The Scorpio Birthday Horoscope 2022 to 2023

Good Karma Comes Back in 2023

What you did right with your workload and well-being in the following period, helps you in 2023, Scorpio. In fact, based on your duty and service to others, and any measures you took for your health, these time-frames in your life offer a 2023 ‘return’ on past efforts.

  • December 26th, 2004, to June 22nd, 2006
  • April 6th, 1986, to May 5th, 1986
  • May 8th, 1986, to December 2nd, 1987

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30 Responses

  1. Wow! I can’t wait to see how this unfolds for me. I’m underlining March 2023.
    Thank you for this, Jessica!


  2. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another insightful article. I have been waiting eagerly for this and wonder what 2023 will bring. 2022 has been a a challenging time on unpaid work, trying to do the right thing for our congregation but with little progress. Health wise, I have been feeling unwell since getting Covid in late June. Family/work/finance has been hard work. Hoping for an easier year ahead! I would appreciate if you could share more insght.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have Long Covid. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Libra and Scorpio stellium. Near Christmas Day Jupiter (solutions) goes back into your Sixth House of lifestyle, workload, wellbeing and health. You have until May 2023 to take full advantage of offers and opportunties. The work-life balance is actually at the heart of everything and that includes housework. You will be in a position to do things in a new and better way, from the end of 2022 and by Autumn 2023 should be happy with the result, if you accept who or what is on offer. March 2023 is a turning point, when current family burdens disappear and. That will also make a difference. Not feeling well, June-October is something best approached from the work, unpaid work or academic work angle. Try and dig deeper for the answers if you can. The Tarot can be helpful there.

  3. Oh this makes makes me so nervous. I’ve been waiting to see what 2023 would look like. I’ve been at my job for over 8 years , there’s a lot of drama on the office and I’m the oldest so I have a hard time with all the high school Shenanigans that go on in there they just recently had a meeting with all of us to talk about the possible recession and having to furlough some people in the future if it comes down to that. I make good money so that has me worried. I’ve also been in a relationship off and on for that past 7 years. We’re not married. We don’t have children together but we both have kids. We had a few years that have been very trying (Hence the off and on) but things have been great for awhile. We are talking about starting a company we just had this discussion last night we are also hoping to buy a home at the end of the year but after reading this I’m extremely nervous now and don’t know if I would be making the right decisions. If you could please look at my chart and tell me if you see anything about my career and my relationship I would be extremely grateful I feel like I’m going to be second-guessing myself the all of 2023. Thank you Jessica for your time!!

    1. I have answered you elsewhere. There is no need to be extremely nervous about anything, but if you want to buy a home at the end of 2022, you are doing so with a heavy load. Look at the load and make sure you can take it. March 2023 will be a turning point with your home in any case, when a mortgage/investment stops being so weighty and in its place, as Pluto replaces Saturn, you find real power is on offer. In other words, over the long-term of many years, using your willpower where property is concerned could put your hands firmly on the reins.

  4. Also I forgot to mention my health has been up and down I had a surgery last year to remove a cyst they also found fibroid tumors and then this year they found a black mass in my chest so I’m really just a hot mess right now any help or advice that you could give would be really grateful for thanks again

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with the North Node, Saturn and DC (Descendant) in Virgo in the Sixth House of health, wellbeing, workload, service and duty. All these matters influence each other in astrology. I am very sorry you have been put through so many challenges of late. The job/the office can’t be separated from the cyst/tumors. And even the housework. Housework, as part of a marriage or common-law marriage, has as much to do with Virgo as surgery does. So it’s all of a piece. Were you ill as a child? Or had to take time off school or higher education? Sometimes it helps to look back. People whose souls rebel against their work can sometimes end up with issues which require they leave their work, part-time or permanently. Astrology is all about the unconscious programming the body, because Pisces (the subconscious mind) is always opposite Virgo (the physical condition). Your priority now has to be lifestyle, work and housework, with equal billing given to Mind, Body, Spirit. Easy for me to say, hard for you to do, but life until 2026 must address the need for change. Something that often clicks for readers is remembering that as teenagers they had colds and got 3 days off school, in bed, with freedom, food in the fridge and daytime TV. It is amazing how childhood also programs us. Absolutely nobody wants the health issues you have been put through, but at the same time, you have been taken out of a system. A work system or a housework system. So it may be useful to find out if there is any underlying reason for that in your subconscious. Dreams can often tell you. So can Tarot.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I have been having issues with my son and his wife. I love them both. I’m ready to forget everything and move forward with life. I have been through a lot. My birthday is November 15, 1969. Life has been a struggle for me since 2013. My 25 years marriage ended in 2014 because my ex cheated and left the family. Any advice, please? I’m also talking a guy whose energy is in and out. Just like Uranus is in Taurus. Please recommend any different approach that can work in these situations.
    Thank you,
    Elia Hussain

