Essential Astrology for Women

The Complete Astrology Guide To 2025 by Jessica Adams

The only astrology guide wholly for women – now completely updated and revised. Available at, Bookworld and other independent booksellers

In this, Jessica Adams’s updated classic, the astrologer for international Vogue and The Australian Women’s Weekly, looks at all facets of women’s lives from relationships with life partners to bosses, colleagues, flat-mates and friends.

Jessica brings her fresh contemporary take to women’s Indian Moon signs, Chinese Zodiac signs and also surveys money, career, home, family and business predictions until 2020.

Written with Jessica’s signature flair and humour – and packaged for her funky contemporary market, Astrology for Women is a must-have for any woman keen to follow her star.

ISBN: 9780732283650;
ISBN-10: 0732283655;
Publication Date: 22/11/2006;
Format: B Format Paperback;
Trimsize: 130 x 197; $29.99


If you bought Essential Astrology for Women and need to find out a Chinese zodiac sign before 1960 or after 2000, please visit Shelly Wu’s site at which is an excellent resource.

Your Chinascope says something about you, according to your animal zodiac sign (listed in the book) –

Surprisingly feisty and fearless – think Mickey Mouse, not some defenceless creature in a mousetrap. Other people rely on you, and you can make or break a situation. You’re always opening up new avenues for yourself and others.

You’re worth your weight in gold to people, just because of who you are – with your unique traits and qualities. It’s hard to put a price on what you’re actually worth, as your talents, skills, abilities or strengths are essential to others.

You do your own thing and go your own way. You are a one-off and your lifestyle and career reflect this. Others have trouble pinning you down and categorising you. You’re not particularly interested in the rules. You are a free spirit.

There is a wild side to you which others play with at their peril. You can be the crazy catalyst in any situation which comes your way. You listen to your soul, not other people’s opinions. Others have to feel their way with you very carefully.

Impressive, powerful and strong – that’s you! Perhaps your abilities come from other lifetimes, but you can move mountains and conquer incredible heights. You are multi-layered and have a personality that’s deeper than deep.

You have two sides. One is perfectly harmless and rather open. The other is rather stormy. No two people will have the same opinion of you for that reason. Are you seen as wild and passionate, or something more manageable?
You are pure spirit and that’s more important to you than the boring practical or financial aspects of life. Other people may not always understand you for this reason. There is an intensity about you which others find quite remarkable.

You have your own agenda and your own methods for getting to where you want to be. This applies to your status as well as your success. Other people have their own methods and techniques but you’ve got your own way forward.

Your inner child is alive and well and even when you are elderly you still hang on to the qualities, likes, dislikes and spirit of your schooldays. Some of you choose lifestyles that allow you to be forever young – others must compromise.

You have a value system that matters a great deal to you and your personal beliefs and philosophies will help you steer your way through life more than any other factor. Others learn a lot from you because of your strong angle on life.

You are great at looking after yourself and doing whatever it takes to make sure mind, body and spirit are in good shape. Once you work out what – or who – serves you best, you make that a personal mission for the rest of your life.

Your feelings and emotions may not always make sense or be ‘rational’ but you simply have to wear your heart on your sleeve. You know your own mind, but it’s channelled through what you feel. Others simply have to put up with it!

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