Current Planetary Positions

On this page you can can check the position of the planets, the asteroids and other important heavenly bodies, in the twelve signs of the zodiac. These positions are calculated immediately and shown in London time.

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If you see anything in your chart at the same degree (first number) and sign as anything on the daily list, that’s big.

You can refresh this page at any time to see the current sign and degree position of the planets in real time.

Having an exact match on numbers, or degrees is a conjunction, or horoscope hotspot.

If you have anything in Aries, Pisces and/or Capricorn (for example) always check to see where Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are. If they are at the same number (degree) as anything in your chart, that’s a major event or development, lasting several weeks. In fact, it will change your life.

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If you are more advanced with your astrology, you will also be looking for semi-sextiles, sextiles, squares, trines, quincunxes and oppositions in your personal chart. For the most precise predictions work with 0-1 degree orbs. If you’re just starting out, looking for hotspots (same sign/degree) is enough for now.

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Current Planetary Positions

Current Time shown in UTC

15 May, 2021 04:59

Sun 24° Taurus 35′ 46″
Moon 01° Cancer 44′ 20″
Mercury 16° Gemini 20′ 15″
Venus 07° Gemini 31′ 36″
Mars 13° Cancer 13′ 04″
Jupiter 00° Pisces 08′ 21″
Saturn 13° Aquarius 27′ 45″
Uranus 11° Taurus 30′ 17″
Neptune 22° Pisces 44′ 23″
Pluto 26° Capricorn 44′ 12″ R
Chiron 11° Aries 24′ 21″
Juno 21° Sagittarius 06′ 29″ R
Vesta 09° Virgo 01′ 18″
Ceres 02° Taurus 40′ 30″
MC 21° Sagittarius 06′ 29″ R
IC 21° Gemini 06′ 29″
ASC 11° Aries 24′ 21″
DESC 11° Libra 24′ 21″
Diana 20° Capricorn 00′ 49″ R
Fortuna 08° Gemini 28′ 16″
Minerva 11° Virgo 04′ 06″
Bacchus 06° Pisces 03′ 09″
Apollo 28° Leo 04′ 49″
Aesculapia 11° Libra 39′ 14″ R
Hygeia 09° Leo 17′ 19″
Panacea 16° Libra 07′ 22″ R
Ops 03° Aries 01′ 30″
Salacia 06° Aries 50′ 05″
Proserpina 04° Leo 35′ 59″
Cupido 21° Taurus 34′ 17″
Vulcano 07° Taurus 56′ 42″
Psyche 06° Cancer 55′ 35″
NorthNode 10° Gemini 43′ 38″
SouthNode 10° Sagittarius 43′ 38″

The meaning of the heavenly bodies

THE SUN Something (or someone) shines a spotlight – illuminates and exposes – and draws attention.
THE MOON People or organisations which need to be needed. Mothers and maternal individuals.
MERCURY Multimeda, internet, publishing people and organisations. The mail. News and news-bringers.
VENUS People who live for their relationships. Women, in particular. Love and jealousy in combination.
VULCANO Men (typically) who suppress their emotion. Heated feelings. Powerful people have willpower.
PSYCHE This is going to last forever. It’s going to endure. There is something immortal about the moment.
CUPIDO Short-term passion. Temporary desire. Mad longing. Sometimes, the act of falling in love.
MARS Action men and action women (usually men). Heat. Tension. Anger. Sport, conflict or competition.
JUPITER Big global organisations. Global people. Opportunities. Solutions. One of the luckiest things to see!
JUNO Women who are Domestic Goddess wives, or Bridezillas. Alternatively, commitments are in the air.
FORTUNA The Wheel of Fortune spins. What is up goes down. What is down goes up. Destiny.
MINERVA Wise women – graduates, academics or ‘school of life’ geniuses. Clever answers. Brilliance.
DIANA Single, child-free women. As a trend – independence, space, freedom. Sometimes, bisexual women.
BACCHUS Pure pleasure. Hedonistic men. Total self-indulgence. In some cases, a Bacchanalia.
APOLLO Male leaders. Sometimes, bisexual men. People who influence and guide others – widely imitated.
CHIRON Mavericks. Punks. People and organisations who cross the line. What/whom is ‘outrageous’.
AESCULAPIA Miracle workers who revive and resurrect. In general, what was on the brink, comes back.
HYGEIA Prevention is better than cure. Think of innoculation, insurance, pre-emptive strikes, advance care.
PANACEA Remedies, but with an ethical dilemma. Solutions, cures, answers – but with a moral question.
SATURN Hard realities. Old men. Pessimists. Self-saboteurs. Stuck, slow, frozen organisations or situations.
OPS Hopeful solutions. Practical, positive women. Smart answers in hard times. Strategies that work out.
VESTA One man, two or more women. Harems. Gender politics. Usually a man playing King Henry VIII.
URANUS Radical change. Revolution. Freedom. Independence. The world upside-down. Electrifying times.
NEPTUNE Alternative realities. No boundaries. Drugs. Alcohol. The spirit world. Dreams. Altered states.
SALACIA Similar to Neptune. Other worlds. The ‘unreal’ realities of life. Trips or ‘trippy’ experiences.
PLUTO A change in the balance of power. Men who take over. Takeovers in general. Control freaks.
PROSERPINA Women who work as the go-between. Negotiation. Compromise. The middle person.
CERES Women with grief/anger/loss/control issues to heal. Sharing power. The challenge of letting go.

