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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for July. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Leo Monthly Forecast

July is here and with it, time alone. Introspection! The Sun’s spotlight in Cancer, just one sign behind you, will swing on all the things you achieve privately, or by yourself – away from other people’s attention. Buddhism, hypnosis, astral travel, your diaries, self-help and the rest are part of this cycle. Being a Roman Catholic (or not).

The Sun, your ruler, Leo, is neither negative nor positive, it just works like the real Sun – illuminating whatever it touches. When it moves into the Twelfth House, it lights up anything and anybody you have been keeping to yourself, your soul, your psyche and your journal – so that everyone else can see it. Often, people get attention for their secrets at this time. Whatever has been covered up so carefully is finally exposed.

The Sun always ‘finds’ (like a laser beam) those aspects of yourself, and your life, which are outstanding and special, yet curiously tied to your inner self. Your inner life. Do you have something to be proud of, here? Or could it all do with a lot more effort and energy?

You can feel exposed at this time – as if you’ve suddenly been made aware of everything that you’ve been covering up, or even forgetting about yourself. Leo, the Twelfth House rules the unconscious. Dreams can be revealing now.

Bonus July Tarot Card Reading

Lenormand Card Tree e1530303891493 225x300 - LeoLeo, your Lenormand card is Tree. We see the tree, and the leaves, and the tree house. Never what lies beneath the roots. What is buried far under the obvious. In July, you will be shown this. The exposure about your God (say) or your unconscious mind – is useful – it will enable you to get in touch with who you really are, when nobody else is around. What’s inside your clockwork?

This self-examination can happen through meditation, dreams, psychic experiences, astrology, counselling, therapy, or keeping a journal, as I’ve said. It can happen through being ill, going on retreat – or through being forced to live/stay/work in an isolated place, cut off from normal life. For whatever reason, July is introspective and internalised.

You will feel, quite literally, self-conscious now – conscious of your self, as it really is. Depending on how evolved you are, and how much you’ve worked on things, previously, this may be trance mediumship or a Jungian therapist. It’s hard work and very useful, Leo.

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