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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for September. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Leo Monthly Forecast

Show Me the Money

You have a lot of charity, business, property or banking numbers to sort out in September. Leo, you could make or save a fortune next year, based on what you do now. Mark this in your calendar: the Jupiter in Pisces transit, December 28th, 2021, until May 10th, 2022, and then October 28th, 2022, until December 20th, 2022.

Based on what you pull off near the 7th (the New Moon) and what survives a crossroads test (at the end of the month) you can do your sums very differently by this time next year. For all that the Jupiter cycle is stop-start, September is pretty consistent, and you obviously have some accounting to do. What is hugely different about this September is the vast potential to accumulate or save, just after Boxing Day and well into Christmas 2022. That’s new.

Much depends on clarity. You need to contain and control what is going on, Leo. The boundaries need to be put in, or put back in. The potential for distortion (noise) must be pulled right back.

Leo, the next few weeks will make or break your financial, business or property progress over the next few months – even the next few years as Neptune transits your Eighth House for a long time. You have a lot of cycles going on now, I know, but make this one your priority, in terms of managing your life.

What does Mars in Virgo do, in Cycle Two? With or without other planets accompanying it, Mars show us the heat and action plans, in relation to cash, security, lifestyle and all the things that make us feel rich or poor. It can wind you up about a mortgage or put a rocket under an investment plan. Possessions are a Cycle Two matter. Houses and flats also matter in this cycle, for obvious reasons, and so do other valuable assets.

You or others will feel like charging ahead with an action plan now. Obviously, if you are making decisions, or making statements, which are not properly thought out, you could create too much heat – and there’s more.

This cycle is also about your value system. What you will and won’t sell out for. So that’s also in the equation. Your soul’s budget, or your spiritual accounting. The things money cannot buy, Leo.

The Eighth House of your horoscope, where we find Neptune in September (and where useful Jupiter arrives in December) covers money, business, property and possessions which depend on the involvement of other people.

The Eighth House is basically about in-depth, complex financial matters. Sex and money (so, marriage and mortgage, or paying your lover for a job done). Also, death and property – so what you leave in your will, but the legacies that name you.

You can be easily led on financial; business or property matters now. Drifting, floating, cruising, bobbing around, being taken by the currents. Try to anchor and ground, Leo. Neptune will always allow you to escape reality on some level. You are operating with distorted vision at this time, so be careful. Leo, you have such thick blinkers on, you are unlikely to know the hard edges of reality, now. So, get external advice and get as many opinions as you need.

And even if the worst that happens is just a vague sense of confusion, or a touch of chaos, do you really need it in your life?

Neptune often leads people into situations where there is no respect for boundaries, and no concept of what is realistic, practical or even possible.

You will be drawn into charity, financial, property or business situations which are not remotely real, on any level. To avoid a whopper of a Full Moon come down, later in September, you may want to be Miss Moneypenny and nit-pick your way through the facts and figures. That way you end up a lot richer in 2022 and it starts after Boxing Day.

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