Jessica Adams’ free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes are always available through this website. You will find a compilation of all current astrological forecasts on this page.

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Daily Monthly HoroscopesHoroscopes for today

Your Daily stars fresh each morning from Jessica Adams, ready for you to start planning your day.

Weekly Horoscopes

Your weekly horoscope from Psychic Astrologer Jessica Adams. Discover what the stars have in store for you this week.

Monthly Horoscopes

Jessica Adams’ free Psychic Astrology forecast for the month ahead with a special extended personal horoscope based on your chart for premium members.

Yearly Horoscopes

Find out what’s in store for the year ahead in this Horoscope from Psychic Astrologer Jessica Adams. Love, Sex and Relationships, Money, Plans, Friends, Travel… find out what this years’ horoscope has in store for your life.

Birthday Horoscopes

Jessica Adams’ exclusive look at your birthday forecast from your birth month for the upcoming year, here.

AsianscopesAsianscopes – Chinese Horoscopes

Jessica Adams blends Chinese and Western Astrology to provide a unique forecast, with insights into your month, as observed from both your western and eastern horoscopes. Available to premium members of jessicaadams.com.



4 thoughts on “Horoscopes”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Good day!
    Was going through the weekly 21-27Dec and have ‘Proserpina 00° Gemini’ – what does that indicate. Could you please through some light? I am in a dire situation career wise. Is they any positivities for me during this time?
    Appreciate your views.

    • I am really sorry you are having a hard time with your career. There is funding available for you in 2021, or for others who need it (and need your help). It is really important that you try to get yourself into a frame of mind, physical condition and an emotional level of balance next year, so that you are in a stronger position to go and seek what you are owed, karmically, or to help others find that too. As you say your job situation is dire I am guessing that means you need revenue. I need to reassure you that good karma from about 19 years ago is now coming your way in 2021 and ‘Seek and ye shall find.’ Yet you need to be feeling good within yourself to go and negotiate; ask; bargain; request. There are some excellent free YouTube hypnosis, Reiki and meditation clips that would really help you next year. I can recommend Paul McKenna and Reiki Grand Master Sandip Jain, and also the guided meditation from Natalie Delahaye on my website, which is free to you. Moving further into destiny, you are the go-between who is the middle person in so many projects and plans in the future, concerned with the media, the worldwide web, education, academia or publishing. You keep both sides happy. Sometimes the focus is just ‘communication’ rather than a particular news outlet or website and so you find yourself mediating with IT companies, or perhaps with a taxi company switchboard. It’s a great ability you have there.

  2. Hello, I am a big fan of your predictions and blogs. I am wondering if I should consider my sun sign or ascendant for the yearly horoscope predictions? and my ascendant (23 scorpio) is pretty close to sagittarius which makes my houses always one house delayed (eg. my 11th house is mostly in libra although it starts from 29 Virgo). does this affect how I interpret your predictions? thank you.

    • Thank you. Never read the Rising Sign (Ascendant) with my horoscope predictions. Only read your Sun Sign, as I use the Solar Chart system when I forecast the future. Your 2021 astrology report will go live, at midnight on December 31st.


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