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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for May. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Scorpio Monthly Forecast

Scorpio, at last you are in a position to make final sense of your career, unpaid work or university/college experiences over the last couple of months. Health, too. In fact, if you have had a health issue which has prevented you from working or studying, I am sure you have gone around in circles with it. Fortunately May will give you a chance to backtrack and make lasting decisions, with no more Mercury Retrograde in your life.

You were kept in the dark in April too, regarding work or health, lifestyle or study, daily routine or unpaid work – that Total Eclipse has a lot to answer for. Now that you are being held up (or going around in circles) with the information, until May 14th, you may also realise there was so much more going on – than you ever imagined.

The Sixth House of your chart, where we find this Aries weather pattern winding up, is not only about your paid work, unpaid work or studies – it is also about your mind, body and spirit as a whole. In astrology, there is a direct link between what you unconsciously generate for yourself, particularly with health, in order to bring about something your soul very much needs, regarding duty and service. People who need time off, or even a completely different job in life (but do not admit it to themselves) born under Scorpio are most likely to find their bodies deliver. It is far, far better to get to know yourself well enough to be honest about a particular job, course or role – so that you can be proactive rather than leave your unconscious mind to offer up particular issues.

Much as I’d love to tell you that every single mystery about your health will be revealed in May, I think at a certain point you will have to leave things as they are. The truth is, neither you, nor anybody else, will ever know. I hope you read my Total Eclipse messages and avoided that period in late April for choices.

This may be because of a cover-up, or just a general lack of facts, insight or information. In addition to that, as you spent April stuck in a loop, until May 14th you will be examining what came to pass in March and April and using the final fortnight of May to (finally) call something settled.

What you are now left with is a clean-up operation, as best you can. Mercury Retrograde in Aries in your Sixth House is also about the circular or complicated nature of a paper trail, endless chain of emails, ongoing discussion, so-called ‘news’, and even ‘alternative facts’ in some cases. I mention this because of course President Joe Biden is a Sun Scorpio too.

You should also know that on a basic lifestyle level, you are going through the wildly experimental Chiron in Aries transit. This is with you all year and it means that you will be educated about what is no longer ‘impossible’ or even ‘unthinkable’ about your day-to-day existence. This involves housework as well as any paid or unpaid work, for others. Chiron is a tremendous teacher and there may actually be a person who does not fit the usual categories, showing you how to get away with things! That puts a whole different spin on what it means to have a particular role, goal or project. And as I’ve said, the second half of May will allow you to release the past and move on.

The other interesting thing about May is the new, sudden importance of two things. An optimistic and positive sign-off decision about a work or sexual partner. This ends the month extremely well. At that point you will also need to tackle the baffling situation which encircles the bedroom, the dating game, a pregnancy, baby, child, teenager or young adult in your world (or perhaps younger faces, as a whole). Your entire answer is ‘boundaries’ because there are none at all – or they have been slipping away. If a partner is involved for obvious reasons (you are married to them) do use May to fix issues by the 25th.

The final week shows you something astonishing – the potential for a huge financial solution or really big change to your budget, with a June choice. In fact by June 2025 you could have made or saved a small fortune, Scorpio.

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