Your Tarot and Astrology July-December 2018

Tarot and Astrology for July-December 2018 and a special invitation for British readers.

Using the Tarot cards of Pamela Colman Smith, I’ve combined astrology timing and psychic prediction, to give you an overall view of July-December 2018. The final six months of this unusual year. Premium Member? Now read on.

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78 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica – firstly thanks for the amazing posts. I owe a lot of my understanding of astrology to these, as I read most of what you write. While I try to figure out the ephemeris, I attach my details from astrodient.
    I’ve been living Uranus in Aries these past years, and took to Astrology then, as I just couldn’t figure out what was happening and for how long. It not over yet, and I am looking for a breath of fresh air in Life and Career. Its been a long stretch. Is there anything that you can advise me on – what can I look forward to & what do i need to do

    Many thanks.

    Sun 26 Cancer; Moon 8 Pisces; Mercury 28 Cancer, Venus 22 Leo, Mars 17 Aries, Jupiter 8 Aquarius , Saturn 28 Gemini , Uranus 19 Libra , Neptune 4 Sagittarius , Pluto 2 Libra, True node 7 Capricorn , Chiron 20 Aries, Aesculapia 13 Aries , Apollo 3 Virgo , Bacchus 7 Gemini , Ceres 3 Sagittarius, Cupid’s 13 Capricorn , Diana 10 Virgo , Fortuna 26 Libra , Hygiea 23 Aquarius , Juno 7 Sagittarius , Minerva 2 Gemini , Ops 17 Gemini , Panacea 9 Libra , Proserpina 4 Leo, Psyche 9 Scorpio , Salacia 3 Aquarius , Vesta 0 Leo, Vulcano 15 Virgo

    1. Wow, you really did the work on collecting that from Astrodienst, so I hope you can hang onto that and use it. You need to make new friends and will do that by joining a community, club, team, society or similar by 2019. You have Uranus going through your Eleventh House in your Solar Sign chart as a Cancerian, and in your personal birth chart, you have Uranus moving up to square Salacia in Aquarius, also in your Eleventh House. The South Node will also move to conjunct Salacia in Aquarius later this year, and it pulls in your Minerva in Gemini, which is trine Salacia natally. I should have thought the worldwide web would be strongly involved with this friend, and this group, because of that – or perhaps writing, education, languages, publishing, multimedia and other Gemini pursuits. You could also revive a friendship and revive a group commitment. You have Ceres at 3 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of ‘travel in the mind’ pulled into the picture too, so as Uranus crosses 2, 3, 4 Taurus now through 2019 you are really going to change your life – in fact, have a new life – because of this group. You need to focus on Salacia at 3 Aquarius in the Eleventh House. That’s your story.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I had been living seperately with my Virgo husband for some years now although not officially seperated. I fell in love with a cancer man and it ended in Jan, but we’re still very attached. Is there a way how you can help Me know what to expect in this period pls, by linking the 3 together
    Thank you as always x

    1. Your Virgo husband has very confused boundaries with you, and the situation about living separately – though not legally separated – has made life just a little bit too chaotic for him, for rather a long time. I am not sure this blurred boundaries situation is really helping him. You don’t say if you ever had children or not, or if this Cancer man has children. This is hugely important as the confused/confusing and borderline chaotic cycle brought by Neptune in Pisces is very much about sons and daughters. Even if you don’t, and there are no potential stepchildren in the picture, you would still gain by clarifying what is going on. Neptune is well and truly at large here and you need to contain and control the relationships. Define terms and keep it crystal-clear and real. Otherwise this fuzziness is not going to go away, and if there are children in the picture it will frequently mean they feel ‘all at sea’ to coin a Neptune phrase. They will not get their childhoods back.

      1. Thank you Jessica. Yes I do have a daughter from my marriage, and the relationship with the cancer man ended because he was not ready. Maybe that adds to it?
        Thank you Jessica xx

          1. Thanks Jessica, indeed she is the most important.
            Then I’m seeing the Cancer predictions in the post and them returning to special relationships. Wondering if there is hope for reconciliation – obviosuly under better terms for my daughter. Is my sign open to such change in the circumstances/ family tree pls? Thanks xx

          2. Yes, reconciliation is possible. We have the giant wheel of karma turning in the sign of Cancer (family) from November and a great deal is possible. Tuning into your ancestors will help. The Chinese do it all the time. Light a candle and close your eyes. Find faces and names in your family tree who can help. Put out a silent and heartfelt request. Spirit will help you, but in their own timing.

      2. Hi Jessica

        I just discovered that my ex (Cancer man) is now in a happy relationship with an Aquarius woman. I guess this changes the whole story now. What are your views pls? You think their story till last? Will he come back to our connection?

        1. Cancer men make their decisions to split or commit when they have Capricorn weather and his begins in December, then goes through to January 2019. At that point you will see where things stand, if you want to wait that long. It’s a cycle when people become engaged, move in together, decide to have children – or if things are rocky – they call it a day.