    1. Thank you Elia. You are a Sun Scorpio woman with stelliums in Scorpio and Aquarius. I am very sorry that your ex-husband was unfaithful to you. You now have a man who cannot commit. This does get better. A lot better. May 2023 begins the biggest and best cycle for love, sex, marriage and partnership in 12 years and you will find the exhilaration of freedom makes you commit to your own independence, the way you once committed to marriage. The last thing you expected will happen and your life will turn upside-down, but you will gain enormously. You don’t have to sit on your hands until May, though. From October 29th 2022 you will be presented with big answers about your courtship with this unreliable man. Welcome solutions and huge opportunities. The cycle ends on December 20th, so you don’t have long, but for whatever reason, you will be shown a way through unlike any other. From March 2023 a group enters or re-enters your life. This group is powerful. It changes people and changes the way things function. You have a very special part to play, so get ready for transformation, via a friend or ally in the group.

  6. To say I was desperate to read the birthday year ahead was an understatement, this for me has been the hardest 11+ years on my marriage m, family and health (and having myself and x2 teenage female Scorpio’s all going through it at once has been a nightmare threefold (the girls are just turned 14 (23.10) and turning 17 (11.11)). The financial strain, parenting challenges, health issues – constant repeat, repeat, repeat. March 2023 just can’t come fast enough!! ❤️

    1. Three Scorpio people in the family is a big stretch at the moment, so you have my sympathy. You do get a break sooner than March 2023, actually. Jupiter (solutions) goes into Pisces (your daughters) on Saturday 29th October. From that point until 20th December this year, you will be shown opportunities and answers, so take them. The seventeen-year-old and fourteen-year-old need consideration long-term, though, as there is hope, relief, release and optimism very soon, but the discussions about life for them 2023-2026 should be realistic. So we’re talking further education, a first job, moving out and so on. Be a pragmatist about that part. Further up, March 2023 is important as Saturn leaves Aquarius and your home, household and family zone and Pluto comes in. The load lifts. The tight constrains vanish. In their place, use the willpower and self-control your horoscope suggests, to contribute to a new balance of power within the family. The other great relief for you will be July 2023 when you get closure on some karma with your husband. You will both have paid your karmic dues with each other then and you will feel far less of a stretch. In fact, every solution you needed with him/about him will appear by May 2024.

  7. This is exciting to read. Wondering what you might see in my chart in regards to career and health… I’ve had a few challenges in the past few years (and COVID twice in 2022), but I’m hoping to regain some energy and stamina. I have a decent job and some side work, but I feel like there’s something greater in store. I wasn’t selected for a promotion after I had a job interview on July 13 (Capricorn full moon), but I’m wondering if a better opportunity is around the corner. Thanks Jessica!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn and Sagittarius stellium. Having Covid twice is your motivation to explore bigger and better ways of taking care of your health, fitness and mental health too, and the first opportunity comes as December 2022 ends and you will have two or three more by May 2023. If you commit to this superior way of taking care of yourself, you will benefit as Jupiter goes through your solar Sixth House. In the same time-frame you will be offered hopeful new options to enjoy a better lifestyle but also a better way of working; opportunities roll, just near Christmas until May. The financial stretch is over in July 2023 as the South Node leaves Scorpio. The endless politicking over who/what has control with your career, academic career or unpaid work, ends in March 2023. All you will ever see is a replay that has no lasting power to affect your life.

  8. Thank you Jessica for the Birthday horoscope! There were many things you had discussed that hit home for me. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. The best way I can explain it is the feeling one would get riding a roller coaster. The ticking as it climbs to the very top of the ride. Filled with excitement, anticipation, fear and anxiety on how the ride will go. Is there anything in my chart that may help me prepare for what’s to come?

    Many thanks Jessica

    1. You have stelliums in Scorpio and Aquarius, so the tug-of-war over money, the house or apartment, business, charity, valuables – ends in July 2023. You are either at opposite ends of the spectrum with others, or in conflict with yourself, but there will be closure from July, when a great deal of the past is settled, as there is karma from 18 or 19 years before, which must be paid to you, or repaid by you. Scorpio arrangements usually involve the family or partners. The Aquarius stellium is important as – socially – the most restrictive, barricaded, cycle of big walls, high fences and insurmountable obstacles is nearly over. It began in December 2020 and ends in March 2023. Friendships, making new friends, groups, societies, associations of all kinds have been heavy going. That stops next March and from that point you will realise you are becoming quite powerful in relation to an important circle of people in your life. Handle the power with care.

