Your Tarot and Astrology Predictions for 2018

Let’s take a closer look – this spread of cards was chosen back in December 2017 – the question was: ‘What is the most important thing each sign of the zodiac needs to know about the year 2018?’

Almost 110 years ago, the Bohemian artist Pamela Colman-Smith created the Smith-Waite Tarot with Arthur Waite. Both Londoners were in the Golden Dawn, a secret magical society whose members included W.B. Yeats and Oscar Wilde’s wife, Constance.


Pamela’s cards work well with astrology and have a special message for you this year.

I am currently writing a book about Astrology and Tarot so have spent the last year researching Pamela’s life and times.


The deck is just as powerful now as it was at the turn of last century and as the Golden Dawn members were trained in astrology, it is no surprise to find each of the cards encoded with zodiac sign, planet or asteroid images.

The deck works very well with the usual techniques of astrology prediction, like transits. How does 2018 look for you, and the other 11 signs of the zodiac? Let’s take a closer look – this spread of cards was chosen back in December 2017 – the question was: ‘What is the most important thing each sign of the zodiac needs to know about the year 2018?’


The Nodes in Leo, Aquarius, Cancer and Capricorn in 2018 seemed to have the biggest effect on all of us. And that’s not surprising. The Nodes show karma. So who collects?

Capricorn – Richer in 2018
Capricorn people will be at the core of all change in 2018. Why? Money! The Ace of Coins is the Tarot card which turns up for this sign. The time has come for Capricorns to reach for their karmic rewards and use a large amount of money, saved or made, to help the wheels go around for other people.

Uranus, the planet of revolution, moves into Taurus, the sign of currency, taxation, banks and the world economy, in May 2018. Uranus will trine the Capricorn Sun position of billions of December and January- born people across the planet as he enters Taurus, the money sign, in May. This is a radical change and a wake-up call for this sign, ruled by earth, and very much interested in security and future investment.


When the money goes round, thanks to Capricorn, who will be spending or repaying debts – people can move forward with their lives. You may or may not be directly involved with Capricorn people in 2018 but even through six degrees of separation, their financial, business or property moves are going to affect your world.

How Great Britain Triggers a New Economy

People are sometimes surprised to learn that countries have zodiac signs too. The signs are based on the Sun position of the nation, when it became a legal or constitutional entity, or when it achieved independence (for example).

The United Kingdom in her modern form was born with the Sun in Capricorn, so as you can see, Brexit will have a huge impact on her economy. Remoaners who predict gloom and doom for Great Britain are wrong. Asia will invest, for a start. And even if the value of the pound drops against, say, the Australian or US dollar, it’s going to mean a tourist boom as Britain becomes a cheaper destination – and new investment from countries ready to trade. Britain as a Capricorn country is going to do extremely well financially in 2018.


Jupiter in Sagittarius and Journeys for Aries, Gemini, Libra
Here is one example of what cash flow can achieve – the space to travel, study, teach, publish and grow! Aries, Gemini and Libra benefit from this in 2018 according to the Tarot and Astrology.


Sagittarius rules academia, education, multimedia, publishing and the world of vast ideas and knowledge. Jupiter will move into the sign he rules, on 9th November. Even before then, Mars races through Sagittarius from January 27th to March 17th so the situation is being set up for you, Aries, Gemini and Libra – even as you read this.


Saturn has just left Sagittarius, the sign ruling travel, study, teaching, publishing and learning – and as this planet holds things up, his exit has released a lot of stuck, blocked and frustrated situations, as the goals so many Aries, Gemini and Libra people set for websites, books, courses, workshops and the rest across 2016, 2017 were delayed or sometimes defeated by Saturn.


The relief and release of this cycle ending, accompanied by the ingress of Mars into exactly the same area of your chart, will make January-March a time of tremendous achievement, if you are prepared to unleash your talents as a student of life, mentor, guide, teacher, author, writer, publisher, blogger and so on. So – it’s started! And it will go on.