  3. Hello! I’m kind of a newbie and wondering if you could perhaps delve into my chart a bit. I am impressed with your work and every time I try to parse out what my chart says and learn how to “read” it, I get rather lost and feel a little silly, despite your well-written guides. I haven’t ever asked this before so I am not sure whether I need to give you any more detail than this; suffice it to say that my life has so far been very improbable and lucky (and improbably unlucky!) in many ways and never more than now, so I’m hoping for some kind of hint as to what may happen next.

    Thank you!

    1. The South Node, Venus and Mars at 22, 23 Aries in your First House of image are not the only Aries/First House factors you have. There is quite a big pattern there, known as a stellium. Aries is the sign we associate with being upfront – fearless, self-confident, prepared to thrust oneself forward. You could learn a lot about yourself just by hitting Aries on Search! I mention this because you are going through epic changes in this zone of your chart. Uranus (the revolution) has been there since 2011 but he is slowly moving out, for good. You have had radical changes affecting your profile, image, name, title, brand, appearance and reputation at that time but the constant sense of never knowing what is going to happen next, or even knowing what YOU will do next, is vanishing fast. In its place comes Chiron in Aries in your First House and over time Chiron will sit on, or conjunct, every single one of your Aries factors. You will be thrown challenges, again and again, to break or bend the rules on how you present and package yourself. If you think about Madonna experimenting with her presence and look, for years, that is rather similar. You will be tempted to see what you can get away with in the ‘Me’ stakes and this may be a result of paid or unpaid work, or your personal life. Chiron was a music teacher in mythology and he was in fact found in 1977, the year that punk changed music. Madonna was never, ever a punk (too late for that) but she had a wildly experimental approach to using herself as a kind of tool, or device, to get what she wanted, or make particular statements about feminism. You were only a schoolgirl when she was at her peak but I am sure you remember the impact she made! You are now working your way through a cycle when ‘Me’ matters more than it ever did, but particularly the public perception of ‘Me.’ Look up Chiron too.

      1. Wow, thank you a thousand times. That’s one of the things I was trying to figure out — whether I had a stellium! I so appreciate it!

  4. HI Jessica I am feeling so many deep emotional shifts within myself lately, to the point where I feel it’s safe to suggest some sort of awakening…can you please help me make sense of this? Inwardly I’m finding my awareness of the everyday is vastly different than ever before. Any insights would be so appreciated!! Thank you xx

    1. You have Neptune at 11 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of philosophy and beliefs, including astrology, spiritualism and faith of all kinds – like Buddhism. What is happening is really the Moon going across Neptune every month, laying the trail for Jupiter to cross Neptune, once he moves into Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years. You are feeling it deeply before the cycle begins. In fact, from November this year, you will find expansion, opportunity, exploration and growth (Jupiter) with all Ninth House matters, including not only travel in the mind, but also real travel. Foreign people and places will play a special part by 2019. Find out more about your Neptune in the Ninth House. This is now waking up in your chart, yourself and your life. Neptune is always the escape from ‘real’ that we find, and everyone has her own version of that. This is a holiday from reality, or perhaps a rival reality, challenging the normal, ordinary and everyday. As long as it doesn’t balloon out of control, you should find life (particularly from November) to be quite remarkable. Watch the Moon in Sagittarius every month; that’s your trigger.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much…
    It is so very true what you wrote for Scorpio…
    Even thought I don’t know what it means the six degrees of separation, but I feel deep pain, and confusion about the dearest person in whole wide world and my everything who I care about so much…. But yes separation did happen and it is very tough for me because I care about the person well being in every way, but sometimes we just must watch and love and be kind and let people make their good and bad decision…

    Jessica will I survive this separation… What do you see in my birth chart….

    Thank you so much….

    1. You will do more than survive, you will find that this period in your life opens you up to poetry and music in a new way, that enriches your experience of the world. Sometimes you need to go through this in order to see it. I know that you would rather have this person in your life but you will find this is a gateway to help you understand a deeper way of living and knowing. And it will get better. Music will really help you.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica.
        This person was all I have and helped all my life and I really really wish well so much that all I have and all I achieve if he (June 7,1977) doesn’t have and doesn’t have well being I will never be ok until he is ok and he chose good decision instead of bad and wrong)…

        Thank you Jessica!
        Love you so much and I am so much thankful for your existence…

        This year is the hardest year so far in my life…
        This year of dog is bringing all true colors out…
        Just wow…
        As if we were leaving in a shadow…

  6. Hi Jessica
    I have lost so many friends in the last few years, and a few family. It is like the slate being wiped clean. A little weird with what has happened. Do you see some new freindships in my chart?

    1. You have the MC or Midheaven at Aquarius 19 in the Eleventh House of friends, groups and tribes. Pluto has been passing over 19 Capricorn for the first time in over 240 years, triggering that in your chart. You will make new friends and in fact it will change your life. You will also find one or two very old friendships return in the years ahead and a group you joined a long time ago will become far more important to you. The new networks you become part of, especially from Christmas 2020, will be astonishingly life-altering. It’s the kind of pattern we see when a drummer like Keith Moon joins The Who or a young politician like Margaret Thatcher joins the Conservative party. To really understand yourself, look up Aquarius.

