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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for May. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Leo Monthly Forecast

You have been enduring March and April when nothing worked as usual in your life with foreign places and people. Leo, instead you were caught in an endless time warp, when the situations around you were on repeat, and nothing you did to be proactive really worked. In May, you have some catching up to do.

You also need to be aware about all that you did not know, and could not see, at the time. That was the Aries Total Eclipse. You are effectively catching up with eclipses, which are always times when things are concealed, not revealed.

A lot of nonsense is written about eclipses in the name of astrology on the internet, but I am sure you can see that any situation where the Sun and Moon are overshadowed or overshadowing each other – or even turning parts of the world dark – leaves you with patchy information or even a total blackout! This was especially the case in the second half of April and here we are in May – and you are finally realising what was being kept from you, was a pretty large part of the overall picture.

No matter. You need to get on with sorting things out as best you can, with an end point of May 14th. Part of the general messiness is down to all that was in motion from the final week of March and all of April. As you can now see, nothing was ‘progressing’ at all and this would have involved a trip, a traveller, book, website, course, workshop, foreign language, emigration, cultural differences and so on. Classic Mercury Retrograde and of course it’s still with you in the first fortnight of May, Leo. Everything is a first attempt, second attempt, rehearsal now. Have Plan B and C and be particularly aware of foreign travel updates.

What is quite new in your life, and very important, is the focus on your career, unpaid work or university/college degree, in the first 25 days of May. This is good news – the last stand of Jupiter in your zone of position, mission and ambition – and it will bring a decision. This is your last chance for another 12 years Leo. If you know you have let a really amazing opportunity slide, go back. It’s not too late. A lot of Leo people will be promoted; gain a prestigious new position; win an award; be admitted to a covetable university; score a hit.

As the month ends, turn to your groups, friends and social life. To social media. There is a stunning option here to either resolve an issue or walk straight onto the best possible path for friendship and people power. Any new potential pals or circles which turn up are five-star. Go, go, go.

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