The Staves suit (also known as Rods in some deck) is about words and wordsmiths – communication – and Aries, Gemini and Libra all received Staves cards in the 2018 reading. Let’s focus on these three signs now.Aries


Aries has Jupiter in Sagittarius, from November, in the Ninth House of exploration and intellectual adventure. This is rare and important, but remember that as a fire sign ruled by Mars, you can be too quick to take off, and too slow to ground the situation before you depart. Even though the prospect of taking your ideas or knowledge into a new area – very likely a new location – is irresistible in 2018, try to make sure that you are in a stable position before you head out. That’s a little memo to you, Aries, ahead of your ‘journey.’


Gemini – Born to Connect
Gemini is ruled by Mercury, of course, the messenger of the Gods and has a natural facility for the worldwide web, multimedia and often the world of publishing. Be it a telephone, smart phone or microphone, Gemini was born to connect. The Nodes dominate the year in the signs of Leo and Aquarius which rule the Third and Ninth houses of the Gemini chart, so again – there is this sense of destiny with a particular publication, blog, magazine, book, television show, Twitter channel and so on. Is this fated? Absolutely!




Libra – Planting the Idea

This emphasis on the Third/Ninth house of the horoscope is carried through with Libra, who has Jupiter in Sagittarius in the Third House, in 2018. I mentioned the delays and blockages of 2016-2017 when describing your project, course, concept or big idea. This should look like history now From February, thanks to Mars powering through Sagittarius, you should be making up for lost time with your book, script, concept or curriculum. In fact, by the end of 2018 you could have achieved something remarkable. The Staves cards in the Tarot of Pamela Colman-Smith reveal small leaves on each branch. This is a reminder to you, to plant your knowledge in the right place so it can thrive and prosper. Libra, location is crucial in 2018. You need the right city, region, country or nationality to truly connect and communicate – and create the right space for what you have in mind. Really use the web.


Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces – Relationships and Karma
The Tarot cards which turned up for Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces could not have been more different from the Coin which turned up for Capricorn – or the run of Staves cards which turned up for Aries, Gemini and Libra. Some were Major Arcana, some were Minor Arcana, but all spoke about the complexities of human relationships and the need for overdue changes.

2018 finds the North Node entering the sign of Cancer, which traditionally is ruled by the Moon, symbolising motherhood, and associated with the Fourth House, which rules the family. That is going to affect Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces from one to six degrees of separation.


On 6th November  2018 the Node enters Cancer – yet as early as Saturday 19th May the situation is being set up by Venus, the planet of ‘give and take’ moving into Cancer, too.

Focus on Taurus
Debts and credits which are emotional, spiritual and psychological will be traded all year. For Taurus this is very much about the family, as the North Node’s departure from Leo (which rules the Taurus Fourth House of close relatives and ancestors) is a big change. As the year goes on, the karma will complete between Taurus and his/her family members, even if we’re talking two or three generations before. Remember, we also had eclipses in Leo in this same zone of the Taurus horoscope in 2016 so there is quite a lot of deep emotion to shift.


I can’t help but look at the Taurus horoscope in terms of Jupiter moving into Sagittarius and the Eighth House as well. This is where we find the family inheritance, no matter if it’s about property, money or some other kind of story which is passed on. Sometimes the story has nothing to do with finance, but everything to do with karma.


For Taurus, 2018 should bring a sense of relief, release, closure – and progress. Everyone is given a chance to move on, or the family ‘inheritance’ can be moved forward. Let’s think about your fellow Taurus, Her Majesty the Queen at this point as the House of Windsor has an inheritance on many levels, both karmic and financial.

Cancer and the Inner Search
Cancer also has a lot of healing to do, in terms of close personal relationships. This may be family, partners, tight friendships or any other precious bond. If there is also a Taurus person or another Cancer in the family, or within a partnership, you can see how the astrology is working.


