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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for June. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Capricorn Monthly Forecast

June and Your Finances

You are now at the start of the most powerful financial cycle in 248 years. You can be rich and still feel as if others with less money than you have the control. If you are struggling financially, it may feel as if there is the most intense challenge. In fact, your situation slowly but surely empowers you over time. Until then, a bit of fancy footwork in can save you time and trouble.

Pluto in Aquarius in your solar chart and Uranus (with Mars) in Taurus in your natal chart, both draw your attention to your life budget. By that I mean, putting a price on having control. Around August 19th, 2024, you will have a bridge to cross regarding this, on the Full Moon in Aquarius.

Internet, Media, Short Journeys

This is crucial in June which is a month of peak Gemini weather for the entire planet. It does actually work out for you, very nicely – if you have Gemini factors in your natal chart. Yet, for all the opportunities and solutions with the web, the media, education or quick publishing, you still need to be proactive. Even if you don’t have Gemini factors (or do not know) you still have Neptune and Saturn in Pisces in the same chart zone – web, media and short distance travel.

All of this takes place in your solar Third House of communication and connection, so there’s quite an important project or plan here. In your natal chart we find a lot of propelling Gemini weather in your Third House too, so it’s the same thing again, with a new beginning near June 6th and the Gemini New Moon.

The project, venture, website, channel, course, program and so on – is all the better for this month of June, with potential for stunning breakthroughs and big solutions. What happens to those around you, benefits you. And this may be an electric car the whole street shares (short journeys) or a whopping new YouTube idea.

Capricorn, it has not been easy to deal with both Saturn and Neptune in your sector of photography, publicity, social media and so on. The most confused and confusing situations have been around you. Saturn has weighed in and you have had to get very real, very quickly. June shows you good alternatives.

House, Apartment, Family, Household

This is where the biggest wave of new optimism and hope is coming from, Capricorn. It accelerates in June. Your Fourth House of family, household, property, hometown and homeland is about to be elevated and expanded. Luck’s here as Jupiter in Gemini slowly forms a series of sextiles to all the Aries transits in your solar chart. In plain English since May 26th, things have slowly been looking up. This applies to repairs, renovations, redecoration or moving – maybe, real-estate investments.

As in your birth chart the Sun, Mercury and Venus enter Cancer and your natal Fourth House after June 18th, it looks like decision time with those at home and/or the family. In other cases, the issue may be your landlady, landlord or tenants. You will gain from this, Capricorn, over the long-term. In fact, what comes out of June 2024 is to your total benefit from the second half of June 2025 and first half of 2026 – if you were speculating about the long haul.

You can double that message if you have anything in Cancer in your natal chart.

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