How the signs affect your horoscope

The sign a heavenly body is in, affects your birth chart in the following life department – when it is conjunct. Remember, it has to be at exactly the same degree (first number) and sign as whatever is in your horoscope. I use the Aries 0 Ascendant house system for this.

ARIES Image, brand, appearance, self-interest, self-promotion, profile, reputation.
TAURUS Money, business, charity, value, communism, socialist, economy, possessions, property, charity.
GEMINI Multimedia, publishing, internet, words, ideas, images, journalism, books, public speaking.
CANCER Mothers, home, family, home town, country, patriotism, roots, heritage, houses, apartments.
LEO Children, babies, young adults. Youth projects. Junior generations. Lovers who bring children in.
VIRGO The Body. Daily routine, lifestyle, work ethic, service, duty, food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers.
LIBRA Partners. Partnerships. Former, current and potential partners. Enemies, rivals and opponents.
SCORPIO Power and money. Sex and money. Death and money. Basically – property/finance through power.
SAGITTARIUS Travel. Travel in the mind. Academia, education, publishing, beliefs, foreigners, the web.
CAPRICORN Ambition. Social climbing. Social status. Achievement. Being at the top of the hierarchy.
AQUARIUS Groups. Friends. People power. Clubs, societies, associations, political parties, bands, teams.
PISCES Drugs and alcohol. Meditation. Mediumship. Secrets. Operating behind-the-scenes. What is hidden.

Frequently asked questions about asteroids and planets

Q. How do I know when exactly I am being affected in my town or city?
A. A really easy way to work with the daily list is to just allow a day either side – so you may experience the event 24 hours before or after. If you want precision, then work with

Q. There are so many planets and asteroids affecting me now – how do I know what’s important?
A. The most important aspects (or patterns) involve the slowest-moving planets – so Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres. These are the life-changers. Here’s another tip. If you have a lot of action in one sign, that’s a major story in your world.
So if there are a lot of aspects in Virgo, for example, you’re going to see an important chapter involving your body.

Q. There are millions of asteroids – why just these?
A. They complete the family tree of astrology. Back in 1930, we were only working with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (which had just been discovered). Today we work with the asteroids and Trans-Neptunians which fill in the gaps. Neptune’s wife Salacia was only discovered a few years ago.

Q. Why don’t you use Sedna or Pallas Athena? Why don’t you use Eris or MakeMake?
A. Sedna is not in the Latin family tree of astrology – she is a symbol from a completely different culture – the Inuit people of the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska. Pallas Athena is Greek, not Latin/Roman. She is actually the forerunner of Minerva. The Romans took Athena and turned her into Minerva, who is the daughter of Jupiter. So Minerva is Athena, evolved. Eris is Greek too. Her Roman counterpart is Discordia. If and when astronomers name an asteroid or dwarf planet after Discordia she will become part of the family tree of Latin/Roman astrology.To understand how confusing life becomes when some astrologers mix up Greeks and Romans – imagine if we used Greek icons like the asteroid 69230 Hermes instead of (or in addition to) Mercury. Or how about asteroid 1388 Aphrodite instead of Venus? Asteroid 5731 Zeus instead of Jupiter? Asteroid 4341 Poseidon instead of Neptune? As the above illustration from The British Museum shows, astrology began with the ancient Roman/Latin deities like Jupiter and Saturn. Makemake is from the mythology of Easter Island, in the south eastern Pacific Ocean. She is not related at all to the gods the Romans knew, upon whom the language of astrology is based.

Q. Why is sticking to a family tree important?
A. Every major divination system is based on inner logic. The jigsaw pieces fit inside the system. The Tarot shows a natural progression, for example, from the Two of Cups (attraction) to The Lovers (partnership) and The Empress (motherhood). The cards fit each other. It’s the same in astrology. We work with Latin/Roman symbols in modern astrology, and so we need to understand why Jupiter’s wife, sons and daughters matter as much as he does. The Romans would have thought we were mad not to use Minerva and Juno with him. And they would have been utterly confused to see Makemake or Sedna placed alongside Jupiter – they come from completely different cultures and points in history!

Q. Is there an astrology book or website which will explain my chart?
A. There is nothing which includes the complete Latin/Roman family tree of asteroids yet, although I am working on a series of 35 books called Modern Astrology which will eventually enable you to decode everything. I have written many features on the planets and other heavenly bodies on this website, though – so just hit the search button. You could also try Planets In Transit by Robert Hand, which is a 1976 classic covering the planets. Find out more about Robert Hand and the book at Astrodienst.

Jessica Adams B.A. graduated in Ancient Civilisations, Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of Tasmania. She holds a second degree in screenwriting from The Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Jessica is the author of 2020 Vision (Viking), Handbag Horoscopes (Penguin), Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins) and Astrolove (Corgi). She is a member of The Astrological Lodge of London, the Astrological Association of Great Britain and the Federation of Australian Astrologers.