With the Node moving into Cancer, your awareness of the need for emotional stability and a sense of belonging is deepened. If it is lacking, then it may be necessary for you to go on an inner search to discover what it is that is missing from yourself and your life. Again, I can’t help but think about Prince William in this context (Cancer) as his mother, the Princess of Wales, was also born under Cancer and his grandmother, as we have seen, is a Taurus. How is your own family affected this year?

If you were born under the sign of the crab then you have a great need for a sense of deep belonging. I sometimes walk down the beach near my Australian home in the summer and watch the crabs scuttling around me, diving for their holes in the sand, in one large group. It doesn’t really matter what your household, family or other clan happens to be. You need to feel you fit, and that others fit you. If that is not the case in 2018 there is some work to do, but it could be the most stunning turnaround for you. An inspiring, powerful time of transformation when you find yourself again and return to some very special relationships with renewed energy. It’s rather like alchemy or chemistry. If the recipe has not been there, then you are in a strong position to find a new way to mix it, with new ingredients.


Virgo and People Politics

Virgo also has some big choices to make in 2018. I am sure you know that Neptune has been in Pisces, alongside Chiron, for many years. Pisces is the opposite sign to Virgo and so you are likely to begin 2018 feeling a sense of opposition, or polar opposites around you. Either others will be against you, on the other side of the scales, or a partner will be very much with you, but you two have the scales to balance with each other as well.


No wonder you feel you must defend yourself, or attack first. As you may also know, the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces are linked by virtue of their being earth and water signs, so perhaps people born with the Sun here will be part of your story, either directly, or at a distance. Either way, you must now lean hard on your intuition to fix a situation.

You need to assert yourself and either finish off your rivals, opponents, detractors, enemies or critics once and for all – or just keep them at bay in a more powerful way. I mentioned Neptune in your opposite sign of Pisces. We associate Neptune with distorted vision and fuzzy eyesight, because this planet is associated with sea mist and swimming goggles. Neptune was also found in 1846 when anaesthetic was used publicly for the first time, so a sense of ‘everything going black’ or ‘blacking out’ is very common on a Neptune transit.

In other words, Virgo, you need to regain normal vision and clear perception to deal with who and what is against you. It is time to remove the blindfold, and it was no surprise to find that the Two of Swords is your card for 2018. You need a strategy; a plan. I would say the same with your work partner, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. You have some chopping and changing to do with this person this year. You need to figure out who and what to cut out from the marriage or relationship, but first of all – you must see straight.


Pisces, Friends and Groups

Pisces is the last of these signs to be grouped together under these watery transits, which speak so much about human relationships and people politics. I mentioned the Node in Cancer before (the North Node) which is making a rare appearance in the family sign. Right opposite Cancer is Capricorn, and the South Node here in 2018 will fall into your Eleventh House of groups. Of course you already have Pluto and Saturn here.


This year will be about a family-styled group of people in a society, team, club, association, union, band or other formal network. Alternatively there is no label for what you all share, but you are most certainly in it together, for several months – even if you have been thrown together by fate. You are going to have to work out both friendship, and also the friendships or more casual connections between other people in the group. You will need to do whatever is required to make things work with these people as the group goal is special. Your friends or others in this network will be your teachers this year. If you have any bad habits that need to be ditched, it may be one of these faces who shows you what – and why. Doing this will help everybody get on better and help a special outcome occur.

Scorpio and the Family
Scorpio experiences the departure of the North Node of karma from Leo and the Fourth House of family at the end of the year, yet it will have an impact throughout 2018. Part of the reason for this is the Leo eclipse of 2017, which has set up a situation, far into the future, when Scorpio people must deal with the reality of being part of a particular family.


This may be the children you have created, or it may be your mother’s or father’s side of your particular clan. This is a transformative and important year, as the Sun travelling through Leo from the final week of July to the third week of August will cross the same place where it was drawn into an eclipse in the American summer of 2017.

