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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for November. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Aquarius Monthly Forecast

Scorpio Season

Scorpio 2 300x200 - AquariusScorpio season is about the Tenth House of your solar chart. The intensity vanishes in the final week of November.

This month is about your career, unpaid work or academic career, Aquarius. November spawned a monster, according to Morrissey. Well, for you, it spawns major developments in your professional life.

Do you have Capricorn natal chart factors? November, December, January will bring reshuffles with departures, promotions and mergers that will directly affect you. You can double that, if you have factors at 28, 29 Capricorn.

You are more than your career, or your social status, or your ‘position’ in the world. But – for around three weeks, now, you are going to be seen purely in terms of your business card, your achievements, your success, and your mission.

Do you have any idea about what you’re well-known for, in your particular industry or field? That’s what the Sun will single out now. Its brilliant, relentless spotlight will sweep around your name, reputation, CV and success rating for around 21 days, showing you what’s what.

The same trends apply to you if you are retired, unemployed or have full-time home duties – but this cycle will be about the roles and goals you have on your own merits. Other people’s feedback will give you a useful yardstick for measuring yourself, and your life, at this time.

Everything about your performance at work will now be much more obvious, for better or for worse. Projects, plans and people will come along which expose how astonishingly marvellous you are – or how much work you have to do.

People get promoted now. They get new jobs. They are headhunted. They can also resign or accept their notice. It really depends on your personal birth chart, Aquarius, but November is decisive. Your boss may announce her early retirement. Your company may lose clients. Your entire industry may be affected by Artificial Intelligence.

The audition for success lasts all year, but this month lets you know the score.

You won’t really see anything substantial unless you have Capricorn natal chart factors. If so, there will be a transformation in the balance of power in your career, with outcomes in January 2024.

*Aries comedian Spike Milligan was awarded a knighthood on the New Year’s Honours List during this cycle, on December 30, 2000. For good measure, he also had Mercury and the South Node in the Tenth House at the same time.

*Capricorn musician Rod Stewart also had the Sun in the Tenth House on the day he won a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on 12th October 2005. Awards, big and small, are common during this cycle.

Sagittarius Season

bigstock Abstract Astrology Background 223417465 300x200 - AquariusAquarius, this is about your friendships, the groups you belong to (or are affected by), Substack and Twitter. It is about frenemies (that fine Nancy Mitford term for dodgy so-called friends) but also about your pre-Christmas social life. Invitations now are really important. They are meaningful – not just another event to go to!

As your Sun is in the Eleventh House natally, there is a timeline to January, February 2024 now. In those months your friends and groups will transform. The balance of power will change. The setting is now, November 2023.

Friends are often in the background of our lives, but not in this cycle. Within just a few days, you’ll feel as if you are watching a Hollywood film of your life, with one or more of your friends cast in the starring roles. You’ll either feel like standing up in your seat at the end and applauding or giving the whole show a thumbs-down. Is your friend a game-player? Well, that cannot go on now. Your Sun in Aquarius chart, but also your natal chart, suggest November 2023-February 2024 is a period of transformation when anyone trying to power-trip you, may be downgraded by you and minimised in your life.

At the same time, the Sun in Sagittarius now, will illuminate your own performance as a friend. And you’ll find true friends or have friendships redeemed. You’ll be thrown into situations which highlight exactly what you bring to your friendships.

Social events will come along now, which throw you and your friends together. Or they get caught up in their own little life episodes – which suddenly, directly involve you. Everyone is watching – so how will you perform? More importantly, how effective have you been, over the last 11 months, as a friend? That’s what the Sun will really expose now.

You now have a rare chance to understand what’s worked best for you, in terms of your friendship with a certain someone – and what you know you’ve let slide. Either way, you win. Your friend can make you feel incredibly special now (in which case, just keep doing what you’re doing).

This cycle is also about group chemistry. Together, you can shine at this time. This goes into December. It’s about the team, club, union, society, association.

*Gemini musician Sir Paul McCartney had this cycle on April 9th, 1970, when he left The Beatles, the band that had made him famous. Chiron, which represents audacity and daring, was also in his Eleventh House that day.

*Led Zeppelin made its debut when guitarist Jimmy Page had this cycle too – they appeared for the first time on 25th October 1968 as the Sun was passing through Page’s Eleventh House, alongside another planet – Neptune.

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