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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

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Capricorn Monthly Forecast

I said be cautious about what you set up. The thing about 2022 is, you only get this Saturn cycle in your natal chart every 29 years. So, it’s heavy and it’s big. You can either have the mild pinpricks of irritation in life or a thumping great lesson, and quite frankly, if you want the former, you’ll create a strategy right now for your group/that group. Double that message if you have anything in Aquarius in your natal chart, Capricorn. Here’s some more on this cycle, also in your natal.

You have a friend who is about to trigger Saturn lessons. You have known this person for years – or you may find the friendship takes off while this cycle is running. Nevertheless, this person is about to push more buttons than you knew you had. Do live with the realities of being this person’s friend. Is it their personality, the changes in their life, or their circumstances? Covid? Is it the particular chemistry you have with them, or decisions they’re making which directly affect and concern you? Take a deep breath and take stock. You will be dealing with rescheduling until late February anyway, Capricorn, so set time aside to learn – you will find out something about friendship which you can only learn every 28 or 29 years.

Be practical and make a list of what you trust will work best in terms of groups, too. Go to good books, trusted advisors, or older, wiser people if you must. And give it time. Lots and lots of time!

The life management system, which is going to work best now, is one which will necessarily involve a long stretch of patience and effort, on your part.

This group involvement around you or affecting you (outside you) is going to require quite a lot of sustained hard work and careful management.

It could be a rock band, political party, book group, investors’ circle, golf club…whatever. If you’re not really a joiner by nature, this group could easily be your usual circle of friends (your social life, as a whole) or perhaps it’s just a network of people you are temporarily involved with – like a Zoom group. As I said, you can have pinpricks in 2022 or something deeper.

Destiny will line up the people you need most, at this time, to teach you the most about your own maturity. It’s all about your ability to quietly accept what you cannot change, and then get on with the business of trying to make your life work.

Trust the astrologers. In a year or so from now, you won’t even care. But for now, explore the realities of your situation with this group/your group from all angles, and then work as hard as you can, to come up with a sensible response.

Libran cricketer Tony Greig was fired as England team captain during this cycle, for his part in recruiting friends and fellow players to the rival World XI team. The event took place on May 13th, 1977, during a tough Saturn cycle. I’m not for a moment suggesting that’s your parallel, but Capricorn, you can either have a tough game or a really, really, really tough game now. So, you know what to do.

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