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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for September. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Pisces Monthly Forecast

Well, September does bring a risk of overheated attack and defence mechanisms – with duels or duets – so coping calmly, is crucial. Virgo weather is behind this and the Full Moon at the end of September is not your best bet for any kind of two-way negotiation, launch or forward movement. Check the moon in the sky. There are easier times.

People who are against you will turn up now, or even become issues again, no matter how long they’ve been off your radar. Navigate carefully, please, Pisces. Duets are as much associated with this cycle as duels, though. So – marriage, sexual trysts, professional double-acts or business duos.

Can you examine any issue in the cold light of day, Pisces? That’s your challenge.

Happy with your partner, ex-partner or the prospects with a future date or duet of any sort? That person will also be at the top of your list now. You or they will be unusually charged up.

Well, sometimes it helps to turn down the emotional oven temperature.

I know of no other cycle in which so many husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends look at their beloved with so much attention on the see-saw or the scales. How can you balance? There is a beginning, anyway, with this person, near the 7th. Now let’s talk about image. Neptune is in your First House now, triggered (well and truly) throughout September.

The First House rules your appearance, image, reputation and public profile. It brings issues about your outer packaging or ‘advertising’ – how you present yourself to the world, as well as the way you are seen. Cosmetic surgery, cosmetics, hair colour, photographs, promotion, advertising, business cards, clothes, accessories, branding and status symbols are just a few of the avenues which Neptune will work through now. It is the planet of unreality. It has nothing to do with what’s real, practical, and everyday. To continue quoting from my new book, this cycle is about boundaries, rules, reality checks and some kind of control.

As with all Neptune cycles, a trusted friend or partner who has a good common-sense detector can really help you now.

If you work in a profession where appearances are everything then this cycle needs special consideration. Muddle and mess are common. Again, the solution is control and containment.

Sure, this is just your cover, and neither you, nor anyone around you, should attempt judgement on something so superficial. Yet the rewards from your big relaunch after Boxing Day 2021 and into 2022 are so huge, that September does require thought. Next year it’s all about your packaging, you see. The more you get it right now, the better.

Be careful who or what you get lost in now, as you may lose your real self in the process – but keep it real, Pisces and all should be well. Or at least less confusing for yourself and other people. Neptune can baffle and mystify us so much, that it is always useful to stop, periodically, to see where you are, and then your blessed relaunch, rebirth and renaissance will be so much more successful. That’s due as follows – December 28th, 2021, until May 10th, 2022, and then October 28th, 2022, until December 20th, 2022.

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