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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for May. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Capricorn Monthly Forecast

May and Your Finances

You are now over the halfway mark of the heaviest most burdensome financial cycle in 29 years. You can be rich and still feel weighed down. If you are struggling financially, it may feel as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, your burdens can be put down in March 2023. Until then, a bit of fancy footwork in May can save you time and trouble.

Saturn in Aquarius in your solar chart and Uranus (with the North Node) in Taurus in your natal chart, both draw your attention to your life budget.

The Eclipse in Scorpio

Given that friends and groups are usually involved in these things, Scorpio, you may want to avoid Monday 16th May for decisions about that, or clubs, teams, bands, political parties and the like.

Why? The Sun is involved in a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. You’ll have a blind spot, or there may even be a cover-up. To let the world catch up with itself, avoid Sunday the 15th and Tuesday the 17th of May too.

Friday, May 13th also sees the Sun in conjunction with the True North Node in Taurus and in opposition to the True South Node in Scorpio.

What was going on 18 or 19 years ago with your friends and groups? You are owed or you owe, and there will be a karmic settlement.

Internet, Media, Education

This is crucial in May, which is a month of dress rehearsal, first and second drafts, and ever-changing diary notes. It does actually work out for you, very nicely – particularly from October to December. Yet, for all the opportunities and solutions with the web, the media, education or quick publishing, you still have to go back and forth. Dates to watch – Jupiter in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn on 3rd May. Neptune in Pisces semi-sextile Saturn on the 17th of May and again on May 31st. Mars in Pisces all month, having entered on the 16th of April and lingering until the 24th of May.

All of this takes place in your solar Third House of communication and connection, so there’s quite an important project or plan here. In your natal chart we find a lot of Gemini weather in your Third House too, so it’s the same thing again. Capricorn, if you have Gemini factors in your natal chart, then you will notice the stop-start nature of your project or course.

It’s already been a carve-up and compromise thanks to Ceres in Gemini since last February. Ceres remains in Gemini until May 15th. Mercury is Shadow Retrograde all month having started the loop on 30th April. Mercury’s first backward turn in Gemini takes place on May 10th. I am sure you know this is about rescheduling, cancellation and delay. Then – the issue at hand vanishes!

Mercury disappears from Gemini on May 24th. We then have the New Moon in Gemini on the 30th of May. Don’t be fooled by that, because it’s not a new beginning, it’s a faux fresh start. The replay takes place from June 14th to 19th. Then at last you know where you stand. The giddy joke in all this is that the project, venture, website, channel, program and so on – is all the better for this messing around, with stunning breakthroughs in October-December, or a sequel/replacement you see as so fulfilling.

Do You Have Scorpio and/or Taurus Factors?

The Taurus weather will pick up your Second House of money, natally. so again, we have a private and also a public story about finance.

What to avoid? A total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus, on May 16th. A backward turn again from Mercury in Taurus on May 22nd.

Capricorn, from late May, the rescheduling, delay or even the cancellation risk on Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, in your natal Second House of personal income, assets, and so on dates from April.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus ends with the final loop on June 13th, but if you do have Taurus factors in your chart, treat this entire period as a rehearsal and have Plan B and C. Thursday 5th May and the days either side is likely to be an unpredictable period for you, with the Sun in conjunction with Uranus, the planet of upheaval. One more thing about May, if you do have factors in Scorpio and/or Taurus, Capricorn –

Friday the 13th of May

Friday, May 13th also sees the Sun in conjunction with the True North Node in Taurus and in opposition to the True South Node in Scorpio. What was going on 18 or 19 years ago with your money, possessions or property? There is a useful lesson there.

House, Apartment, Family, Household

This is where the biggest wave of optimism and hope is coming from, Capricorn. It begins around the middle of the month and accelerates in June. Your Fourth House of family, household, property, hometown and homeland is about to be elevated and expanded. Luck’s here.

As Ceres enters Cancer and your natal Fourth House on the 16th of May, too it looks like a compromise or carve-up is on the way by July 23rd, with those at home and/or the family. In other cases, the issue may be your landlady, landlord or tenants. You will gain from this, Capricorn, but as I said, May is a really complex month for your finances as a whole with a really big stretch required.

Friends and Groups

Equally, as you have karma going back 18 or 19 years, some fancy footwork is required with your social life, Twitter, old friends, new friends, clubs, teams, bands, associations, charities, political parties, causes and other circles. You have the South Node in Scorpio in your solar Eleventh House and in your natal chart, we find Saturn in Aquarius in your natal Eleventh House. May is decisive and dramatic. You owe, or are owed, from your life 18 or 19 years before.

Do You Have Aquarius Factors?

If so, you are now in the final leg of the most difficult cycle for social media, friendships, groups and your social life in 29 years. It ends on March 8th, 2023, so you are about 12 months off, but have already got through 2021, dealing with Saturn and all the barriers and walls that come with him.

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