  7. Hello! This work is amazing!

    I would like to know more, specific to my chart, and how things may work out in my career. I am awaiting to hear news from a prospective employer and I”m curious as to what is in store for me now and during this transit.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hard to say without your employer’s chart as it takes two to tango! In general you have a total career reshape across 2018, 2019, 2020 and as Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres slowly move across your Capricorn factors in the ambitious Tenth House of success, you will transform the work you do, and how you do it. It has a happy ending for you particularly in 2020 when you will be promoted, land a dream job, win an award or score a massive hit.

  8. Hi Jessica! Thank you for another amazing article. I’m a Capricorn and you were spot on again. I sold my house and made a good bit of money which I used to pay off debts. I am excited to hear that Capricorn’s good fortune with money will continue through 2018. I do have one little hiccup which is my ex-husband giving me a hard time about paying his child support. Hoping I don’t have to go to court over this. Can you take a peak at my chart and see if there is anything I need to pay attention to? I’d be eternally grateful. He’s a cancer with birthday 7/18/73 Corinth, MS. Thank you!

    1. I am pleased to hear the astrology was spot-on for you. This year is all about the money and it will not stop until November. You will get your child support. He in turn gains a better relationship with his child. You will strike a radical new deal with him within five months. Be open to alternatives, with the actual money/cash in kind/timing and make sure he understands he can fix every issue he has about being a father, with you.

  9. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this tarot. As I have such a large stellium in Capricorn, could I use that as a prediction? Just because I like the look of it the best :). For my own life for the last few years, I have felt like I am living in a dream without any support or insight into where my life is going in the future. I feel it intensely to tell the truth. I see I have a very controlling birth chart and I have been trying really hard to try and let God so to speak. Can’t see that that is working for me either. Any help is very much appreciated by you.

    1. Sorry, but you can’t cheat! This Tarot reading was specifically for Sun Signs, not stelliums. Neptune 4 Scorpio is conjunct Mercury 3 Scorpio in your chart and women who were born with a Neptune-Mercury conjunction need an outlet for their dreams. I don’t mean their fantasies. I mean real, proper, night-time dreams. You say you are ‘living in a dream’ which is a sure sign you are not containing and controlling your actual sleep. If you have not yet come across my friend Jane Teresa Anderson and her dream coaching work, take a look at her website. She is a fascinating author and scientist and much of her knowledge is free. Start a dream diary.

  10. I am in search of a Job and moved into Australia recently. So far no success and money is dwindling. However I am trying but still wonder why life has to be so unfair and hard. In this period I lost a lover of long time and still cannot get over it, I am feeling that I am already giving up on life. If Uranus had been in these houses when i was born then I would have not been effected it when I was an adult because it takes 84 years. I read that I have a Taurus stellium and also arise stellium…I don’t think I will survive till 2025 it is so hard
    Do I have any relief from this ghostly planet?

    1. I am sorry you are having such a rotten time. Uranus has nothing to do with this. Neither does your Taurus stellium. Your whole issue here is that you were born with Neptune at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of emigration. Neptune is about the holiday from reality. The Ninth House is about foreign people and places. You have moved to Australia, very much a foreign country to you, because you wanted success and money. You were probably taking a holiday from reality when you did that! You have Saturn at 22 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, you see, and it is exactly square Neptune. This means that for your whole lifetime, every time you are unrealistic about foreigners – you have to take a hard reality check. Neptune can make people very starry-eyed and fool them into thinking things are A when they are really B. You will be pleased to hear that in the second half of 2019 you can fix the problem once and for all. If you can stand it that long, you will be given an opportunity to educate yourself about Australia, or any other foreign country, not possible in 12 years. At that point Jupiter (solutions) will sit on your Neptune in Sagittarius and help you adjust and adapt. You may, for example, be offered a golden chance to learn the language and the culture and that will help you find the level of work and also income you need. You will most certainly survive but you need to get real.

      1. but isnt uranus in aries last few years responsible for my love issues,,,and now it has moved into taurus isnt that going to cause similar problems?

        1. Not at all. Uranus in Aries opposite factors in Libra is about revolution/shock/radical change up against marriage and partnership (for years). This is winding down now with a final push in early 2019 followed by peace. Uranus in Taurus is up against the financial, business and property side of life, as it clashes with Scorpio placements. This is taking place at the same time as Pluto in Capricorn (the corporate world, the top of government) and Saturn in Pluto too, so it’s less about the sexual and romantic, and far more about big business and the White House. Putin too.

  11. Good Evening Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the Tarot cards. You always shower us with hope which I kinda lost hope of it. nothing make sense to me anymore.

    1. It’s a pleasure. And truly, astrology and Tarot can help any situation. I know that. I’ve seen it ever since I was a baby astrologer and Tarot reader back on Elle magazine!

  12. HI Jessica,
    Thank you for this – and so in keeping with the year forecasts you did back in Dec/ Jan.

    Could I just ask a basic question here? I’m a Capricorn, and also have a stellium in Capricorn, amongst others. You mentioned, in reply to another reader, about this reading being for our sun sign regardless of any stelliums in Capricorn, so I take it the sun is the critical object here? If that is the case, will your comment also apply to me as my sun is 26 Capricorn and it will take years for Uranus in Taurus to exactly trine my sun. You wrote “Uranus will trine the Capricorn Sun position of billions of December and January- born people across the planet as he enters Taurus”.

