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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for June. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Scorpio Monthly Forecast

Siblings, Cousins, Short Journeys, Media, Internet

Pluto Retrograde from June 11th reminds you of 2022, and ongoing, you will be replaying matters concerned with brothers, sisters, cousins, trips, the press and the web from last year. Fortunately you have been there, done that, written the script and read it aloud. Thus, you know what to do with the second draft. This may be your younger sibling or Twitter, issues about regional getaways or your car. They are all oddly connected in astrology and in fact you may find your sister’s travel agenda, say, crosses over with your own thoughts about your brother’s role in the family. However this pans out, the retrograde is a chance to rethink, review, reconsider and rewrite an old story in your life. This theme is so familiar to you from 2008-2022. You know what to do. It’s about harnessing your will.

Courtship, Bedroom, Children, Young Adults

June is about backflips. You are perfectly entitled to change direction with courtship, the bedroom, offspring, other people’s children or the next generation, once you see a couple of retrogrades kick in.

Saturn Retrograde on June 17th and Neptune Retrograde on June 30th suggests you will be turning back on your heel and going over old ground from March, April, May and the first half of June. Scorpio, you have been living in an altered reality for many years regarding all this. Sex has become an escape from the real world, as much as parenthood. Bubble World became different from late March, though, when Saturn appeared alongside Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Now, you have a situation which is either inaccessible or so heavily weighed down you cannot evade it or avoid it! Managing all this was never going to be a walk in the park, so walking backwards over old tracks may be useful as you figure out your strategy. The Tarot can be useful, on this site.

The Luckiest Duet or Duel in the World

Mercury Direct on June1st, Jupiter Conjunction North Node June 1st, and Jupiter Sextile Saturn on June 19th are all in your opposite sign, do suggest something pretty big is showing up with your marriage or sexual partnership. It’s an opportunity or a solution and of course for many Scorpios it involves parenthood. Even if you are single and child-free, you will still be thrown one chance after another, to get together with someone who balances you harmoniously, symmetrically and very nicely – if never perfectly. You two could get together or get together in a more orderly fashion, now Mercury is behaving himself from the 1st of June.

If you are already in a partnership, be it sexual or just professional, this double act could be terrific for you, if you have your eyes on April 2024 for an outcome or special plan. Finally, if you are at war with someone, or against something, you are in this peculiar transit which worked to the late PM Thatcher’s benefit while in the job. She found her weak enemies helped her increase her vote. Whatever happens, Scorpio, near the 1st and 19th of June, does so in your favour regarding the other side.

Religion, Self-Help, Psychics and Inner Life

Ceres in Libra on June 21st, together with the South Node in Libra on July 17th and following, does rather suggest a mid-year period of solitude. You will need it, Scorpio, if you are going to sort yourself out on the inside. This may be God (or your rejection of God). It might be the Tarot, mediumship, Buddhism, Islam or just a scientific rejection of the same and an embrace of quantum multiverses. Needless to say you can hardly be on the blower when all that is going on or sitting in front of a blaring television. The middle of 2023 is really important, long-term, as well. You have karma, going back some 18-19 years, which unfolds from July, continues to Christmas and is present in 2024 as well. Whatever happened back then with your inner self is now up for reckoning and settlement, Scorpio.

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