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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for January. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Scorpio Monthly Forecast

So many things are front-page news in your life in January, where do we begin? Some practical advice to start with; short trips, commuting, the internet, the media, your phone – will all go back and forth for weeks – on Mercury Retrograde.

This is a really good time to start a project, plan or concept with a long shelf-life for rehearsals or second and third drafts. This shows up in both charts I use for you, Scorpio. If you can allow until February 14th, 2022, for ‘the process’ and then realise that 2022 is more of the same, with an outcome in 2023, you’ll be working with the cycles. Work against them, and you will hit cancellation or rescheduling.

It’s the same with the road to a different way to get around town, or get from A to B. You are obviously having to be Covid-adaptive. You are in a year of retrogrades so stop-start progress is normal now and in fact nothing will really become finally final until 2023!

I think the really huge shift in January is about the personal/financial. The nodes are in new signs in your natal chart, including in your Eighth House of property, family and partners. In your solar chart we find the node exiting that zone, so there’s an obvious change around the 19th of January. Let’s go into that more. It seems to be related to the revolution with/for partners, former partners or potential partners (the dating game).

Children are awfully important in this, because you have stunning opportunities and solutions involving sons, daughters, stepchildren or substitute children. That is very new, Scorpio.

You’re likely to take a radically progressive approach to your partner, former partner or love life at this time – or you may find that a certain someone wants to take a startling, revolutionary, utterly progressive approach with you. Why on earth remain stuck where you are?

Progress is freedom, progress is change, progress is equality – at least according to the planet Uranus in Taurus in your solar Seventh House, Scorpio. All of this will now tempt you now, as you navigate your way through the love and sex jungle. Sometimes, progress will appear in the shape of a new man or woman in your life. This person will be an agent for change in some way – your chance to take the great leap forward.

Typically, you will want the freedom to move ahead in your love life, now, without being confined where you were last year, or even last week.

The changes you make will also force others around you to take a U-turn though, so be prepared for the consequences of that. Not everyone shares your ideas about what’s truly 22nd century in love, life and sex. Not everyone likes being forced to move position, particularly if they are attached to a predictable life.

If you decide to stage a one-person revolution in your relationships and have no regard at all for the chain-reaction it may cause in your world, you must prepare for that, Scorpio. Your longing for a new place in the scheme of things might just cause the kind of domino effect that can also overturn your own position.

Watch out for the reverse situation as well. If you are determined to hang onto your old love life, your old sex life, and your old relating patterns, then you may be left behind as the new person, or the changed person, or just the new world takes a U-turn around you.

It’s your destiny to be surrounded by people who are searching for progress en masse now, and they are seeking it through the world of relationships and partnerships, which is why this aspect of your existence probably feels so unsettled or unstable. This general instability will have a knock-on effect on your partner, ex or future date – and it will have an impact on you as well. Expect a state of productive flux. This may of course be a function of Covid, where couples have been at home together for such a long time. System disruption.

What happened to Cupid’s system? What happened to the usual dating, mating and relating set-up? The answer is, other people’s desire for whatever (or whoever) is new, is now forcing your world into dramatically different shape until 2026, Scorpio.

New technology and inventive ways of dating, mating and relating are under way now, in the world around you – at least try to see what they offer you. And you will absolutely need to change your view of money and property from January 19th, 2022. As I said, though, children (yours, his or hers) are an absolute asset or big answer if you are looking.

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