There is a sense of ‘new must follow old’ and perhaps you already know the old order is passing away, even as you read this. Scorpio people are no strangers to deep feelings and you understand the human story better than most. This year you will be writing your own story, but it is important that you neither race to the positive new ending, without processing changes first – nor dwell on what is transforming, getting stuck in the process.


Try to let go of whatever is now leaving your life in terms of the family or household – perhaps the ancestors going back generations. Allowing this to take its place in your life story is wise as it will allow a new chapter to unfold at exactly the right time. Again, as I write this, I am conscious that Prince Charles is a Scorpio and so far we have seen three key members of the British Royal Family born under Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio drawn into the same Tarot patterns – all involving the cards of human relationship and change. Perhaps their family story in 2018 will echo your family story in some way. In any case, Scorpio, it is time to allow family transformation to take place and try to welcome a new beginning.



Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius – Repair, Rebirth and Recovery in 2018
If there is a common theme binding these three fire/air signs, it is about repair, recovery, reconstruction, healing, therapeutic experiences and overdue progress.


The patterns we have been discussing in the heavens in 2018 with the Nodes changing signs, Jupiter and Uranus changing signs, unusual emphasis on Capricorn and so on – are also picked up in the solar charts for Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Leo and the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection
The unusual emphasis on the zodiac sign of Capricorn in 2018 comes from Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all inhabiting that sign. For Leo, this is about the Sixth House, which rules the body, mind and spirit connection. This year is not going to pass without challenges for Leo in that department. However, it could also end up being a triumph and a transformation, depending on how dedicated late July and August-born people are to working on themselves.

I suspect the eclipse in Leo, your own sign, last year has also had an impact, but whatever the cause, 2018 is the time to address the way the mind/mental state affects the physical working of the body. It goes the other way too, in astrology. The physical state of the body can affect the mind. Some classic examples of this are the impact of caffeine, nicotine, sugar, fat, alcohol, nicotine or illegal drugs (and even prescribed drugs) on the nervous system. This is something Leo may need to learn more about this year. On a more esoteric level, the aura and chakra system may have a bigger part to play than is first suspected.

What links Leo to Aquarius this year is not only the Nodal axis stretching across both signs; it is the capacity of Aquarius to heal. Perhaps it will be an Aquarian expert who helps, via a bestselling book. Maybe there is a late January or February birthday in Leo’s world who can provide the right advice, encouragement and support. Ultimately, though, Leo the lion must grasp the mettle and change herself and her world, by her own efforts. This is a repair year.


Aquarius and Healing

This is the other sign affected by the Nodes shifting to Cancer-Capricorn at the end of the year. For Aquarius, it is Cancer which rules the Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. People born under the sign of the water-bearer are naturally gifted at giving a group, community or circle of friends what is needed. Like the Aquarius of Ancient Rome, who carried the water for the Roman Baths, they supply the ‘pool’ with whatever is necessary and so feed an entire network. This is why Aquarius rules the Eleventh House of groups in astrology and why it is also ruled by Uranus the father of a diverse group of Titans. He was, in mythology, the father of the human family with all its differences.

Thus, Aquarians have a gift for supplying/feeding/giving and although it is not necessarily personal nor intimate, in 2018 they may find they become much closer, spiritually, to their fellow human beings – through healing. This may be literal, so there is someone who is ill to care for. The healing may be psychological or emotional, so Aquarius will be called upon to act as a rock to lean on. Maybe a Leo in the Aquarian world will reach out. (Both signs have Sixth House node patterns in 2018).


Of course, Aquarius may also see what it is like to be healed, on the other side of the fence. The Sixth House and its association with duty and service works both ways. Perhaps the ‘service’ will be performed for you, as well as by you! Either way it has huge implications spiritually, because in 2018 Aquarians have Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all in the Twelfth House, which describes the soul, the psyche and the inner world. For Aquarians in 2018, the therapeutic process of transformation and renewal is tremendously important on a karmic and unseen level. If you do happen to be involved in Reiki, yoga, spiritual healing or other alternative modalities, this could be a year of revelation for you.

