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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for June. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Leo Monthly Forecast

Worldwide Web, Media, Siblings, Cousins, Neighbours, Short Trips

This is a mixed bag, Leo, but as Libra in your chart rules the internet, the media, brothers and sisters, cousins, neighbours – and short trips – you have to be a multi-tasker in June, just to deal with all the changes which are rolling. In fact they continue from July and into the year 2024. Ceres in Libra from June 21st and the South Node in Libra from July 17th suggests tremendous deal-making and bargaining.

Ceres is about learning to share. Being forced to share, actually. What follows is karmic in nature and owes a lot to your life 18-19 years before; something you will become aware of in 2024 too. Your internet life as it was, is important. So too, is any media involvement. Siblings, cousins and neighbours now may also return familiar themes, as July appears. Ceres is very much associated with give-and-take and as there are so many questions here about who or what has the power (who or what is in control) it is wise to take your time with it all. This is obvious where siblings are concerned, but perhaps also the people over the fence.

Short trips are also a Libra matter in your public chart and there will be some carving up of the turf here; a new way to deal with these questions, for you. Leo, it is wise to take your time and take good advice, as whatever you come out of this with by July, will be with you for a long time to come, as the South Node backs into Libra and you will be in a circular holding pattern with the karma into next year too.

June 1st, June 19th and Your Success and Status

What a long, frustrating road you have been on since April, May, as Mercury with all his negotiations and paperwork has been retrograde. This changes near the 1st of June when he ends his loop in Taurus, the sign ruling your status, success, ambition, mission and position. On the same day, good karma from 18-19 years before comes back to you, Leo, with a whopping answer or opportunity.

Again, near June 19th, Jupiter will ally with Saturn, and you will find a big, big chance now looks serious – a solution is now all too real. This is perfectly fine, as long-term you are in a terrific position to have more, do more and achieve more, Leo. In fact, April 2024 looks like an unforgettable peak moment for your career, unpaid work or academic career. Let’s start small, though. You are now looking at a window of June 2023 to May 2024 for expansion and any required problem-solving. Start from June 1st as you mean to go on.

Pisces Retrogrades, Finance and Property

Leo, you will now turn back the way you came with your bank, house, apartment, business, charity, valuables, superannuation/pension, inheritance, taxation, insurance and so on. June 17th and June 30th are the turning points with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, respectively, in your sector of joint finance. You have been escaping from reality for years, in this department and it is only since late March that you have had to get real, about that alternative ‘real’ world. Now, you can retrace your steps and find out what to do – and what not to do. This situation is unusual for you, and you’re not used to it. Expertise may be useful if you want to chat to a professional. The bottom line is very much tied to your partner, or a family member. Time to take this very seriously, with the best advice, if you can.

Pluto Retrograde, Workload and Well-Being

From June 11th, Pluto Retrograde in your sector of daily routine, lifestyle, paid work, unpaid work, academia, health and well-being is back. You may as well say, “Back again, back again” because he’s been retrograde so frequently since 2008. Now, you have the advantage because you know what to do. You have been here before, either with exactly the same matter, or with the same general theme. The situation as a whole, the organisation, the individuals or the place is not going to last. This is a rewind or replay of something which ended with the final frame near March 23rd. Thus, this is an old film seen one last time. It does take an awfully long time to finish, with no conclusion by Christmas – yet Christmas itself is important, as Capricorn weather at that time, into January 2024, suggests the last month of 2023 and first month of 2024 will bring a reshuffle with work, at university/college or with unpaid work. The roles, rights and responsibilities will alter. You know what to do about health, too, if that is preventing you from working or studying. Remember that empowerment comes from willpower, with your body, mind and spirit. Control comes from self-control. Nothing else works with Pluto.

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