fitness extremely important to the Virgo identity. Read more.


Libra is extremely sensitive to equality issues no matter if her concern is racism, sexism, class prejudice, homophobia, or animal rights. She is ruled by the scales of justice and if those scales are unbalanced she will fight the good fight. Read more.


It may be money, precious possessions, a house, apartment or charity but Scorpio’s path is to discover that money is power. She did most of her learning before 2008 when Pluto her ruler was in her finance zone, ruled by Sagittarius. Those lessons will be there for life. Read more.


Sagittarius is the sign most likely to choose a job involving travel; emigrate or adopt a foreign country without leaving home. She is typically drawn by the philosophy and spiritual or religious beliefs of the place in question. It’s more than just a pin on the map, it’s a head trip too. Read more.


Capricorn is symbolised by the mountain goat who climbs carefully and patiently from one rock to the next until she reaches the peak. Capricorns are extremely good at social climbing, also known as social mountaineering. The best example of this is Kate Middleton, who vaulted from middle class to royalty. Read more.


Aquarius is the sign which has the gift of friendship. She knows how to maintain friendships over the course of a lifetime and will only break the bond if the other person creates issues with a third friend or comes between her and the group/s which she consider to be crucial to her life. Read more.


Nobody really understands or knows Pisces in any great detail or depth. She is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. A very important part of her is hidden below the surface, and that’s her dream life, her astral travels and her unconscious mind. When she taps her unconscious she can be inspired. Read more.

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