    Or, is it the nodes in the money signs for Capricorn that trigger financial karma (hopefully good)?

    Hope I’m making sense. Many thanks if you can answer x

    1. Uranus trines your Capricorn Sun (years from now) from Taurus so you will find the global economic shift – the revolution in taxation and cryptocurrency – helps you shine more brightly in your career, or unpaid work. We only just saw Uranus pass 0 Taurus so there are 26 degrees to go, and that’s rather a long wait. Yet, when you realise that the moment Uranus passed 0 Taurus, Her Majesty the Queen gave Royal Assent to a new act on money laundering, you can see why the entire planet is going to flip its economic system. Money laundering, tax avoidance, corruption at the top – the lot – is poised for a breathtaking collapse. The fall-out from that will affect corporations, big business, the public service, governments and the establishment and the ripples from that will reach your shore, in a few years’ time.

  13. Hello Jessica,

    I’m very new here and was hoping for some insight on my career path. I feel very stuck and confused with very little to offer, but I know that what I’m doing now isn’t working. There is so much change and uncertainty in the world right now its difficult not to get overwhelmed and feel like digging in your heels is the safest thing to do, when in my gut I feel like a major change in my and my husband’s life is necessary. I worked at becoming a singer (you can see that Taurus North Node) for a long time, until eventually walking away for the stability of the corporate world, but constantly feel like a fish out of water. Any insight would be very appreciated!

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Courtney I am not sure why you think singing is Taurus! Taurus does rule the neck and throat, but not singing. That is Gemini. Chiron, Psyche and Proserpina in Gemini say – yes – you should be singing. Or acting. Or debating. Your voice needs to hit a target and you need to communicate. Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger. Chiron was a music teacher. Put that together and you can see why you understand lyrics so very well and can sing from the heart. Common sense tells you singing does not pay the bills and actually, you do need money and security. So split yourself into the two Gemini zodiac twins you are. You’re Gemini enough to feel that. One twin can cover the bills (though perhaps not with your current job – another job may be better, later). The other twin can sing her heart out. Look up Chiron the music teacher and Gemini the twins. You are in the rather special position of also being able to write lyrics – have you tried – and that could be a whole new ballgame for yu especially when Uranus enters Gemini in about 7 years from now.

      1. Thanks Jessica, that all certainly resonates with me. I’m not sure why I thought Taurus was related to the singing. Someone had relayed that me at some point- perhaps it was related to the very physical (vocal folds/throat) issues I was experiencing?

        Regardless, is there anything in my chart that might suggest why all of those things that I continually find myself doing (singing, debating, etc.) are also the very things that make me completely miserable?

        You basically nailed the professions with which I’ve made a living in my life so far: debate (teaching debate) singing, “communicating” generally (I’ve been working in sales now for quite some time in my post-singing life). But there is a reason that I’ve left all of them – all of these things have made me a neurotic mess and robbed the rest of my life of any joy to the point that I am forced to leave them.

        1. Psyche in Gemini is part of your Gemini ‘package’ which constantly pulls you towards singing, debating, sales. Psyche is worth locating in your chart and also on this website and in your ebooks. Psyche was subjected to tests and trials by jealous females. I don’t know if that is part of your issue! Psyche in general was challenged to impossible tasks by Venus, her envious mother-in-law. In some versions of the Roman myth we also find her sisters resented her. Psyche was divinely assisted, though, and always helped and protected. Eventually she became immortal, entwined with her lover Cupid for all time. As a horoscope symbol Psyche shows ‘no pain, no gain’ but it is also where you live forever. Only you can decide how much to ‘do’ your Gemini side.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I’m told that 2018 should be a good year for me. Instead I find myself lost, confused and lonely. I’m not making friends easily (I’m not sure if my personality is not liked?), I’m hoping to earn more and although I’ve being given more responsibilities and praised for the quality of my work, I was forced to take a pay cut, I’m not meeting anyone romantically.

    Does the next 6 months show any sign of improvement? I feel like I’m isolating myself from any little social life/activity I once had because of all these things combined.

    Thank you for looking at this for me.

    Best wishes,

    1. You have a Pisces stellium and are extremely sensitive, probably psychic and need to understand your Pisces nature. You have a stellium in the Twelfth House. Feeling confused and lonely is a sign that you are overdoing the Pisces. You sound depressed and may need to see a doctor. Have you thought about this? If not, start with Black Dog online, which is a very good Australian depression resource. Beyond the possibility of an illness like depression, you may need to contain and control your Pisces side. A.J. if you are alone too often, you need to put in a regular meditation practise – alone – and then stop it after a certain period of time. Then get out there and do Meetups or volunteer for a cause you believe in. Get with people. Pisces in the Twelfth House can be introverted, navel-gazing and often disappear into the interior life so completely that it makes normal human contact seem too much. In other words you over-sensitise and over-think and over-imagine! You do need to meditate. You may need to meditate using your chakra system. There is plenty of good free advice online about that too. Try it for a week. Volunteer at an animal rescue centre or whatever. See what happens. Long-term the money issue resolves and you won’t even remember this part of your life.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Can’t wait for July to begin because this Virgo really needs to start getting rid of that blindfold! Life is generally ok here except that I can’t get my mind off a certain Aries man (March 24, ’71). Should I give up on this one or planets would be willing to give a hand, don’t want to waste my time anymore but I am so ridiculously drawn to this person, completely strange feeling and I hate it, such an embarrasing hope… There is a light that never goes out 🙂 Thank you, enjoying every word!

