The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2023 to 2024

Happy Birthday Aries

ARI 2021 small - The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2023 to 2024Your forecast takes you from March 21st, 2023, until April 19th, 2024, the last day of your sign.

Aries, on March 7th-8th, 2023, you saw the light at the end of the tunnel, where your social life, friendships, group involvements and social media was concerned. Saturn quit Aquarius and moved out of the Eleventh House of your chart, where you have been dealing with waiting games and obstacles since December 2020. You had a very tough time in 2021, 2022 and even in early 2023, but now the coast is clear.

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14 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica! I enjoy reading every new update you post. In trying to decipher the Aries birthday horoscope, I noticed that I do have Aquarius factors at 0 degrees. I also have stelliums in Aries and Libra and that seems significant this week. I’m about 2 years away from retirement but was wondering if you could look at my chart and give me an idea of what this looks like for me. Does this mean it will be “smooth sailing” for the next couple of years? Do you see anything else significant in my chart? Thanks so much for your time. You are the best! KAR

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries person with Aries, Libra and Taurus stelliums. Take the opportunities to relaunch your title, appearance and reputation by May as you’ll be happily fulfilled. You already had one chance which I hope you took. You will be given a rare chance to save money or make it, on a grand scale, May 2023 to May 2024. Jupiter goes through your Second House of money owned, saved or earned. The karma with your partner now, or a new partner ahead, will land in July 2023 and be there in 2024 as life 18-19 years prior has an impact on how you two operate together. You will pursue closure by 2024.

  2. Hi Jessica. You’ve always replied so kindly to my questions and I can’t help asking about my dear son. You stated even with an amicable separation neither my soon-to-be-ex nor I will be able to escape “our issue”. Can you elaborate on how this might manifest? I’ve purchased my son’s chart (Taurus sun) so hopefully you can access it. To be honest I don’t want to absolve myself of my responsibility to him. I’ve not ever felt like a stereotypically good mother however, despite having a Cancer stellium. His father is so much better at the practical, day-to-day child-rearing. There’s hardly ever been room for me. In fact, so much of our marital problems came from differences in parenting philosophies. But who’s to say who’s right? Anyway, any tips from our astrology, on how I can do the best for my son despite this upcoming separation would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Your son is a Sun Taurus and will be on a path of total transformation with his academic career and/or career until 2044. It will show up in the next day or two. From little things, big things grow. You can support him in his ambitions. He will need family, outside work or university/college, to lean on as a sounding board and source of support, when he hits the inevitable crossroads in his life, over the next few years. He also needs family (not friends) to be a rock to him, as his friendships, social life, social media, teams, clubs and other groups are hard work in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. There is a lot to be said from having a good listener who is not wrapped up in his work, academic or social life.

  3. Thank you Jessica! He is a bright little one and I will support and listen to him. Sending all my best to you.

  4. Hi Jessica, Please look into my personal birth chart and let me know how my birthday year fares with friendships (crisis within the group happened last month but now it is resolved, yet nothing feels the same). Also my relationship with my teenage son which is strained. Thanks FA..

