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The Gemini way with words is famous, no matter if you are a speechmaker, songwriter, lecturer, salesperson, scriptwriter, blogger or poet. If Gemini is encouraged at school then she can use her talent with English, Debating or Speech and Drama to craft a wordy career.


Why is the brother, sister and/or cousin of a Gemini so important? The answer is simple. When the young Gemini is learning how to speak, read and write, she turns to the nearest person her age, to try out her vocabulary. This leads to an intense connection later – very close or very complicated.


Gemini needs to travel, or travel in the mind (on the internet) and cross regions and countries her whole life. What might suit some signs for two weeks a year is necessary to Gemini all the time. Her ruling planet Mercury had wings on his sandals. She flies or uses Skype.


To find out who you really are, look up your Mercury sign. After this look at the heavenly bodies in the Third House of your horoscope. Gemini rules both Mercury and the Third House. Find out more about creating your chart in the Members’ Lounge on this website.

Gemini Russell Brand


With Pluto in your zone of finance, business, property and charity you are taking important steps towards enormous power and control in your life. Russell Brand born June 4th 1975.





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8 thoughts on “Gemini Astrology”

  1. very useful knowledge Iam born in 1968 may 30 l am reading most pf the time . And I like it I have not that much knowledge about astrology but Iam try to understand

    • Thank you. As a Gemini, you will be in a great place to learn from Christmas 2020 and throughout 2021 as Jupiter and Saturn (opportunity and learning) go through the sign of Aquarius, which rules your Ninth House of knowledge.

  2. Hi, I’m a gemini, I feel completely trapped in life at the moment. I’m a stay at home mum to 3 young lovely children with no family nearby so it is difficult for me to go back to work and even if I did I’m not sure what I would return to do as I’m not sure I want to go back to working in accounts. I also am struggling a bit with friendships and have recently backed off from talking to a lot of school mums as never sure who to trust. Hopefully things will improve in the new year but I will keep on travelling (in my head or on the internet!) until then.. love reading your daily horoscopes thank you.

    • Thank you so much. I am sorry you are going through this with your juggling of three children and your working life – friends too. The friendships I can help with. You will find life easier, lighter, more relaxed and much more fun after the first week of January. It’s just a cycle you’re going through.

  3. I just discovered your interesting website. I’m Gemini and these days are very difficult for me. I feel lonely (even though a live with my husband) because of the lock down restrictions here in Belgium. My friends are so anxious because of covid (I’m not) and we just meet every two or three months.
    And now the government decided that we’re not aloud to have visitors at Christmas or New Year’s Eve. And the curfew is midnight. No Happy new year’s wishes this time. Everybody has to stay at home. I dont appreciate this!!! My son died just before covid and I wanted to celebrate Christmas with my daughter and her girlfriend.

    • I’m sorry you feel lonely. You are not alone, in feeling lonely. Try not to call it ‘lockdown’ which makes everyone feel as if they are punished and behind bars. Think of it as home stay. You can do yoga on a towel. You can take hypnosis with Paul McKenna, free, on YouTube. You can try Reiki, also free, on YouTube, from Reiki Grand Master Sandip Jain. Meetups happen on Zoom these days and we have one on 21st December – you would be very welcome. Trust me on this. If you follow the Melbourne, Victoria solution you will eliminate the virus and be free. Everyone in the world should now be looking at what they did.

  4. HI Jessica, I had one of your little handbag horoscopes for the turn of the century and it was my bible. I have identified my “love corner” from the little feng shui map in that little book and I keep flowers there all the time. Thankfully, my experience through the strange year of Covid has been mostly good – I am aware of how lucky I am. There are some things around my expectations of people in my life that I would love to make peace with – accept things as they are and not as I would like them to be – inclusion has been major facet of my life and how to accept not being included and not letting it be a big deal. My objective is to allow everyone to be what they are and not to take things personally…..I hope my Gemini and Monkey will help me do that in 2021. Dxx

    • Thank you so much for mentioning the Handbag Horoscopes. I was literally thinking about my Penguin publisher Julie Gibbs yesterday and she commissioned and created the series. Covid is a strange phenomenon. Some people have done very well from the pandemic, gained in ways they never expected but obviously find it difficult to go public with. It’s rather like ‘having a good war’ in the 1940’s. Some people just did! The thing you mention about being included and to sort things out with those around, is easier than ever in 2021 as you begin to discover those from totally different cultures and countries have an alternative view on life (and on you) and that is much more comfortable for you. Sometimes even regional differences can make someone very, very far removed from those people you know, and that can be refreshing. Any issues you’ve had with particular friends or groups move forward, January 6th.


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