    1. The Aries man needs to make up his mind about the children he had (you don’t say if he’s a father or not) or the pregnancies that never happened. All his decisions about love and sex in 2018 are less about the women and more about the loaded fatherhood question. So if you can figure that one out, you’ll have him figured out. This goes way back for him. Years into previous relationships when it was now-or-never time about pregnancy.

  16. Hi, first time commenting..! The section on Virgo, Taurus, Pisces got my attention – I’m Virgo with Pisces moon, husband is Pisces with Pisces moon and virgo rising, and one of our children is Taurean with pisces moon. 🙂 Hmmmm I’m wondering where my focus should be? Thanks

    1. That’s quite a lot of Pisces in one family. You and your husband both have the Moon in the sign of the fishes and so does your child. The Moon describes your ‘need to be needed’ and in Pisces, it is about crossing the usual boundaries – particularly psychic space – and merging with another, the better to understand and care for him/her. Pisces is the fishes, a Christian symbol and in fact The Age of Pisces began when Christianity developed. Do Unto Others sums it up. And that’s fine. But there is also a lack of boundaries within the strongly Pisces family and it can become confusing and confused over time, especially with Neptune in Pisces, transiting the three Moons. Think about fish, who swim everywhere, all the time, all over the place – that’s very similar. You will need some rules to contain and control what is going on.

  17. Reposted.

    Hi Jessica,

    Though I got a promotion, I am not that happy with my current work place since it involves a lot of traveling and stress. I applied for immigration to Canada last week, since all my siblings and parents are there and in the United States. I know there’s a lot of procedures and waiting time involved in immigration.
    Could you please tell me if I will be able to to relocate to Canada and join my family, maybe in 2019 or 2020.


    1. You will find out in 2019 when Jupiter (solutions) goes into Sagittarius (emigration) in your Ninth House. There is nothing stopping you from beginning the process now, of course, but it will not be until Jupiter changes signs from November, into 2019, that you have your answer. As you have Fortuna at 9 Sagittarius, when Jupiter moves to 9 Sagittarius, you will find the truth in the saying ‘every high point is a low point one day, and every low point is a high point, in the future’. In other words, fate and fortune will swing the wheel for you after November and it will turn out fine. It will feel random. It will not be part of your plan. Yet – it will work. 2019 is one of those years when you have to accept where you are being placed by destiny, and when. Destiny may actually know best here.

  18. Hello Jessica,
    Your website is comprehensive. Thank you for the same.
    All indicators about career in 2018 Ive read online point to far reaching successes but am at a point where I my plans have been stalled ( have got refusals for academic research fundings) , dont know where forward is as I really had to move abroad for my academic career.

    Without giving my personal details here in the comment please, I got birth chart as :

    Planetary positions
    planet sign degree motion
    Sun Aries 0°02’33 in house 1 direct
    Moon Leo 16°55’21 in house 5 direct
    Mercury Aries 17°55’50 in house 1 direct
    Venus Aries 14°05’28 in house 1 direct
    Mars Cancer 24°13’47 in house 5 direct
    Jupiter Gemini 27°25’00 in house 4 direct
    Saturn Leo 24°43’49 in house 6 retrograde
    Uranus Scorpio 16°01’46 in house 8 retrograde
    Neptune Sagittarius 18°19’15 in house 9 stationary (R)
    Pluto Libra 15°45’00 in house 7 retrograde
    True Node Libra 5°54’53 in house 7 retrograde

    Major aspects
    Sun Trine Mars 5°49
    Sun Square Jupiter 2°38
    Sun Conjunction Ascendant 4°34
    Moon Trine Mercury 1°00
    Moon Trine Venus 2°50
    Moon Conjunction Saturn 7°48
    Moon Square Uranus 0°54
    Moon Trine Neptune 1°24
    Moon Sextile Pluto 1°10
    Mercury Conjunction Venus 3°50
    Mercury Quincunx Uranus 1°54
    Mercury Trine Neptune 0°23
    Mercury Opposition Pluto 2°11
    Venus Quincunx Uranus 1°56
    Venus Trine Neptune 4°14
    Venus Opposition Pluto 1°40
    Mars Trine Ascendant 1°15
    Jupiter Sextile Saturn 2°41
    Jupiter Square Ascendant 1°56
    Saturn Quincunx Ascendant 0°45
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°34
    Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Pisces 25°28’52
    2nd House Taurus 0°09’03
    3rd House Gemini 0°03’24
    Imum Coeli Gemini 26°34’22
    5th House Cancer 22°43’19
    6th House Leo 21°39’20
    Descendant Virgo 25°28’52
    8th House Scorpio 0°09’03
    9th House Sagittarius 0°03’24
    Medium Coeli Sagittarius 26°34’22
    11th House Capricorn 22°43’19
    12th House Aquarius 21°39’20

    Got these details from , dont understand a word of it. I really worked hard, have to continue working well so that I move out abroad for my career. Why isnt this happening please. Thank you.