Sagittarius and Children
The Tarot cards are very clear about the need for healing with Leo and Aquarius, and in fact the Aquarian card for 2018 is Strength. For Sagittarius this also holds a very special message about past pregnancies, children or younger people as a whole.

There is a natural trine/sextile pattern or angle in the Sagittarius horoscope stretching from Uranus and Chiron in Aries in the Fifth House of parenthood or substitute parenthood – and the nodes in Leo and Aquarius. In turn, this picks up the Sun position of a great many Sagittarian people. I have referred a lot to the changeover of planets and points this year, and Sagittarius feels it too. Uranus is departing the Fifth House, where it has been since 2011, giving Sagittarians very particular stories about pregnancy, adoption, IVF, termination, sons, daughters, stepchildren, godchildren, nieces, nephews, grandchildren – and younger people as a whole, through paid or unpaid work.

Uranus departs the Fifth House as Chiron arrives. That’s quite an exchange. The Tarot card which turns up for Sagittarius is the Queen of Swords and in Pamela Colman-Smith’s design, you can clearly see the trapped or buried child, carved into the stone on the foundation of the Queen’s throne.

This is a potent clue about the necessary healing to come, which draws in some of the experiences with pregnancy, babies or children over the last six/seven years.


The synchronicity between astrology, Roman mythology (from which astrology is drawn) and Pamela’s Tarot can be stunning. So it is with this card, which quite clearly shows a woman with a sword who is barely aware of what she is sitting on – a throne with the face of a child she has forgotten about, or a pregnancy she no longer remembers. Maybe it was the opportunity to pursue a relationship, years ago, that might have led to parenthood – that has been well and truly relegated to history.


This is perhaps the most personal card and reading of them all, as Sagittarius must find his/her own path through it and find a way to address that younger face, which has been carved in stone since the transit of Uranus through Aries and the Fifth House began, back in 2011. What is the message for you and where can progress begin? There may be a need here for some quite deep psychological or spiritual healing, before Uranus leaves this sign once and for all. He will spend months away from it, from May 2018 and this will give Sagittarius respite, before the process of confrontation and change can begin.


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Almost 110 years ago, the Bohemian artist Pamela Colman-Smith created the Smith-Waite Tarot with Arthur Waite. Both Londoners were in the Golden Dawn, a secret magical society whose members included W.B. Yeats and Oscar Wilde’s wife, Constance.

Pamela’s cards work well with astrology and have a special message for you this year.

I am currently writing a book about Astrology and Tarot so have spent the last year researching Pamela’s life and times.

The deck is just as powerful now as it was at the turn of last century and as the Golden Dawn members were trained in astrology, it is no surprise to find each of the cards encoded with zodiac sign, planet or asteroid images.

The deck works very well with the usual techniques of astrology prediction, like transits. How does 2018 look for you, and the other 11 signs of the zodiac? Let’s take a closer look – this spread of cards was chosen back in December 2017 – the question was:

‘What is the most important thing each sign of the zodiac needs to know about the year 2018?’

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25 Responses

  1. So here is the missing link.

    The three founders of the Golden Dawn, William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott and Samuel Liddell Mathers, were Freemasons and the first Freemasons were former Knight Templars. The Freemasons went ‘underground’ when the Tempar Order was dissolved by the Pope in the early 14th century.

    The Templars had brought an early version of the Tarot from Syria to the West during their crusades. The Tarot was however banned by the Roman Church when the Templar Order was dissolved – ostensibly on the grounds that it was the ‘work of the devil’ but no doubt rediscovered or reinvented in the 19th century.

    Templar churches were always dedicated to ‘Our Lady’ Mary Magdalene, whose early Tarot symbol was the ‘three cups’. Carvings of the three cups can be found in every former Templar/Cistercian priory – or could until the dissolution of the monasteries. It doesn’t surprise me that they can also be found in a Dublin pub.

