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A happy Aries has endless physical energy. If you are affected by tiredness or illness then look at the mind-body-spirit connection.


Every Aries person has a photograph, self-portrait or film clip of themselves which defines who they are on the inside, too. Your advertising and branding is extremely important because it works so hard for you. The Aries name, face or image always arrives ahead of the person.


A happy Aries has endless physical energy. If you are affected by tiredness or illness then look at the mind-body-spirit connection as in astrology the three are interconnected. Under normal circumstances, an Aries wakes early and powers on all day and all night, no problem.


Why do Aries people deliberately choose careers or part-time interests which are fiercely competitive? The answer is simple. They need the rivalry. This sign is associated with contests of all kinds, from psychological warfare to sports strategies. Aries needs someone to beat so she can come first.


To find out who you really are, look up your Mars sign. After this look at the heavenly bodies in the First House of your horoscope. Aries rules both Mars and the First House. Find out more about creating your chart in the Members’ Lounge on this website.


You will be in a powerful career by 2024 if you are not already. Even though your workplace, industry, field or business will go through massive changes, you will always come out on top. Lady Gaga, born on March 28th 1986, is the most successful musician so far this century.


Lady Gaga Artpop Album Cover

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