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Leo Monthly Forecast

Foreigners and Foreign Countries

Chiron is about pushing the envelope and doing what ‘they’ say can’t be done (or shouldn’t be done!) In your own world, it is now time to explore your options with foreigners and foreign countries and test a few parameters. With Jupiter alongside Chiron, you’ll not only very likely succeed, but you’ll also show your friends what’s now possible. Remember, Chiron is neither positive nor negative. It does, however, reveal very clearly what you can and cannot do as far as the rest of the world is concerned. This experimentation can be carried out at length, until May – and you can go as far with it, as it’s possible to go. In the process, lots of people’s jaws will hit the floor, but that’s the whole point. Do you really want to do what everyone else is doing? Or say what everyone else is saying? The time has come to find out where the limits are.

The Worldwide Web, Publishing and Academia

The world of the web, publishing and academia will also encourage you to be more adventurous now. This is a classic cycle for internet experimentation and exploration because it’s still an aspect of digital long-distance involvement, that outrages or amazes more conservative people. It’s also very common to find yourself exploring new and different ways to educate yourself, to teach, or to manage a book project.

Anything that raises eyebrows and pushes the boundaries is fair game now. All aspects of micro-publishing (Twitter) will be influenced by Chiron and Jupiter now too – cue daring initiatives – any success is blessed.

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