    1. Thank you so much. This is fascinating. I will be in at the Freemasons’ Museum in London next week so will focus on the Three of Cups and see where it takes me. The Dublin pub door is obviously much later – but the pub itself was known as the Zodiac Lounge as far back as the Sixties. Today it is The Bruxelles.

  2. I had put my Rider Waite tarot deck away because I was always asking obsessive questions over and over until I had an ideal answer. This was very destructive and now since January of this year I am starting to draw some cards again. After a couple of hard years I really get what you say about Leos, it’s a time for healing. I am not looking for answers in the future anymore through Tarots and astrology, I am using them to understand the present moment and how I am feeling. I feel that this year I am finally going to address the emotions that have been keeping me from my full potential (finances and business ventures). Thanks Jessica.

    1. Well done on putting your Tarot deck away – you were not using it the way nature intended (or quantum mechanics, actually). And yes, if you are a Leo, then 2018 is the year you are given the chance to work on body issues. Some you may have lived with for years. It’s time!

  3. Great article! Love the libra travel. If you get a moment to answer me, I would love! I got rejected from my 2019 educational “trip” today ;( Like you said, I feel like this “no” is my “yes”; my lead to my true path. Will I be led to a bigger and/or“better” trip? Please shed some light! Xx

    1. I am sorry to hear that. With Jupiter in Scorpio in 2018 in your Eighth House of family inheritance/family legacy it looks as though the family tree will hold the answers you are looking for.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I do really wonder if my rising sign predictions resonate more with me, even my partner’s. I was going through the major events happened and happening in my life, and it’s your predictions for my rising sign.


    1. Never use the Rising Sign always use the Sun Sign, or you will become very confused. Sun Sign astrology is based on Solar Sign houses! And this is a prediction about the future, so it would not have already happened to you or your partner anyway. I hope that helps.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this post.

    Some web opportunities came but require $$. Not sure if they are real or hoax. Also doing some free web courses as you mentioned last year. Am I in the right direction? I do this on my spare time.

    Trying to rent a room through air bnb/ student accommodation but nothing seem to be working.

    I got into a Mentoring Program at work (another libra born close to my birthday is my mentor ) she corrected my resume and helps me apply for jobs. I need to make more money.

    Thank you for your kind replies.

    1. Saru, you are trying really hard to get things together, so let’s have a look at how to save yourself time, money and effort and get things sorted out for 2018. You need to get your accommodation sorted out, because everything comes from being in the right apartment or house. Please turn to family or friends who feel like family. Not strangers. You have the South Node in Cancer in the Fourth House of home, and we are going to see you experience the North Node in Cancer, across your South Node, from the end of this year. Even before that, you will have cycles in Cancer in your Fourth House of emotional security, belonging and accommodation which help you. Can you move back home? Is that possible? Can you see if it is possible to stay with, or rent from, others in the family – like aunts or uncles, perhaps? Is there a good friendship in your life, where the people feel like they could be brothers, sisters or parents? This is what I think you need to focus on. You are also going to do extremely well with a number of plans, projects or qualifications and this will be the gateway that helps you move, or return. You need a space to work or study in. What Virginia Woolf called ‘A Room of One’s Own’. It is out there for you. Forget strangers or Air BnB. Go to who you know.

  6. I was just reviewing the Cancer 2017-2018 Birthday Horoscope. I remember at the time I read it back in June 2017 I was petrified. Well, here we are March 2018. You predictions were spot on. Uranus in Aries has been transiting my 10th house and creating havoc. I loved the work I did, but I was stuck with horrific management which made my job a nightmare. I was afraid to leave for security reasons, but I felt so insecure anyway. On Sept 27 when the Jupiter/Uranus opposition squared my natal Venus, I was let go from my job. Freed without my consent which was my fear. Now here we are in March 2018. I have a new job doing basically what I was doing at my previous job -which is what I love and I am good at. I have lost no tenure or benefits package and it’s a healthier work environment.

    So what I am saying is first, the horoscope was so accurate. Uranus and Jupiter worked together to free me from a bad situation where I couldn’t free myself. I can’t forget Saturn as he rewarded me as well. Literally, the day after he left Sadge where he was transiting my 6th, I got this job offer.

