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Pisces Monthly Forecast

Groups and Circles

Lots of people become involved in bands, clubbing, cyberspace communities, radical political groups and change-the-world organisations in this cycle, which started in 2008. It’s about discovering what’s possible these days, through a network of like-minded people who can help you get there. You have been picked up by a couple of really powerful groups since 2008. You may have walked away from them, too. You may have found your entire life changed by a network, Pisces. That can happen on this cycle as well. It may be the Freemasons or Alcoholics Anonymous. Pluto in Capricorn brings genuinely powerful, life-altering circles of people. Cast your mind back to 2008-2023 and you will see the pattern. Yet, here is the thing. The cycle is ending. It closes in March. So, you can slam the book shut, on this chapter of your life, and walk away.

There are variations on this theme. If you lead a quiet life, just joining a book group may be enough to have changed your world! The rule holds, however. The circle of people you make a time and energy commitment to now, in terms of ending a phase, or starting one, will offer you a chance to explore what life feels like without constant issues about who is top dog or the leader of the pack. If you succeed, you will quickly show other people what’s out there for them, too. As I said, late March is the deadline for this.


And so, to friendships within the group. There are always written rules and by-laws (and also many more unspoken codes and agreements) in any tight circle of people. From Rotary Clubs to football teams, from Alcoholics Anonymous to the RSPCA, there are a series of invisible bolts and locks, designed to keep everything in place. Perhaps the time has now come to see where things really stand, within your particular group or community and the friends you made there. Even the frenemies. And this can apply to a long-established circle of friends, too. The only way you are going to find out, is by attempting what other people say looks like a final chapter. Of course, a final chapter is always the beginning of a new book of life, too.

Friendship of the very old kind – is the other big concern of the Eleventh House. You may have been rejected by friends on this transit since 2008 or found the very word ‘friendship’ has such connotations.

If it is time to take a reality check on a friendship, though, then time is unlikely to stop you. How far can you go, in terms of this friend? What sort of chemistry is actually there? Your ideas about your friend now may seem like a way of drawing a line under what was, the better to begin a new page on what will be.

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