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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for September. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Aquarius Monthly Forecast

Money, Property, Charity, Business

You will take a new path with all that you own, earn or owe on near the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday the 27th of August 2022. This is a really important period, in terms of the next couple of years, actually, because you also have Pisces transits showing up. Virgo rules joint finance. Pisces rules your own income. September is worth a lot of your research and effort, Aquarius, because the numbers are going to have a long-term impact.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Sunday, August 21st until Friday, August 26th, 2022, then Saturday September 24th until Monday, October 10th, 2022, suggests you need to allow for changes or delays to the original negotiations or paperwork, in hand. So what begins near the 27th of August goes back and forth; is relaunched; held up. If you were to switch banks, then it would be a delayed start. If you were to sell shares, similarly, you’d be anticipating flux. Mercury rules the marketplace; merchants; merchandise. Stuck and backwards (retrograde) in your finance zone, it has particular impact.

The Sun in Virgo from Monday August 22nd until Friday September 23rd shows you the numbers under the magnifying glass with a spotlight trained on the calculations. Venus in Virgo from Monday the 5th until Thursday the 29th of September just brings in the very human side of this. So, the marriage and mortgage. The family legacy. Those are two random examples. It feels personal and it is.

The Full Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo on Saturday September 10th is a watershed. Avoid the 9th, 10th, 11th for big decisions or action plans about the money, house, business, charity, valuables, apartment. If you must go ahead, then be aware of the potential for very mixed feelings.

Yet, from this period, comes a splendid outcome. Jupiter re-enters Pisces on Saturday October 29th until Tuesday December 20th, 2022, which marks a period of solutions, opportunities and sweeping benefits with your bank account. This is money saved, perhaps – or made. So what doesn’t fit or sit so well near September 10th is a catalyst for great benefits later.

Just be aware that the heaviest and most demanding cycle in 29 years is coming after March 2023, Aquarius, so whatever sums you do now, must be long-term. Take in 2024, 2025 as well. This might seem like a huge outcome for one Full Moon, but the future is being written then. Saturn in Pisces is not that far off.

Ceres in Virgo from Friday September 30th until Sunday December 18th 2022shows the deal or compromise. There will be short or long division sums if you remember your maths. Aquarius, this is a new deal, and it will involve your partner or a relative. Perhaps, a sexual relationship or an intensely personal business involvement. It is very important that feelings are set to one side, if you are all/both going to agree on a new world, with the house, apartment, shares, business, bank account, valuables, charity and so on.

Something to avoid: Ceres at 24 Leo, the Sun at 24 Virgo and Neptune at 24 Pisces all line up together on Saturday the 17th of September. Give it a day either side but you won’t see the wood for the trees, financially.

Libra Weather in Your Ninth House

Libra Weather is with you in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, in rather a shambolic way. Expect delays and cancellations. I’d say that anyway in a raging pandemic, but there are lots of waves being made in your zone of travel, tourists and business travellers. Also, other foreign cultures in your own country.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra from Saturday, August 27th until Friday, September 23rd, then Tuesday the 11th until Monday the 17th of October 2022 needs a close watch. Don’t trust anything unless it’s in writing and even then, go over the fine print, because you are going to hit delays or changes. Mercury rules travel and transportation, paperwork and the digital world. When he gets stuck, reverses then retraces his steps, so do you – or other people. It’s one of the great astrology rules.

The Sun in Libra from Saturday September 24th until Sunday October 23rd will at least help you shed light on how you are going to deal with foreigners and foreign countries in future. This may be Zoom, Aquarius.

Venus in Libra from Friday September 30th until Sunday October 23rd, 2022, suggests emotional complication with foreigners, or through them. So I have to say, this month is looking multi-layered for you. It’s back and forth, with Mercury, but it’s also suggesting people who want relationship drama. This may be the Englishman in New York, as Sting suggested, or it could be a New Zealand soap opera with a clash of cultures in Auckland.

The New Moon in Libra on Sunday September 25th brings you the new beginning in the middle of all this. Just be aware of the shambles of Mercury Retrograde! September is nuts for everybody, in terms of the pandemic, because Mercury slides backwards in Virgo, as well. That is the sign ruling public health. We all know travel causes epidemics to become pandemics, so you don’t have to be an astrological genius to work out that September is really chaotic. Don’t organise a conference with foreign delegates unless you have Plan B, C, D. You can even do a purely digital conference (good idea) but find Mercury Retrograde results in cancelled speakers, for example. It’s on that level.

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