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Home Is Where the Heart Is

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Changing all the rules you have made for yourself about your house, apartment, property investment or holiday home is a very smart idea in 2024 and particularly in July. It would set you free, Aquarius. This is hinted at in July’s New Moon on the 5th, as you begin to see your ruling planet Uranus in the work/property/security/lifestyle zone of your chart make strong patterns. At the same time, in your birth chart, we find exactly the same horoscope zone being triggered.

This goes into your money, of course, and particularly in a city like Sydney where a simple home has become so overpriced. Maybe you are renting in London – also wildly expensive. Which system have you adopted to deal with this? Your chart, showing Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, says some kind of method has had to be developed.

Perhaps your ‘system’ is that you overwork, in order to pay the mortgage or the rent. Perhaps, taking on more than one job, or too many projects, to pay off a home, or to buy your first home. You may have even reached a point where you are so heavily burdened by plans and projects, that you can’t even see the wood for the trees anymore, and you’ve lost sight of the fact that the whole purpose of a home – is a lifestyle. What lifestyle do you have, if you’re just putting one foot in front of the other every day?

Aquarius, this is a big message in July when you have a New Moon in your lifestyle and wellbeing zone, as well as your work zone.

July is time to stop and take it all on board. Where are you heading, work wise, in 2025 and 2026 and why are you doing it? In the future you will have fantastic opportunities, with Jupiter in Cancer, to rethink every single aspect of your workload along with the house or apartment, which matters so much.

If your system is unfairly taxing on your constitution, it may have an impact on your health, or will do so, as you know. For example – people who spend too much time on the road (taxi-drivers) or hunched over a computer (Hollywood screenwriters) get back, arm or hand issues.

Uranus in Taurus is a slow revolution. This will involve a radical rethink of ‘home’ or property investment, but in 2024, the time is right to stop and change. This applies to a lease as well – in fact, any kind of arrangement, including moving back in with your parents.

It’s worth thinking about that now in July as in your birth chart, the Sun climbs high in this sector. Your ruling planet Uranus is in your other (solar) zone of houses, land, apartments, house boats, caravans, real estate investment, home exchange and Air BnB is here for the first time in your adult life.

Uranus is a symbol of revolution, reform and radical change. There is a great phase in Australia, where I spend my time now: “Stuff that for a joke”. The point at which you decide to ‘stuff’ your own way of working, doing the housework, doing unpaid work (for charity), shouldering responsibilities – will be quite remarkable.

Ever since 1781, when Uranus was discovered, we’ve associated this planet with very sudden, new moves. And – a vastly different way of doing things. July is all about leaving yourself the space, to surprise yourself. It’s quite true that in terms of your house, apartment, garden, land or alternative residence, the last thing you ever thought you’d see yourself doing is the first thing that can happen – by 2025.

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