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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for November. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Leo Monthly Forecast

Scorpio Season

Scorpio iStock copy 300x253 - LeoThis transit in your Fourth House of property, household, family, town and country is short, but potent. A lot of decisions will be made now, Leo. If you have Scorpio factors in your natal chart, then it’s about the financial side of relationships with partners or family. A mortgage and marriage, for example, or a legacy.

The Fourth House of your chart rules your home (typically, your house or flat, but sometimes your temporary accommodation). It also rules your family (that means parents, siblings and relatives, as well as partners and any children). Because ‘home’ often means flatmates to people, they will also be prominent in this cycle. And, of course, the place you think of as home can also mean the country you were born in, or the country you live in now. When I look back at my files, I find this:

*Sagittarian musician and TV star Ozzy Osbourne had this cycle on March 5th, 2002, when the reality show about his family, The Osbournes, premiered on American television. Ozzy also had Venus in the Fourth House that day.

*Taurean actress and singer Cher also had the Sun in the Fourth House when she decided to sell the contents of her home, in order to redecorate it. The mammoth spring clean was announced on August 1st, 2006.

This transit is around three weeks long. You are then tipped into Sagittarius Season, Leo.

Sagittarius Season

SAG2018 profile 300x300 - LeoChildren, sex and the bedroom are in the spotlight from the final week of November. Courtship. The heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. There is no other cycle where your sex life (or lack of it) seems quite so important. This is in fact the Leo house, in your natal chart. This is where the royal bedchamber can be found along with the princes and princesses.

Sagittarius season is not long. What does matter much, much more is the forthcoming transit of Pluto in Aquarius, from January 2024 onwards. That will change your marriage. It will change your single life. Power comes into it from January. So, November is a prelude.

Sex is so personal; I have no idea what will come up for you now. But I do know it will be a) vitally important and b) your chance to get total clarity and insight. You might be one of those people who thinks about sex all the time – or maybe you’d rather have a cup of tea. It doesn’t matter. Leo, this relentless spotlight (by your ruler, the Sun) on your sexuality is useful.

Children (your own or other people’s) also need a second and third look now. The world of children can include areas like adoption, abortion and fertility – and childcare and education. Sagittarius Season is not long in duration, but as I’ve said, this may tie in with partnership empowerment and control questions, from January next year. In fact, by February next year we are going to see an awful lot of Leos split or commit; change the rules of the marriage; get counselling; reconcile – and the story begins in the final week of November, with the parenthood or step-parenting question.

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