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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for September. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Aquarius Monthly Forecast

Finance, Charity, Property, Business

Well, this Neptune in Pisces transit, potentially so confusing in September, needs to be knocked on the head, so you can gain far more during the Jupiter in Pisces transit – December 28th, 2021, until May 10th, 2022, and then October 28th, 2022, until December 20th. Jupiter in Pisces transits come along every 12 years, so it is worth the effort.

You could monetise your home for Airbnb if you are fortunate enough to be in a Zero COVID area, in 2022. You might find your house or apartment soars in value, or that a September business deal spawns lucrative profits in 2022.

Aquarius, you’ve had Neptune in your financial sector for years, so you are really used to muddle, mess, ‘noise’ and a rather unreal reality. Nothing has really been clear, normal or sharp-edged for years. It’s always more obvious in September because you tend to see Virgo transits opposing Neptune in your chart. So, you see what has been bent out of shape.

Sorting that out is really important as the extent to which you save or make money in 2022 depends on the platform now. That Full Moon at the end of September is pretty decisive.

You also have Virgo transits in your Eighth House. If you tell me that in your natal chart you have Taurus factors, I would circle the whole month of September in red and get your calculator out. See your accountant.

This cycle rules the more intense, life-changing aspects of sex and money (marriage and mortgage), as well as the whole business of property, death and dying (the will you update or the legacy naming you). It also rules joint financial issues, like a shared property investment, or a family inheritance, or the tax department, or the car you share with your sister. It’s about money, houses, flats, possessions, assets and resources that work one, two or more ways between everyone involved.

To continue quoting from my new book, Aquarius:

If you find yourself on the attack or defence over what you own, earn or owe then you need to observe the usual Mars rules. Slow down, cool down and try to look at the issue dispassionately. A clever, objective outsider can help.

The ability to take a detached view of your own physical state and feelings is half the battle, with Mars. With sex and money, in all its forms – and in all the way it affects you – ask yourself “Would I do this or say this, if I wasn’t feeling like this?” Then ask yourself why exactly you should take a temporary emotional state so seriously, anyway.

Beyond marriage and mortgage, a very common situation is a couple who live together and share the rent, or their possessions.

Sagittarian playwright Noel Coward had Mars in the Eighth House (just like you now) when he faced widespread media criticism of his English income tax arrangements, on June 3rd, 1957, a day after the Moon had also been in the same spot.

Libran musician Chuck Berry also experienced this cycle on November 10th, 2005, when he decided to sue three corporations over the unauthorised use of his songs. Complex tax and business issues are common during this time.

And yet, and yet, Aquarius – what you do now makes you potentially richer in 2022.

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