    1. Mercury at Aries 17 trine Neptune at Sagittarius 18 will guarantee a splendid opportunity and solution within a university, college or other educational space in 2019. Mercury is your life as a student, teacher, writer, lecturer, researcher. Mercury was the messenger of the gods. In Aries in your First House he is about self-promotion. You are your opinions. You do not sit behind your views. You actually are your views! Neptune is your escape from the real world. Neptune in your chart shows how you take a holiday from the ordinary and everyday. In Sagittarius, you do this through academia, but also through travel. You also do this very specifically by involving yourself in foreign people, foreign places and people, or foreign culture, belief systems and history. What you have to enjoy is Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, breakthroughs) moving to 17, 18 Sagittarius in 2019 – for the first time in 12 long years. This will change your life. Nothing you have done has been wasted and nothing you are doing now is being wasted -it all serves its purposes as stepping stones into a bigger, better new world next year.

  19. HI Jessica,
    My card is about groups as a Pisces. I’ve never worked harder in my life for the past 9 months. Minimal sleep and sacrificing friends and life just keeping up with a demanding job. Do you see any fun or light or even romance ahead in my chart?
    I’m new to tarot but I often use the oracle and it’s been spot on. I’m enjoying the mix with astrology on your site.

    1. Thank you. I am glad the Astrology Oracle is spot on for you. You are strongly Aries and need to understand that side of your chart, so do look up the sign on Search as I have written quite a lot about what it means to have a stellium in the sign of the ram. It can be very hard work if you are not aware of it, because strongly Aries people often ‘head’ (like a ram butting heads) into disputes, feuds or simmering silences. This is also the sign which is dominated by fire, so can burn the candle at both ends, overheat or burn bridges. Look at that, as sacrificing friends and not sleeping sounds like classic Aries/fire overload. Use the other signs in your chart to bring balance back in, Fishie.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I am in the process of a major life change. My business went down and I’m selling it. I’m reuniting with my family after many years. Also I’m taking on more responsibilities at work, addition of colleagues. I’m not happy in my career though, so it’s a risk to bring my family to my place of work as I can lose my job any time.

    Are there chances of me getting a better job anytime soon or any relocation to another country as I’m thinking of that as well.


    1. You will find 2019 is a lot easier than 2018, and in fact will have opportunities for new projects, roles or goals from November 2018. The year 2019 (from the second quarter) is far more stable and predictable professionally and there will be a chain of opportunities and solutions available.

  21. Thank you Jessica.

    When you say ‘use the web ‘ could it be for online store or blogging and writing?

    As we speak I am creating an online store, once you said “there are free courses available” so I started a course which introduced me to a business opportuniy. How do you see me progressing with that?

    Thank you

  22. Hi Jessica, any chance of a “yes/no” answer to the possibility of a blog on a stellium in Libra, (seven planets/asteriods… ouch), sometime in the future? Many thanks, Mary

    1. A stellium on Libra is a good idea, Mary. Yours is complicated and contradictory. I am sure you know Libra and the Seventh House is about marriage, separation, divorce – and professional partnership and its progress. You have chart factors which lean towards commitment, but also the other way – towards independence – so it will never be simple and straightforward. You have also been through the Uranus opposition cycle since 2011 with the planet which symbolises revolution, sudden change, shock and freedom clashing with every single Libra factor you have. So that has also made life rather complicated. It settles down enormously from the second quarter of 2019. But, yes, a story on Libra Stelliums is on the way.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I am still struggling to come to terms with my recent health diagnosis. Then to add to it, my Scorpio daughter just left home without a mention and I have always suffered with extreme highs and lows. When will this pattern release and what will I have to look forward to?
    Good wishes,

    1. Claire, it sounds as if you are really going through it at the moment. Diana, Ops, Salacia and Psyche are calling you to your sisterhood. By this I mean your circle of friends, or past life supporters. They are all in Aquarius in your chart in the Eleventh House of groups and friendships. Meanwhile we have a karma cycle here, also in Aquarius. So – you and your friends, or these women (possibly a breast cancer support group) have had several lifetimes of knowing each other. Now it is time for you to be rewarded karmically with support, help, encouragement and friendship that lasts many lifetimes. I know your daughter has just left home – but you have female company waiting to catch you and be with you. Have a look at the paintings of Diana (the goddess Diana) and the sculptures in particular. She often hunts bare-breasted. Find the women who will back you.