  9. Thank you for your guidance. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.
    Congratulations on the new book , Modern Astrology 2050. I can’t wait to read it!
    Best Regards,

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry just had to send you this as well, after reading my birthday horoscope I went through a handbag in my wardrobe. I found my wedding ring which had been flattened by my husband in one of our many aggressive rows, a funeral service leaflet for my aunty (who was like a mum to me with her photo on the front) who died last year. A question you had answered for me which was helpful that I had printed off and kept, and my amazing therapist’s business card. And my crystal pendant! It was as though I was being shown all the help I have around me.
    Couldn’t believe it!!

    1. That is your aunt at work, behind the scenes, from spirit. That is a terrific outcome and yes, she is helping you. Thank you for keeping the answer too, and printing it out. You have a very Scorpio handbag there.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Enjoyed reading the 2022-2023 birthday horoscope, have found your predictions in the past to be spot on and make sense of many things that happen. I am Sun Scorpio with stellium in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius. I am struggling to find closure with my bad marriage of 20 years (divorced now) with many questions haunting me. Counselling has helped me a lot. Will the astrological changes in the coming year help me make peace and move forward? Please suggest

    1. Thank you very much. If you are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio stellium then your Sagittarius and Aquarius stelliums will help you turn the corner next year. Your help with the closure after your divorce comes in waves. The first wave is March 2023, when you realise that friends are as important as partners and groups are as life-changing as marriage could ever be. You will either put more energy into a club, team, circle that you already belong to then, or join a new network of people. If you are having counselling perhaps you will find a number of allies who share your experience and you figure it out together. Of course you may just join a football team or a charity. Do not underestimate how profoundly friends and groups will change your life, to 2044 actually. After March and the distinct change in the atmosphere (particularly if you lost friends after you divorced) you will find that July 2023 stops the big strain/stretch which you still have about the house, money, possessions, apartment, business – but also the actual intimate, complicated nature of the marriage itself. Scorpio is the sexual bond that brings in the darkest, deepest, most difficult questions and your stellium there in the Eighth House has been pulled back to karma from 18 or 19 years ago, for closure. The closure goes in stages and the last stage is July 2023. Ongoing until 2026, you will find that your old attitudes about marriage and mortgage, men and money, spouses and joint accounts, go through huge changes. They liberate you. They free you from the past and radically change your approach so that you are never again so tied up or locked in by life. Try to keep the stakes as low as possible, though, this is not the time to be risking huge amounts of money as Uranus (the shock of the new) is in Taurus, right opposite Scorpio, until 2026. You can read more about all of this in your online library. But expect waves of progress. The group and friends I mentioned really takes off when Jupiter goes into Gemini and trines your Aquarius stellium, so 2024-2025 will be empowering and remarkable.

  12. My sixteen year marriage ended in April 2011 when my daughter was about to turn ten and my son was six. I have spent the past eleven years doing the best job I could as a mom for them which of course has not been without mistakes as we are all human. I have dated on occasion but nothing lasting. Recently a male friend (married – Capricorn) whom I have known for 18 years proclaimed his love for me, declared he plans to divorce his wife and marry me. I have no interest in an ‘affair’, but an actual real, committed, lasting, healthy relationship is something I have wanted my whole life. My son graduates from high school May 2023 and my daughter from college as well which I expect will feel like a huge turning point in my life as mom duties will drastically change at that point. I keep seeing your ‘karma from 18 or 19 years ago’ statements in my daily horoscopes as well as a major shift happening in March 2023 and May 2023. The birthday horoscope also mentions some up-coming times of solitude. It seems solitude has been my ‘norm’ at least since the divorce (I’m not close with family, either) and I’m really ready for that to not be the case! Jessica could you look at my chart and tell me if you have insight into the future of my relationship status or potential new friendships? I am not in communication with my Cap friend. I have stelliums in Sagittarius, Libra, and Capricorn each with more objects than my sun sign Scorpio. Thank you for all that you do! I visit your website daily and have downloaded the Modern Astrology 2050 book.

