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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for February. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Capricorn Monthly Forecast

Capricorn Weather, Reputation and Appearance

Key dates in this transit are 21st January (when Pluto left Capricorn), 7th February (when Ceres moves in) Mars in Capricorn (until 13th February) and Venus in Capricorn (until February 16th). Ceres will be in Capricorn until December 7th. Pluto goes back into Capricorn from September 3rd until November 19th.

Having put up with Pluto since 2008, you are now pursuing a much better state of affairs with your title, reputation, portrait, profile, appearance and image. That sense of being controlled by something or someone has gone. You have been through some very tough times, make no mistake. Now, 2024 looks like a different kettle of fish.

There will be about a year of reshaping, compromising and rethinking – regarding how you are seen and appear. This starts on the 7th of February. It really is system change. You have time, though. You can take this slowly and gradually. Yet by Christmas you will be reborn.

Aquarius Weather, Finance, Charity, Business and Property

Pluto moved into Aquarius on January 22nd
February 5th – Mercury Enters Aquarius
February 9th – New Moon in Aquarius
February 13th – Mars in Aquarius
February 16th – Venus in Aquarius

You will become empowered through the changes you make to your finances, charity commitments, business and/or property in 2024. It’s a new ball game. It became that way on January 22nd, although there was a brief preview last year.

You can expect the numbers to be parked in front of you in February with signatures attending. There will be a fresh start near the 9th and then you will be looking at this through an intensely personal lens, all the time realising you have to concentrate on the calculations not the people. If you can leave Venus and Mars out of this, so much the better.

The year as a whole is about transforming your life budget. That means changing what you will or will not sell out for. It also means changing who or what you think of as precious or priceless. Try to slow down and cool down about what is, after all, only money. It will help you when you figure out how you are going to get your fair share of control.

The Pisces Weather, Siblings and Cousins

February 18th – Sun enters Pisces
February 23rd – Mercury enters Pisces
February 24th – Full Moon in Virgo against the Sun in Pisces

In March you can make a useful decision about your brother, sister or cousin. February is the warm-up. From the 18th, a great deal will come to light and you can make better choices. From the 23rd there will be news, or questions answered at last. Even if near the 24th you cannot reconcile a situation that will actually help you make a long overdue decision in March.

This month is also about cousins, as well as siblings. Again, you have a March choice to make which will be reckoned in February.

As you are so concerned with your appearance, reputation, title and image – it makes sense that the internet should also be on your agenda. You have had about a year of dealing with situations which are as random as they are impossible to get out of, or into. You need a new approach and will likely do that after the 24th.

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