    1. I am sorry you are going through this FA but the friendship and group issue is something a lot of readers here are experiencing. Unfortunately Saturn was in Aquarius in 2021, 2022 and until very recently, early 2023. You have the South Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, along with the North Node in Leo in the Fifth House of offspring. Thus, you have that classic Aquarius-Leo chart pattern, whereby you must make firm decisions about both. These will be quite hard decisions, but you have to look after yourself first. Aquarius-Leo types can be generous to a fault, kind-hearted and quite trusting. You are now in a phase where you may want to use the Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website to find out what’s going on – and what your options are. Pluto in Aquarius is the big factor here. It will be with you until 2044 so think about the long-term repercussions of what you want to do. Actions have long-term consequences, no matter if you are taking measures with your teenage son, or figuring out a group. Go in very, very slowly. Pluto is only just at 0 Aquarius and will take years to form a conjunction with your South Node and an opposition with your North Node. This is the sort of transit when you can burn bridges with teenagers. And groups! It is also the sort of transit when you can take a deep breath and turn your back on the way you have been thinking, dealing, and responding with everything and everybody and see if there isn’t another way. Is there another way to faithfully act out the inheritance of Leo and Aquarius in your chart? This was your past life. It’s here again now. How can you guide, lead, set an example to – younger people – best? How can you supply a group of friends and allies, best? Maybe you just need different people in your life. That can happen.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for the comprehensive Birthday Forecast…. phew, it looks like we are about out of the woods from the last few tricky years, it was so nice to read that today.
    My father just passed on the 22nd – certainly the end of an era. I was estranged from him for a very long due to the awful way he treated my mother. I still wish him nothing but peace though. He needs some peace as much as the rest of the family.
    I’m hoping this might mean a turning point for my family, my siblings as well as my partner and my own children, I’m hoping the burdens of that era will also leave us now that he’s gone.
    Any thoughts?
    kind regards

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your father has passed away; even through you were estranged, it is still a loss. You have Jupiter at 1 Scorpio in your Eighth House of legacies and inheritance, and Saturn recently passed 1 Pisces (Saturn trine Jupiter) for the first time in 29 years. The legacies and inheritance are typically about money, valuables and property and it can be about what’s excluded or missed, as much as what is gained. Either way, transiting Pluto going to 1 Aquarius over the next few years, will square natal Jupiter, so this is quite a long period of rethinking for you with the legacy you leave to your own children; siblings; partner – as well as any will which also names you. It’s not happened in your adult life. On a more spiritual note, it may be that the universe finds a way to let you know your father has successfully made the transition and is free or at peace.

  6. Thank you for your kind words. I’ll definitely be looking out for those signs that he’s at peace.

  7. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for a wonderful report! It’s so spot on. This is my first time commenting on this site ever since subscription last year. I went through several transformations in last 15 years and more so in last 2 years, but kept on pushing along, and strongly believe, my best is yet to come. Some folks call me overtly ambitious and I am fine with that. Can you please take a look at my chart and let me know what’s going to transpire in next 2-3 years, in terms of my career? I work in a somewhat shaky startup environment right now. Much appreciate your response!! Best regards!!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries, as you know, with stelliums in Aries, Pisces, Libra and Taurus. You will carry on relaunching your title, appearance and reputation (to your total advantage) by May. You have hopefully already taken the chance to do this. There may be a second chance waiting. Try to complete by May for the best results with Jupiter in Aries. Your inner life, be it spiritual, religious, psychic, about hypnosis, therapy, mediumship, self-help – is under construction in 2023-2026 following years of floating. This is useful even though it’s hard work and you will learn as you go along. Expertise from experience people will be very helpful, especially if they are older. Partnership karma from 18 or 19 years ago comes back, with the same person or a different face, from July 2023 and by 2024 you will slowly be approaching closure after quite repetitive situations with this person. Finally, you could make or save a lot of money when Jupiter goes into Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 and crosses your Taurus stellium. Try to take the opportunities then.

  8. Dear Jessica, thank you for this wonderful post with my birthday just a week away. I have taken note of the changes I experienced since March 13, 2023 when I put meetings into actions with challenging business issues from the past years with the final meet on March 23. This was before I read this posts! How accurate it is. Everything you have mentioned about the past years about my businesses were challenges. I am considering to relinguish and exit those businesses but looking for best way and when to exit. In the post you mentioned about factors in Libra and the 7th House where I only have Jupiter @ 26 Libra in 7th House, about partnerships. Is this the time for me to seriously drop these businesses?

    1. Thank you. So business is Second House (Taurus) and Eighth House (Scorpio). You will find the big stretch is over in July. The nodes change signs and the internal tug-of-war finishes. Just before then, from May, you will see an obvious way to save a lot of money or make it. At that point you may want to use the Tarot to give yourself a personal reading. You have an extended version of it, as a memnber.

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