    1. Okay, so a married man has told you he loves you, wants to divorce his wife and marry you. You don’t want an affair (and why would you?) Your son and daughter can leave the nest from around 2023 too. If you have a copy of Modern Astrology 2050 you will already know that you were born with a stellium in Libra in the Seventh House (marriage) and you are coming up to the South Node in Libra transit of your Seventh House which begins in July 2023. That can only happen every 18-19 years. You are also a Sun Scorpio. In your public chart, as well as your private chart, we find transiting Uranus (radical change) in your Seventh House until 2026, and from May 2023 until May 2024, transiting Jupiter (growth, opportunity, solutions) in the Seventh House. So it’s all about him or another potential husband/partner. Also, actually, closure with the children’s father. You will be balancing the scales in a completely new way with another person next year and by 2024 will have made your decision. The solitude co-exists with a new partnership if you want one. They don’t conflict. You can spend time alone and still be in a new relationship. This is a 2023-2024 ‘best window’ for an important, substantial, partnership or marriage and it would be karmic in nature, as you will find out when you look at that part of the book.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are doing well. I have been wondering why do keep getting romantic setbacks and is it supposed to get better anytime soon?

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are having a rotten time in love. I cannot see a chart here, though, so can’t read for you. Use the Tarot on my website, which is free, and follow the steps.

  14. Thanks, Jessica, for your kind words! I really needed that. I hope my chart is visible to you now. Didnt know what to make out of the seven of cups that turned up.

    1. You are experiencing Neptune in your astrology chart. Neptune is confusing when you don’t know who you are. You are going through a phase when you may be avoiding the mirror, or avoiding self-examination or self-enquiry. This will only distract you, when you should be squaring things with yourself, looking yourself in the eye and getting real. To explain further –

      This is the most important card in the Tarot created by Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite. This surprises some professional Tarot readers, because it is a Minor Arcana card. It is also less striking, say, than cards like the Two of Cups, or the Ten of Staves.

      The card shows a person in silhouette, in the shadows (that is the first clue: everything and everybody is a shadow projected on a wall) who is confused by a billowing cloud of rich symbols, ranging from diamonds and pearls, to a skull and snake.

      It took me several visits to Dublin before I understood this card. Pamela Colman Smith, who created it, was mentored by W. B. Yeats. Both were involved in magic. Magic spells and their outcomes are expressions of quantum reality. In other words, there is no single, objective reality. Science tells us (in fact has proven) that until we measure what is ‘real’ it can exist in at least two states at once, and logically, many more. It’s like Doctor Who. Many words. Many universes.

      What you measure with, defines what you find. What you measure with, is in your head. This is how astrology works. So many people do not understand that astrology is science. Quantum mechanics. The multiverse theory, which proposes that what we get, is what we see. A flipped version of the famous saying.

      Astrology which rests on angles and aspects, divided from a circle of 360 degrees, is a yardstick for a particular sort of reality. A certain kind of universe. It’s quantum uncertainty writ large. No wonder astrology has not just survived, but thrived, over the last 2000 years or so. It’s a beautiful fit for multiverse theory.

      The realisation of dreams, wishes and hopes by supernatural means is one way of defining magic. W.B. Yeats (very likely, the third man who worked on the Smith-Waite Tarot) lived a few doors away from – not a magician – but an outstanding scientist whose emerging 20th century field of quantum mechanics was also about mystery. Quantum uncertainty.

      Across the square, Merrion Square, in the heart of Dublin, there is a plaque to Oscar Wilde, whose wife Constance was a magical acquaintance of Yeats in The Golden Dawn.

      Across Dublin itself was the theatre impresario Annie Horniman, who founded her company on the back of a Tarot card reading – more magic and mystery. The Golden Dawn members had extraordinary lives. It could be said that W.B. Yeats used magic to win a Nobel Prize. Who knows? Only Yeats.

      This is a card dominated by a cloud. Unpopped possibilities. Competing parallel universes. A multiverse full of ghosts, poisonous people (snakes), palaces, diamonds and pearls, victory and dangerous dragons. None of it is real. It is all a projection. The imagination, hope, fears and daydreams of someone living in a quantum world. Time to pop what you want in favour of what you don’t want. Nothing is real until you look for it, and measure it. It is the act of measuring that decides which universe you get, and so the measurements you use (astrology, perhaps?) become extremely important. The most obvious measuring device non-astrologers use is memory, based on apparent years or months; birthdays; old calendar dates. Time is a construct. There is nothing real about it.

      So, if you really want to get into this card, which for me is the most important in the entire deck, you’ll begin by considering what you assume to be true about the past. Your past measurements of time. It is on this that you base your projections of the present and future so it’s worth a much closer look, if you are projecting all these rich fantasies and horrid visions!

      The person in silhouette here is nothing to herself/himself. Just a slide projector whirring in the dark while the ‘show’ takes place on the facing wall. The trick with this card is ‘Know thyself’ and to understand that nothing is real. There are only realities to find. You may want to use measurements that serve you, when judging what is ‘there’ for you.

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