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Sagittarius is the sign most likely to choose a job involving travel; emigrate or adopt a foreign country without leaving home. She is typically drawn by the philosophy and spiritual or religious beliefs of the place in question. It’s more than just a pin on the map, it’s a head trip too.

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Sagittarius studies all her life no matter if she calls it that or not. She is also a teacher and guide for others, either labelled that way, or just a clear voice on the internet. The knowledge revolution on the web (Wikipedia, Ted, webinars) took place when Pluto was in her sign Sagittarius.


The internet is extremely important to Sagittarius as it is where she publishes her beliefs and ideas most easily, no matter if she is a Twitter petition aficionado or a professional blogger and YouTube broadcaster. Some Sagittarians prefer traditional publishing but her philosophy or belief system must be heard.


To find out who you really are, and how comfortable you feel about being a Sagittarius, look up the heavenly bodies in the Ninth House of your horoscope. Sagittarius rules the Ninth House in astrology. Find out more about creating your chart in the Members’ Lounge on this website.


Your power over the next few years comes from money, charity, property and business and you are taking the first steps now, towards a process that will change your life. Lucy Liu, born 2nd December 1968, recently worked as an ambassador for the U.S. fund for UNICEF.





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5 thoughts on “Sagittarius Astrology”

  1. Jessica, I’m still relatively new to understanding astrology. However i’ve learned a lot by reading over your website over the last years. I need clarity. I feel stuck on my situation from 2019 that has been ongoing into the the new pandemic life. I’m trying with truth in my heart and seem to still fall short. Cam you help me understand the key points of my birth chart in relation to LOVE + Family, and Financial stability? thanks do much

    • Love and sex in your horoscope are shown by your Seventh House of marriage, ruled by Libra, and your Fifth House of pregnancy and step-parenting, ruled by Leo. Vesta, the Ascendant, Panacea and Ops are all in Leo, and your Fifth House. This matters much more in your chart than Libra. So it’s really about being a parent, or not being a parent. There is no fast or easy answer to this in 2021, 2022 as you have Saturn in opposition to your Leo factors from Aquarius, so you may be looking at love and sex purely in terms of the children you do, or do not have. It is hard for me to say more as there is no information here about any son or daughter you ever had. But Leo and the Fifth House is where to look – decode your chart and see what you have to work with.

  2. thank you so much. What you say fits right in with my current life. I have one daughter I had when I was 21 (I’m 32 now). My daughter was adopted by this man I married in 2017- but after our separation we both fought over her. While I initially trusted him- I learned our hearts are no longer compatible and he chose to leave and seek his own life path. When 2020 pandemic hit, I was already trying to reconstruct my life again, single mother, poor finances, yet I was growing internally. There’s a lot of internal/ spiritual growth I’ve experienced since April 2019, but now the world is living in a new normal, and I worry about my future and being a single parenting in this new normal. My ex blames me for his ruptured relationship with our daughter; and I feel he has yet to accept responsibility for his own actions that led to our divorce. My daughter was raised by me and my mother mostly until I met my ex in 2015. We were just married a little over 2 years before he decided to listen to his friends and pretty much emotionally separated himself from our marriage. I guess I’m curious if this man will come back to my daughter’s life in a distant future—as it was a pretty traumatic and epic experience, if he will have any meaning in my life in the future (just because of the soul to soul connection we shared) or if that was it for me and I’m just destined to be a single mother for the rest of mu life. My dream to have a family was definitely crushed and I am still grieving that dream. But have accepted reality even though I’ve come out terribly hurt from my first and probably last partnership with this man who adopted my daughter. What is the purpose of raising my daughter alone? Never having the chance to raise a family and be in love. What’s the purpose of my life in all this? I want to do better- but I feel stuck and frustrated about all my efforts.

    We don’t talk. She wants nothing with him. He and I are seeing things from opposite lenses and he hasn’t even tried to take responsibility for his own actions. Blames
    everything on me and probably his parents too. Coronavirus had been an added challenge in how the heck I move forward- but I want to understand what I’m supposed to do. Can my chart show if I’ll ever reach the chance at new love and new offspring? Is my daughter the only one for me?

    • You will complete the karma with him by January 2022 as you both owe each other spiritually. That is easy for me to write and hard for you to do, but it will happen in manageable stages. The aggravation with/for your daughter will end in months – January 2021. At the moment the stress is high, because of the conditions you are all dealing with in 2020, so it is very important that you give yourself as much time, space and peace and quiet as possible. Distance healing and meditation are on YouTube and some of the professionals offering their services there are so impressive. Create a daily schedule where you can do that two or three times a day. There will come a time when the situation with your daughter is completely different and she will make her peace with him, you and the past. That will take care of itself, and it really does depend on time. The years have to pass and she has to become older! You will have another partnership in your life but before you even get to that, you need to use 2020 to reward you, not test you. The reward is finding the solid gold teacher, healer or counsellor you need. I recommend Matthew Manning, Grand Reiki Master Jain, Betty Shine, Dr. Claire Weekes – there are so many. All free, all online to try.


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