  24. Hello Jessica,
    I have been reading ur posts since long and have started developing a lot of interest in astrology because of ur awesome insights…. ..please if possible guide me n shed light on the coming years for me, my birth details are as follows:
    28-3-1977, 11:40pm, india
    Sun Aries 7 degree
    Moon cancer 17 degree
    Mercury Aries 20degree
    Venus Aries 21 degree (r)
    Mars Pisces 6 degree
    Jupiter Taurus 28 degree
    Saturn Leo 10 degree (r)
    Uranus scorpio11 degree (r)
    Neptune saggitarius 16 degree (r)
    Pluto Libra 12 degree (r)
    True node Libra 24 degree
    Chiron Aries 29degree
    Mc Virgo 22 degree

    I need to know about my love life, professional life, home life and anything more that u can shed light upon.. I am single at the moment with a child….had lost my partner suddenly in 2006 when I was around 29 years So I guess Saturn was playing it’s role then…… Ironically in mid of 2011 another man(10-6-69, time I guess 10 pm, India) entered my life like a sudden thunderbolt like as if Uranus was playing some role but he too left us for another and got married in 2016 to another with a child being born to them in June 2017…….. So in short lots of heartaches in one sector of my life… the moment I have accepted my fate n am trying to move on just as I could ..but Just wondering how astrology must have played it’s role and how in future also it shall play it’s role in my life…. Just curious.. Will there be any reunions in my life or will life just move on as such or with other ( though at the moment after being cheated I don’t think love again will ever be my area of interest)… .so what do u say… And how will be my professional life … Which areas seem good for me to venture…. .what about my child who is 12-3-2003, 7:10am India born…can u she’d some light on all this astrologically…ur awesome knowledge on astrology makes me wonder what’s stored ahead for me…. Any insights?
    Thank u

    1. I am sorry you lost your partner around aged 29 – which is your Saturn Return. You were born with Saturn (tough life lessons) in Leo in the Fifth House, which describes pregnancy, children and the lovers who can bring a son or daughter into your life – or stepchildren. So, that was your Saturn Return experience – and in general you would benefit by reading more about Saturn and the Fifth House, and Leo as a sign, using this website. You are strongly Aries so look up that sign too, as it says a lot about who you are. Not everybody suits partnership! We are sold a message that a lifetime marriage with 2.5 children will make us happy but horoscopes often tell us, a different way of life would be far easier. You may want to be open to different ways of dating, mating and relating. I say this because you also have Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House and that can be very hard work for husbands and wives.

      1. Thank you so much for ur reply… It answers a lot about why things happened the way it happened….if Saturn is in my Leo in fifth house and has already played such havoc in my love life then I am now very much concerned will this placement of Saturn also spoil my relation with my child who is 12-2-2003, 7:10 am India born??? It’s really sad to know that Pluto in Libra in 7 Th house and Saturn in Leo in 5th house shall always remain the fault in my stars never to bless me with true committed love n companionship….. Can u please guide me how to see a ray of hope in such placement of stars which seem to be nothing more than a curse in my life bcoz despite my sincerity, true love n committed emotions destiny always make me walk the lonely path?? Any guidance and insights? Thanks a lot again for shedding the light

        1. I am not sure where you are getting this doom-and-gloom prediction from about Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House! What are you reading? At no point does it mean you walk a lonely path! It just means complicated partnerships with much hard work, and it becomes easier the more you try. That’s all.

  25. Hello Jessica.

    I am currently off and on with my previous girlfriend who happens to be an Aquarius. Every time I feel things are going well, she pulls away. I’m not sure if she is interested in someone else or doesn’t want to give up her freedom. I also have feelings for a coworker who is a Gemini however she is married. What does my love life looks like for the rest of 2018 or 2019 regarding any of these ladies or someone else. Thanks.

    1. Hmmm, well Mrs. Gemini will either draw a lot closer to her husband in 2019 and make some big new decisions – or be on the way out of the marriage – but you will know by December 2018. I am sorry you are on and off with your Aquarius girlfriend – it’s karmic – you two have past live debts and credits together – but the karma ends in November when you will both be level, karmically. That should make life a lot easier, one way or the other. I realise I am saying ‘Wait until later’ a lot but it is also true that you are in the most unpredictable cycle for love, sex, relationships and marriage in around 80 years. It ends from the second quarter of 2019. You will be amazed at how the ‘churning’ stops. Uranus has been transiting your Solar Sign Seventh House, since 2011. And Uranus is the planet of ‘churn’!

  26. This is amazing. I’ve written a comment on your latest blog but then read this.
    As I sit here writing, teary and emotional.
    I’m taurus- I have been having sexual relations with a Cancer ( unhappily married with kids) and an online relationship with a Pisces man.

    In 2000/01, I met my x husband and abandoned my dream of living in Australia to be with him….. now I find myself in the middle of a very acrimonious divorce involving 2 kids living my abroad….so where
    Will my karma take me to or back to! Am I making same mistake with either of these 2 guys( Ive fallen for the cancer guy, it crept up on me) but am intrigued about Pisces man and whether we have a future together!

    1. You are having your karmic Node return, that’s for sure. Be very careful about the married man as you are creating future karma with his wife and children and the Nodes loop around about every 19 years.

