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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for June. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Aquarius Monthly Forecast

Religion, Psychics, Self-Help

Pluto Retrograde from June 11th lets you know that the rest of 2023 will repeat familiar set-ups from 2022 and January, February, early March this year. This helps you with your ultimate sign-off with matters of religion, the psychic world, self-help, spirituality, therapy, hypnosis and the like. It’s been a really long road for you, and you must often have felt as if someone else (or God himself) was taking over the steering. Now you can navigate differently because you have learned that being in control of your psyche, soul or spirit is about self-control. Going over old ground will help you with that. So much. If you have a core issue with (say) what’s on the inside of your mind, then you need to know that anything or anybody that was trying to take your power away, is already done with. This is just the long goodbye. Maybe you already know that. It may be your scientism, it may be your self-help program, but you are back in charge if you can do the work.

Finances, Property, Business, Charity

Saturn Retrograde on June 17th and Neptune Retrograde on June 30th will send you back over old ground, Aquarius. Those two dates are turning points which swivel you around to face early 2023 again. It would appear that there is a replay required, for whatever reason. This is actually not a bad idea, as it takes insight and introspection – the long retrospective look – to show you what is going on. This is a very, very new situation for you. You have been escaping from reality for years, Aquarius. Now, you have a completely different situation to take on board. Going back to where you just were, could be rather useful. This may directly involve your lease, mortgage, AirBnB, property investment, home sale and so on – see below.

Good News at Home and With Property

Aquarius, you can double the good news about this Jupiter cycle if you have anything in Taurus in your chart. Basically, after weeks of delay or muddling through, you are good to go with discussions and paperwork regarding your house, apartment, alternative residence of property investment. In fact, Jupiter in Taurus will offer you solutions and opportunities not possible in 12 years. Given that your ruler Uranus is in the same chart sector, you should be thinking about April 2024 as a good sign-off for something special, as Uranus with all his grants of freedom, space and independence will meet Jupiter that month. Until then, this cycle is also terrific for family matters; the household and its needs; live-in partners. Mercury Direct on June 1st, Jupiter Conjunction North Node June 1st and Jupiter Sextile Saturn June 19th should do it.

Foreigners and Foreign Countries

There will be a long period of bargaining, compromise and negotiation involving foreigners and foreign countries from late June and by the end of July you will realise this is karmic. It takes you back 18 or 19 years. Aquarius, it may also involve publishing, academia or the web.

Ceres in Libra June 21st and the South Node in Libra July 17th suggests this is a big deal, as not only must you come out of all this with a new arrangement, but you also need to make sure you can live with it in 2023, 2024. Anything you have in place by the 17th of July will be on high rotation so try to park strong feelings at the door and get on with a practical, do-able new set-up.

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