    Long story short….the planets don’t lie. You are brilliant and intuitive. I see the horoscope I read more than 6 months ago where I was so scared and it has turned out so well. I got freed from a situation I hated but would not free myself from. I got a 3 month paid vacation to rest and relax. I got a new job doing what I love and what I am good at. I can’t forget Jupiter in Libra transiting my 4th, because my new job lets me work from home (where I love) full time. I get to visit the city where my new job is every 6 weeks and it’s a city I love to visit. It feels like a second home. I would possibly consider moving there someday.

    Sorry for the long post, but I am dumbfounded right now by the accuracy of astrology! All I can say, is I hope Uranus is satisfied where I am now, because I can’t deal with anymore drama!

    Thank you Jessica! Your predictions are spot on! Thank for leaving these old posts up so we can compare months down the road and see how things come to pass!

    Blessings to you!!!

    1. Thank you so much. This is a fantastic thing for me to read, far from my desk (I just left Dubai airport) and I am so pleased that you have made the astrology work for you so well. And yes, leaving the old posts up is always interesting for all of us on here, isn’t it? We can see how the predictions panned out…

  7. Hi Jessica, thank you for this and on the 2018 chart, you mention that there will be changes for people born between January 4th, 1970 to May 3rd, 1970 is major, please could you advise how it will impact on me. I am not sure if you can see my chart.
    I have now made the move to a new location but things still feel a little stuck

    1. Won’t be stuck for long as you’ll need to radically rethink your money, and maybe your whole value system, across May, June 2018. Uranus is changing signs for the first time in your life and triggers your Second and Eighth houses of finance, property, charity, business, possessions.

      1. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this, I will look out for this. I have looked on the site but please can you advise how a retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio will affect me? I have quite a few retrograde planets but do not understand them

        1. Good question. You don’t feel retrograde planets in your chart until they are hit by transiting (travelling) planets. You have Jupiter at 1 Scorpio Retrograde. That’s about helping/healing using money, possessions, charity, houses, apartments. You give, because you can afford to give. Yet, because Jupiter is retrograde, whenever he is triggered (as he was last year) you go back and forth. You start to lend, share or donate – then you change your mind, or get stuck, or obstructed. this happened, final quarter of 2017.

        2. Retrograde stuff in your chart just works back and forth when it’s triggered. So you can afford to be generous with money, charity, business, property, possessions because you are blessed here. Yet, whenever you lend/share/give/donate at particular times, it gets stuck, or goes backwards. I hope that explains it.

  8. My personal life with my difficult (being nice) Libra husband has been crazier, and more draining than ever which is why I must have missed this great piece. Anything you can offer with regards to my chart and these predictions as I refuse to lose my mind. Thank you Jessica

    1. Libra husband issues will disappear from May, then return later in 2018, then go for good in 2019. He is at the end of the cycle. Yes, you would have felt you were being driven crazy. Marriage is hard. Very, very hard. This marriage is being pushed, to change or even finish. No other way to say it. Obviously you would prefer it changed. But in any case the craziness will stop in weeks, then from next year, it does not return.

      1. Thank you Jessica, we recently had a discussion/blow out about change and doing things different and going to counseling. The irony is he expects everyone around him to be different or change in someway yet he just talks change and never backs it up. I’m not one that’ll take crap, I call him out and I stand up for myself. He sees that as me being difficult I guess. It’s almost like I’m responsible for him, kids and me changing yet many of the things he wants changed is our response to his actions and lack of change hence the craziness.

        1. Astrology can be really helpful in being a rock to lean on, during the months or years it takes to either change a marriage or depart from it. So I am glad you have it there by your side. I think you’ll find that when Uranus (radical change, freedom, independence, revolution) changes signs to Taurus in May, that is really the start of ‘now or never’ decisions for him. You can only see this cycle once in your lifetimes.

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