  27. Hi jessica,
    Please i have been unemployed for quite some time now..I don’t know what career to go into? i am medical transcriptionist by trade and now i’m bored please help. dob: 14/08/1965 at 6:30pm i would love to know what to study or what my next career path could/should be. thank you max99

    1. Blimey, well you could start your job application process by using Spellcheck or another free auto-correction for grammar and spelling. I’m not being facetious. You need to sort out your written English, as if I was hiring, I would pass you by! Okay, you’re bored and unemployed, Max 99 and you are a medical transcriptionist by trade. You have that classic Virgo and Sixth House birth chart signature we associate with the medical profession. (I can tell you this even though you do not supply your place of birth). You need to make your peace with a group of people you feel very defensive about. You probably feel like it’s ‘Me against them’ and there has been a war of words between you, or there may be now. Please understand you are all so similar. There is no great conflict here. Your views are ridiculously alike! So why waste energy on fighting, or in feeling ‘marooned’ and stuck? The answer lies in making your peace with them, either in your own mind or face-to-face. Then you need to get yourself together. Get grounded. Calm down. Find your feet. You also need to get a sense of location, before you can seek work. Where do you see yourself based long term in terms of work chances? Are you prepared to commute? To move? This is the key question for you, and from there you can sort things out. You need a release for your anger and frustration too. Yoga is good. Walking is good. Swimming is good. You can do this.

  28. Hi Jessica, I’m just not getting this whole Jupiter in the 7th house thing for us Taureans. My relationship has been so up and down, I can’t leave because we have small children together and I have no money to support myself on my own. Nor has there even been a hint of a potential 7th house opportunity door for me to walk through…in either friendship, an intimate relationship or potential $, employment potential. Gah I’m so confused! There’s no doubt about my birth date, time, location, etc. but I just don’t seem to find a break with anything, anywhere. This is all too much for me. My self esteem was low before, but this is probably about the lowest it’s been. A scant penny for your thoughts? x

    1. You sound very upset. You certainly do have Jupiter, the planet of solutions, opportunity, breakthroughs and ‘dumb luck’ transiting your Seventh House of marriage and partnership. By now you should have been given not just one, but several life upgrades and open doors, to either fix what is obviously a bad relationship, or leave. I am really surprised that you say this has not happened. You also mention money and employment, which has nothing to do with this, as the Seventh House is not about cash or jobs, it is about the duet or double act you share, usually with a sexual partner, like a husband. I am also very confused by your chart because it clearly shows a very fortunate couple with children and a home. I am not sure what is going on here. Are you?

      1. HI Jessica thank you for replying! No I have no idea either. I’m not really in love with my partner, we are not good for each other’s growth and I feel particularly personally suppressed, but I’d hasten to add that he feels the same way. Our kids are happy and that’s what keeps me here, but I can’t help but feel that there’s a way for me to find personal happiness, I don’t want to end up being the old lady full of regrets and wallowing in a pit of misery once they move out of home. Is there any astrology indicators that this could be just a depression link here? I remember trying to figure out my chart with the article you wrote on Ceres and depression, but I am not so much depressed as I feel despondent and lacking in self worth. When I hear of others’ luck with Jupiter, I’ve been lucky enough with all the other transits but feel a tad ‘overlooked’ on this cycle. xx

        1. Feeling despondent and lacking in self-worth is depression. I am sure you know it is an illness, like any other. Have you visited The Black Dog website? It’s an excellent place to begin. Looking at your chart, what we have here is a united family with a great home. Yes, the children are very happy. If you are feeling like The Talking Heads’ song, Once In A Lifetime (David Byrne plays the character of a man who has ‘the dream’ but is still lost) then I sympathise. I am very sorry that you are feeling like this. Depression in the chart is shown by exact patterns involving Saturn or Ceres. You were born with Saturn at 14 Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family, exactly square (or at hard angles to) the Moon at 14 Aries in your First House of image. I could write a whole book on Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House, but to make a start, do read widely around that placement (sometimes just Saturn in the Fourth House will do) and see how it is shaping up in your life. Ditto the Moon in the First House. Basically the Moon in Aries in the First House is about ‘needing to be free to be me’ and it’s about your personal appearance, your reputation, your profile, your name, your title, your role. It’s about Me, Me, Me and that’s fine – a lot of very successful people who promote themselves have it. Yet, the square to Saturn means that every time you try to do that, you hit some very difficult, and fear-laden situations which involve the family, your home, and perhaps your mother or grandmother’s patterns as Cancer rules the maternal line. Space does not allow me to go into this but it is enough for you to work with. I understand why you feel what you feel. From the outside you look as if you’ve got it all, which is why this Jupiter cycle is in fact giving you the home, the children, the marriage – from an external point of view. On the inside you are dealing with Moon square Saturn and that’s hard. It can also be sorted out. You sound pessimistic about the future, with low self-esteem and rather down. If this has been going on for a long time, it may indeed be depression and there is medical help for you, as well as alternative treatments. I hope this helps.

  29. Max99
    thanks Jessica for your comments. It is all true lol. Please my family would like to make a clean break and move interstate. do you see t\anything progressing or do we just sit uncomfortably comfortable?

    1. I’m glad the astrology is correct for you. This is a big question and I would need your own and your family’s charts. I hope your situation is resolved soon!

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