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  1. Jessica May I ask please – being a Gemini and reading both my weekly and September 2020 forecast, you speak of Virgo at 10 degrees – I have 10 Virgo Uranus, 10 cancer Minerva, MC Gemini 10. And, IC Sagittarius 10 – please Jessica, does this form a square and if so what should I be looking for? Also, at the same time, I have Virgo 19 degrees in Mars – help, please advise. As I am currently trying to set up a new business – thank you Jessica.
    All the best Sheri

    • You have a stellium in Virgo in your Sixth House of hard work, perfectionism, service and duty. Even as a child you were a good girl, Sheri. You suit exercise and exercise suits you. “I must lost myself in action or I perish” said Tennyson. You don’t exactly perish, but your mood is better and you are far more productive and motivated when you spend 1-2 hours a day keeping fit in some way. This becomes more obvious as September goes on. You are trying to set up a new business and it’s an obstacle course. You have one hurdle around now, on this Full Moon, and another around the 11th. You keep on jumping the hurdles anyway and staying the course and reinvent the entire plan near the New Moon on the 17th. This works really well for you and you’re set for the rest of 2020. There will be another huge leap forward in November. Just be mindful of Mercury Retrograde which begins as September ends. I posted on that quite a while ago – the details will be on Search.

    • You are not defined by travel, at all. You are not defined by your education, at all. Both will feature in your life but there is a gap there, so even though these things tend to say who others are – as people – they do not say who you are!

  2. Hi Jessica. I have a stellium in my 8th house with I believe about 6 planets which seems like a lot! Could you tell me what this means?

    • You have Uranus, Juno and the MC in Scorpio in the Eighth House, which is an average-sized stellium, or group of factors. This is really about joint finances, marriage and mortgage, sex and money, property and legacies, inheritance and families. You would already be aware of previous upheavals here which have completely changed your path in life. Uranus reveals the occasional episode of quite radical shifts in your destiny and tends to upset the applecart, for example with a house or apartment (and a former, current or potential partner) or sometimes a parent/grandparent and a will. We include the banks, life insurance, pension, superannuation and health insurance in this sector of your chart, ruled by Scorpio, and when you see Uranus in there (Juno is the commitment, usually marriage, but Uranus is the regular upheaval) it’s good to be ready for anything. The paperwork in your life is worth examining to make sure that you can ‘meet change with change’ when it comes and not lock yourself in too tightly. The MC depends on a strictly accurate birth time, but if you have it, then it basically defines your vocation, calling or highest achievement as financial in nature, likely tied to property, charity, business or valuables. When Uranus moves to 26 Taurus and opposes natal Uranus at 26 Scorpio in a few years’ time, you will benefit from being flexible, adaptable, open to big shifts in your financial situation, and as ready to pivot and twist, as you can possibly be.


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