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The Rabbit

The Rabbit

1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023*

The Rabbit – also know by some Eastern astrologers as The Cat – is one of the few Chinese animals to be directly associated with business, finance and trade. Rabbits are a commodity in China today just as they always have been and are sold as food and clothing – Angora rabbit fur is particularly valuable. Cats have long been the protectors of precious food cargo on long sea voyages. Around 5000 years ago the Chinese were also using them to guard grain from rodents. If you were born in the Year of the Cat/Rabbit your personal life will be profoundly affected by questions about money, property, business and valuables. Cats are also well-known for their power struggles with dogs and sometimes with each other. If you are a cat then it will be hard to separate questions about control, from questions about everything you own, earn and owe.

This sign describes the most precious and valuable of animals which have been the stars of the world trading stage since shipping began. If you are a rabbit/cat your life path is about money, property, business and precious possessions. The cargo. The trade.

Sometimes this occurs because of divorces or separations along the way. The break-ups can also be on a purely professional or business level. If you are a cat then you are keenly aware of the power that love and sex can have over the human soul. There are a few cat people who have seen this occur in their own parents’ marriages, with all the usual complex questions about child custody and child maintenance payments afterwards.

One way for cat people to navigate the complex world of finance, property and business is to channel their funds or energy into good causes, non-profits and charities. In this way they can act out the power issues which come with money but keep their personal and business lives well away from the action.

Cats have strong opinions about money and human nature – and thus politics – and this sign vibrates to the rather intense sign of Scorpio in Western astrology. It is possible that your professional life will lead you into insurance, banking, philanthropy, property, business or the sale and purchase of valuables and collectables. However, it is far more likely that family relationships, your own marriages or de facto partnerships and even shared investments with friends are where issues will arise.

You will find your own potency, influence and effectiveness in the world through your own very particular way of handling money. The training starts when you are young, no matter if it is a parental allowance, student debt or the fact that a partner must pay your way, as you try to switch careers. There is often a tremendous amount of bargaining in the life of a cat but it has nothing to do with the actual amount of money (or cash in kind) and everything to do with what it buys in terms of control.

This is the sign which acquires prestige, status and influence as she acquires wealth and cats who are professionally successful or marry into money will waste no time establishing themselves so that they acquire a more powerful place in the world.

Goats are the only other sign in the Chinese zodiac to be so deeply concerned with what is earned, owned or owed. Both these signs have a very strong sense of values; what they will, or will not, sell out for. Who and what they consider to be priceless. Goats vibrate to the sign of Taurus just as cats vibrate to Scorpio, its opposite sign. If you are a cat in a personal or business relationship with a goat you need to make sure that your values are fundamentally the same before you commit yourself. This also applies to other cats too.

You might identify with pirates or with Robin Hood types who rob from the rich to give to the poor. Perhaps you are a big-spending philanthropist. You may be a tax exile on principle or a born-again aristocrat, thanks to a good marriage. Sometimes the cat enters into ‘business’ relationships which are mad, bad and dangerous. Money is never straightforward for your sign but it will also help you find who or what is most precious and valuable to you.

*If you were born in January or February please double-check your Chinese zodiac sign at Wikipedia

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